(2018-11-23) Post-Thanksgiving Java
A recovery session at Java Junction

After a lot of food and other things during the dinner today brings Wyatt along to the Java Junction. The place is a lot calmer than usual, but it is still several people in here hiding from the cold and enjoying a cup of coffee or similar. For Wyatt it seems like hot chocolate though. Humming to himself, headphones in. Rocking his head some. His gaze wandering some to those around. Drumming on the table. Looking through his phone at the same time.

Yazmin had no desire to spend Thanksgiving with her family - the feeling was mutual - so she has been hiding out here most of the day. And still has her original cup of coffee, much to the annoyance of the staff. The tall, thin girl wears boots, jeans, and a t-shirt (that reads 'Don't nag, I'm waiting for the last minute'). A jacket over the chair she sits in. She has a sketchpad open and is busily drawing away; her models the occupants of the cafe.

It is the biggest shopping day of the year and Hunter is grabbing coffee at the Java Junction rather than joining the teeming masses at the shops. He has a cup of coffee in hand and looks around. Spotting Wyatt, he makes his way over and dragging out a chair, dropping into it without much fanfare. He gives him a bit of a wave but doesn't immediately interrupt his jam session.

Mirelle has been sitting at a corner table for several hours now, steadfastly ignoring the occasional ring of her cellphone (it plays the Imperial March for whoever is calling her, so it's a safe bet she doesn't want to talk to them). In between reading a book and drinking unhealthy quantities of espresso drinks, she makes a pastime of photographing anyone who looks like they really don't want to be photographed, with a vintage film camera no less.

Thanksgiving done, shopping started, Presley is the consummate over achiever in life, and she heads into the coffee house laden down with three bags and two boxes. Tucked into her ears are earbuds, and for those that happen to be close she's listening to Christmas music on full blast as she heads towards the counter to make an order.

Wyatt does look up, sliding one side of his headphones off. "Hey, Hunter." He offers in turn. Stopping his session and looking the guy over. "How goes?" Still wearing his jacket, and his accent sound local. Finishing off his coffee before shifting some in his seat. Looking around some, perhaps to get something else to drink later. The imperial march playing once in a while probably has gotten Wyatt to grin each time it comes on, but not addressing it, but it does make him look over towards Mirelle once in a while. As for the artist drawing the occupants. Only a glance or two to try and read her shirt so far. Spotting Presley as she walks in, chuckling as she already has a lot of things bought. Once she has made an order, he will wave her over.

"You're cheating" Yazmin calls out to Mirelle in her usual flat tone. "You're done by the time I've only sketched an oval for their head. And, damn, were they out of Box Brownies when you went to buy a camera and you had to go for an older model?" She rolls back a couple of pages to show Mirelle her sketch of her. More an impression than overly realistic but showing off the other woman's love of her camera, and the keen artistic eye that goes with its use. "Nice music too." Yazmin turns her attention on the new arrivals and gets sketching again. So much shopping! Is she the poorest person here?

"Goes alright," Hunter says from where he sits, lifting his mug of coffee and taking a sip from it. "How you doing?" Then he follows Wyatt's gaze over toward Presley and he grins, lifting his mug in salute. Though it's Yazmin heckling Mirelle's camera that draws his attention for a moment, as he glances over between them, curious.

Mirelle is fully prepared to be ten pounds of bitch in a five-pound bag when Yazmin says something to her that /might/ be construed as criticism. There's a moment where her expression says she's about to say something that she presumably thinks is cutting, and then she realizes she's being complimented. "If you're not cheating," she says instead, "you're not trying. Next time I'll bring a TLR." Even when she's being friendly, she still manages to sound vaguely hostile. But it's hard to be /too/ nasty to someone who's sketched you in a semi-flattering light.

Presley doesn't notice anyone until she's armed with her triple shot mocha supreme half-skim whatever the hell. When she turns around to notice the familiar faces she offers both a smile, heading towards Wyatt and Hunter's table, pulling her earbuds free, "Hi, sorry, didn't see you two sitting here."

Wyatt nods to the words from Hunter. "I am managing." He says before grinning as he listens to Yazmin and Mirelle. "I think that is an interesting back and forth." He offers to everyone around really. As for Presley, he figured she would have to get her drink first. So it isn't until she has it that he will turn toward her. "Glad to see you out and about, Presley. And no worries. You seem to have gotten a lot of thing." A nod to her bags.

