(2018-12-02) Beef and Broccoli
Chinese food and conversation. Everyone wants to see Katherine mad… though maybe not right now.

"And I know that, half the time, you feed the guests and half the city that wanders in /and/ that you would be unhappy if anyone even looked like they might go hungry," Xavier replies, serenely. He's up to get the food with Anthony's help, and soon there are containers heaped up on the great room table. And the kitchen table. And he grabs plates and silverware from the kitchen along the way. "Besides, it's just as good the next day, so if you want to take it easy tomorrow, you can." Then he glances at Anthony. "Flowers and a letter?" One eyebrow rises curiously.

"It was a *Christmas Boquet* not *flowers*" Anthony pointedly insisted with a glance toward Xavier in a brotherly like assurance between mutually respected parties, "The letter was just that I hadn't seen her in a few days and was wishing her well, had thought I'd see her at the rodeo and a couple of packets of cider in case she was feeling under the weather." he shrugged as he both explained and pushed his sleeves to mid-forearm simultaneously, "So who want's what?" he asked then, placing his hands on his hips as he looked over the food, ready to play waiter to the two.

"There were flowers in the bouquet." Katherine mutters, her eyes narrowing as she stares at the spread of food. "I meant to go to the rodeo last night, then I got busy. I'm very sorry that I missed it, actually, and wanted to get a donation to Warren and damn it, I forgot to mention that to him." The line between her brows appears again as she reaches for her phone. "I would like some beef and broccoli, please, but Anthony you don't have to do all of that. I can get some in just a moment." She sits back, looking drawn, and then after a moment she taps a text into her phone. "I don't think too much has gone right for me today."

Xavier smiles, with a brief nod at the reassurance from Anthony. "I'm certain it was a lovely bouquet. I can get Kate's plate, Anthony," he adds, with a look back at Katherine. "All the more reason to relax for an evening, I should think." He gives her a warm smile, then goes about getting a heaping plate of beef and broccoli for her, and a smaller, more separated plate of dim sum and spring rolls for himself. And yes, there are chopsticks, and yes, he grabs a pair for himself, while Kate gets both chopstick and silverware options presented.

The sound of the door is a warning that the hanging danger of being in a B&B has come to pass: more people. Person, anyway; the faint rustle of a coat being removed and hung, and Vyv becomes visible as he moves toward the Great Room, carrying a grocery bag. Not Food4Less, this time. He's figured out where the better stuff is. He hesitates on seeing the group there, though he shouldn't be surprised, really. Maybe it's just that it's not the kitchen everyone's in. Or the Chinese food. "Evening," he greets, a gaze sweeping across them all, "Smells lovely."

"I'm still not convinced about those pine cones…" Anthony remarked softly and got himself a plate with a nod toward Xavier at the serving for Kate. Unlike Xavier however, Tony was not quite as reserved, dishing a large heaping of a few various dishes and all mixed together like the barbarian he was. At the front door sounding, Anthony looked up toward the arriving Vyv, "Don' you have an assistant for that?" he commented at the man's grocery bag before returning toward the living room and sitting down in the offered chair, looking toward Katherine, "Yeah, I heard you'se had quite the day, Hon…" he commented, taking a moment to view her clothing which caused him to purse his lips, "I hope you're feelin' a little better"

Kate sets her phone aside and winces as she gazes at Anthony. "They didn't have to take me to the hospital, and I'm pretty embarrassed about it. Let's just pretend that everything is fine for right now, and I'll just tuck into this food." She takes the plate from Xavier, watching him for a moment before she leans in to kiss his cheek. "Thank you." She picks up the chopsticks and easily maneuvers some beef and rice on them before taking a bite. "I just need to figure a few things out, take care of them, hopefully before Heather finds out. She gets fussy." She smiles at Vyv when he appears. "Did you bring anything fun home from the store?"

Xavier blinks at the kiss, then smiles. "Think nothing of it," he says, after a moment. He settles back in and gives Vyv a wave of his chopsticks. "It's Chinese night. Ancient tradition of our ancestors." A solemn nod to accompany the deadpan statement. A look at the food bags. "Planning some pastry experimentations?" His overall demeanor is casual, but he pays close attention to Katherine's response to Anthony, his mouth ticking downward for a second at the mention of the hospital.

