(2018-11-25) Old Friends Meet New Ones
An old friend strolls into Maude's just in time to meet some of Katya's new ones.

It was Sunday. Maude's wasn't too busy at the moment, which was just fine with Katya. She liked it best when there were less people. She's sitting at one of the booths, nursing a banana milkshake and working on a burger and fries. She's in a good mood today, a little bit of a smile seeming to be permanently stuck on her features as she pokes at her phone. Her curly hair is down today, half hiding her features, but the other half that can be seen reveals that her eye color today is reminiscent of a creamsicle. Orange with a white, hypnotic swirl. Her attire is typical - faded jeans and a black and green flannel that is buttoned up.

Not all Sunday's were created equal, and Anthony wasn't quite sure what to make of this particular one just yet - but he knew it felt like it was going downhill. The entryway to Maude's jingled to life as Tony tugged at the handle and made his way inside. If his charcoal sportcoat, immaculate white collared shirt and ray-bans wasn't enough to set him out of place, the way he approached the front counter certainly did. "Whatta'…" he trailed, raising one hand which he used a few lazily outstretched digits to gesture to the building as a whole, "Yea, Whatta' you got here 'at's good? Like if I was to ask ya's what the best t'ing you'se got onn'a menu, what would that be?" he rattled off toward the waitress behind the counter in a voice that sounded like it would be a smooth basso if it weren't so muddled by his manner of pronunciation.

Katya didn't look up right away when the door opened. No reason to. Probably just another regular. Except when the guy started talking, he definitely wasn't a regular. Katya tensed for a moment. How long had it been since she'd heard that kind of accent. Not long enough. Chancing a peek upward, she swallowed hard when she saw the man who owned the voice and realized she knew him. Not well, but well enough to know he was tangled up in no good. She quickly lowered her gaze again, focusing intensely on her phone. Must be fascinating, whatever she was looking at. Maybe if she just made herself smaller somehow, he wouldn't even notice or recognize her.

The waitress looked at Tony skeptically as she chewed her gum, but then offered him a pleasant enough smile. "Classic Burger with a milkshakes 'bout the best thing we got here."

"Yeah, 'at sounds good - eh, chocolate I guess…" Tony replied simply and fished his right hand into the silk-lined pocket of his slacks, withdrawing a wad of folded over bills that was fastened together with a single strip of silver metal and he fished out a twenty from the outside rim with the satisfying crunch of a crisp bill being pulled from its roll and he tossed it by the register, "Thanks" he added and slipped his money clip back into his slacks, turning to look over the diner - it wasn't an entirely new concept, the retro diner vibe, but not many were this…authentically old.

His piercing green eyes traced over the crowd of people and they hovered over Katya, the woman on her cellphone for a moment, his hand raising to lift the black Raybans from his face, and he made his way toward her - or at least it likely would have seemed that way though he actually aimed himself toward the jukebox in the back.

The movement was subtle, but as she spied Tony coming closer she almost seemed to shy away from him. Scooting a little more into her booth and nibbling on a fry. Relaxing once it seemed he wasn't actually heading towards her, she glanced over her shoulder towards the Jukebox. She had so many question as to why he was currently here. In Calaveras of all places. A touch of a frown crossed her features, but she was also a little curious as to what he was going to put on the box.An odd sight to see, half hiding in her booth, peeking over the edge of it towards him.

It seemed that Tony was paying little to no mind toward Katya as he pased, his sunglasses perched neatly atop his well-styled coal black hair as he strode along the isleway and pushed a few buttons on the jukebox, looking for a song to play.

The truth was far from that simple fact as he watched the soft reflection of the bubbled glass down the way he'd just walked and caught the brief flash of Katya peeking after him and he curled his firm lips into an amused smirk to one side of his taught cheek before fishing a few coins from his pocket and pressing them into the coin slot and pressing a series of keys which resulted in the click-clack of shifting records, and the beginning of 'I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide' and with that, he made his path back the way he came, this time stopping at Katya's table with a handsome smile, he peered his green eyes down toward her. "Hey kiddo. How's t'ings?" he asked, a flash of a wink toward her made no questions necessary - he'd made her.

Katya tried to quickly turn back in her seat as Tony started turning back, biting her lip. Just keep walking…shit. She exhaled slowly, keeping her cool. "Just fine." She spoke, barely audible. Then she cleared her throat and straightened up a bit, looking up at the man. "Wonderin' what the hell brought you all the way out here." Brave words, but she was obviously wary because really, what were the chances?

