(2018-12-10) Hostess to the End
A confrontation of sorts.

Missy laughed at that and flashed him a grin. "Prolly for the best. I'll try real hard not ta get ya too riled up." She promised as she made her way into the Great Room. She was walking in from the kitchen with Anthony not too far behind her. Her cheeks were a little flushed from drinking some. She made her way over to the couch and flopped down on it after picking up the remote. "Lessee what TV has in store for us for…what…10 minutes or so?"

"Sure, ten minutes 'a so sounds about right" he affirmed, trailing in behind Misfit, Tony plopped lazily onto the couch in his polo and slacks, kicking one leg out wide as he draped the other around the back of the sofa. His green eyes surveyed the room absentmindedly as he entered and he took a deep breath, "Supa' comfy in here, I always liked t'is couch"

Missy channel surfed for a moment before stopping on an old rerun on Friends. "Here! This'll do us." She nodded as she tucked her feel up under herself and nodded to Tony. "Yeah! It is nice in 'ere. Real cozy." She snuggled into her bit of the couch. "All it's missin is the fire goin." She giggled.

Anthony gave Missy a sort of appraising glance for a moment before gesturing to the fireplace, "There's a fireplace, I mean…You wanna' fire, I can make 'at happen" he chuckled softly and looked toward the television, "I'm convinced this show will never NOT be ona' TV, like thirty years from now it's still gonna' be playi' reruns…"

She gave a wave of her hand. "Nah you don't gotta do 'at. Not if it's gonna be a hassle." She shrugged and laughed. "Shit you're prolly right. I can't even remember a time this wasn't on tha television. But it's a good show ya know. So I'm fine with it."

Katherine comes down the stairs, dressed in a large pale green sweater paired with some tight dark blue denim leggings. Her attention is on the phone and she almost walks through the great room without stopping, but the television making noise stops her and she glances at the pair on the couch. "Evening." She says, continuing toward the kitchen. "Everything okay down here?" She glances around, surprised at how quiet it is. Her phone buzzes and she taps something into it before shoving the phone into her rear pocket.

"Everythin's good, Kate. Jus' hangin' out wit' Missy 'ere, makin' some dessert" he smiled back toward Katherine as she descended the steps. Anthony shrugged at Missy and nodded, "Fair enough" he conceded to the fire not being made and glanced at the TV with a smirk, then back to Kate, "Everythin' okay wit' you'se?"

Missy waved to Kate. "I saved a couple cookies for ya ta decorate iffin' ya want! I cleaned up best I could." She grinneda bit. "I gave Tony one a tha rodeo cookies and he liked it! We're experimentin…melted chocolate with the banana liquor and we coated some banana pieces in it! We're just waitin for 'em ta freeze up." Her eyes were a touch wide, as if she was super looking forward to trying their concontion. She rested her chin on the back of the couch, looking up at Kate as Tony asked how she was doing.

"Oh, thanks Missy." Katherine murmurs, glancing toward the kitchen with a slight smile forming on her lips. "You didn't need to clean up though, I would have happily taken care of that." She glances at the fireplace and then back to the pair. "Want me to light that? Takes two minutes, really." She jumps when her phone buzzes again. "I'm okay, just had a busy afternoon, that's all." She props her hands on her hips. "You two want anything for dinner? I'm sorry it's going to be late."

"I woulda felt bad leavin' all that mess. Though you'll be happy ta know there was no glitter explosions! The puddin' shots are still out, and I didn't know exactly where ya decoratin' stuff went. So I just made all nice an' neat on tha counter." She chuckled. "Issok on the fire. It's really cozy in here already. Promise." Another grin flashed. "I should prolly eat somethin just so I got more than banana liquor in me - but you ain't gotta cook up somethin' if ya don't want. I can eat leftovers or go out an' pick up somethin."

"I have stuff I premade in the freezer. I'll just put a casserole into the oven, half hour from now, something nice and hot." Katherine moves into the kitchen to do as she said she will, the noises coming from there suggesting she's getting stuff together. When she comes back into the great room, she has some hot chocolate in a mug. She curls up in a chair and smiles at the pair of them. "What are we watching? Friends? I never really got into this show."

