(2018-12-07) Hamrock Chili
Olivia and Elizabeth share a meal and some information. Then all hell breaks loose.

Olivia has discretely given the address to her rental cabin in Hamrock Hills to Elizabeth. Ostensibly, it is a safe place out in the middle of nowhere that they can talk without anyone knowing they are there. Hopefully. Maybe. It's Friday night and Olivia is cooking in expectation of her guest. Don't get excited. No fancy meals like at that B&B in town. This is more a pretty standard chili. If it doesn't poison them, then it worked. And there is probably way more alcohol in the house than there should be.

The Latina Fed dressed in simple jeans and t-shirt despite the cold outside. A fire burns in the fireplace to keep the area warm. The 'area' being one living area which incorporates kitchen and lounge. The other rooms being the bedroom and a bathroom. It is a wooden house, though many would prefer to call it a shed, at the end of a long dirt track. It looks over a gully river bed that is a little less dry than it is in summer with the snow on the hills. Not much in the way of foliage around the house so at least Olivia can see anyone coming. Her 4x4 parked outside - it is battered and color faded but tough.

Elizabeth steps into the cabin, eyes narrowed as she glances around the place. She's armed, but it's her own pistol, tucked into the back of her jeans. She follows the smell of chili to the kitchen, only calling out once she crosses that threshold. "Olivia?" She pushes her sunglasses up on top of her head. "You in here somewhere?"

"Here!" Olivia calls back from the kitchen, looking over her shoulder at Elizabeth with a bemused expression. "This place is big enough for me to hide?" No hugs in greeting - neither of them are that kind of person. "Pull up a pew and grab a drink…or the other way round. I'm flexible." The liquor is mostly bourbon and tequila. "Almost done with the food. How are you doing? Run into that Omri kid again?"

Elizabeth sets out two shot glasses, pouring tequila for herself and Olivia. "Enough that I'm worried about it, like, how is he being safe if I keep bumping into him?" She leans against the counter, picking up some tequila and raising the shot glass in a toast. "To food, liquor and taking care of business."

Olivia stops what she is doing to pick up the shot glass and clinking it lightly against Elizabeth's. A smirk and a nod to the toast before she downs it, closing her eyes for a moment and shivering happily, and then slamming the glass back on the counter. "You found the good stuff" she smiles before nodding solemnly about Omri. "If he's wandering the streets like that, or worse, hanging out in public spaces, then we need to bring him in. These people don't really care about doing their thing in hiding. Quite the reverse. The more damage you can do in the open, the more the general population lose faith in their institutions and are more willing to adapt those of the people who can protect them. Usually the same people who did the damage in the first place." She starts to dish up the food. "What about you? You think your cover is still holding?"

Elizabeth downs her shot and doesn't even blinks a lash, turning the shot glass upside down. "Well I'll talk to Omri, see what I can do. He didn't want to come stay with me when I offered, and then he hit on me. I'm not sure what the fuck is going on with him, if we're honest." She pulls her bowl closer, sniffing at it before she digs in with a spoon. "They believe I'm not a cop anymore, but it's been pretty quiet. Almost spookily so."

"He hit on you?" Olivia considers this then shrugs before sitting at the small table with Elizabeth, placing the bottle of tequila between them. "I doubt he knows what the fuck is going on either" she offers. "Omri would have come from a background where he had nothing. They offered him everything - security, love, a place he belonged - and now he's seen a little of the truth he is trying to extricate himself. But he has no self to support this change so he is clinging to whatever he can find." A mouthful of food…not that it stops her talking. "With the holiday season, don't think they've stopped to enjoy it. When you have a religion where your leader considers himself a new Christ, if not Christ himself, they aren't going to sit around and let all these pretenders celebrate or blaspheme." A little snort of amusement. "Keen for the shooting? We need Omri to tell us where their compound is."