The door to Maude's swings open and in wanders Warren on the heels of the beginning notes of the jukebox's song. It makes him glance that a-way, a soft chuckle at the lyrics, before he wanders over to the counter, planting his elbows on the linoleum as he catches a passing waitress with a wave. "Can I get some fries and a banana milkshake?" he asks, the waitress scribbling down his order before she rushes off to complete it. And then Warren leans back a bit, stretching himself out as comfortably as he possibly can on a stool. It's then that his glance flashes down the aisle to where Katya is sitting and Anthony stands, brows quirking upward casually. "Hey Katya," he says warmly, a wary glance given upwards to the stranger. "Who's your friend?"

The smile that Tony flashed Katya was bright, wide, toothy, some would say handsome and altogether embodied the term 'devil behind a pair of sunglasses' as he shrugged his shoulders, altogether too nonchalant for the question, "Ah, y'know, great place here" he commented, turning his attention toward the new presence of Warren as he entered, "I didn' know you'se was all comfy out this'a way, nobody t'ought it'd be relevant, y'know? Weird how somehtin' like that just goes unmentioned" his smiled continued, and he turned his head toward Warren as he spoke. He raised one hand from his pocket and waved it toward him with a single side to side motion, "Tony Malone" he introduced simply enough, gesturing toward Katya, "Me an' Katya here, we'se go way back, we'se met here 'an there back in'a Big Apple" he explained as he slid into the booth seat opposite Katya, folding his hands atop the table by interlocking his fingertips. "It's good ta' see ya's, Kat"

Catching sight of Warren entering, she relaxed a little. At least someone she was familiar with was here now. Well, someone that she didn't think might just be here to get her for whatever reason. Her mind was racing, honestly, trying to figure out if she had crossed Anthony's people at some point, but nothing solid was coming up in her mind. Despite Tony claiming he had no idea she was out here, the look on her face said she certainly didn't believe him. "Mmhm…" She nodded as Tony introduced himself to Warren. "Yeah, ran in some a the same circles." She met Warren's eyes as she spoke, "Why don't ya join us?" Scooting in her seat a little more so he could sit. She had a banana milkshake of her own today to go with her burger and fries. Then she focused on Tony again. "S'nobodies business where I settle…" Before quickly adding, "Good to see you too Tony. Things goin' good over there?" Her New York/Russian accent had been traded in for a Southern/Russian one instead. Obviously she hadn't been back home in some time.

"Is that so?" Warren says to Tony as the man explains the connection between himself and Katya, but while he does focus on Anthony while the man talks? His attention almost immediately drifts back to Katya, watching her for just a moment. "Well, it's nice to meet you, Mister Malone. I'm Warren. Warren Starr," he introduces himself, shifting from his stool once he's invited over to the table, his lips curving into a small smile for Katya. "'Course I'll come sit with you," he says, sliding into the booth alongside Katya and stretching his one arm to rest casually over the back of the booth. The waitress comes by shortly thereafter to drop off the basket of fries and his milkshake, either of which he quietly shifts into the space on the table between himself and Katya. "So what brings you to Calaveras, Tony?"

"S'goin' good, thanks for askin' " Tony replied with a slight nod toward Katya as he did, and as the food came for Warren, he raised a hand, palm up to gesture toward his burger and fries, "Holy marrone - that looks like one hell of a fuckin' burger" he commented, emitting a low whistle from his lips as he returned his hands to being folded together, "Mine's probably jus' takin' a little bit since I ordered chocolate, I see now 'at I shoulda' ordered the banana" he nearly laughed, though it came out as a sort of chuckle. Glancing between Katya and Warren, he shrugged his shoulders. "This is a hell of a town you'se guys got here, from a handful'a t'ousand to more 'an double over the course of a weekend'a two durin' tourist months, that's impressive, especially from my point of view…" he explained. As he spoke, he lifted his hand and removed his sunglasses from atop his head, hooking them on the loose fabric of his shirt that was left unbuttoned at the top, "You see, I'm a financial investor, I used to work strictly in an advisory roll, but God bein' the gracious guy 'at he is, saw fit to bestow upon me a substantial sum and I'd like to invest and grow some of the business out t'is way - trut' be told, I had no idea little Katya 'ere was out this way…" he smiled again, glancing at Katya, "Truly, a surprise. Though a welcome one."

She can't help but smile a little more when Warren comes to sit. Even though she definitely has her own fries and the same shake, she shamelessly plucks up one of his fries and dips it into his shake before eating it. Her gaze turned back to Tony, maybe Warren would illicit more of an answer from him. Just financial stuff, hm? Investing…that wasn't so bad. Maybe he really didn't know…maybe there wouldn't be any trouble then. A glance towards Warren and then back to Anthony. Nothing that she wanted to bring up now, she'd make sure to talk to Tony a little more about that later. "Seems like a handful a you investor types are findin' their way here." She mused. "Bet you an' Mr. Westin could do a whole lot a talkin'." She was more relaxed, now that she was fairly confident no immediate harm was coming her way. "Travelin's good for the soul an' all that. Good ta see new sights and such." Ever so slightly shifting to lean against Warren. About this time the waitress started heading their way again. "Looks like your food might be up." A little nod to Tony as she watched the waitress.