"Among other things," Vyv says, with a fleeting glance at the bag, then back to Anthony, "but I'm a touch choosy about my ingredients, and I haven't taught her how I'd pick, yet." Katherine gets a very faint smile in return, though it does manage to qualify; it wavers a touch as he studies her current attire and the hint of… perhaps something slightly off tonight? "Some quite nice fresh ginger, and a small pot of yuzu kosho. And, yes, I had a couple thoughts. Is everything all right?" He moves on through the arch to the kitchen without waiting for the answer, but his attention still seems more on them. Which isn't entirely usual, once he's moved into that room.

There was a slight furrow to Anthony's coal-black brows at the mention of the hospital, though he presented a smile toward Katherine anyway, "Why would we need to pretend? Everything is wonderful" he replied to her simply, as if to assure her of his intent to let the sleeping dog lie at this particular juncture. Though his eyes did test a glance toward Xavier briefly and a turned head toward Vyv warranted a warm smile, and then back to the two of them, "So…" he cleared his throat, "How are…things?"

Katherine glances between Anthony and Xavier, her chopsticks still moving to pluck food up and put it in her mouth. She chews briefly, swallowing before she responds to Anthony. "Things are interesting." She pauses, her chopsticks nearly dropping the rice on them. "I heard you and Xavier had a talk the other evening." She narrows her gaze on Anthony, but it's brief before she smiles again. "Have you been comfortable in the garage? Anything I should know about?"

"Things are fine," Xavier says, in almost the same breath that Katherine says they're interesting. "I've put a downpayment on a townhouse downtown; I'll have to have you all over for dinner once the renovations are done," he says, with a smile. "It's a decent building, or will be with a few improvements." He takes up a few dim sum with neat bites, then raises his voice so that it can clearly carry to the kitchen, "What are you planning to make, Mister Vydal, if I might be nosy?"

Vyv may have taken the answers about Things as answers to his question as well; still listening, even if it might be clearer in the extra quietness of the way he moves in there. "A chocolate gingerbread tart," he answers, putting the last of his items away, and moving to claim a plate and investigate the Chinese options. The bottom of the plate gets covered in rice, first. "I think the extra bit of spice and the citrus should cut the richness of the chocolate custard nicely. What's your new townhouse like? …don't hire Connor and Sons to do the renovations, by the way, they take unreasonable ages." Various different dishes end up on his plate, very neatly compartmentalized, though he doesn't seem to mind if they touch. He emerges with it, chopsticks, and a napkin.

"Vyv, the man's an architect, I'm certain he's got people for that…" Anthony chuckled softly, though he took the moment afterward to regard Katherine seriously, a slight arch to his brow with her narrow gaze, "We did have a nice meeting, I'm sure you've heard all about it…" he smiled, though shrugged, "The garage has been quiet and nice, nothing of note to speak of - should there be?"

Katherine takes another bite of her food, gazing absently at Anthony, almost as if she forgot why she was grumpy. "No, just tidbits. He's as close mouthed as almost anyone I've met." There at least is a fond lilt to her voice as she says that, a quick smile aimed at Xavier. "No, I'm just making sure everything is well, because if it isn't, I can make adjustments." She takes another bite of her food and after a few minutes she speaks up, sounding slightly amused. "I do look forward to this conversation, I will say, because you've pinged my curiosity." She smiles over at Vyv, her eyebrows going up a bit at talk of the tart. "Chocolate and gingerbread? I'm intrigued."

"He's got a good tailor, too, but =he's= not here," Vyv retorts, "Better safe than sorry, you apparently can't trust references around here. But obviously one's own people are better." A small shrug, as he picks a chair to settle into.
"I'll try the first version tonight, if you don't mind," he says to Katherine, "and if you'll be so kind as to test it for me, of course — you don't mind a bit of spice, do you? And now my curiosity's all pinged as well. What are all these interesting things going on, and why do they keep missing me?"

"It's because nobody wants to get the interesting all over your suits, darling" Anthony replied to Vyv with a grinning smile as he took another bite of his food which he thoroughly seemed to be enjoying - perhaps his statement to that effect had nothing to do with Xavier's glance after all.
"I am willfully at your disposal, Kate. Just call or shoot me a text whenever you'd like to make it so, I'll even be so kind as to come to you" he winked and took another bite of food.

