(2018-11-30) Three-C's
Strangers in strange meetings.

Maude's 24/7 Diner Calaveras
Fri Nov 30, 2018 — Fri Nov 30 12:24:13 2018

Chrome trim, red vinyl, and black-and-white checkered floors; the aesthetic of Maude's is classic, All-American and very 1950's. The walls are covered in a scattered mess of Hollywood memorabilia and vintage ads. One advertises 5 cent 'malts', and there's a few classic Coca-Cola signs. A polished dining counter makes up the left half of the well-lit eatery, lined with shiny swiveling stools, while the other portion is all booths. In the back, near the bathroom hallway, is an old school jukebox, looking like it's really from the 50's or 60's. And that's Maude's for you: While the look of the place is pretty traditional and gimmicky, it's also completely genuine: This burger joint has been standing since the 1950's. A Calaveras classic!

Deidre isn't used to the hustle and bustle of Calaveras, and she's certainly not used to a diner like this. She had to jump through some hoops, but she finally managed to get herself a banana milkshake and a plate of burgers and fries. At this moment she's got a hold of a Heinz ketchup bottle and is thumping the heel of her hand off the bottom, trying to dislodge some tomato goodness onto her plate with her fries. She makes an inelegant, frustrated noise when it won't come out, holding the bottle up to squint into it.

Local grown Cody is definitely not opposed to burgers and shakes and as far as diners go, this is not the hangout of off, and on, duty police. Not that he's opposed to the law. "Here we are," he says to the person he walks in with, Carsyn that is. "Counter if you like?" Suggesting it but not tied to it. Of course, looking for a seat, he notices the ketchup conflict currently ongoing. "Tilt it, like slant, lets air up one side, like a chimeny," he offers advice and doesn't realize he's offering might not be wanted, especially with the additional splaining thrown in.

With a backpack slung haphazardly over one shoulder, Carsyn looks between the counter and one of the booths and nods towards a booth. It's close to the current lady fighting with the ketchup bottle. "This looks like a good place." Sliding in, she drops her backpack onto the seat beside herself and glances over as he attempts to save the woman from the slow ketchup pour. "I like when they bring out those squeezie bottles. Big time savers." Reaching for a menu she starts perusing over it, "Everything smells good. I'm more hungry than I thought."

Deidre watches the pair walk into the diner, taking in their clothes and demeanor briefly before she looks back down at her fries. She sets down the ketchup bottle and then gives it a brief shove away from her, frowning. She notices Cody looking at her, and speaking, so she puts a bright smile on her face and waves in their direction. The waitress walks past and she reaches out to stop the girl's forward movement, gesturing to her ketchup. "Do you perhaps have a squeezing bottle?" She asks, making a cute face to melt away resistance. The waitress offers an exaggerated nod and her hands flutter around as she slowly and loudly says. "I'll. Get. You. Some." Diedre, wrinkles her nose and sighs, nodding before she settles back in her seat to wait.

A nod himself in agreement, booth near the struggle, Cody moves to sit too, following and sitting after Carsyn claims a spot. Swiveling down accross from her. A smile and not in greeting to the bright smile. Seems that's his form of waving a hand in greeting even, nodding of his head. Why use hands when head gestures will do seems his motive. "Ketchup, in a plastic bottle, might not be right." A counter to the necessity of a squeeze bottle, certainly more convenient. "The smell of a good burger, it'd make anyone more hungry that they realize I think, and you can't pass up a good chocolate shake." He lets that be known, banana shake drinkers or otherwise abound. "You could try a knife too," he offers towards Deidre, even as the wait staff is fetching said squeeze bottle it seems. Probably the 'refill' bottles for the glass ones?

"What do you think Heinz comes in now?" A slight grin from the new arrival in town. "Oh, packets, that's right." Looking up from the menu, she sort of looks between the two. "What's recommended here?" Unfastening her coat after putting down the menu, a #8 Dallas Cowboy jersey is worn beneath with the name Aikman above it. Old school. "Looks and sounds like burgers and shakes are the thing. Sounds good to me, I could eat a buffalo, I think.:

"You can find them, not here," intones Cody, regarding buffallo burgers most likely. He settles more into his booth as he talks to Carsyn, "See, Heinz may be the goto in Texas, but here, its Hunts. Its regional like that." His take on ketchup in general, his preference for glass bottle noted already. "Your right, plastic packets. If I don't have a choice, I'm good with plastic too I suppose. Just, less solid. Like sometimes you tear it and squeeze it and it shoots out sideways instead of where you intended." See, he has his reasons for trusting glass bottles it seems.
Cody and Carsyn sit at a booth just acorss from the stools of the long counter, near enough to converse with anyone at the counter from their location even. She has a menu, seems he knows what he wants already, familiar enough with the location at least to not need the menu.