It seems the artists in the room have something else in common - they talk in snark, whether they mean to or not. "Art inspires, not directs" Yazmin deadpans back to the photographer. "I guess I'm always cheating since I see what I see, not what is there. You know?" And Mirelle probably does. She eyes off all those bags and purses her lips in a little frown before reaching into her pockets to see if she has enough money for a new coffee. Dimes clattering across the table top before she looks over to the photographer. "Don't suppose you want to buy the drawing? Only…" She looks from her money to the price board then back again. "A buck fifty five."

"Just managing?" Hunter asks Wyatt with a little grin, and then he says, "Heya, Presley," as she joins them at the table. "Haven't been here long." He lifts his still almost entirely full mug of coffee before taking another sip. "I was just catching up with Wyatt, and apparently interrupting his jam session with the table." His tone is light, teasing.

Mirelle's eyes narrow slightly, but she decides: "That's really the only way to go. You let reality tell you what you're looking at and the next thing you know you can't see anything else." She gives Yazmin a long, thoughtful look, and then says: "Nah. But I'll buy you … whatever." Waving a vague hand at the price board, she then spies an overweight young man coming into the cafe, and immediately picks up her camera to focus on her. "Go crazy," she adds, a little more loudly than necessary, so her victim knows he's in her sights.

"Oh, I guess?" Presley replies, dropping her bags down before she takes a seat, her attention shifting towards the pair talking about art for a moment, then back to those at the table she's just invited her to. "I just bought a few things for Christmas. They are having lotion and candles on sale today."

Wyatt chuckles and shrugs, "Well, haven't done much. Still can't work out how to make. A think. Trying out some stuff in the kitchen." He explains. Grinning though at the tease. "Hey, you're free to join in on the jamming." He offers in return. Trying to draw inspiration from the conversation between Mirelle and Yazmin. Something that Yazmin says does make him make a mental note. With Mirelle's reply adding a lot to it as well. Attention shifting to those at his table. "I should go out to start the christmas shopping as well." Lifting his mug but noticing it being empty. "Dammit, I need to get something more. Be right back."

Yazmin considers Mirelle's offer before nodding some thanks. "Just a coffee is fine." A quick sketch of something before she rises and heads for the counter…and has to wait behind the overweight new arrival…and a Wyatt. If she was expected to go crazy, it is a very subdued crazy. She starts to hum to herself as the person at the front of her seems to want to know what everything on the menu is and then order two of them. Yazmin should have brought her sketchpad. But if the camera is pointed at her she will pose…not smile…but pose.

Snapping a photo of the overweight fellow just ahead of Yazmin at the counter, Mirelle smiles the kind of smile that'll get her punched in the face if she isn't careful. She snaps another one, just for good measure, commenting "Should've brought the wide-angle lens." Then she turns her attention to Yazmin, refocusing, snapping a shot, and advancing the film — her camera's apparently old enough to be all-manual.

"Yeah?" Hunter asks Wyatt when he says that he can join in the jam session on the table, chuckling. "You don't want me doing anything musical. No talent for it." He asks, "So what is it that you're trying to make, and do you need a judge to eat it? Because that is in fact one of my specialties." He sits at a table with a cup of coffee with Wyatt and Presley, half paying attention to Mirelle and Yazmin as the two artists are nearish by.

Presley's quiet, because she's gotten caught up in her coffee drinking. Art, or food, or music, none of that falls within the realm of things Presley is even half-knowledgeable about, so she sits, drinks, and listens.

Wyatt chuckles to Hunter, "Not sure if I do." He replies with a shrug. "Currently trying out some desserts. Figured I'd make something that seem like roe but in a dessert style." Sighing. "Still having a hard time working it all out. But yeah, I could use a guinea pig." A grin at that. "Presley, I've got questions before the upcoming Charity stuff." He tells her. Which he will continue after getting more to drink. Rising to head to the counter. Wyatt is still wearing the headphones, with one ear on. Giving a nod to Yazmin if she looks his way. "Sorry to listen in on your conversation, but you guys did help me out. So thanks." He will offer to Yazmin.

A couple of more poses from Yazmin - standard male model type shots: pointing at a watch that isn't there on her arm; stroking her chin while contemplating the sky - before she is giving Wyatt a curious look. "Help you out? How did we help you out?" She looks over at Mirelle then back to Wyatt, arching a single eyebrow. "You discovered what kind of woman you never wanted to talk to?"