Katherine smiles at Vyv, nodding slowly. "Of course I don't mind, I'm not using the kitchen..and with all of this Chinese food here, I probably won't be using it tomorrow either." She takes a bite with her chopsticks, dropping a piece of beef on her chest. She carefully picks it off with her chopsticks and makes an inelegant noise. "Damnit." She mutters, and then her cheeks get pink. "I just got overwrought today, Vyv, nothing serious. I'm told I need to slow down, and I'm going to."

"I'm both grateful and bored," Vyv says, "Maybe I ought to dress down more often and see how things go." For certain values of dressing down, anyway. He's probably not all that much happier to have things splashed on his jeans. He places that napkin across his lap and leans forward slightly while he eats, very much to that end, though he's actually rather good with the chopsticks.
Katherine gets an almost concerned look as he takes her in again, though the sweats still might be part of that. "Mn. Just too many people here at once, or? While I'm still here, I could probably cook a thing now and then if it would help. Not up to your standards, obviously, but I think I could guarantee edible."

"I do have my own people, although I've hired some locals, too. The townhouse is nothing special, at the moment - two bedrooms, two story. I'm having the bathroom and kitchen redone, and of course the office area. It needs to be rewired for my drafting setup." Xavier finally stops eating dim sum to offer an answer to at least some questions. His look towards Katherine is when he thinks she's not looking, and is a bit furrow-browed and concerned, but he keeps his voice light as he says, "Slowing down isn't a bad idea. And if there's anything I can do to help other than the obvious, let me know?"

The thought of Vyv dressing down caused an arch of a brow from Anthony toward him, "It would certainly be strange seeing you out of your norm, I admit…" he commented, turning his attention to Katherine and Xavier then, "I agree, slowing down wouldn't be a bad idea. I know you'se been under a lotta' stress lately about a lotta' different t'ings and whatnot…" he cleared his throat, though this particular one seemed to be out of necessity rather than intent, as he took a bite soon after. "I'm sure between the t'ree of us here, we'se could really do ya's some good in a handful a' different ways, makin it easier for you'se to relax - I mean, like Westin 'ere" Tony gestured with his fork toward Xavier, "I should be puttin' in a bid on a property in'a next couple days an' be outta' ya' hair as a guest at least… maybe consider not rentin' 'em all out for awhile?"

"I'm only down to a few guests right now. This work doesn't stress me out, much." Katherine's eyes are on her plate, so all these looks are not noticed at the moment. "I'm probably going to have to make a choice about being on the television show. Though honestly that doesn't stress me out much either. If I can just get my sisters sorted, maybe I can breathe a little bit." She gives Xavier a quick look, smiling before she plucks more broccoli from her plate. "You don't have to cook though, Vyv. I mean… it's one of the things that I enjoy, and it does calm me down." She takes a bite of the broccoli and sets the plate aside, sliding back further on the couch to curl up.

"You've seen me in jeans," Vyv notes to Anthony, "Twice, actually." Both times also involved cufflinks, granted, so the level of 'down' may be in question. He nods to Xavier's answer about the townhouse, looking satisfied enough with that, and volunteers, "/Assuming/ things go something vaguely resembling how they were actually scheduled, I should be out of your hair in the not too distant as well. And if they don't, I may be anyway if I don't hide the bodies well enough. I don't have that many other sorts of help I can offer, unless you need someone to complain to or with. I'm quite good at that." He has a quick bite of the cashew chicken, swallowing it before he adds, "It would be a shame if you left the show, though. What sorting out do your sisters need?"

Xavier looks down at his plate, his expression thoughtful and somewhat remote, deep creases in his brow. To Vyv's question at the last, he snorts and mutters something that sounds a lot like, "A good hiding." He eats another dumpling before he says more, then looks up again, smile firmly in place. "Do you need help with your shop renovations? I could spare a couple of my guys for a few days to see how long it /should/ be taking, and then send some people over."

