(2018-11-30) Baby It's Cold Outside
A bunch of folk gather at the Java Junction to get out of the cold.

Walking by that window the two are seated beside is Becca. She's a long-time face at the city hall, working there even before she for onto the city council. Entering the coffee shop, she walks immediately to the counter to place an order, but as soon as she does, she turns towards the tables. Erik is familiar, and she gives a nod in his direction. Stan not so much so. "Good evening." She calls over to the two.

So cold. Ridiculously cold. When Prisha arrives at the Junction it is hard to tell if there is a person under the layers upon layers of clothes that make a futile attempt to keep out the cold. Dark eyes peer out from behind large glasses and between scarf and beanie before she pulls the former down to liberate her mouth to speak. "Is this normal?" she complains to no one in particular, breathing out to see the fog of her breath - which still amazes her. Heading for the counter she offers a warm smile to Becca before rummaging around in her ski jacket pocket to pluck out some fliers. There is a new restaurant in town - The Magic of India - and Becca is getting one of their fliers. "Where the food and atmosphere is warm and friendly" Prisha smiles.

"Not work related," Erik replies to Stan, before he shrugs a little. "Needed a new challenge now that I'm all settled in here." He doesn't quite say what the challenge is yet, though. Turning to look around, he offers a grin and a nod to Becca, "Evening." There's a pause as he looks to the walking layers of clothes that seems to have a person inside them somewhere.

Uma is a Colorado native, so she's used to the cold - albeit she has spent some recent years in a lot warmer environment. Still, there are gloves, scarf and beanie as she pushes open the door to let herself, and Eve, into the establishment. The good doctor has just finished work for the day and needs a coffee…stat. She will wait politely in the queue, probably get handed a flier, and offer a nodded 'hello' to any and all.

Stan nods some to Erik's words, "Fair. Always good to have something to do." He then looks to Becca. He has only been out more lately, and even then, not having run into Becca much, but most likely still recognizing her to some degree. What with her role. "Good evening." Replied with a smile and a nod. Sipping his coffee. Prisha's words make him chuckle. "I think so." Though will let her head off for the time being. If spoken to by Uma he will reply with 'hello' in turn.

Following behind Uma, Eve is peering intently at her iPhone like her life depends on it. She's wearing her mango-colored ski jacket, black leggings and snow boots, looking pretty colorful and stylish, eh? Once she steps into the cafe, Eve urgently nudges Uma in the arm, and shoves the phone in her sister's face. "Hey, look at this! I mean, I don't know what it is, but I know it's long and red and I want it for Christmas! All for the unbeatable Amazon price of $29.99, with free shipping!"

A deep breath and Becca responds to Prisha, "Oh yes, very normal. And it continues a few more months. Don't you just love the crispy air? It's gorgeous." Spoken like a native that loves her town. A smile accompanies the words before she collects her drink. And a flier. "Indian cuisine? Ohh, I'll have to find a date and check the place out. Are you a chef?" Catching the smile from Erik, she grins back at him and Stan. "I hope it snows more soon, maybe I can get to the slopes." Looking to Uma and Eve, she nods a greeting, "Merry Christmas," thrown out there, then looks back to Prisha expectantly.

Erik grins to Stan. "See, I like making things," he remarks, before he looks between the others again. "Slopes, hmmm?" he offers to Becca, before he grins at the others. "Lovely day, isn't it?" See, he can be in a good mood from time to time too.

"Chef. Manager. Owner" Prisha proudly replies to Becca before looking a little concerned that the weather is going to stay like this for a while. Then a shrug. "Oh well, I always wanted to see the snow." A pause. "Though I can do that on the internet" she adds in a teasing tone, pushing her beanie back a little to see better. Not taking it off yet. No sir! "I will make sure you and your date will get the best table." A quick coffee order before she better introduce herself. "Prisha. Prisha Patel. Skiing happens here?" Of course it does. Another new thing in life.

Uma stares at the phone thrust in her face and her cheeks blush red…not from the cold. "You want…/that/." She closes her eyes to summon the patience of a saint before smiling sweetly at the walking mango that is her sister. "I'll make sure mom puts it on the shopping list." Becca gets a less ironic smile. "And 'Merry Christmas' to you too." A glance around at the assembled crowd. "To everyone." Her brow furrows. "Why do I feel I'm in 'It's A Wonderful Life' now?"

Stan will gesture for people to join them if they wish. Shifting to make room. "Ah, I see. So going to build a boat from scratch then?" He asks. Glancing to the others again. Grinning at Eve's words. Though he will nod to her and Uma, recognizing the younger one from the youth center. "Been meaning to check out the slopes, since I got here. Perhaps I will get to this winter." Hearing everyone offering Christmas greeting make him join in, Nodding. "Merry Christmas."

"Yes!" Eve looks all excited at Uma, blue eyes wide as she withdraws her phone. "We should order one for mom too." Noticing that Uma is actually greeting people before her, Eve glances around the place and promptly makes a big circular gesture with both arms, in a wide, all-encompassing wave. "HI HOMIES! HOW IS CHRISTMAS SHAPING UP FOR EVERYONE??" She asks rather loudly but stops abruptly and points a finger at Stan. "Hey hey Doctor Shrink."