Tony snapped back from whatever was occupying his brain while he was staring at the non-existant fire and he smiled at Kate, "Sorry, I got kina' lost in my own head fa' a second" he chuckled, looking at Katherine's hot chocolate he hummed a low tone of appreciation, "Yeah. I t'ink I need…" he nodded, "Yeah" affirming his own conversation with himself, he stood from the couch. "I never really saw the appeal either, except fa' the whole how you doin' schtick…" he mentioned as he went into the kitchen to what sounded like fetch himself a mug of coffee in the insolated stainless steel mug he'd brought over earlier. "At' make it real easy ta' break the ice wit' the right crowd, ya'know…seein' as how, well, How you doin?" he smirked and nodded his head upward in mimic of the friends character. Taking his place back on the couch.

Missy chuckled at Anthony's impression. "I'm doin' real good." She grinned, playing along as she stood up. "I'll be right back! I'mma run up ta my room an' check on somethin." Wiggling her fingers at the pair. "Don't go eaten all the frozen banana things without me!" Then she turned to head up the stairs.

Katherine gazes at the television with slightly raised eyebrows and nods slowly. "It looks kind of silly, but who am I to judge?" She takes another sip of her hot chocolate and lets out a sigh. "Still snowing outside. I'm thinking we might need snow shoes sooner rather than later." She smiles over at Anthony. "How were the cookies?"

"You're not wrong" Anthony commented on the show on the TV, raising his mug to his lips to take a sip from his coffee. His eyes tracked from it toward Katherine with a smile, shrugging a shoulder, "It's not like it's a miracle snowfall, Kate. Pretty standard fa' this time of year, ain' it?" he asked curiously, arching his brow as he focused on her for a moment, pursing his lips, "You sure everythin' is fine?" he muttered after Missy went up stairs, "Ya'know you can talk ta' me…"

Katherine gets up to pick up the remote, changing the channel to football before she retakes her seat in her chair. "Yeah, but usually it's nice and measured out, this is just a wild rogue of a storm. So it'll shut things down for a little bit." She brushes her hair back away from her face and blinks at Anthony. "Why wouldn't things be okay, Tony? You know something you're not telling me?" She takes a drink from her cup, setting it aside after she's done.

Pale green eyes glowered at Katherine in a squint for a moment when she answered his question with…more question. "Well, you jumpin' at your own phone walkin' tr'ough here, for one…" he explained, arching his brows toward Katherine, "And the fact that dinna' wasn't even a t'ought in your mind…" he pursed his lips, raising his free, non mug wielding hand to stroke his whiskery jaw, "It's not like you….is there something I *should* know?"

"It's pretty startling when your phone buzzes your ass, that's all. I didn't get dinner ready because I was out all afternoon with Lynn. There isn't anything going on. Just life." Katherine shakes her head at Anthony, chuckling softly. "I got carried away this morning with cookies, and then it's been a busy afternoon. Everything will be back to normal tomorrow, I"m absolutely certain."

"Huh…" Anthony replied shortly and slowly nodded his head, pulling his mug for another drink, he drank it silently and made an assessing, near smacking noise with his tongue for a moment as he clicked it against the roof of his mouth, "Alright then. Fair enough." he replied and took a deep breath, glancing at the TV and then the fire, "If you find somethin' more fuckin' bearable on TV, I'll get the fire goin…" he smiled.

Katherine glances at the television and then shrugs, switching it to something new. "There are kindling kits near the wood pile, if you want to use those." She takes another drink of her hot chocolate and settles back to see how he does at getting a fire going. "Maybe a movie?"

"Sounds good" he agreed, climbing from the couch and setting his mug down on the table as he got knelt in front of the fire. If she recalled, it wasn't the first time he'd gotten her fire burning, and it likely wouldn't be the last, though he did it with a relative pattern of ease regardless. He gathered a kindling bundle and used it start a small fire which he fed with progressively larger chunks until he was able to place a log atop it and withdrew back to the couch. "I'm game for whatever" he smiled.

