(2018-12-02) Christmas Shopping with No Money
Everett and Willow wander around the mall imagining stuff they could buy.

Just in case people weren't aware, there's only three more shopping weekends before it's Christmas. Which means stores and malls are only going to be getting busier and busier in the immediate future. With no money to spend of his own, Everett wanted to come and mostly just window shop and see all of the things he might be able to get "someday." And, because he has a girlfriend, and that girlfriend has become very serious in the last day or so, he invited her to come along.

Wearing a winter jacket over his football hoodie, Everett enters the Old Spanish Fort beside Willow, looking around at all of the people. "… anything you really wanna look at? Or you just wanna walk around a little?" he asks. His limp has gotten significantly better over the last couple weeks, barely noticeable now.

"I'm good with walking around" Willow replies, her arm hooked through his as they walk. She's in tights, short skirt, giant sweater, and even bigger ex-army jacket. A scarf and beanie completing the ensemble, the light snowfall from outside melting on her clothes. "It's not as if I can afford anything" she giggles, "But it's good to dream. And I can get inspiration at least for when I make my own Christmas presents for people."

"Oh, I can't afford nothin', neither. But … let's pretend I gots money. If we could afford /anything/ up in here. What would we get?" Everett asks, smiling over at his girl. "I mean, you always talkin' bout all my potential and stuff, right? So, what would we 'potentially' buy?" Looking around, he nods his head to one side and starts ambling that direction. "What would be the first thing you would buy, if you could afford anything in the world?"

"Hmmm…what would I buy." Willow purses her lips in thought as they meander through the crowds…and there are lots of people here. "If I could buy anything. I dunno…world peace?" She is only half teasing. "I guess I don't really need much, you know? Plenty of people have less than me. Maybe I could help them out? Buy a meal for everyone or something." She screws up her nose. "Pretty stupid I know."

"Tsk. That's not stupid. That's sweet," Everett argues, leaning over to kiss the top of her head. "But, I'm just talkin' material things. Wastin' money. It's Christmas. First thing I'm buyin'? A house for moms and pops. Even if they ain't wanna leave Calaveras, at least in a nicer neighborhood. /First/ thing I'm buyin'." He then budges her with his hip, smiling at her. "So, what about you? No rescuing all the babies or savin' all the animals. Just stuff. What you buyin'?"

"Fine" Willow sighs as she is told to be a consumer, though it is only a teasing sigh. "Though the babies and the animals do need rescuing. A house is a nice gift. You sure your parents want to move? Anyway, what do /I/ want. A workshop? Fancy tools to do my art? All the welding things and stuff. I guess that would be nice, but I've never had a lot and I don't need a lot. Oh…maybe an autographed picture of the cast of Buffy for my parents. All of the cast."

"… Buffy the Vampire Slayer?" Everett asks, surprised. He chuckles a little and shrugs. "Okay. So. Families is spoken for. And you want a workshop, huh?" That makes Everett ponder for a few seconds. "Have you ever tried to sell any of your sculptures or anything?" he asks, looking over at her. "We already know I don't know nothin' bout art, but there's eBay and stuff. You ever tried posting anything?"

"My parents are big fans of Buffy. Hence why I am called 'Willow'. I might have preferred 'Buffy', but it is better than 'Giles'. That's my middle name" Willow explains. "They were pretty young when they had me. Too young. I mean, I might not live with them, or see them much, but I love them and I know they love me." A blush at the thought of selling her art. "Nah, no one would be interested in it. It means something to me but I doubt it will mean anything to anyone else. I mean, you just stare at it and never understand why it is called what it is" she smirks. "I dunno…I guess I could do some commissions or something. But I'm also a dick, remember, not sure I will have the time for it. You haven't said what you want for yourself."

Everett blinks at the mention of how she got her name. And her middle name. … huh! He nods, learning something new about his girlfriend every day. "Well, if you don't wanna sell it because it means something to you, personally, ain't nothin' wrong with that. But, if you got stuff you ain't really attached to, you could put it on eBay and see what happens? I mean, worse case scenario, nobody buys it and you gets ta keep it, anyway." As Willow asks what he'd want, Everett chuckles. "Ohh, shorty, I could /shop/ if I had money. Get clothes like Neon Deion? Always be suited up, looking proper? Plus, my PS3 sho' ain't getting any newer. Can't even get new games for it, now, so. It'd be cool to play the new Madden on like, a seventy-five inch TV or somethin'. I could buy all kinds of things," he grins.

