(2018-11-26) A Safe Place
Genevieve and Rory cozy up to talk about 'Things': childhood, Natalya, family. Oh, and cartels too. That's wholesome, right?

MacKail Residence, Calaveras
Mon Nov 26, 2018

There's a few good reasons as to why Ginny decided to stay in Calaveras, and this house is one of them. It is a smaller single family house that was built long ago but it has modernized in the past decade by the previous owner. Situated on a standard lot, a perennial-lined walkway wends away from the street to reach the stairwell that gives rise to the main entryway and tiny foyer beyond.

Ginny MacKail takes pride in her little house and keeps it well, with comfortable accents and many affectations which point toward her heritage. The layout is compact and clean: boasting two small bedrooms and a full bathroom, kitchen and sitting room with a beautiful triple-paned bay window. A narrow staircase leads upstairs to a loft of sorts.

Other features of the property include: shade trees, a shed and a moderately-sized back patio.


It's a rather restful evening at the MacKail household. Ginny ended up rocking the morning shift — she will be onto a rotation of nights next week — so in preparation for this switch, she's allowing herself to rest and reflect tonight. A lot has happened in the past week-and-a-bit. Seriously. She went from flying solo to newly dating! Rory will have been given an open invitation to drop by anytime without even having to announce himself first. Just look for the red Toyota Supra snuggled into the driveway of the pretty house and that's invitation enough. Just as well Ginny can't answer texts just yet. She's on the phone, talking to family. No no, not back East; not in Newfoundland. Her parents are hit the hay embarrassingly early… Ginny found that out the hard way when she forgot her timezone differences.

Nope; she's on the horn with her older brother who lives in Toronto. It just going on 10pm local time up there; as Ginny pads around her den with the phone held to her ear the clock on her mantle reads just shy of 8pm Calaveras-time. She could count on Alec being up and oh.. he's up. He's grilling his 'little sister' on what she's been up to as of late.

Hair left long, loose and clean down past her shoulders, Ginny moves to stand at the bottom of the stairwell leading up to her room. She lowers her narrow backside down upon the bottommost stoop, mouth opening and closing as she tries to get a word in edgewise. It's not a harried exchange; it's just that Alec talks. A lot.

That seem like a good time for Rory to make his entrance. He worked early today, setting up for others during the night. Perhaps knowing that Ginny would be working late the rest of the time. Showing up and knocking on her door. Trying to look inside. Not sure if it is locked or not, but he won't just walk in as long as things seem fine inside. Hands in his pockets and looking around some. Not seeming cold though.

The nurse heard the knock over her brother's yammering. God love Alec. Though he won't shut his lip, asking all sorts of questions in his rapid-fire way, Ginny nonetheless feels a thrum of affection stirring in her belly. God, she misses the lot of 'em. She pushes to stand, wipes a bit of lint from the arse of her black tights, and pads over to see whose calling. The sound of a deadbolt being turned and Ginny opens up, spies Rory, smiles apologetically to him with a slight flush to her cheeks. Her lips mouth soundlessly over the word 'hello' as she steps back, gestures for him to come in. The warm, fragrant breath of the home's interior beckons further.

The sound of buzzing on the cellphone growing hot against Ginny's ear; a male voice. Ginny startles and looks annoyed, "Ihold 'er, Alec.. hold up, it's him. Yessir it is, m' just saying hello.. I have t'let you go soon, ok?" Blink, blink.. more yammering on the other end. Ginny's eyes flit up to look at Rory again, her expression rueful and amused. One slender finger is held up in a 'one moment' gesture as she inhales. "AlecChrist on a cookie, brother, one question at a time. No no, he's not Canadian. What makes y'think—"

Rory does smile, but sees that she is on the phone. 'hi' being mouthed in return. Stepping inside and closing the door behind him, making sure to lock as well. Shedding his jacket and shoes. Raising a brow as she speak with Alec, having a decent guess since she has mentioned the members of her family before. "Don't stress it." He says, in a low voice. Not wanting her to feel forced to hang up. He will give her cheek a peck though. Nodding though at her gesture with the finger. Starting to snicker at the last question.