Katherine gets up while he builds a fire, moving into the kitchen where more movement can be heard. A few beeps sound as she sets a timer and when she walks back in, she has popcorn in a big bowl. She settles back down in her chair, pulling her feet up before she pushes a botton on the remote. A Christmas movie starts to play, and she holds out the bowl of popcorn to share. "Would you like some popcorn?" She asks, flashing Anthony a brief grin.

Anthony reached an arm out for the popcorn, though intentionally falling short, "It's. So. Faarrrr…" he groaned from his spot on the couch with a smirk, finally leaning over to snatch a few pieces of the popcorn, "It would be *easier* if you'd stop being so antisocial and sit on the couch with me" he stuck his tongue out at the woman and tossed a kernal into his mouth, watching the tv with curiosity. His eyes darting toward Kate with a slight incline of his brows, "Did you poison this?"

"It's not that far." Katherine responds with a little smile on her face, setting the popcorn bowl down on the little table between them. "I'm not being anti social either, I'm being fluffy." She picks up her large knit throw from the ground and tosses it over her legs. "I don't poison popcorn, I'd be poisoning myself if I did." She tosses some of the popcorn into her mouth and squints at the screen. "What did you two make the boozy bananas from again?"

Anthony sank dejectedly into the sofa and threw a kernal at Katherine, "What? I'm not allowed to be fluffy wit' you?" he feigned a pout and ate the last kernal his had in his hand, leaning forward to grab his coffee mug, "What was left of the Banana 99 stuff, melted chocolate and banana slices. They're probably nice an' frozen by now if you want some" he smiled and took a sip of his coffee.

"I don't need to get drunk again. I still have the memory of the headache that I had when I woke up after the whiskey." Katherine remarks, grinning as she eyes Anthony from her seat in her chair. "Do you need a blanket too?" She leans toward Anthony, helpfully holding out the throw that was covering her legs. "I have a ton of them, and comforters. Some of them have down in them. It can get cold in here when the power goes out. People tend to congregate here where the fire is."

Anthony rolled his eyes at Katherine, focusing down on his feet, he hooked the back of each of his shoes with the tip of the other, popping them free from his silk-sock covered toes and leaning back down the length of the couch, stretching himself out he rubbed his toes together absentmindedly and sipped his coffee, shaking his head, "No, it's fine. I'll just freeze over here all fuckin' alone" he smirked.

"You won't freeze right in front of the fire." Katherine remarks, moving to get one of the down comforters from the linen closet. She settles back down in her seat, covering up fully even as she shivers a little bit. "These blankets are always so cold when you pull them out of the closet." She raises a brow, kind of ignoring the television for now. "How was Ty yesterday? Did he like the leftovers?"

"Yeah, he did" Anthony affirmed as he folded an arm behind his head, propping it against the arm of the couch to look his green eyes toward Katherine, "He was doin' good. He went to the shrink, she got 'em some meds, got a new cellphone. Gonna' get some new snow tires for his truck" he smiled casually, "I told 'em what you said about comin' for dinner as long as he ain't usin' and told him ta' come to dinner sometime. I think he's probably gonna drop by sometime" he nodded, "I think I'ma try an' get 'em a job out atta' starrs ranch, too. Seein' as how he likes horses an' shit"

"I'm sure they'll help him. The Starrs are pretty good people." Katherine looks happy, smiling over at Anthony. "I'm glad that you're helping him. I always felt really bad for him." She turns to gaze up at the television. "It'll be nice to see him after so long." She leans in to pick some popcorn out of the bowl. "Some of these Christmas movies are really shitty."

Laughter filled the room from Anthony's location and he nodded, "Most. I daresay most 'a the Christmas movies a' really shitty" he mused with a bright smile, "You picked it, not me. We coulda' watched the back of our eyelids an'a fire for all I care" he shrugged, stretching his limbs with a soft groan as the material of his polo untucked itself from his slacks in the motion, resulting in a casual splay of the material to one side and the faintest presence of his abdomen beneath as he leaned his head back against the armrest. "It's comfy here, Kate. Thanks fa' everythin' you do. Really."

Katherine changes the station and it's a Marvel movie which makes her clap. "This is better." She laughs as she glances over at Anthony, her cheeks going pink as he stretches his shirt right out of his trousers. "The backs of your eyelids might not be very fun, just saying." She exhales out a sigh and smiles, looking happy with herself. "You're very welcome, I'm glad that you're comfortable. It's what I am for."

