(2018-11-27) Challenge Accepted!
A duel is issued! Who will ultimately triumph in Call of Duty?

The afternoon is already cold and dark. It finds one student, Aidan, sitting on one of the benches lining the walking bridge, wearing a big black slightly shiny puffy coat with a hood. The hood is up, hiding his shock of hair as he bends over his red iPhone, apparently completely engrossed in whatever he is doing there. Enough so he's content to sit out here in the cold on a walkway rather than huddle inside somewhere warm. Whatever he's doing must be pretty damn interesting.

You know how polar bears blend into their world of snow and ice, and stalk their prey virtually unseen? Well, neon pink with white pants… is the next best camouflage. Eve comes traipsing down one of the many campus footpaths, lugging a purple backpack on one shoulder, while carrying a course catalog in her left hand and a pink phone in her right. She is all set on walking right past Aidan on the bench, but she suddenly changes her mind and backtrack a couple of steps, until she is standing right in front of the young man. "Hey. I need to see your license."

Aidan's head whips up, confusion and anger playing on his face in equal measure. His cheeks are all red and flushed from the cold. Those blue eyes widen for a moment — then he sees it's just some girl wearing neon pink and white, and his brow furrows instead. "Lost it," he tells her with a smirk, and goes back to…oh. He is playing a game, which is why he looks /so/ intent at doing whatever it is he's doing, which appears to involve putting lavishly illustrated battle cards down on some kind of board.

"Nobody told you you need a license to sit out here and freeze your ass off? TSK." Eve clicks her tongue loudly, but her gaze has already drawn to whatever game is being played on that phone. The next moment, her backpack is dropped on one end of the bench, and then the girl has planted herself right up next to Aidan, so that she can peer at his screen. "What is that, like Pokemon or something?" Hey, at least she smells good. Like… all girly. And stuff.

Aidan looks at the girl in mild bewilderment, but hey. Cute girl plopping down next to him? It could be a lot worse. And she smells good, and stuff. So yeah. "No, it's Hearthstone." He shows it to her with the long-suffering look of someone who doesn't expect her to know what he's talking about. "I'm winning. I'm gonna fatigue this guy any second now." Whatever that means. It's certainly colorful, at any rate. He keeps tapping on the screen, but glancing at her every few moments. Then he seems to remember his manners, though he makes it sound like he doesn't care: "I'm Aidan."

Eve looks from the screen to the boy. "Really? What a coincidence! I'm Eve!" The girl beams, but her attention is quickly back on the screen, brows furrowed as she tries to see the small graphics. "Well the pictures are pretty." She muses. "Are you playing Pee-Vee-Pee, or are you just playing against the AI? Is there any real money involved?"

"How is that a coincidence?" Aidan taps a few more cards, makes a few more motions with his fingers, and the tiny portrait at the top of the screen appears to explode into many pieces. "That's how it's done," Aidan says with a grin. He puts the phone down and nods at her. "Yeah, it's pee-vee-pee. If you get good enough, there's money. Lots of money. Maybe someday." He frowns a little, looking her over. "You into gaming at all?" Like…he doesn't believe she would be.

"I'm AWESOME at gaming." Eve boasts — although that smirk she wears on her lips may cast serious doubts on that claim. "How much moolah are we talking about here? If it's LOTS OF MONEY, I might be really interested." Now that the phone is put down, she straightens up and tilts her head at him. "What do you mean? Aidan. That's like Adam, in Irish. You're Irish, right?" Reaching up, she tugs on the edge of his hoodie, clearly to check his hair color.

"Oh yeah?" Aidan quirks a brow. "What games are /you/ good at?" Uh oh. He's clearly skeptical. Then he tries to bat her hand away when she touches his hood, though he's grinning a little. "Cut it out!" His hair is as red as red can be. "I'm not Irish, my mom is. And Aidan means something totally different from Adam. It's like, 'little fire.'" Which also goes with his hair.

Eve does get her look at his hair regardless! "You are totes Irish." She points a finger at him once she catches a glimpse. "And do you know what Adam means? BIG FIRE." Clearly she's just making things up, but Eve doesn't seem fazed at all and she just carries right on. "I'm awesome at Call of Duty! I used to co-op with my friends; they called me the Pink Sniper. I used to bullseye suckers and make them cry with my awesomeness." Beat. "You?"

Aidan scowls some more. It seems to come to him easily enough. "I don't think it means that at all." He stuffs his phone into his pocket, leaving his hands in his coat pockets now. "Oh yeah? I'd like to see that." So dubious. "Do you still play? Because if you USED TO, but you don't anymore, maybe you're not still good." A teensy smile is winding its way back onto his face again.

"Ooooo." Eve makes a faux angry face. "Sounds like someone is jonesin' for an asskickin'!" The fake expression shifts right back to a lopsided grin. "Are you suuuuure you wanna play me? Cuz y'know, if you get beat by a GURL…" She covers her mouth with both hands and stage-snickers, eyes narrowing mischievously.

Aidan rolls his eyes. "Whatever. Ay, I'm not going to get beat by you," but hey, he's actually grinning now, even if his face is rather red. "And Bee…I guess girls do this shit now, or something. Play on e-sports teams, win prizes…" He shrugs. "It shouldn't have to be such a big deal." Though he stares at her clothes. "Even if they do wear pink."

"NEON pink." Eve corrects, fluffing her snow jacket to show it off. "And hey, watch your descriptors, homie. You start using the B-word at me, and I can't promise the safety of your descendants." She huffs a bit at that, wrinkling her nose in a (cute) warning. "Anyway, I just play video games for fun, none of the e-sports crap. But if you want to go head-to-head, just name the time and place!"

Aidan rolls his eyes again — if he keeps doing that, they might just roll out of his head. "Alright, Eve, you're on." He squints at her and digs out his phone again. "Can I text you my number? I'm serious, I'll do it." Despite the bravado, though, he's smiling, and it even reaches his eyes.

Do girls go around just handing out their phone numbers? Apparently if you are Eve, the answer is yes. She lifts her phone and with a few swipes, she shows Aidan her number on the screen. "Totes. Here's my number. You want me to spell my name for you?" The girl asks with a smug grin.

"I think I'm good," mumbles Aidan, tapping out a text to her: just a bunch of red angry face emojis. So now she has his number too, for better or for worse. "You're going down, Eve." He's still being fairly playful about it. Perhaps her attitude is contagious, even to sullen redheaded boys.

Unfazed, Eve swipes at her phone a few times after receiving the number, then holds it up and aims it at Aidan's face. "Say Emoji!" She warns, but doesn't wait before snapping a picture of the redhead boy. "There you go… contact name… A.D.A.M. Done!" With that she scrambles to her feet, and reaches for her backpack. "Bring it, when you're ready!" Grinning, the pink-and-blonde girl turns and scoots off!

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