(2018-12-03) Godzilla! Run!
Franklin arrives for a brief interlude during dinner.

Run, cowards, run! Godzilla is stomping around the street and making the house shake… only… well, it's not. It's just Sergeant Franklin Payne, making another visit to the B&B. He's in full winter uniform with the thicker jacket, but unlike last time, he hasn't come here bearing gifts. Hell, at least he isn't lugging an M240 machinegun! He looks around the hallway once he enters the place, taking a few moments to follow the sounds of voices towards the kitchen, where it's… semi-dark. Why is it semi-dark? That alone brings a suspicious frown to his face, but at least there are normal people gathered there, eating normal food and talking normally. Mostly. "Hey." He rumbles a generic greeting, upnods at Anthony and then Esme, as well as Katherine. "I don't think I remember not seeing you in here with food, ever."

"A new mixer." Katherine looks almost dreamy at the thought. "I'll text Xavier and see if he's up for it, and when. If it gets too late or the roads get bad, we'll find a hotel as well." She wrinkles her nose and shakes her head. "I'm going to hope that doesn't happen, Charlotte is happy enough to keep an eye on Vyv and Claire, but she gets nervous being here alone for some reason." She blinks as Franklin makes his way into the kitchen, shaking her head as she aims a smile up at him. "It's a kitchen, Frank. Food gets made here.." She gestures to the counter, her headtilt slight. "You want a piece of pizza? I was going for Detroit style, not sure if I hit it right on the head or not."

The heavy slugging of Franklin into the house was one not easily dismissed, and the size of the absolute unit of a man was not easily ignored. The upnod received an easy inclination of a hand toward the man and Anthony nodded toward his arrival, "Evenin' Sarge" he greeted with a smile, gesturing toward him with a flick of a few fingertips as he looked toward Esme, "See, 'at tank of a guy right there is why I don' worry about Kate as much as I do what'd happen to the guy who fucks her ova' " he grinned and took a sip of his wine.

"Sounds like a plan. And does she? Hmm…" Wheels turning in her head, probably about ghosts and trying a seance some time. But once Franklin enters the room she refocuses on the present. "Good evenin." She wiggled her fingers to him in greeting to him, smiling to Anthony. "I wouldn't worry about her either." She chuckled, taking another bite of her pizza and relaxing into her seat, looking a little curious but not asking.

"Mister Tony. There's a guy fuckin' her over?" Frank quirks a brow at Anthony, and shoots the same questioning look at Katherine. Another nod is aimed at Esme, as well as a simple "Ma'am", and then the cop is eyeing the offered pizza. With perhaps a hint of temptation before Frank shakes his head. "No, I'm good. Listen, Kate, I don't wanna interrupt yer dinner too much, but, if you got a minute right now I like to have a quick chat." He pauses to regard the others briefly. "Privately."

Katherine grunts softly and she shakes her head at Tony before she gets to her feet. "C'mon, Frank. I can handle it if someone is." Compared to the police officer, she's short now, and she nods up at him. "Yeah, we can go in the great room and talk, you two are going to be okay?" She asks Esme and Anthony, before she blinks, her cheeks pink. "Oh and this is Franklin Payne, he's one of the wonderful police officers keeping us safe here in town." She gestures to Esme, smiling. "This is Esme, she works at the library, and of course you met Tony." She clears her throat, gesturing for Frank to step in ahead of her. "I'll be back you two, enjoy the wine while I'm gone."

"Oh, I dunno about the ova' part, Sarge, Westin seems a'right…" Anthony replied to Franklin's query with a smile and shrugged his shoulders, "Sorry ta' get you worked up" he added and he raised a finger in acknowledgment of the glance when he'd eluded to privacy, "We'll be here, Kate, take ya' time…" he assured her, glancing toward Esme he whispered - though intended it just loud enough to be heard, "She's outta' the room, quick, we can christen the kitchen counta' " and winked cartoonishly with a grin toward Katherine.

