(2018-12-06) Sarah Comes Home
Sarah returns home from hiding out, and she's got something to say.

Sarah was kind enough, during her days of flight, to keep in touch. 'Kate,' she said, 'I just need some time to gather myself before we talk. We sill talk. I'll be home soon, ready to tell you everything.' That was the vibe of her communication. It was sincere and earnest and it felt a lot more like Sarah. Less distance, yet, not home.

Until now. She'd texted maybe a half hour ago that she was on her way home. She was ready if Kate was. Sarah strides into the great room, wearing a comfy outfit of leggings and a sweater beneath her winter layers. He previously straightened hair has returned to its curled state and is in a messy bun near the top of her head. She only holds her overnight bag and smartphone in hand.

Katherine is seated on the couch, curled up and comfortable as a show plays quietly on the television. She hears the door open, but she doesn't turn to look in that direction. She's thinking about some things. Her phone sits next to her on the couch, occasionally it buzzes, but mostly it sits silent as stone.

"Kate!" Sarah drops her bag and rushes to the couch. She makes a spot for herself beside her curled up sister. She leans on her and you can nearly feel the change in Sarah. Something melts and dissolves away from Sarah. The defenses are gone and what's left in a little sister in need of her older one. "Kate…should I just spit it out or do you want me to take you on the journey that started about a year ago? You choose." She leans away to look at Kate seriously. "I owe you…everything regarding this. I—it's your show. I'll answer anything and I won't lie or sugarcoat."

Katherine is easy, when Sarah leans in against her, Kate's arms open up and she hugs Sarah gently. "Spit it out, Sarah. Just tell me what is going on." She returns the serious look, lines of worry showing around her eyes. "Are you okay now? Do you need anything? How you're doing now? Franklin gave me a card for you. He and Julian are really worried too."

Sarah needed that hug. She pulls away to look Kate in the eyes. She opens and closes her mouth a few times before slumping her shoulders. "I don't know if I've ever said the full words out loud." She closes her eyes. She can't look at Kate. "It's Multiple Sclerosis." Beat. "Oh…I feel kinda sick." Her color does pale.

Katherine gazes back at Sarah, taking a deep breath and when Sarah says her words, she just blinks. "Sarah…what? Multiple Sclerosis?" She looks like she's in shock, getting to her feet to run to the ktichen to grab a bucket. She rushes back in, handing it off to Sarah. "When did you find out? What does this mean? What…"

Sarah dry heaves a few times over the bucket. Not much comes up. Once she's pulled it together, she puts up a finger and taps on her phone. "I prepared an email of useful links for the family just finding out." Swoosh. Off that goes. "Last year, I started feeling tired after finals. I figured it was finals shit so I just…I mean, I didn't even come home that Christmas. I slept through it. I thought that I'd bounce back, you know? Just student stuff. Maybe depression? But…I just felt worse. I couldn't think. Nothing was sticking. Grades plummeted. I didn't even feel well enough for our Spring Break trip to Cancun. A few days after it was over…I fell getting out of the bed." She looks away. The email contains links about the condition, PDF brochures, the works.

Katherine rubs her hand up and down Sarah's back, pulling the strands of hair away from her face. She listens quietly as her sister speaks, blinking as she processes the information. Her phone blinks and buzzes and she pulls it closer, opening up the attachment. Her dark eyes scan the email, getting pale as she reads it. Her breath hitches, and for a moment it looks like she might get a panic attack, but she pulls it together, continuing to read. "Have you seen a doctor? What is the prognosis?"

Sarah pulls the phone away from Kate, gently. "Slow down. Please? Yes, I had a doctor in Pennsylvania. I don't have one here yet but I expect a referral after the holidays. I'm fine right now. I'm recovering from a flare-up before Halloween. That's why I've been down. I was exhausted and…and my balance got really fucked and that's why I was hiding because I didn't—I wasn't ready to answer questions or allow incorrect assumptions." She sighs. "I'm on medication. I've had three flare-ups total but I've been okay since I came home." She shrugs. "It's still early and I'm still young. They don't have a long term prognosis. My doctor said it was too early to entertain much more than managing the now." She pauses a beat. "But…I have a long, long time to deal with this condition. No cure, you know…"

Katherine blinks when Sarah pulls her phone away, her breath hitching again. She stares at Sarah with wide eyes, her shoulders trembling slightly. "Okay, we can handle this. This…" She pulls a card from her pocket, holding it out to Sarah. "Can we start here? Frank gave this to me, said he took Luci there? She's just a..regular doctor? Uma.." She runs fingers through her hair, and then she gets to her feet. "One second, Sarah. I need to go get some whiskey, just a shot."

Sarah takes the card and shrugs. "Yeah. We can start here. It's your show now." And then Kate's getting a drink. Sarah calls behind her. "You see why I didn't tell you, right? You got enough sister bullshit with Lynn. You don't need me here."

The entrance to the Stone B&B opened with the sound of soft clacking beneath the heels of a familiar gentleman who made his way through the archway into the great room, his charcoal colored jacket over stark white shirt, black slacks and wingtips. As Anthony Malone came around the corner, he raised the white-gold clad watch hand to scratch at the thick presence of salt and pepper whiskers along his jaw and he glanced after Kate, though his pale green eyes flittered over Sarah simply, flashing a warm bright-toothed smile, "So..ehh…" he paused, glancing between them both, "Good time…? Bad time…?"

Kate comes back in with a short cut crystal glass with a few fingers of whiskey. "It's not my show, Sarah. You're sick, and we need to figure that shit out. It's your show." She takes a drink, wincing as she slants a look at Anthony. "No worse than usual." She takes a few steps back to the couch, sinking back on it next to Sarah. She sets her drink down and holds out her arms to her little sister. "I can handle a lot of bullshit. I do need you here, you're my sister. I love you." She gazes back at Anthony. "You look okay. Are you okay?"

Sarah flops against her sister. "I don't want you to think of me as /sick/, okay? I have a shitty condition but I'm not sick. Well, not always." She smiles at Anthony. "Hey. It's as good a time as any. You look nice." Sarah says, shifting into her best sexy kitten pose while wearing a long sweater and leggings. The messy bun pulls it all together.

Its was true. The messy bun pulled it all together. Anthony looked over both of the sisters and his smile fell from its toothy broadness to one of warmth and tight-lipped support. "Well 'ats good. You're bot' so amazin' you know that?" Anthony relayed as he glanced down over his attire, raising a hand to brush over the front of his figure, "You think so's?" he asked openly, "Yeah, I'm good Kate, thank you. Real good." he conveyed and he walked over toward the couch, glancing at Sarah as he did so, he waved his hand, "Make room, make room, I'm comin' in!" he declared aloud and then lowered himself blatantly between the two sisters, discarding his care, arms out wide as if to capture both of them into a giant hug.

Katherine turns to kiss Sarah gently against the temple. "Fine, you're not sick. You're not leaving though, and we'll figure out what is going on, okay?" She gazes at Anthony when he moves to sit between them, laughing softly as she is hugged. "Be gentle with my sister." She warns, reaching out to pick up her glass and drink from it. "Sarah, you have to talk to Julian, tell him what you told me. He's worried."

Sarah turns all shades of red and pink when Anthony is beside her, hugging her. She pulls away as soon as she can, getting to her feet. "I-I'll talk to Julian soon. Promise. And…yeah, I'm not leaving. I really can't. So. Good talk, Kate!" She grabs her dropped overnight bag and starts for the stairs. "I slept poorly while I was figuring it all out so, I'm going to get some proper rest. I'm sorry, again, Kate. I wanted to save you but…" She shrugs.

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