(2018-11-29) Bruises - Part One
Part one of a long log, strap in people.

It was a bit later than usual for the back door to crack open to the sound of the bleating Ms. Rainbow Sparkle and the gruff reply that came soon after - "I know, I know's it. Mornin' ta' you too, gorgeous. I'm sure t'eys gonna' be out fa' you soon" seemed the reply to come from none other than the figure of Anthony Malone who made his way through the back entryway, shutting the door behind him. It was only a few long-legged clicks of his saddle shoes against the floor before he was turning the corner into the Kitchen, his firm lips pursed and whistling a soft tune, "Mornin' Kate!" he chirped, regardless of if the woman was present or not, as it had seemed to formulate something of a routine for the outlander.

Katherine watches Anthony walk into the kitchen, vaguely amused as he talks so politely to her goat. "Afternoon Tony." She replies, yes..of course Kate is here. She doesn't look like she's had a lot of sleep, but otherwise she's okay. "Are you hungry for lunch? I made Reuben's." She gestures to the stinky sandwich, wrinkling her nose. "For you guys, I'm just having some roast beef on wheat bread myself." She points to the coffee pot, which is full and steamy. "Did you rest okay last night?"

The immediate response from Anthony was to just nod his head and track his pale green eyes toward the coffee pot, "None'a that stuff, Kate, nah" he waived a single hand, dismissive to the notion, "I know I ate'a shit outta' ya' breakfast the last couple'a days, btu I really don' normally eat much fa the mornin' …" hetrailed as he'd gathered his coffee mug and began pouring into it the black river of life, "Or, y'know, afta'noon, whateva' " and he shook his head, "I slept a'right. I got in a lil' late last night, took some friends out ta' the Alibi"

Katherine nods at Anthony, slicing a reuben in half and wrapping it in a sandwich baggie. "Well if you change your mind, as always, there is a lot of food in the fridge." She moves to pour herself a cup of coffee, kneeling to pull a tray from beneath the sink. She sets it aside and starts to place food on plates atop it. "The Alibi huh? Did you ride the bull?" She asks, grinning in his direction as she takes a quick drink of her coffee.

Staying in bed is intolerable, but his normal suit ends up being…somewhat difficult to navigate when every part of his body hurts. So Xavier comes down the stairs slowly, his left arm in a make-shift sling, a bandage covering a part of his head, and lots of bruises. But he's smiling as he enters the kitchen. "Did I hear food?" he asks, sounding considerably more alert than the night before. He blinks as he notices Anthony. "Ah. Mister Malone, wasn't it?" he asks, as he moves towards a seat at the table. "Good morning to you both."

Xavier is wearing, instead of his usual suit, a faded University of Michigan sweat suit, and no shoes.

Turning from his spot in the kitchen with coffee, Anthony had began to smile at Katherine though the presence of Xavier causes a hitch in his step. It was obvious, and everyone in the room likely knew why he was getting the once-over beneath his pale green eyes, "Yeah." he said softly, affirming Xavier's words, "Mornin' Mr. Westin' " he regarded professionally, and then offered a smile, choosing not to acknowledge the rest of the mans appearance in the sort of way that eluded to likely knowing how it felt to not be yourself, when yourself way perpetually presentable. His pathway made his way toward the dining room table, "Nah, not yet. That's t'is weekend aft'a the rodeo" he replied to Katherine finally, finding himself a seat. "Glad ta' see you didn' need me last night. Glad everythin' worked out." he added thereafter, glancing at Xavier for the briefest of moments before taking a long sip from his morning brew.

The tray she pulled out is now redundant, but she doesn't blink, she simply removes the plates from it, putting it away. "You did hear food." She says to Xavier, walking over to set a plate in front of him. Half of a reuben sandwich and some home made chips. She sets down coffee beside it. "Yes, everything worked out." She murmurs, pausing to look at the cut on his head. "So I have someone coming over when they're off work to take a look at you." She says conversationally to Xavier, turning back to finish putting away the things she pulled out for lunch. "They're going to bring some pain killers over as well, until then, aspirin?" She asks, pulling open a cupboard by the sink.

Xavier grimaces apologetically at Anthony. "Sorry. I know I'm not the prettiest thing at a dining table at the moment, but I felt the need to get up." The cut is ugly, but not a bleeding or infected ugly, so it's probably fine. Everything is fine, and Xavier gives her a warm smile. "Thank you, Kate. I appreciate your going out of your way to help me." He catches her hand for a moment, if she lets him, and kisses the back of it before letting her go. "And pain killers sounds lovely. There's only so much whiskey can do, until it makes it worse." He glances back to Anthony as he reaches for a chip. "How are you finding Calaveras, Mr. Malone? Interesting little town, isn't it?"