"I guess people are always looking for a cheap paperweight" Willow muses about her sculptures. "Hmm…do people still need paperweights? Computer weights?" A shrug at the craziness of the world before she is smiling at all the things Everett wants. "But you'll be a football star by then, so why would you need a video game when you play the real thing? I don't understand those car driving games. Why not just drive a car?" This coming from the former car thief who has probably lived 'Grand Theft Auto'. "I think you look pretty hot dressed as you are" she smiles sweetly. "Seventy-five inches? Wow. That is big."

Everett chuckles at Willow's responses, smiling. "Because I can't play football twenty-four, seven, so Madden makes up for it. And /most/ of us can't go whippin' a benzo around a corner at eighty miles an hour in real life. Video games is as close as a lotta folks get to doin' a lotta stuff. Like the shooting games and stuff. I ain't never goin' to no war, but it's fun to blow up zombies." He then gives her arm a squeeze and points at a jewelry store. "Ain't there nothin' you would love to have that ain't really good for nothin' but wantin' it?"

"Shooting zombies I understand, no one will ever do that…cross fingers" Willow replies, "But stuff like sport and driving, just go out and do it." Her brow furrows. "People aren't allowed to go round corners that fast? Oops." She looks over at the jewelry store and screws up her nose once more. "Nah, that's not really my kind of thing. Sooo expensive. And the people who dig it out the ground aren't treated very well. And for what, something shiny?" A shake of her head. "Good for nothing is good for nothing" she winks, leaning in to him affectionately. "Not sure I can get you a really big television for Christmas. I don't think Vic pays me that much."

Tsk. There she goes again, being too noble for Everett. As she leans into him, Everett kisses the top of her head again and rests his cheek there. "You ain't gotta buy me no TV, 'low. Just come to Christmas with my parents. Only thing I want you to give me is you," he says, smiling. "You're too much of a sweetheart, sometimes. Makin' me look bad," he teases. "And nah, you ain't s'posed to be takin' corners at eighty. Definitely not safe, in real life."

"I never crashed" Willow shrugs, sounding all innocent…and proud of her driving skills. If only she had a car to prove it. Preferably her own car. "You have me" she smiles, up on tippy-toes to kiss his cheek. "Quite a few times" she adds with a giggling blush. "I'll come along. Oh, do I need to bring anything? Like, a bottle of wine, or dessert, or whatever people bring to these things. Do I need to bring a cooked turkey? And you definitely don't look bad." She sucks on her lower lip for a moment as she looks him over. "Mmmmm…definitely not. You want to get some ice cream? Sure, it's freezing outside but you don't eat ice cream to get cool, you eat it because it is…yummy!"

There's another chuckle at Willow's insistence of the safety of driving reckless. But, just on his cheek? After Willow tippy-toes, Everett is quick to turn and catch her lips before she's back down, giving her a soft but more direct kiss. And then she mentions /that/ and Everett grimaces and chuckles. "… well … I mean …," he trails off. But … there's really nothing else for him to say about it. So, he doesn't. "Nah, you ain't gotta bring nothin'. I called 'em and told 'em today and they're excited to meet you. And my moms cooks a ton of food, so you'll prolly leave with a plate." Then, he chuckles a little and nudges Willow again. "C'mon, Willow. I ain't even dressed up or nothin'. You see me like this all the time." And then she's wanting ice cream, and Everett shrugs. "Sure."

Willow certainly isn't going to object to a kiss on the lips. She would go for more…if she was taller. Damn shortness. A little unsteady on her feet as she settles back on the ground, cheeks flush. Back to talking about Christmas dinner. "Awww…excited to see me? How sweet. I hope I don't disappoint them." She peers up at him before asking, in a whisper, "They're not expecting tall, blonde and big boobs, are they? I mean…I could wear a disguise or something if that would help. Stuff some melons in my top." Always trying to help! But now it is ice cream time and that is important. "You don't need to dress up" she smiles, leading him towards the yummy stuff. "I mean, you look even more totally awesome in nothing at all. Just saying."

