(2018-11-28) Talks and Tarts
There's various chatting in the B&B kitchen, and Vyv forces a tart on people. Katherine gets called away by a mysterious phone call!

"I'm not saying that you are a mistake, Anthony. I'm saying that sleeping with you might be. If she were my age? I wouldn't give a shit, but she is only nineteen." Katherine sticks out her tongue and her attention moves back down to her knitting. "Sarah always acted older than she is, so.." She shrugs and sighs, looping up a new stitch. "I'm not a ball of surprises, I hope. I want to be a normal girl, or some shit." She pauses, holding her knitting in one hand as she leans forward to pick up her coffee cup, sipping from it. "I'm not doing a good job saying what I think about this situation with my sister. It makes sense in my head and then gets fucked up when I talk. I'm sorry, Anthony. I..I'm just sorry." Kate and Anthony are sitting at the dining room table. The former is knitting and the latter is drinking coffee.

The hand of Anthony outstretched atop the table in a motion that would be used to comfort someone in a different situation, though his pale green eyes looked at Katherine seriously, "Kate. Don' worry about it, really. I'm a big boy, It's fine. I was jus' bustin' ya' balls anyhow" he smirked and leaned back into his chair, raising his mug to his lips to take a slow sip of the fresh black coffee. "But I t'ink your desire to be a 'normal' girl is a little out of the ballpark for ya' kiddo" he grinned and gived her a slow wink. "I mean, you host a fuckin' talkshow for christ sake"

Katherine relaxes a little bit, though her cheeks are still pink. "I'm just going to shut up about it, and hope that it doesn't become a thing. That way I won't fuck up how to talk about it." She glances back down at her knitting, grimacing slightly. "I'm still pretty normal, Anthony. Just because they slather make up on my face and put me in a dress to talk about local happenings and international gossip doesn't mean I'm abnormal." She glances up, her needles clicking rhythmically. "Right?"

Claire surely hates to be that guest, but she's trying to get off the phone when she wanders through the great room, heading vaguely toward the kitchen, crossing the threshold on the tail-end of her coversation; "Mark, it's fine. It's under control, everything will be in place. I'll call you tomorrow… K, bye." She hangs up, rolling her eyes with good-natured tolerance, and peeks her head into the kitchen. "Oh!" There are people here. "Oh, hi. Sorry, I just - coffee? Hi." To everyone.

The look that Anthony gave Katherine was a sidelong, twisted face of uncertainty and condolence as he pressed his firm lips together tightly, "Iiiiiii dunno about t'at one there, Kate. I mean, if 'ats what passes fa' normal aroun' here then I don' t'ink so many people's would give a shit aboutta' way I talk. But as it is, I'm pretty sure every person I've met so fa' jus' looks at me like I'm fuckin' Michael Corleone from'a fuckin' Godfatha' movie…" he grimaces, shaking his head. "I feel like I'm tryin'a be as honest as possible an' people jus' write me off fa'…." he paused, glancing toward Claire.
Anthony took Claire in with his pale green eyes, pursing his lips before smiling at her, "Yeah, fresh coffee onna' counta' jus' grab a cup…" he extended a hand to point toward the cabinet, "From 'at cabinet there"

That the front door closing is audible at all might suggest it's been shut a bit harder than it ought to have been, so it may also not be a massive surprise that when Vyv appears in the archway, his expression is a bit darker than usual, and his movements could best be described as 'stalking'. His eyes flicker over those present, lingering slightly longer on Claire, whom he hasn't seen before, and Anthony's baseball cap, which he… also hasn't seen before. Not that one and on him, anyway. "Good afternoon," he says, a bit more crisply than usual, which is saying something given his accent to begin with, and doesn't pause, instead heading directly to the refrigerator and opening it up.

Katherine wrinkles her nose, shaking her head back and forth. "I want to be normal." She responds again, perking up when Claire walks in. She gets to her feet and moves to pour some coffee for Claire, gesturing to the table. "Have a seat Claire." She clears her throat, preparing to introduce people. "Claire, this is Anthony Malone, he's staying out in the garage. This is Mister Vydal, Vyv. He's staying upstairs." She trails off, smirking toward Anthony. "Well you do give off that vibe.." She trails off, aiming an apologetic look toward Anthony.

