(2018-12-03) Saved By The Kate
In which Esme pokes a sleeping bear and Kate arrives in the nick of time

Anthony helplessly smirks as Franklin and Katherine depart, shaking his head, "I really like Sergeant Payne, but the guy needs ta' get laid a' somethin' he's supa' uptight when it comes ta' Kate" he mentions, raising his wine and swirling it around the glass, "So…" he glanced over Esme, "Unicorn Pee-Jay's huh…." his eyes got a certain look of hunger in them, and he captured his bottom lip for just a moment, "Does the set have deeper layers?" he arched an eyebrow

She giggled again, turning back to Anthony once they were alone. "Maybe he just thinks of her as a little sister or something? Protective and whatnot." She mused and leaned forward just a touch. "Do you like them? I might just get a pair of my own…" Flicking her gaze over him briefly again, a hint of a smirk on her features. "It might. You'd have to find out for yourself somehow." Teasing him as she finished off her wine glass and leaned over to get the bottle and pour a little more.

"Oh, is that so?" Anthony smirked, tilting back his own wine glass to finish it off, he rose to his feet and took a few long strides toward Esme, coming to stand more than was needed in proximity, given her siting position, bent over and reaching for the wine, it placed her head in a rather compromising position which Anthony looked down at her, flicking his tongue over his bottom lip, "Or you could show me" he teased, a creeping grin across his features, as he held out his wine glass, "Get me all nice and topped…*up*"

She watched him coming closer her, inhaling sharply. Chewing on her bottom lip as he spoke, and she was obviously thinking all kinds of inappropriate things. "I could…"She said finally, fingers sliding slowly up the wine bottle until she curled her fingers around the neck to pour the wine in his glass. "It is fun to get you riled up." She poured wine into her own glass and slowly exhaled, tilting her head to look up at him. "But I like the thought of just keeping you guessing. Or maybe finally make you chase me down." Another grin flashed up at him.

"I don' gotta' chase you…" Anthony replied, mouthing the words 'Thank You' without formulating any actual sound for Esme to hear. "You see…" he began, setting his wine glass down on the table near Esme, and looking down at her like a fox to a rabbit, "For one, you'd come to me" he smiled and rocked on his heels, thrusting his hips slightly, "Again." he winked - "For two…" he lowered himself, placing both hands on either armrest of the chair, "You're already trapped, little rabbit" he winked and raised one hand from the armrest, hooking two fingers between her breasts along the tanktop's edge and pulling it slowly, gradually away from her chest, his eyes peering toward the slowly growing gap presented there.

Her heartbeat increased a tick, face flushed as he towered over her. Poor girl, she thought she was good at the game, but he always proved that she had plenty to learn. Stormy blues followed his fingers as they started to pull at the tank top. Then they slowly traveled up his arm, shoulder, back to face. Locking eyes with him. "So then…what're gonna do to me?" She quirked a brow, but the slight shifting of her position in the chair would give way some of the anticipation she was feeling. Gaze darting towards the great room as if expecting Kate and Franklin to come back at any moment. Then back to him. Her opened her mouth to speak again but then closed it, though her expression clearly said part of her wanted to drag him out of the room.

Just as Esme had inquired as to what Anthony intended to do, he slipped the finger off the edge of her tanktop, allowing it to spring back taut against her chest and he curled his lips into a devillish smile, biting his lower lip as he did, he grinned, taking a step backward while his intense pale green hues watched her, "Nothin' …." he explained, "Like I said. You come ta' me. Not the otha' way around" he said with an air of confidence that suggested he wasn't guessing, or thinking, that was simply how the world worked in this situation, or at least, with Tony Malone it did. His hand hooked his wine glass as he backed up, and he pulled it to his lips when the back of his legs hit the edge of his previous chair, and he took a long sip.

As soon as she was free, she let out another breath she'd been holding. Pushing her hand through her hair and sitting up some in her chair as she eyed him. "And what would you do if I didn't?" She asked after she had recomposed herself some, taking her own deep drink. "Would I just get written off a woman who clearly doesn't fully appreciate the talents of Anthony Malone?" It was a question more out of curiosity than anything. Still trying to figure out a read on him. "Or does the whole armed and dangerous thing really get the ladies going in New York?" Her free hand coming up to toy with her necklace some as she watched him.

There was a flash of cool tension behind those pale green eyes that directed itself at Esme, though despite what the eyes conveyed, Tony's features were a warm smile, "I t'ink it works better in Calaveras…" he remarked, his eyes studying her own blues with an intensity she'd likely never gotten from him before, or at least a different variety, "Though they do have the advantage of knowing to not openly go around regarding such men as 'armed and dangerous' for the same reasons aforementioned" he commented, or perhaps in a way, was also explaining. "If you don't know how hot a fire burns, Esme…" he began, lowering himself into his chair, all the while his eyes burned themselves into Esme's frame, "Best not to stoke it."

