(2018-11-28) A Chat With the Librarian
Anthony meets Esme and gets assistance looking for some information

There was a small section in the library set aside specifically for certain events. One such event was happening now. Some kind of book reading, the book for young adults probably because the group sitting, listening was primarily tweens and teens. Esme was straightening up a back table that had coco and cookies laid out. The reading was over soon so no doubt it would be swarmed. She took the opportunity to snag a cup for herself and moved back into the main area of the library, an attentive eye out.

Her hair was pinned up in a bun with a few tendrils of hair falling down. Her attire was a pair of black dress slack and a cranberry colored turtleneck sweater. The only accessories she seemed to wear were a charm bracelet and a necklace, both looking somewhat occultish.

The presence of a well-dressed man in the heart of the local Library may or may not be out of place, though the fact that Anthony stood in what seemed like utter confusion looking about like a foreigner given directions in a native language he didn't understand certainly gave him away.

Grey tweed over black merino wool and a sort of posture that suggested this was the man's daily style of attire shifted as he glanced at a piece of paper in his hand and then around the library as a whole. A hand raising to pinch at the bridge of his nose, his pale green eyes looked around for what he truly needed - an adult who knew what the hell they were doing.

Esme had been working at the library for the past 4 years, almost 5. She knew it like the back of her hand and was fairly familiar with most people who came in and out. So the man in grey tweed stood out like a sore thumb, to her at least. She made her way towards him with a few quick steps and a friendly smile. "You look a little lost sir. Is there something I can help you find?" She asked, taking a careful sip of the coco in hand and attempting a glimpse at the paper he was holding. "Maybe something related to business or finance?" An idle, curious guess as she took in his appearance.

"Finan…" Anthony's words were cut short as he actually turned to face Esme, taking in the presence of her for a momentary flick of his pale eyes, and she was met with a smile that crossed his firm lips, "No, t'ank you, I had enough'a finance books in college" he laughed, a near inaudible thing - it was a library after all, "I'm actually lookin' to find some info on'a history of Calaveras…" he pressed his finger tips against his chest, indicating himself. "I'm new here, as obvious as it may seem to you'se - but I'm tryin'a learn about t'ings that has happened aroun' here, bit issues, important peoples, stuff like that" his smile grew with a display of vibrantly white teeth.

A subtle quirk of her brow as seemed to change his mind on the sort of topics he was looking for, a little interested in his accent. "It sounds like you've come a long way to get here." Ever so slightly amused, but she nodded. "Are you planning to settle down here then?" Motioning for him to follow her as she started walking. All the non fiction and the like was here on the first floor. It was just a matter of knowing where to look. "I can give you access to one of our computers set up with newspaper archives. But we also have some good historical books." She paused, looking over her shoulder briefly at him. "Just over all types of things, yes? Or a specific area? Was there a certain period you want to start from - or the entire history of the town?"

"Seems like everyone says'at" Anthony replied toward Esme at the mention of his coming a long tway, "New York, Sout' Manhattan an' upstate a lil' bit" he replied conversationally. His voice was the sort of voice that was low, a rugged bassline that would have likely been charming if it wasn't delivered so brutishly. "I'm actually in the market for a house, I'm lookin' 'at property out in Oak Ridge right now, jus' waitin' on'a right t'ing ta' show up" he smiled, trailing her figure he took the liberties that any man might in glancing over her frame, though his selection at what to comment on may have been a little different, "Lovely bracelet" he mentioned just before she mentioned access to a computer, "Ah…yeah, I mean 'at might work." turning toward her, he raised a hand to scratch at his temple more for the display of doing so than actually tending an itch, "Anythin' political or particularly noteworthy. Big crimes, explosions, maja' elections, promotions, t'ings papers take pitch'as of. Stuff like that" he explained.

Suddenly, he shook his head as if shaking away a thought, "Jesus, I'm sorry" he excused by placing a palm to his chest before extending it toward her, "My name's Tony Malone, I dunno where my mann'as have gone t'day"

"I'm sure they do. It's a small town after all. Relatively speaking. Smaller that Southern Manhattan I imagine." She stopped in front of one of the more historically inclined aisles, turning to study him. "Oak Ridge has some nice places. Always has. Downtown is nice too, but only if you're not keen on sprawling out." Tapping her chin lightly and then pausing to look at her bracelet before smiling up at him again. "Why thank you. I've had it for a long time." Brushing back a few strands of hair, she nodded. "Interesting topic, but we've had a couple things happen over the years. I'll think I know just the books to pick…and yes you'll definitely what to look through the archives." A soft chuckle escaped, accepting his hand in a firm shake. "Esme Ryerson, Head Librarian. It's a pleasure to meet you Mr. Malone." Letting hand fall back to her side, she studied him a moment longer before asking, "Are you looking to get into the political scene? Or you just have an interest in the topic?" Motioning for him to follow her down the aisle, stopping about mid way and examining some of the books

There was an amused grin that flashed over Anthony's features at her question of him getting into Politics and he shook his head, "Oh, heaven's no. I likely wouldn' be taken seriously for some time bein' a newcomer an' all anyhow. People here is just so private I figure lookin' at'ta archives and black an white would gimme' the most unbiased opinion on matta's that have occured" he explained. Slipping one hand into the pocket of his suit pants, leaving the other free to motion and gesture as he was so prone to doing, "Also jus' ta' see trends an' happenin's around town. Makes it easy to make informed decisions, ya'know?" he squinted his eyes at their edges forming the faintest presence of crows feet as he flashed a higher smile for a moment, "What abou you, Miss Rya'son, what makes you'se love books so much?"