"Are you? Cause I'd be a lot *more* comfortable if I wasn't so goddamn alone on this couch" he teased her with another protrusion of his tongue at her, though his look toward the television was a little nod, "This is one'a them supa'hero movies, right?" he mentioned, arching a brow as he rolled onto his side somewhat, the material of his shirt lifting halfway up his abdomen as he did so. The difficulties of wearing lightweight knits. "Spose'ta be pretty good, yeah?"

"It's the second Guardian of the Galaxy movie." Katherine responds, and she blinks over at Anthony, giving him a long look. "You're all stretched out now, so I can't quite fit." She glances back at the screen and then reaches out for popcorn. "I heard that it's good, but I'm just a really big fan of Groot. He's adorable."

Anthony looked at the couch, the large, overstuff of its leather with plenty of room in front of him and then back toward Katherine, "You're kidding right? You could fit a family on this couch, there's plenty 'a room" he slapped the leather in front of him with a gentle thwack, "C'mon, Kate, don't leave me hangin' Baby groot wouldn't approve" he gestured toward the television with a soft laugh and a bit of a smile, pushing out his lower lip, "Pllleeaaasse?"

Katherine gets to her feet and moves over to the couch, settling down on it. "I don't know why it's so important that I sit with you." She pulls her covers back around her, setting the popcorn bowl near her. She turns her attention to the television and watches quietly, smiling when Groot comes on the screen and starts to dance. She reaches out idly for popcorn, putting some in her mouth as she watches quietly.

"What, I like sittin' wit' you, is that a crime?" Tony mentioned in both curiosity and sincerity , insuring there was enough space for Kate to sit, or even lay down if she wanted to. His arm folded behind his head shifted somewhat as he smiled at Kate, holding his hand out to try and get some popcorn from the bowl and dropping a few into his mouth, "What a cute lil' t'ing" he mentioned at the dancing groot.

"It's not a crime but it's strange." Katherine mutters, giving the television screen her rapt attention. She lets out a sigh and a soft squeal. "He is adorable. He is probably the only reason I watched this movie. I didn't see the first one, which I heard is pretty good. I like this one a lot better, for no other reason than the dancing, tiny tree."

"What?" Anthony furrowed his brow, reeling his head back in a confused posture, "Seriously? Why is me likin' sittin' and spendin' time wit' you strange? You neva' just enjoyed being close wit' someone?" he shook his head, "Jeez, Kate. Make me sound like some kina' fuckin' weirdo" he mumbled and ate a kernal of popcorn, he leaned over, taking a zip of coffee and sat it back down, and while his attention was on the TV it was cure he was distracted after being called weird.

"No, it's just that…" Katherine furrows her brow and turns to gaze at the television screen, frowning. "I have just enjoyed being close to someone, but.." She runs her fingers through her hair and sits further down on the couch, munching resolutely on her popcorn. "You're not a weirdo, but it is strange that you can't be comfortable with me sitting literally a foot away! I don't know!" She takes more popcorn and eats it, mostly to hide her pink cheeks.

"Of course I 'can' Kate, don't act like you think I actually 'can't' " he shook his head, propping his head up atop his knuckles as he curevd his elbow to rest atop the headrest of the couch, "I just wanted you over here ta' sit wit' me, if it's 'at much of a hassle for you, you don't HAVE to sit wit' me" he muttered, his green eyes looking her over while hers looked at the TV, "I just figured. Ya' know…I dunno.." he cleared his throat softly, leaning to pick up his coffe, "Maybe you'd like it too" he muttered into his mug as he took a sip.

"I'm already here, I'm not going to move again." Katherine says quietly, her attention on the movie even though Anthony keeps distracting her. She catches him looking when she turns her head and she narrows her eyes slightly. "All right, what are you up to? You're up to something, I know you are." She picks up more popcorn and tosses it into her mouth.