"Ohh! Impressive!" Becca casts another look over the flyer she'd been given. "It sounds like a great place. Is there a grand opening or are you open already?" Truly interested, she does ask the appropriate questions for future reference. "Oh! Experiencing the snow for real and on the internet are two different things entirely. At least being out in it gives you a healthy respect for it too." She flashes a smile towards the woman. "I'm pretty sure I'll be coming sans date, but I'll come all the same." Dipping her head, she returns the introduction. "Becca Reynolds. It's a pleasure to meet you. And definitely skiing. You should try it. Our local lawman here seems interested. We could all take a group up sometime. We get tourists in the winter for it." Hearing Uma, she laughs, "It kind of does, but I love that small town feel here."

The doors to the Java swing open, admitting what can best be described as a loudly dressed teenager with a backpack that looks like it weighs as much as he does slung over his shoulders. Charlie's wearing a black, white, and red Christmas sweater depicting Santa on the front riding a Tyrannosaurus-Rex. It's also blinking with lights. While normally styling his hair in a pouf, tonight it's flattened by the enormous Santa hat he's wearing on his head. Is he completing the outfit with something Christmasy? Nope. He's wearing what appears to be navy blue plaid pajama bottoms and a pair of thick fluffy sheepskin(?) booties that act more like slippers than actual shoes. Earbuds are in his ears and he's nodding his head to the beat of something as he meanders his way to the counter.

"No date?" Prisha seems incredulous at Becca's comment. "Are the people around here blind? Oh…snowblind. That was a little snow joke. Very little." A deep breath as her coffee is offered over. "My Aunt Alia always said, 'If the Gods wanted us to ski, we would have flatter feet'. Which is ironic, since she also suffered from flat feet." She has warmed up enough to remove the beanie, shaking her long hair free before making her way to the table that everyone has been invited to. "Hi" she greets Stan and Erik, "Prisha." Fliers come with her greetings, along with a curious look at the psychiatrist.

Shrugging a little as he listens, Erik nods at Stan's words. "That's the plan, yes," he offers, before he looks between the others again, grimacing momentarily at one particular word beginning with Ch. Going a bit silent as he listens to what's said, taking another sip from his coffee.

"Umm…I don't think mom needs one" Uma whispers under her breath to Eve. "You know…dad." Thankfully, her sister has decided to go with grandiose greetings to the room so the doctor will take the opportunity to order her coffee at the counter…and pastries. It's pastry day. Deal with it. An arch of an eyebrow at the 'Shrink' comment. Another doctor in the house? A nod and a smile for Becca. "Yeah, have to admit I'm enjoying the quiet…ish. A doctor's life is never quiet. I'm Doctor Uma Campbell."

Presley's bundled up against the weather and might look comical for the fact with the brightly colored sock hat, and matching scarf that clash sadly with the red plaid of her warm jacket. When she makes her way through the door she starts to peel off the outer layers as she starts to head in the direction of the counter to place an order.

Becca laughs outright at the snow joke. "See you make me feel good about myself. I'm going to have to keep hanging around you." Her own expression holds amusement. With her coffee in hand, she glances down at her feet with a rueful grin. "I'm afraid mine aren't flat enough, but God gave some man the incentive to create skis. Who am I to ignore such genius?" Following her over to the seat where invited, she seats herself and back pockets the flier, content to take a few sips from her coffee. "Thanks for the invite."

With a smile to the doctor, Becca offers her empty hand. "A pleasure meeting you, Ms Campbell. I'm Becca Reynolds."

Stan chuckles and waves to Eve. "Hey. You've been doing well, I hope?" He offers and grins a bit amused at her antics. Returning the greeting to both Becca and Prisha. "Stan." Raising a brow at the curious look but moving on as the other speak. "Going up in a group could be fun." He agrees. Shifting and watching the growing party at the table.

Grandiose greeting, but little response. "Bah, hamburger." Eve drops her arms to her sides and makes an angry face, but that quickly disappears when she spots the fashion disaster that is Charlie stepping in behind her. Turning abruptly to face the gangly boy, Eve grins wryly at him and pulls on one of his earbuds before he notices her. "Hey Chucky Wheats." She greets and gives his ensemble a once over. Santa hat? Christmas sweater? And blue pajama bottoms and slippers, really? "Still committing crimes against fashion, I see. What brings you out in the wee hours of the evening?"

Oh yeah, Eve's (faux) angry face doesn't include Stan. *Wink*Wink*

Charlie is dragged out of his little bubble by the tug of an earbud and blinkblinks in surprise until he realizes who it is grabbing at the audio piece. Once it is pulled from his ear, music can be heard playing though it's too faint to make out. He immediately waves his hands at Eve, glancing side to side as if he were checking to see who might overhear them and reaching out to put a finger near her mouth as if to shush her. "I'm undercover. I'm here to measure the calcium ion and bicarbonate concentration in this establishment's 'brew water'." His expression crinkles up, distracted by her comment on his clothing, looking down at himself. "I'm trying to remain inconspicuous." Meanwhile, his sweater continues to blink in a pattern of green, white, and red lights.

