(2018-12-08) Tripwires and Swing Dancing
Xavier attempts to get his revenge and the way Misfit thinks/operates is revealed a little further.

What's he building in there? Well, Xavier has been building a lot of things, across the city, his firm quietly buying up underpriced land and flipping it for sale. This is one among many, but possibly more interesting to most, if one was keeping an eye on Xavier's actions. For one, the old office/warehouse combo has been receiving significantly upgraded security, and renovation. For another, Xavier's been coming here over the last several days, locking him inside (and the new locks are /very/ good), and then leaving again, without workers or companions to accompany him. Such curious things.

Of course, he's also been keeping an eye out for signs of glittery followers, and today? Today he thinks the chances are good that he's got a watcher. So when he goes into the side door, and pulls it tight, it's not QUITE completely tight, and the lock doesn't quite catch. Instead of going down what appears to be an inoffensive office hallway, albeit without doors except at the far end, he pushes on a recessed panel, and a door in the side opens up. He slips into a small side hall, locking /this/ hidden door firmly behind him, and makes his way to a security room in the innards of the building, with eyes and ears in all the walls and ceilings. It's very supervilliany, as is his smile as he turns on the cameras and waits to see if his deadly acquaintance takes the bait.

Contrary to what some might call popular belief, a good assassin didn't need to watch their targets like a hawk watches prey. Humans were the worst offenders when it came to creatures of habit. Misfit had a fairly good idea of Xavier's usual routine, she knew where his new house was and she had that room secured at the B&B for now as an extra layer. Maybe he claimed not to care about Kate, but he was by there often enough that it was a good way to keep an eye on him. Today was a following sort of day, keeping a fair distance or taking to a building top once or twice for a better vantage. She was armed with a couple knives and one of her handguns - just in case today was the day.

The building was curious, she hadn't seen it yet but he had gone into it. She debated on perhaps just waiting to see when he would come out, but the latch not fully catching on the door was too tempting for the glitterbomb. She waited exactly 5 minutes before entering into the door and looking around curiously as she closed it behind herself. "Hmph…" She murmured. It was just a simple hallway, but even so she remained alert as she started to walk forward, keeping an ear out for where Xavier might be.

A simple hallway, yes - there's wood paneling, or decent fake wood, on both sides. The floor is tiled, and the ceiling has flourescent lights behind an unusually thick, but clear glass. And the door closes behind her. Which is when things become…less simple. Because there's an unusually meaty CLUNK as the three iron rods in the electronic lock Xavier has installed slide home, and closer inspection of the door itself reveals a steel core. Kicking her way out of that would take a while. And now Xavier's voice comes from overhead, as he says, "Good morning, Misfit. So glad you could join me, today."

Misfit tensed as the door locks with such a sound, turning back to look at the door and the whirled around back towards the front. Hearing Xavier's voice she looked upward, brow furrowed. Then her eyes widened and she started giggling. It was a manic sort of sound, though it quieted. "I get the feelin' you were 'pectin me Westin." She called out,pushing a hand through her wild mane.She took another step forward, looking a little more closely at everything now.

"Oh, I never put expectations on a lady," Xavier says, cheerfully. "Always ends in disappointment. More hoping, really. Since you seemed to need a place to stay, I thought I'd oblige." The cheer drops out of his voice abruptly, leaving something cold and dark instead. "I thought about just going full pitcher plant and building a nice little cell for you to starve to death in. But I don't have anything against you personally. You're just a tool. I want the hand that set you upon me." The good cheer returns, as if it'd never left. "So, I thought - since you like games, I'd build a fun house. Just for you. And see if you might come around to reason on your way to my room. It /is/ possible to get here. But…not easy, perhaps. And my various bruises and gashes and dislocated shoulder insist that it not be /pleasant/."

The hallway is deliberately featureless and bland. No doors but the ones at both ends, and those LOOK fairly normal, with metal knobs. The one behind is locked, but the one forward…well, who knows.