Warren's got his focus on Tony for the time being, occasionally reaching for a fry to dip into his shake as they talk. "So God thought fit to bestow you with a big sum of cash, as God so seldom does, and you decided to drop all that money here in Calaveras? Instead of in your own home?" It was a curious sort of statement rather than a judgmental one, and he chews on another fry slowly, in thought. Katya's shift towards him was noted, and he looks aside to her, offering her a warmer smile; his arm comes off the back of the sofa to rest loosely 'round her shoulders. Still, the talk of Xavier and development is clearly not one that he likes - he puffs out a little sigh, the smile evaporating, until his lips were a thin line. "I was hopin' I could convince Mister Westin to use some of his money into fixin' up some of the town, rather than mowin' it down and puttin' up condos ontop of the land. The bridge over the river needs a good repair, and there are a lot of people still hurtin' from the flood and the fires."

"Well, maybe less God and more sound selection of where to…" Tony's words were cut short as the waitress approached with his food and he softly clapped his hands together, the calluses of which created a rugged sort of whisper as he did so in stark contrast to his well dressed exterior appearance, "Oh-ho, man I am so lookin' forward ta' this, I been on'a road for awhile…" he mused as he thanked the waitress and she departed. Leaning back into his seat he gestured toward the window and thereby the town around then, "My town's already fuckin' huge, Mista' Starr, an' while I'm not gonna' lie about the fact 'at I bare quite a significant financial weight to move aroun' - one guy can't compete wit' all the fortune five-hundred companies on Wallstreet an' Time Square, here, in a town like t'is?…" he trailed, shrugging his shoulders, "A guy like me can still make a difference y'know?" he smiled, a soft sort of thing that was nothing like the sharp amusement of before.

And then he lifted the burger and sank his teeth into the juicy grilled morsel before him, emitting a low groan of approval as he nodded, glancing at the couple across from him, "Oh yeah" he muttered around a full mouth as he grasped a napkin, chewed, and swallowed, "Who's this Westin guy?" he asked, waving a finger toward Warren as if to note something he was talking about, "You'se guys got a few businesses 'at could use a helpin' hand? I could do 'at, I'm all for local propriety"

"Warren prolly knows 'im better 'an I do. I just know he's some kinda real estate, land developer guy. Stopped by the-…bar I work at." Plenty of bars in town. She was not going to just up and out her place of work to him immediately. "He still might be open to it." her words directed to Warren. "S'just that he's a…'what's in it for me' type a guy. Just has ta be spun the right way. She shrugged a bit and focused back on Tony. A slight glimmer of amusement couldn't be helped as he took his first bite of the burger. "S'bout the right reaction. I practically live off their burgers." She shifted so she could take a bite of her own burger when Tony launches in to his talk about helping fix up the town. Katya looks like she has some words to say to that, many words, but instead opts for, "That's a pretty nice thing for ya to offer when ya just stepped on into town. It's a good town. Got a charm to it. I'd hate ta see it all torn down an' all…"

"Me? No, I don't know Mister Westin hardly at all. Just met him a couple of times," Warren shrugs his shoulders, nodding over to Katya's assessment about Xavier being a 'what's in it for me' sort of dude. He reaches for another french fry to dip into his milkshake, a low chuckle escaping him at Tony's reaction to the burger. "If you really want to make a difference, Mister Malone, then you should think about putting your money to some good uses. My family's hosting a charity event next week.." he starts, watching the man as he fishes another fry from the basket. "Raisin' money for the soup kitchen and shelter, so they can provide for the families they host during the holidays. It'd be a significant contribution, if you'd be willin' to match whatever we raise from sellin' the tickets." He looks to Katya afterward, flashing her a warmer smile. "Calaveras is a good town. It deserves people wantin' to help it, not wantin' to turn it into somethin' it's not."

Tony's face pursed in contemplation as Warren and Katya exchanged discussion about Mr. Westin, and the slight amusement that sparkled in his eye toward Katya suggested he didn't miss her intentionally vague work location, though he was content to munch on his burger and reached to wash it down with a few painfully difficult stream of his milkshake due to just how thick it was. "I'd probably be willin' to do that…" he commented in reply to Warren, bobbing his head as he moved the milkshake in his mouth, tasting it, to which he nodded in approval. "I'd like a rough ballpark figure of how much I'd be lookin' at, and naturally I'd like some sort'a recognition…" he paused, furrowing his brow as if he was running some numbers in his head, then shrugged his shoulders, "But it's for a good cause, an' it's the fuckin' holidays" he admitted, lifting his milkshake, "This milkshake?" he pointed a finger, "This is the best fuckin' milkshake I t'ink I may have ever had"

"That's a good idea." She said when Warren suggested the charity. "Would get your name out there and stuff too…if you're lookin' ta help then people'll know it." Wheels turning in her head before she seemed to have to just kind of shut it down and refocus. "If anythin' aside doin' some good - you'll get ta see me ridin on an honest ta the gods bull." She shrugged a bit and chuckled. "They are, ain't they? S'like crack." She tossed back a couple more french fries before pushing a hand through her hair. She had no idea about numbers or anything, so that was definitely all on Warren.

