(2018-12-07) Office Romance
Everett visits Willow while she's working in the office.

It may be Friday night but Willow is hard at work! In the office of Grey's Investigations, she is leafing through a copy of 'Dick for Dummies' while humming gently to herself. Feet up on the front desk. Brow furrowed in concentration. She nods slowly to something she reads. "That would make sense though" she admits.

Sticking his head in the door as it dings, Everett glances around. Yup, Willow's there. He grins as he opens the door the rest of the way and steps in, stomping some snow off of his person. "Hey baby. You hungry? I brought burgers," he calls as he closes the door behind him. He then proceeds to brush and shake some of the snow off of his winter coat, clomping in place to make sure he doesn't track into the office. There is a bag of fast food being held by the arm that's in the sling, under his coat.

Someone's here! In her eagerness to be professional, Willow gets to her feet via falling off her chair and hitting the floor. Gripping the edge of the counter, she lifts herself back up. "If you're feeling sad and blue, and no one says anything true, don't get out the big stick, get out The big dick" is her welcoming spiel for customers tonight, though she soon realises who it is. "Hey, Hon-E…get it? Combined Honey with E…though I guess it just sounds like 'honey'. Oh well. Oooh…burgers. Yes please, Chocolate. Come on in. Is it cold out?"

Everett winces when Willow falls, cringing and shaking his head. And then she's giving her spiel and the headshake slows and he chuckles. "Oh god, you be sayin' that to folks when they walk in?" Everett asks as he plods over to the desk. He sets the burgers down and then offers his good hand to Willow to help her get back up to her feet. "And yeah, it's pretty chilly out. Snowing, too, but not bad enough we fittin' ta get buried or nothin'. I was just thinkin' bout you and figured since I ain't heard from ya, you was prolly workin' on a case or somethin'. So, I thought I'd surprise you."

"That's my new spiel" Willow grins proudly. "Yep, tell the customers when they come in so they know how awesome we all are. Well…how awesome Vic is. I'm not making much headway on my case at all. Operation Kitty Kat is ending up in the litter box, you know?" She gives him a hug and a kiss on the lips. "Of course you were thinking about me. You're only human. We can have a nice romantic dinner…in the office…"

Everett chuckles again at Willow's spiel and wraps his arm around her in the hug, leaning down for the kiss. "Well, keep at it, 'low. I'm sure you'll catch a break. Do you wanna talk about it? Can I help at all? Or is it like, super private stuff you can't tell nobody?" he asks. Then, moving to open the fast food bag, he smirks. "And I ain't really planned nothin' romantic. I just got burgers and fries, 'n I got you a milkshake, cuz I know you like ice cream. But, at least we can eat together, tho'."

"If we're eating together then it must be romantic" Willow smiles - seems logical to her. "Doesn't matter where it is or what it is" she adds before looking overjoyed at the sight of a milkshake. "Thickshakes are the best" she notes before a shake of her head to his offer of help. "It is all secret and stuff. I wonder if I could deputize you or something…maybe. I'll have to ask Vic about that. Been up to anything exciting?"

"Yeah," Everett says with a scoff. "Not gettin' shot," he finishes, smirking and winking at Willow. "And if it's secret, it's secret. You ain't gotta deputize me, this ain't my job. I was just askin' if I could maybe help somehow. If I can't, I can't. But I'll cheer you on, anyhow." Out of the bag, he pulls two burgers, two fries, and then, from the bottom of the bag, a little Styrofoam drink carrier with one shake present and accounted for. "I ain't really know how you like your burgers, so I just let 'em put e'rything on it. Hope that's aight?" he asks, sliding a cheeseburger in Willow's direction.

"That's fine" Willow nods about the burger. "It's the thought that counts" she smiles, picking it up and trying to get her mouth around it; it is big for her. Willow bites in, sauce and cheese dribbling down her chin. "Mmm…yummy. Where did you get it from? If there is anything you can help with, then I will definitely ask. I'm not stupid. I know I need help." She plucks some chips into her mouth. "You have a drink?"

"…." At Willow's question, Everett pauses, blinking. Then he clicks his tongue and shakes his head. "Cot dangit, I forgot to get one for me," he says. He sighs, then, turning to look towards the fridge in the office. "Do y'all still have water bottles or anything?" he asks, turning to head that direction. And, as he notices, he smirks a little and gestures at his own chin. "You got a li'l som'n."

"I don't have a som'n at all, little or big" Willow pouts in reply before a tilt of her head to figure out what he means. She feels at her chin and finds the sauce. Oh…he meant that! She wipes it away but it will only be replaced with the next bite. "We have water bottles and juice. No alcohol. Vic is sober now and I'm too young. Though she made alcohol not look very enticing so I don't think I will drink any."