"Lye, maybe some Lime. Lil' bit'a bleach…" Anthony muttered at the mention of hiding the bodies in a fashion that was entirely to calm for the subject matter, or he was just a really good deadpan jokester, all the while shoveling another bite into his mouth of a mixture of rice and what was in some part of another dish. "No offense, Kate, but I've seen what you do ta' cookin' when you're pissed off, I'm not sure if I'd call it relaxing…"

Katherine leans in, hand on Xavier's shoulder. She murmurs something for his ear alone, frowning when she settles back. She turns to look at Vyv then, chuckling softly. "My youngest sister is pregnant, and pugnacious. The recently returned, Sarah, apparently is having health issues." She shrugs, clearly not wanting to dwell on the subject. "I'm not really pissed off though, Anthony. Though, I'm told that might help. Get good and angry, don't push those emotions down. Let it out." She hmmphs and gazes at the fire. "I'd actually like to see some of these renovations in action, if I can? I think it's kind of fascinating, I used to watch a lot of HGTV."

That corner of Vyv's mouth twitches upward at what Xavier's mutter resembles, half-masked by taking another bite of his food — and a touch farther at Anthony's. Maybe he assumes the guy /is/ joking. Maybe he's actually given thought to the post-furious portion of things before, who knows. The offer gets something more thoughtful, and after a moment, slightly malicious. "Between Cassidy and myself things are looking at least somewhat improved, but… if they're free, I'll admit, I'd rather like to see how they took that. Thank you."
Katherine gets a slight wince. "Sisters are much easier to deal with when they're at least two states away," he says reasonably sympathetically, "And throwing a tantrum /can/ be quite cathartic, but if you don't really mean it it won't do any good. It'd be fun to see how shocked people were if you did, though. You can come watch people building things at the shop if you like, I don't know if it will make things any less upsetting."

Xavier looks up at the touch on his shoulder, and smiles at her. He shakes his head, briefly at her murmur, whispers something back and tries to steal a brief kiss before she settles back. He grins at Anthony. "She does have a heavy hand on the knife when she gets stressed, doesn't she?" He nods in agreement with Vyv. "I'll tell them to swing by, then, Mister Vydal. And I have no objections to you checking out things at the townhouse, Kate. Things are going pretty quickly, but you might get to see them put in the wiring and the granite countertops." It probably says something about Xavier as a person that he says that as if it's a true enticement.

"You're a strange man, Westin" Anthony commented at his level of excitement in regard toward basic furnish and finishing works with a shake of his head, though it also had a smile and he finished what bit was left on his plate before setting it aside and taking a deep breath, leaning back into the chair as he raised a hand to his jaw which he stroked the whiskery formation of the shadow there, "You'se wan' me ta' just hang out ina' kitchen and smack anyone who tries ta' bring their fuckin' drama to you'se?" he smirked

Katherine leans in to lean against Xavier, and she does speak to him a few more times, shaking her head at something. "Trust me, Vyv, when I really get angry I mean it. I'm not given to tantrums, but sometimes I do get pretty angry." She turns her head slightly, making eye contact with Xavier. "What color granite?" She queries, pushing up to lean in toward the table, snagging an egg roll. "Tony, if you want to smack people around, have at it. Just not my guests, please. Unless they pay you for that on the side." She takes a bite, turning to grin at the man on the chair.

Vyv's eyes follow that whisper and kiss theft as he makes it through another bite or two. "I'll owe you one," he says to Xavier, "probably in pastry form, I suppose. I don't mind if you call me Vyv, by the way." It's casual enough to imply it's entirely up to him. He gestures vaguely toward Katherine with his chopsticks and says, "I wouldn't say I'm =given= to them either, but should the urge come across you…" He shrugs. "Really I tend to go cold rather than hot. But sometimes it's… therapeutic, that's all I'm saying." No comment on Anthony's offer or Katherine's caveat, unless one counts the smirk.

Xavier sniffs at Anthony. "A man who can't appreciate a nicely designed bit of wiring is scarcely a man at all," he claims, mock haughty. He exchanges a couple of quiet words to Katherine, and idly runs his fingers through her hair, gently. There's a brief laugh and he grins at Anthony. "Now there's a business Calaveras could use to add to local color." He turns the smile on Vyv. "Vyv, then. And Xavier, I hope, in return? And I'm sure we can work something out on the favor," he says, with a cheerful little flick of his fingers.