"It's nice to meet you Officer Payne." Esme offered a smile, though if Kate wasn't blushing, Esme was blushing for her when Anthony spoke up again. She started laughing, unable to help it. Leaning over she gave Tony a playful swat on his upper arm. "You're terrible Mr. Malone." The red staying as he stage whispered to her. "The counter and the chairs!" She stage whispered back and winked towards Kate. "We'll behave as much as we can dear."

So yeah…. Franklin totally catches that part about 'Westin'. He's already heading out to the great room with Katherine, and that little snippet actually makes the giant cop stop. And frown. And narrow his eyes at Anthony. Kinda like… http://www.quickmeme.com/img/3d/3d0fc926557a27d3bebae6145224690a1bb67d9af107ce9d9b4153b2679a1f0e.jpg

Fortunately, there is this chat thing he needs to take care of, so he heads off without involving police brutality.

Katherine winces when Franklin narrows her eyes at Anthony, clearing her throat as her cheeks get pink. She walks into the great room with the large police officer, stepping around him to feed two more logs to the fireplace. "What's up, Frank?" She asks, fidgeting and poking at the embers before she adds some tinder coax it into a flame. She pulls a throw off of one of the chairs, sinking on the couch and pulling the throw around her.

Franklin follows out to the great room, and stands next to the fireplace while Katherine gets the fire going. He's got his hands on his hips, and that frown still aimed in the direction of the kitchen. "I think I'm gonna have a talk with that clown." He grumbles, then turns his head to regard Katherine. "Teach him a lesson or two about manners." Oh no, big cop not happy. "Anyway. Julian says Sarah is back in town; is she around?" Even as he asks, Frank is peering towards the stairs.

Kate gets to her feet, taking a deep breath, and then another before she shakes her head at Franklin. "Sarah isn't in at the moment." She looks guarded, taking another deep breath before she quirks a brow. "Is everything okay?" She glances toward the kitchen, frowning before she mutters. "Frank, is it really worth all that? I think he says those things to attempt to provoke…" She makes vague gestures at Franklin and his frown. "..exactly what you're doing." She clears her throat, pointing at the couch. "Have a seat?"

"To provoke my fist in his mouth, and my boot up his ass?" Franklin shrugs his massive shoulders, and moves to take a seat on the couch. "No, it's not. But sometimes people mistake our tolerance for cowardice. If you piss off a cop enough that he's determined to make yer life miserable? You prolly won't think it's very funny after a few days, especially in a town of this size." With a shake of his head, Frank dismisses that thought and refocuses on the matter at hand. "So about Sarah. Is she sick? I'm not talking about a flu. I'm talking about serious illness."

Kate sits on the couch once Franklin settles down, drawing her legs up so she's looking at him over her knees. "You're so violent." She murmurs, but she doesn't really sound upset about it, just resigned to the fact. "Sarah is sick. I don't know the details yet, Frank. She was keeping it from me. Only reason I found out was I overheard her talking on the phone yesterday about a neurologist. Gave me a panic attack, the EMT's made me go to the hospital." She rests her chin on her knees. "Lynn spends more time outside of the house than in it, and Sarah won't come out of her room or answer her door. I'm pretty shit at this parenting thing." She glances toward the fire. "Julian send you down?"

Franklin shakes his head. "No. Julian was worried about you and the girls, but he wasn't sure what to do to help, and the news about Sarah has me concerned." He explains, but his rather intense gaze is on Katherine now as he leans forward with his elbows on his knees. "So you went to the hospital, but not Sarah?" What the hell. "If she's seeing a neurologist, that's something." He straightens up and reaches into his breast pocket, retrieving a card which is offered to Katherine. "But if she isn't, try to get her to see a doctor. Soon." The big man seems to want to say some more, but the revelation that Kate had a panic attack seems to have given him pause.

The card, as it turns out, is for one Doctor Uma Campbell.

Kate takes the card, gazing at it, fingering the script quietly for a minute or two. "She won't talk to me Frank. I didn't want to go to the hospital, I wanted some answers. When I got home that evening she was gone, and since she's been in she's not answering her door. I tried to get her to come in the ambulance with me, but ..she wouldn't." She tucks the card in her pocket and gazes at the fire. "She's nineteen, Frank. I can push. I can ask, and I can even sit and be quiet and wait for her to tell me what's going on. I can't demand. I've tried. It doesn't work." She gazes back at Franklin and frowns. "I'll keep trying, but I'm barely treading water here."

