(2018-11-22) Meeting the 'Rents
Solo goes home with Heather for Thanksgiving. Things get complicated. Solo learns a great deal about Heather…and perhaps a little something about herself.


The time has come. Thanksgiving dinner with Heather's parents. One of the signs of the Apocalypse? Heather is dressed up for the occasion; nice dress, though hidden under a jacket for the trip. She has picked up Solo and they drive into the richer part of town. Mansions soon lining the streets they traverse. "So…umm…just be yourself, okay? They're not rude people. Demanding…yes…but not rude." A deep breath. "I hope not at least." She reaches out to squeeze Solo's knee. "I'm handling this well, aren't I?" Heather laughs.

Solo laughs a little. "I left my gun at home, so that's something, I guess." She looks over at Heather, tiny wrinkles forming at the corners of her eyes, about the only place her age shows so far. "Why're you nervous? They're your family. You know them."

"Yeah…that's why I'm nervous" Heather snorts, before a shake of her head. "Sorry, being stupid. Nothing to worry about. No way could this possibly ruin a very special relationship that you're slowly building and don't want to fuck up." She stares at the road in silence for a few moments. "Did I say that out loud?"

Solo laughs softly and leans back into the car seat, eyes closed a moment. "Yeah… I think so… I was kinda thinking the same thing pretty much. So you're saying we shouldn't disappear into your childhood bedroom, right?

"I didn't say that. If it gets too much, then I might definitely have to get some relief" Heather laughs before shaking her head once more. "Wow, I am saying some stuff tonight. Here we are." She pulls into a driveway that leads to a huge iron gate, closed. Stopping next to an intercom, she pushes the buzzer. "It's Heather." A pause before she adds. "Your daughter." There is another long pause before the whirring of machinery and the gates swing open. "Last chance, Solo. Run away now if you need to."

Solo slips her pilot shades off and folds them carefully, putting them in her pocket. "Consider yourself kissed. I don't want to fuck up your makeup. It'll be ok. If it's not ok, I'll walk out. I won't hold what they say or do against you."

"You know, I'm willing to muck up my make-up for a real kiss" Heather points out as they drive up in front of the door. "Just want to make that clear. And you can take that as a standard for however long we know each other." There are a few cars parked around, so it looks like the whole gang is here. Heather slips out and rushes around to open the door for Solo. "Have I told you that you look beautiful? Have I told you enough?"

Solo blinks at that and slips her arms around Heather, and kisses her lightly. "Um… not with clothes on, I don't think you have…" Heaven help her, Solo is blushing. "Thanks." She brushes the tip of Heather's nose with her own. "So are you. Very, very much. It's not the only reason I'm here… nor even the biggest, but it's a pretty big deal nonetheless."

Heather wraps her arms around Solo's waist and smiles warmly at her. The kiss certainly helped…and the compliments. "I'm feeling pretty good about now" she whispers. "If only we hadn't announced ourselves, we could have turned around and gone back to my place." A little giggle. "You know, ever since that first 'date' we had, I am terrified of asking you to move in." A nod to the large doors that are swinging open with the assistance of a butler. "Let's go have fun." Heather takes Solo's hand and they head into opulence.

Solo walks in with Heather. "We can talk about it…" She walks hand-in-hand with Heather, and looks around. The opulence is not a new experience for her. Opulence in contexts other than work… is. "You grew up here?"

"Some people say I never grew up" Heather asides to Solo, the butler offering to take any coats and jackets. The people already present are dressed to the nines - obviously taking it a lot more formally than a family dinner should be. Heather starts nodding to various people in the rooms; sister, brother, aunt, aunt, cousin. And then the tough ones. A man and a woman in their late fifties approach. She - a blonde in black dress and pearls, very glamorous. He - dignified, grey beard, designer suit. "Muffin Ball, how wonderful to see you" announces the man to Heather's horror. "Mom. Dad. I'd like to introduce you to Solo. The woman I love."