"So's feel free ta' slap anyone who's ain't one of ya' guests, got it" Anthony grinned in a painful and intentional misinterperetation of Katherin's words, "I'ma have ta' get an icepack for alla' slappin' I's gonna do, lemme tell ya's…" he laughed and raised his hand in mock preparation for a backhand slap. "Oh, unrelated…" he cleared his throat, "Kate, do you know a Ty by chance? Punk kid, bright red hair? If I'm bein' honest, kind of a pain in the ass?" he queried, canting his head aside somewhat as he did, arms draping over the edges of his chair in a lazy sprawl of comfort.

Katherine just shifts her eyes to Anthony when he mentions slapping and ice packs, she smirks briefly and settles against Xavier. "The wrong person will absolutely walk in and you'll end up regretting those words." She promises, nodding at his question. "I know him, felt for him when his mother died." She quirks a brow and manages a smile. "Why? He didn't do anything to you did he?" She bites absently on her bottom lip, hoping the answer is negative. She peeks at Vyv. "I hope you never see me angry, I'd feel bad."

"Xavier," Vyv agrees, inclining his head to the man and giving him a small smile in return. He falls silent, then, and makes some better inroads through his dinner, until Katherine's remark to him. The flicker of the smile coming back is almost startled, and settles much fainter as he replies lightly, "You certainly needn't if it's not at me. Obviously if it is we'd have to revisit that."

"Young kid, red hair? Didn't he come in for breakfast one time?" Xavier asks, idly. His arm comes around Katherine as she settles against him, and he caresses her arm. He shakes his head at Vyv. "She's telling an untruth. She's adorable when she's angry, really. She claims that occasionally there's pottery thrown, but I've yet to see it. I'm thinking of rearranging her kitchen when she's not looking." A teasing, sidelong look to her.

"I feel as if Katherine angry is likely comparable to one of Santa's Elves bein' pissed off…" Anthony commented aside from the topic he had brought up a moment ago, and the casual squint to his eyes with an upward glance seems as if he's imagining the various depicted scenarios of a Christmas Elf Katherine going beat red in the face and hurling pottery in a confusingly arranged kitchen at chef Vydal… and it gets a massive grinning smile across his face with laughter.
"Oh man…" he drew out and shook his head, "But yeah, yeah, that'sa kid. No, he didn' do nothin' ta' me…" he mentioned, his fingertips scratching along his jaw, "I'm actually payin' him ta' go to go see the head doc atta' university…I guess he's kina' my employee in a way, though he ain't useful fa' much yet. I told 'em if he can stay clean and prove he ain't blowin' the money I'd help him get on his feet…" Tony cleared his throat then, furrowing his brow, "We all get shit on sometimes in life. Kid jus' needs ta' catch a fuckin' break…."

"Ty wouldn't come up here for breakfast, not without an explicit invitation. I believe he had a run in with one of my siblings in school at some point, it blew up into a /thing/, and ..well .." Katherine trails off, shrugging her shoulders. "I hear about things that he's up to, but.. I don't give credit to rumors." She squints at Xavier, and then over at Anthony. Where she might have gotten angry at being compared to a Christmas Elf, a smile appears at Anthony's words. "That is very nice of you, if I can do anything to help, you let me know." She glances toward the stairs and frowns. "Unfortunately though, you'll probably see me angry soon. If Sarah doesn't tell me what's going on, I'm going to end up tossing her around the house. We swore after the accident, no secrets, and so far I'm the only one living up to that promise."

"You're thinking of rearranging a chef's kitchen on her? Hadn't pegged you for a masochist," Vyv says too-innocently, and again masks the creeping smile with food. The discussion of Ty he stays out of, beyond listening. It earns Anthony a brief considering look, but that's all. "It's some sort of secret about her health, you said?" he says, looking back to their hostess, "I have to say that seems like an odd thing to be unwilling to tell you about, at least if she's going to be in the house. And if she's just trying not to worry you that's clearly working fabulously."

Xavier widens his eyes and attempts to look innocent at Katherine. Anthony gets a bit of a skeptical look at his charity. "You know the chances of a junkie staying clean when you're giving them money are pretty low. I hope the kid does right, but…it's not a great bet, statistically." He flashes a brief smile at Vyv. "Look, sometimes you gotta get close to the tiger, even if it's going to eat you alive." But as the talk shades back towards Sarah, he gives Katherine a look of concern, watching her reaction carefully.

