(2018-11-24) A Night at Alibi
It's Saturday night! All kinds of things can happen.

It's Saturday night and the regulars are trickling in along with people just looking for a good time. It's a decent crowd which is good. It means that Katya's staying busy behind the bar and occasionally helping out with some tables when the waitress on the duty falls behind. Her curly hair was tossed up in a ponytail and today's eye color was…snowman? Yep. Her eyes had little snowmen on them. That was a thing. Her attire is simple - jeans and a black tank top with a thick red flannel over top of it and a pair of boots.

A kid comes into the bar, bundled up in a big puffy black coat, slightly shiny, and looking far too young to drink in a joint like this. Right? The bouncer is certainly taking a /long/ time with Aidan's ID. "You sure you're twenty-one?"

"Yes!" Aidan yelps in desperation, then tries to keep his cool, blue eyes darting around in nervous frustration. "I'm — I just turned twenty-one. It says it right there." He points to it. The bouncer eventually sighs and just lets him past, shoving his driver's license back into his hand, and a little smile of relief appears on Aidan's flushed face.

Tonight there's someone rather… familiar to the town here at the bar. Only, she tries not to outwardly be noticed. She's quite clearly at an age to fit in with the bar's more rural patrons, and yet half-disguises herself in a leather jacket and decorative shades (on a November night, mind you!) Frowning, Caroline can do little more than sip at her cola for now, a look of perpetual disappointment creeping across her face.

Katya's attention had briefly been directed towards the door where the bouncer was checking someone's ID. She looked a little amused, making a mental note of the guy's face. She mixed up a couple drinks for people at the bar and a couple more for the waitresses. She keeps an idle eye on the kid as she slides on over to where Caroline was sitting, noting the frown. "Coke not to your likin'? I can getcha something different, or stronger if ya want." Offering a smile. She was pretty new in town and hadn't really bothered paying much attention to who the people in the big seats were yet.

"Nah," the older lady coughs, "It's just… stuff, I tell you." Her words are somewhat enunciated and she's clearly not whatever old-biker lady she might want to be, but she shakes her head. "Trying not to drink, anyway. Thanks though, miss."

Aidan sits at the bar too, not far from Caroline — whom he doesn't seem to recognize, probably much to her satisfaction. He waves down Katya, or tries to, because yeah, he made it inside. He wants a drink, damnit! The huge coat he's wearing is zipped down, but he doesn't take it off.

"Oh yeah. Stuff'll get ya everyyyy time. Lemme know if ya change your mind." She nodded to Caroline and leaned towards Aiden as he waved her. He made it through the bouncer, sure, but now he had to get through her. A little smirk crawled across her features, probably making the snowmen irises a little more unsettling than they already might be to some. "Yeah kid? You want a root beer or something?" It was obvious she was messing with him though.

Warren comes in through the front door, dressed down in a pair of jeans and a bulky coat that is stripped away as soon as he comes into the bar. Underneath is a navy blue and black flannel shirt, unbuttoned to reveal the white cotton shirt underneath. Gathering his coat underneath one arm, his eyes scan the area before he starts forward in the direction of the bar, noting Katya on the working side of it; there's a lift of his hand in a wave as he claims one of the empty stools, but he's going to patiently wait his turn for a drink at least.

Caroline lets out a hollow laugh when Katya addresses the youth: it isn't cruel so much, but wanting to get something off her chest. Running her fingers through her greying hair, she sighs: "So much for long weekends…"

"No, I want a double vodka. No ice," Aidan says, staring down Katya. He seems to remember that a little charm might help his situation: "Please?" There's a scowl in Caroline's direction as she laughs at him (so it seems). His eyes follow Warren as he comes and sits in, too, and then he goes back to staring at Katya, probably hoping for a miracle.

Spotting Warren claim a seat at the bar she offered a bit of a grin and an upnod before her attention turned back to Aiden. Those eyes narrow just a bit as he tries to stare her down. Obviously she's not new to this. "Mmmhm." She clicks her tongue, murmurs something in Russian and then offers up a smile. "Ice is sacrilige. Good call." Then she pours him a drink. Hey, not on her if he gets caught. She has no trouble throwing the bouncer under the bus. "Weekends are never long enough. At least that's what they tell me. I'm always working them so I wouldn't know." Katya mused to Caroline.