<FS3> Solo rolls Presence: Embarassing Failure. (1)

Solo gives up her coat without a struggle, not having to pause and hide her shoulder rig (and gun) in it. She's just about to smirk at "muffin ball" when Heather drops the L word. The shock would register only a moment. Solo's not a freezer-upper. "Um." She turns her head and nods. "Hi. It's a pleasure to meet you." She tries to flash a winning smile, then pauses with a pained look. "Uh. Excuse me, where's your restroom?"

Oops. That was probably a surprise too much. "I'll show you" Heather smiles, since it will get her away from her parents. Taking Solo's hand, delicately, she leads her upstairs away from the crowds - some of whom are now ogling them and whispering. "My room had an en-suite" she explains, opening up a door with 'Heather' stenciled on it and gesturing to the door at the other end of the pink bedroom. "I'll wait here."

Solo trots briskly into the restroom and closes the door. She's in there a while. When she emerges, she's a little wan, with freshly washed hands, but looks a lot more comfortable. "Sorry… you might not want to go in there for a while." She closes the door behind her and leaves the fan on.

"Are you okay?" Heather asks with obvious concern, stepping forward to take Solo's hands if allowed. "Something you ate? Or…something I said? We can go if you want. My family spots weakness in others…like illness…and I don't want them getting their fangs into you."

Solo leans forward to rest her forehead against Heather's. "Something I ate, I think. I feed on stress. If I didn't, I couldn't do my job." She does pause a moment. "Were… you serious?"

Heather takes a deep breath at that question, eyes down for a moment before looking back into Solo's. "Yeah…I am serious" she whispers, hoping it doesn't shatter what they have. "I wasn't looking for love, not after that last fuck-up of a marriage. I thought our 'no relationship' relationship would keep everything at bay. But…" She closes her eyes for a moment. "I think about you all the time. Love every moment we're together, and hate every moment we're apart." A little snort of amusement. "Silver lining is I do more work than ever before to take my mind off it." Her expression is serious once more. "I shouldn't have said it here…now…but I've needed to say it for a while now."

Solo gently brushes Heather's lips with her own. "Yeahh… I've been trying to… hold it off, I guess. Not pull you into my life to any depth where you'd be in danger from it… not let you in that far, if I'm honest…but yeah… All of my good moments lately have had you in them.

"I /want/ to be in your life, Solo. I know all the crap but it doesn't matter. If you want me, I'm standing right in front of you" Heather whispers, tenderly kissing the other woman's lips. "Let me say it properly. I love you, Solo."

Solo seems like she's fighting to breathe. She kisses back slowly. "I love you, Heather," she finally gets out. "And no, you don't know all the crap. You can't. It would get you killed if you did."

"Forgive me for sounding like a sixteen year old girl high on hormones, but…you're worth being killed for. I'm here to help, Solo. I /want/ to help. Let me in, you could do with the company" Heather winks before another deep breath and a glance around the room. "This is my bedroom. I left when I was eighteen. Please…don't judge me on this." It is /awfully/ pink.

Solo laughs, the sound tight with raw nerves. "I won't." She looks at Heather, and decides not to argue this for the time being. It's probably the conflict that will blow the relationship apart before long, she decides, but tonight it's good to be in love. "Come on. Before they think we did slip out for a quickie."

"You still want to go into the lion's den?" Heather smirks before a quick kiss to Solo's cheek. "Okay, let's give it a go." She heads for the door, doing her beat to not allow Solo to see much of the room at all. Certainly no looking in drawers! When they descend the staircase, their are fewer looks, though Heather's mother is there to greet them.

"Everything okay?" she asks Solo. "You look a bit pale. At least I know it wasn't anything you ate here" she laughs softly. "Heather, dear, why don't you go help your father carve the turkey while I talk with Solo."

Heather does not look happy about this but she acquiesces. "Yell if you need help" she smiles to Solo, giving her hand a squeeze before, reluctantly, heading off.

Solo nods. "Yeah… I'm ok." She smiles a sheepish smile at Heather's mom. She glances to where Heather went. "She looks like you. I can see it now."