Head tilting, Claire leans a little in Anthony's direction, her face speaking confused volumes in the beat that follows his speaking to her and her responding. "Oh! Coffee on the counter, got it." And her smile is all kinds of apologetic for that extra beat. A quick-step gets her out of the way of Vyv's bee-line to the fridge, then she's waving off the offer of a seat. "I just need half a cup to get me out the door. Thank you, though. Hi, Mister Malone, Mister Vydal." Smiles all around, and she's busy with that half-cup (and taking the temperature of the room with all these new faces in it). She watches people while cream-and-sugaring.

"Mista' Vyv" Anthony acknowledged to the man entering the Kitchen, "How'sa best baker in'a country doin' t'day?" he opined and inqured in the same sentence. As he spoke, however, those pale green eyes rested on Claire for every bit of the beat that she seemed distracted with him, and he curled the edges of his lips away from his teeth in a handsomely formulated smile. "Miss Claire, how you doin' t'day?" he greeted, extending his hand across the table, "Tony Malone, officially."

"Normal is 2.5 kids, a divorce, chain-store delivery pizza, and horrible synthetic polyester blends; why would you want that?" Vyv asks, apparently of the back wall of the fridge, before coming out with what seems to be a tart. A rather nice looking one, too, if in a semi-rustic style — the pears precisely and artistically arranged, the pastry puffed and flaky, the bits of herbs and pecans scattered pleasingly across the surface. He pulls a jar of honey out as well, and shuts the door firmly before moving over toward the counter.
"How do you do," he adds to Claire, inclining his head to her slightly along the way. "Anyone have an appetite? I need opinions." There's an odd sense that might be at least partially an answer to Anthony, as well as the obvious question/statement; the very slight and brief upward twitch at the side of his mouth at the appellation from the New Yorker probably contributes to that impression.

Katherine settles back down in her chair, pulling her feet back up as she gets comfortable. She rests her knitting back on her knees and begins to knit again, letting the needles clack softly, her eyes moving from Claire to Vyv. "I won't raise my hand for this one, I've tasted Vyv's baking and it's exquisite. I'll let someone else get the sample." She watches as the snow starts to fall outside, a smile working its way on her face. "Next time though, Mister Vydal, you better bring enough for the class." She teases, as she drops a stitch, makes a frustrated noise, and then yanks the yarn back. "Dinner is going to be leftovers from lunch, if any of you get hungry you can hunt up something in the fridge or let me know and I'll heat it up for you."

Considering how quickly she's going through that half-cup, Claire wasn't lying about needing it. She's mid-sip when the hand-shake comes up, necessitating a quick-swallow before she accepts the hand. "Hi, Mister Malone. I'm Claire Reed, officially and off-the-record." A quick perch onto her toes helps her eyeball what Vyv just liberated from the fridge, and her interest is so clearly piqued. "I'll - that is, I have to run in a minute, so can I taste it and report back later? Since it's exquisite," so sayeth Katherine!

"I'm out on t'is one, mista' Vyv. If I eat anythin' sweet an' delicious I'm liable ta' pass out ona' sugar coma" he smirked, nodding his head toward Claire in his introduction, "Pleasure Miss Reed" he returned, shaking her hand with a meaty hand that had a palm of callouses not befitting a man of his demeanor, though in this particular circumstance, at least his clothing was somewhat suitable to it. He raised a hand to adjust the hat atop his head, wringing the bill idly and glancing toward Katherine, "Still good." he commented, turning his eyes toward Vyv, "Mista Vyv, when you gonna' get a space fa' ya' patissiere, anyway?"