"I was surprised too." Elizabeth mutters, picking up the tequila to pour another shot. "Whatever is going on, that kid deserves a chance to live a normal life. Whatever passes for normal around here, you know?" She downs the shot and spoons up more chili. "I'll see what Jameson sees when he's out and about, he's got more of an inside view of shit than I do. He still tells me things though." She watches Olivia for a few minutes before she chuckles darkly. "Christmas is a bad time for a bomb. It'll throw the tourist season in the shitter, so let's hope we can get something done."

"This may surprise you, but they don't give a shit about tourists" Olivia winks across the table. "Seriously, if they can keep outsiders away and terrorise the locals into submission, then they would love that. Obviously, the state could send in the National Guard if things got too out of hand, but they would love that too. Appeal to everyone who hates the government." She sighs. "I can't believe they /really/ think they will get an independent state out of this. The level of delusion is incredible." Another mouthful of food. "Jameson handling it okay?"

Elizabeth groans and takes another bite of her food, snorting softly. "People are shitty Olivia, you can't believe it? I'm surprised this hasn't happened a hundred other times already." She leans back, picking up the bottle of tequila to take a swig. "Handling it..no. We're..apparently boyfriend and girlfriend now." She quirks a brow and levels a gaze at Olivia. "I guess that's handling it in some way, but honestly? I'm …just not sure what's going on right now. He's tense though."

"Congratulations?" Olivia is not sure if that's the appropriate response to relationship information but so be it. "I really wish there was a more acceptable term than saying 'boy' and 'girl'. Though, I guess, in relationships, we all act like we're ten. Emotionally at least. Is this relationship common knowledge? If he gets too tense about it, he might give something away. Though the silver lining is that he must care."

"Yeah, I guess." Elizabeth laughs as she sets the tequila down on the table. "I wish there was too, do I look like relationship material? Thankfully I'm not being as shitty to him as I am to most people. I must like him." She shakes her head at Olivia, chuckling softly. "We keep to ourselves, we go out on dates but it's nothing crazy, you know?" She nods and shrugs a shoulder. "He is my silver lining Olivia. I'm glad that I have him."

A wry smile from Olivia at that last comment from the other woman. "I dunno, Elizabeth, that sounded pretty relationship material to me. "You're nice to me…in your own way" she smirks before nodding. "I know all about keeping to yourself. Hence my wonderful living arrangements. The other agents are hiding out in some fancy hotel in town. The Winchester? They tried for the resort but, you know, budget cuts. But being out here means I can bring assault rifles." A casual shrug. "Just in case. It's only fair, they have them."

"Only for Jay. Anyone else would come away as if they were rubbed in steel wool." Elizabeth sighs and pushes away her bowl. "Okay, so I figure that I can make some contact with Omri, get him on board. Maybe get him to stay at my place so I know where to find him." She folds her arms over her chest, nodding at Olivia. "We'll see what I can work out, and keep those rifles handy, because I have a feeling that if we do find these fuckers, it's gonna be bloody."

"If you see Omri again…" Olivia considers the options. "Drag him in. We don't have time to fuck around anymore and wait for him to come to his senses. We need to find where they are before anyone else gets hurt. And if he can't come to that realization himself, then we need to help him out." A nod to the bowl. "More? Or have you risked your health enough?" She stands, grabbing their bowls to take them into the kitchen area. "They're next to the bed. The assault rifles. Don't worry, I'm the only one who sees them."

"Drag him in." Elizabeth repeats, quirking a brow at Olivia. "Not my style, but in this case I'll make an exception if you think it's necessary. He's never going to trust us though." She shifts, moving so that she's comfortable with the gun worn at her back. "I think I'm full, and probably going to be gassy in like an hour. thanks." She glances towards the bedroom, snickering softly. "You will need to let me take one with me."

"I dunno, Elizabeth, you're not a law official. Should I be handing a gun to you?" Olivia teases before gesturing for the other woman to follow her into the bedroom. The weapons are, literally, racked next to the bed - albeit a locked rack. "Please make sure you're gone before the gassy starts. I'll be bad enough on my own." The key to the lock is pulled from Olivia's pocket and one of the rifles is freed to be handed over.