"Politics is…tiresome it seems. I certainly never understand the appeal." She mused, pulling a couple books off the shelf and turning back to him with a grin. "Paper will always give a mostly unbiased opinion. Depends on what you're reading and who wrote it." She looked around at the aisle before looking back up at him. "I've always loved books. Reading. I was a bit of a…wallflower? Outcast? During my school years." A little wave of her hand. "Books got me through plenty during that time. And so I thought having access to my very own library without actually needing to invest in a house big enough to house everything was a nice idea. Got my degrees and here I am." She mused, tilting her head to look up at him. "So, what is it that you do then?" Offering him over the books. There were 3 in total, seeming to cover at least most of the topics he was looking for.

Three books. Anthony looked at them and pursed his lips in appraisal before nodding his head and accepting them graciously, tucking them in close against his hip while he listened to Esme's explanation of what drove her to become a librarian. This received a soft, smiling laugh from him and he nodded, "Makes sense ta' me, why buy a house an' ya' own books when you can spend most'a your day in one and get paid ta' do it" he opined with a cant to his head as she asked what he did, "Well. I do a handful'a t'ings. Back in New York, I was a financial advisor. I managed people's portfolio's an' stuff, picked solid investments, managed their money for them so's they didn' have ta' - I'm not gonna lie, I made pretty good money" he laughed low again, shrugging his shoulders, "Eventually you'se get tired'a playin' wit' other people's money an' wanna' have ya' own. So I did, but I'm choosin' ta take a lil' bit of a gamble an' invest it out here. Granted, I also intend ta' live here, so I mean, it's a win win, but yeah…" he trailed simply, as if that last part had an implication that made sense and shrugged his shoulders. "You get outta' the library much, Miss Esme? Or they keep ya's pretty well locked down in 'ere?" he smirked.

"Precisely. So far it's been a good spot." Esme listened with a quiet interest as Anthony explained about what he did in New York. Not that she had any experience with financial investing, but he definitely struck her as the businessman sort. "Sounds like you have it all figured out. Which isn't a bad thing. Though sometimes I wonder how people find their way here. I was born and raised here," Though she seemed to lack any real accent that would give that impression. "Found my way back after college for…various reasons. Did you just throw a dart at a map and it landed here?" A soft chuckle, teasing him. "Would you like any coco? It's pretty good." She offered, leading him back out to the main area that had plenty of tables to sit at or comfy chairs to curl up in. "Me? I suppose I don't. Well get out in general. If I'm not here, I'm either at home. Though I have increased my volunteer time down at the Youth Center. That's been enjoyable." She nodded, thinking it all over. "I'm a simple person I suppose. Just me, myself, and I - so I don't have much to get up to."

"We'd all like to t'ink that, wouldn't we?" Anthony responded to the notion that he, or anyone else, had it all figured out and the resulting rumble of a snicker came with the shake of his head. He listened attentively to what she had to say about herself and her situation, as well as her questions as to how he managed to arrive, "Oh, dear, no t'ank you. I jus' had some coffee on'a way here, still tryin'a work that t'rough the system" he smiled and gestured toward a seat, indicating he intended to sit.

The small stack of books made a thud against the small table next to the chair that he lowered himself into, crossing his right leg lazily over the left and propping an elbow along the armrest, "I actually made an educated guess at this place." he smiled, "You go from unda' thirty-thousand people in'a off season, to over double that in'a tourist season. T'is town is a metaphorical theme park in terms'a attention" he explained, leaning his high cheek bone into the knuckles of his propped up hand. "That's a shame. It'd be quite hard ta' pull you out ta' dinner then, huh? Guess I'll have ta' volunteer at the Youth Center" he mused, his eyes alight with a happily teasing nature. "I'm matchin' all donations toward this Rodeo charity happenin' this weekend. You oughta' come"

Esme tilted her head slightly as he sat down, setting her styrafoam cup on the table, a fair distance from his books of course. Then she took a seat as well, in the chair opposite of him. "Well, everyone comes for the Rodeos. Then they linger for the good food and the…what's the word…honky tonk atmosphere?" She mused, quirking a brow. Maybe the vaguest hint of pink crawling up her cheeks before it faded at his dinner proposal, but when she spoke she sounded plenty calm and collected. "Do you often ask women out to dinner that you've only known for 5 minutes?" Simply amused, not seeming offended in the slightest. "I may be convinced to tear myself way for dinner…people have to eat and all. Though you should come by the Youth Center anyway. If you're interested in the town, well that's an important little part of it." She nodded. "Are you? That's very generous of you to do Anthony. I just might. I've been thinking about it, though Rodeo was never really my thing. "