The edges of Anthony's lips curl to one side in an amused smirk at the words of Xavier, bobbing his head low and his chin nearly against his chest in efforts to stifle a bit of a chortle, "Yes. Yes it is, Mr. Westin' and gettin' more interestin' by the day, you could say" he smiled and took a sip of his black coffee, though seemed to think of something else to say as he sat his mug down against the table, "I'm certain we, or at least I, have been worse. It's all parta' the profession of makin' money - someone is bound ta' not be happy about it sooner or lata' "he commented and slipped his hands into the pockets of his jacket idly, taking a deep breath of the food and coffee filled air.

It's chilly out. Time to get somewhere warm. The kid who comes into the kitchen is wearing a big, slightly shiny black puffer jacket with a hood, which he pulls down — revealing a shock of bright red hair. His cheeks are also red at the moment. Aidan freezes, looking between the three assembled here. "I heard this was a good place to get lunch," he mutters, hands in pockets, but then looks like he's not so sure about it. After all, it's not a restaurant or something, right?

Katherine turns her hand after Xavier kisses it, running fingertips along his jaw. "Anthony here offered to come help out with his truck last night, but I figured that you would use a towing company." She says to Xavier, watching as Anthony tries not to laugh. She just huffs out a sigh, turning to smile at Aidan when he appears. "Have a seat on a stool and I'll get you a sandwich." She looks thoughtful, brushing her hair back as she walks into the kitchen. "You like rubens? Or should I make you something with less sauerkraut?"

Xavier is looking a bit like someone run him over with a truck, with a bandaged gash on his head, his left arm in a sling, and lots of bruises, all wrapped in a faded USM sweatsuit. He's eating home made chips from a plate Katherine has fixed him, with healthy doses of coffee to go along with it. He smiles at Anthony. "I suppose. I don't think I ever had a chance to find out what your profession was, exactly?" His eyebrows go up at Katherine's words. "Did he? Thank you, Mr. Malone. That's very kind of you. It's a rental, and insurance covers the tow, though. I made a few calls after I woke up." He gives the kid who enters a curious up-and-down.

It was an easy smile, the one that Anthony gave Xavier as he eluded to not knowing what it is exactly that he did, and he looked as if he was beginning to formulate a reply before glancing at the newfound puff-jacketed…holyfuckingshit, "Jesus, the light" he casted a feigned protecting hand against the vibrant orange hue of Aidan's revealed locks before dropping it and turning his attention back to Xavier, "I am, an' was, a Investment Advisor and Broker. When people who ain' as savvy as ya'self, wit' money that likely ain' quite as comparable need tips on whatta' do wit' they money ta' make more money? I'm the guy." he explains, leaning in to raise his cup of coffe to his lips, taking a sip. "I been doin' forms of financial relocation an investment fa' twenty yea's or betta' - I garnered a bit of'a reputation back home fa' bein' a real stand up guy, even if it seems that my upstate charm ain't everyone's pa'ticula flava' here in Calaveras" he added, rolling his shoulders softly, "I figured I'd stop plannin' and advisin' other peoples money and I'd do it wit' my own, in a more official capacity anyhow, I've done it a time'a two before" - the conversation seemed honest enough, though the casuality in which he referred to things like money suggested he likely had more than just the average person who would have used someone like him to begin with. "More or less." he added finally, and took another drink of his coffee.

Aidan doesn't quite smile at Katherine, but he does sit on the stool. "Uh, less sauerkraut would be cool." He smooths down his hair, which is sticking up at odd angles, and stares first at Xavier, then Anthony. He frowns a little, particularly at Anthony's reaction to his hair. It's not his fault it's that color, after all, since his eyebrows and eyelashes seem to be the same hue…so it's not some crazy dye job.

Katherine makes Aidan a roast beef sandwich with mayo and lettuce. She doesn't like reuben's either. She sets the sandwich and chips in front of Aidan, grinning. "Don't mind them, that one.." She points at Anthony. "..is one of my guests." She then points at Xavier, clearing her throat. "He doesn't always look like that, he was in an automobile accident." She stands up straight, picking up her half of her sandwich, taking a bite. "They're probably going to talk business for at least a few minutes, so.." She puts down her sandwich and holds out a hand to Aidan. "Katherine Stone. I own the place, and you are?"

Xavier reaches for his own coffee cup, listening to Anthony with interest. He chuckles a bit at the mention of 'charm'. "The locals are a bit wary of outsiders," he agrees, with amusement. "But I suppose it would be hypocritical of me to say they have no reason for it. If Kate hasn't mentioned, I'm in real estate development, so who knows? We might have reason to talk, if you're interested in investing in properties. I've already acquired a few with plans for more." He grins as Katherine points in his direction. "Guilty. I went to visit a potential property out of town, and a section of the road must not have been iced too well. Had to call Kate to come fetch me - a bit embarrassing, but it looks worse than it is."