She sets the vodka down in front of Aiden, then slides over to Warren with a smile. "Long time no see. What can I get ya?"

Warren offers a flash of a broad grin back to Katya as he makes himself comfortable, a glance slid down the bar to kid she was speaking with. There's a questioning hike to his brows, but, well .. it's not his business, so instead he leans his forearms on the bar and waits, people watching as he does so. "Long time, huh? Here I was, thinkin' it's only been a couple of days," he remarks playfully when Katya wanders to his end of the bar, a slight cant to his head as he looks up to see what colour contacts she's wearing tonight. "I'll take whatever beer you got on draft. You don't do the red solo cup thing here, do you?"

"Tell you what, miss. Bet you don't have a gig half as hard as mine, at the end of the day," Caroline smirks — she can't be drunk, but she's got to find someway to let loose and just be outwardly unreasonable for once. Her eyes glance to the youngest individual once more: "Remember when I was underage… was good, before you just drink to suck the life out of you." She's not here to make friends tonight, it seems.

"Thanks," Aidan mutters to Katya, quickly putting his hand around the glass and bringing it into him before somebody can take the precious. Before he takes a sip, his eyes dart to Caroline. "I'm not underage," he reminds her. "I have a valid ID."

"Obviously two days too long." Teasing him. A nod to the draft beer order. "Not usually, but I may be able to pull a string or two for ya." She winked. Her contacts today weren't a particular color per say. Instead, they were little snowmen, which no doubt gave her an alien sort of look. She grabs a mug to pour and then set it down in front of Warren along with an empty red solo cup she had pulled from under the counter. "Close enough, yeah?" She chuckled.

Attention back on Caroline, "Maybe I do, maybe I don't but I'll tell ya one thing." She eyed the lady briefly. "Ya look like ya need to take a ride on the mechanical bull." Nodding towards where someone was currently failing at trying their hand. Katya thoroughly enjoyed watching people get on the beast. Katya laughed at Aidan's little insistence, but didn't comment on it.

Warren's brow pops up in an amused fashion, his grin wry and his eyes bright. "Yanno, you can always give me a ring if you're missin' me. I went on a ride this mornin', you could've joined," he chuckles warmly, the laughter deepening as she pulls out the red solo cup along with the mug. The empty cup is flicked with his fingers and sent to fall onto its side, lips twisting into a smirk. "Beer tastes better from a glass. I'm likin' your eyes today," he adds that last part as an aside, before his attention turns over his shoulder to Caroline. The woman gets a lingering look. "It's fun," he says of the bull. "It'll definitely get your blood rushin'."

"I've got a valid ID here that says Queen of England, son," Caroline mutters, and perks up a little when she realises the talk of a mechanical bull isn't just bargoers' innuendo. "I would. When you begin to get to my age, you can't be too careful. Eh."

Aidan watches Katya and Warren flirt with a slight frown, then gets out his phone. He fiddles around with it using one hand, the other still wrapped around the drink, which he's finally taken a sip from. And hey, at least the kid doesn't flinch too much. He gives Caroline the side eye, then suddenly laughs, exactly once. "I'd pay money to see you get on that thing." There's a nod to said bull.

"Now you've gone and done it. Don't be surprised when I start blowin' up your phone." Joking tone obvious, but she grins a bit more when he compliments the eyes. "Thank you. Westin mentioned I should get more into the holiday/seasonal spirit and the ones I ordered just came in yesterday. So this is the first set I'm tryin' out." She brushed back a few loose strands of hair and the grin turned to Caroline and Aidan. "It don't cost but a quarter to get it going. And I'll even front ya the quarter Miss." She offered to Caroline. "How's the drink?" She asked Aidan.

