(2018-12-09) Ham & Sparkles
Dinner is served, and plans are made.

Katherine is putting the finishing touches on dinner. Ham, mac and cheese and some mixed veggies. A cup of tea sits on the counter, the liquid sending lazy spirals of steam into the air. She sets down a knife on the counter, the ham cut and ready to be served. Pulling some plates from the cupboards, she waits to see if anyone is going to show up for food, pulling her loose hair up into a poofy bun, stabbing it in place with a sharp pencil.

The familiar form of Anthony Malone found itself entering the Stone residence from the back door, likely in turn from exiting the rented Garage Suite and a low whistle of some form of jig that couldn't quite be pinpointed down to what it was. His hands sank into the pockets of his casual slacks and around the thick material of his knitted v-neck sweater over what seemed to be a plain white T-shirt. "Evenin' Kate" he greeted simply enough while he found himself a seat at the breakfast bar, "Everythin' doin' good ova' 'ere on your end?"

Misfit had been holed up in her room today. At least that was the assumption because she hadn't been seen coming in or going out today and there had been sounds of movement from the room now and then if someone bothered to stop and listen. The smell of food had finally lured her down, looking like she'd literally just rolled out of bed. Hair unbrushed - though wasn't it always? -, a white shirt partially hanging off one shoulder and a pair of black leggings. She kind of looked like someone reminiscent of one of those 80s work out videos. A bright smile flashed to Tony and Kate as she worked with a bottle of liquid bandage, covering some scratches on her left hand. "Hey you two! This looks great Kate!" She hopped up on a free stool as well, finishing with the liquid bandage before capping it and stuffing it in a pocket that was in her shirt.

Katherine nods at Anthony, a slight smile on her face. "As good as they can be. You hungry?" She gestures to the meal, turning to pull cornbread from the oven. "I can make you up a plate." She almost jumps when Misfit comes into the kitchen, flashing her a bright smile. "Thanks. You hungry? I'll make you both a plate if so." She pulls open the fridge, pulling out wine and the creamer in case anyone wants coffee. "There is a carrot cake hiding out for dessert."

"Ya' the fuckin' best, Kate. Really" Anthony offered her a warm smile as he folded his hands atop the bar, glancing toward Misfit as she came down, "If it ain't the glitterin' star of the house. How's tricks, kiddo?" he remarked toward the 1980's transplant as he watched Kate work in the kitchen, taking a deep breath that threatened to become a yawn. "Oh. Yeah…" he began in a tone of rememberance, "Ez says hey an' stuff. Said she's gonna' take some cookies ova' to Xavier sometime"

"Yes please! No vegetables, extra mac?" She asked. Yep, she was refusing the vegetables. At least she was doing it up front instead of them having to go to waste on her plate. "Carrot…cake…?" She quirked a brow and then wrinkled her nose, not sure how she felt about such a thing. "…I don't think I've had that before." Trying to ponder on if the carrots somehow made it healthier? And also why anyone would put carrots in a cake to begin with. A grin given to Anthony. "I'm doin' just fine! Lovin' the Fall room. It's really great and the bed is super comfy."

Katherine nods at Anthony and gets his plate together, adding a little bit of everything before she adds silverware and sets it in front of him. "That's nice of her. I am making little gingerbread men tomorrow, hope to take him some too." She turns to listen to Misfit, following her directions, leaving out the vegetables. "It's sweet and rich, something you should try. Even if it's only a sliver." She adds the extra mac and cheese and slides Misfit her plate, adding silveware after. "Let me know if everything is okay as you eat."

"I'm sure it's gonna' be wonda'ful, Kate. Always is" Anthony assured the woman as he took up a particular piece of offered silverware and sank it into a bit of Mac, biting it off the fork easily. His green eyes glanced over Misfit near him and found their way toward her hand with a slight inclination of his eyebrow, "Someone mout' off ta' you'se?" he noted, pointing toward the small injuries with his fork and glancing toward Kate, "How you been Kate, up to anythin' interestin' ?

