(2018-12-13) Ugly Sweaters
Christmas Shopping for Ugly Sweaters. YUCK.

There's nothing quite like the mall this close to Christmas - twinkling lights were strung up all over, sparkling against enticing signs for the current big sale going on. There was a Santa Claus around here /somewhere/, and occasionally his booming 'ho ho hos' would filter through the courtyard, whenever they were loud enough to be heard over the Christmas carols pumped through the speakers. Currently on deck? WHAM'S! 'Last Christmas,' so hopefully no one was trying to avoid that song.

Finn was currently parked in front of the display windows of a clothing store, where mannequins wearing ugly sweaters were posed having the time of their lives. "Wasn't that the place where that one guy was murdered?" Finn asks the blonde beside him, while directing his baby blue gaze over towards the jewelry store. It was difficult to tell that the jeweler had been brutally murdered in his shop no less than a couple of weeks prior, of course, because someone's already rented out the space, the display windows full of glistening gemstones even though they'd yet to change the name atop the door. "I think I read that in the news.

"I think so." Presley replies, glancing in the direction of the jewelry store, her hands tucked into the pockets of her coat, a frown tugging the corners of her mouth downwards, "It's terrible, though…." She shakes her head, glancing back at Finn, "How quickly the world just…moves on when things like that happen. Don't you think so?" There is the sort of sad look of someone that wishes for world peace every time they toss a penny in a fountain or see a falling star. Then she starts to move towards the windows and the ugly sweaters that are on display there, "This is where you saw the one that lit up?"

Shoppers crowd the mall (as much as they crowd in Calaveras, anyway), and one of them is particularly colorful. She's not a human-mango, but that brightly-colored coat may cause people to think that; add in very colorful black/red/green-patterned white tight pants and black boots, Eve with her pink-tipped blonde hair can pass as a walking Christmas decoration. She's got a couple of shopping bags in one hand, the other holding a phone to her ear as she works her way down the aisle, only slowing down when she spots a Presley whom she is passingly familiar with.

"Dude, call you back later." She says into the phone, hangs up, and waves it at Presley and friend. "Hey, cowgirl!"

"Yeah," There's a frown with the agreed sentiment on how quickly the world moves on, Finn's attention lingering on the jewels on display for a brief moment in time. "At least they kept the sign up though, right? Almost like a homage," but more like people just being lazy. He casts his attention back to the clothing store at Presley's question, head bobbing into a nod. "Yep, but I'm pretty sure I saw that one in the store, not in the window," he says of light-up Christmas sweaters, about to head into the store when a very brightly coloured girl comes walking in their direction. It gives him pause, particularly the familiar greeting to Presley, and he lifts a hand in a wave to Eve.

The call of hey, cowgirl is probably one heard frequently around town, but Presley looks anyways, which is good, since that means that she spots Eve in all her bright and colorful glory. One hand is lifted up to wave towards her in return, a smile breaking through the frowning that had settled on her features, "Hey!" She calls back, waiting until Eve is within natural speaking distance to make introductions, "Eve, this is Finn. Finn, this is Eve. We met at Maude's one time."

Eve walks up to the pair, and that last step is a hop to plant her in place. "That's right, homies, we met in 1955!" She declares, shooting a beaming smile at Presley and then Finn. ""Sup, Finn the Human?" A fist is held up instead of offering a handshake, because c'mon, handshakes are for boring grown-ups. Her gaze is already drawn to whatever bags the pair may have in their collective possession, before it shifts to the window… with the ugly sweaters. "Oh-em-gee. Please DO NOT buy these… unless you are looking to seriously up your nerd cred, or looking for some slammer time in fashion prison."

There's a rather bewildered furrow to Finn's brow when Eve claims to have met Presley in 1955, a glance exchanged between the two women. "Uh, that's like, not even possible, because Presley's eighteen? Right?" He looks to Presley to back him up on that one, brows spiked. "Maybe you're thinking of the other Presley. Was he even alive in 1955?" Nevermind that Eve couldn't possibly have been alive back then. But then there is fist bumping to do, which he does with ease, knocking his knuckles to Eve's own. "It's actually Finn Tucker, but whatever," he says to Eve, in case she really believes his last name is 'The Human!' That would be almost as silly as thinking someone could actually believe that. To the sweaters, he brings his shoulders up in a shrug, scooting towards the shop door to pull it open. "Why not? It's gonna be so much fun! It's not like, to wear around seriously or whatever."