Anthony bobbed his head toward Katherine at her offer, though for the majority of those here it wasn't much of a stretch to understand he'd never ask her for anything except for breakfast if his life depended on it. Green eyes darting toward Xavier were precursor to a smirking grin and he shrugged, "That's kina' the point. If he can not burn t'rough the two grand I's gave him, an instead gets a new phone an' checks himself ina' get his head checked, it proves he want'sa be betta' - and if not, well…" he paused, pursing his lips, "I've spent two stacks on more stupida' stuff…" he shrugged, turning his head to one side until it emitted a series of pops and crackles from his neck.
"Y'know…Kate…" he said, gently, "I know you'se her sista' an' you care about the girl. But she's nineteen. Ta' her you'se ain' just her sista' you'se also her motha' an her caretaker…" he explained, offering a smile of condolance, "You'se wan't I's ta' try and talk to her? I know it seems a lil' shady, but she's clearly smitten' wit' me an will likely open up a lot easier ta' me than you'se…"

Katherine nods toward Vyv, turning to grin up at Xavier. "Don't move my things around, that would be a crockery tossing moment. Really." She sees the look of concern and reaches out to gently soothe it away. "I think Ty wants to be better than he is, you know…he was a pretty big deal in high school. I do remember seeing him at some sports games that I've been dragged to over the years." She clearly struggles for a moment, frowning before she takes a deep breath, spreading her hands apart. "If you want to, Tony. I'm not going to say no. I realize that sometimes I'm going to need to let go of things. Let them happen. It isn't easy, but the doctor told me that it's better out than in. So I need to start expressing my emotions instead of hiding them away."

Vyv looks at Xavier sidelong a moment, and the smile stays faint as he gives a small tilt of his head and murmurs, "All right, granted." He's perfectly happy to leave volunteering to talk to teenage girls to Anthony, and gets a good few more bites down before Katherine mentions her doctor's advice. No words then, either, with his mouth being full, but the flourish of chopsticks toward her can probably be interpreted as 'See?' 'cause he's totally the expert on expressing emotions.

Xavier shifts in his seat, giving Anthony a disbelieving look. "Two grand? Jesus, Anthony. That kid's going to get higher than the space station. Might even overdose with that kind of money in his hand." He gives a skeptical grunt at Katherine's more optimistic assessment of the young man's character. There's a smile at the attempt to soothe him. "The doctor isn't wrong. Holding everything in all the time just means it's going to break out when you don't want it to.

The laugh that Xavier's words got was deep and bellied, though was entirely uncertain if it was evil in the fact that it amused him, or comical in the fact that it wouldn't happen. It was truly a 50/50 shot with Anthony. "Yeah. Yeah, maybe…." he replied simply and shrugged his shoulders, "Or he'll get his shit together and I will have been intsrumental in turnin' the life around of someone who used ta' be a good kid but got a shit hand in life" he shrugged again, "I give it a solid thirty seventy, odds in favor of the massive speedball he's shootin' up right now…" he exhaled and rose to his feet, "Anyone want anythin' ta' drink?" heading for the kitchen.

"When Anthony checked in, Xavier, I quoted him a price on his room and he upped it by forty bucks." Katherine smirks and shakes her head back and forth. "I would love to think that Ty is going to get it together, but you're probably going to have a few rough starts and stops with him." She gives the kitchen a considering look. "I wouldn't mind some water, if you're going in that direction." She glances up at Xavier. "When I get angry or upset at things, I tend to say things that I regret later. I don't want to do that."

"Not saying them takes practice," Vyv says, "…I'm told. Also, deciding you care enough you don't want to. But anyway, in /theory/, one's less likely to shoot one's mouth off if the inclination's less rare." He scoops up another bite, adding, "Although possibly you oughtn't listen to us too much on the topic, because I'm starting to suspect we might have ulterior motives. Oh, and I could use a drink, please, Anthony." The bite's popped into his mouth.

"I'm good," Xavier calls out to Anthony, although after leaning in to kiss Kate again, he also moves to his feet. "Because he /also/ knows that you are undercharging rather badly for your rooms," he says, dryly. "But I should probably be heading back down the hill for the night. If you'll be okay?" A gesture at the brown paper bag he left by the couch back when he came in. "You might want to open that at some point, too." Then he pretends to shush Vyv. "Don't tell her that. Anyway, good night to you all." He inclines his head towards Anthony and Vyv, with Kate getting a longer, fonder look.