"Gingerbread men are cute! Can I help ya? I mean, if want help." Missy offered and nodded as she accepted the plate of food. "Maybe I'll try a bite! Tryin' new things is important." She shoveled a bite of mac and cheese into her mouth as Anthony asked about her hand. Looking down she shook her head, starting to talk and then stopped - waiting until she swallowed. "Got inta a fight with a stray cat. Things' claws were ridiculous."

"No, just..looking into doctors and other things." Katherine glances at Misfit's injuries after Anthony mentions them, frowning slightly. "Yikes. Where at? I'll call animal control." She blinks and nods to Misfit. "You can help if you'd like. I'm going to try to get them decorated in a fun way, if I can manage it." She makes herself a plate, taking her time scooping things onto it. "I have a few people to drop them off to, so it might seem like we're decorating an army of them."

"An army of gingerbread men…" Anthony teased, deepening his voice in an announcer-esque posture, "They never knew what was coming. She took over the world with her sweetness. Coming spring, two-thousand-nineteen" he grinned and ate another bite of the provided dinner though pausing long enough to usher out a yawn with a shake of his head, "Ah. Excuse me. Feel like I'm playin' catchup" he muttered as he stabbed at his plate, "You always get this bake-ee durin' the holidays?"

"An army of gingerbread men! Ohh we can put the sparkly sprinkles on them!" Misfit was all too excited about such a prospect." She grinned. "An' I'd watch that movie T." She chuckled. "The cat? Happened down town, I don't remember exactly where. Maybe near one a those little shops." She shrugged and looked curious. "Why ya lookin' for a doctor?" Taking another bite of food. "This is really good." This time it was mumbled by some food but at least she didn't spray or spill any of it.

Katherine chuckles quietly as she cuts into her ham, spearing it with her fork to take a bite. She chews slowly and when she swallows, she answers. "Worse. I still have pies, cakes and other cookies to do. The gingerbread men are first because they're the most fun. I have a cookie cutter and stamper, the stamper makes them look like they have skeletons inside." She smiles at Misfit and shrugs slowly. "My sister needs one, and I told her that I would help her get settled in. I have a few leads, and a friend happy to help if I can't find what I need."

"Oh jesus christ" Anthony responded with a bit of a laugh while he shook his head at Katherine, eating his dinner in relative silence otherwise. A lot had happened the last few days and he wasn't really sure how much of it needed talking about. His fork scraped against his plate as he ate, clearing his throat occasionally while he listened, arching a brow between the two while they talked, though offered a soft smile toward Katherine at the mention of her sister.

"Sounds like it'll be a fun time! Is the kitchen gonna be covered in desserts?! Why do you make so many?" Just truly seeming curious about it all. A tiny little frown at the mention of the sister. "Sorry 'bout your sister. I hope she feels better soon." Her toes wiggled a bit as she took a bite of ham. "So, how long ya been runnin' this place anyways?"

"It's going to be covered in desserts." Katherine confirms, grinning up at Misfit as she spears some mac and cheese with her fork. "I give them away as gifts. Cookies, pies and cakes. I take them down to the nursing home too, gives me a reason to visit some of the folks down there." Her face softens with emotion and she nods to Misfit. "I hope so too.." She takes a bite of cornbread and glances around the kitchen, eyebrows slightly raised. "A little over two years."

"You're a real nice lady ya know? Ya do all that every year?" She shook her head in wonder. "It's a nice lil' business it seems. Better than' the hotel for sure." A little grin flashed over her features as she ate a few more bites of food. Swallowing, "Do you know how ta make banana puddin? I haven't had a good banana pudding in years…maybe we can make one sometime!"

"I enjoy it." Katherine says, nodding to Misfit. "Baking calms me down, and I don't have grandparents anymore so visiting down at the home..well it's just nice." She laughs out loud and leans back against the counter. "I do know how to make banana pudding. I made pudding shots out of it last year, actually. A little of those nilla wafters in the bottom, some banana pudding that is all liquored up, and then a little poof of whipped cream on top. Perfecto."