"Kate" he laughed softly, shaking his head, "I'm literally not up to nothin' and I've been open an honest about it. I like sittin' wit' and being close ta' you. That's it…" he shrugged, "I didn't need ya' ta' sit wit' me, I *wanted* you to" he admits with a smile, his green eyes looking at her with a slow creeping smirk of amused adoration, "Seriously." he bobbed his head toward the TV, "Now would you sit back, relax, lay down, whateva' and get comfy so we can watch this movie? I'm missin' some quality groot time…" he teased her.

Katherine scoots down a little further on the couch, getting comfortable as she slowly eats her popcorn. "I'm sorry." She says, giving him a brief glance before she shoots another in his direction. "I'm here. I'm sitting here, and we're both watching this movie. So you hush too." She turns back to watch, leaning forward a bit when the monster starts to attack. She almsot squeals as colors bleed to life on the television. "So cool." She murmurs quietly.

It seemed like every time Kate glanced at Tony, he glanced back, or they just briefly missed each other, though there were certainly a few glances of his own toward the woman. Anthony rolled in his position, attempting to get comfy against the back cushions of the couch. "Okay, seriously…" he mentioned as he scrunched his abs upward, reaching out an arm to snatch the popcorn bowl and place it on the floor by his head, "Stop bein' such a popcorn hog, hate. Yankee peoples need snack too" he made a mocked angry face at her and shook his head, seizing a handful of kernals.

"It's a shared bowl. We have to share. I can't help it that you won't reach out and get some!" Katherine huffs and she watches him take away her popcorn. Thankfully she has half a handful left. "I'm going to go hide your banana things from you now. How about that?"

Tony gasped aloud, "You *wouldn't* " he lowered his brows in an expressive glare, "Katherine, you *monster*" he teased her with a laugh, stuffing a few kernals into his mouth, "Besides, I helped make 'em fa' you anyhow, I only wanna' try one or two" he smirked, "Don't make me fight you ova' my banana treats, Kate" he held up a fist and shook it.

"Why would you make those for me? I rarely drink. I shouldn't drink. I get drunk far too easily." Katherine finishes off the popcorn in her palm, shifting as the space battle starts on the screen. Her eyes get wide and she follows the action with keen eyes. "I want to go flying." She murmurs, reaching for the popcorn that's gone. "Give me some." She pouts at Anthony, holding out a hand. "We don't need to fight, you'd find them, there aren't a lot of hiding places in this house."

"They aren't very boozy, Kate. Besides, they're a nice snack ta' take the edge off a day" he shrugged, "Besides, they're fuckin' chocolate covered banana chunks…they're delicious" he mentioned, and there was definitely an increase in desire to get up and get some at that moment, though he resisted for the time being. "Have you ever been?" he asked about flying, though grabbed the bowl and held it away, "No, you threatened my banana chunks, mean people don't get popcorn, Kath-er-ine" he pointedly enunciated every syllable of her name.

"I'll try one, at least. The jello shots were pretty strong though." Katherine shakes her head at his question, sighing softly. "I haven't been flying before. I've never really been away from Calaveras. I'm hoping that we're flying to Rio, otherwise it's going to take forever to get there." She scowls and reaches for the popcorn bowl, grunting with the effort of reaching it. "Just a handful, give me some."

"Rio?" Escapes Anthony's mouth moments before Katherine reaches for the popcorn which, at a full extension of his arm above his head away from her is well out of the ladies grasp, "No Kate, not until… no!" he laughed as she squirmed to try and get the popcorn and he rolled his body to try and keep it away from her.

"Rio. I'm going there .. New.. Year." Katherine lets out a sigh and sits back, arms folding over her chest. "You'll put it down eventually." She responds, glancing back at the television as the screen erupts into color. Her eyes get wide and she bounces in her seat, clapping her hands again. "I love this."

"Uh. Huh." Anthony said plainly at her words, he could figure out the rest for himself and he didn't feel like gagging right now. "I'll be right back" he muttered as he sat down the bowl at the head of the couch, standing up with careful ease to not hit Kate and heading into the kitchen where he gathered two banana pudding shots and a small bowl of liqour infused chocolate covered banana slices and sat them all down on the table.

