(2018-11-24) Be Smart
Omri and Elizabeth have a chat. No Omri's were harmed in the making of this log.

Omri is sitting at a table near the back of the coffee shop. He's slumped down in the booth, being all stealthy and stuff. But not really. He has a cup of hot chocolate in front of him and an art sketchbook. It's open, and he's drawing the interior of the coffee shop that he sees from where he's sitting.

Elizabeth walks in clad in a sweatshirt and a pair of jeans. Her hair is pulled back in a pony tail and sunglasses are worn on her face. She walks up to the counter and orders two coffees, one black the other with four cream and four sugar. She leans against the counter, looking around, and then she spots Omri. She tilts her head, watching him draw, unaware that he's drawn her attention. She holds up a finger, walks over to Omri's table and taps it with her fingers lightly. "Omri." She murmurs quietly, her tone pleasant.

Omri isn't paying any attention. He actually repeats his own name as he looks up, "Omri? Hrm?" And then he sees her. "Oh!" And he slaps the sketchbook closed, snatching it up and darts out of the booth. It's fast, he's quick alright, but it's still a process that takes just long enough that Elizabeth should have no problem stepping into his path.

Step in his path Elizabeth does, planting herself so he might bounce off of her. "Listen kid, just sit down." She jerks her chin to the table, rolling her eyes. "Obviously I'm not in uniform, I have nothing on me to detain you. That would be because I got put on administrative leave, so.." She shrugs, a wry grin on her face. "You have nothing to fear from me." She points at the table. "Sit."

Omri grits his teeth a little. His eyes move from Elizabeth to the door in the distance and then back to her. He huffs, recognizing he's busted. He swallows, nods, and then slinks back into the booth, tossing the sketchbook onto the table. He scratches the back of his neck, and folds his hands in his lap, saying nothing.

Elizabeth lets out a piercing whistle with her fingers in her mouth, motioning for her coffee to be brought to the table. She slumps into a seat, pulling her glasses off of her face. "Have you been back to see Mary?" She asks, getting straight to the point. Her gaze isn't unfriendly, she simply watches Omri, looking for a sign as to where he's been.

Omri purses his lips, eyes darting just about anywhere except at Elizabeth's face. "No." And then he leans forward and is speaking quickly, "Look, I had no idea he was bringing a bomb, I didn't even know they HAD bombs, and I certainly didn't know anyone was killing anybody, I was just there to help get Joshua out. I thought he was being harrassed by the cops because you all thought we were some kind of cult, I didn't know they WERE one!"

Elizabeth leans forward, her eyes narrowed. "I know that you didn't know, and now he's dead. By my hand. I have to live with that shit." She lets out a sigh and continues speaking quietly. "Joshua got out, but I'm pretty sure he's with Mary again. You want to help him? You need to speak to Olivia. She's the only one in the force right now that I trust." She leans back, folding her arms over her chest. "I was planted out there to be picked up by them, and it worked. We both have a target on our back if they think we talked."

Omri is surprised, "You killed Izzy?" He sighs and then shakes his head, "Look, I'm outta this town. I'm not sticking around for you all to arrest me because I thought I was doing something good with my life. Some cop named Laura is trying to talk to me, too. How many of you all am I supposed to talk to? Why should I trust any of you? I was find on the street before the Guardians, I'll be fine again."

"He was going to kill a lot of people, he wouldn't take off the vest. I had to get him /out/ of the building, so I nearly died pushing him through a window. If my partner wasn't there, I would be dead beside your old pal." Elizabeth holds her hand up, frowning at Omri. "Olivia isn't going to arreest you. She's gonna talk to you, and I'm gonna keep you from getting killed." She glances away for a moment and lets out a sigh. "I got a couch, kid, and I got a gun. We're safer together than if you're on the street. I'm asking you to trust me, and I'm promising that if I let you down… well I'll probably be dead, if we're being honest."

Omri folds his arms over his chest. "I'm not a kid. You're hardly much older than me, Rookie." He rolls his eyes, "I have a place to stay. I'll be fine there. And what's it matter if I talk to Olivia or Laura? Why should I trust you? You lied about who you were and then you killed my friend." Yeah. It's logic. Sure.

"I'm not a rookie, smart ass." Elizabeth remarks, smirking across the table at Omri. "Olivia is the fed who is trying to break up the group, anyone else you're talking to, including me — could be a plant who will kill you." She folds her arms over her chest. "You shouldn't trust me, you shouldn't trust anyone. I lied about who I was to try to find people like you and get you out, and if your friend hadn't tried to blow up the hospital, he'd be alive and this might all be /over/."

"I don't…" Omri sighs. "Am I going to jail?" he finally asks, with some concern.
Hunter has arrived.

Elizabeth and Omri are sitting at a table, and to say the mood is intense is an understatement. "Not if I have anything to do with it, but to make that happen, you have to at least lend me a little trust." She picks up her coffee and takes a drink. "There is someone on the force who is dirty, and in on this, and you need to never meet that person in a dark alley. I just want to make sure you stay safe."

