(2018-12-16) Omri Speaks
Omri finally spills the beans on what he knows of the cult's compound.

Elizabeth is leaning against the wall next to the hallway that leads to her bedroom. She has a bottle of beer in one hand and her eyes on her front door. "I hope Olivia is able to make it tonight, the sooner we can get this figured out, the sooner I can help you with.. the thing." She says to Omri, glancing over in his direction. "You got those sketches?"

Omri nods, "I do. You're sure she's not arresting me?" he asks, still not completely convinced of trusting Olivia. "I'm trusting you on this," he says to Elizabeth, and that seems to be the truth. "I still think I need that beer more than you…"

Speak of the Devil. There is a knock on the door and, before the occupants can get too worried, there is Olivia's voice announcing herself. Dressed casual but for the cold - so no jackets with 'FBI' in bright yellow writing on the back. "I hope it's warm in there."

Elizabeth moves to open the door. "I'm sure she's not arresting you. Here, if she tries? I'll punch her in the mouth myself, eh?" She glances at her beer and snickers softly. "No beer for you. I'm not letting you get drunk when you need to communicate with the fed." The door is opened, and Elizabeth stands to the side to let Olivia in. "Get in here before someone shoots at you."

Omri sighs. He stands, a bit nervous, as Elizabeth opens the door. Omri's wearing a pair of sweat pants with the Guardians of the Light logo on the thigh with a plain white T-shirt. He sniffs, pushing a wad of his thick hair off his face, and he glances around the room before looking at Olivia. He doesn't say anything, however.

"Doesn't seem to matter where I am, people are always shooting at me" Olivia deadpans as she steps inside, pulling down her hood and unzipping her jacket. She looks over at Omri, considering him carefully. Not with any hatred, just a cold professionalism. "Hey" she greets before looking at Elizabeth. "How is the questioning going?"

"Omri and I have an understanding, and I'll make it pretty plain for you Olivia." Elizabeth shoves her hands in her hoodie pocket. "He's gonna help us. When he's done helping us, I'm gonna help him. Help get his life together. So, if he's helping us, you gotta make sure he doesn't get pinned with the rest of them. He doesn't deserve it." She moves towards the chairs in the living room. "If you can't tell me that you can do that…then he ain't helping us."

Omri lifts his brow just slightly when Elizabeth goes to bat for him so hard. He swallows, and he just nods.

Olivia's not the kind of woman who likes being told what she is going to do, but in this context, it makes sense. "Okay. Supply statements and evidence to get the rest of them, and we'll get him into the Witsec." She looks to the young man in question. "Not sure you'll be able to keep walking around under your own name. Even if we get them all." She makes her way over to one of the chairs. "That acceptable to everyone? Because I'd really like to hear from Omri before anyone else gets killed."

"If he's okay with going into protection, sure. I made him a promise though and I intend to keep it." Elizabeth glances at Omri, eyebrows raised slightly. "You okay with that? I know you don't want to stay here with me, this place and I probably get on your nerves."

Omri shrugs, "You aren't all that bad, Beth." He looks at Olivia then, "I'd prefer not to have to change my name. If you put these folks away, I should be safe, right?" He walks over to the table and picks up his sketchbook and then sits on the couch. "I didn't know they were killing people," he says, with certainty.

"If you don't change your name and continue to live around here then, no, I can't promise you will be safe. If you don't help us, I can't promise you will be safe either, but I can promise that more people will die" Olivia replies as calmly as she can. "I believe you didn't know about the deaths. You weren't in the inner circle, though I doubt there is anyone left at the compound who doesn't now. There will be people who don't want to kill, just like you, but the longer they are left there, the worse it will become for them."

Elizabeth looks amused for a brief second at Omri's words, but that humor dies out when Olivia speaks. "I'm not gonna need to be placed somewhere, will I? I imagine I'm going to be in enough danger once this all goes to shit. Anyone left behind might want my head too." She turns to regard Omri. "If you're serious about keeping your name, staying in Calaveras. You can stay here. I can get a place with a second bedroom or something." She glances back at Olivia, an eyebrow quirked. "Think that would work, Liv? You're gonna get me my job back when this is over, right?"

Omri tilts his head at Elizabeth, "You lost your job? Over me?" He looks at Olivia, "She's a good cop. She needs her job back, ma'am. And anyway, I'm not worried about my safety. I just don't want to end up in jail for being in a crazy cult."

"You'll get your job back, Elizabeth. You don't need to be put in protection. You're a cop, you live with danger every day" Olivia explains. "If we hid away once we arrested someone, we'd never get anything done. And don't worry, if something happens to me, your boss will still know what was going on. And if you want Omri to move in with you, that's your business." Olivia takes out her phone to record any conversation. "No jail, Omri, if you tell us what you know."

"More just wanting to keep him out of the insanity of Witsec, and possibly being able to keep my word about helping him." Elizabeth takes a drink from her bottle of beer and crosses her leg, her ankle resting on her knee. She glances over at Omri and nods, jerking her chin toward Olivia. "Show her what you got."