"Yanno, I don't think I believe you, Miss Katya. But I suppose I'll just have to start waitin' by my phone, hopin' and wishin'," Warren remarks with a wink and a laugh to Katya, shaking his head as he picks up his beer for a drink. "I'd go for snowflakes myself personally, but the snowmen certainly do draw the eye your way," he says, looking back up into her eyes to hold her gaze for half a second, but only to make a point. And then it's back to Caroline that he looks, chuckling deeply. "Hell, I'll throw in a quarter too. Get ya two good rides."

More eyes on Caroline. She smirks, but lets that fall into a frown: she's trying to be incognito, after all. "Maybe. Would prefer not to fall off and break my neck," and she somehow finds amusement in that. "Someone else can do that first."

Aidan snorts, looking disappointed that Caroline won't ride the bull. He takes a big swallow of vodka and smacks his lips, nodding to Katya. "Vodka's fine. I mean, for cheap-ass vodka. I've had better." He taps something into his phone with one hand, still, and then brings up an app — looks to be some kind of card battle game.

"Snowflakes…those might be in my set. I'll have to see." She smiled, but her smile falls as she looks back to Aidan. Aidan seems to just be lucky tonight, because Katya looks like she wants to strangle him but there's too many witnesses. "Vy ne mogli spravit'sya s khoroshimi veshchami." The Russian practically spat in his direction before she looks back to Caroline. "Are you sure?" Like flipping a switch, tone calm and another smile. "No one's broken their neck yet. Ya just gotta hang on tight." Looking back to Warren, she leaned lightly on the counter."How 'bout you? Wanna brave the bull tonight?"

Warren shrugs his shoulders at Caroline. "Damn shame. It's really all in the thigh grip," he pats a hand on the inside of his jeans to make a point, before he laughs back to Katya. "If you got the snowflakes, promise you'll put 'em on when I see you next? I bet you'd look real good, and I want to prove that point," he smirks, focus swinging back to Aidan when he calls the vodka cheap. His eyes widen just a bit. "I dunno, kid, you might wanna hold onto your ass. You should never tell a Russian lady that her vodka's cheap, that's just not cool." And sure enough, Katya was hissing in her language, and he looks a little smug, glancing back to Katya after. She mentions the bull, and he rolls his shoulders in a lazy shrug. "I dunno," he looks to the bull in consideration, taking a long drink from his beer. "What's in it for me if I do?"

Maybe it's getting late, or she's simply bored, but Caroline feels the conversation shifting away from her and decides to ghost the rest as discreetly as possible. Gotta hope that no-one saw who she was…

Aidan just scowls again when Katya curses him out in Russian. He looks between her and Warren and just snorts, rolling his eyes. "Whatever." The redhead downs the rest of the vodka in a gulp, wincing a bit this time, and throws some cash on the bar. "I was just leaving, anyway." With that, he's sliding off his stool and zipping up his huge puffy coat again, ready to skulk back into the night. Probably to hit up another unsuspecting bartender.

Katya watches as the kid leaves, eyes a little narrowed again. She scrawls a note on one of the blank order tabs and stuffs it inside the cash register. Then she shakes her head and focuses on Warren again. "That kid ain't gonna drink here again if I have anything to say 'bout it." Exhaling with a sigh and then leaned on the counter again, smiling when he at least entertains the idea. "Oh I dunno…knowing that you're makin' the bartender's night?" A chuckle. "What would ya want? Aside me in snowflake contacts."

Warren follows Aidan out the door, clicking his tongue as he shakes his head back and forth. "Stupid kid," he mutters to himself, "Shoulda kept his head down and just kept on drinkin'. But I imagine he's gonna just go over the way and find another bartender to try and fool," he looks back to Katya and flashes her a light grin. "Aren't I makin' your night already just by being here?" he teases back, sticking his elbow on the bar as he watches her for a moment. His lips purse as he considers his options. "A date," he decides, nodding his head slightly. "I get on the bull, and you let me take you out. Dinner or somethin'."

"Prolly, ain't my problem no more so I'm not gonna dwell on it." She shrugged and smirked a touch. "I mean yeah, but the night can always get better right?" Maybe a hint of red creeping up on her cheeks as he more or less asks her out. She shakes it off just a bit and nods. "Sure. Could be fun and if I have the snowflakes I'll wear 'em just for you." She straightens up, still leaning on the bar though. "So, sounds like we got a deal to me, Mr. Warren."