Katherine leans in and picks up a pudding shot, licking the pudding from the cup with practiced ease. She eyes the banana slices warily, curling up until she's comfortable. "You two didn't do too bad on those, they look pretty good." She doesn't take one yet, watching the movie for now. "I should have watched this movie sooner. This is all so cute."

Anthony plopped himself down into the couch upon his return, looking at Kate, he extended himself in an attempt to stretch out but found himself hindered by her position, "Kaaaattee, I know you did this on purpose" he teased her, bumping his head into her shoulder gently as he was attempting to lean back, though he managed to lean over and snag a banana slice and toss it into his mouth. The chocolate melted smooth an evenly to a chilly banana core and was overall delicious, "This are fuckin' amazin'…" he muttered around t he slice.

Katherine scoots to give Anthony room, frowning slightly. "I'm sorry." She picks up her hot chocolate and drinks from it, getting to her feet to go to the hearth. She pokes at the logs and adds another one before she moves back to the couch to settle back into the corner. "They look really good. I'll try one in a little bit." She gazes up at the television again, giving the movie her rapt attention.

Tony's head felt flat against a sofa cushion when Kate moved and he stared up at the ceiling, seemingly content for the time being. "Kate…" he began, his eyes staring skyward as he at the banana slice and fished blindly for another one atop the table, which he hovered blindly over his mouth and dropped it in. "Is Xavier better than me?" he asked plainly, as if he'd been at this battle in his head for awhile now and finally just wanted to get it out.

Katherine blinks and is completely distracted by the television, glancing over at Anthony. "Pardon me?" She asks, tilting her head slightly to the side. "In what way?" She leans in and snags a banana slice for herself, putting it in her mouth. She gathers her comforter, pillowing it against her chest so she can hug it while she is curled up.

"Bah" Tony grunted with a bit of a huff as he sat up, raising his hands to run backward through his hair in a bit of a stress posture, though glancing at the television he turned his attention toward Kate when she asked. "You like him. You don' like me. It ain't the same, even if me and him pretty much are" he mentioned as he looked around for his coffee, or anything, really, to distract his hands with.

"I'm dating him. Of course I like him." Katherine says, her brow furrowed as she tries to understand what Tony was getting at. "I don't like you the same way, we're friends, I'm not dating you." She reaches out for her hot chocolate, drinking from the cup before she sets it down. "If you and Xavier are pretty much…what?" She leans forward to rest her chin on her knees, watching Tony a little more warily now.

Anthony looked at Kate with a squint and a look of confusion that was purely out of frustration, "Jesus Christ…" he bemoaned softly, shaking his head as he found his coffee and finally stood up, helplessly pacing to the side of the great room, He furrowed his brow a couple times and parted his lips to begin to explain but then shut them and stopped, chuffing out a laugh before it could even get started, "This is hopeless." he shook his head, seeming to be upset with an entirely internal argument.

Katherine looks completely confused by this point, gazing at Anthony with wide eyes, the movie forgotten. "Can you tell me what is going on?" She asks, her eyes following him as he starts to pace. She starts to look more worried when he starts to explain but no words come out, her eyebrows raised slightly. "Tony. What is going on?"

He froze, Tony stood in place and his coffee mug hooked around the topside of his hand, luckily it was empty by now and he put both hands on his hips as he looked toward Katherine, those pale green eyes of his traced the room for a moment, to the TV, the fire, and finally back to Kate where he locked his jaw idly for a moment. "I like you, Kate. I really can't be any more obvious about it." he stated openly. "I like you, and you don't even t'ink of me that way. It's fuckin' difficult."

Katherine blinks, her cheeks very pink now. "You mean, you…/like/ me?" She looks stunned, getting to her feet and moving toward the kitchen. "Forgot about the casserole in the oven." She mutters as she hustles out of the room. There is a sound of the oven opening and then closing again with a bang, and then it goes quiet. When she creeps back into the great room, her arms are folded over her chest. "You weren't very obvious to me, and to be fair, I miss a lot of stuff." She takes a seat on the edge of the couch, frowning. "How long has this been going on?"