"Exactly," Warren tips his chin in agreement to what Katya is saying. It's a quiet night at Maude's, and Warren is sitting at one of the booths beside Katya - he's got his arm loosely draped over the back of the booth. Across the table is Anthony, and they are talking quietly whilst eating food. "We've sold about one hundred and fifty tickets so far. At twenty bucks a piece. So you're lookin' at three thousand bucks?" He shrugs his shoulders, grabbing another fry. "But the sale's goin' on through the week. I imagine we'll double the ticket sales in that time. So it just depends on what kinda commitment you're willin' to make." He grins over to Katya afterward. "It'll be a good show, I'm thinkin'."

Quiet night, and seriously nothing else to do besides shop, and drop in at the diner for ice cream. Despite the weather. Presley lets herself in through the door, pulling her pink knitted cap off her head as she starts to knock dirt off her boots, looking around.

While Warren went through the numbers, Anthony was content to indulge himself in finishing his burger and drinking his newfound favorite milkshake. As he spoke, Tony nodded his head, setting his drink down, "Yeah, those are all solid numbers, I'll match 'em no problem" he smiled, "What's the charity event, anyhows? As fun as watchin' Katya 'ere on'a bull, I dunno if I'd…" he squinted, as if to think on his own words, "I mean, yeah, no, I would definitely pay twenty bucks ta' see that…but still" he chuckled softly, looking toward the entryway as it jingled with a new patrons entry, "This place really pulls in'a customers. No wonder this place 'as been around for so long" he smirked, turning back toward Warren and Katya, "And does t'is town have like…a real estate agent or anythin' ? I would really like to look at some property"

"Hell ya it will. Hopefully ya don't land on your ass durin' the real thing." She grinned to Warren, teasing him with a laugh. She took another sip of her shake, watching as Presley entered the diner. She lifted her hand in a little wave to the woman before relaxing back in the seat. SHe peered at Anthony as he spoke and then smirked a bit on what he settled on. "It'll be good. Won't kill ya ta ditch the fancy suit for once in ya life. I'll even let you keep the Raybands." Not that she'd ever actually try to seriously tell him he couldn't wear the raybands or his fancy suits, but clearly she had become more comfortable for now and so was a little bolder. "I'm sure they do. How else they gonna sell anythin'? Prolly down on Main Street or somethin." Another little shrug as she took another bite of burger.

"Hey now, I just respond better to the real thing," Warren teases Katya back, bumping into her in a playful sort of manner as he chuckles. There is a glance exchanged between Tony and Katya at the talking, a brow slowly lifting, but he just grins and shakes his head a little bit. "I'll be i

"Hey now, I just respond better to the real thing," Warren teases Katya back, bumping into her in a playful sort of manner as he chuckles. There is a glance exchanged between Tony and Katya at the talking, a brow slowly lifting, but he just grins and shakes his head a little bit. "I'll be ridin', too, and then we've got Calvin Shay singin'. He's a big thing," he says to Tony. "You prolly heard him on YouTube or somethin'." He shrugs his shoulders a little bit, glancing up at the ring of the bell to catch sight of Presley. He brightens, lifting his arm up from the back of the booth to wave at her. "Hey hey Presley. Come over here and meet Mister Malone. He's just offered to match all the ticket sales at our event."

"Hey." Presley greets as they wave her offer, turning her attention to Anthony to give him a nod, "Nice to meet you, Mr. Malone." She tucks her hat into her pocket, then holds one frigidly cold hand out to him, glancing at her brother and Katya for a moment, "Match the ticket sales?"