The smirk that grew across Tony's features was slow, gradual, and altogether static as it formed itself across his firm lips. At the query of his habits in asking women to dinner, he shrugged his shoulder, "I have discerning tastes in what, an' who I find attractive. So no, not often, 'cause I don' find them enough ta' make a habit out of it" he explained, though the smirk on his lips parted to reveal a slight presence of his teeth, "Maybe we can work out some dinner plans sometime then" he agreed, nodding his head atop his knuckles, "I'll do 'at. I'm lookin' ta' make an impact in'a city, an' if you'se say it's a big part'a the city, it's worth it ta' check out"

"Well then, don't I feel special." An amused little smile playing across her features. "I think that sounds like a fine idea." She agreed to the remark about the dinner plans and tilted her head slightly. "Maybe I'll give you my number before you leave and you can just give me a call so we can work something out, hm?" She smiled a little more when he agreed to swing by the center some time. "Perfect. Maybe you can meet Stan too. He's put a lot of work into it and the kids." She thought it over briefly and sat up a little straighter, "What kind of food do you like?" A seemingly random question. But given there was talk of dinner plans in the near future, maybe not so random.

Anthony shifted in his seat to lean in the opposite direction, pulling his jaw from his knuckles as he did so, both arms lowering to drape along either armrest, "Stan sounds like a stand up guy" he smiled. He'd arched his eyebrows in recognition over Esme offering the possibility of giving him her number, though he didn't say anything in reply. "Would it be to stereotypical if I's said Italian?" he laughed as he raised a hand to scratch at his eyebrow absentmindedly, "Trut' be told, I like most t'ings. I ain' the biggest fan'a sushi, but I mean, I'll eat it. Whatta'bout you'se? I know they's got a fancy Italian place in town, I jus' haven't ate there yet"

"He is, at least he hasn't given me any reasons to think otherwise." Esme offered, giving another chuckle when he brought up Italian. "It might be just a little stereotypical, but I can't blame you. Italian food is delicious after all." She relaxed into the seat, "I think I know the place you're talking about, it's not half bad, but it's been awhile since I've been there." Stormy blue eyes meeting his own pale green ones. "Sweets. Honestly. It's terrible. But I'm a sucker for a good cupcake or a brownie or some such." She admitted with a laugh. "Thai food is good too but there's no real Thai places around here. One of the things that makes me miss California, but alas. One must sacrifice some things now and again, no?"

"Y'know, I can actually agree wit' you on'at - Thai food is -SO- good" Anthony replied, shaking his head. "Have you met Mista' Vyv?" he arched an eyebrow, canting his head aside a bit, "He's some fancy chef in town, I don' t'ink he's been here much longa' than me, but he's lookin' at openin' up a patissiere. Guy is passionate about sweets, lemme' tell ya's" he grinned, canting his head aside as his pale green eyes retained themselves upon her own stormy blue's, "Why do I get the feelin' that you're a much more interestin' character a few layers beneath'a surface, Miss Ry'ason" his words accented the significant upturn at the edge of his lips into a smirk.

"I can't say I've had the pleasure. Perhaps I'll keep my eye out for him. I know there's a cupcake shop in town, but I'd adore an honest to goodness sweets shop." There was a touch of mischief that manifested on her features at his statement. "I just might be, but I suppose that's something you'll have to find out for yourself. Isn't it?" Such an innocent little question with a quirk of her brow before running a hand through her hair to tuck the loose strands of hair behind her ear. " I've a feeling you're going to be rather interesting as well. I only hope that you don't discover me dreadfully boring a few layers in." Teasing a bit before she leaned forward to pick up her coco.

Challenge. Meet acceptance. Anthony's pursed his firm lips and his eyes sparkled with intrigue and and were alight with an entertained squint of amusement, "Oh, I t'ink you're already doin' a fine job of provin' my point" he commented toward Esme, and as she quirked her brow and ran her hair behind her ear, he smiled broad and captured his bottom lip for just a moment, shaking his head. "Ahhh.." he let out a sigh, "Miss Esme. I'm afraid I gotta' get on an' take a loot at' these books, lest I get trapped in wit' you all day and lose my head" he grinned, raising himself from the seat and moving to gather his books which he tucked under his arm. "Oh…" he paused, looking pointedly at her, "I'd hate to forget that numba' tho… you know… in case I have any questions about t'ese books, it'd be beneficial to have the head Librarian ta' talk to…"

Esme smirked a touch and rose to her feet. "And it would be such a shame for you to lose your head. It's a handsome one." Winking to him before she led him over to the counter. Grabbing a pen and paper, a number was scrawled on to the paper that she handed him. Neat, elegant little numbers. "There you are Mr. Malone. If you have any questions at all, about anything. And if you need access to the newspaper computer, I'll go ahead and get you set up."

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