The door thumps open, admitting cold air and a scowling boy. Aidan pulls the black beanie off his head, revealing his shock of red hair, now sticking up in all directions. He stuffs the beanie into a pocket of his slightly shiny puffy black jacket and takes a quick look around until he finds the free table, preferably one in a corner with an electrical outlet. Ah ha — he's in luck! Someone else is leaving, and Aidan snags the table. He unzips his jacket and leaves that on the chair but brings his black backpack with him up to the counter to order. Under the coat, he's got on a black hoodie with a band across the chest full of white, Keith Haring-esque figures. His be-Vanned feet tap as he glances around, looking to see who's here tonight.

For the time being, at least, Mirelle plays along, snapping photos of Yazmin — or at least photos of something in her general direction; beyond that, who knows. But her porcupine-like disposition flares up at Wyatt's comment, and she's about to say something when — her phone rings again. Snatching it up, obviously irritated, this time she answers: "What?" Pause. "No, I'm not, obviously." Pause. "Tell her whatever you want. She's just pissed because it'll screw up the seating arrangement anyway."

"Roe, like fish eggs?" Hunter asks, yes he knows what it is. "Like the little boba things in bubble tea? They are like big fish eggs." He shrugs his shoulders and says, "I'll eat your experimental fish eggs." He'll probably eat anything that doesn't bite him first, and even then… Then he follows Wyatt's glance over toward Yazmin, brow arching a bit. One can almost see him imagining the virtual popcorn as he waits to see Wyatt's response to Yazmin.

"Oh, sure. Any question that you want." Presley replies, then she gets to her feet, "Just, hold on." She points to the items from her shopping, "Can you two watch those for me?" She doesn't way for them to agree, just hurries off to do something. Ladies room, phone call, something.

Wyatt nods, "Indeed. Fish eggs." Is said to Hunter. Then he is off, chuckling as he listens to Yazmin, "Not quite. You both seem fun. You speak your mind." He says and shrugs. "More like, I was stuck with how to work out a recipe of mine. Though think I should consider it in the same way that you guys seemed to go about your art." He says, glancing to Mirelle as he hears the words. A chuckle as he thinks about something, shaking his head. The newest arrival gets a smile and nod as well.

Aidan nods a little back at Wyatt, though he doesn't smile. He's looking over Yazmin and Mirelle again. Definitely something familiar about those two, though right now, he's focused on ordering. He mutters something to the barista, too quiet to be overheard, then takes his receipt and goes to wait at the other end of the bar for his order, looking vaguely uncomfortable.

Yazmin stares at Wyatt for a long moment, arms crossed, studying him as if he is a lunatic. "Never been called fun before. Speaking my mind, sure, and whose mind would I speak buy my own? Never fun though." Her eyes narrow a little, playfully at least. "Recipe? You're going to add something sour to it?" She sticks out her lower lip and nods. "Yeah, I could get that from watching us" she smirks before adding, in a deadpan but understanding way. "Glad we could help." She looks over at Mirelle's phone call and hopes that the photographer remembers to pay for her coffee…and is still in a mood to be so generous. Aidan…he looks familiar. From class? On the few times that Yazmin actually went to class.

Mirelle's reaction is less generous than Yazmin's: she gives Wyatt the finger, while still on the phone. On the other hand, she doesn't seem to be annoyed at /him/, so maybe it's just irritation leaching over from her phone call. Or maybe that's what she considers a friendly gesture. "So what?" she says to whoever's on the other end of the line. "It's not like she baked it herself." Meanwhile she's digging into the pocket of her leather jacket and comes out with a roll of cash — from which she peels off a couple of twenties and flings them more or less in Yazmin's direction. "In words of one syllable, Carl: I. Don't. Give. A. F—" Thankfully the last word is obscured by the sound of someone coming into the cafe, but it's not hard to deduce.

Wyatt laughs. "Fresh air compared to what I'm used to." As for adding something sour. "Great idea, would do well to cut through the sweeter tastes. But also being able to clearly visualize something that isn't there, something it represent for me." He adds. "And see? You've got jokes." Watching Mirelle and laughs at the finger. Saluting her. Not seeming to mind. Watching as Aidan orders. Though then he will let Yazmin order before him. Glancing to see how Hunter is doing as well. Having left him alone with Presley's things after all.