Missy set her fork down to look at Kate with wide, admiring eyes. She rested her head in her hands. "You're 'bout the most amazin' person I've ever met. That sounds sooo good!" She squeed and then picked her fork up again. "What sorta liquor did ya use? They got all kinds a fancy flavors these days. A banana flavored one? Or maybe a whipped cream one?"

"You can use either 99 bananas, which..really tastes like banana. Or you can use whipped vodka." Katherine laughs and she finds a seat, settling down. "I'm not all that amazing. I just know how to cook, that's all." She crosses her legs and forks some more mac and cheese into her mouth. "Sound like something you might want to try?" She asks, aiming a smile at Missy. Her phone buzzes and she pulls it out to tap something on it.

Anthony was content to sit and listen to the women discuss making banana pudding, though seemed to blink back to life as he pocket buzzed. He'd just finished stuffing a bite of ham into his mouth when he fished his phone from his pocket to glance over a read text message blankly. "Huh." he stated simply, laying his fork face down while he texted a response. "I gotta' go meet the ginger kid, Kate." he smiled, "Want me to tell him anything?" he asked, sending off his message.

"Yeah! I'd totally love ta try that." Missy nodded emphatically. She gave a wave to Anthony. "See ya later T!" Having no idea who the 'ginger kid' was and not really caring. It wasn't any of her business after all. She was content to eat a few more bites of food while they both checked their phones and Anthony asked Kate about the kid.

"Ginger kid?" Katherine asks, blinking at Anthony. "Which ginger kid?" She takes another bite of her food and breaks off some cornbread. "Do you need food to take with you?" She anticipates a yes, getting to her feet to hunt up a container. She grins over at Missy, nodding. "I have everything we need to make the pudding shots. We can do that and eat them while we're making cookies. Keep everything nice and cheerful."

Tony blinked as if her asking 'what ginger kid' was enough to warrant it, "What? Ty. The only ginger kid I really meet wit' " he laughed, shaking his head, "I'll take it ta' Ty. I'm sure he's probably hungry or somethin' " he admitted as he gathered himself from his seat, flashing a smile toward Missy and an over-acted finger gunning motion, "You got it, M" he replied to the woman in a simple tone, adopting her own way of nicknaming persons.

Tony's response made her giggle as she nodded to Kate. "Sounds like a plan! Pudding and Gingerbread Men. Literally can't go wrong!" Pushing a hand through her hair as she ate another piece of ham. "Maybe we'll save ya some shots too." She added to Tony.

Katherine has made a nice container full of food, holding it out to Tony. "If he ever wants to come up here for dinner, you make sure he knows that he is welcome. Provided he's not high on /illegal/ substances." She retakes her seat, taking a drink from her glass before she tucks back into her dinner. "We could get drunk and dress gingerbread men in chaps and loincloths." She giggles softly and waves to Anthony. "Be safe, it's going to snow heavy tonight."

"Chaps an' loincloths for the heavy snow t'night, got it" Anthony grinned and winked a single green eye at Kate, "That'a go great wit' my cowboy outfit you missed" he laughed softly and accepted the container of food with a smile. "Take it easy you two's…" he trailed, looking toward Missy, "An' you fuckin' betta!" he jokingly scolded the woman with a shake of his finger, dropping his phone into his pocket where he headed to get his coat, "See you two lata" he offered before leaving out the front door.

"He's silly." Missy mused after Tony left with another chuckle and then grinned to Kate. "Chaps an' Loincloths and short shorts! They'll be great!" She grinned and took another bite of ham. "Oh! How's that hat a yours comin' along that you were makin' the otha day?"

