(2018-12-11) A Professional Courtesy
Two doctors discuss a case

The day is running into the later afternoon with the cold outside getting a bit more intense. That is when Stan's finally finished, and a message sent to Uma to see if he could drop by. Hopefully that was a yes, else this would be awkward. As Stan arrives at Uma's place and coming into the reception area. Looking around some as he waits for Uma to show up. Playing some on his phone as he sits and waits. Coat being hung at the send. His face a bit red from the cold.

Uma emerges from the surgery proper with a middle-aged patient. "Remember what I said, Mister Roberts, more exercise will make most of your problems go away. Take care of yourself, okay, and call me if you need to." She offers him a smile as he heads off before it is Stan's turn. Uma looks him over before asking, "Ms Collins pregnancy check-up? Wow, I'm going to get in all the journals with this one." A wry smile appears. "Just kidding. Doctor Everest I presume." The blonde offers her hand. "Come into the consulting room?"

Stan let her handle the patient before smiling and offering a nod of greeting. Though her words has him chuckling, "I do hope not." A bit amused. Another nod though. "Indeed. Glad that you still had time." He says and follows her along. "Lead the way, doctor."

"I've only been open a couple of weeks, still building up the patient base. You're lucky, you got here in one of the quiet periods. Which are usually between 10am and 6pm" Uma replies as she heads into the consulting room and closes the door behind Stan. She wears boots, jeans, and sweater - doctor coat hanging on a rack, ready for those patients who want her to look more like the ones on the television. "How can I help you, Doctor?" she asks, gesturing to one of the patient chairs.

Stan ahs and nods, "Good to know." Following along and into the consulting room. Finding a seat. "My nether regions are itchy." He offers a bit deadpan before grinning and chuckling. "Sorry, felt like I had to." He offers in return. "Just wanting to ask some questions on what kind of things could affect behavior, from dietary or chemical perspective. I know a bit of diet and nutrition but not the details on things that can cause specific reactions." Not really a psychiatrist after all. "If you have the time. Can't give all details on the patients, of course. But will try and do what I can."

"Thankfully, there are plenty of creams for nether region itchiness. And if that doesn't work, there's always the red-hot poker option" Uma says in her most professional tones, complete with sage like nodding, before she can't help but crack a smile. Though she is genuinely serious as she listens to his request. "Sure, I can help with that. I will need some details but, obviously, nothing that will interfere with patient doctor privilege. Anything in mind at the moment?"

Stan grins and nods about help for the itchiness. "Good to know, thank you." Though a more serious look as she goes on. "Ah, yes. Currently it's been tiredness, but not the usual agitation. So, I was thinking a behavior pattern. But with there also being easily distracted and some light sensitivity. They say it's a lot due to anxiety, which from what else they've said could be true, but also wanted to see if there might be a way to help with it all." He says and studies her some.

"Have you discounted 'Chronic Fatigue Syndrome'?" Uma asks upon hearing the symptoms. "Though if they believe they have anxiety then it becomes self-perpetuating and they worry themselves into exhaustion. Any drug use? What's the diet like? Allergy?" She purses her lips in thought. "Light sensitivity? Could even be eye fatigue. Vestibular disorder?"

Stan nods about anxiety. "Indeed, possible. A lot of time though the anxiety is social, but also just a constant worrying. Could be eye fatigue. They also use contacts, which I believe could do that, especially if they sit at computers a lot." He says and nods slowly. "Diet seem like average joe, no allergies that I know. Drug use, not anymore. So could be withdrawal, but they have been clean for quite some time now though."

"Unlikely to be withdrawal if it's been a while, but who knows what the drugs did to them while they were being taken. If you want to send them over for some tests…" Uma shrugs. "Still, constant worry isn't going to help. Are they sleeping at all? It could be something as simple as that. If they're up in bed all night worrying, then there's no sleep, no recovery, and things go bad."

Stan nods, "Yeah, it seemed unlikely. But not sure. And I can see about them coming to see you. They are sleeping quite well though, and a lot. I suggested D-vitamin now when it is darker out. Just change up the diet to add more vitamins." He suggests and shrugs. "It could be a sleep disorder as well, but hard to say. Could need a specialist to look at that in such case." A smile to the doctor though, "Thank you a lot though, a bit of help at the very least."

"My pleasure. Anything I can do to help, I will do it" Uma smiles. "If their diet is average, might not be vitamins. Unless all they do is eat McDonalds of course. Do they snore? Any obstructive sleep apnea going on? Sorry, still rabbiting on. But, seriously, drop by any time. I like problem solving."

Stan smiles and nods, "Well, yeah. But due to winter it might be that. Then again, it's not as bad here as some places." He says and smiles. Rising and bowing. "Not that I know, and they live alone. But you could perhaps do a check-up and see." He says and smiles. "Will do, until next time." Giving her a small salute before he will head on out, not wanting to take up too much time. "Oh, right. Price for your time?" He asks and smiles, not wanting to seem like a douche and not pay her.

"Consider it a professional courtesy. No charge" Uma replies with a dismissive wave of her hand. "Take a card and send me some patients instead?" A wink. "Good evening, Doctor Everest."

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