Vyv gives Claire another quick eyeing-up, his glance this time settling slightly longer on the coffee cup than anything else. Maybe it's A Clue, as it's followed by a, "You're staying here?" which doesn't sound fully like a question and doesn't leave time for an answer before, "Yes, that would be all right." He's already got the honey open, and drizzles it over the top of the tart in a deft, clearly practiced motion, though the honey itself gets an annoyed look for not drizzling faster. As if he'd, you know, put it in the fridge or something. The liquid is irritatingly resistant to his glare.
Anthony and Katherine get a look next, though at least this one's slightly closer to exasperated. "I do hope it's delicious, but I can promise you it's not overly sweet," he says, before snagging one of Katherine's larger and more threatening knives and slicing the tart neatly into quarters. One of them he hands immediately to Claire, what with her hurry, taking time only to tear off a paper towel to present it on. It will have to do.
"And," he says, moving toward the cupboard the dessert plates live in, "I have the space — it's at Smelter and University, actually — but the renovation isn't yet complete. Isn't even a week from complete, he said, which is what it's supposed to be. Why can nobody stick to a schedule?"

"Probably because of the snow." Katherine tries to help, smiling at Vyv as she watches him slice and serve the tart. Her eyes move to Claire, and then back to her knitting. "It is exquisite, I can tell just by looking at it. Nothing that looks so fine could be bad." She glances at Anthony then, an eyebrow quirked. "Going to invest in his patissiere? I think it would be solid, if he makes things like that all the time, he'll be rolling in it soon." Her lips quirk into a smile as she holds her knitting in one hand, taking another drink of her coffee. "I'm going to be up all night, I shouldn't have taken that nap."

Claire looks at the coffee cup for a second, turning it to see what Vyv's looking at, like maybe it has some crazy slogan on it she didn't notice? No? She'll just nod at the question that there's no time to answer, following-up the Anthony intro with another quick smile. Her intrigued 'ooohh' is an undertone, and there are a few more eager toe-bounces before the paper-toweled tart is held carefully on her palm. Sunnily, "Thank you, Mister Vydal!" She pounds the rest of her coffee hastily, then looks between Anthony and Kate (who are clearly CRAZY PEOPLE for not wanting a free tart), and tests a bite while they talk around her, absorbing the conversation like a tart-eating sponge.

"I, apparently, resign m'self in not havin' a say in the matta' " Anthony chimed as Vyv moved to gather the dessert plates for the slices of tart, though his smirking expression was clearly one of more amusement than concern. The presentation of the piece toward Claire gets a glance for a moment - what a tart-eating spong - and he shook his head. He laughed openly at Katherine's suggestion that Tony might invest in Vyv's shopfront, "I don' t'ink so, Kate. Not that I'd be opposed, but I'd t'ink that Mista Vyv is competent and capable enough ta' afford his own investment for his shop - I mean lookit'a way he dresses" he exclaimed, extending a hand toward Vyv and his immaculate chocolate brown suit, "See?" he reinforced with an arch to his eyebrows. Raising his mug to take a drink of his coffee, he shrugged his shoulders at Katherine, "We's can enjoy eachotha's miserable company"

"It's a ski-tourism town in Colorado and November; it's not as though I'm arranging a summer opening in Miami and cold white stuff from the sky comes as a massive shock," Vyv says dryly, but the continuing influx of compliments does appear to be having something of a settling effect. And they do seem as though they might be reasonably deserved: it is indeed a good tart, as long as one doesn't dislike pears, goat cheese, rosemary, or pecans. There's a nice flake and gentle crispness to the pastry, and a good balance in the textures and the sweet vs savoury flavours. It is good. But is it perfect? The patissier glances sidelong toward Claire when she takes that first bite, as though he might somehow be able to tell.
Anthony answers Katherine's question well enough for him, and he merely nods agreement and adds, "I believe we're in reasonable shape there, at least." And, yes, Anthony's right, 'no' was apparently not entirely an acceptable answer, as the two at the table each get a plate with a slice set down in the general area in front of them, if not quite directly in the 'eat this now' spot. With forks, and napkins.

Katherine smiles at Anthony, laughing softly as she shakes her head back and forth. "You're not miserable company, Tony. We can watch a movie or something, if you want." She nods at Vyv and laughs softly. "I'm glad that you are, my life is a nightmare right now of investors and uncertainty. Revel in your lack of that, Vyv." She leans forward, resting her chin on her knees as she continues to knit, clearly having found her rhythm. "I can't wait until next month. The tree being put up in town, the ornaments, and the gift exchange. It's all going to be a good time."