Another step forward, letting Xavier continue talking. "A man after my own heart Westin!" She chirped as she pulled out of her knives from her boot and threw it with an expert touch- just an attempt to trigger any possibly motion sensor traps that he has hidden. "Ya know, if you'd wanted ta take me out - all ya had to do was ask." So long as nothing is triggered, she will quite literally dance her way to door. Her hand hovers above the door knob as she leans into the door and looked up again for any possible cameras. "Tricky tricky, Westin." She waggled the fingers of her free hand. Then she pulled the sleeve of her sweater down to try and turn the door knob with her covered hand to try and mitigate the shock.

There are cameras, now that she looks for them. They're behind the same glass with the lights, little dark, unblinking eyes staring down at her. Nothing becomes triggered as she dances her way to the door - the knife flies through the air and clangs off the door at the end - another steel cored one, it seems. "So glad you approve," Xavier drawls, as deadpan as he can manage. The current crackles as she covers her hand and touches the door - a little bit gets, through, like a strong static shock, but she can open the door, nonetheless. It's not locked. It swings open to reveal another blank sort of room, with two other doors - one to what's probably the north, and one directly across from where she's standing now. "I don't suppose you want to make this easier on both of us and just cooperate?" Xavier asks, over the intercom - and yes, there are cameras here, too.

The knife is retrieved after the door opens. The small shock doesn't phase her too much - she's gone through much worse over the years. Then she stepped into the next room, pocketing her knife as she tried to decide which door to take next. Which one would bring her to him "Now, Westin, what kinda gun for hire would I be if I went blabbin 'bout my employers?" She asked as she started to make her way towards the North door. "Besides, ya went through all this trouble just for me - I should experience it, shouldn't I?"

"A sane one," Xavier says, calmly. "Who recognizes a better deal when she's faced with one - I'm happy to pay for the information, and to pay additionally to cushion any hit to your reputation for failing to follow through on a commission. Assuming that your former employer is around long enough to complain about it." He flicks a switch on a panel in his room, and several panels that were supporting blocks of flooring in the room, including the ones Misfit was walking on, suddenly…aren't. The floor falls out from under her feet, revealing pits of broken glass and debris about three feet down - not far enough or enough to kill, but it'd hurt like a son of a bitch to fall down.

"Whose ta say-" She started and then the floor was moving! Like a rug being pulled out from under her. She used the momentum of the floor moving to back flip on to a solid piece of floor at the last moment. She nearly toppled over still into the pit - but managed to keep her balance. There was a little flash - a mix between annoyance and glee - as she peered to the pit and then back to the cameras. "Whose ta say they ain't already dead?" She finished as she started trying to pick her way back towards the North door. "I told you that your time was gonna come Westin - and you're gonna be lucky if that time ain't today!" It was still said in a chipper tone, though there was definitely an underlying threat. "But I do love this floor thing. I hope ya got more a those.."

"If they were, there'd be no need to persist in this nonsense," Xavier says. "No one to know you decided one developer wasn't worth your time." There's a thread of amusement there at the threat. "Ah, ah, ah. I thought you followed the wind, Misfit. No cheating the clock just because you're getting a little challenged. I thought better of you than that." He chuckles; there's no doubt that on SOME level, Xavier is enjoying this whole thing a little too much. The North door is as plain as any of the others, but doesn't have the humming she heard before. If she tries the door knob, though, there's an unusual resistance to it - she'll have to put her weight behind it to really open it.

"I do follow the wind! But sometimes the wind turns inta a tornado. Or some such like that. " She didn't like the resistance that the door was giving. She was sure that both doors were somehow trapped or had tricks to them. This one would probably hurt more than the other door - depending on what the hell he had back there. She turned to hop, skip, and jump her way over to the other door to test that one out and then would decide which one to go through. "I didn't know ya had all this in ya Westin. I gotta say, I'm likin it." Listening for a tell tale hum before attempting to turn the knob on this door.

"Sounds like an excuse to me," Xavier says, and tuts, the sound turning crackly through the speaker. The other door opens smoothly. Nothing explodes or electrocutes, but the closest lights to the door go out, and the room beyond is totally black and without light. Who KNOWS what's in there. "And it's not my usual method of dealing with problems, Misfit, but I can be creative when I need to be." A pause. "You must know when it's a good time to cut your losses. Surely there are other, more profitable, things you could be doing with your time than pestering me?"

