(2018-11-23) Into the Den of the Lioness
Ginny's meeting of Rory's friend Natalya goes quite well. But there's still some heebie-jeebies.

Mendoza Manor, Calaveras
Fri Nov 23, 2018

You enter what appears to be a rather large living room and entryway. Clearly, much like the other rooms in this house, every luxury was afforded for maximum comfortability. To the far wall is a large, wrap around leather couch that could probably fit -at least- 20 people and right in front of the couch is a wrap around table of equal length so that people have a place to eat, set their drinks down, etc.

Directly on the opposite wall is a massive, HD plasma screen 4k television, the kind that would be amazing to watch football games. Servants move too and fro to be certain that everything is in it's proper place. Directly to the left appears to be the Dining room, which incorporates a long table with at least 7 chairs on both sides and one at each head. Leaving for a total of 16 individuals able to sit down and eat there. Clearly built for comfort and luxury.

Directly ahead of you is a grand staircase that leads to the residential areas of the Manor. It's lined with gold and silver, it's base material being a dark, sleek wood. Easy to clean and quite shiny in and of itself.


Natalya gets to meet Ginny! The mysterious woman who has so taken her lodger's heart…and other bits if Rory followed Natalya's advice. She has made sure there is a nice spread of food waiting on the vast dining table, and some drinks. The hostess has dressed up nice, but not too nice. It's not a date after all.

Natalya's goons would have frisked Genevieve, nothing personal, but otherwise let Rory escort her around. Two of them will be waiting in the dining room though.

Rory has been running around looking jolly and giddy as of late. So perhaps he did follow her advice. Now as Genevieve comes along Rory does show her around some, also showing where he is staying. Out at the bungalow out at the pool. Then leading her to meet with Natalya.

Back when Ginny was a kid, when she was 15 or 16.. she somehow found herself in the company of a 'rich' kid. Father owned a soda cracker factory or something. She went to the house of that particular girl. At that time Ginny thought the place —- with it's three storeys + many rooms, parlor and pool — was the cat's ass. How the OTHER half lived. She was too scared to even eek out a fart while sitting on a sofa in that house, eating Smartfood popcorn and washing it back with lemonade. With the little umbrella in it.

So fast-forward to NOW with Ginny arriving here and you can bet she's touching down briefly upon that wholesome memory. The house back home was a dog kennel compared to this. Ginny is… intimidated, even with Rory closeby. Especially when she's frisked. She will have remained as still as a deer in headlights, her silver-blonde hair pulled up and back into a high ponytail, with wisps of hair framing her face softly. She's in a pale blue dress with an ivory cardigan.. as threatening as a cherub. Once deemed safe (lol), she is led into the dining room… eyes filling her face in astonishment.

Natalya is all style and grace as she floats across the room to meet the pair. "This is the famous, Ginny" she smiles, taking the blonde's hand in hers and giving it a warm squeeze. "Rory has told me so much about you" she smiles before a playful glare at the man in question. "But he didn't really express how beautiful you are. You know men, terrible with words. Please, come in, relax. Have something to eat and drink." An approving nod to Rory before Natalya leads them both to the table. "I am surprised Rory bothered to come back here at all. I wouldn't have."

Rory does lead her along, letting Ginny take in all the sights. As they step into the room to meet Natalya he allows the two to make introductions. "Indeed. Ginny, Nat. Nat, Ginny." He offers with a gesture. A light blush though as he is having a bit easier to look at both. Chuckling softly. Rory was most likely gone for quite some time. But yes, he returned. He will let Ginny reply to all that though. "Still have my stuff here." Is all he offers on the subject.

How the bloody hell can someone like this call Ginny such favorable things? Her mouth opens briefly to either deflect the comments back upon this graceful woman whom Rory described briefly to her, back at her own home. Thank the Gods above Ginny keeps her tact, "I—wow, thank you. I'm a few things, but never would consider m'self t'be… famous-" Blink, she turns her gaze over in Rory's direction once Nat looks his way, her hazel eyes still a bit rounded in wonder. Ginny is shorter than Nat by a few inches and she will not remove her hand from the cartel princess's palm til' it is in-fact released.

Her voice has an accent to it.. Irish, almost. Almost. "I've not a sniff on you when it comes to dressing up nice, this is all just due to a hope and a prayer." She indicates her own charming attire before boggling over Nat's poise again, only to give Rory a helpless look at the other woman's latter statement. "Thanks for having me here and for… your help." There's the blush, as she looks at the fare upon the table. "This is brilliant.."

"I could have forwarded it on" Natalya grins to Rory's words, pulling out a chair for each of them. A dismissive hand to the goons watching. "I hope they don't bother you, Ginny. Just ignore they are there. They're very good at blending with the wall. Your name is not really 'Ginny' is it?" Natalya slinks over to a bottle of red wine to pour a glass for each of them.