Whatever the opposite of a poker-face is, that's what Claire has. She's pleasantly surprised, and tilts her head, moving little pieces of Vyv's pretty dessert around to peer beneath them. It's on the tip of her tongue to contribute something, mouth open and breath taken, when her phone rings. "Full review pending, but the abridged version?" She throws Vyv a thumbs-up, says, "I'm so sorry, excuse me," to Katherine and Anthony, and hits the 'accept call' button. "Oh hi, Mark." Smooshing the phone between her ear and her shoulder uncomfortably, she steps out. "Oh, and thank you for the coffee, Miss Stone!" she calls back before passing out of ear-shot.
No one's in the great room to see the extraordinary awkwardness of Claire trying to talk on the phone, eat pastry, and put on her coat all at the same time, so just trust me: it's comedy gold.

Pulling the mug away from his lips after a drink, Anthony bobbed a finger toward Katherine as if to provide commentary toward one of her points and he nodded his head, "Speakin' of t'ings good times…" Anthony extended a single digits from a closed fist, "One - You'se bot' should plan to attend the rodeo this weekend, if fa' no other reason than ta' get my monies wort' for matchin' all ticket sales" he smirks, extending a second finger, "Two - I'm s'pose ta' be ridin' the mechanical bull down ata' Alibi sometime in'a near future. Details ta' come. But I'm sure ta' fuck it up royally" which he then accented by a massive grinning smile of teeth and an waggle of his eyebrows upward which shifted the bill of his ballcap as he did so. Leaning forward, he picked up the dessert plate and stabbed brutishly at it with the provided fork before shoving the majority of the delicacy into his mouth. Halfway through a series of chewing motions, he muttered "T'is is fuckin' good, Vyv" around the flakey deliciousness .

Vyv watches that reaction from Claire as closely as he can get away with without actually qualifying as staring, and demonstrative as his expressions generally aren't, it's still a little amusing to see the combination of gratification and frustration at the combination of near-response and clearly-abbreviated-but-positive review. He glances after her a moment as she goes, before pouring himself a cup of the coffee and joining the others at the table, with that and the final slice.
"I shall be sure to add it to my daily agenda of jollification," he assures Katherine, deadpan verging on solemn, as he settles into the chair. His turn to seem about to say something and pause, glancing from one of them to the other. "Well, now I'm not sure which question to ask," he says, "'What are you investing in?', 'you're really going to go ride a mechanical bull? In front of people? Why?', or 'are you saying the entire town does a gift exchange?'"
The compliment to the tart, though, gets a quick flicker of a smile. "Good. Nothing feels out of balance? Not as sweet as you feared, not too… goaty?" He still hasn't tried it himself yet.

"Everyone wants to ride that bull." Katherine mutters, gazing at Anthony as her hands keep knitting. "I do want to see that, so yes, I plan on coming to the rodeo." She winces as he stabs at the plate with his fork, her eyes going wide. "I might have to check out the Alibi at some point, I've heard it's changed for the better since it was Johnny Slim's." She laughs and nods at Vyv. "Pretty much, most of the people here grew up together and we have gifts for each other anyways. I started shopping back in July." She blinks at the word goaty, her eyes automatically glancing outside, but Sparkle is in the bottom part of the garage, snug in some hay.

"You could call it blackmail, but really someone offered ta' pay for as much as I could rack up a tab fa' if I rode the bull" he shrugged, "So I figure I'll get my monies wort' " he grinned, raising the napkin to his lips and padding them clean to insure there was nothing on the outside of where the pastry was intended to be - in his mouth and belly. "I would say…" he turned toward Vyv, lightly smacking his lips in a tasteful expression, "I'd say it's rich, and creamy with slight unda'tones of'a goat, but it's offset by the richness of the pear an' honey" he commented, with a surprising bit of knowledge on how to describe things pairing together before shrugging, "It was good, I'd buy one" he added and leaned an elbow atop the table, propping his high cheekbone atop it casually.