"Probably, but you're under this assumption that I need money, honey." Misfit peered into the darkness before getting her knife again and throwing it in again to see if it triggered anything this time. Darkness or possibly getting crushed to death…it was a difficult choice really. If the knife didn't trigger anything, she would take her chances in the dark. If it i did, then she'd take her chances with the other door. Leaning up against the wall, she smiled up at one of the cameras. "And pesterin' you is so much fun. Cause you're so damn easy to rile. I don't got any losses ta cut yet. I didn't come ta Calaveras for you - I came here on instinct. I didn't know what I'd find. You just happen ta be here with me in a nice little convenient set up."

The knife sails away into the dark, without noticeable incident. There's a bit of silence on the other end, before Xavier asks, sounding honestly baffled, "Why on earth would you kill people if not for the money? It's not exactly an enjoyable endeavor, and the risk is high." The rest seems equally confusing to him, and in his room, he leans back against his chair, and just stares at her for a moment. "You're a very chaotic person."

"Because I'm good at it." It's such an honest statement as she stared at the camera a moment longer. "But I gotta have a reason. So people hire me and there's my reason." She slipped into the darkness then, carefully. Cautious because not being able to see things was dangerous. "Chaos, Peace, Good, Evil, it's all just about perception Westin." She extends a hand slowly to feel against the wall. "You just gotta be able to perceive the flow…and move with it." She lets her hand slip away from the wall to start picking her way through the tripwires, moving carefully so as to not set anything off.

"…have you considered taking up a hobby? The stock market, perhaps? All the risk, much less blood." It's said with a wry amusement, but not without a small measure of understanding - after all, Xavier ended up where he did for much the same reason. He falls silent as she picks her way through the tripwire room, almost as if he doesn't want to disturb her concentration. She can find a door, eventually - but reaching for the knob by instinct would be a poor idea, since it's covered in sharp, short blades.

She doesn't answer right away, focusing on the tripwire maze. Reaching out at the end, her fingers graze against the blades.Not enough to slice through, she doesn't think at least - but enough to have felt it. A silent gasp, leaning against the door, taking a moment to think. "Dancin' is my hobby. I don't understand what's so excitin' about sittin in a chair, watchin' numbers move." She pulled her sleeve down again to try and turn the door. She wasn't expecting to get away flawlessly - but as long as she didn't stab clear through her hand then she was satisfied. "Maybe ya can explain it some time'" Holding her breath as she finished turning the knob.

There's a pull and catch as the blades cut through the material of the sweater - that sleeve is going to be /ruined/, but it works for the most part. A couple of shallow slices on her skin is the most she might take - and Xavier hasn't added any sort of poison or foulness to the metal. The door opens onto a dimly lit staircase that does not fit in the surroundings - it's narrow and curved, going up to (presumably) a second floor. He also hasn't bothered to hide the trap in this one - there are narrow slots and holes along the walls that, no doubt, contain a nasty gauntlet of things to be run through on the way up. "Numbers represent things," Xavier says, with an unseen shrug. "It's never just numbers. But, I do point out, that my ability to explain anything will be hampered if I'm dead. I don't like you enough to leave podcasts for you to listen to at your leisure."

Such a shame, she had liked this sweater. She examined the shallow cuts on her hand, flexing her fingers before peering up at the stairs. "Aww but you do like me! I knew ya did." She teased as she assessed the trap. A soft little humming noise he may or may not be able to hear. She was humming some kind of tune. Then her feet started to tap…and she started moving. She was…dancing again? At a time like this? What did she expect to achieve? Whatever tune Misfit had riled up in her head, she took to the stairs, dancing to the rhythm and avoiding most, if not all of the obstacles on the stairs. It was certainly an odd sight, but it worked. Once at the top of the stairs, she grinned. "Like I said, all about goin' with the flow. You're definitely gettin' some glitter gold stars for this."

"What the hell are you doing?" Xavier says, sounding more confused than angry. Then he falls silent, just watching. Staring, really, in disbelief. When she reaches the top of the stairs, she'll see a small hallway, and another door. No blades on this one. There's a grudging, "All right. That was fairly impressive. Not the 'flow' nonsense, but I can see why you are good at what you do. You might get here after all."