"He is kind of silly." Katherine agrees, gazing after Tony as he walks out of the B&B. "I don't mind making crazy gingerbread men. If nothing else the old women and men down at the home will get a big kick out of them." She opens cupboards and starts to pull things out, setting them on the counter. "I finished it. I'm going to give it to Xavier in a few days, see how it looks on him. I think I need to find something more substantial for Christmas."

Her eyes narrow a bit in thought. "He was the guy here the other day yeah? The one who had ta leave when I did?" Checking for confirmation. "It was lookin' cute! I'll bet he'll love it." She wiggled a bit. "What're you thinkin' you might get 'im?" Looking see what she was getting down. "Gettin' a head start on the cookies?"

"The jello shots." Katherine murmurs, picking up a bottle of 99 bananas, tilting it from side to side. "The gingerbread dough needs to be refrigerated overnight too." She beams at Missy, nodding. "I hope he's going to like it, he ..doesn't really like things that aren't from designer companies. He's very meticulous in what he wears." She frowns, gazing down at her hands for a moment. "I have no clue what to get him. He's got a lot more money than me. What do you buy a man who has everything?"

"Ooh! You're my favorite!" She grinned as Kate said she was getting the shots together. "Anythin' I can help with?" She asked as she finished off the last couple bites of mac and cheese. She eyes Kate closely and, since Kate was looking down her hands she might miss it, but there was a flicker of understanding and the hint of a woman who was much more intelligent than she let on. Then Missy was grinning again. "You don't buy 'im a damn thing. You gotta give 'im somethin' money can't buy." She lightly knocked on the counter twice. "An' if he don't like that hat you been workin' on just cause it don't got no fancy name brand tied to it, then he ain't worth your time."

Katherine glances over at Missy, grinning back at her. "You're more than welcome to help, if you would like." She does miss the flicker of the true Missy, pouring measurements in little glass bowls. "Well the hat is something money can't buy, right?" She asks, quirking a brow as Missy knocks on the counter. "He'll like it, but he probably won't wear it in public. If he wears it sometimes, that's good enough for me." She winces at Missy's words, shrugging a shoulder. "Some people are very picky about what they wear, or so I've heard."

Missy hopped off the counter and came around to Kate's side to play assistant. "That ain't what I mean. Lemme think a sec…" Tapping her chin. "Like, it ain't about wearin' the hat it's 'bout preciatin' the hat and the gesture it represents." She clarified. "I mean, I can only assume ya makin' him the hat cause ya like 'im right?"An emphatic nod. "And yes the hat is the perfect gift cause money can't buy it! Just in general I mean, if someone's got a ton a money ta burn…better ta give 'em somethin they can't go out an get themselves. If ya wanted to do something else for actual Christmas time."

Katherine sets out a glass bowl in front of Missy, placing the liquor and the pudding mix nearby. "Follow these instructions, but half the water and use the 99 bananas instead." She starts on her part, putting the nilla wafers in a bag so she can make them crumbs. "I do like him, and I'm so bad at it. I'm not used to being in a relationship." She wrinkles her nose and reaches out for a spoon to hand to Missy. "I had to ask him to move out, which I'm sure didn't help things. I really want him here."

"Half the water and use the 99 bananas!" She echoed, starting to read over the instructions and gather everything up. "I ain't ever been in one. Like not a real one. Everyone's got needs, but my kinda life style ain't suited for somethin' with meanin'." She mused, wiggling a bit as she worked - some kind of little dance perhaps. "So all my knowledge comes from cheesy Hallmark movies and romances." She giggled. "Why'd he have ta move out if ya like 'im so much?"

"Alexa, turn on something that we can dance to." Katherine instructs, watching at her Echo blinks with blue lights. "I was in a relationship drought for almost three years, and I had given up on them. Then I fell into one, and it didn't work out." She shifts her eyes to Missy, grinning slowly. "Then Xavier came along." She sighs and shakes her head back and forth. Her voice is hesitant as she speaks, obviously she's uncomfortable. "He has a lot of business stuff that goes on, and ..well he was in a car accident. I'm sure it upset my sisters to see him so banged up, you know?"