She leans into the cheek peck, already loving the familiarity of the gesture despite their new stance as an item. Her lashes flutter and she eases back to smile at the young man, eyes alight with mirth. Ginny's eyes sure can 'glow'; no no, not in a hokey purple prose way.. just emotive. They're warm and watchful, looking moreso green in the soft lighting of the house. "Help yourself t' something in the kitchen. I made infused water." Said while Alec hardly draws breath, going on and on. "Strawberry-lemon-mint… it'sAlec? M'talking to Rory. He's here now. Youyou.. you've been bending m'ear for nearly an hour now. You're lucky I got a good phone plan, th' mouth on you—" Inhale, start; inhale, one syllable gets out. Ginny pivots on a heel. "Alec MacKail heaven help me, y'were vaccinated by a friggin' phonograph needle! No I won't put him on th'phone with you! I don't want t'scare him away!" She belts out, but sounds highly entertained. "I'll call you tomorrow, ok? I love you. Go rest your frickin' gob."

Then, it's over. Ginny makes to follow Rory. "Cripes, I'm sorry about that. He's up North just dying with curiosity."

Rory does admire that glow as he stands and watches, almost staring. Or, no. Not almost, he is staring. Nodding at her offer. Slowly wandering to go find that water. A laugh as he hear what Alec want, and her worry. Waiting for her to finish before looking over at her as she follows. "It's fine, he worries about you." He says before studying her, offering a hand. "And he couldn't scare me away." If she wasn't scared off by his things he isn't going to be scared off so easily.

She sets the cellphone down onto the counter and takes his hand in her own, easing in to lift her chin to kiss Rory proper. Were her poor worried brother to hear that smacking of lips, however briefly, over the phone he likely would have never hung up. "He worries too much. Been on his ear since everything happened down here.." Ginny tilts her head, taking her time to look Rory over in-turn. "He was th'first, wondering why I hadn't gone home. Alec is a realtor up in the big smoke.. he was ready to help get me out of this bind with th' house here, if it meant getting me home. Then he was blown away when I decided to stay." A shrug of her shoulders, lithe beneath the soft cream-colored fabric of her loose-fitting Western blouse.

"Y'worked? Everything go well?" Asked companionably.

Rory does kiss her in return. A shiver running through him. Enjoying it as usual. "I am glad that you did decide to stay." He tells her and is beaming as he hugs her. "I'd be happy to meet him, at some point. If you want." Adding that last part, not wanting to overstep any boundaries.
As she asks about him, he chuckles and nods. "Yeah, I had the early shift, everything went well." Shifting some before chuckling with a slight blush, "You said that you were going to work a lot of night shifts. So I figured that I'd take today to work day, instead of night." He explains. Hoping that wasn't weird. Still new to all of this.

She felt that. It's been a long time since Ginny felt someone respond to her touch, like that. It's heartening; reassuring. It's not her fault that someone else couldn't be patient for her. But here, Rory.. somehow she can just tell that he wouldn't be so fickle. Granted, Rory's experience in life is a great deal more complicated — and trying — than Shay's ever was. Her fingers knit just a little more into the fabric of Rory's shirt, before she leans up to kiss his mouth gently and ease her lips over to press another affectionate kiss to his cheekbone. "Thank you for thinking of me. It means a lot." Said truthfully. "I don't work overnight, really.. it's more back shift. Til' midnight. It's an RN that has t'be there all night. But.. it created trouble, before. I have a bit of a hangup over it.. so.."

A smile, "Really. Thanks for coming here."

Rory smiles and feel her hands on his shirt. Kissing her in turn and a smile as she kiss his cheekbone. "Ah, I see. Still, I can work a bit later." He says and stay near her. "I see. Well, I hope it all goes well." As for the last words, he smiles brightly. "I am happy to be here." He assures her before glancing around. "Movie?" He says as he swallows hard. If they keep kissing he might not stop.