"I wonder why people invented skis" Prisha muses. "It's not as if they got the idea from watching an animal with really long feet. I guess people are smart after all." A smile for Stan. "Sorry about the staring. You looked familiar…still do." She unzips her jacket - to reveal at least one sweater beneath - as she sits down at the table. "A mass exodus to the snow? Okay. Why not? You only live once. Uncle Sachan lived twice, but he was an exception."

After a few moments of pause, Erik looks around once more. "It's a pleasure to meet you all, I'm Erik Chambers," he offers in greeting. As he hears Prisha's words about skis and people being smart, he grins. "They have their moments," he offers.

Uma looks from Eve to Charlie and back again, a wry smile slowly forming as she meanders on over. "Are you going to introduce me to your friend, Eve?" A bright expectant look on her face before looking over to the others. "A ski trip sounds good to me. Though it will be like work since I'll probably be setting broken limbs all day" she teases before blue eyes are back on her sister and…a boy! At least she thinks it is a boy.

Presley moves up in to join the line in front of the counter to place her order, her attention seeming to be on getting out of her hat and scarf instead of who is around her. Even when there are a few familiar faces. Once her hat and scarf are removed, she starts to drag out the money to pay for her coffee when it's her turn to order.

Stan ahs and nods, "I see. Perhaps seen me downtown or similar?" He offers, not really giving it up at the moment. Especially not with this many people around. He does offer a smile though. Nodding agreeingly about people being smart. Grinning as he watches Uma, Charlie, and Eve. Perhaps a bit at the questions and reactions of Uma to the other two. Not disturbing Presley at the moment, as she is still off ordering. Attention soon going to those actually at his table. Glancing to Becca, "No worries. Everyone is always welcome."

Eve grins lopsidedly at Charlie's explanation. "Then you'll fit /right in/… if we were in Chernobyl. Da?" She flicks a couple of his sweater lights meaningfully, before Uma brings her attention back. "What? Oh! Right. Uh." Eve looks back and forth between them. "This is Chucky Wheats. He and I have some of the same classes at UCC, and he's a bio… biomolecular… biometrical… biological something-something-major." She points at Charlie, and then the finger points back at Uma. "Chucks, this is my sister Uma. She's a doctor, who can write prescriptions and doctor's notes and stuff." Beat. "Oh hey! Can I talk to you about something?" Eve suddenly adds, grabbing Charlie by the arm and starts to manhandle him out the door. "Sis, we'll be back in a sec!"

Charlie is preparing to explain the importance of particle size distribution in coffee and how super secret (while his sweater continues to draw attention from the surrounding patrons) but it seems as though the spunky blonde next to him has other plans. "Oh, hi Doc! I'm Chucks…-
Charlie is preparing to explain the importance of particle size distribution in coffee and how super secret (while his sweater continues to draw attention from the surrounding patrons) but it seems as though the spunky blonde next to him has other plans. "Oh, hi Doc! I'm Chucks…-" Because, why not? The nickname is pretty much set in stone now. In the middle of introducing himself, the boy is hooked on the arm and he is not-so-subtly dragged out of the establishment. All the way out, everyone can hear him complaining about the importance of the measurements he needs to take but he's not putting up much of a fight. "-but Eeeeeeve…!"

"Nice to meet you, Chucky…Wheats?" Uma looks slightly confused at the name but before she can ask any questions, he is hustled out the door by Eve and there goes Uma's chance to humiliate her sister with baby photos. "Okay" she states slowly, long after they have gone, before it is off to sit at the table.

Money is traded for coffee, and then Presley turns her attention towards the room at large. She glances around, notices the pair fleeing with a furrow of her brows, then she reaches into the inside pocket of her coat. She pulls out a bunch of folded up flyers that she then starts to move around the room, offering them to the people sitting around the room.

Prisha squints at Stan. "Downtown?" A slow shake of her head. "No, that's not it. Somewhere else… It will come to me." She blows over her coffee before feeling brave enough to remove her gloves. As Presley hands over a flyer, Prisha hands one right back - the latter for her restaurant. "It's a soft open" she explains to Becca. "I hope to have a grand opening soon, but we are open for business. The grand opening will have dancers, music, that kind of thing. Maybe an elephant." A little laugh. "Have to stick with the cliches people expect."

Erik just listens as he eats his food now, shaking his head a bit again. He looks a bit thoughtful as he does.

"Thank you for the welcome, doctor." Becca relays to Stan after his reassurances. Settling in, she cradles her coffee, a smile curving over her features as she listens to the others. Mostly Prisha when she agrees people are smart. Her eyes flicker towards the departing people and she smiles at Uma. "Kids, always in a hurry to go off." Making sure to scoot over towards Erik, she leaves room for Prisha and Uma and Presley, if she is also joining. Reaching out, she accepts her second flyer of the evening, checking out what it is printed on it. "Soft opens are best, it keeps people from crowding so much and you selling out in the first day."