"Not for right now, you die or skip town before you handle that and I'm gonna make you regret it. Even if I have to follow you to the afterlife to do so." Elizabeth checks the rifle, gazing down the sight and checking the ammo. "Yeah, we don't need two of us to have that problem." She brushes her hair back and lets out a soft sigh. "I miss shit like this."

"Don't worry, I'll sort it out" Olivia promises. "Though not sure I can do much about the dy…"

Bullets thud into the stout wooden walls of the cabin. The windows in the living area shattering. The table they were sitting at shooting up showers of splinters as bullets smash into it. Luckily, whoever it is must still think they are in the other room. Olivia hits the floor, pulling her own pistol from the back of her jeans before moving to unlock another rifle instead. "Ammo is under the bed!" she yells over the sound of shattering plate and bottles and the thud of bullet impacts.

Elizabeth chuckles and she rolls her eyes until she hears the bullets. She ducks down, pulling ammo from under the bed, dragging it with her toward Olivia. "This is fucking great. They sound like they have rifles too." She peeks up at the other room. "Fuck, well.. if you wanted more tequila or chili, you're out of luck bitch." A slightly feral smile curve her lips and she jerks her chin up. "Think we should let them poke in here and catch them off guard?"

Olivia grabs a magazine and jams it into the rifle, loading one into the breach while nodding to Elizabeth. "Told you they had them!" she laughs; it's better than crying. "No one shoots up my tequila" she scowls, grabbing another magazine to shove into the back of her jeans before scrambling to the doorframe. "They obviously think we're in the other room" she nods to Elizabeth as a bullet whizzes close by and dents her fridge. The shooting does seem to be lessening. At least four shooters, front and back of the house - their cars may not be in good shape.

"Your tequila? Nobody shoots up your friendly neighborhood police Elizabeth." Liz rolls her eyes and manages not to wince when the bullet wings the fridge. "Your tequila is toast Mami, and we need to get revenge, got it?" She eyes the back door with some amusement. "We can go out back, take them out and then round the front?" She winces and makes sure her magazine is loaded. "They're probably going to be kids, Liv."

"And you're okay with shooting kids, Liz?" Olivia asks, doing her best to maintain her composure - though it is easy when the other person in the room is handling it so well too. "They used kids at the ranger station too. The guy there, Walker, he was quite happy to take them out. And I might have got one of them too…" She looks a little pale at that memory but no time for that now. "Let them open the door first. Curiosity killed the cat." The shooting has stopped as Olivia strains to hear something…anything. The silence is deafening. They see the handle of the back door slowly turn.

"I shoot whoever shoots at me, Liv. I don't discriminate." Elizabeth narrows her eyes and she nods, shrugging a shoulder. "They use kids to make you pause so they can shoot you. I want to live. So.." She aims at the back door, a slight grin on her face. When the handle starts to turn she holds her breath, finger on the trigger.

The door violently swings open. Kicked. Bullets are sprayed around the living room once more, though now with no wood to halt them. The shooter steps in. He looks about twelve, a blank look on his face. No emotion at all. His dark eyes scanning the room as he enters, before he turns to see Olivia in the doorframe to the bedroom…

<FS3> Olivia rolls Body+Firearms: Good Success. (7 7 4 8 3 5 4 3 4)
<FS3> Elizabeth rolls Body+firearms: Good Success. (6 3 1 8 4 8 3 6 3)

Elizabeth sees the look on his face and she finds her shot, pulling the trigger as she aims for the shoulder. She tags him high, knocking him ass over teakettle. She follows up with a shot below the thigh, and if he can get up now, or shoot back over the pain, he deserves it. She glances over at Olivia, eyebrows raised. "Gonna try not to kill them, if they behave, you know?"