"I had a buffalo burger once. It was in Texas. Of course everything is bigger in Texas, even the burgers." Carsyn shoots him a smile over the top of her menu. The waitress person moves in closer to take their order. "I want a single patty burger with both mustard and mayo, add bacon and grill the onions. Side of fries and squeezy ketchup. Heinz." Clarifying just for amusement purposes only. "Hot fudge shake." There, her part is sll finished and she looks at him expectantly for his part.

On her phone, Claire can be heard saying, "I'm telling you, it's exactly the right kind of kitschy… I don't - no - just send the pictures to Mark, please? …Okay. …Okay. Talk soon." And she hangs up, taking stock of the interior with a wide-eyed delight for all the chrome-vinyl, her smile slow-spreading with compounding cheer on her way to the counter. She shrugs a backpack off one shoulder, lowering it to he ground next to a stool, and then spins on that stool idly while she waits for the counter-waitress to get around to her. There's a socially correct (but somehow vaguely nosy) smile flashed toward the duo in the booth. She even says, "Hi."

"Sure, I've yet to see this first hand," returns Cody, on everything bigger, but hinting at a smile in agreement with her sentiment, matching her thrown smile his way. "Same as her, double burger though, and chocolate shake. I'll take a bottle of ketchup." No squeezy for him, he shoots a look bnack at her, noting the amusment from her. Leaning back as they go off, he notices the nearby patron who joins the counter then spins towards them. A pause, as if about to converse towards Carsyn, to look at Claire, "Hey yourself." A nod of gretting though, no hand waves in greeting.

With the order given, Carsyn tugs out her phone from her back pocket and places it on the table in front of her before she removes her pea coat completely and lays it over her backpack beside her, leaving her in her jeans and Cowboys jersey. "Stubborn man, I see. What else is there to learn about you?" She looks over when he does in time to catch the greeting. Returning it with a smile, she greets in return. "Hey. We're all pretty much strangers here, you're welcome to come be strange with us." The words hold humor as well as equal warmth and welcome.

Despite the fact that she very obviously does and actually already did, Claire demurs, "I don't want to interrupt?" But her hopeful smile surfaces - albeit briefly, since now there's the logistical issue of putting in her order at the counter, but explaining that she's going to sit at that booth. With a separate receipt, please. "I'm Claire Reed," she offers immediately after solving that with the waitress, hopping off the stool, intending to scoot into the booth on Carsyn's side. 'Cause girls.

Cody and Carsyn are sitted across from one another at a booth, Claire has placed an order at the counter but turned to join the duo it seems, choosing to sit alongside Casryn in opposition to Cody.
"I think that's the basics right there, I know what I like. When I see something I want I go for it." He offers that to Carsyn then turns to Claire as Carsyn offers her to join in a manner. A brow lifts at the introduction, as if the name is something that should be known and yet no bells ring for Cody. "A pleasure Claire, Cody West here. Anything we could do you for?" More, something needed or just joining for conversation purposes, he gestures with his head again, a nod, welcoming perhaps, amidst his growing curiousity.

While Claire sorts out the waitress and ordering, Carsyn leans her forearms on the table as she glances down at her phone. Nothing lit up or chiming. Unfortunately. Lending her attention back to Cody she gives a crooked grin. "And what is it you want, Cody? You mentioned a truck the last time. What all do you do besides working?" Curious, she tilts her head a touch to consider. As soon as Claire joins she scooches in a little more, next to her backpack and coat, leaving plenty of room. "Hi, Claire. I'm Carsyn Cross. I'm new in town."

Amused, "Cody and Carsyn," says Claire. Her smile brightens, like that little C-Club realization just made her day. "I don't know yet," if there's anything they can do for her. "Except thank you for letting me sit with you. It's always weird to eat by yourself, you know? I'm new in town, too." She's happy to report having this in common with Carsyn. And then she shuts up for a second, since there's a question floating in the air, the 'besides working' one.

Soon enough another person is entering the diner with a thick jacket on. Looking around some as he tries to find a table to sit at. Headphones on him, with one slid back to be able to talk to staff. Moving to settle in at a table near the trio. His phone out to mess with it some, sighing to himself. Leaning back to glance around some. Music does come from the headphones, but turned down a bit to not disturb other tables.

