(2018-11-26) Strawberries and Snickerdoodles
Anthony Malone sets his own price for staying at the B&B.

Early evening finds Katherine in front of the fridge, staring into it with a considering look on her face. She finally pulls out strawberries, setting them on the counter as she waits for the coffee to finish brewing. She leans her elbows against the granite surface, plucking up a berry and biting the end off of it. There is a notepad in front of her and she makes faces as she reads the messages left while she was away. "Gone for a day and a half and suddenly everyone needs something." She mutters, pushing the paper to the side for now.

It had been quite the trip, and he'd gotten turned around more than once, but you ask enough people where the Bed and Breakfast is and eventually it can be found, at least that was the case for Anthony. His arrival was a bit later than intended, but after putting his vehicle in park on the street he made his way toward the door, a hand raised to knock at the wood of the door frame and he stood in waiting - entirely out of place and dressed in a sports coat, an immaculate white button down and black suit trousers he would have fit better on a Hollywood movie set than Oak Ridge, Colorado checking into a Bed and Breakfast.

Katherine perks up at the knock on the door, skirting the counter to walk through the house. She pulls the door open, and automatically steps back to let Anthony in. "Good evening." She says pleasantly, offering him a polite smile. "Welcome to the Stone Bed and Breakfast. I can take your coat if you would like?" She shuts the door once he steps in, giving him a once over when he's not looking. "I wasn't expecting anyone this evening, you're looking for a room, yes?" Kate is dressed like she belongs here, a white t-shirt and a pair of jeans, some pink flannel tied around her waist.

"Yeah…" Anthony responded in turn to her mention of a room, though he raised his hands with a shake of his head at the notion of relinquishing his coat, "Na' I'm good, t'ank you though" he commented and withdrew a set of black-rimmed raybans from atop his head, tucking their arm into the 'V' of his unbuttoned shirt top. "I'm lookin' fa' a, uhh…Miss Stone? I'm guessin' this is'a right place, I t'ink I passed this place a couple times on accident…" he laughed lowly, his accent was a mixture of a smooth bass tone that would likely be charming if it wasn't so broken in its pronunciation, "A mista' Starr said you'se had the best place in town ta' getta' room"

"Ah, well, you found a Miss Stone, but I'm going to insist you call me Katherine." Kate murmurs, folding her hands behind her back and shifting on her feet. "Why don't you come into the kitchen, I can get you a drink and we can discuss you staying here. Hmm?" She leads the way, walking through a great room where a sports game of some sort is playing on the television. She makes a left turn and walks through an arch into the kitchen, moving back behind the counter. She picks up another strawberry taking a bite of it. "How long do you think you'll be staying?" She asks, pulling out a mug for coffee in case he requests it.

"A'right, Katherine it is then" Anthony confirmed as he flashed her a handsome display of white teeth as he slipped his hands into the silk-lined pockets of his trousers, falling in stride behind her and glancing toward the sports game as they passed. Upon reaching the kitchen, he surveyed the room casually, emitting a low whistle, "Katherine this place is pretty fuckin' swanky, it's got a real mountain charm to it, ya'know?" he mentioned rhetorically, "Oh, shit, I'm sorry…" he began, withdrawing one hand and extending it toward her, "Tony Malone, Katherine, I dunno where my mann'as ran off to's today, ah, but I'll probably stay… I dunno really?" he shrugged, "I'm lookin' to buy some property out here, so it could be a little while, y'know? But probably not too long"

Katherine turns to grin at Anthony, putting down the strawberry to offer a slightly sticky handshake. "Wait until you taste my cooking, blows the atmosphere away." She promises, wincing as she realizes she just got strawberry juice on his hand. She wets a paper towel, handing it over to him right about the time he reaches out to shake her hand. "Nice to meet you Tony, and ..as long as your money is good, you're welcome to stay as long as you want." She pours herself a cup of coffee, adds two squares of chocolate, and then stirs it briefly with a spoon. "Coffee?" She asks, nodding to a stool at the counter, or if he wants, a chair at the dining room table.