"Movie can be good!" Ginny exclaims, seeing fit to ease back.. didn't she offer up that water? She offers a big, flushed smile and ambles over to the fridge to ferret out the large glass pitcher full of cut fruit and herbs. Noteworthy too: not a drop of soda in the woman's fridge space. Nothing but healthy things.. though the freezer contains her payload of ice cream pints. One can't be perfect. Ginny pours the flavorful water — as noted prior: strawberry chunks, mint sprigs and lemon slices — into two tall glasses and offers one to Rory. Seems she's caught on quickly to the vegan bit. She peers back into the fridge and pulls out a bag of green table grapes. She's still powerfully red in the face from the exchange a few minutes ago; how easily she could have kept going.

"D'you have a preference at all? I tend t'stream stuff.. but I do have a collection." Blink, she remembers something.

Making for the den, Ginny offers over a shoulder: "M'still powerfully amazed at your friend Nat's offer. Did you want to take her up on it, and go somewhere together? Y'comfortable with the thought?"

Rory takes the offered glass. A bit red himself. Indeed, would had been easy for that to happen. Following her then. "Stream is fine. I've mostly been watching comedies lately, but perhaps a b-horror?" He suggests. "Supernatural." Is added. Is he wanting to snug up and have her being scared? Hard to say, might just be him wanting to find something new to watch.

Stepping into the den with her. "Well. I am not sure. She might have a motive about it." Sighing, "But I do want to go somewhere nice with you." He admits, blushing completely at that admittance.

"Horror, y'say?" Ginny asks as she sets down her glass upon a coffee table, right in front of the sofa where the two of them sat when they really talked. The room is as warm and encompassing as ever, a gas fireplace insert efficiently filling the room with warmth. (Ginny is thankful for this upgrade on behalf of the previous owners!)

"Supernatural.. oh, the television series?" Ginny tilts her head thoughtfully, her hair hanging in a sheaf as she glances briefly to the idle screen of the television. Seems she's streaming Netflix on a PS4! Not that Ginny is a gamer persay, it's just one pound of flesh that she kept when the jerk ran off. He could at least leave Ginny with that form of entertainment!

"Let's try it out.. I think it's on here," Said now with a sunny smile as she eases herself into the cushions, takes up a controller. Though there's a pause, "A.. motive? I'm curious now… what is her deal, anyway? Something didn't sit.. right.. but I liked her well enough." Said honestly.

Rory nods agreeingly. "Horror. And no, just something with supernatural elements." Perhaps to not blur the line of fact and fiction. "Unless you want to watch it. I haven't." He admits and sips from the water. Another sigh about Nat. "Not sure. Control maybe?" He suggests. "And I recognize her name. Cartel. But could be a different last name." He suggests and shrugs. "I just heard it in the past." Which might explain his worry. "However, I don't think she want enemies. Not at the moment. She is nice, but shady."

"Oh, jeez.. I understand. I thought you meant the show that people are on about. M'not one for big series like that anyway.. too much to catch up on. Supernatural horror film it is!" She exclaims, and Ginny doesn't seem troubled by the notion of watching something that could get her heart pounding. She just might surprise Rory! Instead of Netflx she toggles some sort of an internet browser and peeks 'round for a good stream site. There's bound to be some good old horror films on there somewhere. "Any preference on a spooky movie, then? I've not much experience in picking 'em.." Ginny offers ruefully before segueing back into the previous topic. One that has held some gravity for her, these days.

Then she just about drops the controller into her lap. "Cartel—" Blink, eyes wide. She had a feeling. "Drug cartel?" A whisper as she leans in, studies Rory's face. "Many things make sense if we look at it that way. All those brutes standing 'round. But…" Ginny looks troubled at the prospect of a cartel, and surely a prominent one, bleeding it's way into Calaveras. "She was really.. friendly. I suspect a bit of a hedonist."

Rory chuckles but shakes his head, "Nope. I just recently started watch movies." He admits. Making himself comfortable on the couch. "I don't know, but it is possible. Maybe not her, but her family at the least." He suggests. "I just recognize the name. Like if someone said Escobar. Not necessarily related, but possible. I do know that she can be ruthless though." Sighing and shaking his head. "I want to find out more about her." He explains, perhaps why he is there to start with. Kissing Ginny's cheek then. "It should be fine, just be careful. I'm here." He tells her, squeezing her hand.