Poor kid. Not only does he get two shots from Elizabeth, Olivia manages to shatter his kneecap. The boy spins to the ground, his face now showing pain but no sound escapes his lips. His rifle dropping from his hands and scraping over the floor. Yet the boy, still obviously in agony, slowly attempts to scramble after it.

Olivia jumps to her feet, weapon raised and aimed at the back door. There will be more of them. "That sounds fair" she whispers back to Elizabeth…just as a grenade comes bouncing through the door towards them. "Down!"

<FS3> Elizabeth rolls Reaction+athletics: Success. (6 5 2 8 3 6 2 5)

Elizabeth lets out a startled yelp as the grenade flops in. "Fuck that." She states, rifle raised as she hustles away from the explosive. It means going outside and when they step near the kid on the ground, Elizabeth kicks his jaw, turning out his lights. She snatches his gun, shoulders her own and grabs the kid by the wrist, dragging him out the door with her. Sure, there are more boys outside, but perhaps she won't get winged right as she steps out.

<FS3> Olivia rolls Reaction+Athletics: Success. (2 8 4 1)

Olivia stares as Elizabeth runs /towards/ the origin of the grenade but she won't leave her 'partner' by herself. Since the boy is taken care of, Olivia chooses the 'spraying bullets out into the dark' option. Keeping heads down as they rush out the back door.

The grenade explodes behind them, shrapnel slamming into the walls and shredding the mattress on the bed. Lucky they didn't stay inside. Though…they are now standing outside, without cover, and ready to be shot at. "Drop him!" the Fed yells before more shots into the darkness. "We need to move!"

Elizabeth doesn't need to be told twice, leaving the kid lying on the ground. She hustles behind Olivia, gun in hand and one on her shoulder. "Find cover." She ducks behind a tree, glancing out trying to figure out where the grenade came from. Any gunshots? So far so good. "Didn't bring my jacket out, this is gonna be fucking grand!"

Olivia is thankful there is at least one tree near the house. She hits the deck, eyes scanning the dark. "I didn't bring my jacket either…and it's fucking cold!" A little humor helps. Someone starts to shoot at them. "There!" Olivia points at the flashes in the blackness, but before she can return fire, a bullet hit the tree and sends a huge splinter through the air and into her ribs. "Fuck!" is the Fed's calm response to jagged wood sticking out of her torso.

<FS3> Elizabeth rolls Body+firearms: Success. (5 2 5 4 8 2 6 1 4)

Elizabeth aims at the barrel flashes, firing off a few rounds, her eyes narrowed. She glances sharply at Olivia when she gets speared and she swears steadily. She shoots again, and she's rewarded by a yelp of pain, but it's followed with groans. Nothing vital hit. Fuck. She turns to help Olivia, squinting at the splinter. "Want it out?"

"Keep shooting, I'll deal with it" Olivia grunts in reply, gripping the wood which cuts into her fingers and palm, before pulling it out with a hiss of pain. The bleeding will have to be seen too later. "I shouldn't have worn white" she grumbles before raising her weapon in the opposite direction of the shooter. "Footsteps" she informs Elizabeth. "This cover isn't going to last." A glance to the south. "Into the gully." Keeping low, she runs for the river bed, the ground hard underfoot with the frost.

Elizabeth snorts out a laugh, glancing in the direction Olivia mentions. She covers the fed with her gun, and when she's able she follows. "Where the fuck are we going to go now?" She hisses under her breath, following close to Olivia. "We need to take out these skinny fuckers and find their vehicle or make it down the hills."

Olivia slides down the edge of the gully, stopping once she can peer over the edge. "We'll get them" she nods, before gesturing to the shot up boy by the door. "They'll try and get him." She ejects her magazine to check her ammo. She still has another one but this one is getting low. Something arcs through the air above them. Grenades!! Though the land down in the river rather than near them. And when they explode, the pair get sprayed by water…and a few bits of shrapnel. Olivia gestures to Elizabeth to stay quiet…let them think they've won.