Warren's brows subtly hike in the moment between his offer and her response, his grin broadening when she agrees. "Yes indeed, sounds like we got a deal," he nods his head firmly, chuckling as he looks back to the bull. He shrugs his shoulders and shifts off the stool, shedding his flannel overshirt to leave him in just the cotton tee. He flings the flannel over the seat and stretches. "For the record, I'd've done the bull regardless of gettin' somethin' out of it, but I figured it was a good way to ask you out," he smirks, sticking his hand in his pocket to pull out a quarter as he approaches the 'ring'. "You're gonna do this after me, right?" he calls from over his shoulder as he hops up into the saddle, shifting forward and back a few times to gain his bearings before he grasps the handle, palm up, with his dominant hand.

Of course he would have, but this was fun. She grinned, shamelessly giving him a little look over as he sheds the flannel shirt and she poured a couple drinks for some others who had come up to the bar. "Not a chance! I got a streak goin', I don't wanna break it!" She grinned as he hopped on and she leaned forward on the bar again to watch him. Though, likely she would get on it anyway if he really wanted her to. All streaks had to come to an end anyway. "Hang on tight cowboy!" Grinning brightly.

"Uh huh. You're gettin' on this bull tonight, Missy. One way or another!" Warren calls back to her with a laugh, waving his free hand at her dismissively before he pops a quarter into the machine with a dull metallic 'clunk'. "Did you forget I'm a professional?" he winks at her from over his shoulder just seconds before the bull launches into a sudden, jerky motion. Those were famous last words, of course - because while Warren was a professional on /real/ bulls, it'd been a long while since he's ridden the mechanical kind. He keeps his thighs locked, non-dominant hand out to keep himself balanced, but his balance is dislodged on the bull's sudden buck forward, which launches him over the top of the bull and right into the foam pit. It was brilliant sort of landing, at least.

Amusement danced in Katya's eyes at Warren's as the bull started. The other bartender was coming on duty so she took the opportunity to get on break and made her way over to the bull pit. Just in time for Warren to get flung off into the bit. She stared for a long moment, as did some others. A few seconds of silence before cheers and laughs came up. Katya was laughing, leaning over the pit. "Shit! You okay?" Leaning some to offer him a hand if he needed it to get up. "Just cause ya fell so spectacularly. I'll get on there for ya."

Warren lays there for a solid thirty seconds in the foam, just enough time for Katya to lean over the pit. "I think I landed on my spleen," he croaks out, chuckling as he reaches for her hand - not to pull himself out though, but to tug her right into the foam pit with him. "Oops!" he says with the utmost of angelic innocence, before he bursts into laughter.

Katya yelped as Warren pulled her in to the pit. She rolled on to her side to avoid landing on top of him, just staring a moment. "Ass." She finally said, starting to laugh. She started to push herself up, looking down at him as she leaned on the bull. A smirk on her lips. "If ya wanted me on top a you - you just had to ask nice." Teasing him before offering, "Do ya need help up? Or are you just gonna try to pull me down again?"
Warren rolls in the foam to sit up, laughing over to her with bright eyes. "Been called worse," he says with a wry grin. "And I don't move /that/ fast. Just havin' a little fun." He was still laughing as she offers him help, waving a hand at her as he pulls himself out of the pit. "I'm kinda wishin' they had these foam pits at the stadium. Would make fallin' a lot more fun," he jokes, reaching into his pocket to pull out another quarter to toss it to her once she's gotten herself out of the pit. "Let's see how good you do, Miss Katya."

"Fun is good." She grinned, letting him get himself out before she follows suit. Taking the quarter she chuckled. "Yeah it would. But then again, some a the thrill'd be taken out of it." She shrugged off her own flannel, handing it to him to hold. She wore a black tanktop underneath. The scar that ran down from her collarbone visible. "I think I'll do better than you!" A cheeky smile, though she was doubtful of that. She hadn't been on one of these in forever. Even so she swung herself up on to the bull and slipped the quarter in after adjusting herself on the seat.

