(2018-12-10) Cowboy Cookies
Gingerbread Cowboys

The filming crew is just making its way out of the B&B, some of the men and women armed with sandwiches from what was left of breakfast. Instead of taking a break, Katherine is rolling out gingerbread men dough, warily watching the snow fall outside in buckets. A steaming cup of coffee sits off to the side, and quiet holiday music plays from her bluetooth speaker. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Missy had been quietly watching the end of the show from the staircase. She was bundled up in a pair of flannel pajama pants and a pink sweater with a profile picture of a unicorn on it - the horn of the unicorn was glittery of course. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail. Once the film crew left, Missy bounded into the kitchen. "Chef Melissa reporting for duty!" Giggling as she moved to get a mug so she could pour some coffee for herself. "That show ya got is pretty neat!"

Katherine laughs as Missy bounces into the kitchen, kneeling briefly to pull out cookie sheets. "Good Morning, Chef Melissa." She murmurs, watching her pour coffee. It reminds her that she has her own and she takes a drink, setting it aside. "Thanks. Calaveras version of Good Morning America. People seem to really like it, though some days it seems a little crazy." She gestures to the rolled out dough and pulls out a cookie cutter. One side is a cutter and the other side is a press. The cutter is in the shape of a man. The press, a skeleton. "Would you like to cut out some little men?" She asks, glancing toward the great room. "Did you see Mitch on your way in, or did he manage to make it out before you came down? He's…something."

She took a deep drink of her coffee, drinking it black today, before setting it on the counter and grinning at the cutter and press. "Sure! I'll give it a try. This looks super cute." She looked over her shoulder and then shook her head back to Kate. "I think I just saw 'im while he was leavin'. Don't think he saw me, I didn't say nothin." She chuckled. "Is he? How long you two been hosting the show together?" She asked with a raised brow. Then she looked down at the rolled out cookie dough and picked up the cutter to begin cutting out the gingerbread men.

Katherine steps aside to give Missy room, spraying the cookie sheets before she lines them with parchment paper. "They turn out cute, and you can make them skeletons or just decorate around it. I usually do half with the skeletons and try to get creative." She wrinkles her nose and smirks at Missy. "It's been a few months now. He's such a sexist pig." She rolls her eyes and reaches for her coffee. "I try really hard to just ignore him, because if you give those kind of men attention, well… it always just goes downhill." She takes a seat opposite of Missy and watches.

"Getting creative is fun! I'm totally gonna try and put some in loincloths and chaps." She laughed. She was rather precise and careful in her cookie cutting."Yeah? You don't wanna get tangled up in any a that for sure. Men are jerks. Well, men like 'at I suppose." She clarified. "You got some personal experience in that department?" Just a curious question, looking back at the woman and then starting to move some of the cutouts on to one of the sheets.

Katherine grins as she watches Missy cut cookies, resting her chin in her palm. "Tangled up, no. Working with? Well…there is always the hope that they hire someone else, but I doubt that will happen." She swings her crossed legs back and forth idly. "Some men are okay, you just have to know where to look." She grins at Missy and shakes her head, using her free hand to brush her hair away from her face. "Almost every man I've met have been gentlemen." She watches the sheet as she adds. "The ones who aren't, well…they weren't rude. Much."

"Not many people jumpin' up to volunteer to be on TV?" She chuckled. "An' yeah I guess that makes sense. Gotta be certain places else they wouldn't have all those songs about heartbreak an' Lookin for love in all the wrong places." The last set of words somewhat sung out - a little off key. "Two different sides a the tracks pretty lady. Most a the men I've come across are bastards. Maybe that's why I don't let 'em tie me down." She grinned, "Well, ya know, outside the bedroom." Teasing and starting to laugh again as she cut out a few more cookies. "Lessee…I'll alternate the row!" Picking up the skeleton press so she could carefully give some of the gingerbread men a skeleton.

Katherine nods in agreement, a slight grin on her face that turns into a soft laugh when Missy starts to sing. "Perhaps you're finding the wrong men yourself. I try not to speak about the men in my life..and if they're bastards or not, because honestly unless you're living with someone? You can't really /know/ what they are past the surface. It can take years to figure a man out." She blinks a few times when Missy mentions tying her down, her cheeks going pink. "Oh dear.." She joins in on the laughter, watching her use the skeleton press on some of the cookies. "I have all sorts of decorating things. Glitter, all kinds of colored icing.. I think I went a little crazy when I went shopping."

"I might be! But then again, I s'pose I ain't really lookin' ya know? If it's meant ta happen, it'll happen. I'm just sittin' back and enjoyin' the ride for now." She mused and nodded. "That makes sense. Though, if ya watch some a those investigation shows on the TV - sometimes ya don't know a person even when ya live with 'em forever." Missy shrugged and set the press down once she had finished turning some into skeletons. "Ee! Glitter! We should mix some in some icing and make some of them all sparkly! Like - little hats and scarves and mittens."