There was a shrug toward Xavier at the mention of him being hypocritical and a flash of a toothy smile, "I wouldn' suggest it if I t'oght it'd be a waste of either of our time, Mr. Westin" he admitted, raising his mug of coffee, he paused a bit at what was a thinly veiled offer of a potential offer, "I dunno' - Do I have ta' pretend ta' like Nicky?" he smirked and took his drink, this time choosing to hold his mug close to the chest as if to warm his hand. Green eyes darted to those around the room, more out of habit than necessity, "Icy roads. The worst, really. Slippin' on down'a road jus' fine and suddenly, boom…" Tony accented his words by his free hand making a sailing motion over his cup in an arc, "Off ya' go"

"I'm, uh. Aidan," says Aidan, noding thanks as Katherine sets down the sandwich in front of him. It seems to take him a moment to realize that Katherine wants to shake his hand, but he eventually puts his own in hers and gives it a shake. Glancing over at Xavier, he looks over the guy's injuries. "That sucks," says the kid, before taking a quick bite of his sandwich. Maybe so he doesn't have to talk more.

"Nice to meet you Aidan." Katherine says, picking up her sandwich again. She lets Anthony and Xavier talk, not terribly interested in financial talk at the moment. Her phone beeps and she checks it before firing off a text message. She turns to pull the fridge open, pulling out a soda and setting it near Aidan. "Are you a student at the University, Aidan? You might meet my sister down there sometime. She's apparently transferring home."

"Knock Knock! It's me," Luke calls from the great room as he comes through the house, still bundled in his sweatshirt. He's got a leather satchel tucked at his side, and there's a momentary pause at just how full the kitchen is before he makes his way in. "Hey Kate," he says to her directly, looking around, "… and everyone else," he adds with a big grin.

Xavier twitches, fractionally, at the pantomime of the car sailing over the cup. He reaches for his coffee again and downs the rest of it, hot liquid be damned. The stinging of his throat takes his mind of, well, other things, so he's able to smile at Anthony when he puts the mug down again. "Nic—oh, Nicholas? No, you may feel about him whichever way you choose." He grins at Aidan. "It really does. The rental company is not pleased." He's looking banged up, with a bandage on his head, bruises, one arm in a sling, and in a sweatsuit rather than his usual suits. He nods at Luke as he comes in, smiling at the greeting. "Nice to know where we rate in the hierarchy, Luke."

So many people, so little time. Anthony's eyes twitched to the newcomer and he strummed his fingertips against the edge of his solid white mug, peering over Luke in the appraising way that men often did before a chuckle broke the moment and he glanced his eyes toward Xavier as if to agree with him, "Ta' be fair, the house is Kate's domain, so it's polite ta' greet the Queen in her own castle before the rest'a the rabble" he grinned, nodding his head toward Luke in a form of acknowledgement, "Afta'noon" he regarded and twitched his free hand in a two-fingered wave.

Aidan seems distinctly uncomfortable, but he continues to eat his sandwich and starts drinking the soda once Katherine puts it near him. There's a bit of a nod to Luke as he comes in — someone else he doesn't know. Then again, there aren't a lot of people around he /does/ know. He turns to Kate again after her question and nods. "Yeah. Who's your sister?"

"This is Luke, he's the local vet. I texted him a little bit ago." Katherine shifts her eyes from Luke to Xavier, quirking her brow at the man with the satchel. "He's going to make sure I did an okay job on your cut and your shoulder." She looks apologetic and a little embarrassed. "Closest thing to a doctor I could find to make a house call." She turns back to Aidan, reading his nervousness. "Her name is Sarah Stone, she's nineteen. She was out at Penn State, but..I don't think she liked it there, wanted to be closer to home."

"Sure. Whatever he said," Luke points a thumb at Anthony with a touch of a grin, before his attention sweeps back to Xavier. Whatever smile he's got rapidly fades away. "Dunno why you didn't just go to the hospital, you look pretty fucked up," he says with a small frown, moving to set his satchel on the table. "I'm gonna need to take your bandages off." This is said to Xavier, but he flashes a glance to Katherine again, eyes slightly narrowed. "You get the sling from the pharmacy or something?"

Xavier arches his eyebrows. "All right, but if he pats me on the head and calls me a good boy, I'm going to bite him." He smiles at Luke. "More seriously, thank you for coming by. Whatever your usual fee is, I'll double it. But I'm truly not hurt that badly. A lot of bruising, dislocated shoulder that has been relocated, and," he points at the bandage on his head. "That." Which, if the bandage is taken off, has been filled with liquid plaster and really should have a couple of stitches, but doesn't seem to be infected. "And I made the sling." Looking close, it does seem to be home-made, from the remnants of what was probably a /very expensive/ shirt. Still dotted with blood in places, despite Xavier's best efforts.