Stan watches as the pair disappear out the door, a wave to Uma. "Hey, I'm Stan." In case she missed the introduction. Attention at Prisha then, "I am sure that it will. Let me know when it does." Comes his reply, his voice a bit hoarse, almost smoky. Taking a flyer from Presley as well. Nodding to Prisha as well, "Cool, might check out both of these."

"Nice to know your name isn't 'Shrink'" Uma smiles to Stan. "You're a psychiatrist or psychologist? I've just opened a practice up in Cedar." She takes in the others now. "Everyone's welcome if you need a doctor." A smirk for Becca's words. "Eve has never stayed in one place for more than ten seconds. Seriously, even standing in one place for that long is impossible for her. If you need snow melted, just call her up to walk back and forth. It'll be gone in no time.

"Oh! Neat." Presley responds when Prisha hands her a flyer in return, looking over it before she folds it and tucks it away, "Thank you." She flashes a quick smile, then hands out the flyers to the rest, "Sorry…" There's a quick apology to people for interrupting, as well.

Prisha looks over Presley's flyer…and stares. "A rodeo? Seriously? We don't have a lot of rodeos in San Francisco. Well…there is a club called 'Rodeo' but I don't think that's the same kind of bull riding. I think I will have to go to this." She looks over at Presley. "Can we set up stalls?" Then a sudden scream and a snapping of her fingers before she looks back at Stan. "I know where I've seen you! Don't worry, it wasn't at that club, it was on a field." A wiggle of her eyebrows but since he may be incognito - did he say he was a doctor - she won't say any more. Though she does have a smug smile and stares at Stan a little more.

Erik has been sitting with his own thoughts, but he seems to hear something, and looks up, his attention going to Prisha now. "Did you say San Francisco?" he asks, after a few moments of pause, sounding a bit curious now.

"Better than a snowplow." Becca teases about Eve and her pacing. "A rodeo sounds like fun. I'll probably go and watch." She gives a curious look to Erik and looks to Prisha for the response.

"Oh! Um. Sure." Presley replies after a moment, smiling at Prisha, "Just come out a few hours before the event to set up, and we can discuss things." She then glances around before nodding to the group, "Sorry, excuse me." And then she's scooting towards the door.

Stan chuckles and nods, "Psychologist. Though I am pondering if I should get a medical degree as well. Couldn't hurt, then again." Shrugging. Time consuming and having to go back to studies. Leaving this out though. "It's fine." He assures Presley. Blinking as he looks to Prisha at the sound, chuckling and nodding. "I see." Appreciating her silence. "Seems that I have to come to your restaurant now." He offers with a bit of a grin. "It's been awhile though." Leaving it at that. Letting the conversation shift. Which is where Erik is a great help, as the conversation seemingly shifts to San Francisco. Giving a quick wave to Presley as she runs off. Laughing softly about using Eve against the snow. "From what I've seen of her, sounds reasonable."

"I wonder what the hourly rate for an Eve snowplow would be" Uma muses, half serious. "She could do with some employment." But that's a conversation for another time. Instead, she takes out a business card for Stan. "If you need any medical assistance, happy to help out when I can." Not having been to San Francisco, she goes back to coffee and pastries…after a wave to the departing Presley.

"Oh, yes, you will /definitely/ have to come to my restaurant" Prisha smiles slyly at Stan; the price for silence. A nod to Erik. "Born and raised there…not in Delhi. My family run a number of restaurants down the west coast…and the east coast…and a few places in-between. And lots of other businesses too. I'll try not to bore you with them…at least not in one sitting. You're from San Francisco?" Did she catch Erik's name? A wave to the departing Presley. "I'll call!" There is a number on the flyer.

Erik nods a bit slowly. "I am… was… am…" He replies, a bit quietly. "Haven't been back there for many years, though." His expression darkens a bit, for some reason, as he nods and smiles. "Im sure I've visited at least one of those restaurants, back in the days," he offers.

Stan does take the offered card, a smile and a nod given to Uma. "Thanks! I will make sure to give you a call if needed. It is possible." He offers along with a smile. Grinning once more at Prisha though. "Indeed." Amused though more than anything. Noticing Erik's reaction but he won't push him. "So, how do you rate the restaurant?" He asks instead. "Seeing as how I might be heading there." A bit teasing perhaps, back at Prisha. Turning his attention back to Uma, letting Erik and Prisha speak further about San Francisco. "New to town then?" He asks Uma, "I only met your sister briefly at the youth center. But she seemed to suggest that at least she was quite new." It felt like at least.

"I'm sure you did" Prisha nods to Erik. "I think everyone in California has…if we're advertising properly. Why did you move to Calaveras, if you don't mind me asking? It's a nice place…and has snow…but people usually move the other way." A sip of her coffee before a smile for Stan as she answers for Erik. "Best restaurant in Calaveras, even if I say so myself. If this gentleman hasn't been there in years…" A nod to Erik. "…then I wasn't cooking at the ones in San Francisco. I do here."

