(2018-12-04) Fly Me To The Moon
An apology, some dancing and maybe some singing.

Xavier's phone call turned into an apologetic excuse and a departure for an emergency web conference, which even a man not accustomed to relationships likely realizes is beyond the pale. Which might be why he appears later that evening, with a small cake box in one hand. He opens the door to the B&B, and checks the great room, then the kitchen. "Kate?" he calls as he heads towards that room, sniffing the air for signs of stress cooking.

Katherine glances up, smiling when Xavier walks in. She's leaning against the counter, a cup of tea between her hands, very casual clothing on her person. "Hey you." There is no sign of stress cooking, in fact, the kitchen is spotless and clean, everything put away. Maybe it was stress cleaning. She watches him for a moment, eyes on the box. "What is that?"

"A cake. A small cake," Xavier says, "but one rich in chocolate, calories, and apologies for having to leave earlier today." He moves to place it on a clean counter, examining the spotlessness of the kitchen for a moment, then turning back to her. If she allows, he slips inside her personal space and steals a kiss, careful to avoid squashing the hot tea between their bodies.

Katherine gazes up at Xavier when he gets into her space bubble, pushing away from the counter to turn to hug him. "It's okay, really. I understand that work comes first, we had that discussion, didn't we?" She returns the kiss, her hands slipping around his neck to pull him closer. "Hey.."

Xavier's lips turn up at the corners. "We did. But it still deserves an apology, and thus, one is delivered." He shows no hesitation at all in getting closer, his arms coming around her waist and holding her snug against his body. "Hey, yourself. I hope that it was an enjoyable outing even without me?" He laughs, softly. "Or perhaps particularly without me, diverting the conversation towards business."

Katherine nods at Xavier, shrugging a shoulder. "Julian is a little intense, and he got intense after you left." She rests her head against his chest, smiling to herself. "It's his default setting." She lets her hands roam for a moment, laughing with Xavier. "I miss having you here, is that strange?"

"It /was/ rude to skip out. I can't fault him too much if he got," Xavier laughs, "intense about that. I am sorry that you had to handle it, though. Should I find him and let him beat the crap out of me before the bruises heal? Let him get it out of his system?" It's hard to tell if he's joking, really, but his hands stroke her back in a comforting motion. "I miss you, too, my dear." He bends his head to kiss her hair. "My hotel room is far less joyful and interesting than here. But it was the right decision."

Katherine grimaces, shaking her head at Xavier. "Julian wouldn't beat you up, deep down he's a gentleman, even if sometimes he forgets his filter." She reaches up to touch Xavier's face, looking over his bruises. "I want to see you all pristine again, dressed in your suits.." She frowns at his last words, nodding slowly. "I suppose it was, but it doesn't make me miss you any less."

"Give it time. I'm healing up nicely, I think. I can move my arm in all the ways an arm should move now," Xavier replies, cheerfully. The bruises are fading - not attractively, but the mottled greenish yellow is a sign of progress. Only the area around his gash still has livid purple and dark blue tones. "And I miss you, as well. But," he gently tweaks her nose with one finger, "you are safer here, and you'll have less stress without me to look after. And soon I'll have my townhouse all ready, and hopefully you will come join me for an evening, here or there. I promise you won't have to cook."

"I don't mind cooking for you, you know that right? I enjoy cooking, and I'm going to want to use your kitchen at least once. If nothing else to make sure everything is in working order." Katherine aims a smile at Xavier, staying close to him, her arms still wrapped around his waist. "Safer. Yes."

"You may use my kitchen however you like, Kate. I promise. But you should not always /have/ to cook. Especially if you're a guest." He taps her on the forehead with a finger. Then, pulls her into a short, leisurely spin away from the counter, morphing it into a stately sort of dance, but slowly enough to give her time to adjust. "I confess that I'm rather hoping that you'll help me try out a great many locations in the new place," he adds, with a cheerful waggle of eyebrows.

Katherine raises her chin, twirling with Xavier around with a grin on her face. "I hope you're planning on ordering a great deal of sturdy furniture." She teases gently, aiming a fond look up at him. "I know that I don't have to cook, I'm well aware of that, but sometimes it's very calming for me." She leans in, resting her head against him as they continue to sway slowly. "Plus, when you cook for someone, you show them how much you care. I want to show you that I care." She sighs softly. "We should go out on a date soon. Something silly?"