"Don't tell Heather that, she will hit the roof" the mother smiles, hooking her arm in Solo's, and leading her towards the dining area. "My daughter probably forgot to mention my name. Cynthia. Why don't you tell me about yourself, Solo. Unusual name. Short for something?"

Solo laughs. "Yeah, she probably would. Cynthia. Nice. Solo is short for Solveig, which is my actual name. I'm from Minnesota. My parents are Norwegian. So after five or six years of explaining how to spell Solveig, I saw Star Wars, and found out Solo was a real variant of my name, and the rest was history." She moves conspiratorially closer to Cynthia. "Did I hear her father call her "muffin ball?"

"Cynthia shortens to Sin. I've had that pointed out a few times" the older woman smirks before listening to the story behind Solo's name. "Norway, how exotic. We know some people in Oslo…and Minnesota." A little laugh about 'muffin ball'. "Yes, yes you did. Though, for your own health, I suggest you not use it yourself." She thinks on this. "Actually, do, she will love it." A huge table is set in up in the dining room, namecards at each place. "We just managed to squeeze you in next to Heather. How long have you known each other?"

Solo wanders out, following Cynthia. She chuckles. "Well. It's a good nickname, anyway. Rich with plausible deniability." Solo stuffs her hands in her pockets. "I got to town a bit over a month ago. Met Heather the first week I was here. We… pretty much got hooked on each other within a week." Solo shrugs and smiles. "It's been a little weird, frankly. That doesn't usually happen to me."

"A little over a month? And she is pronouncing her love?" Cynthia seems quite surprised. "It doesn't usually happen to her either. You must be very special, Solo. What is it you do? Involved in that ghastly television station at all? I don't know why she didn't spend the money on an opera house…or saving her marriage. Oh, sorry, no offense." A pat of Solo's arm in apology.

Solo looks toward Heather. "I dunno. We haven't talked about her ex much. Nor opera houses. She's killing it with the TV station though. Talk of the town. I get about two hundred channels in the room I rent, and seriously, her shows are the best thing on a lot of the time. She's got the touch. And nah, I'm a pilot. I run Aerostar Courier, out at the airport. Cargo, passengers, and flying lessons as scheduling permits."

"A pilot? How very interesting" Cynthia smiles, looking Solo over in an appraising way before a soft grunt that suggests she has made up her mind about something. "Well, you would say they are great" she teases. "Have you been married, Solo? Our family takes great pride in an almost divorce free history. We like to make sure we make the right choices from the beginning. What about your family? Parents still together?"

Solo chuckles softly. "Well yeah…" she replies to Synthia's tease. "I'm trying to do that too. Make the right choices from the getgo. In my line of work, that's life and death. I assume my parents are still together. We haven't spoken in like… three years? They didn't approve of some of my life choices."

"Ah, I am sorry to hear that" Cynthia replies about Solo's parents, squeezing the other woman's arm in an affectionate way. "We were quite surprised by Heather's change. When she was in high school, there was almost an endless line of boys coming to pick her up on dates. And then college…well…she was away, so we didn't see all the girls. She told us one vacation she came down from school. I suppose we should have expected it. An abortion probably puts you off men for a while. Oh…she /has/ told you about that, hasn't she?"

Solo nods as Heather's mother goes on about Heather's coming out. She kind of deliberately led Heather's mother astray with her vague 'life choices' comment. She's about to explain that she's not all that fussy about what genitals someone has if they're willing to share… and then Cynthia drops the abortion mention. She combs her fingers through her hair. "Ummm no, she hadn't mentioned that no. I can see how that would put you off men, definitely." That sheepish expression is back.

"It happened in high school, just before she headed off to college. We've accepted it. Moved on. I'm sure Heather has as well" Cynthia smiles sweetly. "Oh, Frederick. Come and meet your sister's girlfriend." A tall, well-muscled man, the kind who thinks a lot of himself, strides over to take Solo's hand and kiss above the knuckles. "A pleasure. You look lovely. Mother, why does Solo not have a drink? What would you like?"