"Truck, school, and bulls, that's my priorities," says Cody to Carsyn, as if he might add more to that list, but leaves it there for the moment. They are joined fully by Claire and the conversation seems to be shifting, which he seems right along for that ride. "I don't know Claire, if its a good steak, I don't know if the interruption of company is enough to warrent a pause in eating." He may be joking, yet serious enough in the enjoyment of a good steak. "Seems a few new faces then." He looks between the ladies, not voluntering who is new or otherwise, just making the comment and leaving it on the table so to speak.

Carsyn gets it. The three-C club. The realization is there in her eyes whether she acknowledges it vocally or not. Her shake is delivered, likely the two, maybe three are and she reaches for it. On her hands are a few rings, all silver mostly, one on her thumb of one finger, her index finger of her other hand and her middle finger on the same hand the thumb wears one. Wrapping her hands around the shake glass, she lifts it to take the stripy straw in her mouth and taste the dedacent hot fudge shake. "Mmm, perfect. Ok, I'm sold on this place if the burgers are half as good." Cody's response gets an upnod though the curious look remains even as she smiles over at Claire. "I don't mind eating alone anymore. Eat with enough jerks you learn to appreciate your own company." Then something strikes her and she looks back at Cody, "Bulls?" A glance over at the new arrival, Wyatt, and a nod of a greeting, but she's hanging on for the explanation from Cody on that one.

Claire would never make it in poker, her face just gives everything away. The light-bulb goes on all but visibly in her brain, and - while Carsyn repeats 'bulls' - she's dragging her backpack awkwardly onto her lap, wedging it between the table and her torso. "West. West, West, Cody West, hmmm," she says to herself, allowing herself one quick distraction with a blinky-blink at Carsyn. "Why would you eat with jerks?" Like Carsyn chose to do this (she's distracted and slow on the uptake because of it). She hasn't noticed Wyatt, alas, too busy pawing through the contents of her backpack.

"They're more than half as good, I wouldn't put you at risk of something that bad to eat, unless it was junk food." Junk food being half as good, health wise, but allowable for intake, comfort food. Then he nods around, "Yep, still Cody West, ain't changing noon the soon." A hint of grin, not sure what the name was for, but still his name. Then a look towards Carsyn, "It's paying the college bill, and a few others. Not enough for that truck yet, but I'm limited in sponsorship while on scholarship." His take on it all. Food is coming finally, his double, her single, their frees and ketchups even, the waitress remembered, or grabbed the squeeze bottle someone else wanted earlier.

The light bulb moment is noticed, but Carsyn wasn't sure what to associate it with. The three-C's? Prooobably not. It did have something to do with Cody, so she looks expectantly between them only briefly distracted by the question about the jerks. "I guess sometimes it takes spending a little time with someone to find out they're jerks. By the time you're mid-eating, it's too late to back out of dinner." While Cody offers his semi-explanation she starts putting the puzzle pieces together. Slow, sure, but they are building something of a mental picture. Her food is taken and she starts moving things around to make room for ketchup beside fries while she waits for Claire to point out what it was she was seeking.

There's a folder inside that back-pack, and Claire's careful not to be in the way of the food getting delivered, flashing the waitress a distracted smile. Surely, her own (cheap!) salad is only a moment behind, but - before that arrives - she says, "Cody West. I know a guy who in San Antonio who gave me your name. Do you know… Marshall Clark?" To Carsyn, she adds quickly, "Who is not a jerk, by the way. Marshall. He was really nice." These two conversations aren't meshing well, and Claire's switched gears so completely that she's really jumbling them together badly. But with such earnestness~!

Wyatt does seem to recognize Cody, thus glancing towards their table. Offering a nod if they look over. Listening in on their conversation. Ordering some for himself. Occasionally looking over still, but not quite jumping into the conversation yet.

"Yeah, I can see that, hopefully your done with your share of Jerks, Carsyn," he says, fulling reaching for his burger intent to take a large bit eof it. Cody holds it a moment though, listening then giving a nod, "Masrhall Clark," he says, unfamiliar, then a slow nod, "I was parked next to a Marshall at a ride over the summer down in Texas, I showed up to my gate early enough to chat it up a little right before the roped him onto his ride." A slight nod, "Maybe?" Like he didn't catch a last name, though he probably could of looked at the back of the fellows protective vest to read it,seems he didn't, maybe Marshall did.