Anthony smirked at Luke's reaction to his words and he dipped his head with a raise of his mug toward the man in the universal gesture of 'no problem' and sipped quietly at his mug while the words exchanged between those present, proving that despite first impression maybe he *isn't* just a loud mouthed New Yorker. His green eyes glanced over Luke as he made himself close to Xavier, though at the query of why he hadn't gone to the hospital, Tony spoke up, "No insurance. Ya'know? Medical billing in'a U.S. It'sa tragedy" he clicked his tongue against his teeth thrice in a 'tsk, tsk, tsk' noise while shaking his head. That would have likely been the extent of his contribution if it wasn't for the fact that he glanced at the sling when Xavier mentioned making it, "Mista' Westin, I had no idea you were so crafty" he remarked and grinned around his mug

"Alright," Aidan mutters to Katherine, running a hand along his head. "Don't think I know her." He seems to be going through his sandwich as quickly as possible, like perhaps he's trying to hasten his time in here. After all, he seems to have walked into something.

"Uh huh," Luke clicks his tongue against the roof of his mouth, switching a glance between Xavier and Anthony as he pulls open his satchel. "So you didn't go to hospital 'cause your injuries aren't that bad… or because you don't have insurance?" There's a skeptical frown as he pulls out a little sewing kit, along with some antiseptic and bandages. "'Cause I kinda doubt a guy like you, Mister Westin, can't afford the emergency room bill." Then, there's a laugh over to Katherine. "It's kinda funny, you know? Sounds like there's a goddamn real life mobster movie happening in your kitchen, Kate. I love it," he wags his brows, before he turns back to Xavier. "I'm going to stitch up your head. It doesn't look infected, but if you just leave the plaster on it, it'll be one hell of a scar." And he goes about doing just as he said.
<FS3> Luke rolls Mind + Medicine: Good Success. (5 5 2 4 1 4 8 1 7 4)

Xavier chuckles at Anthony. "Why, thank you, Mister Malone. I wish I could say I was a Boy Scout, and thus always wished to be prepared. But actually, I worked in construction when I was younger, and a lot of the guys on the yards would rather just wrap something up than go to the hospital." He winces at Luke. "Oh dear. I'm Mister Westin now, am I? My apologies. And I have insurance, but I don't particularly like fuss, or those stupid gowns, or having to wait six hours to do basic treatment. I should go about getting a private doctor, though." And then, oh god, he's going to start the stitches right now. Xavier blinks, and braces himself for it.
<FS3> Xavier rolls Mind: Failure. (1 6 2 4)

Katherine reaches out to pat Aidan on the hand. "I'll introduce you if she ever comes out of her room again." She murmurs, standing up straight to watch Luke and Xavier. "He was pretty distressed last night when he called me, and he didn't want to go to the hospital. I didn't feel like pushing it so I just brought him back here, he wasn't coughing up blood or anything." She sets her sandwich down and moves to put a kettle on the stove. "I figured you could just come make sure I didn't ..you know.. mess up ..any of that." She gestures to Xavier as a whole, wrinkling her nose as Luke goes to work.

The amusement was nearly palpable from Anthony when Luke blatantly regarded the situation as something out of a mobster movie - or was that amusement? Anthony certainly smiled, in the sort of smile that a man gave when they felt unquestionably irritable though not particularly threatened. "Nah" he said then, shaking his head as he finished off his cup of coffee and stood to his feet from the table, "Not enough prosciutto an' old' guys talkin' about Mulberry street" he added as he made his way carefully around Xavier and toward the coffee pot to refill his tank of needed black gold, "Not fa' nothin' but ya's like the t'ird person ta' make that joke. But it's lovely ta' see Calavera's is so culturally fuckin' tolerant" he remarked, a bit of the vitriol sleeping from between his teeth, "I speak four otha' fuckin' languages, maybe one would piss you fuckin' people off less" he added then, a cool gaze leering over the brim of his cup as he took a drink.

"Well you're my patient today," Luke smirks down to Xavier as he stitches away, swabbing the area with extra antiseptic so that it burns. BUUURNS! Mwahahahhaha. "So it's either Mister Westin or Cuddles," he cants his head, squinting a look down at Xavier. "Though I guess you look more like a 'Prince Poochy Face'. Which is the actual name of one of my patients." The threading is carefully snipped before he puts away his tools, going over to the sink to wash his hands vigorously with a lot of soap. "Too bad you don't like emergency rooms. Abby was on call last night, she would've fixed you right up. But whatever. At least you called the police. Right, Kate?" He looks over his shoulder to look to Kate. "You know. For the insurance." Then, it's to Anthony he shrugs. "It's a good joke."

Katherine just smiles at Luke. If you smile enough, people stop asking questions. Her dark gaze shifts over to Anthony and she might be about to apologize to him, again, but the kettle starts to whistle. "Oh, tea. Yes, I'm going to have some tea." She shoots a look at Aidan and then opens the cupboard, pulling down a tea bag and a mug.