Franklin bobs his head in understanding. "You sure are gettin' some shit luck with yer sisters, Kate." He cups his chin with one big hand, and strokes his goatee thoughtfully. "You're right though; she's nineteen, so legally there's nothing you can do if she doesn't want to tell you nothing. Off the record, just keep an eye on what she's takin'; look for empty bottles she's tossing out… prescription drugs bottles. They might give ya an idea what her problem is."

"This was never the plan, Frank. It happened and I'm dealing with it, and I'm doing a bad job. I wish things had been different." Katherine gazes at Franklin and shrugs a shoulder. "I'll let you know if she spills and tells me what is going on, but I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you. You'll turn blue. You're a better color where you're at." She goes quiet for a few moments, gazing at the fire. "How is Julian? He doing okay? I meant to call him today, but I haven't got the chance."

Franklin lifts a brow, all Rock-like. S:-/ "He's alright. As much as he can be, with the cult blowing up his station and stuff." Beat. "Like I said he's worried about all of you, cuz you've got other problems aside from your sisters." There is a longer pause. "Does it have anything to do with this Westin guy that your mobster friend mentioned?" He jerks a thumb back towards the kitchen. "You know what? Forget I asked. Just tell me it's not another Cassius situation."

"Julian doesn't need to worry, you can pass that along if you're so inclined. Tell him that Westin moved out." Katherine settles back on the couch, watching Franklin with an amused look on her face. "Listen, Frank. Xavier Westin is a multi-millionaire who wants to pamper me and treat me nicely. You can literally look up his company if it will make you feel better. He's helping me make a deal on the Winchester downtown. He's a really nice man, and if you met him, you would absolutely agree and you wouldn't be worried. It's not a Cassius situation. He's just a nice guy, alright?" She narrows a look at him and frowns. "So when you /do/ meet him, do me a favor and don't scare him off. I like him."

Franklin listens to Kate, but eyes the woman appraisingly. At the end of it, he again quirks a brow and sits up. "Why do you assume I'm gonna scare this guy off? I can be friendly when I want to be. Look." He forces an obviously false grin to his face, which actually makes him look like a psychotic giant. With a big ass gun. "See?" The grin disappears as if on cue. "Listen, I'll be happy for you if you find a decent guy. It's just that Julian said you had other things to worry about, and knowing your track record with picking guys…" AHEM. He clears his throat and pushes up to his feet. "…Anyway, hang on to that card. Get Sarah to see the doc if you can, kay?"

Katherine simply stares at Franklin. That grin could scare away Pennywise. She rolls her eyes and gets to her feet, planting her hands on her hips. "Yeah, Frank. How about you set me up with a decent guy? How about that? Oh wait, there isn't anyone good enough?" She rolls her eyes and grimaces. "Imagine that." She brushes her hair way from her face, walking over to the fireplace. "The things I have to worry about aren't a worry now that Westin moved out. Problem solved." She turns, poker in hand. "What track record?" She asks quietly, watching Frank push to his feet. She turns back to the fire and shrugs. "I'll give the card to Sarah, see what I can find out, and I'll be in touch."

"That ain't a bad thing, this Westin guy moving out." Frank opines, after he quickly checks his holster. "You told me before you don't like gettin' involved with your guests. It's easier if he's not your guest." Beat. "And no, Kate, do I look to you like someone who has time to set people up? If I do, I'd have found a new mom for Luci by now." He quickly checks his watch, and starts to walk. "I'll drop by some other time. Gimme a call if you figure out what's up with Sarah."

"Get on out of here, Frank. Thanks for stopping by." Katherine says, walking with him to the door. "Take the time to slow down a little bit, and maybe you'll meet someone. Life is gonna pass you by pretty quickly if you don't take care of yourself." She holds the door open, her brow furrowed. "I'll be in touch."

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