Warren cants his head to the side, watching her as she shrugs off her flannel, taking it from her and slinging it over one shoulder as she mounts up the bull. "Less talkin', more ridin' there Missy," he chuckles over to her, folding his arms over his chest as she readies herself on the bull, his grin amused as he watches.

All Katya's missing is the cowboy hat. She has a firm grip on the handle and her thighs have a solid grip as the bull bounces and jerks. She let's out a whoop, though does nearly lose her grip, yet she manages to stay on for the full minute that the bull runs for. As the bull jerks to a stop, she yelps again and laughs, winking towards Warren. She takes a couple seconds to collect herself before jumping off and heading back over to him. "Which one a us was the professional again?" Grinning as she plucks up her flannel from over his shoulder.

All eyes are up on Katya as she starts the ride - or, at the very least, Warren's eyes were solidly on her, watching her with clear appreciation. For her form and ability, of course. Ahem. He laughs a little as she lets out a whoop, and he raises his own voice in a shout for her, a few others in the bar joining suit with a cheer around the 45 second mark. And then the bull comes to a stop, and Warren utters a warm laugh, his grin broad. "Hey, I never said you /weren't/ a professional," he smirks as she grabs her flannel. "You looked real good up there. Wouldn't mind watchin' you ride the real thing, I bet that's an amazing sight."

There's a glitter of mischief in her eyes at his words, but she clearly bites her tongue on the matter. "Just wait until the charity rodeo. You can see me in all my glory then." A light little tap on his chest. "I know I'm lookin' forward to seein' you. I remember you ridin' at Nationals. It was a fun show. I'm sure this one'll be just as good, if not better." She motioned for him to follow her back to the bar, though instead of getting behind it, she claims the stool beside his. "Now, I think I recall you sayin' something about buying me a drink next time we hung out."

Warren definitely notices the tongue biting - his brows go up in question, but he just shrugs his shoulders, laughing as she taps into his chest. "Well I'll make sure to put on a good show just for you," his lips twist into a playful smirk before he follows her dutifully to the bar, hopping up on a stool as she claims the one beside him. He tips his head to keep her in his sights, laughing a little at the talk of buying drinks. "I think you're right, though that was /so/ long ago," he teases, flagging down the bartender with his hand. "What're you in the mood for?"

"So, so long. But I've got a good memory." She taps her head and chuckles, thinking over the question. Then she finally gave a shrug. "Lemme just get what you're gettin'. Beer's always a good choice." She leaned on the bar as the other bartender came over. "What can I get you?" He asked, though he did give Katya a bit of a look, to which she simply stared right back. Then he shrugged and focused on Warren again. "So where'd ya go ridin' today?" She asked, after the bartender had left again.

Warren glances between the bartender and Katya at the staring contest, but he chuckles a little when the bartender's attention is on him. "Let's just do two beers then," he says, "Draft, please." He points to the taps, before he swivels in his seat to be able to focus on Katya better. "Oh, I just took the horse around the property. We got a few trails," he tells her with a shrug. "Sometimes, I'll go ridin' up along the 205 for awhile, but it was kinda cold this mornin' so I figured I better not push 'er. The horse," he smirks. "You like to ride? For fun, I mean."

She shook her head. "Honestly? I ain't ever been on a horse." She admitted. "Just the bulls. Started out in a bar kinda like this one. In Texas though, obviously." She pushed back a few loose strands of hair. "Tried out the mechanical one and kinda fell in love with it. Never wanted to do something so badly. Got invited to a Rodeo so I checked it out and knew I wanted to try the real thing. Busted my tailbone more than once, but I love it." She smiled a bit. "Wouldn't mind learnin' to properly ride a horse sometime though."

"Whaaaat?" Warren looks surprised by that confession, eyes subtly widening. "Are you tryin' to tell me you got into rodeo just ridin' around on mechanical bulls in bars? Well that, Miss Katya, is probably the most surprising story I've heard to date," he says seriously, passing her one of the beers as the bartender drops them off. "And not to mention impressive. I dunno many people who weren't born into it, to be frank with you," he admits, lifting his drink to take a quick gulp, before he flashes her a grin. "But I'd love to teach you. I've always had a real fondness for horses," he says, shrugging his shoulders. "And honest? If you can ride a bull like you do, you can ride a horse no problem. They don't buck unless you really piss 'em off, or they get scared. But I got a good gentle girl who's good for teachin', if you wanna come up someday."