You know that feeling that you get when you know you did something wrong but you aren't eactly sure what? Hot and cold, pins and needles. This is was Esme was currently feeling was Tony stared at her. She averted her gaze to focus intently on her wine glass. Her fingers lightly gripping the symbol on her necklace as if it was a cross. She was a very aware sort of person. The warm smile on his face did little to help her shake the feeling. "Is it hot in here? It's hot in here." She sat up a little straighter, finally daring to look back at him. She had that look like she had the other night at the Winchester. Ready to flee, except that she couldn't do that. Because then she would be stealing Kate's clothes and there'd be a whole awkward thing, and she wouldn't be able to show her face for weeks.

"…I'm sorry." She said finally, maybe a little awkwardly. "I didn't mean anything by it. I just, uhm. I don't know, it just came out." She shifted again in her chair, "I don't know what I'm doing." Burying her face in her hands like she was

There was a soft near inaudible bit of laughter as Esme burried her face into her hands in embarassment, and Tony sighed, shaking his head, "Ez…" he began, setting down his wine glass on the table beside his chair and waving his hands toward him, "C'mere" he compelled the woman, "I'm cold an' I need a hug" he said in an assuring tone, whatever had been present in Tony's eyes a few moments ago was gone, and he was genuinely warm to the idea of her presence.

The front door closes, and Franklin isn't gentle so it's a sort of slam. Katherine stalks in shortly after, and she doesn't notice the tableau that she's walked into, moving to automatically clean up. She is in the middle of pulling down a container when Tony speaks and she goes still, glancing between the pair with raised eyebrows. Well aware that she's walked into something, her presence is /here/ now and she can't just disappear. So she just stands still, awkward for a moment before she laughs softly. "I can gooo." She says, finally taking a step back toward the great room.

Esme started to lift her head a little when she heard slamming doors. Then she finally lifts her head fully when Tony speaks up, though focuses on Kate first. "No no…it's okay. I'm just making a fool of myself. That's all." She sighed and looked back to Tony, relaxing some. Whether the relaxing was because of Kate's presence or that the look was gone was impossible to tell. She did, however, rise from her seat to go over to him. Another moment of debate before she lightly settled on his lap, murmuring something to him before looking back at Kate. "Are you okay Kate? How did that talk go?"

There was a slight twitch of a dark eyebrow above pale green eyes as the door slammed, and Tony turned his attention toward Kate as she entered, "Everythin' …." he trailed, watching the woman move, he squinted. He had been around Kate long enough to know…stuff. As Esme came over, he met her position atop his lap with a gentle placement of his arm around her waist and he leant his ear toward her - nodding softly in reply to her words he smiled, and looked back to Kate, "So, I'm gonna' skip askin' if it went okay an jus' ask whatta' fuck Payne's s pissed about?"

"Sorry Esme, we were never really close growing up, but I know you well enough to say that you don't make a fool of yourself." Katherine responds, watching the librarian move to sit on Tony's lap. It makes her smile and she takes a breath, shrugging. "He's worried about Sarah. It's the same old reel, no man I date is good enough. I have shitty taste in men. Blah blah blah." She starts to put away the pizza, making layers in the container. "I don't think he enjoyed your comments either, but…I don't know what that is about." She stuffs the top on the container and sighs. "I love my big brothers from other mothers. Love, love, love."

Esme relaxed a little more, leaning against Anthony, just smiling a bit at Kate's comment about her not making a fool of herself. It was appreciated, but Esme didn't believe it. Instead, she focused on what Kate had to say about the conversation with Payne. "Well if he already doesn't like Xavier, then it would make sense that he dislikes the idea of you sleeping with him even more." She offered with a touch of a frown. "It's sweet that he cares about you and Sarah but it goes back to what we were saying earlier, yeah? As long as you're happy…that's what's important."

"If we'se bein' fair ta' Payne-ee ova' 'ere…" Tony articulated this by nodding his head in the general direction of the door he'd slammed moments before, "He ain' exactly got a great track record ta' start wit' ya'know? You know whatta' fuck I'm talkin' about Kate, so don' act like it's some kina' surprise…" he muttered, shaking his head, "An' Esme wasn't makin' a foola' herself, she was jus' embarassed - I's was just bein' me…" he winked at Kate and shrugged.

"I know it's annoyin' hon, but the guy cares about you'se all, it's betta' than bobody carin' about you'se…" he trailed, as if that last part may be something he's all too familiar with. "Trust me. It's no fun."

"I love Franklin, and I /know/ that he and Julian have my best interests at heart. Having said that, neither of them have met Xavier. So I think they're jumping the fucking gun when they automatically assume that he's some troublesome asshole perv." Katherine says, narrowing her eyes at Tony for a moment. "So..yeah." She turns and pulls open the fridge, putting the pizza away. "I don't think Esme ever has made a fool of herself in my knowing her. Heather used to hate her. She was a senior when we were froshies, and she always had her shit together." She turns to smirk at Anthony, tutting softly. "People care about you now, and if you can't see that. Shame on you." She pours some milk, adding vanilla and a dollop of honey before she puts it in the microwave. "If you two don't want to go out in the cold, there are empty rooms upstairs. Together or separate, I won't judge."

