(2018-11-22) Expanding the Family
Holly and Wyatt meet up at the animal shelter, leading to some new family members.

So, Old Red was dead. It had been a long time coming and several vet visits before it was final, but now Holly found a need for another dog out at the ranch. That's what brought her here to the shelter. Squatted down beside on of the cages she has a hand offered out for sniffing, for licking, for getting familiar with a blue tick hound. The dog does exactly that, sniffs a little. Hanging out of her back pocket of her worn jeans is a pair of worn leather gloves, tucked in absently, the lower legs of her jeans almost completely untucked from her boots, but it looks like one had caught and was risen a little. Her hair is mussed, she has a case of hat head, a sure sign she had a cowboy hat somewhere. Likely in the old pickup truck outside. "What about you, boy? You lookin for a home?"

Another one who can be found inside of the shelter is Wyatt. Helping out some it seems. On his way out and spotting Holly as she is making aquaintances. "Miss Wyatt." Is offered as he brushes himself off some. Looking to the dogs as well. Letting some of them sniff on his hand in passing. Currently looking less cowboy and more urban than she might be used to seeing him. Depending on how fast news travel, Wyatt has been going to the Uni. Thus being in town a lot more.

Looking up when her attention is drawn that direction, Holly gives him a crooked smile as she gets to her feet. "Mr. Wyatt." Flipping it around and using his first name on him even if it was the same as her last. "How are you doing? I'm just looking for another dog, I want to surprise Ben." Her thirteen year old son.

Wyatt chuckles softly as she uses the same name. "Doing quite fine. Been helping out some here, when I get the time." He explains. Looking to the current dog she is looking at. "Ah, cool. Want any help? And I am sure that Ben will appreciate it." Crouching down next to where Holly is, studying the dog before looking to her. "A lot going on, or is it slowing down now with the cold?"

"Slowing down a little right now. We're about to move the cattle to the winter pasture so they have plenty to eat and plenty of water. There's enough of a warm spring there that the water doesn't freeze." Holly glances between him and the dog then nods. "I'd appreciate the halp. I want one that can learn fast and help usher the cattle around. I'll send it to obedience school first thing."

Wyatt nods as he listens, "That is great. I am sure my own fols are doing similar." Perhaps not cattle, but other. Nodding slowly as he look between the dogs. "I think you have your eyes set on the right noe. Or maybe this?" He says as he moves to another, letting the dog come mover to sniff. "I admit that I haven't been able to get in here too often, so don't know all of them too well."

"Sometimes there's just an instant connection and I'm kind of feeling this one here." Until she moves over next to it and finds the stall Wyatt was pointing out to her. She squats down and can't help but to smile at the enthusiasm of this one. An Australian Shepherd, it certainly catches her eye and she gives him a some petting at his neck, grinning at the reaction of the lolling out tongue of the dog. "You know, I think you have something here…"

Wyatt chuckles and smiles. "Why not both." Partly teasing, and parts being serious. "They could both need it, and besides. This way they're never alone." He adds. Another soft chuckle. "He likes you." If offered as he watches the interaction.

"You have a good point, we do have that whole big ranch out there for them to run around. I think I want this one. Ben can have Blue over there." Holly has a soft spot for both it seems. "You sold me. You saved some lives today." Rising, she wipes her hands on the thighs of her jeans as she straightens. "Want to help me by getting them into the kennel in the back of the pickup while I get the paperwork finished? I'll give you something for your trouble."

Wyatt chuckles and nods, "Well then, my job here is done." He says and smiles. A bit of a nod as he rises. "Of course, I can help you out. And no worries, happy to help." Letting her go handle all paperwork though. As soon as things are set for him to help them out to get them to the pickup. Doing quite well to help out with the animals, used to it.

It takes her little time, signing the papers, paying the fees and collecting the paperwork they have. She gets a couple of collars and walks out to the truck. Already there's a leash inside. Propping her forearms on the side of the bed, she smiles as she watches him finishing up. "Perfect, Wyatt. You're a pretty good hand. If you ever are looking into being a ranch hand just give me a heads up. You know where the ranch is." Reaching back, she pulls a 20 out of her pocket. "Here you go, with many thanks. I'll get them in for their trainng when I leave here."

Wyatt chuckles and nods to Holly, "I will. I am sure my own folks prefer me helping out there." He says and shrugs. "But I will think about it. Did just start my studies though, so think I'll finish that first." Shaking his head as he raise his hand. "Oh, it's fine, I assures you." He says as he watches her and then the dogs.

"Oh definitely, family first and schooling second." Holly gives him a smile and insists he take the money. "Always good to have a little spending money when you're in college. Take a friend out for a meal or something in town." She pushes back from the truck a little and moves towards the cab. "I should get going but it was great to see you again."

Wyatt smiles and bows his head then, taking the offered money as she insist. "Thank you." He offers as he steps aside. "Same. Take care." Offering a wave as she leaves.

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