"Katherine, I pretty much perpetually flirt with you…" Anthony state in response to 'not being very obvious' and he tilted his head back and took a deep breath, "Yes. I /like/ you, Kate" he shook his head, strumming his fingertips against his hips, he stepped forward to put his coffee mug on the table, pick up a banana piece and put it into his mouth, returning to his posture of hands on hips, it was apprently the only position where he didn't feel like pacing. "Uhh…" he squinted, "Literally since I got here, but it has gotten *way* worse lately."

Katherine takes a breath, letting it out slowly. "I ..know you did when you got here, but I told you that I was seeing someone, so I figured that put an end to it. I thought you were just being friendly." She spreads her hands out, her brow furrowed. "You've been hitting on Esme, in front of me — mind you, and it's seemed a lot different than how you treat me." She glances down at her feet, blinking a few times. "Why is it getting way worse?"

"Esme also wanted to sleep wit' me after I met her once at the fuckin' Library…" Anthony mentioned with a furrow to his brow and a squint, "You're entirely different people" he added and took a deep breath of his own, "Because!" he blurted, though shook his head "Sorry, Just… Because…" he cleared his throat, slipping his hands into his pockets, he fiddled with excess change found there and his moneyclip in the other, "Watchin' this whole fuckin' roses, sleigh ride, trip ta' rio bullshit wit' Xavier is fuckin' painful. Like, not jus' because I like you, but this isn't a Hallmark movie…" he shook his head, "The whole t'ing makes my fuckin' skin crawl"

Katherine's cheeks are pink again when Esme and her intentions were mentioned, her hands folding and resting on her lap. She listens to him, not speaking until he's had his say. When he goes quiet, she gets to her feet, nodding. "I don't know why I'm different, Anthony. To be honest I just feel awkward a lot of the time." She moves over to the hearth, sitting down with her back to the fire, taking a deep breath. "I'm sorry that it's painful. I don't think that is anyone's intention, really." She gazes down at her knees and quietly adds. "Sometimes I wish my life was a Hallmark movie, maybe it would be a little easier to navigate." She glances up at Anthony, frowning. "I don't know what you want me to do about this."

"Uh, fucking nothing?" Anthony said with a look of confusion and concern on his face, "You jus' like…" he took a deep breath, withdrawing his hands finally to clasp them together, bobbing them as he spoke in a show of sincerity, "Kate. Hallmark movies don' exist, they ain't fuckin' real" he explainted, looking at Katherine intently, "You know 'at - but let me just, a'right? If somethin' seems too fuckin' good ta' be true? It's cause it is." he exhaled slowly and shook his head, "But whateva' it's not like it matta's anyway" he dropped his hands to his side and pinched the bridge of his nose.

"Are you telling me that Xavier is playing games with me?" Katherine asks, glancing up at Tony after he goes quiet, her posture rigid now. She looks like a startled deer, right on the precipice between fight or flight. "I just..like what?" She folds her hands on her lap again, clutching them together like a life line, her knuckles white. "I know they're not real!" She bursts out, looking exasperated. "I wanted one! I just wanted something uncomplicated and real. Every time I try to find it, something happens! First …this..and…" She is turning red, and her breath picks up as she gazes down at her joined hands. "I don't know.."

Tony drew a hand to his face like one would use to cover a cough, though his was purely out of uncertainty on how to respond to her situation at hand. Lowering it back, he fiddled with the leather of his belt, "Kate, I'm not sayin' you can't take it fa' what it's worth….I'm jus sayin… Dreams end" he stated simply and shook his head, "An' if you love 'em, well…good fa' you" he shrugged and took a deep breath, taking a few steps closer to get another banana slice. "Fuck it" he muttered and exhaled a long breath through his nostrils, his mind wandering toward that aged scotch he had in the garage.

Katherine gets to her feet, her arms folded across her body, hands holding her elbows. "What do I take it for, Tony? Tell me, with all of your knowledge what I'm supposed to do?" She lets out a breath and grimaces, gazing down at the wooden floors with a stony expression on her face. "I have only known him for a little over a month." She mutters, her gaze cutting back up at Anthony. "You don't love someone that quick." She takes a few steps in retreat, moving towards the entryway. "I don't want and I never meant to hurt you. I'm sorry if I did."