She giggled a bit. "I mean. I'm prolly given a real short-hand version but…yeah. I mean…I'm from New York. Ain't no bullridin' there. Made my way to Texas for various reasons and yeah. I guess I just kinda fell into it over time. Mechanical ain't nothin' like the real thing though. Real thing's always better." She accepted the beer and took a deep pull from it."I'd love ta come up and give it a go some time, sure. Prolly wouldn't be terrible to have a pasttime other than drinkin' milkshakes and Maude's and trying to figure out this gardenin' thing for when spring time comes 'round."

Warren was taking another drink from his beer when she mentions mechanical not being like the whole thing - he promptly chokes, though he manages not to squirt beer out of his nose and instead swallows hard, his face a little red as he starts to laugh. "Ah, yup. You hit the nail on the head there, Miss Katya. Ain't nothin' like the real thing between your thighs," he jokes back, smothering another round of laughter in the beer that he manages to actually drink correctly. "Gardenin', huh?" Because that definitely sounded like a safer topic of conversation, his attention sliding back to her as he sets his beer back down on teh table. "What're you tryin' to plant? You got a bit of yard out wherever you're livin'?"

Katya's cheeks flare up red, her cocoa colored skin turning a nice shade of pink as he laughs and his following words. She busies herself by taking another long drink of her beer. Gardening was a super safe topic. Yeah. Definitely. She swallows and then exhales. Part of her wanting to just hide her face with her hair but it was hard to do that with her hair up…and her motives would be super obvious. Instead she tries to focus on the questions. "Uh, yeah. I'm out at the trailer park. Got a little patch that's good 'nough. I started gettin' it ready so I can plant stuff in the Spring. I dunno what yet though. Definitely some kind a vegetables. Any suggestions?"

Warren definitely catches the blush, though he's quick to look away and not stare. "Sorry," he says, and it's a genuine apology, moving his hand through his hair as he chuckles a little. "Guess I forgot to adjust my filter when I left the house, eh?" There's a grin down into his beer, and he takes another sip as he focuses on the gardening part, bobbing his head in a small nod. "That's not far from here, huh? The park?" he looks about himself, before he glances back to her. "If you're wantin' to plant vegetables, I'd suggest somethin' hearty. Maybe tomatoes? My mama grows strawberries up in her little garden plot, they're always real sweet too. But you get lotsa bugs, with strawberries."

"No no, don't be sorry. I'd rather the no filter, or little filter. " She assured him with a smile, studying him for a moment before refocusing as he starts talking again. "Yeah it is, I can walk there from here. Usually. WIth the cold weather I've been driving more. But it's a pretty nice walk." A little shrug. "Yeah it's not a big trailer, I don't even wanna chance bugs gettin in there. Tomatos, I'll keep in mind. Maybe some carrots." She grabbed a napkin and pen so she could make a couple notes before taking another drink of her beer. "If I ever get a bigger place, or atleast a bigger yard, I wouldn't mind plantin' some fruit trees or somethin' one day."

"Yeah, but I do try to be a proper gentleman. Most of the time," Warren replies with a touch of laughter, tipping his beer to her before he takes another drink of it, nodding his head as she talks about where she lives. "You might wanna think about addin' some herbs, too. Especially if you do any cookin'? A little basil and maybe a little rosemary," he suggests, tapping fingers over to the list she's making on the napkin. "Are you thinkin' about putting roots down somewhere? There's a lot of nice places just outta town that have a bit of land to 'em," he shrugs.

"Compared ta some a the guys I've hung 'round in the past - you're plenty gentlemanyl." She chuckled. At the question about putting down roots she fell silent for a moment, finishing her little list before finally, "I dunno." Shifting slightly so she could face him better. "Part a me likes it here, and the people I'm gettin' to know are decent." He gets a little nudge to his leg from her foot. "The other part a me feels like I should keep movin. But…roots ain't such a bad thing. Maybe I'll take a look some time an' see. Prolly be a longterm goal." She chuckled, looking around for a moment. "…You wanna dance?"