"Nonsense, Miss Presley, pleasure's all mine" Anthony responded with a smile that flashed the faintest presence of his teeth, reaching out to shake her hand both warm and graciously, "Yeah, y'know, like uhh…" Tony paused, thinking for a simple comparison, twitching a finger as he spoke - clearly this man was expressive with his hands, "Like say you'se sell ten thousand dolla's worth'a tickets or whatev'a, then I match what you'se sell and donate ten t'ousand of my own money, y'know, fa' charity" he explained, shrugging a shoulder as he did so, "Show'a good fait' toward the city ta' show I ain' tryin'a fuck anythin' up by comin' in here lookin' to invest money, y'know?" he chuckled, plucking a fry from his pile and tossing it into his mouth as he glanced toward Katya, "Yeah… I mean…" he squinted, ushering forth a wince, "We'll see about all 'at, I mean, I'm comfy, y'know? Maybe I'll pick up some flannel an'a pair'a jeans though, jus' to make you'se all warm an' fuzzy inside"

The vaguest bit of pink of Katya's cheeks at Warren's teasing but it vanished quickly and she busied herself with a few fries. "Tony here wants to help out that community, ain't that nice him?" She mused, looking to Presley, then back to Tony. Her eyes widened just a touch and then she shook her head. "I don't wear suits, else maybe I'd get it - they don't look comfy. Getcha some flannel and jeans an' boots. You'll fit right in." Back to Presley, "How ya doin' today?"

"You'll prolly look pretty outta place at a rodeo in a three piece suit, Mister Malone. But I know a good place you can pick up some flannels if you're interested," Warren remarks to Tony, before he shrugs over to Presley. "God's seen fit to bless Mister Malone here with a large sum of money. I suggested he do what Mister Westin is refusin' to do .. put that money back into the city, to help its people, rather than just mow everything over and stick up condos," he remarks. "What better way to show that you're willin' to help, then put some money out there for the soup kitchen and the shelter?" He cants his head back to Katya after, watching her for a moment, before he leans in and whispers something to her alone. He sits up afterward with a warm laugh, "Come and sit, Pres. You can have some of my fries."

Warren whispers quietly into her ear, "Yanno.. you're real pretty when you blush."

"That's mighty nice of you, Mister Malone." Presley offers, shedding her coat before she slides into the booth, setting it down next to her, "Warren's right, though. Mister Westin just seems interested in megasuper malls and…and other stuff." She shakes her head, frowning for a moment before she shrugs off the topic, looking towards Katya, "Warren was saying you were gonna ride for the events?"

The vibrant green eyes of Anthony darted between Warren and Katya's interactions, and he slowly curled one side of his firm lips into his cheek, eating anothe fry or two as he did so, "I's just playin' Mista' Starr, I actually have some more casual clothes inna' truck" he chuckled, "I'm actually s'posed ta' be stayin' at some, uhh… Bed and Breakfast time t'ing? Out toward Oak Ridge?" he mentinoed, shrugging a bit as the seat was offered for Presley and he scooted himself further over to make sure she had plenty of room to not be crowded by a stranger, "Some people is only interested inna' corporate world, I'm more interested in makin' a difference, I'd rather have twenty local shops I's helped out doin' good than one big fuckin' shoppin' mall that sucks the life outta' the town, y'know?" he explains, shaking his head and glancing back toward Katya and Warren with Presley's question.

Whatever Warren whispers nearly has Katya's cheeks turning pink again and she nudged him lightly. Her attention focuses in on Presley as the woman brings up riding. "Yeah! I am. I'm a lil' rusty but it's just like ridin' a bike. Ya never really forget how. So long as I don't hospitalize myself again, I think all will be fine." She chuckled. Mostly joking. "The B&B…pretty sure Westin's stayin' there too. I'm sure you'll meet 'im soon enough then. People'll 'ppreciate ya with your pro-town outlook." Another little shrug as she stole one of Warren's fries and dipped it into her shake. "Anyway, I'm hopin' ta get into the circuit here proper once the season starts up. But I figure the Charity'll be good practice."

Warren's lips tug into a playful smirk as Katya nudges him, and he chuckles as he leans back into the booth, sliding his arm across the back of it again. "Well I like the way you think, Mister Malone. And if you got actions to back up those pretty words? Well," he nods over to Tony, flashing him a warm grin. "We'll see." He glances between Presley and Katya, nodding at the conversation at hand. "You're gonna be okay, Katya. And if you do end up fallin'? We got a lot of doctors on staff, so they'll get you fixed right back up." When the B&B is mentioned, his brows go up. "It's a nice place, the bed and breakfast. Miss Stone's a real sweetheart."

"I think that is a really nice way to look at things, Mister Malone." Presley decides, flashing him a bright, happy smile when he states he'd rather support small business than mega super malls. She then nods to Katya, "I think you'll be wonderful! I really look forward to seeing you ride…" She pulls her phone out, checking the time on it before she nods, "Miss Stone is really nice, Warren and I gave her some chickens."

"That we will" Tony replied toward Warren with an affirming nod before devouring another series of fries, arching an eyebrow as Katya spoke of the B&B and Mr. Westin, "Irony" he commented and shook his head, though returned the bright smile toward Presley, "I t'ink so too" he concurred and sat back into the cushion of his seat, taking a deep breath as he leaned toward one side, fishing his phone from the silk-lined pocket of his trousers to tap it twice and look over something on the screen.