"And what is it you do, my dear?" Natalya asks as she hands over glasses to each of them. Whether they drink it is entirely up to them…but it is NOT the cheap stuff. "And whereabouts do you come from? You don't sound like you are from Colorado." Of course, neither does she with her very obvious Mexican accent. "I doubt you would have needed my help" she says to both of them. "I think Rory just needed to get over his shyness and I am sure you could have done that too. Just by looking so beautiful. Rory, what would you like to eat? You need to keep up your stamina."

Rory clear his throat, glancing to Ginny as well. "Besides, don't want to intrude on Ginny's space." They never did bring such a thing up after all. Seems like they will now though. "Her name is Genevieve. So. Genevieve, Natalya. Natalya, Genevieve." He do the introductions again. Letting them talk but staying near to offer support. Sniffing on the glass but guessing it is alcohol, he most likely isn't drinking it. Blushing at Natalya's last words. Looking to the foods. What do one usually eat now? He shrugs, "Turkey, and a lot of other things?"

So classy. Ginny is still having a hell of a time beating away the nervousness; maybe it's the goons, too. Who needs to be protected so steadily? What does Natalya do?! Ginny turns her gaze sloooowly in the direction of one of those goons, and she studies him solemnly for all of two seconds as the wine 'glug glugs' softly into glasses. Once questioned Ginny turns her head back to Nat, seconding Rory's introduction.

"Oh? No, no no.. m'birth name is Genevieve. There's a few Genevieves in m'family.." Blush. "I'm named after a great aunt who has a dish full of hard candy that is older than I am—" Ugh, ugh. Was that too corny?! She flushes again, is about to lift her hand to gnaw on a pinkie nail but stops herself. Accepts the wine and smiles into Nat's eyes. "M'from up North.. rock in th' sea called Newfoundland. Canadian. It's a long story, comin' here… it's at a good point now though. I work in town at a rest home for th' elderly. Pretty.. simple." A winning smile to Rory, and she nearly chokes on her wine at the 'stamina' bit. Now she's glowing! To Nat, "What of yourself, Natalya? Your home is.. i-it's amazing." How can this woman be 'shady'?!

"I shall carve" Natalya smiles to the pair after Rory's request, picking up a large knife to begin on the turkey. Why does she know how to slice flesh so easily. "Would you prefer juice, Rory?" How anyone can turn down wine is beyond her. It is the blood of Christ after all!

"Genevieve is such a pretty name. It was well chosen. Canadian? Careful, if you keep crossing the border they may want to build a wall up there too" Natalya teases before a curious look at the 'amazing' home. "Oh, this old place? It is fine for what I need. Much more grand at home in Mexico. Working with the elderly is such a noble thing to do." A smile for Rory. "Do not corrupt this angel" she teases, though maybe she is hinting at Rory's darkness too. "I am what is known as a socialite, Ginny. Useless waste of oxygen with lots of money. It is my curse" she sighs, plating some food.

Indeed it is, and Rory ain't no cannibal. Nodding about juice. "Thank you." Smiling as he look to Ginny as well, nodding to Natalya. "I won't." Though he don't give away too much. Pulling out a chair for Genevieve. About to sit down before he does the same for Natalya as well. Since she is the host after all. Moving to claim a seat for himself.

<FS3> Genevieve rolls Intuition: Great Success. (8 2 6 2 5 8 7 8)

Graceful, rich, charming… goons. And Rory's brief mentioning of 'shady' back when they touched down on Natalya; nothing beyond that, not spoken out of dislike or distrust. Grand houses in places other than here; Mexico. Opulence, goons. Money.. goons. Plenty of charm. Ginny finds herself watching the knife — the big knife — digging into the turkey. Ginny blinks once, twice; her heart is skipping along as if she just managed a jog but she's standing right there. Her slender arm lifts and she takes a generous swig of the wine. Doesn't gulp it though; this is expensive and she's not a heathen.

Well holy shit this woman doesn't seem to be making her millions by way of being 'lucky'… surely, she can't. Ginny's greenish-gold eyes lift from the glass of wine and up into Rory's face for a moment.. her lips pull into a grateful smile. Another little glance to the goons. Back to Natalya and the turkey.

Holyshitholyshit. For all it's worth though, Ginny still looks content.. just shy. "Nobody is ever a waste of oxygen, Natalya. Whereabouts in Mexico do you hail from?" Asked, eyes alight with humor at the 'wall' bit.

Natalya hands out the plates then gracefully sits down, offering Rory a smile of thanks at being such a gentleman. And he won't want to sleep with her afterwards! Damn. "Are you okay, dear?" she asks Ginny with a warm smile before a little chuckle at her words. "I think there are plenty of people who would disagree with you about whether I should be using oxygen." A nod to a goon. "Hence my silent protectors. When you come from a rich family, especially in Mexico, kidnapping is a daily threat." Yep, that's all it is. Right? "The north of Mexico, near the border. If I was home I could watch the fence going up. Actually, they wouldn't need a wall for Canada. Canadians are so polite they need only put up a sign saying 'Do not enter, please' and no one would come across."

Rory does sit, offering a reassuring smile and a hand on Ginny's briefly. Trying to calm her. Turning his attention to the plate as it is offered. "There might be, but I appreciate you, Natalya. You gave me somewhere to stay, and great advice." He says. Listening and looking between them, but for now starting on the food.