Missy leaned up against the wall, pushing a hand through her hair again with her non injured hand. A silly grin at his compliment. "Ya know, I could show you a thing or two. So ya can take your pretty girl dancin some time." She started towards the hallway, seemingly more relaxed but still keeping an eye out. "Just cause you don't believe it - don't mean it ain't there Westin. S'not like Santa Claus and Leprechauns. It's just like the air we live an' breathe. Can't see it - but we know it exists. Else we wouldn't be livin."

"I dance just fine, thank you," Xavier says, almost primly. This door isn't locked, and it isn't electrified or bladed, either. It opens onto…a wall. Wait, no. There's a narrow gap in the wall, and looking through, it looks like the gap turns sideways as it goes in. This doesn't SEEM harmful. Just annoying. But at the same time, it's tight enough that if he were ever going to turn this into a death trap, it'd be right there. There also seem to be slots up at the top, for…some reason. "That sounds like mystical nonsense. There is no flow, or fate, Misfit. There's only the universe and what opportunities we make for ourselves within it."

Missy eyed the gap, the turn, slotted top…some kind of gas maybe? She would rather be safe than sorry. "So closed minded." She tutted, stepping forward into the gap. "Fate is different than the flow. I don't believe in fate. Only coincidence. Cause just cause you see the flow, doesn't mean people always follow it." She lifted her sweater up over her nose just in case. Either some kind of gas was going to come out of that top, or something was going to fall on her and she's chance a few things falling over breathing in anything. She fell silent then, just advancing through the gap, following it and turning when she needed to.

It's not gas. Apparently, Xavier is serious about his assurances of non-lethality. But instead, what starts to fall on her as she wriggles through is…salt. Finely ground salt, so fine that it's almost a powdery cloud than a grain. If she'd gotten here battered, cut, and the like, it'd be plenty painful - and certainly, when it reaches the cuts on her hands, and the few abrasions she's taken, it burns like someone's pouring acid on the wounds. Her eyes aren't having a good time, either, and the taste of salt quickly fills her mouth and nose. But it won't kill her. "I'm not closed minded," Xavier protests, although it's oddly distracted now, and there are rustlings in the background as she slowly makes her way through the salt-filled passage. "But I'm not superstitious, either." And then he falls silent, letting her make the rest of the way alone. At the end, the passage widens again, and there's a door, just like every other door.

Had she hit a nerve? The thought isn't vocalized, though she does make a hissing sound as the salt gets into her hand cuts. What was he going through? The sweater doesn't do much to help keep things out because the salt is so fine it just kinda slips on through. Once she's finally at the end she 'breaks free' of the narrow part of the passage, coughing to get the salt out and shaking her hand out, taking a couple slow breaths to try and get herself under control. Again, she'd been through worse - but literal salt in the wound was a bitch and a half. "That…that was a…good trick." She waved a hand back towards the passage as walked towards the other door. "Everyone's a little superstitious." She added in, almost as an after thought as she started to try opening the door.

"Not as effective as I'd hoped," Xavier admits. "You're tough, fast, and more cautious than I'd thought you'd be. I'll have to revise my blueprints for next time." She opens the door, to find what looks curiously like a security room - monitors show each of the rooms she's passed through, with a small panel of switches and levers to operate the locks and traps. There's another speaker set into the center of the desk, and it's here Xavier's voice is coming out of. "You'll understand, of course, that I missed whatever meeting you had planned for us, but congratulations anyway. You reached my room, as I promised you was possible. I've already unlocked the side and front doors. You can leave when you like. I hope you will consider giving me the information I've requested. Even if you don't need money, I bet I'm more interesting than the person who hired you." And then the speaker goes dead, and a street away, Xavier tosses the receiver into a nearby trash can, and walks away.

Misfit takes a look around the security room and then flops into the chair as Xavier talks through the speaker. She chews on her thumbnail as she looks at all the different rooms, particularly curious about the path she didn't take - or at the very least what was behind door number 1. Then she grins again and leans on the desk, tenting her fingers and resting her chin on the top. Perhaps a villainous pose all on her own. Though he can't hear her, she speaks to the room. "Oh my dear Mr. Westin…I see it all now." If this were a movie it might just start panning out on Misfit looking at all the screens in front of her. "Interesting indeed. We're going to play again very, very soon."

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