Katya nodded. "I've talked ta her once or twice. She is one a the friendliest people I've met." She mused, thinking it over. "And we'll see how it goes. I never say never on things like that but I've got a good feeling it'll all be okay." She nodded and smiled to Presley. "Maybe I'll get ta see you ride some time soon. I've heard 'bout ya some but haven't had the pleasure a watching." She relaxed a little more, her head resting lightly on Warren's arm.

"She cooks good food, too. You'll be well fed at least," Warren says to Tony with a small laugh, looking between Presley and Tony both as they go checking their phones. He just shrugs his shoulders though, paying no mind. And definitely not reaching for his phone. He looks aside as Katya rests her head on his arm, his smile softening some, but he clears his throat after to look back to his sister. "Anyway, I talked to Kyrie about puttin' some announcements on the air. She's real excited to come and watch the show," he mentions to her. "She also mentioned somethin' about gettin' some local sponsors, which I think is a good idea."

"Of course! You can always come out to the ranch, I practice plenty." Presley offers, then she starts to slide out of the booth, tucking her phone away, "I've got to go, it was nice meeting you Mister Malone. Uh…Christmas shopping!" She explains, then starts to hustle away.

Anthony raised a hand toward Presley as she departed, a simple enough gesture to someone's departure and tucked his phone away into the breast pocket of his sport coat with a deep inhalation of the diner air, "I t'ink I'm gonna' like this town, it's… big enough, but gotta' small town charm, y'know?" he smiled, folding his hands atop the table and interlocking his fingertips, "Radio station too, huh? Mista' Starr, you'se like a phonebook of potential investment oppa'tunities"

Katya gave Presley a little wave, "I'll be sure ta do that. Enjoy your shoppin." She smiled the woman and then eyed Anthony briefly, but remained quiet. "I think I saw somethin' about a tattoo shop runnin' an event…Mad Tatter. They might be open doing some kind of sponser thing. Or maybe even Maude's! Might be worth askin about for sure." She nodded. "It is charmin' yeah. I hope it stays that way."

"Bye Pres," Warren offers to his sister, tucking his arm 'round Katya after and putting his hand on her upper arm. He grins to Anthony after. "I'm a little biased, but I think Calaveras is the best place in the whole world to live. But I dunno about bein' a phonebook of investment opprotunities," he laughs a little. "I just talk to people? Which is what I'm suggestin' you do, Mister Malone, if you're lookin' to make this place your home." He gives Katya a small squeeze afterward. "It's good to chat people up. You never know who you might meet."

"Oh, well that's somethin' I do naturally" Tony replied at the mention of talking to people with a simple smile, he patted his stomach and shook his head, "I t'ink I'm gonna' have to make a habit outta' eatin' here…" he commented and glanced toward Katya, "Yeah? I'll have ta' look in'a that. Tattoo's is a weird business, but I mean, it's money" he shrugged. He raised his hands and patted at his jacket as if in search of something before withdrawing a soft-pack of cigarettes, "Alright lovebirds, I's gonna' step out for a smoke 'an then probably get back onna' road out ta' Oak Ridge and see if i's can't meet up wit' this Miss Stone an' get my room situated until I can put in a bid on a house"

Katya looked up at Warren a moment when he put his arm around her with a touch of a smile and then focused back on Tony. "True 'nough. You're a real good talker." She mused, pushing a hand through her hair, ignoring the lovebirds comment. "Good luck Tony. I'm sure I'll be seein' you around. Hope your stay here in Calaveras turns inta a good one." It was kind of hard to tell if she was being sincere or not, at least it sounded kind of like she sincere? She pulled her shake closer to her so she could take another sip.

"I'm sure you'll do just fine, Mister Malone," Warren says to Tony with a small grin, also seemingly ignoring the lovebirds comment. "I hope you find a place here. And if you need any help settlin' in? Feel free to give me a ring," he offers, and although it was hard to tell if Katya was being sincere? It was rather clear that Warren was being genuine. "Have a good one."

"Will do, you two" Tony replied easily as he worked his way out of the booth, flicking his wrist and forcing a single cigarette to rise from the pack which he plucked from its place between his lips and deposited the pack back into his jacket, "You two's has been lovely brunch company…" he began, as he slipped his hand into the pocket of his slacks, withdrawing the thickly curled over wad of bills that was clasped together with a silver band, "So please, allow me" he smiled at them both as he fished a hundred dollar bill from the curl and sat it on the table, "Thanks for the welcome, you two's" he added finally.

And just like that, he dropped his money clip back into his pocket, reached up, adjusted his sunglasses back down over his eyes and made for the door, the jingle of the entry bells echoing as he stepped outside and ignited his cigarette.