"I think she means the diner." Presley offers helpfully to Finn, smiling at him in such a way that it's so very clear that she just knows he is never going to connect those dots on his own. She then nods to Eve, "We are. Actually…we're going to be getting some people together at the lake?" She steps towards the shop, pausing to make sure that Eve is about to follow them inside, even if this might be hell on Earth for her, "You should totally come out, though. I think Hunter is going to come, and Finn's going to invite some of his friends from the football team."

Aw, Presley is so helpful in explaining the diner! Which leaves Eve smiling like a mischievous Cheshire. The nice cowgirl's unspoken invitation to go in to that God-awful store is considered for a moment, before Eve shrugs and follows. "Eh, why not. I like to live dangerously anyway." She murmurs before beaming again, and tilting her head at Presley. "What's out there on the lake? And are you guys going out or something?" She asks curiously. "What's happened to Romeo?" That would probably mean Hunter…

"Oh. That makes sense," Finn flashes his dimples to Presley, perhaps thankful for the explanation, before he waltzes bravely into the store. "We're gonna have a bonfire out there. Hang out, sing carols, drink hot chocolate. It's gonna be a lot of fun," he says over his shoulder to Eve, as he makes his way to a rack of sweaters that looks like Christmas threw up all over them. He starts to dig. "Who's Romeo?" He asks curiously, bending to look at Presley. "Another friend? You should invite him, too."

"Just hanging out, and stuff." Presley replies, although Finn gives a much clearer explanation of it all, and she smiles at him for it. "Not sure, I don't know anyone named Romeo." She glances towards Eve, her brows furrowing a bit, "Not sure? I mean, who is he and maybe we can help you find out what happened to him?" The obvious connection seems to be missing her this time. It's up to Eve to explain this one.

"Oh you know, the brooding romantic interest that your bro was secretly planning to kill." Eve explains cheerfully to Presley, and before the cowgirl can provide an answer, the pink-blonde girl steals another glance at Finn and upnods at him. "So, football team? Like, the UCC team? Cuz I go to UCC too. Or… I'm starting in the spring."

There's a blink-blink at Eve's explanation, Finn lifting his brows questioningly in Presley's direction. "Why does your brother wanna kill all the guys that like you?" he says with a small frown. "Remind me to never be in the same room as him." He finally finds what he's looking for in that rack of clothing, pulling out a sweater and holding it up triumphantly to Presley. It's a Christmas-green sweater with a tree on the front, wrapped in actual tiny LED lights that blink when he presses the button on the shirt's sleeve. "Look!" he says to her in a cheerful manner, before he flashes his dimples over in Eve's direction. "Yeah, I play wide receiver," for the Roughnecks. "Have you gone to any of the games yet?"

"He doesn't. Just Hunter, which is…" Presley then ooohs faintly, things clicking into place before she shakes her head, "Nothing happened to Hunter, though." She is going to go and assume that he's the Romeo in question. "In fact, he's going to come to the lake, too. So you should come." She glances towards Finn, smiling when he finds one of the sweaters, "That's great! Is that the only one like that?" She hooks her arm through Eve's and starts deeper into the store on Finn's heels.

Wyatt has arrived.

Eve points a finger at Finn. "Not yet, but I totes plan to. Me, Eve, big sports fan." She tries to make a macho face, but it just looks strange on her. "Football's one of the few games I don't play, cuz, you guys are all like rah-rah-rah and I'm like soft and squishy." Before she can continue, her arms is looped and dragged along the horrible store, which frankly doesn't make her any less sunny. "And sure! I'll come. Just name the time and the place, SISTAH!" Unfortunately like a squirrel, Eve's attention is abruptly drawn away by Finn's light-up sweater. "Ooooh, lemme try that." Promptly she reaches for the sleeve of the sweater and tries to play with the button. "It's gotta have different blinking pattern thingies, right?"