Omri chews on his lip a moment, and then he nods, sitting the sketchbook down in front of him on the coffee table. He opens it. "I'm not sure what you know already…" he begins as he flips through a few pages. He's actually a pretty talented artist, and the front pages are drawings of people and places around town. He finally ends up at what looks to be a decent map of a set of buildings and trees. "But I drew the camp. I thought it would help for you to see it?" He tears the page out and slides it toward Olivia. Nothing is labeled on the map.

Olivia takes the page and looks it over. "We'll need to know what all the buildings are" she notes. "How old is this? Can you tell me how many people usually reside here and which buildings they live in? Anything outside the camp? Lookouts? Booby traps? Anywhere you were told /not/ to go? And, of course, we'll need to know where this is." A quick pic of the map with her phone.

Elizabeth watches the pair of them, not feeling the need to get into this particular conversation. She glances toward the television, eyes narrowed before returning her gaze to the pair speaking across the room.

Omri nods, "Yeah, um…" He stands and moves to sit beside Olivia. "So, the camp's like, off Overlook Road. About a mile past the last four-way stop, there's a little gravel road on the right. Looks like it's an old hunting road. Take that and it leads right there. This was how I remember it from just a few weeks ago when I left." He starts pointing on the map. "These are the barracks. This is the dining hall. Carpentry and gardening supplies and workshops are in this building. This one is dry storage - beans, rice, stuff like that. But, now that you mention it, we weren't allowed to go in there. They said it was a humidity thing. But, maybe that's not why?" He looks at Elizabeth, for approval, then points back at the map. "Hunting supplies are in this one, but there were some big guns kept in there. I didn't really think much about it then." He points a few more times, "Here and here we had someone guarding the camp. And then there was a guard in like a tree house in the woods just outside and off the gravel road."

This is all good information. Olivia scanning the map as each part is identified. A wry smile at the 'hunting supplies'. "Explosives in the 'hunting' shed or the carpentry shed? I'll assume the guards are armed even if you didn't see any weapons. So, to surprise them, we'll have to come in from the other direction to the road. No church? Do you know where 'He' resides?"
Elizabeth folds her arms over her chest, her eyes narrowing when the HE is mentioned, she glances at Omri, smiling as he goes into detail.

Omri shrugs, "I worked in the carpentry shed and never saw any. So, prolly the other." He points at an open area, "Most of our group sessions and general worship was done here outside, where we could be one with the spirit." He glances at Elizabeth again, a little embarrassed this time about the religion. "If it was indoor, it was held in the worship hall, here," and he points to another building. "That's the most like what you'd think of as a traditional church. As for Him?" He points to another open area, near the center of the compound. "They were building a building for him here. If it's finished, that's where he would be. But," he shrugs, "It was just being started when I left, so…"

"Okay" Olivia nods to this new information. "We'll get some drones over there to see if much has changed" she muses, "If I can get clearance. You've done well, Omri, thank you." A nod to Elizabeth. "Keep him safe. And yourself." She turns to look back at the movementist. "Anything else you think would be helpful? Anything at all. Is there a time when all the children will be in one place?"

Elizabeth aims a bracing smile at Omri when he looks embarrassed, shaking her head slightly. She taps something into her phone, frowning down at it. She nods at Olivia, a slight smile on her face. "I have weapons here still. I'll do what I can."

Omri nods, "Yeah. Um… Every Saturday morning, at 7:12, the children do group worship and Bible study in the worship hall." He explains, "Seven because that's how many days it took to make the world and twelve for the twelve tribes of Israel." His cheeks flush just a little then, and he looks away, kind of embarrassed again for the 'knowledge.'

"Saturday morning it is. Let's hope they don't have something planned for Christmas that would change their routine" Olivia notes before a smile to Elizabeth. "I'm sure you have plenty of weapons. Will you be coming with us when we go to the compound?" She rolls up the sketch and stands. "I should let you two be. Need to talk with the Chief about what to do next. And I'll get you back on the force, Elizabeth. Wouldn't want you to miss being shot at."

Elizabeth quirks her brow at Olivia and smirks. "As if I would miss it. Someone needs to keep you safe, you attract bullets." She rolls her eyes and gets to her feet. "Let me know what I need to do, or who I might need to talk to, if it's necessary. Thanks Liv, I appreciate you coming over."

Omri stands, "Yeah, I'll come with." He grins a little, "If I can get some of the kids out and also maybe stick it to those liars for messing up my life more than I did on my own, you bet I'll be with."

Olivia quirks a brow at Omri. "You want to come along?" She seems surprised though he does have a point about being a familiar face to the children. "We'll think about it." A nod to Elizabeth. "I'll be in touch. Yeah, sometimes I regret that t-shirt with a target printed on it. Good night." She heads for the door.

Elizabeth glances over at Omri, frowning. "You want to what?" She says, nodding distractedly at Olivia as she starts to walk out. "I don't think that's a good idea, they've got guns. Do you know how to shoot?" She sets down the empty bottle, shaking her head. "Bad idea."

Omri offers a little wave, "Night," to Olivia. He glances at Elizabeth, and he shrugs, "I don't like being a victim."

"There is a big difference between being a victim and walking into a situation like that." Elizabeth slaps a hand down on the table, pointing at the sketchbook. "You're helping. You're doing what you need to do to not be a victim." She hisses out a swear word and her eyes narrow. "You're not equipped, nor are you qualified, to come with a bunch of police and Feds to this place."

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