Hunter watches as Presley goes running off, leaving her shopping at the table with he and Wyatt. "You're gonna watch that, right." It's not really a question the way that he phrases it. He takes another swallow from his coffee, glancing over at Aidan's hoodie and the little figures on it. "Saw one of his exhibits once.. forget when," he comments idly. He glances back when Wyatt checks in on him, both brows going up briefly.

Aidan is still eyeing up the other kids without saying anything. Maybe he's socially awkward. He gets a big-ass steaming mug of coffee and a much smaller chocolate chip cookie and starts to head back to his table with it, when Hunter's comment catches his ear. Then he pauses, half-turning back. "He said that drawing lives through magic," the redhead mutters. "I always liked that."

Yazmin has money being thrown at her. That hasn't happened since she took a wrong turn at the 'Adult Entertainment' convention and ended up on a stage. They were soon calling for their money back. She picks up the notes with every intention of handing them back to Mirelle…when she's in a better mood. "Food is art too" she nods, ordering a simple coffee - black and bitter, like her life. "My cooking is more like stick figures though" she adds, picking up her drink and looking over to Mirelle with an 'everything okay' expression. "Where do you cook?" she asks Wyatt.

Stuffing her cellphone back into a pocket, Mirelle jams the lens cap back onto her camera. "Don't have any brothers," she says to Yazmin, as if this is the sort of thing that anyone has any control over. "Also, don't have any sisters, either." Having completely forgotten about the money, she stalks toward the door with a metaphorical little storm cloud hanging over her.

Wyatt does not interrupt Mirelle at the moment, letting the conversation finish. Perhaps had similar ones in the past, believe it or not. "It is indeed." He offers about food being art. "I currently only cook at UCC, really. Still studying." He admits with a bit of a shrug. Getting out here and not having people only think of him as the rodeo dude has him seeming quite refreshed. A nod to Hunter's words as well, of course he'll keep an eye on the things. As for Aidan, there is a curious gaze. But leaving Hunter to handle that for now. As Marielle speaks and head out, he does study her some. "Sounds rough. Good luck. And if you want something to take your mind of things, come see me. I need more guinea pigs for my food." Offered to both her and Yazmin most likely. And to some extent anyone else.

"It's cool" Yazmin nods to Mirelle's advice. "Only child…as far as I know." She won't get in the way of storm clouds but makes a mental note to send the money back somehow. "You're at UCC too?" she asks Wyatt before nodding over to Aidan. "Him too. Is the food free?" She will definitely be up for that. "Let me grab my stuff and I'll join your table." An upnod to Aidan before she heads off to grab her sketchpad and a satchel bag.

Aidan shrugs his shoulders when Yazmin points out he's at UCC too. Yeah, it's true. He ducks his head and takes his drink and cookie back over to his own table where, as it so turns out, he's also dragging out a sketchbook, plus a pair of red on-ear headphones that are almost bigger than his head.

"Yeah? Drawing may as well be magic as far as I'm concerned, not a particular skill that I've ever been able to manage.. not even little stick figure guys," Hunter says to Aidan. He then glances over toward Yazmin and says, "I'm a fan of art that you can eat." Then he looks over toward Aidan and says "You can join us, you know." He motions Aidan on over. There's plenty of room at the table.

Wyatt nods, "Free." He assures her. "Want something to drink?" Is asked, unless she already got it. Ordering coffee for himself and rhubarb pie. Nodding agreement about her joining. As for Aidan, "Ah, cool. Hope to see you all around." He offers. Once all is fixed, he will rejoin Hunter. "I'm Wyatt, by the way." Offered to Yazmin, "Indeed. You're free to join us." He offers to Aidan, echoing Hunter. His own headphones being full cover, Marshalls. "I'll make sure that you get some edible art then." Is offered to Hunter. Presley's bags are moved so that they aren't in the way. Keeping them under his chair or under the table.

"Come and join us" Yazmin states in her flat style to Aidan, adding her voice to the throng. Especially if he has a sketchpad as well! Gathering up her gear, and carrying her newly bought Mirelle paid for coffee, she heads on back to the table with the boys. And a whole bunch of shopping bags. Once settled, Yazmin flicks open her book to begin sketching once more.