"Coffee? Oh Jesus, no…" Anthony laughed, "If I's had a cup'a coffe now, I'd never gett'a sleep t'night" he smiled as he used the wet paper towel to clean his hand off quietly, not so much as acknowledging it otherwise as he found himself a comfortable seat atop one of the stools. "Katherine, I have heard that you are the maker of *the best* breakfast in all'a fuckin' Colorado, doll. So I will absolutely have to try your cookin' sometime, I have no doubt it will be absolutely delish" he revealed, leaning his frame forward into the bar as he propped his elbows atop it easily. "I can assure you that with Tony Malone, the one thing you will never have to worry about is the quality, nor quantity of the funds to be provided" he smiled, gesturing a thumb toward himself then, "I don't speak in a third person regularly, by the way, purely for dramatic effect, I'm not some fuckin' weirdo" he chuckled, "I do hope you have any rooms open? I'd understand bein' sold out wit' such a beautiful home"

Katherine picks up another strawberry, taking a bite. "Well you're in for a treat, Tony, because staying here entitles you to breakfast, lunch and dinner." She finishes off the strawberry and tosses the stem, eyeing Anthony with thinly veiled amusement. "Well I'm glad you can afford the place, I don't aim to break the bank." She taps her fingers on the surface of the counter, head tilted slightly. "I have three rooms available, one is more of a temporary place for people while another room opens. The second is a standard room, comes with a jack and jill bathroom, you would be sharing it with another boarder, but it looks on both sides." She takes a breath, eyes narrowing. "Or you could rent the garage suite, which comes with a kitchenette, and a lot of privacy. It's out in the back." She points to the French doors leading out to the back room. "A room is sixty dollars a night, and it includes —as I said — three meals plus laundry service if you have a need for it. If you have any food allergies, let me know and I'll adjust your meals so that you don't die." She looks perky as she finishes the speech, reaching out to snag her coffee to take a drink. "Oh and we have the standard wifi, land line..all of that." She waves that off, letting it settle as an afterthought.

"Mista' Westin" Tony nodded in affirmation at Katherine's words, "Small town, lotta' talk" he smiled with a bit of a soft laugh, "For the sake of privacy, an' frankly 'cause I don' wanna' have ta' share a bathroom wit' Mista' Westin, I'll opt for the Garage Suite. I don' t'ink I'll be here too long, but I'd rather not be a hassle while I am, ya'know?" he explained as he shifted his weight atop the stool, "Ah, whatta'bout smokin' - outside, not inna' room, all thaat standard stuff, yeah? It's a nasty habit an' I hate it, I'd hate even more ta' make it an inconvenience while stayin' in your lovely home" he canted his head to the side somewhat with a soft squint to his green eyes, "Is cash okay, do you need a card, or ID or anythin'? How do you like to work this process?"

Katherine nods as Xavier's name is brought up, blinking at the mention of talk - gossip. "What kind of talk?" She asks, keeping her tone light as she takes another drink of her chocolate coffee, pulling her notepad in to take some notes. "Smoking is fine in the garage, it's winter here, and if you go outside you're likely to lose a toe. Just don't burn down the place, even if I do have excellent insurance." She shrugs a shoulder, turning a dark eyed look on Anthony. "I used to be a smoker, gave it up, now I just occasionally indulge in weed when I'm stressed." She leans against the counter, grinning. "Cash is fine, if you want to use a credit card, then I have to boot up the laptop. I'll take your ID if you're offering it, but we're not a hotel, we're just a little place out of the way. If you turn out not to be who you say you are.." She tilts her head slightly, making another brief not. "..or if you're here to rob my home. I have plenty of people who will make the rest of your stay in Calaveras unpleasant." She holds up both hands, easing back up to her full height. "That's not a threat, honestly, I couldn't stop them if I tried."

There was a moment of soft laughter from Anthony as he shook his head, "Ya'know, I forget 'at shit is legal here an' it throws me for a loop when people talk about it so openly - back inna' city, I mean, everybody gots it, y'know? It's easy ta' comeby, but they ain't goin' down like to a fuckin' McWeedies an' pickin' up an ounce" Tony smirked and reached his hand into his pocket to withdraw a large foldover of bills fastened together by a thick silver metallic clasp, "Is the Garage the same rate? Cause that don' seem fair ta' you, doll" he commented with a slight twitch of an eyebrow upward.