"GODDAMNIT!" It's not a voluntary exclamation, by any means. But when Luke slathers the antiseptic on, it just falls out of Xavier's mouth, and he jumps a little in his chair. "Son of a bitch, Luke. That /hurts/." Having a patient who can complain probably sucks. He tries to take his mind off of it by focusing on Anthony. He tries for his usual smile, but it's just a grimace of pain instead. "For what it's worth, you seem like a stand-up guy to me, Mister Malone. Also, which four?"

The brief release of pressure from Anthony seems to have put him back into better spirits, or maybe it was that he had more coffee and had taken a long drink. Luke got a glance, but not so much in the way of an acknowledgement besides that, and pulled the cup down from his face when Xavier spoke, "Italian, Spanish, an' Latin. Lil' bit a' French" he relayed, and a smirk crossed his lips either at an internal thought or Xaviers display of actual emotion other than 'cool' "It was French a' learn Yiddish, an, well, I ain't Jewish" he grinned and shrugged. Another sip of coffee. Finally he turned his head toward Luke, "It's a funny joke. I'm usually more easy goin' about it, jus' neva' fun bein' painted in a pitcha' you don' fit the frame of. It ain' like I'm walkin' around callin' alla' you'se locals talkin' about how it sounds like I'm in'a spaghetti western"

"No..it's fine Aidan. I'm sorry that you had ..it…" Katherine reaches up for a thermos, filling it with coffee and handing it over to the redhead. "This wasn't exactly a friendly and comfortable meal. On the house. Just..have a good day?" She asks, biting down gently on her bottom lip. She jumps when Xavier swears, groaning softly as she turns to add honey to her tea.

Luke doesn't even flinch at the exclamation - perhaps it was anticipated. After all, he probably puts all his other patients under when they get stitches. "You're fine. And now you won't have a wicked scar, which is probably both great and tragic all at the same time," he remarks, frowning to himself as he retreats to dig into his bag. A sling is produced, still in the plastic shrink wrap, and he breaks it open. "I dunno about your shoulder, 'cause you probably should get it x-rayed. But just look for swelling and make sure the bruises look like their getting better and not worse, I guess," he says that last part to Kate, as he frowns away at her. "And if you start having any major headaches? Then you probably have a concussion, and need to go in for that." He leaves the sling on the table, pulling out a small bottle of pain medicine. He jiggles it at Xavier, then sets it down on the table. "Ignore the label. Pop three of these for pain." He looks back to Anthony and grins. "It kinda does sound like a spaghetti western, if you go up near the farms. It's hilarious."

"It's alright. I walked into something," Aidan mutters, looking back at the three men as he takes the thermos from Katherine. He raises it to her and murmurs another thanks before bundling up and heading back into the cold.

"Latin? That's fantastic." Xavier seems genuinely enthused at Anthony's answer. "I always wanted to learn Latin, but never managed to justify the time." And then he whines a little as Luke finishes up; it does, in fact, sound like a slightly deeper voiced version of a teenager. He manages to say, "Thank you, Luke. Although, maybe the painkillers could have come first?" It's only half-joking as he reaches for the pills, and pops three without hesitation, dry swallowing them. Katherine's jump gets a wink. "I'm fine. It's good work. Just, a bit…pinchy."

"Catholic School" Anthony answers to Xavier as if that was all the explanation needed to justify knowing a language that wasn't exactly commonly used. His green eyes flitted toward Katherine and he distorted his face in an sort of apologetic frown, shrugging at her, he mouthed the word 'sorry' and turned back toward Xavier and Luke's direction, "Fair point" he regarded Luke's mention of the humor of the spaghetti western accents and took another drink of his coffee. "Jesus" he commented on Xaviers ability to take the pills, "I can' even take a fuckin' aspirin wit'out a bottle'a fuckin' water" he laughed softly, "Fuck…" he trailed, looking around the room as Aidan left, "T'is really is like somet'in outta' a fuckin' mobsta' flick…"

"Those are.." Luke starts as Xavier pops the pills into his mouth and promptly swallows. "… Chewable," he finishes his sentence, and then just shrugs his shoulders. "Well. I'm going to make like a tree and get the fuck out of here," he jokes, pulling the strap of his satchel back onto his shoulder. There's another glance to Kate, watching her for a moment, his frown deepening. "Xavier, try and get some rest. And Tony, it was nice to meet you," he lingers in the doorway for half a second, adding quietly to Kate, "Call me later?" Before he shakes his head and takes his leave.

Kate carries her tea to the table, settling down as she nods at Luke. "I'll call you." She promises, taking a drink before she summons a smile. "So Anthony, I suppose you'll be teaching Xavier latin while he's laid up." She raises both brows at the patient. "Especially since you probably shouldn't be out and about until some of those bruises fade. No use scaring people." She looks a little uncomfortable, but covers it by pulling her knitting out of the basket.