When the Echo starts playing music, Missy seemlessly seems to move right from whatever tune was in her head to what was going on the device. "That thing's pretty nifty!" She peeked at the Echo before starting to mix together the pudding mix and alcohol. Then she peered back at Kate. "An accident? That ain't any good. He looked okay ta me the other day so I guess he wasn't too injured?" She half asked as she duitifully continued mixing. "So his business is…like…dang'rus or somethin? Or was a buncha things happenin' at once?" Another curious inquiry. "Sorry - ya don't gotta tell me. Obviously it ain't your favorite subject."

Katherine doesn't dance to the music, but she does sway a little bit, singing along to the bouncy Christmas tunes. "Yeah, it's probably my most favorite purchase this year. I can even lock my doors with it. So if I ever feel afraid.." She shrugs and laughs softly. "He called me after and I had to go get him. Have you ever had to fix a dislocated shoulder? It was terrifying." She scrunches her nose up and starts on the gingerbread dough. "I think dangerous things happen, but once that basket was left on my porch, there really wasn't anything else I could do." She blinks, and then clears her throat. "Never mind that. So, what did you say that you did again?"

Missy's eyes widened. "Never! That sounds like it'd be scary!" She said about the dislocated shoulder. Though, she had at least once or twice in her lifetime done just that. This persona though, never had so much as a sprained ankle. "And bein' able ta just call out and get your doors locked is nifty!" She gave Kate a lightly little nudge with her hip and finished stirring up. "What's next with this? An' me? I just do odd jobs for people. Easy thing ta do ta make extra cash while I'm travelin'. An' I get ta meet all kinds a people."

Katherine nods slowly at Missy, pulling out a piping bag and setting it into a tall glass. "Not one of the things I ever want to do again. Even if I care for someone. I'm going to insist on a hospital next time." She nods in agreement, glancing at the Echo. "Alexa, lock the front door!" She calls out, and giggles as Alexa confirms that she's done it. "Scoop that into this piping bag. We'll start to fill the little cuppies." She nods and chuckles softly. "What kind of odd jobs?" She is setting out small disposable shot glasses, sprinkling nilla waver crumbs into the bottoms of them.

"Little a everythin' really." She explained as she started scooping the mixture into pipe bag. "Mostly run errands, but I can do minor repairs an' house cleanin and such. Things that people don't really wanna do themselves." She explained. Once the bag was filled, she set to work filling the cups carefully. "Ya become somethin' of a jack a all trades eventually when ya travel 'round as much as I have." She chuckled. "What'd ya do 'fore ya opened the B&B?"

"I was going to school, and for a little bit I worked down at Totally Baked. I loved it." Katherine says, gazing at Missy with a curious look on her face. "Where are some of the places that you've gone to?" She asks, pulling out the whipped topping and drizzling some whipped vodka into it. She stirs until it's fluffy and puts it back into the freezer to set. "If you're ever looking for a job or anything, I can put feelers out for you. Try to find something to keep you occupied. Plenty of people here in Calaveras need help."

"Aint' been there yet, though I think I can guess what it is." She laughed. "Lessee…I been ta Florida, New Mexico, Kansas, Alaska, Nevada, Japan, Thailand, I been all over the US really. Ain't gotten to Hawaii yet but I'd love ta go." She snagged out of the empty wine glasses that had been set out and poured a shot of the 99 bananas in it before downing it. "Ohh! That's good! These things are gonna be awesome!" Clearly looking forward to them even more now as she finished filling the last few cups. "Sure! I mostly kinda keep an eye out in the papers or the craigslist and whatnot but I can toss ya my number if you wanna keep an ear out. That'd be cool."