Elizabeth almost starts to get huffy and yell when the grenades sail over the bank but she manages to keep it together. When Olivia gestures for her to stay quiet, she quirks a brow, aims toward the top of the bank, waiting. She has absolutely nothing to say right now. Not unless it's going to be a swear word.

Olivia slows her breathing while they wait. Though she does want to keep the adrenaline up or she is going to start hurting a lot. She peers over the edge, eyes roaming the darkness before her gaze is attracted by the sound of boots crunching on frozen ground. A light tap of Elizabeth's shoulder to, needlessly, gesture to the oncoming trouble.

Two more armed children, but with them is an older woman - at least mid-twenties. All with assault rifles and belts of grenades. She squats down next to the injured boy, frowning at his wounds. "You did well, Abraham" she informs him, though he is still unconscious. "May your soul rest in paradise." With that she shoots him through the head before gesturing to the other two children. "Go in the cabin and see what you can find."

<FS3> Elizabeth rolls Body+firearms: Good Success. (5 7 6 3 8 2 5 8 2)

Elizabeth turns her gun in the direction she's pointed, eyes narrowed. When the woman shoots Abraham, she snarls under her breath, aiming and letting off a round, clipping the woman in her upper chest. She tilts her head and mimics, "You did well, Abraham." She slants a look at Olivia, scowling. "She deserved that shit."

<FS3> Olivia rolls Body+Firearms: Success. (1 5 3 4 2 3 7 5 4)

"She did" Olivia nods. Not likely to argue when she lets off some shots as well. Not as well placed as Elizabeth's but enough to put the woman down. And send the children into panic, firing blindly back in the direction of Liz and Liv. "Put the guns down!!" she yells at the kids from her cover.

<FS3> Elizabeth rolls Body+firearms: Good Success. (8 5 1 3 8 1 7 5 6)

"Or don't and get shot like that bitch!" Elizabeth calls out shortly after. She aims and fires at one of the kids, going for the non-lethal areas. One of the taller teenage kids goes ass over teakettle and falls to the ground. "You got five seconds and then I shoot again. Make the right choice!"

The one remaining child, a girl of about twelve, stares as people drop all around her. This game is not much fun anymore. The weapon is so large and heavy for her that it hangs down almost to ground as it is. With a wobbling lower lip, she drops the rifle to the ground. "I want to go home now" she calls out at the two horrible women who spoiled everything.

Elizabeth climbs up and out, gun aimed at the young girl. "Where is /home/ kid?" She asks, moving over to take the girl's chin in her hands, tilting her head from side to side. "How long have you been with these people? Where did they come from?" She kneels to look her in the eye, finger still on the trigger even if the gun isn't pointing at the girl anymore. "Speak up!" She barks.

Olivia clambers up over the edge behind Elizabeth. She will check the other bodies. The older woman is dead. The teenager…he is alive. She knows this by sticking a thumb into one of his bullet wounds. The twelve year old girl staring in fear at the anger that is Elizabeth. Lip wobbling even more…and here come the tears, "I want to go home" she blubbers before trying to hug the detective.

Elizabeth sighs, and she slings an arm around the girl's shoulder, patting her down even as she tries to comfort her. "Hey kid, c'mon. We're gonna take you home. You're lucky you didn't get a bullet to the shoulder, or worse. This ain't any place for someone like you. You're supposed to be in /fucking/ school." She is shouting by the end of it, her eyes hard on the little girl's face. "You got me? Speak up!"

The little girl was crying into Elizabeth's shoulder…at least until the detective got mean again. "I don't know" she squeals in distress. The answer to all the questions it seems. "I just want to go home and pray." Olivia wanders on over. "We'll get more out of the older one…when he's awake. What's your name, Sweetie? Can you tell us that much?" The little girl nods. "Sarah. He calls me Sarah."

Elizabeth nods at Olivia, getting to her feet and pushing the girl to Olivia. She walks over to the teenager and stares down at him apathetically. "Think that cabin is still sound?" She asks, glancing back at Olivia. She nods to Sarah and props her hands on her hips. "When he wakes up, she's not gonna want to see how I ask questions."