"Hon, you really gotta get over this blonde with boobs thing. /You/ are my girl. /You/ are who I wanna spend my time with. I ain't fittin' ta bail on you just cuz some other girl might have a body that's different. There's lotsa dudes out there, do I need ta be worried about you finding someone bigger and more buff than me?" Everett asks, following his girlfriend to the ice cream place. And then she's commenting on him being naked and he has to chuckle again. "Aw man. Hush."

"I don't think there is anyone bigger and more buff than you" Willow points out, "So I assume that was a rhetorical question. I dunno, E. You don't see rich, famous footballers with women like me." Her smile is soon back though, broad as ever. "But you will be different" she winks, "You will have taste. I mean, assuming we're still together then. Don't see why not though. Do they have soft serve? I /love/ soft serve."

Everett laughs a little bit. "I'll have to introduce you to the linebackers. Make me look tiny," he muses, leaning down to steal another kiss from Willow. Then, he smirks a little. "And you sayin' I /will/ have taste like I ain't had a taste last night," he teases her. As they enter the ice cream place, Everett scans the menu and nods in its direction. "… yup. Mostly soft serve. Flavors is up there, too."

"Ooh…listen to you doing innuendo" Willow giggles. "Yes, you had a taste last night. And you can go back for more anytime you like. And I'm sure those linebackers are big…but not all over." Everett started it! She peers up at the flavors. So many. "Do you think their cotton candy flavor has meth in it? I should ask them." She takes a step forward to talk to the counter staff before spotting another flavour. "Ooh…caramel. What would you like, hon? Umm…E."

There's a smirk as Willow kinda fumbles over the pet name. "Calling me honey, now?" he teases. Since she's let go of his arm now, Everett moves up behind her and wraps his free arm around her, reading over her head. "Strawberry always been my favorite," he says, easy enough. And then, while she's busy reading the menu, he'll lean down and whisper in her ear playfully, "I don't think they'd appreciate it if I went back for more right this instant." And then he kisses her cheek and straightens back up, feigning innocence to anyone who looks in his direction.

"Probably better than calling you chocolate" Willow points out about the honey slip. "No, /definitely/ better than calling you chocolate. That would just get me in a world of hurt. Oh…I could call you 'Eclair'. Chocolate with cream inside." She grins at him, totally sincere, before screwing up her nose. "Maybe we'll keep it to 'honey'." A sly smile at his whisper before she replies, "They may not appreciate it but I would. Caramel and strawberry then? Separate cones." She rummages around for her money as she steps forward once more, this time to order. Which she does.

There's a groan at the idea of being called 'eclair,' and Everett shakes his head. "Chocolate, I ain't mind, but don't go namin' me after pastries. Make me sound all soft." He just smirks at her reply to his whisper, waiting for her to place the order. She already knew he didn't have money before they left, so he doesn't bother trying to find something he doesn't have. He just continues standing with her, hand resting at her waist while she orders. When the ice cream arrives, he'll carry his own cone, making sure to taste a little off the top right away. "… huh! I didn't know you could get anythin' but chocolate or vanilla soft serve, but … this is pretty good!"

"Chocolate Eclair" is suggested as a compromise before Willow nods at keeping it just to 'chocolate'. "Is that racist though? Would you call me 'vanilla'? Though that might be better than 'Shorty'. I think you call everyone 'Shorty'" she teases before a long, slow lick of her ice cream. Some of it ending up on her nose. "Oh. My. Gosh. This is now my favorite store ever." If she had more money, she'd gulp it down and try another flavor, but since cash is tight, she will have to make this one last. Willow finds a bench and sits down, patting the seat next to her for Everett. "Did you have your exam or whatever yet?"

Everett chuckles and shakes his head at the racist question. "Racism indicates discrimination and lookin' down on somebody. Callin' your black boyfriend 'chocolate' ain't no thang, long as it's meant affectionately," he assures her, winking. And then she's asking about being called Vanilla, and Everett laughs. "Nah, nah. I'd never call you vanilla. You way too unique for that. And shorty … it ain't really like, a personal thing, you know? A shorty is a female or a kid. I don't call you shorty when I'm tryin'a be affectionate. I call you 'low. Short for Willow. My own li'l nickname for my li'l girlriend." And, as she gets ice cream on her nose, he grins and points at it. "I don't think that's how you get a caramel complexion, either."