Aidan freezes — not exactly deer in headlights, but close. He looks like he really wants to turn the trio down, but peer pressure wins out in the end. Stuff is shoved back into backpack, backpack is shouldered, and coffee and cookie are brought over to the table, Aidan staring at them all for a moment before he plops down, freeing himself of his stuff once again. "Hey," he says, playing it cool. Y'know, like he meant to be here all along. His blue eyes wander in the direction of Yazmin's sketchbook, clearly snooping.

Ty steps in from the cold, bundled in a fleece jacket. He tugs mittens off his hands as he makes his way to the counter. "Let's see," he murmurs under his breath as he reads the menu board. "Uh, shit, I don't know, give me one of those big lattes. The biggest you have and put some chocolate syrup in it. A lot of chocolate." His order given, he stops to look around the place, and he gives Hunter and upnod when he sees him.

When Aidan comes over and joins the table he says, "Hey. I'm Hunter, that's Wyatt, and I dunno who this is but she seems cool," as he gets to Yazmin, realizing he hadn't caught her name if it was mentioned. Then he glances over toward Wyatt and grins, "You're so good to me." He puts a hand over his heart. Art he can eat is best art. He notices Ty and lifts a hand in a wave. "Come join us if you want," he invites from where he sits.

Wyatt does start going over his own notes. Trying to picture what is in his head now. Glancing up as he listens to Ty ordering as well. Pondering some. Nodding as he is introduced. Smirking at Hunter's reaction about food. "Got to keep you fed and happy." He offers with amusement. "So, should the fish roe perhaps be coffee?" He suggests curiously. Perhaps more to himself than anyone in particular. "Indeed, join." He says before glancing to Aidan. "So, you're also an artist?"

"Yazmin Smith" announces the girl, putting her right arm up in a 'hello' gesture, before it is back to drawing. She must like this group - she tells some people her name is Diana Prince. Though, since Aidan is in her class, he might see through that ploy. She is drawing the people at the table for anyone who snoops. A glace between Wyatt and Hunter. "You two together?" she asks before looking over at the new arrival in Ty. He will be sketched soon.

"Hey," Aidan greets again, nodding all around, wrapping a pale hand around his coffee. "I'm Aidan. Arach," he adds hastily, since Yazmin said her last name. Wyatt's question gets a slight frown out of him. "I guess. I mean, I make art. I don't know if that makes me an artist." The arrival of Ty attracts Aidan's attention, seeing as the guy has similar coloring to his own — something he doesn't see very often.

Ty glances at the others at the table, then nods and says, "Sure." He pays for his coffee, and when it arrives, he brings it over to the table. He takes a drink, then says, "S'up. I'm Ty." He snags a chair nearest Hunter and slouches into it. There are shadows under his eyes from little sleep, but when he smiles at Hunter, it's genuine enough. "Duncan came by last night."

"Sure, but what are you going to put it in?" he asks Wyatt, "Or on, or.. whatever, I guess? And I'm not gonna complain if you want to feed me." He then says to Yazmin, "Nice to meet you," though the question gets a bit of a laugh and Hunter shakes his head no, "Nah. I don't think Wyatt swings that way." He takes another sip from his mug of coffee and says to Aidan, "I think that's kind of the definition of artist, isn't it?" He looks Ty over and says, "You look like Duncan came by last night."

Wyatt shakes his head, grinning as he looks between Yazmin and Hunter, "Nah. We met not too long ago, actually." He admits and chuckles. "I suppose we just have chemistry." He suggests lightheartedly. Not really going into all that more than that, for the time being. Though food, that he does address. "Oh, well. Not sure. I did think something sour, but not sure how coffee would work with that. Perhaps go with salted caramel. Though maybe a hint of sour works as well." Either way he writes it down as well. "Oh, we're doing last names. Wyatt Roswell." He says then. "Hey Ty." He says with waves of his hand. Listening about Duncan, perhaps not knowing him too well, or not sure which Duncan.

"Chemistry is good" Yazmin deadpans as she sketches, quirking an eyebrow at Aidan. "Anyone who makes art is an artist. Anyone who lives is an artist" she declares before shrugging. "What I think anyway. Hey." That last for everyone who introduced themselves. She has no idea who Duncan is - no hanging around campus ogling footballers for her. "I like caramel." Just in case anyone is interested in that. "Are you at UCC?" she asks Hunter and Ty.