"Goodness. I've only been here in Calaveras." Katherine murmurs, gazing at Missy with wide eyes. "So tell me what Alaska was like?" She lines all of the cups on a tray and turns to put them in the fridge. She turns back to continue to make gingerbread dough, it's coming together really quickly. "Craigslist huh?" She nods slowly and passes Missy a pen and paper. "Xavier seemed to know you the night you arrived. Have you picked up things for him before?"

"Ya have?! Well now I'm gonna have ta go an' whisk ya away somewhere. Vegas. Vegas is a lotta fun! Even if ya ain't inta gamblin'. There's tons to do!" She giggled. and set down the pipe bag, leaning against the counter as she watches Kate. "Yeah, people posts all kinds a things up there. It's crazy." She scrawled her phone number on the paper. "He did?" Her brow raised a bit. "Can't say that I have. Least not while I been in town. If it was somewhere else that's hard ta say. I've dealt with a lotta people over the years ya know?" She mused.

Katherine nods, not looking over at Missy as she rolls the gingerbread dough into a ball. "I don't know if I could handle Vegas. I'm such a lightweight. I'm going to have two of those jello shots and be down for the count." She glances over at Missy then, blinking a few times. "What other stuff can you do there besides gambling?" She gazes down at the phone number and then smiles. "Seemed that way. He's not always easy to read though, and I think he's been on edge." She shrugs and wraps the dough in plastic wrap.

"There's all kinda a shows you can see and shops ya can check out! That Pawn Stars pawn shop is there, or real close to it! I didn't get a chance ta go when I was there last time but I wanted to." Missy mused. "There's some cool magic shows and comedy things. I bet you'd like it!" She did a little twirl and stretched. "Ya said he's a businessman yeah? Ain't they always stressin' bout somethin? Always seems like they are on the TV. And I gotta think if so many TV ones are - there's gotta be some kinda truth ta it." A shrug and chuckle. "Maybe next time I see 'im I'll ask. Or you can ask. Like I said, not since I been here but I wouldn't completely rule it out if he's been other places I was."

Katherine tries to put a mild look on her face, but it doesn't really work, there is a slightly suspicious look on her face. "It's probably nothing. My mind is really kind of in overdrive lately." Everything is put away and she moves to wash her hands, drying them on a hand towel. "I should look into the things to do in Vegas. That all sounds pretty interesting, to be honest." She shoots a look at Missy, grinning now as she moves to power off the Echo. "Pour me a shot of the bananas?" She asks, nibbling gingerly at her bottom lip.

If Missy notices the suspicion, she doesn't acknowledge it. The bright smile remaining on her features. "You should! It's a good place for a short vacation I'd think. Especially since Nevada ain't all that far from Colorado an' all." She agreed as she poured out a shot of the bananas for Kate and another for herself. Handing Kate her shot. "Lessee…to Gingerbread men and banana liquor!" She raised her glass and giggled before she knocked back the shot.

Katherine takes the shot and shudders delicately, coughing once. "To gingerbread men and oooh, banana liquor." She puts things in the sink, rinsing them off to put them in the dishwasher. "I'm taking a daytrip to Colorado Springs soon, going to go Christmas shopping." She shifts her eyes to Missy and grins. "Maybe Vegas can be a weekend thing after the New Year." She brushes her hair back, getting suds in her hair. "How do you stay so happy all the time?"

"I hope ya find a bunch of cool things! I should explore more a the surroundin' area soon myself. Rent a car or somethin' maybe." Missy reached up, obviously having no real concept of personal space, and wiped away some of the suds that were left in Kate's hair. She flashed Kate another grin. "No one's happy all the time. Ya just gotta roll with the punches life throws and make lemonade with the lemons. An I guess I'm just the type that wants take make sure everyone around me's smilin'. Can't do that if I'm frownin." Kate got the briefest little tap on the nose before Missy retrieved her plate to rinse off as well and stick in the dishwasher.