After Willow finds them a bench, Everett files in after her, settling in and slouching as he takes another lick from his ice cream. "My exam ain't for another two weeks. But I'll be ready. If I can keep all my grades at a B or better, it'll be the best semester I've ever had."

"I like 'low" Willow decides after some careful thought and consideration. "Vic calls me Wil. So between the two of you, my name is sorted" she grins before confusion at the pointing. She goes cross-eyed trying to spot the problem before dabbing it with her finger. "Oh…ice cream." She seems relieved, and even giggles at the complexion comment. "I don't get much different than white, sorry."

A nod about the exam. "You'll do awesome. And if you need any help, I will tell the teachers that you are awesome. Do you have a break over the holidays, or just Christmas day off?" It's been a long time since Willow attended school…or was supposed to be attending. She dabs some ice cream on the end of his nose, smiling wickedly before slowly licking it off. "Still chocolate" she teases.

"Yeah, I got a-," Everett starts to explain. But then, there's ice cream on his nose. He blinks and doesn't have a free hand to wipe it off, but then Willow takes care of it for him. He rolls his eyes, but the sheepish smirk on his face probably betrays his hidden blush. "As I was /saying/," he starts again, smiling. "Finals is the week before Christmas. Then, I got off through New Years. Go back on the second. So, I get about a week and a half off."

"Nice. Good time to have off with all the holidays and stuff. Though I guess that's not really fair. I mean, they would be holidays anyway for everyone, but you have to use up your school holidays to have the same holidays as everyone else that you would have had anyway if you weren't at school. Dang…sometimes life can be cruel" Willow nods sagely before back to her ice cream, leaning in to rest her head on his shoulder. "You get a scholarship, right? A football one?"

Everett tries to follow Willow's train of logic, and does, for the most part, but the fact that she arrives where she left actually confuses him a little. But! She doesn't seem to worry about it, so he doesn't, either, leaning his head against hers after she leans against him. "Well, I'm on scholarship right now, but it's just a partial. They might gimme a full ride for next year, though, if my grades stay good like that," he explains.

"That would be pretty cool. You totally deserve that. All the hard work you do and coming out of the Heights. I'm proud of you, Chocolate. Hmm…three syllables instead of just E. But everyone calls you 'E'. Hey, did you know that everything starts with an 'e'? Mindbending, right?" A deep sigh from the content Willow. "We should probably look at more stuff we can't buy."

"Everything doesn't start wi- … ohhhhhhhh," Everett says, catching her joke only after he started to argue with it. He chuckles, then turns his head and leans in. "Very cute, 'low," he responds. And then, before they get back up to do some more window shopping, he gives her a soft but lingering kiss, not wanting to get too into it in public.

Everett might not want to get too into it but Willow doesn't mind. The soft kiss is returned. The lingering allowing her to bring some heat, and tongue, into the smooching. It also allows her to clamber onto his lap without breaking the kiss. Arms wrapped around his neck…ice cream held out of the way (though it may dribble down his back)…as she presses herself against him.

Everett blinks in surprise as Willow climbs onto his lap, quickly lifting his arm and keeping his ice cream out of harm's way for a moment. But, when she's settled onto his lap, he doesn't have any problem with the fact that she intensified the kissing. Or that she's in his lap. Thankfully, he's still got his winter gear on, so if her ice cream DOES dribble anywhere, it won't be down his back. His /coat/, on the other hand, may take one for the team. As they kiss, Everett sighs, a content sound, and enjoys the sensation of her now ice-cream-cold tongue and the taste of caramel in her mouth.

Ice cream all but forgotten as the kissing continues, though the grinding is not as much fun with all those layers of clothes. Still, two young adults making out on a bench in a mall is not going to go unnoticed for too long. And there soon follows a clearing of a throat to get their attention. A security guard is there to inquire as to whether they have finished shopping…and their melting ice creams are making a mess. Time to leave.

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