"I suppose that is a good way of looking at it." Katherine responds quietly, laughing out loud before she adds. "It can be kind of strange. You think you know someone and then you find out all sorts of things that you never would have expected. What do you do then? Especially if you started to fall for them a little, you know?" She raises her shoulders as she shrugs, tapping slender fingers on the counter top. "That's what the glitter is for! I used to mix it in the white frosting and use it for the fur parts of hats and coats and stuff."

"Well. I guess ya gotta decide on iffin' the stuff you're learnin' 'bout them don't matter as much as the way ya feel about 'em." Missy pondered, pausing in her new round of cookie cutting to take another drink of her coffee. "Or if it's stuff ya can handle?" A shrug of her own and she grinned again. "You're a woman after my own heart Kate. You're lucky I don't swing that way." Teasing lightly. "I'll try not ta cover the entire kitchen with the glitter." Another giggle as she resumed the cookie cutting.

Katherine laughs softly, reaching out for most of the cut up dough to ball it up and reroll it out with the rolling pin. "That's always pretty easy. I have a scale, and if I can't handle something, I don't try to push it." She aims a mischevious grin at Missy and shakes her head. "Glitter is the way to your heart, is it? I'll remember that." She glances around her pristine kitchen and winces before she nods slowly. "That would make me the happiest of women. I don't want to clean glitter off of everything."

Missy arranged the last few gingerbread men she'd cut on to the sheet. "Oh yeah? That's a good idea! What's on the high end a what you can't handle?" She asked curiously, stretching a bit and grinning. "Well I'd just love ta make you happy so I double promise I won't. And I'll clean up whatever glitter mess there might be. I gotta lotta experience cleanin it." Misfit nodded and started to press a few more men with the skeleton shape. "Some a the skeletons should get little bowties too. Make 'em look fancy."

"Lying about a secret family somewhere?" Katherine snorts out a laugh and once she has the dough rolled out again, she passes it back to Missy. "I really shouldn't handle most of the things that I do. I get panic attacks when things pile on. I used to have no problem handling bad things, but after my parents died it ..became a lot harder to do that." She nods her agreement about the bow ties, grinning as she moves to pull out frosting bags. "I used to be big on glitter when I first turned twenty one. We used to go to the dance club here in town and get crazy."

A laugh at that. "Damn, that's pretty high up there. Someone's gotta be real ballsy ta hide a secret family. Cause at that point you're hidin both families from each other. That's just too much. What if the kids met? Wouldn't that be fuckin' awkward." She laughed again and shook her head. "Panic attacks ain't good." A tilt of her head, "I'm sorry ta hear that. Bout your parents. I'm sure that wasn't easy but you seem like a tough cookie ta me." Another grin when she talked about the glitter. "That sounds like fun! I'll have ta do that some time and drag you on out with me if you're feelin up to it."

Katherine moves to the fridge, pulling out the pudding shots and setting them down on the counter. "I have and continue to put up with a lot. I've stopped myself from taking the information my boss got on Xavier and reading it, because..I want to figure him out for myself." She shrugs and wrinkles her nose, picking up one of the little plastic shot glasses and licking the banana pudding from it. "She probably thinks I'm incredibly stupid for doing so, but she doesn't say it." She smiles at Missy as she grabs two more shots and takes a seat. "I'm pretty squishy in the middle, sadly." She crosses her legs again and considers, glancing up in the direction of her room. "I might have a dress that is suitable for those kind of shenanigans."

Missy plucked up one of the pudding shots for herself, looking curious. "She went an' dug up information on ya man?" She raised a brow in surprise. "She not trust 'im or somethin?" Licking at the banana pudding happily. "Mm! I like this!" She leaned against the counter for a moment. "I don't think it's stupid. I mean, who knows where she even got the info from, ya know? More reliable ta get stuff right for the source I'd say."

"Well, we're all also going into business together. She's an investor in the Winchester Hotel. She wanted to make sure that he wasn't going to take our money and run for the hills." Katherine raises her brows, an impish smile on her face. "Heather is very thorough, and she looks into everything. I think that's good in its own way. I have done my research, but it's nowhere near as deep as hers." She nods at Missy and chuckles softly. "A business and background report doesn't tell you much about a person and their personality. It's largely numbers, names and sometimes gossip."

"Ohhh! Well that makes sense then." She nodded. "Wantin' to make sure all the ducks are in a row an' whatnot." Missy ate a bit more of the pudding as Kate continued on. "True. Kinna like that 'pictures worth a 1000 words' sayin. Ya can read all the reports ya want but until you see a person an' talk to 'em once you don't really have a solid impression of 'em." She agreed. "Okay! Time for some of these skeletons to get bowties so I can practice my frostin' skills before goin on to the big leagues." She laughed

Katherine chortles and slides the cookie trays into the ovens. "In ten minutes you'll be the decorating captain." She deadpans, pulling the tops off of differernt frosting tins. She pulls out food coloring gel and starts to make various colors, leaving a tub of white alone. She pushes that and a small packet of edible glitter toward Missy. "There. Now you go ahead and mix up this one, and I'll get our colors together." She stirs, mixes and hums softly to herself, using a plastic spoon to scoop the colors into small piping bags. "I also have some dark chocolate, nice and melty. Probably be best for the chaps."