"Oh all the jerks I know live in Texas, but I'll remember him for not being a jerk." Carsyn is totally joking and just drops that subject to listen to the one that has more to do with Cody. Waiting to get to the crux of it all, she smiles her encouragement. "This Marshall? He was interested in Cody?" Another glance to Wyatt but the bulk of her attention remains on the duo at the booth. Either way, Claire seemed excited about the connection so she waits to see what else is offered as she begins on her food.

Claire repeats cheerfully, "He was really nice," and smiles again when her salad arrives. "And he - interested might not be the right word? But he definitely remembered him, er, you. He remembered Cody." There's a momentary flash of worry, like she's just painted absolutely the wrong picture, and so she takes a deep breath, "I'm sorry, I've come about this completely backward. I'm a production assistant for a film crew shooting a documentary about rodeos, and Marshall Clark gave me your name when I told him we were coming to Calaveras." There. She looks between her table-mates with a hopeful smile. "Because maybe you would be willing to talk to us."

"ALl the ex-s live in Texas, you're saying that part is true?" Cody does actually grin a moment towards Carsyn, continuing, "Good to know everything is bigger in Texas." Bigger jerks there. He follows her back to Marshall topic and nods. There is a little tightness in his jaw, like Marshall had more memories not for table talk or something in this affection. Then she clarifies and he nods, "Ah, I see." As if considering it with a wobble to his head and that is the weight of all he needs to say for the moment. Finally he does say something though, "Can't say I'm the best rider in town, but I can talk, show some of the ropes if you want. Can't say who'd talk or not, some might think its prying,but some might enjoy sharing stories."

"You make a good point. I guess they do." Carsyn doesn't elaborate but she does look amused. "Bulls. So you're a bull rider then." She'd been to several rodeos in the past and looks at him again, "I could see you doing that. Do you ride Bronco's also?" And Claire worked for television? "You two have interesting occupations. I think both could be fun, except I'd never ride a bull. That's a lot of power to have beneath you."

Happy Claire does not - does not! - clap her hands. Okay, yes, she does. But only twice, then hurriedly makes herself stop and takes a paper out of the folder, sliding it across the table next to Cody's plate of cholesterol obviously health-food. "Thankyouthankyouthankyou," comes out as one smashed word. "Here, this is just a little sample of the release you'd need to sign - don't actually sign this one, though, it's just for you to read ahead of time. And that's me," she points to where it says 'Claire Reed' and a phone number. "And, here, you can put your number here," she also has a notebook and pen in that backpack, she puts those on the table, too.

All this happens very fast, then she exhales. "They let kids ride sheep," she tells Carsyn, all bubbles and delight now. "You could start out on a sheep, maybe? Work your way up."

Wyatt has mainly been waiting on some snacks and milkshake. Once they do sipping on the shake. Listening in some as he hear parts of their conversation. Since there was some about rodeo being discussed in their after all. Not seeming to throw his hand up in excitement but at least they have his curiousity. "Some of those kid are great at handling sheep though, so you might have some competition." Is offered playfully enough. Perhaps expecting company, but seems they were a no show. Eating his fries as well. "Sorry to interupt, your conversation was just too interesting."

"I try, sometimes I do, sometimes I eat dirt. Part of the life I guees," returns Cody answering one question, and leading into more, "I don't ride broncos for sport, I'll help break horses, that's a living too, but not for sport." He looks a the paper, to read wha the release is, takes him a little longer as he pauses in looking. Half looking up at sheep riding, but not so much, not until Wyatt interjects. Then he does look up, giving a nod, "Competition is good, best part of the kids is catching when they let hog and sheep run. Good eating for those kids." His take on capturing animals to take home from a rodeo, when it was part of the rodeo that is.

It does all happen really fast and Carsyn only continues to eat her food while Cody gets his lunch filled with contracts and instructions. She looks amused. "I don't think I'd want to ride a sheep either. Maybe a horse and maybe around barrels. I'd definitely play cowboy poker if I had a protective vest on." Fry and ketchup get bitten and she continues watching Claire and Cody. Until Wyatt approaches. "OH I can imagne they are. I don't want to ride them though. Or chase them." A frown suddenly appears. "Why would anyone want to break a wild horse? They're so spirited before they're broken."

Claire says in an exaggerated stage-whisper, leaning across the table and cupping her hand around one side of her mouth so the secret is between her and Cody and Carsyn, "Don't worry, we'll totally edit out all the dirt-eating parts." She's sitting back by the time Wyatt joins the conversation, fork-stabbing a cucumber and nodding enthusiastically. "Oh, the kids are great. The really little ones hang on for dear life, it's my favorite part." There's a sympathetic smile for Carsyn's tender-hearted take on the whole thing, but she leaves the answer to the pro(s). Then there's a real secret, since she leans toward the other woman and says something that only their side of the table can hear. No boys allowed.
Claire whispers: I don't think they really eat the sheeps and hogs, don't worry.