Solo Spocks an eyebrow at the hand-kiss. "Thanks. I see you got the family good looks too." Solo grins half a grin. "I'll…" she pauses. Getting trashed with these people suddenly doesn't seem like a good idea. "I'll just have wine at dinner, please. If someone wanted to make me a Horse's Ass, that'd be good."

"I'm not sure I know that cocktail" Cynthia frowns before looking to her son. "Frederick, go as the bartender if he knows how to make a 'Horse's Ass'." The man, smiling at the compliment from Solo, bows to them both before slipping away. "Do you like red wine? Let's get you seated and find out what has happened to my daughter. Leaving you to the lions like this."

Solo smiles. "I'm not fussy about wine. Red is fine, thank you. And a horse's ass is easy. Half ginger-ale, half soda water…seven-up…whatever. Because anyone who'd order one is a horse's ass." Solo laughs. "They're also pretty good."

"You learn something every day" Cynthia smiles about the cocktail before gesturing to a chair. A chair quite some way from the head of the table. "Lovely to meet you, Solo. I am sure we shall talk some more." Solo may get the impression that this gathering is not one where a lot of companionable chatting and joking goes on. Barbs, sure.

Solo has broken bread with narcos, slept with mob princesses, and lived for years in the military. She's actually getting comfortable with these people, especially Cynthia. It is, to Solo's mind, a safe assumption that Cynthia runs things in this family, and perhaps secretly appreciates Solo's bluntness almost as much as her daughter. Solo settles in at her chair and waits for Heather to arrive.

Solo will get stared at by the rest of the family, polite nods when she looks in their direction. Eventually, Heather returns and sits down next to her girlfriend. She does not look happy. Her jaw tight. Grabbing a glass of wine, she downs it in one gulp, before managing a smile. "Enjoying yourself?" she asks as lightly as she can.

Solo sips her wine slowly. "Yeah… I like your mom," she says quietly. "And your brother's cute."

"I'm glad" Heather smiles, "We'll stay then." She leans over to kiss Solo on the cheek, and also to whisper, "They invited my ex-wife. I guess her bimbo took off with someone richer, so she's sniffing around to apologize. My parents are encouraging her. Don't worry, nothing is going to happen."

Solo kisses back lightly. "They want the two of you back together?

"My family has some unusual traits. One of them is that marriage is forever, no matter what" Heather explains. "Not something I agree with. We got married when they changed the law. Got carried away in that enthusiasm about same sex marriages. It was a mistake and it didn't take long to realize it. Divorce didn't go down well. And, you know…" She gestures at the house they are in. "Money. I guess she spent all the payout."

Solo frowns a little. "She got half in the divorce?

"At least half" Heather sighs as another wine is poured for her. "But it was before the shooting happened and I had a lot of my own money. Buying a television station amounts of money. Guess she wants some of that too." A long breath out. "I can't believe they're trying to pull this shit on me."

Solo frowns again. "Wait, do you still owe her? or is she just coming back for another taste?" Solo winces as the word comes out, and washes it down with wine.

"She isn't tasting a damn thing of mine" Heather smirks before shaking her head. "No, she isn't owed a damn thing. And she's not getting a damn thing." She reaches under the table to give Solo's hand a squeeze. "Just once I would like a family gathering to happen without backstabbing."

Solo sips her wine. "Would it still be family if it did? I mean… there's always drama.

"I guess you're right" Heather laughs. "And I guess I'm in the business of drama these days. Maybe I should turn this all into a soap opera? Take their power away." Here comes the turkey! Her father carrying it in, sliced and ready for the twenty or so people here.

Solo sips her wine, and surreptitiously dips a finger of her left hand with it, then draws it to her lips. She catches Heather's glance with her eyes if she can, and licks the finger slowly.

Heather certainly notices. A wry smile forming at the little show before she leans in once more to whisper. "I love you." She could watch that all day but there is food to be had and ex-wives to ignore; the ex is the glamorous one sitting close to Heather's parents.

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