As soon as Tony had left the building, Katya exhaled in a small huff, staring at the hundred dollar bill. "I don't trust 'im far as I can throw 'im. All this talk a helpin' the town, without mentionin all the strings that'll surely be attached. " She seemed like she had more to say, but stopped herself and shook her head. "Sorry. I don't wanna like…color whatever your first impression of 'im is. I ain't seen 'im in over 3 or 4 years. Maybe he's changed." Her tone said she doubted it though. "Anyway," Turning a bit to face him better, she smiled again. "I'm glad ya showed up, though I think ya might just be stalkin' me." Teasing lightly.

Warren's hazel eyes lift up to watch Tony leave Maude's, the broad grin he was showing to the man rapidly slipping, even before Katya mentions that she doesn't trust him. It would be obvious then that his gaze had turned mighty wary as soon as Tony's back was turned to them both. "Yeah. I don't trust 'im much either," he admits, frowning as he looks back to her. "He a former boyfriend or somethin'? He was makin' eyes, it.. didn't look like you were entirely comfortable," he says, chuckling a little as she teases him. "I mean, I'm not gonna lie and say I wasn't hopin' you'd be here. But it's also not my fault that you live at my favorite place to get milkshakes from," he says to her with a broader grin, finally moving his arm from around her. "And uh.. sorry. I probably should've asked, before I started puttin' my arm around you. Like I said, you just looked kinda uncomfortable 'round him, figured it'd help?"
Katya was a little relieved that Warren hadn't really bought Tony's spiel. Though she nearly choked on her sip of milkshake when he asked if Tony was an old boyfriend. She swallowed, coughing and then took a few shallow breaths. "No no. Lord no." Aside him being nearly twice her age, "Uhm just some a the people I hung around in New York. Kinda crossed paths with his people handful a times. That's all." She shrugged and returned the grin, reaching up to stop him from moving his arm away. "I guess that's fair,and don't be sorry. It did help and…I like it." She nodded. "Though, darn if I'd known I was gonna see ya today I woulda went with the snowflakes - which I do indeed have in my collection." She mused. "

Warren's brows hike up as she almost chokes, chuckling a little. "I take it his people aren't exactly the good kind of people?" he deduces off her expression alone, blinking once or twice when she stops him from moving his arm from around her. He looks to his arm, and then back to her, his grin broadening as he shrugs and keeps it about her, his hand returning to her upper arm. "I like it too," he says, reaching out to grab his milkshake and drag it over for a drink. "I guess that just means I'm gonna have to see you again. On purpose next time? And not just on a random encounter," he laughs a little, canting his head to look down into her eyes. "I do like the whole orange creamsicle thing though. But I gotta ask.. Why the crazy contacts, hm?"

"Yeah. Not the good kind a people." She agreed, leaning into him a bit when his arm settles back around her. "I wasn't the most upstandin' of citizens." Katya chuckled softly when he mentions seeing her again. "Yeah, I guess so. I'd like ta see ya more on purpose anyway I think. You're fun to hang out with an' all." Holding his gaze for a moment when he asks about the contacts. Thinking about how she wanted to answer. "Well…like I said. I wasn't the most upstandin citizen. It's surprisingly effective…people so taken aback by starry eyes, or swirls, or anythin' not normal that they fail ta really remember what ya look like as a whole." She explained, fiddling with her flannel sleeve. "Just kinda stuck with me. I like it. And, it's weird, but I also kinda like knowing that there's only a small handful a people who have seen my real eye color. Maybe I'll show ya one day."

There's no judgment at her admission of not being upstanding, idly stroking at her upper arm with his fingertips as they sit there in the booth. It at least made sense, her explanation on the contacts, his head slowly nodding in an understanding sort of way. "Well it don't matter who you were, yanno. Just who you're gonna be now," he says with a light shrug. "You gotta learn from your past, even if it wasn't the best. And you use that to shape your future." It was simply put, tipping his head slightly to one side to look down into her oddly coloured eyes, his lips twitching into a small grin just for her. "But I'd like to see that, someday. What your real eyes look like. I have a lot of fun with you, too, yanno," he adds that sincerely. "I still gotta take you on that dinner. What do you like, anyway? I mean, aside from Maude's," he chuckles.

Her expression softens at his words and she smiles. "I'm tryin. Part a why I came up here. I want a fresh start away from everythin'. Tony showin' up…well I dunno if it's gonna bring trouble for me or not. I don't think so, based on what he said…but I'm gonna keep my eye on 'im anyway. I don't want anyone in this town gettin' roped inta his web if it can be helped." At least Westin was honest about his intentions. She pushed the thought away and focused on him again. "We'll see how it plays out. I'm sure it's somewhere in your future." She chuckled. "Hmm…Russian food, obviously I guess. Steak…chicken wings…I'm an easy person honestly. I ain't real picky. Wherever you wanna take me, I'll be happy caus we're hangin' out." A little more of a grin. "Maude's is only off limits cause we're here all the time anyway."

