(2018-12-24) Something Familiar
Olivia spends Christmas Eve hiding out at a strip club where she meets a suspicious worker.

Eternity isn't the busiest of places today, but there is always a few needing to cheered by titties. Thus, Rory offered to work today is managing to hold down the fort from the bar. On stage most likely Christmas themed outfits and music. A sexy reindeer on stage currently. Rory focusing on serving the people at the bar though. Cleaning up some as people spill, but other than that just enjoying the day.

Olivia is at one of the badly lit booths. Not up front and only glancing up at the show every now and then. Any other time she is typing away on her laptop. Some of the girls get her interest more than others but nothing to stare at for the whole routine. She is having beers. Two empty bottles beside her and it is obvious she needs another.

Rory has been keeping an eye on Olivia. Just in case. Since she is mainly working rather than being here for the usual thing. Well, other than the occasional girl that get her attention. While her beers has been sent by waiters, it seems Rory is getting the timing down better. Coming over with a beer. "Another?" Asked. Beer ready to be opened. An eye on the bar still as well. "The waiters were busy, apologies." Not meeting her gaze though.

Olivia glances up at Rory, an eyebrow arching as she looks him over. "I see they don't make you wear the lingerie" she deadpans before a nod to another beer. "Thanks." She may have to yell a bit over the music. "I guess you work here for the benefits." A nod to a near naked woman on the stage. "It can't pay much. Though…the price you charge for a beer, maybe it does."

Rory shrugs. "They have not asked me, but I guess I could. Do you want me to?" He offers, a bit of a blush, but seeming serious. Opening and giving her the beer. Shrugging. "Pays decent. I just like making drinks." He offers and smiles. "Or if not lingerie, I guess I can at least walk without a shirt." Not flirting, just offering. Got to keep customers happy and all that.

Olivia seems a little surprised at his sort-of offer to wear lingerie. "That's not necessary" she smirks, taking the beer and a mouthful of the amber liquid. A sly smirk at the topless notion. "You have the body for that? Dunno…you look a little on the scrawny side" she teases. "You like making drinks? Okay, get me a cocktail. Whatever you're real good at."

Rory smiles and nods. Bowing his head before disappearing to the bar. Trying to read how Olivia responded, what she has been drinking, and other things. To try and see what she would enjoy. While it might not have been perfect for her specifically it is still a good drink coming her way. Perhaps recent events have him a bit more free with his behavior. Cause he does return topless. "Whiskey Sour." Being more muscular than one would assume from him. Luckily the dark most likely makes it harder to make out the scars. But he is covered in them. The shirt hanging over his shoulders, around his neck. "Hope you enjoy."

Olivia is paid to notice things. So when she takes the drink, she doesn't miss the scarring. She might not see all of them, but she can see some. It may look like she's checking him out but there is a calculating mind behind those eyes. "Well, look at you" she smiles, "Not too scrawny at all. I stand corrected." A sip of her drink. "Mmm…not too bad. For future reference, I prefer bourbon and tequila. Not in the same glass." A pause. "Not always at least. Been in some fights?" A nod to a scar. "I guess this is a rough neighborhood. Though It hardly compares to Chicago or New York."

Rory nods and smiles. "Ah, good to know. I have a few ideas then." He says and nods a few more times. "From New York originally." He explains. "So, yes. A few fights." He says. "Should I stay like this or get the shirt back on?" He asks. Seemingly having good comebacks to her questioning though.

"Up to you if you want to keep the shirt off or not" Olivia smiles. "I'm not going to be up for sexual harassment. Even in a strip club. New York? Big change coming here. Needed to get away?" A tilt of her head. "Mind if I ask you your name?"

Rory nods. "Well, I work here same as the girls. So if you enjoy looking that is up to you." He does put the shirt on but keeping it open. Being a buttoned up for today. "Came to say goodbye to foster dad before he passed away." He explains. "Rory Michaels." He says with a smile. "Happy to serve."

"Yes, but they get paid to take their clothes off. You get paid to make drinks" Olivia points out with a little smile. "Sorry to hear about your father. You obviously got on well with him. Not something that always happens in foster care. Rory Michaels?" She is definitely making a mental note there before an amused snort at his last comment. "Careful who you say that to in a place like this. Could lead you into all kinds of trouble."

Rory shrugs, "He raised me. We had our ups and downs." Perhaps a suggestion that not all scars come from the streets. Chuckling at her last words. "Ah, yes. I've noticed. Even among the ones that work here." Rolling his eyes some. "And yes. Rory." He assures her. Offering a bow of apology. "One moment." Moving to handle the patrons that come over as there is a brief break as a new girl will come onto the stage in moment. Serving and soon enough the next is starting. About when Rory will return with Bourbon coke, and a shot of tequila with salt and lime. In case she was about finished by the time he returns. Grinning some. "Apologies for the delay." The girl coming onto the stage being an obvious Miss Claus. Especially with 'Santa Claus is coming to town' playing.

Olivia has to smirk at the choice of music by the latest dancer. As Rory returns, she nods to a guy in a Santa Claus outfit close to the stage. "He'll certainly be coming soon" she points out before eyeing the two drinks. "Are you trying to get me drunk, Rory? Am I going to have to sell my car for all this?" While he was away, she had already started searching on his name but on the screen again now is the document she was working on. Which she seems keen to keep hidden from curious gaze. "You date one of the dancers, Rory?"

Rory does glance towards the guy in the outfit. Keeping a curious eye on him, "Perhaps. Not here though." He suggests and grins. Shrugging about getting her drunk. "It is my job." He points out. "But no, not that expensive. Just a bit more expensive than some places." He teases. As for who he is dating, he blushes, shaking his head. "No. Dating a nurse." His appearance brightening up as he mentions her. Looking back to Olivia then. "So, how about you? What brings you here? Other than the dancers." A nod to the laptop to suggest what he mean.

"Judging by the movements under his belly, Santa may be coming sooner than you think" Olivia replies before concentrating on Rory instead. "A nurse? A real one, not one dressed up as one? That's…nice. Oh, I just needed a quiet place to work where I was pretty sure I wasn't going to get shot at." Everyone has this problem, right? "The dancers are a benefit. Well…some of them."

Rory sighs, gesturing for someone to take care of Santa. Rolling his eyes. Glancing over at Olivia. "Almost thought you liked watching him do it." He teases her. A smile and a nod. "Yup. I'm lucky." He agrees. Grinning and nodding about getting shot, and the dancers as well. "Fair point. As for getting shot. Cop?" He asks curiously. "Or is it a don't ask or I will get shot?" He asks, not seeming too serious about the last part though. "I should probably let you work in peace, apologies." Not wanting to bother her too much. About to leave for the bar.

"I'm not a criminal" Olivia tries to assure him. Though she also doesn't go into too much detail. "And I have no intention of shooting you." To his learned eyes, he can't help but notice the pistol jammed in the back of her jeans. "Not unless you shoot first. I'm a special edition Han Solo." She downs a drink. "I have to get going anyway. Christmas. Need to connect with the family. By phone." She closes her laptop and downs her other drink just as fast. "Catch you around, Rory Michaels."

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