Wyatt nods agreeingly with the others about the sheep riding. "Fair." He says in response to Carsyn. Though about the breaking in of wild horses, he shrugs. "Could be several reasons. Sometimes to be able to help get them help at the vet. Sometimes just because they need help around the farm or so on." He says and shrugs, not really saying what his point on it is. Grinning as he glances to Cody as well, nodding a bit agreeing. "I suppose so." Eating another few fries. "Yeah, they don't want to disappoint. I remember that." He responds to Claire's words about the tiny kids riding sheep. Watching the girls as they whisper. Attention going to Cody. "Should we be doing the same?" Is offered playfully.

"We can find you a place to do that," returns Cody towards Carsyn as she mentions barrel riding, as he turns to Claire, saying, "Yeah, though some folks might like that part. Crashes or bloopers, whatever you call it." A shrug though, "Medical reason, a lame horse coming back into service gets a wild spirit too yeah. Not like going out to get wild horses these days so much, not on the ranches I've worked at, at least." That seems like his part of the conversation, he takes a big bite, midway chewing it he shakes his head, "Nah, my voice ain't good for the whispering sort." His decline at playing about even trying it, it seems. Then another big bite, he came to eat. He'll talk a little, but he has a appetite to worry about too.

"I think it would be fun to watch, either way." As Claire leans back, Carsyn muses over the whispering and instead of whispering back she comments softly, "I don't mind the eating. I'm not a vegan or anything, nor a vegetarian. I like meat. I think Texas would have kicked me out had I been." Just trying to make a joke, she twists her lips in a wry expression, brows lowering. "I have a meeting at the college before tonight, a few last minute papers to sign for my transfer for the night courses I started back home."

Crinkling her nose after Carsyn's answer, Claire says, "Oh gosh, I couldn't watch the little kids eat the sheeps they rode," and actually looks put off her salad by the thought of it. Definitely the tomatoes, anyway, she pushes those off to the side now. When there's talk of a place to barrel race, she stops worrying about the sheep no one is eating and asks keenly, "Jackfield Stadium, right? Do you know the Starrs, then?" Again, Claire has the world's most readable face and is clearly going somewhere with this line of questioning, looking hopefully between Wyatt and Cody both.

Wyatt nods to Cody's words but then the conversation shifts some. "Ah, you're coming here to study?" Is asked to Carsyn, but then he hear Claire, raising his brow. "Ah, yeah. I know the Starrs quite well." He offers with a few nods. A raised brow though, as to why she is wondering. "Had something to ask them?" Comes his question. Eating some more.

A slow nod from Cody, about not minding the eating. "Up north, its a little the other way around, might kick you out if your not vegan enough." Just a thought or observation, he finally does put his name and number down for Claire. Not near any 'signature' for the sample release from, but where ever she intended him to provide it. Wyatt is answering about the Starrs, that's good enough for Cody, someone fielded the question, and actually knows them better than he does, which is good. "I should be going here myself, food has been had, good company enjoyed, don't want to sour the moment. I can see you out?" If she meant she was going to leave. He starts to stand, filching green backs from a pocket to pay for his meal and cover tip, generous enough. "Good to meet you," to Claire, a nod to Wyatt, "You all know where to find me." Or they have his number there if needed, "Best of luck on your documenting." If Carsyn is going, he waits for her, if not he'll nod in parting to her too, ready to move along himself.

"Well, I assume they'd be taken to the butcher first and cooked or something by their parents." Carsyn gives a brief shake of her head, laughing and trying to stifle it. Upon hearing the name Starr the laughter stops abruptly and she turns completely stoic and sort of just pushes her plate aside, shake and all. To be fair, it was all mostly finished anyway. Begrudgingly, Carsyn pulls herself out of her reverie and gives Wyatt a brief nod. "Something like that. I'm going to finish my schooling. Like I told Cody before, this could be my first time in Calaveras. Or my last. Depends on stuff." As her ride gets to his feet, she gathers her things so Claire can let her out. "I have to go too."