Missy grinned as she watched Katherine pulling out the tins and food colorings. "Awesome!" She happily took the edible glitter from Kate. "I ain't ever used this stuff before. This is super neat!" She took the white frosting tin and opened up the glitter carefully. Pouring some in, then stirring, then adding in some more. Rine, repeat. "Ohh that's a good idea! Maybe we can some how give those ones little cowboy hats to go with 'em!"

"Rodeo gingerbread men. I never thought of that before." Katherine murmurs quietly, shaking her head as she finishes with the red, green and blue frostings. The timer dings and she pulls out the gingerbread men, setting them on a cooling rack. "So you never made your own gingerbread men or house before?" She asks, setting all of the many decorations in the middle of the counter. She opens a drawer and pulls out some tweezers, setting them down as well. "We used to go crazy when I was younger. The whole kitchen would be covered in cookies. We'd take them to school, to church, to the care home. It was quite the production."

Missy shook her head. "Maybe when I was little, but definitely not any time recently." She finished with the now sparkling frosting and grinned as all the decorations were put out. "My mom wasn't much for bakin and dad worked a lot. But I do 'member we'd always go an' watch the fireworks displays on the 4th and during New Years there'd sometimes be one." She pondered on that a moment and then grinned. "And I surely ain't ever tried my hand at it solo. Though now that I've seen the expert do it - I might just hafta give it a try!"

"This is a good way to relieve stress." Katherine responds, picking up a few cooled gingerbread men, setting them in front of Missy. "Here you go. I do this and I knit for stress relief. Sometimes it works great, other times it doesn't work out so well." She smiles and nods, pulling a few cookies on her plate. "I had six siblings. So it was also a bit of a shit show when we would try to do stuff. We'd go out here and there, and we'd end up making a huge mess or getting lost. It was a lot easier for my mom to do crafty stuff like this at the house. We couldn't take off on her." She brushes her hair back and gets started, picking up the red frosting bag. "My sisters aren't really into it anymore, as you can see." She starts to make a sweater out of the frosting, covering the gingerbread man's torso.

"Bakin' and knittin'…yeah those seem like good ways ta kinda let stuff go! Or at least get it off ya mind.I dance. Mostly. That's always been my thing." She looked at the gingerbread men and then picked out one of the blue frosting bags to start giving him some mittens. "S'kinda sad they ain't. This is a lotta fun! Though I dunno what I'd do if I had so many siblins. Where are the rest of 'em now?" She asked curiously.

"They died with my parents." Katherine murmurs, aiming a brief strained smile at Missy. "Drunk driver." She explains shortly, putting all of her attention to her decorating. She adds a puff of the sparkly white frosting to the wrists and neck of her gingerbread man before she gives him dark chocolate boots. "They all went out for ice cream, it was during the holidays, and I was at school. Lynn was at a birthday party, and Sarah was out getting into trouble." She bites down on her bottom lip. "I got home and there were police here waiting for me." She clears her throat, forcing a smile on her face. "You think if we crush peppermint candies, it might be a good texture to sprinkle over some of the frosting?"

Missy paused in her work, looking at Katherine as she explained the fate of her siblings and her parents. She laid down the frosting bag and gave Kate a tight hug, though smiled as she stepped back. "I think crushed peppermints candies would be perfect! They got a bit of a shine all their own to 'em. Could maybe add in some…uhmm…ohmigosh!" Her eyes lit up with an idea. "We can give some of 'em little top hats and give them candy canes!"

Katherine is surprised by the hug, but after a moment she hugs Missy back, aiming a smile at her. "I have some tiny candy canes that would be great for that." She takes a breath and gets up to get some pepperment candies to crush, glad for the diversion. "You're just full of good ideas, aren't you?" She turns to smile at Missy briefly before she finds the candies and a bag to crush them in. She gently taps them into splinters, keeping her eyes on her work. "These cookies are going to be so fancy, people won't want to eat them."

"Aww thank you! I just like silly things." She grinned. "These guys'll be delicious! Pretty, but delicious. We'll just have ta eat 'em first so people know its okay." Missy giggled as she watched Kate tap out the peppermint candies. She picked up her bag to start giving her man a scarf next. "Do ya have more a that edible glitter stuff? Maybe we can add a little bit ta some of 'em here an' there."

Katherine laughs softly and sets more glitter near Missy, her eyebrows raised. "There." She points to a purple bottle on top of the wine hutch. "I actually have some weird drink I bought last year with the edible glitter in the bottom of it. When you shake it, it's so pretty." She steps over, picking up the bottle, turning it this way and that. Silver sparkles swirl within the purple liquid, looking like a tornado in a bottle. "I never opened it because it's so pretty." She sets it back down and gazes down at the cookie sheets. "I have to go pick up Lynn and drop her off at her doctor's for a prenatal visit. Will you be okay on your own for a little bit?"

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