"A few weeks now" Uma nods to Stan. "Moved down from Denver to find some peace and quiet. Wanted the quiet life for a while, you know? Eve came down after me. Transferred to the college here. Still figuring out what she wants to do. She was at the youth center? Good on her."

"Well, I lived in Denver for a number of years," Erik replies, before he shrugs a little. "It… was time to move on from there…" Spoken a bit evasively, as he lets out a bit of a breath. "But as for why I moved away in the first place, in an attempt to get some peace of mind, I suppose."
Stan chuckles and nods to Uma, "Ah, yes. I can understand that. Spent a lot of time in Denver before finishing my studies." He explains. Nodding about Eve, "She wanted to check the lay of the land, so to speak." Glancing to Prisha with a grin. "Ah, well then. I am sure that you won't disappoint." Nodding at Erik's words on Denver. "Ah, right. You mentioned that. And seem all three of us came here for similar reasons." Turning to Prisha, "How about you?" The four of them sitting at the table now. Still enjoying their respective edibles.

The door to the cafe opens again, and Eve reappears with Charlie in tow… only the latter is now missing his ridiculous Santa hat. At least Eve holds the door open and waits for him. "Don't worry! No one will notice. Just play it cool." Beat. "Oh, and The Plan? Don't tell anyone, 'kay?" Stopping to look around for Uma, Eve quickly locates her sister and scoots over to join her. Is there more spots at the table? If so… well Eve grabs a nearby one and slides it in next to Uma, and plops down with a grin. "Hey sis, miss me?" In the background, she beckons Charlie to join in with his own chair.

"Business" Prisha shrugs to Stan. "The family have decided to branch out into the mid-west and this place looks like it is going to explode any moment. Get in on the ground floor. As my cousin Umat used to say, 'Get in on the ground floor, and you don't need to invest in a ladder'." A wince as the door opens and cold wind rushes in, along with the two colorful youths from earlier. Maybe she took that beanie off too soon.

"Had you gone somewhere?" Uma asks her sister on her return, though she quickly smiles to show she is teasing. "Don't worry, I used your absence well and offered you up for snowplow duties. Still trying to determine the rates. Do you know everyone?" She will introduce Eve to those whose names she knows/heard and encourages any others to make themselves known. "Did you want to invite Chucky to dinner some time?"

"You sound like a new business developer in town, a man named Xavier." Becca finally comes out of her silent reverie and directs the statement to Prisha. Her coffee is gone now though, so it's possible she'd been steady working on that in her silence. Much of the conversation she may have missed in her thoughtfulness. A considering look does go to Erik though, reading between the lines of something he may have said earlier. It's then she notices the return of the others and she offers an apologetic smile. "I do that sometimes. Get lost in thought and all that."

"Okay, okay." Charlie concedes, in the process of stuffing the oversized Santa hat into his backpack and re-slinging it over his shoulders. His hair is flattened to his head now, with his long bangs knifing across his forehead. The hat may have been stowed, but the blinking sweater and blue plaid pajama bottoms are still a thing. Rather than join Eve at the table, he diverts away and makes a beeline for the counter. "Yes. Right. That's what I said. Brew water containing high levels of bicarbonate. You know, you really ought to not leave that out. The Arrhenius equation dictates that you can prolong the freshness of your coffee beans by chilling and keeping the vessels open." He waves his hand, exasperated now. "Oh. What's that? YES, give me that. With whip cream. Actually, make that two of them."

Eventually, Charlie makes his way over to the table that Eve and Uma are seated at, a look of consternation on his face as his brain works through problem solving the lack of chairs. For someone who at least seems to be pretty smart, Murphy's Law seems to be lightyears away for him. "Here, I got two of them. The whip cream really sells it." Only Charlie would order a frapp in the middle of winter.

Erik has gone silent again, simply listening for now.

Stan nods about Prisha's reason though soon he is finishing his cup of coffee. Finally, which most likely has gotten cold by now. Intriguing conversation after all. "That is a good saying." Offered in response to Prisha. A smile and nod over to Charlie and Eve. Turning to Becca, "Oh, that is perfectly fine." He assures her. "I should probably get going though. I'll see all of you later, I am sure." Studying Charlie as well. "And nice to meet you as well." Offering his hand. "In case we meet again, I'm Stan." Getting the introductions out of the way before next time.

"Just conspiring outside." Eve answers Uma's question cheerfully, and quickly looks around the table. "Nope. Except for Doctor Shrink." She stops to give Stan a little wave. "And my sister is correct! I'm available for all your snowplowing needs. I am happy to give you a quote if you need that service, although there IS a bit of a waiting list right now." She says all this in a bit of a deadpan tone, but is soon distracted by the offer of a frapp by Charlie. The drink is accepted with a peer, which is then aimed at the boy. "This isn't what I meant by 'staying cool'."