With a super-grateful smile, Claire reiterates, "Thank you so much, Mister West, I'll be in touch soon." She puts the paper with the number on it away carefully, closing up the backpack and sliding out of the booth. Without knocking over all the food. "It was nice to meet you both," is said with such earnestness that she actually probably means it, not just a lip-service farewell. But agenda: "I'm just having trouble reaching them," she explains to Wyatt. "I was just hoping you might have their home number?"

Wyatt does raise a brow at Carsyn and Cody. Though letting them head out. "Take care." Is offered to them before looking over toward Claire. Offering for her to join if she wants. "That I do. What was it you needed from them?" He saks curiously. Perhaps missed the conversation. Or at least the part on what she is doing here. Sipping his milkshake. Then working on his phone to look up the number. "Spent a lot of time with them. Presley is one of my best friends." He explains.

They're best friends: "Oh, that's wonderful." Again, Claire is just that kind of sweetness-and-light that she actually means it, not just saying it 'cause it sounds nice. As for why, she sits down in front of her salad, pushing around what's left on the plate with her fork, explaining, "We're hoping to do some shooting at the Stadium. And I met their son - Warren?" But she knows that's his name, so it's not really a question, so she presses on. "And I just wanted to call and make sure everything is in place, but I never got a number for them."

Wyatt nodding and smiling as he listens. "Ah, cool. Yeah, Warren." He says, looking like he'd offer more but stop there. "I see." Trying to study her some, to see she isn't tricking him. "Well, you should be able to reach them here." He says as he tries to find the number to show her. "Otherwise go to their ranch to talk to them?"

Claire's not lying. Strictly speaking, the entire story is one hundred percent true. The appearance of the number earns Wyatt one high-wattage beam, and she quickly punches the number into her own phone, saying another of those cheery, "Thankyouthankyouthankyou. That's really super helpful. I thought about just going to the ranch, but that seemed a little stalkery, you know? Plus the roads are bad and…" She trails off, all the million little problems. "So, really, thank you."

Wyatt chuckles and nods, "It's fine, happy to help. Also, if you are shooting now I am sure that you would be covering the Charity event?" He asks. Though he fall silent then to let her talk on the phone. Continuing with his fries and shake.

"Oh, no, we're not shooting yet. The rest of the crew is - " Claire looks at the date on her phone, briefly deflating, like a balloon with a hole in it. So sad. " - ten days behind me. I'm just putting ducks in rows before they get here." That date lit a fire; she starts eating her salad like she means it, pushing food into her mouth hastily. "But yes, I'll be there," at the charity event. And she's not actually calling them right now. She just took the number. To harass them later.

Wyatt ahs and nods. Watching her while finishing his fries. "Well then. Hope it goes well when she do, and I am sure I'll see you at the event." He says with a grin. "I need to go meet up with Warren as well." He admits. Sighing a bit, not having been able to get a hold of him. The other guy being busy lately probably. "Apologies, I'm Wyatt Roswell." Wiping off his hands on a napkin before offering it to her. The name might be a bit familiar if she has been looking over all the rodeo stuff. Family involved in the rodeo scene, but also Wyatt himself having won several competitions.

Genuinely, "Thank you! I think it will," go well. Claire hides her mouth while she attempts to eat the entire salad at a record-setting pace, her eyes getting bigger at the name-drop. "Here, can I just - " Backpack-rummaging commences, and she has a copy of the paper she just gave to Cody a minute ago, held across the booths toward him. While her phone buzzes on the tabletop, wanting to be picked up. She gives it a worried look, clearly in a bind here: answer the phone or finalize another contact, what's a girl to do!

Wyatt nods as he watches the phone. Taking the offered papers. "You could pick up, I'll wait." He offers to her with a bit of a chuckle. Not seeming to mind. If she does let him take the papers he will go over it while she answer her phone.

Claire lets him take the papers. And smiles gratitude to take the call. "Mark, I'm - " There's a length pause, of the sort where the person on the other end is talking a lot. She nods, though the person on the phone can't see it, saying nothing for a while. Finally, "Okay… No, I get it… I'm on - Mark, I'm - oh my gosh, would you let me finish?" Exasperatedly, she holds the phone with her shoulder, getting into her backpack to put some money on the table. "I'm on my way right now, Mark, I promise… I'll call you in an hour." Hang up. "I have to go. But my number's there, and you can leave me a message. Thank you so much again, Mister Roswell, you really helped me out."

Wyatt smiles and nods to Claire as she is about to head out. "Of course miss. See you soon. I will go over it and call you later." He assures her. "No worries, happy to help." Not wanting to keep her as she seem to be in a rush.

Claire hurries out, calling back another thank you before the door clangs behind her. Rush rush rush.

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