"I think it throws everyone for a loop, but then they visit a dispensary and see the edibles and ..well, right out the window it goes." Katherine gestures to a cookie jar. "Snickerdoodles, with pot in them. I keep it a secret from my little sister, because while she hates snickerdoodles, she'd eat the whole fucking jar if she knew." She quirks a brow a the large amount of bills Anthony pulls from his pocket. "There is also a safe in the garage." She says primly, her lips quirking into a smile at his question. "It's the same rate, I already hiked it up twenty dollars higher because you look so fine. Don't make me hike it again, I'll start to feel bad and then I'll spend the rest of your time here trying to make it up to you." She brushes her hair away from her face and takes a drink from her mug. "So you'll be here for an indeterminate amount of time, two weeks in advance would be welcome."

The green eyes of Tony glanced at Katherine as she spoke of pot-infused snickerdoodles and also at her mention of the safe, though the subtle twitch at the edge of his firm lips suggested he wasn't all too concerned with it, "Well in 'at case…" he replied with a teasing flash of a smirking smile at Katherine at her mention of rates and making it up to him, and he proceeded to thumb through bills one-hundred figures at a time until it was a few hundred over a thousand dollars, "I'se taken' the liberty of increasin' your rate to a hundred dolla's a night, feel free to feel as terrible as you'd like" he grinned as he folded his wad over and clipped it closed, depositing it back into his pocket and then sliding the fee for his room over the bar, "You'se just been so accomodatin' and a wonderful conversation 'at I t'ink you deserve a little appreciation above an' beyond what a small business owner normally receives, ya'know? I'm all about small business, that's my niche" he explained as his grin fell to a smile.

Katherine watches the bills get passed over the counter, plucking them and pushing them into her back pocket. "I would argue with you, Mister Malone, but that's just rude and I don't want to be rude." She answers his smile with one of her own, picking up another strawberry, taking a bite. "Would you like to see the room?" She asks, gesturing for Tony to follow her. "That way I can turn up the heat and pull the linens from the closet in there." She unties the flannel from her waist, pulling it over her arms.

"You certainly aren't rude, Katherine" Tony replied and as she offered to show him the room, he gathered himself to his feet and glanced at the strawberries she'd been picking at a moment before, leaning across and plucking one for himself, "These ain' no crazy, like, weed-berry t'ing you'se got out here in Colorado or nothin' right?" he teased, waggling the red strawberry by its stem at Katherine as he fell in tow behind her, and easily admired the view presented him from this angle without her knowledge. "I do appreciate ya' efforts" he commented, sinking his teeth into the juicy red fruit in his hand.

"No, just a remnant from a romantic weekend, and quite yummy." Katherine murmurs, opening the back door and stepping out into the snow. "Mind the goat pen, she gets out sometimes and she'll headbutt you if she doesn't know who you are." She clears her throat and shrugs. "Otherwise she's as friendly as she can be. Just let her get your scent when it's a bit lighter outside."

"A fuckin g….what?" Tony shook his head, surely he misheard Katherine - though as he followed her to his room, it became apparant as they passed that no, she had in fact said, and meant, 'the goat' - Tony's green eyes darted to the animal and surveyed it as they passed, "Y'know, some t'ings the brochure don' prepare you for… t'is is one'a them t'ings…" he laughed, helplessly and arched his eyebrows in surprise as he followed her to his new room.

The tiny pygmy goat was wearing pajamas when they passed her. "Her name is Rainbow Sparkle, I was going for my little pony..goat..whatever." Katherine grins at Tony as she unlocks the door and opens it, moving to the thermostat to hike up the temperature a bit. She walks to a cupboard, pulling it open. "Towels, sheets and another comforter is in here." She pulls fitted sheets, heading back to the bedroom, pulling the sheets over the mattress. "If you give me a list, I can stock the fridge up here with drinks you might want, food if you'd like as well." She finishes making the bed, even plumping the pillows. "Anything else you're going to need, just let me know, and if I can… I'll provide it."