"Cool. We definitely could use some more people cheering in the stands! Presley's got the schedule of games if you want it, though I think that's on the website too?" Finn considers this with a shrug, about to deep dive into another section of ugly sweaters to look for more light-up ones when Eve comes to play with the buttons. "Uh, I dunno. Here," he lets go of the sweater so that Eve can make the lights go flashy, freeing up his hands so that he can sort through the different sweaters on the rack. "Oh hey look at this one!" he declares, pulling out a red-and-white sweater with a stuffed reindeer head bursting through the chest. "It's like that one scene from that really old movie, with the alien?"

"Yeah, I can give you the schedule if you want." Presley agrees, reaching into her pocket to pull out her phone, pulling it up before she glances over at Eve, "If you give me your number I can text you the dates, you know, like home and away, and who they are playing. I made sure that I had the whole schedule, so that I'd know." For obvious reasons. The reindeer head shirt gets a quick shake of her head though, and a face, "That's a no on that one."

While the trio is busy chatting Wyatt is coming along to do some shopping of his own. Stepping into the same store as the other three. Wandering along as he looks around until he sees the three of them to start making his way over. "Hey!" Is offered to all of them, headphones on as per usual. Pushing it back to sit behind one of the ears. "How goes?" Looking between to make sure that he isn't interrupting anything.

Eve is busy playing with the button that gets the lights blinking in different orders, so it takes her a moment to disengage herself to glance back to Presley. "Right, right." Carelessly she tosses the sweater on to the nearest rack, so she can fish her phone out from her mango-colored jacket again. Thumb swipe, thumb swipe, and a number pops up on the screen, which is then held towards Presley. "Here's my number. Don't go handing it out to strange middle-aged dudes, 'kay?" While she waits for Presley to register her number, Eve's eyes go big and wide at the chestburster sweater Finn just found. "Ohh that is totes coooool! Try it on, try it on!"

Maybe because Eve is suddenly preoccupied with the chest-burster reindeer, that it takes her a moment of delay before she notices Wyatt's greeting. One brief look, and a lopsided grin follows. "Welcome to Fashion Disaster Central!"

Finn flashes exaggeratedly big puppy-dog eyes at Presley when she rejects the chestburster reindeer sweater, even in spite of Eve's own reaction. "Nope, the girlfriend says no. /You/ could try it on?" He offers the sweater to Eve in case she wants to become a fashion disaster himself, letting the girls sort out the phone number thing while he goes back into the racks. There's a gasp when he finds it though - HIS sweater - and the excitement is almost palpable. "Oh man, this one's sooooo cool!" He holds the sweater up along his chest to show it off; it's blue with snowflakes, and Santa riding a T-Rex. The 'reins' that Santa's holding are tiny LED Christmas lights that blink and sparkle. "It's perfect!" he declares, managing an up-nod in Wyatt's direction when he comes in. "Hey, isn't this super cool?" It was not, in fact, super cool.

"Why would I give your number to some creepy old guy?" Presley wonders, looking honestly baffled by this, but she takes the number anyways, shooting the information over before her phone is tucked back into her pocket. When Wyatt arrives she offers him a smile and a wave, "We're sweater shopping, for christmas. You should find one, too." She is going to go out of her way to help Finn convince the entire town to wear ugly sweaters. The T-rex Santa one is kind of epic, though, and she laughs a little, "That's way different."

Wyatt does let out a soft laugh as he looks to the new sweater that Finn finds. "Well, it does look quite amusing, and who can say no to T-Rex." He offers with some amusement still, letting his gaze go to hte girls. "Thanks, happy to be here." With an exaggerated bow in greeting. "FDC has a ring to it though." Turning to nod to Presley, "Ah, yes. Finn, help me out." He offers to him. "I mena, you found the T-Rex one after all." He points out. Trying to look over some of the sweaters. "Oh, I've actually been looking for you." Is offered to Presley, as he look towards her.

Eve's phone gives out a little chime as it receives Presley's text, and is quickly glanced at to confirm she's got the information. In fact, Eve takes a moment to save Presley's contact number, and snaps a picture of the cowgirl for her phonebook, before the phone is re-pocketed. Only then does she accept Finn's chestburster reindeer sweater, holding it up with both hands for a closer look. "Man, this thing is a work of art." She decides, but instead of going through the trouble of removing her coat to put on this sweater, Eve tries halfheartedly to wrap it around her slim waist… where the protruding reindeer head sticks out a bit obscenely. Looking down at it, Eve mutters: "Whoever designed this didn't completely think this through."