"Not a developer, a chef" Prisha smiles to Becca. "Though we had heard that this town is on the brink of a major expansion. Lot of people coming down here. A lot of development, as you say. Well, they all have to eat, right? Man cannot live on McDonalds alone. In fact, they often don't live very long on McDonalds alone. And it is better to get lost in thought than lost in a minefield. I have a million sayings because I have a million relatives" she laughs before a smile for the younger pair, though they aren't much younger than her! Prisha looks a bit disappointed at Stan leaving. "Make sure you drop by soon, Doctor."

Charlie shoots his hand out - until he realizes it's already held up by a frapp. There's a moment where he fumbles and almost loses it as he switches it to his other hand after leaving one in front of Eve. "Stan. I mean, I'm Charlie. I'll remember your name!" And then there's a moment where his eyes shift left and right, the gears in his head whirring. "Stan, got it." He clicks his tongue then turns around, focusing his attention back on everyone else at the table and with the familiarity of someone who just sort of makes himself at home wherever he goes, he snatches up Stan's chair and slides it over till he plops down next to Eve. "It isn't?" He shoots her a confused look before burying his face in his frapp, getting whip cream on the tip of his nose for his efforts. "I know how to drive a stick," He offers, licking his lips in an attempt to clean away the whip cream, apparently not realizing the smudge on his nose is still there. "Snow plow trucks are manuals, right?"

"Why does the admission you're conspiring make me worried?" Uma asks Eve…it's rhetorical. She sips on her coffee once more before smiling at the departing Stan. "Get in touch if you need me" she reminds before, "Good night." A little smile for Becca. "I wouldn't worry about zoning out. Some people have made careers out of it." A frown at Chucky as she delicately tries to indicate he has cream on his nose.

"Oh I mean Xavier was the developer. He said this town was going to explode soon with more businesses. With that, we will need more people to fill positions within the town. I know the folks at the city hall and the chamber of commerce would be only too happy for that to happen." Her nose crinkles. "I avoid McDonalds. I mean. I'll go BASE jumping, but I won't eat from McDonalds. Priorities." She grins. Laughter follows. "Relatives are good. My family owns a ranch out in Granja Basin. Not a lot of us, but enough." A smile is given to Stan. "It was a pleasure to meet you Stan. I'm Becca." With a lean forward, she nods to Uma, "I think you make a good point. I should probably get home soon myself." But Erik and his hesitance earlier are not to be forgotten and she glances his way.

Stan smiles to Prisha, "Will do, Chef." He does seem sincere about it. Grinning at Eve though. She is indeed a lover of nicknames it seems. Nodding to Charlie. "Charlie, great seeing you." Another chuckle though. "Good luck, Uma." Is offered about the conspiring. "Good night." A nod and smile to Becca, "Take care, Becca. Nice meeting you." Then he's gone.

Eve eyes the cream on the tip of Charlie's nose, but it looks like Uma got it covered. Way to go, sis! Uma's worried rhetoric only gets a smug smile from the younger Campbell girl. Despite her protest, Eve will still suck on the straw to drink the frapp, even if the cold drink makes her shiver bodily. "I can't feel my legs anymore." She murmurs to Charlie, then resumes sucking on the straw. But something mentioned at the table suddenly catches the girl's interest — oh no, it's Prisha! "Did you say you're a chef?" Eve asks. "Dude, I've been DYING for some swarmara since we got here! Do you make swarmara? Please say yes. Please?"

Erik's gaze has gone to the book he brought with him now, listening in quiet. He notices that glance from Becca, and raises an eyebrow as he watches her in return.

Eve just nominated herself for a flyer. One is duly handed over by Prisha, advertising her 'Magic of India' restaurant. "I certainly do" she smiles to the question. "You should drop by. Best swarmara in town. Might be the only swarmara in town, but we won't mention it. If you and your boyfriend want to drop by…" She nods to Chucky. "You will be more than welcome." She drains her coffee and stands. "I should get going too." Though all the layers she has to put on will keep her at the table for a little longer.

Charlie just stares at Uma for a moment as she makes weird gestures with her hand. "Your family is odd." He remarks, apparently not catching the subtle hint from the woman and shrugging indifferently. Of course, this coming from the guy who thinks his current outfit is inconspicuous enough to go unnoticed in a small coffee shop. Meanwhile, the blue, green, red, and white lights on his sweater continue to blink on and off in a curious pattern that starts at the tail of the dinosaur Santa is riding and works its way all the way up to Santa’s hat. "That's okay," Charlie adds, glancing sidelong at Eve seated next to him. "That's just your body over compensating for the sudden drop in temperature by sucking in all the heat from your extremities to protect your heart." He pauses, pushing back from the table to glance down underneath, presumably at Eve's legs. "It's highly unlikely that they'll fall out."