Xavier blinks. "No one said, and you said to ignore the label," he points out. Then he sort of smacks his lips. "…why does my mouth taste like a Slim Jim?" He picks up the bottle and reads the label. "Huh. These…these are pills for animals, aren't they." He laughs. "Which I suppose makes sense." He looks up and tells Luke, more seriously, "I do mean my thanks. Please send me the bill. Or I can donate to the local shelter. Your choice." He puts the pills back down, and smiles at Kate. "Don't go drafting Mister Malone into work for my sake. And I'll hang around for a day or two. It'll probably take that long to persuade the rental company to give me another car."

"Donate to the animal shelter. I sure don't need the money!" Luke says to Xavier, before out he goes.

Anthony did a poor job of concealing the laughter that rose from his belly when Xavier made comment of his mouth tasting of slim jims, and he flowed out with a rumble of amusement. The two fingers of his free hand raised to his eyebrow in a nonchalant gesture toward Luke's departure as he made his way to the door. "Nice guy" he commented after he'd left and made his way back to the table, arching an eyebrow toward Katherine, "That would mean spendin' an awful lotta' time wit' Mista' Westin, an' as sure as I am t'at we'll become great acquaintances, I don' t'ink we're there yet" he winked and grinned, returning to his seat with a groan and folding his right leg over his left. "I haven't returned the Toyota Highlana' t'ing I was rentin' before my truck came in if you wanna' put aroun' in it while you wait" Tony offered with a shrug, "It's even got tinted windows, so you'se can creep on people wit'out scarin' the children wit' ya' stitches"

Katherine can't seem to find the amusement that the others have about the situation, knitting quietly at her own part of the table. She aims a look at Xavier, making sure he's okay, even though he looks no worse than he did last night. "As long as they help the pain, I think you can survive the taste of beef jerky for now. I was going to call Abby, but honestly..he's the only one who promised to not ask a lot of questions." She takes a drink of her tea, sighing.

Xavier watches Katherine for a long moment. "Kate," he says, voice soft. "I appreciate your willingness to help me. I'm sorry it was necessary." He does pause, then, and add, "However…I will say that there is nothing quite like 'don't ask questions' that makes people suddenly want to ask a lot of questions." His gaze goes to the door, and turns wry. "I do suspect that the good Dr. Wright is now not best pleased with me, and worried for you. I apologize for that, as well." He takes his Reuben in hand and takes a bite. It gives him a moment to contemplate Anthony and his offer. In the end, he shakes his head. "I appreciate it, but that may not be wise. If only because the insurance is in your name, and this is the second rental car I've ruined in a month. This city hates my suits and my cars. But thank you. Are you planning to stay for the long haul, then?"

"S'pose ta' look at houses later t'day actually" Anthony replied toward Xavier and waved a hand toward the mention of the insurance, "Maybe that's ya' problem, maybe my insurance will like ya' suits better. They do a'right for mine" he snickered gently and it grew easily the smile that crossed into his whisker-shadowed cheeks. "I'm plannin' on stickin' around though, yeah. I'm even considerin' some property out in Willow Heights for more…" he pursed his lips in how to phrase his words, "Commercial purposes?" he found finally, nodding his head and taking a drink of coffee. "He seems solid enough, even if he's a lil' worried, I t'ink the fact he tol' Kate he wouldn' ask questions will be enough ta' guarantee he don't ask anyone else ta' ask questions eitha' - just my two cents" he shrugged, looking at Kate, "You'se gonna' need ta' eat half'a them special cookies a' yours at t'is rate"

Katherine glances down at her phone as it starts to buzz, setting aside her knitting to pick it up and tap on the screen. "I told you last night, it's fine." She looks at her phone, chokes and lets out an exasperated sigh. She curls up in the chair and smirks at Anthony. "I'm saving the snickerdoodles until I can no longer handle it, I did sneak one very late last night." She glances back down at her phone and types a response, her lips twitched into a frown. "He's asking me questions now." She mutters, tapping her phone again. "Something about hookers in the passenger seat or drunken shenanigans." She glances at Anthony and raises a brow. "Going to open a shop of some kind?" The line between her brows is fully present now, and she darts a look at her knife block.

Xavier hmms. "Well, I've already acquired a couple of properties. They're undeveloped at the moment, but that just means you could get something custom designed." A flash of his usual grin. "And, of course, the Westin Institute /is/ available for custom work, if the money's right and you like our style." He reaches down for a coat pocket he doesn't have, then sighs. "I'll have to give you a card later." Then he looks to Katherine. "…is Luke actually asking if I crashed because I had prostitutes in the car with me? Or is this something else?"