"I have, at this time, absolutely no desire to ride that bull," Vyv informs, or possibly assures, Katherine, and he looks less than entirely sold on the idea of town-wide gift giving, but… well, when in Rome. Within reason. The automatic glance to where the living goat resides gets a faint smirk, and a definite assurance this time: "I'm fairly sure cooking the hostess's pets qualifies as absolutely abysmal guest behaviour, and I'm very rarely that impolite. It reminds me I wondered, though — do you name all your pets after portions of the visible spectrum?"
Unsurprisingly, more of his attention is on Anthony's appraisal than the answer, and he listens quite closely before nodding once, and finally picks up his own fork. "Thank you," he says to the certaintly-not-a-mafioso, and gives him another of those slight, one-sided smiles from the other day. "I have to say blackmail sounds like a much more interesting story, but I suppose free drinks are traditionally a respectable motivation. Did you phrase it in such a way that your tab covers anything you might order, not merely anything you might drink?" The man's an investor, after all. "Do let me know when it's happening, either way."

Katherine beams a smile at Vyv, happy to have an outlier on the mechanical bull thing. She clears her throat, looking embarrassed, was that look outside so telling? She glances at Anthony and quirks her brows, listening to him quote right out of a magazine. "You've been to fancy restaurants before, I'm assuming?" She chuckles softly, shaking her head as she goes back to her knitting, quiet until something occurs to her. "You're rarely that impolite, Vyv? No, Blue was named before she got here, and the goat reminded me of a mini my little pony, so…" She blushes, not meeting anyones gaze as she gives out that information.

"A my little…wha?" Anthony shook his head, extending a gesturing hand toward the goats location outside, "It'sa fuckin' goat, how could it possibly be confused wit' a fuckin' pony. I mean it ain' even t'at fuckin' big, it has HORNS" he muttered. Clearly Tony was not accustomed to vague popular childrens culture of today. Shaking his head as he laughed, "Ridiculous" he added and set his fork down. Taking a drink of his coffee he scratched his fingertips along the rugged growth of whiskers that had began to pierce the smooth flesh of his jaw and glanced at Katherine, "Yeah, a time or two. I used ta' manage a lil' joint in'a city for awhile when it was havin' some ownership trouble"

"Very rarely," Vyv repeats, with a faint nod, as though that should surely settle any worries. It's… still pretty hard to tell whether the qualifier was a joke. "A mini little anything sounds redundant. Also you lose the chance to say 'miniscule', which is a shame, don't you think?" He glances toward Anthony and agrees, "And admittedly the horns aren't standard issue for a pony. But I suppose she could be a unicorn if she stuck to profile." Possibly also not that acquainted with cartoons. "You could always make it a theme anyway, though. The next one could be Chartreuse. Or Mauve. Cerulean." He cuts a bite of the tart carefully. "…and the restaurant thing reminds me I got two out of three answers, though admittedly that's actually not a bad success rate." Finally, he eats the bite, looking altogether too thoughtful, brow slightly furrowed.

Katherine's cellular suddenly begins to ring!!
Katherine winces as she gazes at Anthony. "It..was a popular culture thing, and I already feel silly about it, don't rub it in." She wrinkles her nose and settles back, her needles picking up a rhythm again. She blinks and picks up the phone, motioning for the others to hold on a moment.
(Directed into the phone) Katherine gathers her coat, offering mouthed apologies to Anthony and Vyv. "I understand, where are you?" She pulls her hat from her pocket and stuffs it on her head. "Do I need to call a towing service for your vehicle?

The attention of Anthony toward Vyv was in the manor of an amused smile, "I mean, ain' t'at like an unwritten rule? Nobody gets all five star reviews, someone already leaves it off" and then Katherine was mentioning some sort of nonsense about popular culture and then her phone is wringing. At the mentino of calling a tow service, he twitched an eyebrow upward - "I gotta' big fuckin' truck I jus' picked up yesta'day to deal wit' all the fuckin' dirt an' snow, an' believe it'a not, towin' is not somethin' outside'a my purview bein' from New York - you'se needa hand?"