"Yeah. I just hope I can find Christmas presents for my family. Cool things will have to wait." Katherine swallows as Missy invades her personal space, her answering grin slightly off. "Yeah, I'm not great at rolling with the punches or making lemonade out of my lemons. I do better with the helping other people smile…thing." She laughs as her nose is tapped and she reaches out to take the plate from Missy, but then when she sees the other woman has it in hand, she takes a seat. "May I take a look at your hand there? I have some ointment under the cupboard to the right of the sink."

"Your family don't want cool things for Christmas?" Mostly teasing. She finished the last couple dishes and then turned back to Kate as she closed the dishwasher for now. "Oh, sure I guess. It's feelin' better, just a little itchy." She moved back over to the woman and extended out her hand. The scratches seemed to mostly be on the palm side of her hand.

"I mean, I'm sure they want something.." Katherine pulls out the first aid kit and gazes down at Missy's hand. She pulls out some salve and smoothes it across her palm before she pulls out some bandages. "Looks nasty. I hope it doesn't get infected." She wraps the bandage carefully and holds out her own hand, showing a scar down the palm. "I cut myself last week washing the dishes while I was working myself up to a temper tantrum."

Missy tilted her head as she let Kate bandage up her hand. "I'm sure it'll be okay. I been takin' care a it." She grinned. "It'll be better in a few days I'm sure." A little wave of her free hand. Then her eyes widened when she saw Kate's scar. "Jesus that looks like it hurt! What were ya gettin' worked up for? Iffin' ya don't mind my asking."

Katherine nods at Missy, gazing down at her now bandaged palm. "Yeah, it should be okay in a day or two. Looks like." She chuckles softly and shrugs. "I was having a disagreement with a few people in my kitchen. When people get very over protective, I just.. I was not having a great day, I guess?"

"It's a good an' bad thing. Good cause it means they care, bad cause it's suffocatin. I know the type." She chuckled. "I'm glad ya didn't lose a finger or somethin. And learned not ta wash sharp objects while angry?" Arching a brow as she reclaimed a seat and leaned on the counter.

Katherine starts to slowly put away the first aid kit, closing it with a resounding snap. She nods slowly and she smiles up at Missy, blinking slowly. "I need to be more careful. I'm more careful now. I keep my blades keen, because a dull blade is pretty dangerous." She nods to Missy's palm, her nose wrinkled. "Those don't look like cat scratches, if we're being honest with one another."

Missy eyed Kate for a brief moment when she called out the cat scratches. "Sharp blades can be just as dang'rus as dull ones." A subtle shrug amd a wry smile. "If we're bein' honest withone another - they ain't cat scratches. But I promise I ain't bringin' any trouble inta your house. An I'm workin on linin up an apartment so I only need ta crash for a couple more days."

"Yeah, they can." Katherine nods at Missy, smiling slowly. "Thanks. I had enough trouble here for a short while, and it was trouble that I enjoyed…but I couldn't handle that trouble. I can't handle any trouble right now." She blinks and smiles an uncertain smile at Missy. "You're staying on longer? I thought you were only passing through?"

"An' you're so sweet I don't wanna cause you no trouble." Missy said sincerely and shrugged. "I ain't lockin' it in for a year or whatever. Just like a month ta month thing. I am passin' through - in the long run. But it's quiet here and I kinda like it. Like the quiet is good for a bit ya know? Helps me keep my head on straight. "

"Thanks. Though honestly I can't see what kind of trouble you could cause. You're so sweet and..there is something innocent about you." Katherine smiles at Missy and moves to the fridge, pulling out a bottle of beer and setting it on the counter. "Want one?" She asks, quirking a brow at Missy. "I wish I was going on the adventures that you are. Just getting out there seems like so much fun, but I'm pretty chained to my place here. My sisters won't step up if I want to get away."

"Aww thanks Kate." She nodded a yes to the bottle of beer and tilted her head slightly. "Ya just gotta find someone ya trust to run this place proper while you're gone. Even if it's just for like a week or somethin'. Cause I tell ya, gettin out an' about is the best thing for a person in my opinion. Change a scene does the soul a lotta good."