Anthony grinned aside at Katherine at the mention of her snickerdoodles and he nodded his head, "Probably a good idea" he laughed through a grin. Eyes turning toward Xavier at the mention of his enterprise, "Wait, you mean it *wasn't* jus' a crazy bout' of road-head gon awry? Huh, who'da t'ought" Tony offered dryly in a tone that was dripping with sarcasm before setting his mug down having nearly drained it already. His hands found the pockets of his jacket and he bobbed his toe absentmindedly, "It's an abandoned spot, big warehouse, t'ink it used ta' be a factory or somethin. I haven' actually looked inta' the details much yet…" he explained, shrugging his shoulders, "I'm thinkin' I wanna' section it out an make fa' some shopfront spaces, maybe turn one portion inta' a big garage, big enough ta' service 18 wheela's an'a like. Then leave the upstairs fa' offices an'a like. I dunno, like I said, still t'inkin' on it" he explaiend, shaking his head to shake of the ideas. "It was that or the Winchesta' an…well…" he smirked, glancing between Katherine and Xavier as if they already knew that particular explanation.

"He said, and he might be suffering from lack of Cracker Barrel, that you were either drunk or getting a blowjob from a dirty hooker in the passenger seat, because those are the only reasons you wouldn't have called the cops. He also asked where the hooker's body is." At least Katherine looks slightly amused by this, typing out a final response and setting the phone on the table. She picks up her knitting and continues on, though the stitches are slower. "Anthony is right about one thing though, if you don't feel okay in a few hours, you can probably handle a snickerdoodle too. They're edibles." She clears her throat and changes the subject. "Are you really going to build condos that look over the mountain?" The phone buzzes again and she makes a point to ignore it this time. She even manages to snort out a soft laugh, sighing out a breath afterwards.

Xavier stares. He doesn't even seem to be able to process it enough to be offended or amused, at first. He just stares. Eventually, a mental circuit decides to make a decision, and he laughs hard enough that it starts turning into, "owowowowow," even as he's still chuckling. He reins himself in, reaching up to gently prod at the new stitches. "Tell him his imagination needs to work harder." He shakes his head, a flicker of confusion setting in. "Aren't snickerdoodles usually edible? They're cookies, yes? And Anthony, hands off the Winchester. Although the garage idea is intriguing - I don't know what specific one you're looking at, but I've noticed a lot of vacancies in the industrial area."

The head bob that came from Anthony after Xavier mentioned the Winchester suggested he both acknowledged and predicted the man's words, though the smile remained present on his face at the man's own pain and laughter. One couldn't be sure which he found more amusing. "Theys'e not 'edible' Westin." he chuckled, shaking his head, "They'se ED-IB-LLLLEEESSS - they got fuckin' weed in'em" he reiterated and shook his head, "I hear a lack'a Cracker Barrel can do 'at" he added toward Katherine and he took a deep breath, "Lemme know if you eva' need any outside eyes ona' Winchest'a, I'd even wave the consultation fee" he winked in general toward them both.

Katherine wrinkles her nose, shaking her head emphatically back and forth. "The Winchester is almost too much for me at this point, so I won't be asking you for anything but rent if you stay over the two weeks you paid for." The phone buzzes insistently again and she picks it up, grimacing. She sets it down without responding and continues to knit. "What Anthony said, the cookies are for stress or something." She says quietly, tilting her head to the side. "I got them from a shop downtown, one of the dispensaries makes really good cookies, and the woman who owns it is nice. She was on the morning show to advertise." She twitches when the phone buzzes again and picks it up to power it off. "I think you should take it easy for a few days though, business and condos will wait. I'm sure of it."

"Ohhhh." Enlightenment dawns, and Xavier laughs. "I keep forgetting that it's legal here. I would not turn down a weed snickerdoodle at some point, if one materialized," he says, with dignity. He opens his mouth as if to answer Anthony's offer, but Katherine speaks up first, and he decides to put sandwich in his face instead. Once she's finished, he says, "Kate's majority shareholder, so ultimately, it's up to her. I'm advising." He gives her a sidelong look. "I'll try. But you're going to kick me out in a day or two. I don't 'take it easy' very well," he admits.

"Figured you'd say that" Anthony chuckled and nodded as his toe bobbed habitually at this point, "Professional Institutionalism" he commented with a nod toward Xavier's words of not being able to 'take it easy' very well, and very likely the biggest words to come out of his mouth unbroken since his arrival, and he cleared his throat softly as if recognizing he'd just done something a bit out of character, "It's a side effect'a guys who actually had ta' work ta' get what they got. Ya get so used ta' the hustle an' grind, ya' feel like ya' goin' backwards if you'se ain' actively workin' ta' go forward" he explained further, smiling a soft upturn to his lips, "In a couple'a days of doin' nothin' he'd likely be liable ta' start remodelin' ya' kitchen or somethin' " he grinned at that bit and withdrew a hand to flash his fingertips toward the general direction of mountains, "But condo's ova'lookin' the town do sound wonda'ful"

"The kitchen was very recently remodeled, so I think it's safe for now." Katherine gets to her feet, setting the knitting on her chair. She walks over, fetches a cookie jar and moves to set it in the middle of the table. "Well Anthony, maybe you can entertain him or something. Go on drives, look at land ready to be reaped or something. Just don't turn my city into a Colorado Springs, part of the reason I like living here is because it's small, homey and I know most of my neighbors names." She lets her gaze settle on Xavier, picking up her knitting as she takes a seat. "If you want to get involved in the Winchester, in any capacity Anthony, I'm sure we could use the assistance. I'm actually looking for another lawyer. I have one, but he's also Heather's and he's looking out for her best interest first. I'd like to have someone doing that for me."