"Honestly, Kate…" Anthony set about gathering the bowl and glasses from banana shots together, and then the popcorn bowl. "Anythin' I tell you, even if you did listen? You'd likely jus' grow ta' resent me fa' it later" he mentioned as he shifted his lips slightly with a defeated shrug, "Not ya' fault, Xavier showed up first wit' his dumptrucks fulla' roses and fuckin' dumb reindeer sleigh shit" he muttered, perhaps a bit more bitter than intended though shook his head and carried the dishes to the Kitchen, "I'll clean this stuff up, I don' wanna' make the evenin' any shittier than I already have"

"You do know something. Something you seem to think I /need/ to know. Well tell me!" Kate shouts, clearly having reached the end of her rope. "Don't put it out there and then yank it away!" She stomps up to him and pulls the dishes from his hands, moving angrily toward the kitchen. There is a clatter as she dumps everything into the sink, turning on the hot water. "I hate when people treat me like I can't handle shit! If I couldn't handle it, I wouldn't fucking ask!" She goes still, leaning against the sink for a moment as she takes in a deep breath.

Blinking quickly as the dishes were yanked out of his hands he threw his own hands into the air as she stormed away, following after her, "Whatta' you want me ta' say, Kate?!" he returned, though emotional, he was not shouting back at her, at least not yet. His hands thrown into the air, Anthony collapsed them to his hips as he turned the corner of the breakfast bar into the kitchen behind her, "What? You fuckin' know everythin' you should need ta' know about makin' a smart decision. The guy was ran off a road, had 'is fuckin' car shot up, called YOU, of all fuckin' people ta' come get him, wouldn't let you call the cops and fa' all we know STILL hasn't told you the whole fuckin' trut' about whatta' fuck happened! But we jus' forget 'at stuff because he has gaudy taste in gifts? Come ON, Kate, you means ta' tell me there ain't a single fuckin' red flag goin' off in ya' head? You're fuckin' sma't!"

Katherine glances at Anthony, her eyes narrowed as he starts to speak. "If that's all you've got to say then you don't know something that you think I need to know." She stands up straight, her posture rigid as she stares over at Anthony. "I made him leave, I've backed off. I can't do anything about what he's going through with whatever happened on that road." She gazes at the sink as she continues to speak. "I know what happened, I know the truth, and no matter how gaudy anyone's gifts are…they're /not/ the way to my heart. I am /smart/ enough to know when someone is trying to buy me. He's not. He's just doing nice things for me, which is what you do when you're dating someone!" Her voice starts off soft, but by the end of her words, she's shouting again. She turns to shove her hands into the soapy water, washing the dishes angrily.

There was a moment where Tony let Katherine shout at him, a feat not many had the previlidge of surviving unscathed. His eyes hardened as she shouted at him and he furrowed his brow at the woman as she turned around thrusting her hands into the sink, "You fuckin' hear what you want to hear, and you pull your own fuckin' wool over ya' eyes. When it ends, when you wake up one mornin' an' realize it's all fuckin' bullshit. I want you ta' remember t'day so you can think back on how you t'ought that because I told ya' to fuckin protect ya' heart and ya' feelins, that somehow it fucking made *me* the fuckin' bad guy" Tony delivered with a cool, icy tone that bore the weight and steadfast immoving sway of a titanic sized iceberg. "Nice ta' have you yellin' at me though. That was a real nice touch for me tryina' tell you ta' be careful. Real sweet." he added and shook his head, taking a step closer and setting the mug down next to the sink with a soft clink before he turned around and began to gather his suit jacket from the back of a barstool.

Katherine throws her hands in the air, and does what she hasn't done for two years. Leaves her kitchen dirty. She stomps around the counter, making her way to the great room and the stairs beyond it. "I know full well what I'm getting into, I don't have anything pulled over my eyes." She stops and points at Anthony, her finger pressing briefly against his chest. "You're not the bad guy, but you're not doing this for my heart. You're doing it because you're interested in me. Maybe part of that is you trying to protect me /for that reason/ but don't try to tell me that you're doing this because you're just a great and nice guy. Don't do that!" She shakes her head at his final words, turning to continue to her room. "Thank you, Anthony! I hope you have a wonderful night!" Hostess to the end.

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