There was a raise of a hand toward Xavier, a motionless wave of his off hand as he'd announced his intent to leave, "Au revoir, Westin" he commented as he made his pathway into the kitchen, in which he gathered three glasses of water, though his own glass of water looked a bit ambery, with an acrid…no…that was whiskey. Two glasses of water and his own of whiskey. His return was easy and he offered them both a smile as he delivered each before returning to his chair, "I'll see what I can do, Kate. No promises, as she's an elusive teenager, but I'll try."

"I'm not undercharging that badly." Katherine mutters, nodding at Xavier when he asks if she'll be okay. "Honestly it's a lot of fuss, and I'm fine." Her cheeks are pink today, and once Xavier leaves she leans in, gazing in the bag he indicated. She smiles when she sees what's inside, blinking and reaching up for her water when it's delivered. "If you can't, I'll get it sorted. One way or another." She drinks from her glass and smiles at Vyv. "Ulterior motives huh? People want to see me in a temper. I don't get it."

Vyv gives Xavier an equally pretended apologetic look at the chiding, and a genuine inclination of the head and quick smile at the leave-taking. "Good night."
Anthony's whiskey gets a briefly covetous look, but— well, water's really a better pairing here, right? "Cheers," he says as he accepts the glass, not seeming to be as a toast. "Well, if it helps any, it's not /entirely/ personal. I like not being bored, and if you were in a temper, it would probably be interesting. Whatever caused it probably would be too." A small pause, and with what seems like sincerety despite the phrasing, "But that aside, you're a likable person and I'd be quite put out to hear you died of being excessively nice and compressing all your anger until you exploded, possibly onto a wall. Think of the clean-up." All right, that last bit might be less than sincere. "Xavier gave his reason, though — he thinks it's adorable."

"I'd venture to say that Xavier t'inks most anythin' Kate does is adorable, as it's Kate…" Anthony commented with a soft upturn at the edge of his lips, similar to what Vyv would likely describe as 'superior elation' were it to grace his own lips. "I tend to agree with Vyv, you are a likeable lady, Kate. But yeah… the cleanup…" he distorted his face into one of disgust, looking at Vyv with an agreed nod, "The worst, really…"

"I'm going to try, I make no promises." Katherine says, rolling her eyes as she pulls a teddy bear from the bag. She hugs it gently and rests her chin on the top of its head. "Is the talk you want to have with me going to stress me out?" She asks, giving Anthony big, innocent eyes as she lets a smile curve her lips. "Please, my sisters would probably be happy if I exploded."

"I doubt it. Wouldn't they inherit this place? They'd be the ones stuck with that clean-up. Unless you were kind enough to arrange it somewhere else. Xavier's place, maybe, or the grocery store. I'm sure wherever it happened would deserve it." Vyv gives Anthony a nod, agreement both with his assessment of Xavier's likely opinions and, of course, the potential housework, and studies the bear Katherine's pulled out. "Gift, I take it?"

There was a moment of contemplation along Anthony's features and he shook his head for a moment following at Katherine, "Very, very unlikely. No. Just some simple discussion of both a personal and professional nature, though nothing straining or stressful" he smiled and leaned heavily toward one side, propping his elbow along the armrest and cradling his chin in his hand before taking a sip of his whiskey. "It would seem this little town is moving quite fast. It's a deceiving little thing"

"You've got a point Vyv. They would sell this place, take the money and run, likely." Katherine nods at Vyv, squeezing the bear with a sigh. "I think I worried him, which wasn't my intent. He came up here with enough food to feed a small army, which kept you two from dining on left overs." She smiles at Anthony and nods. "Well…I'll be up for a while, they gave me a sedative at the hospital, and I slept for a few hours. I'm not tired."

"I've always got a point," Vyv says, expression entirely serious except for perhaps a bit too much light in the eyes. "People really ought to listen to me more often." He's somehow managed to get through a good portion of what he took, now, and having the water to wash it down doesn't hurt. Another glance at the bear, then to its new owner. "Just how overwrought did you get?" he asks. Still fairly matter-of-fact, though there might be a gentler thread hiding in it somewhere. He looks over at each of them, and though excusing himself would probably be the politer choice, asks, "Professional matters?" Could be worse; could have asked about the personal ones.

