(2018-12-04) Whipped Cream Mountain
Misfit and Katherine meet.

Winter. Cold. Cold meant needing to warm up. Warming up, for this current moment, meant coffee! She was half humming a tune as the door to the Junction opened up with a flourish and the look on the barista's face had a flicker of 'oh no, not again' that passed over him. She slid up to the counter, leaning on it with a grin to the barista. "Heyy you! Long time no see! That uhm, minty thing with vanilla, whipped cream, sprinkles, cinnamon, more sprinkles, more whipped cream…" She rattled off a few more things while a $20 got tossed on to the counter. "Keep the change! Oh! Wait! Wait wait uhmm alsoooo that thing!" She pointed at some chocolate chip cookies. "Two of those. Then keep the change." The barista mumbled something under his breath as he nodded, punching in the order.

Missy just giggled and moved over to unceremoniously flop into a seat. Her blonde hair was wild, looking like it hadn't seen a brush in a few days. Glitter. Everywhere. She wore a pair of well worn jeans, combat boots, and a sparkling pink top along with her body lotion sparkle. Wide eyes taking a quick look around to see who all might be present as her foot lightly tapped along to some kind of beat that surely wasn't what was currently on the radio.

The door swings open, wind and snow driving Katherine into the coffee shop for shelter. Her cheeks are pink and she glances around as she pulls her beanie from her head. She stuff it in her pocket and walks up behind Missy, listening to her order with a slight smile forming on her lips. She isn't quite so extravagant, and when it's her turn the order is brief. "Mocha with cinnamon and a bagel with cream cheese and chives please." She watches Missy flop into a seat, unabashedly curious about the glittery woman, someone she hasn't met before in town. She remembers her manners and when her order is ready she finds a seat, pulling her knitting from her leather shoulder bag.

Katherine doesn't know Missy, but Misfit knows her. Vaguely. She hadn't done much research into her - only knew that she was the owner of the place her dear Mr. Westin had been hanging out. However, Misfit doesn't let this recognition show as she does her surveying. Instead, she leans foward, resting her elbows on her table and cupping her cheeks in her hands. A wide-eyed curiosity as she watched Kate pull out the knitting. "Whatcha makin? Is it a hat? Scarf? Maybe mittens! OH! Is someone having a baby? Those little bootie things are so cute!" She shifted to rake a hand through her hair. "Or maybe YOU'RE having the baby!" She leaned forward a bit, trying to peer at Kate better, in the stomach area at least. Manners. She had absolutely none.

Katherine gets settled, peeling out of her coat, pushing her fingers through her hair to send it over her shoulders. She sees Missy looking in her direction and she smiles, happy to be pleasant. "I'm making a hat, it's probably going to end up being a Christmas present." She winces when babies are brought up, shaking her head. "I don't knit baby things, my one restriction." She raises both eyebrows, running a hand down her mostly flat stomach. "No babies for me, I'm dreadful with them." She picks up her coffee, holding both needles in one hand while she takes a drink. "Kate Stone." She sets down her cup and holds out a warm hand to Misfit, smiling politely. "Are you new in town?"

"I don't blame ya. Babies are a hassle an' a half. I think at least. From what I can tell. Cute though. When they're someone elses problem." She gave her hair another tug, gaze wandering. Snapping back to Kate, she accepted the handshake, though Missy's hands were cold. "Melissa Hart." She said, her hand shake firm, but fleeting as her name was called. "One sec!" She hopped up and did a little skip to close the distance between where she was and the counter. She inspected the cup intensely for a moment with its towering, sprinkle and cinnamon covered whipped cream mountain. She bit at her thumbnail a moment before reaching up with her free hand. With a, perhaps surprising, precision - she plunked a single sprinkle off of the mountain and tossed it back. "There! Perfect." She smiled to the barista and took her cookies as well. Sitting back in her chair, she nodded emphatically to Kate. "Sure am! Been here a week or so. Maybe a little longer. Not too long though."