"I'll be gone two days for New Year. I'm going to leave my assistant here, her name is Charlotte. I just cook enough for the two days, and all she has to do is show someone a room if they come by." Katherine grins over at Missy, shrugging her shoulders. "I plan on pretending that I'm not me for the two days that I'm gone, so when I come back for the Winchester business, I can be fresh." She sets a bottle out by Missy and pops the top off. "Once I have the hotel, if it works out, I'll be able to travel more."

"Not a bad idea! I'll bet it'll be fun. So you're tryna buy up the hotel?" She quirked a brow. "That'd be pretty neat! And yeah would totally make it easier to get away." She took a long pull from her beer. "I tell ya the one thing I ain't done yet that I've always really wanted to is been out to Time Square ta see the ball drop in person. Maybe I'll do that!"

"I could have asked for that, but I think I would panic. I'm not great with really big crowds. I get nervous when people are closed in all around me." Katherine shudders delicately, taking a seat and drinking from her bottle. "One of these days I'm going to sit down and make a bucket list. I'm going to list places and things that I want to do and see. Then I'm going to work very hard to make it happen." She gazes at Missy, amused. "I still wonder how you found yourself here. This place is not exactly on the beaten path."

"I love crowds, all kinds a things happen in 'em. If ya know where ta look. But yeah, they ain't for everyone." She agreed, looking amused. "Bucket list is a good idea! I kinda got one - but it ain't written down. Paper gets lost so easily, so I just kinda committed it to memory." She took another sip from her beer. "I hope you're able ta get 'em all though." Her head tilted a bit. "Well, I swear ta whatever gods are out there, here's what I did. I tossed all the names of the states in a hat an' I picked Colorado. Then I threw a dart at a map of Colorado and it landed near Calaveras." She grinned. "Don't tell no one, but it's how I pick all my places usually. 'Less there's somethin goin on I really wanna see or do."

Katherine laughs out loud, loose now after the shot of liquor and half of a beer. "Apparently that's also how Xavier found his way here." She blinks and then shakes her head, taking another drink of her beer. "He didn't pick names from a hat, but he threw the dart." She slips off of her stool and does a little twirl of her own. "I write everything down. Jesus, I have journals upstairs. I write every night, tell it everything. If I didn't put it down on paper, I would lose myself. There is so much that goes on." She turns a look at Missy. "You're the only person who knows that. Don't tell."

"He did? Must be a growin' trend." She laughed and flashed a grin as Kate twirled. "Don't worry Miss Kate. Your secret's safe with me.' She made a 'cross my heart' sign and hopped up off her stool. "I wanna take you dancin' some night maybe. Dancin' is so much fun and I totally see you got some moves goin on." Teasing lightly and, if Kate would let her, Missy would take her hand to put her in another twirl before drinking a few more sips of her beer.

Katherine smirks and shrugs, laughing when Missy crosses her heart. "Well bless you. Now I won't have to rehide them somewhere." She blinks and bursts out in nervous laughter. "I actually don't have much of a sense of rhythm. I only recently found some when I started taking pole dancing classes with a feisty stripper from Eternity. Her name is Twister." She laughs as she's sent out in a twirl, managing to stay upright and even slightly graceful despite her drinking. "There are a few fun places to go out to dance around here, not that I've been out in years now."

Misfit says, "I've been dancin' ever since I can remember. I could totally teach ya some moves! She nodded happily, grinning as the woman stayed upright. "I never have people ta dance with, so it would be fun if ya wanted to!" She knocked back the rest of her beer and moved to toss the bottle away. "I should prolly head up ta bed. But this was fun! An' I look forward ta helpin' with the gingerbread men tomorrow!""

"Sleep tight, Missy." Katherine murmurs, raising her beer in a quiet salute to the other woman. "I look forward to baking with you. I hope you're ready for one heck of a baking bonanza." She picks up the empty bottle and moves to toss it. "Thanks for the talk, it was informative."

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