Charlie, with the attention span of a squirrel, quickly intercepts the flyer that Prisha was attempting to hand over to Eve, jaw dropping as he looks it over (and makes it a point to guard it away from the blonde taking it back). "Wowwww… what's shah-warm-uhhh?
"I didn't know you liked Indian food, Eve" Uma considers her sister for a moment before shrugging. "Looks like you have a customer" she smiles to Prisha before grabbing another flyer since Chucky is so desperate to have one. "And you do takeout. Awesome." Speaking of Chucky, Uma rubs at her nose, eyes widening as she does so. She may look like a maniac, but that cream is starting to annoy her. "You could go out on a date with Chucky, Eve. To the restaurant."

Sliding a card across the table, Becca delivers it to Erik. "Give me a call sometime?" Leaving it as simple as that, she tosses the ball easily into his court. "But for now, I need to go. Places to go, people to see."

"OH. EM. GEE." Eve exclaims in a hoarse voice, reaching out with both hands for Prisha's flyer. "Gimme gimme gimme." Unfortunately, the sneak Charlie intercepted it, but Eve doesn't get a chance to steal it back because she's almost immediately looking up and blinking at the chef. And Uma too, thanks sis. "Huh? My…." She turns her head and makes a weird face at Charlie. "…No! Geez, he's not my boyfriend! I've only known him… since Tuesday." Beat. "No no no. Chucky is my TA-slash-classmate, and I'm her coach-slash-classmate. Totes platonic. This guy doesn't even know what swarmara is, and he's got stuff on his nose. No dates!" By the time she said this last bit, Eve is flailing her hands a bit. Becca's announcement that she's about to leave gets Eve's attention momentarily, cuz she never got a name from the woman, so the girl just stares for a moment…. as if trying to commit the face to memory. Or something.

Erik blinks a few times as he hears Becca's words, and takes the offered card. "Sure…" he offers, after a few moments, offering a smile as well, before he looks around, and sighs. "I should be going as well. I have a few things I need to take care of…"

There be Charlie, peeking out from his flyer at Eve and her sister, watching the back and forth while his sweater blinks over and over and the smear of whip cream remains on the tip of his nose. A finger rises, and he clears his throat, "Actually, technically I'm not -your- TA. My assistantship is for the Biological Life Sciences Department. So I only mentor bio and chem majors." He explains matter of factly, following it up by finishing off his frapp and continuing to suck through the straw, making that infuriating noise as he tries to get everything that's left at the bottom. "But it would be professionally irresponsible for us because we're partners in-" Pause. He clamps his hand over his mouth, eyes as large as an owl's. "That is. I mean, study partners. Besides, I really don't like dates. They're a bit too sweet for me. But they are kind of good in a pie. My mom makes it, it's actually super good."

The more customers the better" Prisha nods to Uma, "Whether it's a date or not. Nice to meet you all." And then, the moving pile of clothes, beanie pulled down and scarf pulled up, heads into the wild winds of winter.

"A study date?" Uma suggests to Eve in that clumsy fashion of an older sibling trying to help out with something she barely knows herself…but has heard about terms to use. Almost parental in its inadequacy. A curious look for Charlie. "But if she's not someone you TA then you could totally go on dates and it would be fine." Using the word 'totally' is totally a cool thing…right? "You can show him what swarmara is." The cream on his nose…she's got nothing. "Nice to meet you, Becca. Stan." Did she ever get Erik's name? Though she nods goodbye to him too. And now she's feeling rather like a third wheel.

"No!" Eve shakes her head vigorously, even crossing her forearms in an X. "No dates. Geez whiz, thanks sis." Well, everyone else seems to be taking off now, so Eve just grabs her frapp and resumes sucking, and even bothers to wave a bit at the departing folks.

"It was nice meeting you too, Uma." Then bids farewell to Erik. "See you soon Erik." A grin his way before she gets to her feet. "I look forward to visiting your restaurant, Prisha, and that whole skiing thing. That really sounds fun." A smile to Eve and Charlie along with a wave before she makes her way out also.

And then there were three. Charlie watches the older folks file out and suddenly squirms in his chair self-consciously. "Was it something I said?" Blink. Blinkblink. His eyes peer downward at one of the glasses left behind and he suddenly leans in closer to it, finally spotting the whip cream on his nose. "Oh, crud!" He grabs a napkin, wiping his nose clean - and then licking the whip cream from the napkin. "How long has that been there? Sheesh, a little heads up would have been nice." Stare. The ancient sound of a flip phone's ring breaks the silence and Charlie quickly plucks it from his pocket and flips it open. "Chucky speaking." Dammit! Now he's saying it. There's a subtle wince from the guy as he realizes this. "Right. Yes. Sure thing, Doc. Waitaminute. Can I do it Sunday? I have a…" He trails off, glancing at Eve, his expression crinkling up in deep thought. "-A thing. Yeah. Okay, cool, thanks!" Flipped closed, he stuffs the antique back in his pocket and looks back up at Uma and Eve. "So what's this about dinner? That'd be really nice. I live on campus so I'm stuck eating the galley food and let me tell you, it's pretty rotten."