"Leaving before Christmas? You'll miss the fun." Katherine tucks her feet up on the chair, shifting until her knees are resting against the arm of the chair. She begins to knit, her first stitches slow as she acclimates to the environment. "There is caroling, gift exchanges, Christmas movies in the park." She warily eyes the towering drink, wincing as she waits for it to fall. It doesn't, and Missy seems to have it well in hand. "This town really enjoys its holidays." She gazes down at the knitting, her pace picking up slightly. "Are you here for the resort then? Skiing? It's pretty breathtaking up there this time of year. I got to see the mountains from a chateau a few weekends ago, and I think I might need a repeat performance. If nothing else for the view it offered."

"Before Christmas?" She thought it over. "…No no. I don't think I'm gonna be gone that soon. I just go where the wind takes me. When I get tha urge ta leave, I'll leave." She took a bite out of the whipped cream and sighed happily. "Though I dunno about caroling and gifting things and all that. I like the sparkly things." She looked at the knitting again. "Whose tha hat for? I bet it'll be cozy! I ain't been skiin' before. Maybe I'll try it out!" She took another bite out of the whipped cream. Akin to a kid in a candy shop - this was clearly a favorite treat. "Can't be a mountain view. So whatcha do 'round here? Beside knit."

"Must be nice. I've been here all my life, and when I finally got old enough to travel…well I can't." Katherine laughs, her attention shifting to Missy for a moment causing her to drop a stitch. She pulls on the yarn, fixing it before she settles in again. "Caroling and gifts are the best part of the season, mostly the first, but only because I adore singing. I'm not great at it, so when I get to do it in a group and hide, even better." She holds up the red hat, soft and slouched. "It's for a nice man that I'm dating. I honestly don't think it's much his style, but it'll keep him warm and maybe he'll think of me when he wears it." She purses her lips, eyes settling on Missy. "Where are you staying then, if not on the resort?" She tuts softly and shakes her head. "I hope you're not paying too much at the hotel downtown." She blinks and her cheeks get pink. "I actually run a B&B up on the hill in Oak Ridge."

Interesting. The barest hint of a flicker, as if she was making some kind of mental note, even though the grin stayed on her lips. "That's fuckin' adorable. If he don't like it, he ain't worth it." A bit of a giggle. "I love singin' too! But also ain't blessed with golden vocal cords. Ah well, we can't all be lucky." A bit curious, "I've always traveled. Can't imagine NOT travelin. Ain't for everyone." Finally lifting the cup to take a sip. "Oh yeah? Neato! I actually was gonna swing by there." Leaning lightly on the table. "Cause that hotel's a damn rip off if I ever seen one. I was lookin inta alternative forms of housin. You got any free rooms?"

Katherine isn't looking at Missy, her eyes on her fingers as she tries to pick up the pace of her knitting, counting silently as she stitches. "Well, he'll like it, even if it isn't his style. He'll wear it to show me that he cares, even if it's not in public." Her cheeks get pink again, but she clears her throat, picking up her cup to drink from it. "I sing like crazy at home when I clean, again, the vacuum is on pretty loud so I can't hurt anyone then." She's got a good pace now with her knitting, and she looks wistful as she gazes up at Missy, her lips curved. "I'm apparently going to Rio for New Year's, which I'm pretty excited about. I have no clue how to pack, or what's going to go on there. I've had a passport for six years, never got to use it." She rolls her eyes, and then her face gets a bit brighter. "The hotel is a rip off, but hopefully it won't be for too much longer." She shrugs and nods at Missy. "I do have a room, several actually. Nice big ones with pretty bathrooms. Clean as a whistle…." She lowers her voice, winking. "Less expensive than the hotel."

A slightly raised eyebrow as Kate continued on about this mystery man. "Sounds like ya got it bad girlie. Sounds like he might too! Rio's great. Tons a fun. They always got some kind a party going down." She looked amused. "Well I'll tell ya what. My time's up there in a day or two. I'll try an' swing by the B&B tomorrow to get things squared up yeah? Then we'll both sing an' dance our hearts out." She giggled, flashing a wink to the woman as she started to stand up. "I should get goin' though. Fore they decide they wanna rent my room ta someone who ain't causin' it to sparkle like a disco ball on New Years." She grinned, "You have a good night Kate." And then she would start humming and doing her little bit of dancing on her way out.

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