Xavier makes a dismissive noise. "If we break it, it was inferior, and I will buy something better. And I agree, my dear. We haven't really had much in the way of a proper date, have we? What about ice skating? Or find ourselves a park where we can make ridiculous snow animals until our noses go numb?" He grins. "Or I could rent out a theatre for us, and have them show your favorite movie? What is your favorite movie?"

Katherine shakes her head, grimacing as she ducks her head. "I think snow animals are probably a better bet, if we go ice skating, we'll end up at the hospital and that would be really bad, wouldn't it?" She blinks and quirks an eyebrow at Xavier. "Rent out a theatre? You're serious aren't you?" She considers it for a moment before she answers. "I don't really have a favorite, I love a lot of movies. What is yours?"

Xavier chuckles. "Very well. Snow animals it is. And of course; it's actually not that expensive, and it's very pleasant to have a theatre to yourself. No one's head getting in the way, and you can make out to your heart's content." He grins down at her, then rolls his eyes. "Kate. One day, I'm going to find /something/ that you do not just love unreservedly. One day. As for mine, I actually really like Fargo. And Ocean's Eleven - both the original, and the remake. I am a fan of Sinatra, but the modern version is quite enjoyable." He moves to swirl and dip her.

Katherine looks amused as she shakes her head back and forth. "It's not that expensive, but I've never done it." She blushes and watches him as he sways her back and forth. "I haven't made out in a movie theatre since I was fifteen, so I might need to brush up on it." She wrinkles her nose and prods him gently. "Why do you want to find something like that? Don't try to dim my sunshine, because one day it's going to be gone. I don't want life to move in and bring the twilight." She is dipped, laughing out loud. "I like Sinatra as well, his music really moves me."

"Oh really? Well, that sounds like a skill well worth brushing up on, doesn't it? Maybe we could practice in front of the TV. Build up to it, you know. All proper like," he suggests, ever so innocently. He pulls her up, and starts to dance lightly towards the great room. "OH, really? Well, in that case…" And then, Xavier starts to sing. He's got a decent voice, if untrained, as he launches into 'Fly Me To The Moon' with no hesitation at all.

Katherine glances toward the great room, letting herself be danced in that direction, swinging her hair out as she begins to laugh softly. "We should practice more, especially since the B&B is nearly empty. Not too many people to walk in on it." When Xavier starts to sing, she blinks at him slowly, a smile forming on her lips. "Well, aren't you enchanting?"

There's a flourish in the dance as he finishes the song and makes it to the living room, letting her go out for a twirl, then pulling her back in. Voice slightly husky, Xavier says, "Practice and dedication improve all things. We'd be doing ourselves a disservice if we didn't practice as much as possible, I think." There's a playful smile on his face, but a spark of heat in his eyes as he looks down at her. "If I am enchanting, then you are enthralling, my dear Kate. Well worth the occasional serenade." He bends his head to kiss her, with more intent and passion than before.

Katherine isn't quite as graceful as most when she's twirled out, but someone excellent is leading her, so she doesn't stumble and fall. "I heartily agree, and remember what I'm meant to buy when we go shopping sometime soon." She blushes when Xavier calls her enthralling, returning the kiss, her arms wrapping around his neck tightly. "You..never fail to make me smile, you know that?" She whispers quietly, going still in his arms as she gazes up at him.

"Good. I certainly look forward to the purchase," Xavier says, teasingly, even as he caresses her hips and rear with his hands, not so much dancing now as simply swaying in place with her, his gaze meeting hers. "And I'm glad. You deserve all the smiles that the world can give you, Kate - if it is my lucky fate to pass on a small portion of those, then I shall be content." He kisses her again, deep and slow, before murmuring, "I won't stay the whole night, but I'll stay until you sleep, if you'll let me?" Another kiss. "Whenever that happens to be…"

Katherine lets out a soft laugh, taking Xavier's hand, which removes one from her rear. "Well then, if you're going to stay until I sleep, we should go upstairs so …I can work on that?" She tugs him gently toward the stairs, her cheeks pink as she laughs softly.

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