She leans into the kiss to the cheek, drawing comfort from it. Ginny isn't known for being a fretful, nervous sort… she's fielding this rather difficult knowledge with calmness. Comes with the territory of being in the medical field, even if she isn't at the pinnacle of it. "Then perhaps it was a good idea t'accept her gift." Ginny reasons out, leaning her slight self in so she may rest comfortably against Rory, eyes flitting from his profile toward the television. "Not good form t'slight a cartel princess. I think if we're dating and y'live out there, I have to make sure not to push any of th'wrong buttons with her. Thing is, I do like her." Ginny admits, eyes wide. "I suspect she has her ways, even beyond wealth, of acquiring ties. Though some of the compliments she dealt me.. I wonder if everyone is fair game." Blush!

"Just be careful if you're there, ok? However long you stay there. Y'needn't me t'tell you though.. it's just scary business."

Rory smiles and he holds her close. "She spends time with anyone, I believe." If that is what she meant. A little blush as well. "Why, trying to make me jealous?" He teases her. Though he nods. "I will. I think she is digging though. Trying to get to know me." He admits, sighing since that could be bad. "What's that?" He asks as they scroll past 'Paranormal Activity'.

"Huh?" Ginny perks, then looks up at Rory. "Jealous—heavens, no. Hah! Only one who ended up being jealous for a time was me, when I thought she was reckoning t'scoop you up. No wonder, cute as you are. Y'can't even suspect the draw of someone like yourself." Said with a glimmer of mischief in her mutably-colored gaze. She does not go on to remark further on that bit, given their new stance as a dating couple. IS she still nervous about Natalya making a move? Honestly.. not really. Something in the elegant woman's behavior reassured Ginny. But is she nervous about one of those goons shadowing Rory, hurting him? There's the clincher, and she can't bring herself to draw that difficult tangent of thought into their cozy evening.

"Just.. watch yourself. Y'stay here anytime if y'need a place to decompress. Ok?" Ginny asks gently before turning to look at the highlighted movie. "Looks gritty.. want t'give it a go?"

Rory smiles and nods, "IT is fine." He assures her, "I think she had a chance to make a move. Think she somehow respect relationships though." Odd as that might be. Or wanting to be able to use it as leverage. Hard to say. "I will, I promise." Nodding some more at her offer. "I'll come here as often as you'll let me." A solid nod about the movie. "Go for it."

It's too soon for Ginny to say 'live here'. But one can see in the trust she is displaying already — even with the dude having been an assassin in the past — that in time, she may very well consider it. Lord knows she is neither intent on leaving her own place, nor is she of a mind to be up at the manor all-that-often. Not necessarily due to Natalya but just… the goons. It feels too greasy. At least her home offers a safe (?) middle ground. All of these thoughts flash through Ginny's mind in mere seconds and her free arm snakes 'round Rory's lower back to just hug him close. As long as he knows that she is concerned for him and wants to see him safe, it's all Ginny can do. She toggles the circa-2007 horror flick and watches the buffer load. The internet connection is solid here; Ginny kept the cheating bastard's booster, too.

"Anytime. However long y'wish."

Of course there's a blanket.. it's Ginny. Everything about her house speaks of comfort! Her eyes brighten as the throw blanket is hauled over the both of them and she pinches up some of the plush fabric between her fingers. "I brought this with me when I moved here. Imagine.. a twenty-something bringin' her childhood blankie with her to a new town." A blush, "Okay s'not childhood.. got this in college. Swear it's the comfiest." She remarks as she nestles deeper into the folds of the colorful throw; closer to Rory's body. She leans forth to grab up her glass of water and drinks carefully, before pulling the bag of grapes in closer as well. "Are y'hungry? I can grab something else too. I kind of…. re-stocked a bit.. knowing your preferences.." Blush. Oh snap, so she prepared to have Rory here more?! How cute!