Leaning down and snagging a water bottle from the fridge, Everett is a little surprised when he turns back and sees that Willow's replaced her previous dribble with an altogether new dribble. Which makes him chuckle and shake his head again, moving back to the desk. He claims a seat on its edge, setting his water bottle down. "Really? You ain't even drink at them parties back in high school?" he asks, sounding surprised. "See, I'll get loose, but I only been drunk a couple times and that just ain't for me. But I don't mind a little henny or a couple beers or something, if they offered." He shrugs and starts unwrapping his own burger. "So whatcha been up to?"

"Don't drink and drive" Willow gently admonishes him. "I stole cars, remember, I needed a clear head and reflexes to do that. Well…more the driving afterwards. Especially if being chased. You can drink beer, but don't drink it around Vic, okay?" Another bit of her burger. "I've been working. Doing dick things. Doing some sculptures. I made an angel for the Christmas tree out of a Coke can. The tree is up in the apartment." She looks around. "We need tinsel down here."

"Nah, I wouldn't dream of it. Good way to get busted and thrown back in jail, drinking in front of cops and detectives and stuff," Everett responds, winking. He eats while he listens, nodding a little. When Willow mentions the angel for the tree, he looks around, but then it's explained that the tree isn't here, so he quits. At the comment about tinsel, though, an eyebrow quirks. "You ain't think you got enough holiday decorations already?" he asks.

"You can never have enough decorations!" Willow protests - at least she isn't in her Christmas Elf costume today. "It's a bit dour down here. I know that rainbow unicorns are off the agenda, but I don't think Vic would mind a little Christmas cheer. Or a loud one. Oh! We should decorate your dorm room too! That would be pretty awesome. And you'll have to give me your parent's address, so I can make sure your present is under the tree before we get there."

Everett laughs, smiling at Willow's enthusiasm for decorations. However, when she threatens to decorate his dorm room, he shakes his head. "Ohhh no, no, my dorm room is decorated just how I like it. We ain't putting ish up in there," he argues, smirking. "And what present? Ain't I told you?" he asks. And then he sings, poorly, "All I want for Christmas is youuuuuu, baby!" Laughter follows.

Willow laughs at what Everett wants for Christmas. "It'll be a cheap gift at least" she grins, before her brow furrows at what she just said. "That sounded bad" she pouts before a gentle nudge of his ribs. "Awww…don't you want a woman's touch in your room? Hmm…if all you want is me, then I still need to be at your parents. Not sure if I'll put myself in a box but some wrapping…maybe. At least a red ribbon."

Willow's self-deprecating humor gets another laugh and Everett reaches up to gently caress her cheek. "You. Are. Adorable," he tells her, then leans over to give her a kiss on the forehead. At the needling, he shakes his head and smirks. "Yeah, sure, I love having my woman touch me in my room. Don't mean I'm fittin' ta let you decorate it," he teases her. Her last suggestion, though, causes him to laugh again. "I'd really rather you not. Be kinda hard to explain to my parents why my girlfriend insitin' on bein' in a box under the tree instead of getting to know them at dinner and stuff."

"Yeah…I suppose" Willow muses over the box or dinner decision. "I hope they like me" she smiles sweetly before a dramatic gasp. "And how many women touch you in your room?" She is obviously not bothered but it is good to tease her boyfriend. More burger consumed, more of it ending up where it shouldn't. "Which day is it? Christmas itself?"

"'low, they go'n love you. Haven't I mentioned that you're pretty adorable?" Everett answers, smiling. "As far as how many women touch me in my room, that'd be just one. Happens to be my girlfriend, at the moment." He gives Willow another wink before he works on opening is water bottle. "And Christmas on a Tuesday this year. Means New Year's is, too."

"So, Tuesday dinner at your parents" Willow nods. "Did I mention that Vic was going off with Calvin? Don't know where but probably somewhere nice and warm. That's what you can do when you have money, though it is a bit sad that they don't have family to stay with. Like you do." Another bite of burger and a suck on her shake. "What are you doing for New Year?"

"Yeah, you said somethin' like that," Everett nods. "But, I mean, they grown ass folk. Maybe they be startin' they own family," he offers, grinning. "And I kinda figured, for New Year's, I'd be doin' you," he adds, before finishing off the rest of his burger, looking very smug as he chews.

"Ooh…saucy" Willow giggles at the talk of what, or who, he is doing at New Year. "I think I've created a monster" she grins. "Not all bad in this context." A wiggle of her eyebrows before leaning over to give him a kiss on the lips; slow and tender.

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