"I hope you'll let me know if Tony goes and starts causin' you trouble, Katya," Warren says with a slim frown, squeezing at her shoulders just a bit. "Everybody deserves a chance to start over, if that's what they're wantin'. He shouldn't be doin' anything that'll screw that up for you. And we'll just have to keep our eyes on him, yanno?" He lifts his shoulders in a small shrug, managing a chuckle when she talks about the kind of food that she likes. "I dunno if I can find a Russian restaurant, but I can definitely do steak. And chicken wings,' he winks down at her, "I don't think I've ever had Russian food, if I'm gonna be completely honest with you."

"I will. Don't you worry you're handsome head about it. If he's trouble, you're the first one I'll call." She assured him and grinned. "Good. I'll trust ya make a good choice then, and no? Well….I guess that ain't too surprisin. Not many Russians around here I'm thinkin." She laughed. "I'm not an amazin' cook or anythin, but maybe I can put together somethin for ya some time. My mom's a great cook, so all her food was great. She had all these recipes from her parents who were actually from Russia. My parents were both first generation Russian-Americans in their families."

"My handsome head, huh?" Warren's eyes are bright as he looks down at her, chuckling with a broad grin. "Well I don't want you to worry your pretty head about it, either." He reaches up with his free hand to tap her on said head, wagging his brows in a playful sort of motion, and then drawing his hand down to briefly brush his finger against her cheek. "My momma's a good cook too," he says after he drops his hand down to his lap. "But she's got the whole.. country fried whatever thing goin' on. Makes a mean breakfast though," he laughs. "I'd like it. If you wanted to cook for me someday."

"Well I'll try my best not to." Her head tilted into his touch of her cheek and she chuckled, reaching for her shake when his hand moved back to his lap. She took a sip of it, nodding. "Well, I won't even try ta pretend I know how ta work a fryer. but I can make bacon and eggs and I can work the toaster to heat up waffles." She laughed. "Not that, uh I'd be making you breakfast for dinner or whatever." Rubbing the back of her neck a bit and shook her head. "I'll cook for ya though some time. Haven't cooked for anybody like…ever. Now that I think about it. Could be fun.'

There's actually a bit of a bashful look when she talks about making breakfast, and he looks back down at their table with a slow chuckle. "I dunno. Your breakfast sounds pretty good, except for that part where you're heatin' up waffles in the toaster? So if it comes to that, well. I make some killer blueberry pancakes," he smirks at her, reaching for his milkshake to drag it closer and take a sip of it. "But I'm guessin' we should get through dinner first. So. You gotta tell me when you're free next. And I'll come pick you up and everything. Make it a proper date."

She focused intently on her milkshake glass at the bit of continued breakfast talk and then chuckled, finally looking back up at him. "Blueberry pancakes sound good. You got yourself a deal." And she might have made a mental note to make sure she got some blueberries sometime soon. "Yeah, probably." A sheepish little look and a giggle. "I like ya so, proper order a operations seems important. And whatever happens, happens." She thought for a moment. "Well, my schedule can be pretty flexible, and I've been workin a lot so it wouldn't be hard for me ta get a night off. Just depends on when ya wanna see me in a date-like fashion."

"I agree. Proper order of operations is very important," Warren's lips tug into a smirk as he leans away, and finishes the last of his milkshake. And then, he slowly unwinds his arm from around her. "How about I shoot you a text, and we can work out the details. But I should probably start headin' back home," he looks a little reluctant to do that, and he doesn't yet move from the booth. "I'm glad I ran into you, Katya," he says sincerely, before he looks to her with a questioning lift of his brows. "What kind of flowers do you like, by the way?"

When his arm is lifted from her, she leaned against the table now, her head propped up in her hand. "Yeah, that sounds good." She looks a little disappointed that their time is over already, but she still smiles. "Prolly a good idea. Cause that order of operations wouldn't last too much longer if we keep this up." A bit of a laugh. She shifted again, leaning up to kiss his cheek. "I'm glad you did too. It's always nice to see ya." Thinking for a moment about flowers before answering, "Lilies.Have a good night Warren. I'll talk to you soon."

"You're right. And you're prolly gonna need at least a couple of days to get the blueberries," Warren jokes with her about the order of operations, his eyes bright when she comes to kiss him on the cheek. "Lillies. I got it," he nods his head .. and then he leans in, pressing a soft little kiss to her cheek in turn. "You have a good night, Katya," he murmurs, before out of the booth he goes. And he doesn't even have to pay!

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