"We don't believe in walls, least where m'from." Ginny offers gently.. not to say the entirety of the country is perfect, her stomping grounds.. but at least how she was raised? She studies Natalya for a few seconds, feeling that little inner twist of awe and awkwardness. You bet your bippy that her mind is veering toward her 'offer' to Rory before she (Ginny) saw fit to take the chance. So many feelings here! But the paramount one is how Ginny feels, seeing these men in the room… though Nat's brief touchdown upon the 'why' seems to ease the blonde some.

Was her worry showing? Maybe just that tiny glint in her eyes; the barest tic in the corners of her lips. A little twitch in the fine hollow of her throat from swallowing too hard. Feeling Rory's hand there she turns her own to grasp his and squeeze it, before she releases it to tuck into the amazing fare. She will not start until Nat does, and she is politely silent while she chews her food.. listening companionably to Rory and Nat; trying to ignore the roiling thoughts in her head, drummed by by the goons.

"It was my pleasure, Rory, I assure you" Natalya smiles to her guest, a rather devious smile, before turning to Ginny. It's almost like she knows what she is thinking…or it is it that Natalya normally seduces everyone she meets and better allay any fears of such things. "Don't worry, he resisted my charms" she adds with a warm smile. "I don't believe in walls either. Or cells. Horrible stuff. All a person is trying to do is live their lives. To make it better for others. And all they get is punishment in return." Why does it sound she is taking it personally?

"There is cranberry sauce in that bowl" Natalya points out, gesturing to one of many. "This is my first Thanksgiving, so I hope I got everything right. No need to go back to Mexico to be with my family, since they don't celebrate it anyway. I will probably go back for Navidad. Do you two have Christmas plans?"

Rory smiles, "Thank you." He offers before looking to Genevieve. "I think she knows." He says and blushes some at what he might be admitting to them both. Raising a brow as he look back to Natalya. "I've managed to stay out of such things." He says about cells. Raising a brow, "Christmas? Not sure. And well. My first Thanksgiving in a long time. Foster family not much for holidays."

"You two should definitely do something for Christmas. You will still be in the bloom of a relationship" Natalya smiles. "Wanting to be with each other. Exploring what you both like, what this all means. It is an exciting…and exhausting…time." She beams proudly at the pair before considering. "Neither of you have family nearby, si? Hmm…I know just the thing then. Christmas in Bermuda. On me. Is that the right expression? 'On me'?"

Rory smiles and nods. Looking to Genevieve about Christmas. Though at Natalya's offer, he shakes his head. "Apologies. That is too much." As reluctant as usual. AS for it being exciting and exhausting, he coughs a few times. Blushing.

"Too much? Don't be silly, it is nothing. I'm not buying you a house, Rory, just a getaway for a few days. It will be fun" Natalya smiles, "And you should never insult a giver of gifts. That is just rude. Poor Ginny probably left Canada to go somewhere warm and ended up here. She deserves some actual warmth."

Rory laughs softly to her words, "True. But still. You keep being so nice to me." He is getting a bit suspicious at all that. Looking to Ginny to see what she thinks. "Oh, I try to help her keep warm." Not quite implying what it sounds like, hopefully. But either way it is what it is. Tasting some of the cranberry as well.

B'uh?! Ginny blinks, looks up from her plate. She was indeed nomming… and in utterly stunned silence at these amazing offers. She nearly chokes on a bite of turkey before she looks from Rory, back to Natalya. How can she say 'do not trouble yourself' and at the same time not be offensive? But something stuck out to her… Ginny is a sentimental soul. "I-I do not.. don't know what to say. That is so.. incredibly generous." A whisper, "M'mother always told me t'never look a gift horse in th' mouth. So if—" Then Rory remarks on the warmth bit and she glows again.. drains her wine. Looks between the two again, ignoring the goons altogether.

"It's up t'you, Rory.. I would be thrilled to go along with whatever, but I need t'let it be known that I repay. I don't forget generosity, miss," Said as she watches Natalya, expression soft.. the edginess has left her. A shy smile, before she looks back down to her plate. "Spot on Thanksgiving supper, too.. this is perfect." Blushing to the roots of her hair, but at least she's no longer sitting there drawing suspicions.

"Then it is settled" In Natalya's mind at least. "I shall buy you this little Christmas vacation, and you will repay me by being happy. And being kind to each other. That is important too." A click of her fingers and one of the goons arrives to hand her an envelope. An envelope she hands on to Ginny. "Open ended tickets and resort accommodation, though they have to be used by the…end of January?" That last a question to the goon and he nods. "Don't worry, a room will always be available for you. I am a regular and they will not disappoint me."

Rory does seem to give in as both of them seem to agreeing about the gifts and all. "Thank you." He offers to Natalya. "Well, that and more drinks being mixed for you." He offers with a chuckle. A bright smile though as he seem quite happy. He's never actually had anything like this. Or at least not for a very long time.

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