Finn beams a dimpled smile in Presley's direction when she laughs about the sweater. He'll take that as a win, and slings the sweater over his shoulder with every intention on walking it to the counter once everything's all said and done. "Oh, uh, sure," he says to Wyatt when he asks for help on finding his own ugly sweater, "I'm pretty much the boss at this. I mean I found one for Presley, and even Eve," he sort of vaguely waves a hand in Eve's direction before he looks at her - and when he does? His eyes bulge a little wider. "Oh wow," he bursts into a laugh.

"For me? I've been where I'm always at. Home, the stadium.." Presley shakes her head a bit, clearly not thinking that she's been all that hard to find. When Finn mentions that he found her one, she moves to pick the original flashing light one up, making sure that it is turned off before she drapes it over her own shoulder, which just means that she looks towards the sweater that Eve is trying out, her eyes widening, "Oh…maybe not that one?"

"Perfect!" Is offered from Wyatt to Finn about helping him out. Though then he hear Eve, glancing in her direction. Which leads to a laugh escaping him, shaking his head some before shrugging, "Probably not, but it is still amusing." He offers along with a grin. Turning towards Presley, "Yeah, I just never got a chance to." He says and shrugs. "Did drop by, but think you were out at the time."

"Yeah. I don't need that kind of Likes on Instagram." Eve looks up from the reindeer to the others, nodding in agreement and unwrapping the sweater from her waist. Instead of tossing the offending garment, she turns it around so the reindeer is coming out of her butt, which she tries to look at over her shoulder. "Is this any better? Pffft." Finally she pulls it off and throws it on to the nearest rack, evidently giving up.

Finn is still laughing, and he reaches up to swipe tears away from his eyes. He actually looks a little disappointed when Eve puts the sweater away. "Aww, too bad," he grins, looking between Wyatt and Presley before he shrugs and sorts through more sweaters. "Oh, hey, here!" He tosses a sweater off the rack and towards Eve. It's red with green sleeves, stars, and a Christmas unicorn with a horn that glows. Across the top is a single word that sums up the entire sweater: 'Magical'. For Wyatt, he finds a gingerbread man with his arms and legs cut off, the words 'Oh snap!' across the top. "Here you go, Wyatt, this one's funny!"

"Okay? You have my phone number." Presley still seems very confused by it all, but then she shakes her head at Wyatt, "What were you dropping by for?" She wonders, pausing to glance at the newest sweaters that have been found, "Oh, that's a cute one, Eve. With the horn." She holds up a hand to mime a horn sitting on her forehead.

Wyatt snickers and shrugs, "Well, it does kind of look like a tail. Kinda." He offers to Eve, Moving to follow Finn as he calls out another find. Laughing a bit at the two sweaters found. "How do you do it, man?" He asks with a grin. Turning to Presley. "Ah, right. I was going to ask your opinion on something. Was wandering past the tattoo parlor. So was going to ask your opinion on one." He explains.

Eve deftly snatches the thrown sweater from Finn, holding it up for a visual inspection. The sweater is then turned around and draped over the front of her body, so that Eve can show it off to the others. "I like this one. It pretty much sums up how everyone feels in college during Christmas: Magical and Horny." She deadpans, then nods firmly to announce. "I'll take it!" Lowering the sweater, Eve rejoins Presley and tilts her head curiously at Wyatt.

Finn chokes on a laugh at Eve's summation of college life, the very tips of his ears burning red. But hey, his job here is done. Everybody has an ugly sweater! And thus, as Wyatt questions Presley on her opinion of tattoos, he comes around to stand behind the blonde, wrapping his arms around her waist and smooching at her cheek. "What kinda tattoo are thinking about getting?" he asks Wyatt curiously.

"Me?" Presley shakes her head a fraction, "I'm not sure that I'm really the best person to ask about something like that. I don't…know anything about them." She glances at Eve, though, giving her a thumb up in regards to the whole magical unicorn sweater. Because, seriously, it is a pretty epic one.