"I'll call you if I do." Katherine says, hanging up her phone as she pulls keys from her pocket. She blows both man a kiss and dashes out the side door.

Okay, even assessing his tart isn't quite enough to quell Vyv's curiosity — he ignores the original ringing, but the conversation, that draws his attention, and he perfectly obviously listens in, arching one brow in question. He does not have a truck to offer, though (if he would have), and she's gone too fast to get interrogated. "Mn," he says, eyeing the freshly closed door a moment. "Wouldn't have guessed her to be the first person in town to blow me a kiss. Though to be fair, it doesn't happen that often and I hadn't really speculated yet." He cuts another bite of the tart, turning his non-pastry attention back to Anthony. "Who do you suppose she's saving?"

The intrigue that Anthony had toward Katherine as she ran off was not the least bit concealed, his eyebrows knitting in curiosity as she ran off - though Vyv's words seem to pull him back to the moment at hand. "Y'know, she's probably in'a top five'a people I'd expect ta' blow me a kiss…" he pursed his lips, "But still…" he muttered and raised a hand to stroke down across the stubble of his jawline, "I's got an idea, but, it's hard ta' say. She's friends wit' everyone…" he mentioned with a shrug of his shoulders and a wave of a dismissive hand, "I'm sure she'll tell us…or she'll be secretive about it an…well… that'd pretty much tell me who it is"
Sat at the dining room table are the figures of Anthony who sips at a cup of coffee, across from him is Vyv who is finishing the last bit of a pastry atop a dessert plate.

There is also, as it happens, one more slice of pastry on the table — well, on a dessert plate on the table, we're not savages — a quarter of a smallish tart that appears to involve pears, goat cheese, herbs, nuts, and honey. Vyv has a bite or two remaining of his, and at the speed he's eating his current bite, may continue to for a few more minutes. He's slightly distracted as he listens to Anthony, though the other man seems to have at least most of his attention. There's a cup of coffee in front of him as well, for the record, and some of a pot still on the counter.
"Now that I think about it," Vyv allows, "I suppose she is in the top five locally for me as well. But I haven't met that many people, and I've had to be cross at at least half of them, which I find doesn't put most people in a kiss-blowing mood. …some, of course, but." There's that tiny half-smile again. "She does seem to know everyone. Remarkably high social gravity. You seem the sort likely to know most everyone as well, somehow."

With the library all closed up for the night and Esme not wanting to go home just yet, she slips into the B&B to see if she might not be too late for a bite to eat. After all, Kate was an excellent cook and it was either going to be this or leftover takeout. She shed her wool coat, hanging it up on the coat rack for now before making her way over to the dining area and blinked a bit when she saw Anthony but then offered a smile to both men. "Mr. Malone, a pleasure to see you again. I hope those books were helpful?" A subtle quirk of her brow and then she looked to Vyv, "I don't believe I've had the pleasure of meeting you yet. Esme Ryerson." She offered a hand to the man once he had finished his bite of food.
Shamelessly eyeing that remaining dessert plate, Esme debated how much she truly needed real food anyway. Then finally took a seat. "Kate is lovely. Growing up with her, she's always been that way. Knowing everyone and the like." Esme offered, catching the tail end of their conversation.

"Eh, yeah, I can see that." Anthony commented in turn toward Vyv's assessment of his own personable level, "It generally pays ta' know a lil' bit'a everyone, I find." he added soon after, though the presence of Esme entering the kitchen thankfully gives him the opportunity to withdraw from the discussion of his own social habits and he offers the woman a warm smile, flourishing an open palm toward her for Vyv's benefit, "Miss Esme here is'a town librarian, an' has been fa' the last…four years, I believe she said?" he glanced to Esme for confirmation with a raise of his coal hued brow.