There is a bit of a laugh as he listens, "It's conmfy." He agrees about the blanket. A smile to Ginny as they snuggle up. The heat from his own body warming her as well. Her words has him beaming as he lean his head to hers, "This is fine, thank you." A kiss to her cheek. "Maybe later?" Perhaps picking up on wanting him there more, he does not seem against it. A bit of a blush on his own cheeks though even as he spoke.

Even as the intro to the 2007 flick begins to fill the screen, Ginny isn't quite paying attention to it. She's facing the television but she's all-ears toward Rory. Her silver-blonde head nestles closer-still after he kisses her cheek and not for the first time, Ginny wonders exactly how this man could have been an adept killer. Killer. There's a difference between necessity and straight-up enjoying it and Rory comes in as the former scenario. That's what keeps Ginny there, snuggled close, feeling thoughtful.

"Do you have some good childhood memories? Before everything?" Asked suddenly.

Rory does indeed not enjoy it. Even hurting the thief in the park, he did show a lot of remorse. For now just drawing comfort from Ginny. "I remember waking my mom up and wrestling with hur on Christmas Day." He says and shrugs, "And playing chess with dad, where he'd play and fake cheat." He says and grins. "You?"

A laugh, open and bright, "Sounds like such a boy thing.. I bet y'were the cutest kid." Said earnestly, tilting her chin up to study Rory's profile; admire it. "Can see you now, actually.. if I look really hard." Yeah she's not even paying mind to that movie; not at all. Her hand lifts from the blankets and gently touches the tip of his nose. "This," Then his chin. "That," And she gives his cheek a warm touch. "And there. Can see it, if I look hard enough, th'kid you were. I bet your mom just loved those moments."

His latter words score a belly laugh and Ginny eases back some to really look at him. "Chess! Snazzy.. never saw such a thing in my house. Everyone too busy and hectic, never standing still.. but for all th' right reasons."

"I.. remember times." A pause, clarification: "Kitchen parties. Nothing but music."

Rory does let her touch his face. Turning to look at her in return. "Sounds like fun." He says about the parties. "And yeah, she was fun." He offers about his mother, shrugging about his dad. "He tried." Watching Ginny for a long time before blushing and looking to the TV. "I would had fallen for you as kids as well." He suggests, deep red now.

She listens but does not comment, not at length. "Was a lot of fun.. you'd be sittin' there thinking you're having supper and being sent t'bed.. next thing y'know the neighbor is coming over t'spin a yarn. Then out comes the squeezebox," Accordion, "Or the spoons or a handy fiddle and you're off. People would hear; people would drop in. We didn't really have set bedtimes on weekends… Ma tried but.. when y'have that goodness coming into your house, how can you sleep?" Ginny reflects; there's softness in her features there. Longing. She shakes it off fast and blushes deeply.

"Y-y'would have? I was a little shit." She laughs outright, smiles. "Little wild girl, playin' music and running outdoors. Y'sure about that?"

Rory smiles as he watches her as she goes on about her family. "You should go back there, for Christmas perhaps?" He suggests. "I know we have that offer from Nat as well, but that can wait a few days." He suggests and grinning about how she was as a kid. "Well, I might had tackled you and run around." He teases. "I want to see a wild you." He adds with amusement.

"It's.. i-it's expensive to fly back there." Ginny adds, not trying to deflect but speaking truth. "It's why I haven't been, lately.. I would love to and God, of course you would enjoy it too.. m'certain.. but it's a worth a kidney or two t'fly back during the holidays for just one person alone, let alone two. No," Ginny smiles fondly. "Closer t'the spring, summer… when the days lengthen.. then it'll be worth a trip. I can wait a little longer." Offered gently, "Besides.. th'winters there are the devil." Said frankly, though she is certain where Rory's from, they weren't any better.

The latter remark warrants a deeper blush, "Y'may have already… the wild bit." Said with a sheepish grin. Hell, she only just recently went at Rory what.. 3 times? Within the span of a night and morning?

Rory smiles and nods, "Perhaps summer then." He raises his brows though. "You want me to come with you?" He asks and smiles. A deep blush about having seen her wild side. "A-ah. Well. Erhm. Yeah." Clearing his throat. The scenes and sounds flashing before him as he stare at the screen. Sipping on the water and taking some grape from the bowl.