Olivia takes the young girl under her proverbial wing and soon finds her clinging to her wounded ribs…which brings out a wince. She looks over her rental accommodation - there goes the deposit. "It should be okay, though I'm no engineer. They made them tough back in the day. You want to question him here?" She gestures to the river. "If there's no water left inside, that river should be pretty cold to wake him up."

"I want her to be out of here so when he yells, it doesn't fuck with her." Elizabeth nods at Sarah and then grabs the kid by his wrist, pulling him toward the river. "I won't ruin him, Liv, don't worry!" She promises, chuckling softly under her breath. "C'mon kid, let's go talk."

Olivia smirks at Elizabeth as she drags the semi-conscious boy off. She leads Sarah inside, sighing at the debris everywhere. And no tequila! "Can you tell me the names of the others, Sarah?" she asks lightly.

The teenage boy slowly comes too as he is bounced down the gully towards the river, though it is the splash of cold water that will bring him really round. Or the drowning.

Elizabeth kneels down, pulling the kid up by the hair to keep the drowning from happening. "Hey. It's Sister Elizabeth. Why don't you tell me what you're doing here, kid. Then you can tell me your name. Once you're done with that, where you came from." She tilts her head and smiles at him. "Don't dawddle."

The boy gasps for breath as his head is pulled out of the water. He is definitely in pain from his wounds, but also demonstrating a commendable will at keeping quiet. Commendable if you're not trying to find out information. "You have betrayed Him" he spits out at the detective. "You are no longer welcome in Paradise. We know you killed Brother Jacob!"

"I killed Brother Isreal. Not Jacob." Elizabeth responds, leaning down to make cold eye contact with the kid. "So let that be a lesson. Do you want to follow or do you want feel how it feels to have your lungs fill with water?" She keeps a hold on his hair, quirking a brow. "I don't want your Paradise. Where is it, anyway?" She drops his face back in the water, holding it there for a moment.

The boy looks confused when Elizabeth claims he did not kill Jacob but the expression is lost when he is dunked. More gasping for breath as he is pulled from the icy water. "You are already in Paradise" he mocks. "He has come. His land is upon the earth. We must cleanse it fully. Cleanse if of the likes of the slut in the cabin and treacherous whores like you."

"Aw shit, son. You said the magic words. Let me get you a prize." Elizabeth turns him over and gazes down at him, sticking her thumb in his wound. "This is gonna hurt, kid. You tell me what the fuck is going on and the pain will stop. We'll get you fixed up. We'll let you go back to your fucking people. But you gotta talk first."

His face goes red from the pain. He struggles to keep his lips clamped shut. He cannot betray his savior! Though she did only ask what was going on. It's okay to answer that…isn't it? "I told you" he hisses through clenched teeth. "It is time to cleanse. To free the souls of the innocent and purge those of the guilty." Elizabeth is definitely in the latter group. "There is nothing you can do. It is too late. Accept your fate."

Elizabeth takes her thumb from the wound, grimacing at the blood. "How you gonna cleanse shit?" She asks, kneeling down to stare at the kid with narrowed eyes. "Listen.." She says quietly near the kid's ear. "Isreal said the same thing. Nothing I can do. It's too late. Accept my fate." She laughs and turns to look at him. "Did the Hospital explode?"

"Yes. It burned in the holy fire of salvation" the boy grimaces back at her. "You cannot lie to me. I know the truth. The demons rebuilt the shell but the souls were saved. Jacob and Israel sacrificed themselves." A shake of his head. "You truly are the Queen of Lies."

"Hospital is still standing, son. I'm gonna take you there to get stitched up." Elizabeth gets to her feet, leaning down to clean her hand in the river. "Or.." She glances around, eyes falling on one of the dead kids near the river bank. "We could leave you here, just help Sarah. Maybe she'll talk to us. She doesn't seem to be into your spiel anymore." She quirks a brow, shrugging.