Xavier flashes a smile at Anthony, and points. "That. Exactly that." Then he snorts with amusement. "Kate. I do like Mister Malone, but I'm quite sure he didn't sign up to be my babysitter why I recover. And never fear, I won't attempt to put you in that unenviable position, either. I have work that I can do from my bed. God bless the internet." He smiles. "And some very nice condos would do well here; I've actually got some ideas along those lines, myself; I prefer to focus on commercial development, but suitable housing draws the consumers who make commercial ventures a success."

"Seems like You'se need more of a bodyguard an' less of a' babysitter" Anthony replied coolly enough that it brought a smirk to his lips and his eyes engaged between both Xavier and Katherine as if to appraise their reaction to that statement before he leans forward to re-capture his coffee mug, no doubt chilled by now and raised it to his lips to finishing it off with a wincing grimace, "Yep. Jus' as disgustin' as I t'ought it'd be" he remarked, stifling back a cough and shook his head. "I'd love ta' help any way I could, Kate, but a lawyer I am not. Lookin' out fa' peoples best interest…" he shrugged, "That I can do, but t'ats kina' what Mista' Westin' here is for as well, you get fucked ova' he gets fucked ova' " he commented and shrugged, "I'm sure Nicky wants ta' tear the whole t'ing down and put a big fancy replica 'a the Louvre or some shit, but, y'know.." he shrugged as if to drop the matter further. "Have you'se bot' decided if you're comin' to the rodeo on Sat'aday or not?"

Katherine aims a look at Xavier, laughing softly before she turns a look at Anthony. "A bodyguard? Goodness, I don't know about that. Driving lessons maybe?" She teases gently, shrugging a shoulder before she sets her knitting aside to pick up her tea. She takes a drink of it, setting it down before she picks up her phone. "If you know a lawyer, Tony, feel free to point them in my direction. That's all I'm saying. There are a few in town, but the one I would have chosen has a clear conflict of interest, so .." She trails off and leans back in her seat, tapping at her phone. "There have been an influx of new people in town, so condos probably wouldn't go amiss." She sets the phone down and gets to her feet, moving over to the fridge. "Just keep them away from Oak Ridge."

"I've advised Kate to retain her own lawyer, as she's taking the majority of the risk and," Xavier's smile is thin, "contracts are tricky things. Of course, I'm an entirely trustworthy man," his voice is very dry and a touch self-mocking, "but if she's going to go forward, she should start in a good place. And a 'good place' is always having someone whose primary business is /you/." The suggestion of a bodyguard draws a laugh from his mouth, although something about his eyes maybe isn't laughing quite so much. But he says, "Driving lessons might be a good idea. As for the other?" He shrugs, "Unless Princess Elsa is looking for work, I doubt there's anybody who's going to protect me from ice."

"What? I don' look like Elsa ta' you?" Anthony replied, pulling his hands in front of him, he mimed punching slow motion into his palm, "Bang! I'll knock out the ice like it ain' nobodies business" he mused with a smirk. "Like I said, ice is real dangerous. Lucky you'se can usually avoid it tho, ya'know?" he shook his head, smiling toward the two of them. "I'd suspect which side you ask about t'at, Mista' Westin. I mean, ta' me I'm a good guy, ta' the guy who owes me money, I might be the fuckin' devil" he laughed, dismissing the idea in general, "You seem a'right enough ta' me though, but I guess it's best you'se all do t'ings ona' up an up" he added and took a deep breath, stretching his arms over his head with a groan and gathered himself to stand, glancing at the snickerdoodle, he passed back into the kitchen to rinse out his cup.

Katherine looks bemused as she begins to cook dinner, watching both men talk about business, trust and Elsa. "Sitting here with you two is at turns illuminating and frustrating." She pulls a pan on the stove and turns on the water to fill it. "I'm making pierogies for dinner, thankfully it doesn't take too long." She moves to pull flour from a cupboard and set it down. "The snickerdoodle won't hurt you, Tony. I promise. You can barely even taste the…added ingredient."

Xavier also stands up, carefully, and not without a wince as his arm shifts. "I don't know, Mr. Malone, it's a tempting offer, to be sure. If only to see you try to get through 'Let It Go'." More seriously, though, he contemplates Anthony for a moment and adds, "We should talk, sometime when we're not going to bore poor Kate to tears or chicken molesting." He moves over to offer Kate a kiss. "Speaking of, my dear. I'm going to try and be a good boy and go back to my room for a bit. Those dog pills have a bit of a kick, and I should probably not wait to navigate the stairs."

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