Wyatt continues to study the sweater that Finn found. Taking it, if able to. "It is funny." He agrees. Grinning brightly. "Do I need to start using it as my catchphrase as well? Oh snap!" He goes on, trying out the catchphrase. A bit of a chuckle at Eve's words as well. "Well, sums it up." He agrees and grins. Throwing the sweater with the gingerbread over his own shoulder. "Oh, was thinking of getting a horse styled one." He explains. Nodding to Presley, "True, but still. I trust your style and judgement. It's not like I've got any previously."

Finn tips his head at Wyatt, brows lifting ever-so-subtly. "Do you like horses or something?" he asks, releasing Presley's waist after he gives her a bit of a squeeze. "Where are you thinking about putting it?"

"I don't have any either?" Presley ventures, her brows furrowing a bit, but she shrugs her shoulders just a bit, "But, sure. I'll give you whatever opinion it is that you want." She pulls her sweater off her shoulder, reaching for the one that is on Finn's shoulder, checking the tags on both of them before she folds them over her arm.

Wyatt grins and nods, "Well, you could always get one as well?" He suggests and nudges Presley. Turning towards Finn then. Nodding. "Yeah, have some history with them. Even if I'm venturing into new territories it's good to remember where you came from." He offers and smiles. Shifting to move to try and find what he meant to come get. Some new jeans. Finding a few before looking to see where the others are, to rejoin them.

So, tattoos huh? When Presley refrains from offering a suggestion for a tattoo to Wyatt, Eve enthusiastically chimes in with a finger-snap. "If you can't decide on what tat to get, Cowgirl's Friend, get an Epic Tramp Stamp. Go with a rope and horseshoe." She turns around and waggles her fingers at the small of her back. "Right here. I hear when you wear low-ride pants and flash a Tramp Stamp, it drives all the boys wild." A crooked grin follows. "And who doesn't want to drive all the boys wild, amirite?"

Finn's eyes get a little large at Eve's suggestion of tattoos for Wyatt, and though he tries to stifle his laughter? He can't help himself. "That would be awful!" he laughs, shaking his head back and forth. And as Wyatt's nudging Presley, he tries to take the sweaters from where she's draped them over her arm, preparing to head on over to the cash register. "Do you want to get a tattoo, too, Presley?" he asks her, more curious than anything.

"Not really, no. I'm pretty sure that my parents would disown me if I got a tattoo of any time." Presley shakes her head, reaching over to give Wyatt's arm a pat, "And just…get whatever you want? I mean, it's your body, and you're going to have to live with it for the rest of your life." She releases the sweaters to Finn when he tries to take them away, looking towards Eve's suggestion with a bit of a blink, "I don't think Wyatt's gay." She then glances at him, "Are you?"

Wyatt chuckles at Eve's suggestion. "If I get that, you need to get something just as fitting." He tells her with a chuckle. "Ah, right, figured of having one on the shoulder." He adds, having forgotten to mention where to put it. A smile and a nod to Presley, "Thanks." As for him being gay, he shrugs. "More bi-curious, I guess." He says and shrugs again.

Eve is all mischievous and playful grins at the exchange, although Wyatt's admission to being bi-curious actually brings a look of surprise to the pink-blonde's face. "Seriously? I totes didn't see that coming. Sooooo Brokeback." She muses and taps a finger against her lips for a moment. "Anyway, maaaaybe I'll get a tat for Christmas, then I can try and drive all the boys wild." Eve totally sounds not serious about it, but at the same time she is also following the others towards the cashier. Yes, with her magical and horny sweater. Once she gets in line, Eve can't help but peer at the Finn/Presley couple. "Are you guys bi-curious too?"

Finn gathers up the sweaters as Presley and Wyatt discuss tattoos and bi-curiousity, taking it over to the register to pay for their swag. There's a glance over his shoulder to Eve at her question, his brows sharply raising, but he just shakes his head. "I'm only into girls," he says with a shrug. "Does that make me Presley-curious? Is that a thing? Can that be a thing?" he flashes a dimpled grin to Presley as the cashier takes all his money.