Esme, of course, would notice the stark difference in his clothing selection from earlier this morning, having changed to a much more casual appearance of a ball cap, bomber jacket and what looks as if they may be…golf slacks? - "Always a pleasure ta' see you, Miss Ry'ason. Though twice in one day - " he puffed his cheeks and exhaled with a shake of his head, "I dunno if my ha't can handle it"

One might not at first glance realise that Vyv uses the fork in his left hand, though it's clearer when he lets it set on the plate, side of his hand against the table, as he accepts the offered hand to shake. Perfectly acceptable grip, further to the light side than the bone-crushing. "Charmed," he says, in that Englishy accent of his, "Vyvyan Vydal. Most usually Vyv." He briefly eyes her eyeing the remaining slice, and adds, "If you're by any chance peckish, would you mind terribly trying this tart for me?" reaching over to nudge it just a bit closer to where she's decided to sit. There's a fork and a napkin as well. Someone was supposed to eat it. "Librarian, mm? Public, or do you work at the university?" Might be he agrees with Anthony on knowing people.

The barest hint of a smirk crossed her features at Anthony's words as she settled into her seat, eyeing his new attire. She herself was in a pair of black dress slacks with a cranberry colored turtle neck. Her only accessories were a necklace and charm bracelet- both of which seemed occult-like in nature. "Well, maybe I should turn around and leave, I'd hate to give you a heart attack Mr. Malone." Winking to him before her attention turned back to Vyv, eyes alight with interest. "Anthony here mentioned you earlier, because I happened to let it slip that I've an incredible sweet tooth. Did you make the tart?" She asked curiously, pulling it a little closer as he explained what it was. "It looks delicious." And also she hadn't eaten anything since noon. "Ah, yes. Four years at the public library. Ever since I've been back in town really." She added, lifting up her fork so she could take a bite of the tart. "How long have you been in town Vyv?"

"I t'ink I'll manage" Anthony was quick to reply toward Esme with his own wink of a pale green occuli. His hand found the edge of his mug of coffe and he raises it to his cup while Esme explains that he'd mentioned Vyv earlie, taking a sip. The nod that comes after he sets the mug against the table with a hefty clink affirms her words and Tony is quick to smirk, "I informed her you'd likely be gracing the town with a wonderful patisserie, as she had mentioned not having any good places to sate her sweet cravings" he explained further.
Leaning back in his chair, his eyes glanced side to side about the room, "I know Kate don't mind, but will either of you'se be terribly offended if I smoke?" he inquired, both brows arching upward to form a faint wrinkle in his forehead

"I did," Vyv confirms, "And thank you. It's not really one of my sweeter creations, I'm afraid, but there should be plenty to tempt you once we open." A flicker of annoyance, for some reason, though it passes and is even replaced by the ghost of a smile. "We do chocolates, too. If that's your sort of thing. I've been here two weeks now… so I suppose it's about time I should go explore the library, really."
He scoops up another bite of the tart, adding to Anthony, "And thank you for the mention. No, I won't be, unless you don't share." A small pause. "Does Katherine allow smoking in the kitchen, then?"

Emse took a careful bite of the tart, closing her eyes and savoring the pastry. "Mmm!" She swallowed. "This is delicious Vyv. Truly, one of the best things I've ever had the pleasure of trying. It all ties together beautifully" She flashed him a grin, "I very much look forward to opening day. Chocolates, baked goods, pastries, I'm into all of it. It's a wonder I'm not as big as a beach ball." She chuckled, looking back towards Anthony when he asked about the smoking. There was the most fleeting look of uncertainty before she shook her head. "I don't mind, go right head." She took another bite of the pastry, very much pleased with it. It was always a good idea to stop in at the B&B it seemed.

With the approval of his fellow patrons given, Anthony unzipped the breast pocket of his navy bombers jacket to withdraw the soft pack of parliament cigarettes from within. He tapped it against his finger and withdrew a single solid white cigarette from the pack with his lips, extending the back toward Vyv nonchalantly before gathering a silver metallic zippo from his pants pocket, his pale green eyes studied Esme softly before striking it to ignition and hovering the flame about the tip until a cherry gold glow was obtained, "Not a fan, eh?" he asked of Esme, clicking the lighter closed and setting it on the table before Vyv in case he required it before turning toward him, "When I checked in, I asked her about it she says ta' jus' smoke inside, cause if we'se went outside ta' smoke everytime we needed a cigarette, we'd likely freeze ta' death" he smirked with a roll of his shoulders, hooking an index finger overtop the barrel of his smoke and pinching it down against his middle finger, withdrawing it after a deep dragging inhale.