"No one is perfect. I like Xavier, the little bit I've gotten to know of him." She gave a subtle shrug and chuckled. "By the time I was a senior I guess I'd gotten better at reining in my weird." She tucked a few strands of hair behind her ear. "Oh, uhm," She looked back to Anthony and then up to Kate. "…Maybe. I mean, staying. I'm already in pajamas…" She chuckled again, eyeing the distance between where she was and her wine glass before picking up Tony's and taking a quick sip from the side he hadn't drunk from. "What are you heating up?" She knows - she saw Kate put it all in there. She just wants to change the subject.

"And more importantly, why is there no fuckin' booze in it?" Tony inquired equally when Esme asked what it was Katherine was heating up and did so in such a tone that suggested he was offended at the fact. "My place is literally like, twenty feet outta' the door, Kate. You're welcome ta' come stay on my couch though, or even ina' bed, man…" Tony whistled low with a shake of his head in mock disbelief, "Ya'know how warm it'd be wit' the t'ree of us? Talk about amazin' " he smiled, shrugging his shoulders. "You know I got the good scotch, makes for a cozy time" he watched Esme take a drink from his glass, "I don't have cooties y'know…"

"Tony, if you're trying to stay in Franklin's good graces, inviting me out to snuggle into a cuddle pile is probably not the way to go about it. That is the quick way to get slotted into the perv territory." Katherine pulls the mug out from the microwave, sniffing at it before she stirs it slowly. She sprinkles in some cinnamon and shrugs. "Warm milk, hopefully it'll help me sleep." She takes a sip, tilting her head with narrowed eyes and then nods. "Scotch would be better, and Esme.." She looks thoughtful for a moment, taking another sip. "Just be comfortable, you're among friends."

Esme set the wine glass down with a little grin to Tony. "I'm just being polite. Maybe you didn't want to…what's that saying…swap spit with me via your drink." She relaxed into him a little more and looked towards Kate. "I'm trying. I like to think I'm getting better at it. I've been getting better about doing more than just work and go home. Trying to socialize more and whatnot." A little wave of her free hand and she smiled again. "And it should help you sleep but I have to agree with the Scotch…but that could just be because I don't like warm milk." She laughed.

Blink. Blink. Blink. Anthony shook his head and arched his eyes in a gesture that he was taken aback, "Uh…did I say I was tryin' ta' do that? I said I feared for any man who's fucked you ova' aaannnndddd, last I checked, tellin' you'se how great set a' cuddle buddies me an' Ez would make ain't anythin' of the sort…" he commented, shaking his head, "C'mon, bring ya' milk, weirdo. We're goin' where the scotch runs free in the plains of the Garage Suite!" He exclaimed, careful in assisting Esme to stand as he stood up, and made for his suit jacket on one of the bar stools in the kitchen, "C'mon" he didn't do much as ask as tell, waving his hand in a dismissive gesture, "Don' try an' complain, Kate, ya' said ya'self, the Scotch always wins!" - with that he slung his jacket over his shoulder on one finger and headed for the back door.

"I never said you were trying to do a that. I said…despite how innocent it would be, if Franklin found out about a cuddle pile. You'd be a perv." Katherine knows Franklin well enough to be absolutely sure about that. She takes a drink from her milk, watching Tony with an amused look on her face. "Tony, you and Esme just go on out, have a good evening. I'm sure she would much rather have you to herself." She quirks a brow at Esme, picking up her spoon to stir a few more times. "This milk will do the job, and you should try it, it's not bad."

If there was one thing that could put a hitch in a step, it was the equivelant of being told 'No' - Anthony stopped in place, pivoted, and placed his free hand on his hip, "Katherine Stone…" he began, canting his head to the side slightly, "Why do you hate me and Esme so? I thought you cared about ya' guests? Are we so socially unappealing you won't have a drink wit' us?" he looked positively dejected, "I though we were closer than that…" he looked at Katherine, and when he looked he -looked- the sort of look that puppies give when they are hungry, starving, on the side of the road and a good citizen who loves cuddly things can't help but stop to help. The sort of look that… the picture was clearly painted. "Please?" Tony added then, flicking an eyebrow upward, and gesturing a hand toward Esme, "Innocent. Fun. Scotch."

Katherine sets down the milk, shaking her head as she pulls her robe from the back of the chair. "Yes, yes. Fine. Scotch. Wipe that look off of your face, Tony." She bumps into him, putting an arm over Esme's shoulder as she nudges open the door. "Innocent fun." She says to Esme as they trapise across the back yard. "I don't know if there is any such thing when something like that is paired with the word scotch."

She laughed at the look Tony pulled, putting her arm around Kate loosely in turn. "I don't know if there is either, but I've a feeling we're going to find out one way or another." She mused, a little shiver running through her at the cold air, but the Garage was close!


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