"I can see that" Anthony replied to Katherine's mention of the 'my little pony-goat' theme for the… goat. He looked around as she accessed the cupboards and watched as she prepared the room, "Oh, na' Katherine, you'se already done so much, easily my favorite part'a Calaveras so far" he smiled, and from that smile grew a teasing sort of grin that made its way as far as the edge of his piercing green eyes, "I mean - y'know, maybe if you find a girl, say about…" he raised his hand to the approximate height of Katherine, "What? Five-eight? Five-nine-ish? Real light, almost maybe a porcelain kinda' skin, dark brown hair? I mean, if you knew anyone like that, I'd be interested in maybe takin' 'em out for a drink'a somethin' ya'know, hypothetically"

Katherine looks thoughtful as she walks around Anthony, stopping to lean against the door frame. "That's a very specific type of woman you're looking for, Mister Malone." She pulls her phone from her pocket, tapping something into it before she shoves it in her pocket again. "I'm also flattered, extremely so, but I'm seeing someone. We can still get that drink though, I imagine once you meet with Xavier, we'll all be getting a drink, perhaps two." She quirks a brow, her grin growing. "Especially once we start discussing the Winchester." She stands up straight, blinking a few times. "Breakfast is from seven until ten am, though there will be a crew here filming Wake up, Calaveras from seven until nine. Feel free to tune in on the television in here or you can come and watch production. Heather doesn't mind." She glances around, making sure everything is in its place. "Any other questions for me, Mister Malone?"

If the smirk that dances across Anthony's face grew any larger, it would threaten to likely extend off of his head, "You don' even know what I'm here for" he amused himself with a pointless banter when it was clear she had an idea in mind, "You mean ta' tell me I'm not 'ere for the beautiful' huntin' and fishin' you'se got around town? Huh, damn" he nearly laughed, though as he shifted his weight to one leg, Tony crossed his arms across his chest in slent appraisal of Katherine, "I forsee a beautiful future between you'se an' I, Miss Katherine; I'll see you'se fa' breakfast"

"You mentioned Xavier, you're loaded for bear, and you've got that gentrified city look to you. If you're not one of his investors.." Katherine trails off, mirroring his smirk with a smile. "If you do want to go fishing though, let me know, I can introduce you to the warden, he'll show you some magnificent places to fish." She dusts her hands off on her rear and meets Tony's gaze, her eyes dancing with mirth. "I'll see you after I'm done filming for sure, please, if you need anything.." She fishes a card from her pocket, holding it out. "The landline number is there, along with my cellular. Don't hesitate to call, no matter what time, your comfort is my first priority."

Anthony couldn't help but laugh at that particular accusation and it resulted in a wide-mouthed toothy smile that caused his shoulders to jostle slightly in amusement as he stepped forward and unfolded his arms to take the offered card from Katherine, "I'm sorry for laughin'…" he began, tucking the card into his shirt's breast pocket, "Ya' see I don' actually know Xavier, an' I really did jus' hear his name atta' diner earlier, so you'se like…" he held out a hand and wobbled it to and fro, "…fifty fifty right. I'm an investor, it's true, lookin' to invest my personal backing into a few select businesses aroun' 'ere who could use a helpin' hand, maybe a remodel, y'know, stuff like that. But I don' work wit' or for Xavier, an' I suspect we even conflict eachoth'as interests a little bit…" he clarified for Katherine. As he did, Tony freed himself from the confines of his sports jacket and folded it neatly together, bringing both shoulder points to touch before folding it over the nearby sofa, "Also, I'm matchin' all the ticket sales from Mista Starr's charity raffle t'ing, I t'ink he said it was like a rodeo t'ing or whateva' so make sure an' get a ticket if you haven't already"

Katherine keeps the polite look on her face, despite being laughed at, she's a professional after all. "Well, then I imagine breakfast might be interesting." She comments, letting her shoulder raise slightly in a shrug. "I have a ticket, and I'll be attending." She takes a step toward the door, turning the knob. "You don't need anything else, do you, Mister Malone?" She asks, turning her head to see snow start falling again. "Might want to pull your car around, you can park in the driveway on the side of the garage here.." She points in the vague direction. ".. or if you want, the garage downstairs. Up to you."

"Thank you, I'll do 'at" Tony responded with a warm smile, "You really have been a delight an' a big help in settlin' in - You'll have ta' tell me about this Winchester t'ing sometime" he commented as he took a deep breath, glancing at his jacket and then toward the door, "Ahhh, fuck…" he grumbled and shook his head, "Let me know if there's anythin' I can do to help you'se out, even if it's s'pose to normally work the other way, y'know?"

Katherine lets out a soft chuckle, her nose wrinkling a bit. "I would, but with my luck, you'd buy the place and I wouldn't be able to." She holds out a key to Anthony, smiling. "I hope you rest well, Mister Malone, and if I think of anything you can help me with? I'll let you know." She opens the door, pulling it soundly closed behind her.

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