Warren tips his head as she grows silent, watching her over the rim of his glass as she thinks through her answer. He sets his beer down after, nodding his head. "I get it. And hey," his lips twitch into a grin as he nudges her foot back with his own. "You're here now, so that's what's important. And who knows. Maybe you'll find something that'll keep you here," he leans back into his chair, glancing over his shoulder to where the dance floor is in the bar at her question. He considers for a bit, before he lifts his shoulders in a quick and casual shrug, sliding out of his seat and offering her his hand. "Sure. Fair warnin' though, I'm not the best," he laughs. "But I'll try not to make you look bad."

She grinned a bit at the nudge and took his hand. "Maybe I will." Then she laughed. "Don't worry, I ain't too much better myself." She led him out on to the floor. "The important thing is havin' fun right? Who cares if ya look like a fool doing it." She started to move to the beat, staying close to him. Enough so she could aid him a little where needed but not to where she was completely up in his personal bubble. Despite claiming she wasn't a good dancer, she wasn't a terrible one either. Maybe she just didn't recognize that she did have some kind of rhythm.

Warren follows her dutifully out onto the dance floor, a quick glance cast around to the other people there. At least it wasn't overly crowded - it meant they'd have a corner of the floor to themselves without worrying about bumping into anybody. "Well I'm havin' fun so far, so.." he chuckles as he trails off, lingering a look down at her as she starts to move around with the beat of the music before he follows suit. He's certainly not awful, and there's no tripping over his own shoes or anything like that, but he's also not busting out any creative moves or anything; he just merely follows the rhythm of the music. And eventually, he drifts into her space a little bit better, laying a hand on her hip to draw her closer.

She grinned up at him, "I'm havin' fun too. Honestly think it might be the best night I've had since livin up here." A brief pause and then a laugh, "I don't get out much." A barely audible bit of humming escaped her, singing along with the song that was playing. Her gaze drifted back up to him when his hand found her him and she smiled, sliding a little closer as they continued moving. She moves at a comfortable sort of pace, though one arm does eventually find it's way up to hang around his neck loosely if he allows it. Easier to move and it brings just a touch closer to him. "What else ya do for fun 'round here? Besides Rodeo and Horse riding?"

"The best night since you've been livin' up here, yeah? Well. I am /honored/ to be givin' that to you, Miss Katya," replies Warren, and though there's a soft chuckle that pads those words? They're spoken in a tone of voice that's incredibly sincere. He certainly doesn't seem to mind the extra closeness, nor the hand that slides about his neck; he bends his head so he can look more fully at her there against him, the hand at her hip eventually winding about her waist, to settle comfortably on the small of her back. It meant for movement that was a touch slower than what the current song had a beat for, but it didn't seem like the rhythm was much on his mind in the moment. "Me personally?" he chuckles at the talk of fun, considering her question. "I just like to go out explorin'. Been here all my life, and yet I always wind up findin' something new and interestin'. Like you, for example," he smirks. "I like goin' into town to watch movies. And when it's warmer, I'll spend a lot of time up at the overlook, star-gazin'," he grins. "And yanno, if you don't get out much? I'm gonna try to work on fixin' that. So don't be surprised if I show up to drag you out. You basically asked for it."

She relaxes easily against his hand as it rests on the small of her back, eyes locked on to his as he spoke. The slower movement didn't phase her much either, enjoying the company more than the music anyway. "Yeah, 'course you personally." Just a little bit of teasing before letting him continue. "Exploring can be fun. I've got a lot of exploring still to do here." She brightened a bit, and probably blushed a little again when he mentioned her as an interesting thing. "Star-gazing huh? You do cloud watchin ever? That can be fun too. New York was real good for that…all the tall buildings, you could get to the rooftops and it felt like you could reach out and grab 'em…" She returned the grin as the song came to a close and she leaned up to kiss his cheek. "Thank you for the dance Warren. And I won't be surprised. I'll look forward to it. I'm sure you know all the good spots the check out.”


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