Vyv actually smiles properly at Esme's review — well, compliments, let's be honest — if only briefly. "Good," he says, "and thank you. I hope we'll see you often."
Anthony's reply gets a bare breath of a laugh. "Well, yes; I've mostly been freezing to death," he says, plucking the proffered pack from the other man's hand and extracting a cigarette. He does return the rest, though, sliding it gently across the table to its owner, and claiming the lighter once it's been set down. "Ta," he says to Anthony as he exhales the first drag, and replaces the lighter on the table whence it came. A deep sigh, leaning slightly back in the chair, and he finally picks up his cooling coffee and takes a sip.

Esme actually looked ever so slightly tempted to ask for one, but just shook her head. "I quit shortly after I came back here." She explained when Anthony asked if she wasn't a fan. "So it's just been a while since I've been in such close proximities I suppose. But I'm fine." Another smile settling on her features. "That was nice of her to do. And I'm sure you'll see me at least once a week." She chuckled to Vyv. Leaning lightly on the table, she looked between the pair. "So are you both staying here currently? Kate must have a full house."

Anthony exhaled a stream of white smoke into the air and raised a hand to tug off his ballcap and lay it top down atop the table, leaning forward he swooped his hand across it's surface and swooped up both his lighter and pack of cigarettes in one wide motion before dropping them both into the curvature of his hat witha thunk. His hair was not the prestine part it normally was, but it was obvious that he'd taken the time to style it before placing a hat on.
His green eyes surveyed Esme as she spoke, and he offered a tender smile afterward, leaning back in his chair, "Actually…" he began a reply to Esme before placing his cigarette between his lips anew, "Vyv an' I are actually secret lova's ona' run from the law in Europe an' jus' picked the most random spot on'a map when we t'rew a dart an it landed. The whole t'ing is quite scandalous" he grinned and winked at Vyv before taking another drag.

Vyv looks as though he'd been about to say something to Esme before Anthony's reply derails it. Instead, he gives the man a Look, which one might well take as protest against the claim until he speaks again. "Darling, we have had this conversation," he says, exasperated, "which part of 'secret' is still giving you trouble? For all we know she might be an undercover agent of Interpol!" He shakes his head. "I can't, I just can't with this," he declares, pushing up from the table and striding toward the great room archway, giving it a step or two before he adds a bit less theatrically, "Also, I can feel my phone buzzing," fingers moving to his inner jacket to pull it out as he speaks, "and hardly anyone has this number, so I'd really better take it. Apologies, I'll be back if they're not burning down the shop or some such."

Esme started laughing at Anthony's story. "I knew you were lying when you said you didn't just throw a dart at the map." Wagging her finger at him lightly before she grinned. "Vyv's right you know. This whole Librarian thing could just be my undercover disguise." Stormy blue's dancing with amusement. "It was a pleasure meeting you Vyv. I hope to see you again soon. " She gave him a wave. Once the man had stepped out, she would look back to Anthony. "And then there were two." Leaning on the table again. "Unless your poor heart's liable to beat out of its chest with only me for conversation and you need to take your leave too." Teasing him, clearly.

The dissapointed reply of Vyv brought forth a particularly uncharacteristic response from Anthony, which was the protrusion of his bottom lip in a pout, though as he rose to depart it was quickly dismissed and replaced with a laughing smile, "I await you wit' bated breath, my dear" he replied and raised his free, non cigarette wielding hand in a motionless wave toward the man.
"And then there where two." he repeated back to Esme, leaning his chair back against the ground fully and forward, pressing his forearms into the edge of the table as he rested his hands naturally together, arching a steep brow at her words, "Well, it's very ha'd you una'stand. You wield t'at sexy librarian t'ing so very, very well" he replied with a grin that threatened to be deemed helpless before placing his cigarette back between his lips. "We could maybe get outta' here if you'se wanted…" he trailed, leaving the offer intentionally open-ended.

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