He doesn't believe her about the hospital. Not one little bit. Elizabeth can see it in his eyes. "Sarah is a true believer. She is one of the saved. She will not tell you anything." He is quite defiant for a kid bleeding into the river - youthful enthusiasm. "You may kill my body, but my soul will exist in Paradise for eternity."

"Okay." Elizabeth calls his bluff, turning to walk back up the side of the hill toward the cabin. "You can yell if you change your fucking mind!" She calls out, sitting down, waiting. She glances down her body to check for injuries. Could have happened when she wasn't paying attention.

Olivia has managed to disentangle herself from Sarah long enough to meander over to Elizabeth. "You lost him?" she deadpans before staring out at the gully. "Bleeding to death?" The Fed shrugs. "We should call this in." Olvia sits down beside Elizabeth, wincing a little, before adding. "Eventually."

"Yeah. He won't talk. I figure about 30 minutes in the cold might change his mind. It's all well and good to believe that you're going to some paradise when you die, it's another when death creeps up on you slowly and painfully." Elizabeth glances over at Olivia, smiling slowly. "How is the other girl? She gonna be any use to us?"

Olivia looks back at the cabin before shrugging to Elizabeth. "I think she has decades of therapy ahead of you. Reality is a bit different for her…probably for him too." A nod to the kid in the gully. "Oh, his name is Malakai by the way. Isn't that name of the Children of the Corn kid?" She pushes herself to her feet. "I should get some first aid stuff out of my car…if it's still intact. Might even be some alcohol. For medicinal purposes."

"Malakai." Elizabeth shakes her head, spitting to the side. "Yeah, let's see if we can drive any of these fucking things. Gonna have to call in these bodies too." She rolls her eyes and chuckles. "You might get in trouble, Livvie."

"Story of my life" Olivia sighs, rifle still slung over one shoulder. "You get used to it after a while. I don't think I need to tell you that, Lizzie." A wink for the other woman before she heads off around the side of the building. After a few moments there is a loud, "Oh for fucks sake. I hope you're insured!"

"I'm not." Elizabeth mutters, getting to her knees to peek down at Malakai. He's squirming on the ground and rolling around in pain. "How you doing down there, champ?" She calls out, trying not to laugh. "Ready to talk to me?"

"God will punish you!" Malakai screams up at the tormenting succubus. He is shivering…shock and cold. Yet his forehead is covered with sweat, and his eyes are bloodshot. "He will sit in judgement and you will be found wanton!"

"Alright, you can stay out in the cold a little longer, pal!" Elizabeth glances toward the front of the house, sighing softly. "Is it drivable Olivia?!" She calls out, pushing to her feet. The adrenaline is wearing off and now she's just sore. "We need to get off of this mountain."

Malakai's teeth chatter as he claims a little victory…and loses a bit more life. In answer to the yelled out question there comes the rumbling of a vehicle. "Mine starts! Not sure about yours!" Olivia soon reappears around from the front of the cabin. "Let's grab the living then" she nods before shouting into the house. "C'mon, Sarah. Time to go home." She looks back to Elizabeth. "You want to grab your boyfriend? Should we let your partner know?"

Elizabeth nods and gets to her feet, scooting down next to Malakai. She holds out a hand. "I'm helping you up the hill, but I'm not carrying your ass so get up." She taps her foot on the ground, looking bored.

The boy considers his options before reaching out to take Elizabeth's hand. His grip is cold and clammy. His skin pale. "Salvation will find you" he tells her, his tone warm and conciliatory. "All you need do is open your heart." Up the slope they go, the boy in obvious, if silent, agony.

"I'm not open to salvation. Maybe you'll find it. Maybe you just need knocked upside the head hard." Elizabeth shrugs, and when they crest the hill and hobble towards Olivia's vehicle, she's still grinning. "I'll call Jameson when we're closer to the town. He's gonna yell."

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