Uma offers the exasperated sigh of the lost as Charlie blames the world for not pointing out his cream problem. Though now she has Eve against her too. It's tough to be mature! "Friends can go and eat out together too" she offers. "Go to movies. You should show Chucky what Indian food is like. Oh, are you two going to the rodeo tomorrow? That could be fun." A gentle nudge of her sister. "We can see the real soul of our new home. We could go separately if you prefer."

You know how Uma always rolls her eyes at Eve's antics? Tonight, we suppose, is payback. Eve continues to suck on her straw, but now she's rolling her eyes at Uma's comments. "Are you still on that, mom?" She pauses when Charlie's phone rings, and he starts talking into it. It gives her a chance to make a WTF? look at Uma while Charlie is distracted, and after he hangs up, Eve shoots a look back his way. "So where are you from, Chucks? I thought your family is in town."

Charlie's face lights up at the mention of the rodeo. "Ohhh! I heard about that from this girl." He hurriedly glances at Eve, practically grabbing her shoulder and shaking it. "We should go to it! And ride on the cows. I wonder if they'll let us do that? That would be super cool." It seems as though the exchanges going on between Uma and Eve are flying way over his head, particularly as he begins to go on about cows and cows with horns and how they are all really slow and he doesn't know why anyone would want to sit on them. But if it's going to happen, they should definitely try and ride on one because he's never seen a cow in real life before! He takes a breath, shaking his head at Eve's question. "My parents are actually in France right now. It took me a year to talk them into letting me go to college. I'm gonna have to get a hotel during the winter break because they're closing down the dorms and kicking everyone out, actually. I can't afford to fly home."

Uma offers a 'what?' expression to Eve's glare. She's trying to help…though she is also self-aware enough to know she's making a mess of it. So there is a look of apology to her sister before she says, "You could sleep on the couch at our house for the holidays." That probably didn't make things better but she is inherently concerned for other people. "I'd ask you to help unpack some boxes and move some furniture about in return, but nothing more. Umm…as long as Eve is cool with that. And your parents of course. I'd have to talk to them too."

Eve narrows her eyes at Charlie as he explains things, and during this time she never stops sucking her frapp until he's done. "So….." She starts. "…first of all, you ride bulls, not cows. Cows are for squeezing and sucking. Riding a cow is like… swimming in a pool of tadpoles." She stops to look over to Uma, as sis invites Charlie over to crash at their house, which brings a bit of a surprised look to her face. But that look of surprise suddenly changes… and Eve breaks out laughing aloud. "Ohmygod! You and your scheme to find cheap labor!" Snickering, she turns to Charlie. "Get ready to be collared and shackled."

Charlie, quite fixated on the idea of riding a cow, is nodding his head to every word Eve says. "So, we'll be squeezing and sucking cows at the rodeo, then? I mean, I'm down if you are, but it doesn't sound very fun." It's Uma's offer and Eve's laughter that bring about a surprising response from the unusual guy. Normally quite distracted and easy to be coaxed into a long rant on something completely irrelevant, there's a moment there where he seems oddly…quiet. There's a sincerity in the genuine shrug and look he sends Eve and her sister's way. "I wouldn't mind. At least you get to do manual labor as a family." It's a window, albeit brief one, into the real Charlie once you start peeling back the layers. There's an almost forlorn air about his demeanor, but it washes away quickly as his attention is diverted again. "Do you think they'll let us ride the cows?"

"No sucking cows" Uma states firmly. She's putting her foot down on that one. A nudge at Eve about the cheap labor comment. "That's not what I'm after and you know that. Poor Chucky is alone for Christmas and he needs to be with people. Literally, or he won't have a roof over his head." That little glimpse of his loneliness touches Uma's heart. "It will be fine, Chucky. Just let me talk to your parents first, okay? But for now, this old woman should get out of your hair and let you plan your rodeo outing."

Hearing that Uma is getting ready to go, Eve quickly finishes her frapp and gets to her feet. "Yeah, it's getting a bit late. Are you still gonna do your experiment, Chucks here?" She asks the nerdboy. "Uma's right, maybe we can all go to the rodeo tomorrow. I mean like, I'm not super keen on it, but I really should make an effort to fit in if I'm to…." She cuts herself off abruptly. "…y'know."

Charlie nods his head, glancing up at the barista behind the counter. "Yeah, I have to prove a point and I'm -gonna- get those measurements." Though his attention is fixated on the espresso machine behind the counter, he does spare some time to say goodbye to Eve. Whatever she seems to be hinting at, he's not fully understanding. Is this one of those moments where he winks? So that's what he does - except with the wrong eye, the one that both of them can see. "Gotcha. So, uh, I guess you're picking me up tomorrow?" He grins lopsidedly, hefting his backpack up over his shoulders then looking at Eve expectantly.

"You don't have to go, Eve" Uma offers as she stands, pulling her beanie out of her pocket to place back on her head. A curious look at Chucky's wink - that throws her a bit. "Ummm…sure…we can pick you up if you want. Eve know where to collect you?" A light ruffle of her sister's hair. "It will be good for both of us to mix with the natives."

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