Hunter comes in from outside, the bell jingling for a moment before he strolls across the distance toward the counter and puts in an order for his coffee. He notices Omri sitting with Elizabeth and watches them for a moment or two as he waits for his coffee. If they happen to look in his direction, he lifts a hand to wave hello.

Omri furrows his brow, "Wait. So now you're saying there's a crooked cop at work in this too?!?" He grumbles, looking away. And then he spots Hunter. He doesn't return the wave, instead, he just gives the other young man a look of 'help me'. He looks back at Elizabeth. "Look, I don't even know what to do with my life right now, let alone what to do about all this mess! I mean, is your name even actually Elizabeth?"

"I'm saying these things to wise you up and keep you looking over your shoulder." Elizabeth narrows her eyes, staring across the table at Omri. "Listen, all right? My name is Elizabeth Rothschilde. I grew up in a foster home, was on the street at fifteen. I know what you're going through. I'm not going to force anything, I gave you some options. The ones I think that are safe." She gets to her feet, pulling a pen from her jacket pocket. She writes down her address and phone number. "I'm not going to force you to do shit, but when a bullet whizzes by your head, and trust me …if they think you turned on them? It will." She gestures to the napkin. "Call me, I'll help you, much as I can."

Hunter makes his way over toward the table where Elizabeth and Omri are sitting and lets his hand come to rest on Omri's shoulder, giving it a squeeze. "Hey," he says, "How's it going?" He then glances over to Elizabeth, studying her for a moment before giving her a nod in greeting as well. He takes a sip from his coffee.

Omri visibly relaxes at Hunter's touch. "Hey," he offers to the other young man. "This is um, officer Rothschilde. She says not to talk to Laura, instead, talk to some FBI agent named Olivia. She says the cops have been infiltrated by the cult and I can't trust them. That I should go live with her so she can protect me. Or I can be killed by the cult when they come after me." He looks at Hunter, "I don't know what to do?"

"I'm not Officer Rothschilde anymore, just Elizabeth. I'm on leave because of what happened at the hospital." Elizabeth gazes at Hunter, nodding briefly at him. "I think there is a bad apple in the force right now, and so does Olivia. You're welcome to stay on my couch, where you'll be safe, and if you need company.." She shrugs and gestures to Hunter, that looks like his friend or something."Listen, I've had bullets fired at me recently because of this, and I don't want the same thing to happen to you. That's all. I can handle that stuff, it's.. it was.. my job."

Hunter remains standing next to Omri as he listens to the two of them talk. "Hunter," he offers his name in return. He's known to some of the cops for having a juvenile reocrd for pickpocketing and shoplifting in the past. "Nice of you to offer," he says about her generosity. He then looks over to Omri and says, "It's up to you, man. But you've got multiple offers of places to stay and help. The choice is yours about where you want to go, where you feel safest." He leans a little against Omri, just staying close.

Omri opens his mouth, then closes it. He's clearly overwhelmed. "I don't… I don't know…" He looks at Hunter, then to Elizabeth. He sighs. "I don't believe Mary would send anyone after me…" He shakes his head a little, "Maybe I need to just leave town now. Not wait."

"Door is open, you have the address. You have to decide how long you want to have to hide out." Elizabeth puts her sunglasses back on. "From the law and from the cult, my way, you'll at least have solved one of those problems." She takes a drink of her coffee. "Mary knew your friend would have that vest." She lets that hang there for a moment. "If you want to be on the run, run. If you want to live a normal life, take a chance. You don't trust me, like I said, the door is open. To stay or to go."

"Maybe you should just take a little time, think it over, and go over all of your options after getting some rest," Hunter suggests, letting his arm wrap around Omri's shoulders to give him a small hug. He then settles into a seat next to him. He studies Elizabeth for a moment or two and then asks Elizabeth, "Why shouldn't we trust Laura?"

Omri lays his face in his hands, fingers in his giant mop of thick, long hair as he grumbles. He makes a soft sound, kind of a happy whimper when he's hugged. Finally, he looks up at Elizabeth. "I don't think my life can ever be normal again. If it ever was." He glances at Hunter, whose question is a good one, and he watches Elizabeth for the answer.

"Didn't say you shouldn't trust Laura." Elizabeth says, glancing over at Hunter, her eyes hidden by her sunglasses. "She's still on the force, might mention something said and it could get to the wrong person." She shrugs and pulls her glasses down to gaze at Omri. "You're the only person who can steer your course. Your friend is right, think about it, I'll be at that address. I will do whatever I can to keep you safe. I can't turn back time and make my life better, but I can hopefully do some nice shit for someone else." She taps the napkin and nods to Hunter. "Get him a hat and a hoodie, won't you?" She picks up her coffees and turns to go.

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