Three? Had to have been it. The whole night and morning blended together in the very best way, as far as Ginny could tell at the time, that who was she to keep tally of how many times they pounced one another? But then Ginny is blushing at the thought of mentioning such a thing, how surely Rory meant her younger self who would run and play with abandon. Surely that was it? How dare she go into THAT territory with it?!

She, too, observes the screen for a few seconds as her heart amps itself up a tiny bit. One small hand moves to rest gently atop Rory's breastbone, close to his own heart. "I don't want t'ever make you uncomfortable, ok? If anything.. moves too fast.. or throws you off.. please tell me, ok? I saw what happened when people don't communicate and.. it's bad news." Ginny looks up at him again, her face pink (though it's harder to tell in the soft lighting of the room) .. "Promise, ok? I don't want to imply or force you into.. anything. If you want to go slow and steady, we can. I know it's pretty new t'you."

Rory does blush as he tries not to think about it too much. His heart racing when she put a hand on his chest. "I will." He says, turning to face her now. Leaning in to kiss her, placing it on her lips. "I promise."

She can be felt smiling against his lips. "Good," A fond whisper, "Great." Said with more gusto.. Ginny is relieved. Really, she is. The movie is in the background still, still at the 'world building' part where the audience is getting to know the hapless young couple. Awww. Looks simple but the edgey camera angles just.. it's foreboding. Ginny isn't even watching or listening, there's only Rory. Then there's the knowledge of her having to work late, upcoming, and potentially losing more evenings like this. It's just so comfortable and restful and there's also that added knowledge that she is — hopefully - lending to Rory a sense of… what, stability? Sanity?

Then he has to be there, sounding and looking and feeling as he does. Can one blame Ginny for returning the kiss, pressing in a bit more insistently?

Rory does lean into the kiss, smiling in return. "Is it okay if I still come over later, after work?" Since he works at a club he would come home late quite often. Then kissing again and pressing against her. She is making it hard to focus on the movie. Starting to get carried away. A hand on her cheek. "Ginny." He whispers in glee.

Yeah, eff the movie. Ginny isn't going to follow it; she doesn't even register it anymore. All it happens to be is the most un-romantic background noise! Hey, there's a fire going in the gas fireplace.. close enough. But suddenly nothing really matters to her beyond the small radius of space surrounding them. Suddenly Rory's request to join her, even after midnight when she gets home… that.. Ginny's eyes widen, pupils dilating in the astonishment of it all. "Of course—" She clings, him pressing against her does that. So does this very important request. "Of course you can. I insist." She says happily against his lips, arms lifting to wrap around his neck and pull him extra close. She rolls her shoulders some, does what she can to oust her pile of hair out of their way.

She nuzzles her cheek into his palm and simply gazes into his eyes for a few seconds, before easing back slightly.. a suggestion that they lay back.

Rory smiles. He is only focused on her as well. "Great. Not sure when I get off, but I will come over, if you are still up." He says and kisses her with a bright smile. Pushing some of her hair aside. Then staring back into her eyes. His own eyes clear and he seems happy. Leaning forward with her to kiss her.

This gets better and better. It seems the very prospect of him making the time to be there, regardless of the late hour… Ginny couldn't ask for much more than that. Someone to work with her schedule? Heaven knows, Rory knows those late nights. Her fingers knit into the hair at the base of his skull and stroke there, and the moment she feels him leaning closer to kiss her, Ginny will pull him back and atop her the rest of the way. THe couch is just as good as the bedroom, damnit! Maybe.. maybe she'll do away with the movie. But that will just take away important seconds' worth of time where she's not touching him!

Needless to say Ginny's actions, from hereon, will point further toward her enthusiasm to have Rory with her as much as possible.

Rory does smile and follow her along as he kiss her and snuggle in, nuzzling his head against her neck. "Amazing." He tells her. Perhaps about to say more as he look into her eyes before just kissing her lips. Happy to be there with her. And indeed, nothing else seem to matter to him, only her. Here on the couch. Letting the night take them away.

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