"Good, I had a cup of coffee less than a couple hours ago, I'll likely be up with you then" Anthony responded to Katherine with a smile and glanced at Vyv as he spoke, "Hah…as funny as that is, I'm inclined to agree, you do tend to be a very logical person" he commented and idly rubbed his thumb against his jaw, taking a sip of his whiskey. "Yes, just some ideas I have to work jointly with Kate here"

Katherine gazes at Vyv, a true smile on her face for the first time tonight. "They really should, you ought to be more open with your advice if you want them to listen." She hugs the bear, considering his question for a moment before she glances toward the back yard. "I was on the swing set, and all I remember is that everything went dark, to a pinpoint, and I couldn't breathe. Then I was in an ambulance and they gave me oxygen. I suppose I was pretty..twisted up." She nods at Anthony, grinning slightly. "Sounds like a plan then."

Vyv looks more pleased with that smile (and possibly the agreements) than one might have expected, though again it's half-hidden, this time behind the glass. "Well, I could," he says, "but I've tried being someone else and it's much easier just to be me. The onus will have to be on them."
The lightness fades out of it at the description of her experience, though, and he looks her over again, a bit more acutely. Still, if she's here now, then things must be reasonably all right. "That sounds less than ideal, yes. I hope you don't have to deal with that often." Another bite, glancing sideways at Anthony. "Secret business is the most interesting sort, you know. You're only going to make me more curious. But," he sits up a bit straighter, looking at the last bite or two on the plate, "I suppose I could consider doing the considerate thing and letting you get to it before you have to be up all night breaking in that new espresso machine." A small tilt of his head toward the kitchen.

"We're actually planning to break in the Kitchen island. It's all a terribly scandalous ordeal of a Manage Trois wit' Xavier" Anthony replied with a deadpan sense of humor thats only giveaway was how dry he was in comparison to his normal speaking self, though the smirk at the edge of his lips didn't help conceal anything either. "It's not necessarily secretive, Vyv, I just don't want to talk about anythin' before it's official or agreed upon" he chuckled, sipping from his whiskey again.

"I started having these panic attacks after the accident. They only seem to hit when everything piles on at once." Katherine wrinkles her nose and gets to her feet, picking up her robe. "You play in the kitchen, Vyv. I'm going to make Anthony take me to the garage suite, and I'm going to curl up on the sofa there, it's so ..big." She blinks and then her cheeks get red again. "That is, if you don't mind Anthony. If you do, we can stay in here?" She blinks at him, laughing softly. "That's very un..what's the word..unsanitary." She peeks at her counter and then shakes her head slowly.

Vyv clicks his tongue at Anthony disapprovingly. "What /will/ your librarian say?" he chides, and then sighs, shaking his head. "Some people have all the fun." A sip of his water, and the brows go up at Katherine's description of the couch, the amusement unconcealed. "Well, I can say I found it quite satisfactory when I was there," he says, and gets to his feet as well.
"Don't go anywhere on my account, although granted you're probably in less danger of walk-throughs up there. I think… I might step out for a bit before I work on that tart, actually. And, Katherine? I do hope they've given you some ways to deal with those when they come on next. I'd be as miffed to see you implode as ex-."

There was a low rumble of amused laughter from Anthony as he gathered himself to his feat, "Big an' unsanitary, that's my neck a' the woods" he commented with a smile, extending a hand to help Katherine up if she'd like, "If you'se make more'a 'at tart t'ing, leave some fa' me, that was fuckin' delicious" he mused toward Vyv with a smile, "An' Esme would likely say 'Good for you, Kate's wonderful'" he grinned broadly at Vyv with a shrug of his shoulders, though winked at him soon after, "You're next"

Katherine nods at Vyv. "They gave me some sedatives, and I was also given a few very satisfactory alternatives to work out my emotions." She takes Anthony's hand and lets him help her to her feet, sighing softly. "Enjoy the kitchen, and I'm sure I'll see you on the morrow, Vyv." She pulls her robe on, hugging it closer to her.

Vyv quirks a brow at Anthony, over his shoulder as he heads into the kitchen. "Promises, promises." The array of boxes on the kitchen table get a look, and a glance back into the great room, where the others sit. "I'll take care of these. And good, pleased to hear that. I'll see you both tomorrow, I expect, and don't worry, you won't get out of testing the tart. Have a good night."

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