"Oh. Oh…well…" Presley replies, blinking at Wyatt's response, "I know someone, that might like, be able to help you figure it out. I mean, you know them too." She then waves the subject away as she shakes her head at Eve, "No, not at all. Are you?" Since this is now a question that is being asked.

Wyatt chuckles and shrugs, "Yeah, think Hunter has been having a similar thought." He tells Presley. Grinning over at Eve. "I just try to keep an open mind to most things." He tells her, "You should get one though." He says, about a tattoo. "If nothing else, you could join me when I go get one." He suggests. "Ah, right. I'm Wyatt, by the way, don't remember if he ran into one another before." He tells Eve. Perhaps recognizing her from UCC though. Paying for his own things after Finn. "Sounds fair to me." He offers to Finn.

Eve shakes her head at both Finn and Presley about the bi-curious thing, making a face. "Nope, not me. But hey, I had to ask. I mean, you guys are inviting me to this party thing at the Lake, so if there's going to be some funky bi-curious stuff happening there, I should, like, know ahead of time and probably drink a lot of booze to get prepared, y'know?" There is a thoughtful pause, before Eve offers a big wide smile at Wyatt. "Wyatt, named after the dude who never got shot." She muses, holding out a fist at the new friend. "I'm Eve. Named after Christmas."

Eve adds. "Or… I guess, BEFORE Christmas."

Finn takes the bags from the cashier once his items were paid for, passing Presley the bag with her sweater in it before he squints over to Eve. "What does singing carols and drinking hot cocoa have to do with being bi-curious?" he wonders, and then just shrugs it off. There's a quick glance to the phone he pulls out of his pants before his lips tug down into a frown, and he remarks to Presley - "I gotta run and get to the gym." He looks disappointed, but what can you do? It's time to get swol. He leans to grab a quick smooch from Presley before he throws up a wave to Eve & Wyatt. "It was nice to meet you, Eve. And good to see you again, Wyatt."

"Yeah, there is…nothing to be worried about from the lake party. It's just a normal party." Normal. Presley pauses when Finn anounces that it is time for him to go, disappointment crossing her face as she returns the kiss, "Alright. See you after?" She wonders, but doesn't stop him from having to leave, instead she turns back to Wyatt and Eve, pointing out to Wyatt, "You could do worse than Hunter."

"Wyatt Earp, yeah." Wyatt offers. Grinning about Eve. "Ah, well." Bumping fists. "I guess both before and after then." Raising a brow about a party though. "A party happening?" He asks. Paying for his own stuff before looking to Finn as he heads off, "Ah, see you later. Nice seeing you again. Good luck at the gym." He offers before looking to Presley, grinning. "Yeah, he's cool. Not sure still though." Shrugging some. "We'll see. Still had a preference for girls though. But Hunter's cool." He says and shrugs again. Waiting for Eve to finish paying for her own stuff.

Eve gets in line next to pay for the horny sweater, but lifts a hand and gestures at the departing Finn with a peace sign. "Peace out, Finn the Human!" Evidently that's Eve's version of a farewell. The party thing? Eve is content to let Presley answer Wyatt, since it's really her party. The transaction is quickly concluded with the flash of a credit card, and the gaudy sweater is stuffed into a bag to join the two Eve is already carrying. "Well kids, I think I've hit the spending limit for the day. You'll let me know when this party is happening, cowgirl? And maybe I'll see you there too, Marshal."

Finn has left.

"Elvis Presley." Since everyone is listing who they are named for, then she nods to Eve, "I'll send you the invite when we know the exact date. Still a little up in the air, though." She shrugs her shoulders in a little bit of apology before she glances at Wyatt, "Oh, we're all going to get together out at the lake, for a bonfire and smores and stuff. You should come. Hunter'll be there."

"Heading off?" Wyatt asks to Eve. Tipping an invisible stetson though, in response. Grinning and nodding to Presley as well. "The King." He says with a confirming nod. "Sure, I'd be happy to join." A bit of a chuckle. "Gonna aim at setting me up with him?" He teases.

"Yup." Eve nods in confirmation, that she is heading off. "If I don't get home by six, my station wagon turns into a pumpkin." She quips, and then the pink-blonde is heading out of the store. "Adios, kids! Don't do anything bi-curious until the New Year!"

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