Aidan shrugs at Yazmin. "Yeah, sure." Sounds like a philosophical debate for the ages, though Aidan is drinking his coffee instead of debating. Maybe he needs to be poked more. He's still eyeing Ty up a bit, though at least he nods at him. And he doesn't seem to know Duncan either, so there's that. But he's sitting her pretending to be sociable, and that's an improvement over sketching by himself in the corner. Though since Yazmin has her book out, he gets out his own, plus a set of pencils.

Ty grins at Hunter, and if one were to gauge from that grin, whoever this Duncan fellow is, him coming by was a net positive. He shrugs a shoulder and says, "That's fair." He takes another sip of coffee, then shakes his head at Yazmin. "Nah, I don't go to school. I just live here in town." He glances around the table. "You all friends of Hunter's?"

"I am definitely not an artist," Hunter chuckles from his comfortable sprawl in his seat, watching the others from time to time. He glances over toward Wyatt and one brow creeps up just a little bit as his claims of chemistry, but he doesn't refute them, either. "Sour and coffee, huh.. I dunno, man, coffee's already got that kind of.. coffeeness that I don't think needs more sour, but.. I'll try it." His culinary descriptions fail him. But hey, he knew what roe was. He still doesn't offer a last name to the conversation, though he does say "No, well, I've been there plenty of times, but I don't actually take classes there." When Ty asks if they are friends of his he spreads his arms out and says, "Of course. I am holding court, man. I am King of the Java Junction, and these …" he trails off, can't do it with a straight face. "Nah, I sorta know Wyatt and the rest I just met other than you."

Wyatt nods, "I agree." Is said about chemistry. Attention going to Ty at the question. "I'd say so." Looking to Hunter to see how he reacts. "Of course, your enjoyment of caramel is good to know, Yazmin." He assures her. Sipping on his own and tasting their pie. Trying to draw more inspiration. Looking between Aidan and Yazmin, curious as to what they are drawing. Grinning, "All hail the king." A mock bow to Hunter.

"I'm not friends with anyone" Yazmin replies in her deadpan fashion. "Wait, I tell a lie. I do have a friend. This deaf, blind and mute guy who lives on a street corner near the trailer park. He's my friend. I think he's anyone's friend." She is adding something to her drawing after the recent discussions - probably a crown to Hunter's head.

"I'm not bowing to some dude I just met," Aidan tosses off, but he is looking in Hunter's direction, appearing to draw…well, no, actually, he's leaving Hunter to Yazmin. Aidan appears to be drawing the beginnings of a dragon, starting with a skeleton. His pencil work is quite delicate. He'll probably hide his sketchbook from now the moment he realizes it's being looked at, but for the time being, he's blissfully ignorant.

Ty snorts and says, "I'm so lucky I managed to catch you, Your Highness." He sort of bows where he sits. He glances at the sketchers with idle curiosity. "What trailer park? he asks Yazmin. "I live in Ash Park." Not exactly something to be bragging about, but he doesn't sound all that proud, either. He glances to Hunter. "Hey, are you free tomorrow? I could swing by in the morning and probably be done by afternoon. I'll bring coffee."

"You are a wise man," Hunter tells Aidan with a bit of a chuckle, glancing over at the sketchbook surreptitiously, and then over at Yazmin's, trying to figure out what they are both drawing, but trying to be subtle about it so that they don't go hiding the drawings away. "I think I know that guy," Hunter says to Yazmin. He glances back over to Wyatt and studies him for several long moments, and then smirks when given the mock bow, reaching over to give Wyatt's shoulder a little nudge. Then he nods to Ty, "Yeah, should be free. Just let me know what I'll need and I can be ready."

"Well, a bunch of random people then." Wyatt offers, about who they all are to one another. "Ah, not sure if I've run into anyone of that description." Focused on his own ideas. Thinking about how it translates his thoughts and so forth. "Seems smart." Replied to Aidan. Grinning at the nudge from Hunter before looking between him and Ty. "Sounds like a fun morning."

Yazmin glances over at the clock on the wall and drains her coffee. "Time for my sunshine to get to bed." She quickly packs up her stuff before nodding to Ty. "Ash Park represent." A fistbump for Ty. "Might see you around the palace then. Nice to meet you all. Try not to let the testosterone get to you all. I'll show up for that free food." Then she is off.

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