(2018-11-22) A Campbell Thanksgiving
Eve and Uma have a Thanksgiving that is much smaller than what they're used to.

Thanksgiving at the Campbell residence is a major event! Unfortunately, that party is in Denver. The one in Calaveras only involves a couple of Campbells - Uma and Eve. They could have popped back to Denver for the big event but with them just arriving here, and so much to do, it was decided to just have a nice dinner with the two of them.

Uma has been cooking for most of the day…and still seeing patients. No holidays for a doctor. But now it is almost time for the turkey to be done and she is dashing around the kitchen ensuring everything is ready and edible. "Eve! You want to set the table!" There is only two of them, it won't be a big job. Even Eve can handle that.

Because it's Thanksgiving, Eve has adopted the traditional colors of the season for this evening. That means… well, a black tank top, white shorts and gray socks, apparently. While Uma cooks, the younger Campbell is nowhere to be seen — although the older sister's call does eventually bring the younger skidding into the kitchen. She has the phone held to her ear, which at least explains her whereabouts. "Yeah, she's totes being responsible and cooking right now!" She says into the phone, once she gets up beside Uma at the counter. There is a pause when she peers at the turkey in the oven. "Oh, like twenty seven flavors of cheesecake, and sushi." Grinning to herself, Eve shrugs then. "I didn't make up the menu." She adds, then holds out the phone to Uma. "Mom wants to talk to you."

Uma rolls her eyes at the casual attempt to get her in trouble with their mom, taking the phone with a, "Set the table please." A deep breath before she begins talking, smile on her face. "Hey, Mom. How is everyone? Having a good time? No…of course not. I cooked a turkey with all the trimmings." A pause as she struggles to keep her smile. "I am sure it will be edible. No, it won't be anywhere near as good as yours. I'm sorry we can't be there too." She wanders while she walks, glancing over at her sister. "She's fine, mom. Fitting in really well, making friends. College is back next week and I'm sure she's looking forward to it." A sigh. "No, mom, I haven't had time to meet anyone." Another roll of her eyes in the direction of Eve.

At least Eve does bound off and grab the utensils and begins to set the table. Once that is done, she goes to the fridge and starts rummaging through it, looking for… probably drinks. Knowing that Uma is a doctor… chances are there aren't any soda in there, so she'll settle for apple juice. On the way back to the table, she overhears Uma's conversation with mom and leans towards the mouthpiece to interrupt aloud. "The only one she's met so far is in her nightstand drawer!" Eve wisely and deftly scoots away after that, grinning like a madwoman while she fetches a couple of glasses as well.

Uma does a forlorn swipe at the fleeing Eve before having to explain that to their mother. "It was the television, mom. Yeah, it did sound like Eve but it sure wasn't her." It's not the best excuse…possibly even the worst. The expression on Uma's face shows that mother isn't buying it either. "I promise, mom. I'll go out and meet people. Do you want to talk to Eve again? No…I don't blame you. Give our love to everyone. Bye." She hangs up and glares at her sister. "I don't know what to be more mad about. That you said that to mom or you've been in my drawer." She sounds like she's joking since she's not good at staying severe. "And I was even going to let you have one glass of wine… Oh well."

Eve has to stop in her tracks and stares at Uma for a few seconds. "I haven't been in your drawer." She states flatly, before pointing a finger at Uma. "You actually have a friend in your drawer?" Nope, she can't hold it back now. She's laughing so hard the girl is almost doubling over. "Oh-Em-Gee, that is like way over the top too much info! Oh gawd, Uma, can I see it for reals?"

"Of course not" Uma replies, perhaps a little too quickly. "I was just kidding" she adds, her cheeks red and wanting to look anywhere but her sister. That she finds it so amusing only makes the doctor get even redder. "How about we just worry about eating? I don't want to burn the turkey." She offers over the phone. "Thank you for setting the table." Uma has been in warzones, she can maintain her composure here. Possibly. Any second now.

It takes Eve a few moments to shed her giggles and compose herself. Oh, and to wipe away her tears. "Oh man, Uma, my sister is all grown up." With some lingering chuckles, she accepts the phone and lays it down on the corner of the dining table. Circling the table to rejoin Uma at the oven, Eve leans down and peers at it for a visual inspection. hands grabbing her knees. Does she need to help get the turkey? Her expression is hoping for no. "It would be hilarious if you were going to check a patient's temperature and brought out your friend by accident." She muses offhandedly. "Oh hey, did mom tell you how bummed dad is that neither of us are back home for Thanksgiving?"

Now that the embarrassment is over, Uma pulls on some large oven gloves to deal with bringing the turkey out. "Clear space on the table?" A glance over reveals there is. All that will be required of Eve is to open the oven door. She can handle that. And then the embarrassment is back. "Especially if it is a rectal reading." Big sister can be witty too! Sort of. "Not that there is such a device. And I don't look at patients in my bedroom even if there was. Which there isn't." She clears her throat and looks a bit more serious. "Yeah, she told me. At least everyone else is there." A pause. "I miss them though." A deep breath before pulling out the tray and carrying it over to the table. "Hot. Hot. Hot." At least she gets it down with mishap. A little smile at the result before she pulls Eve into a one-armed hug. "We've got each other though." A quick kiss to her sister's cheek. "I guess I'm doing the carving?"

Eve scrambles a bit to clear the table, pushing things aside to make room for the turkey before it burns Uma's hands. Once it's set and Uma hugs her, Eve returns the gesture and even plants a big kiss on big sis' cheek. BIG ONE, including some very loud sucking noises. "Yesh." Eve nods to Uma with a grin on her lips. "You ARE the doctor. You should ALWAYS be the one cutting things up. Although…" She turns her attention to the turkey. "…there's no way the two of us can finish this turkey. Maybe we should say a prayer for the poor thing, and hope its spirit get to Heaven or Valhalla or whatever."

"I'm not a surgeon though" Uma laughs, "But, thankfully, this patient doesn't need to live. Yeah, probably should have gone with a smaller one. We can give the leftovers to the homeless or something." She seems a bit surprised at the prayer suggestion but she will go with it. "Sure, sounds like a nice thing to do. You want to lead us?" Uma pulls off the oven mitts and places them carefully on the bench before moving to one of the seats. Carving cutlery is ready alongside the turkey as Uma places her hands together for prayer.

"Okay." Eve bobs her head sagely, moving to take the seat opposite Uma, where she clasps her hands together as well. "Dear Lord, we thank you for this giant fat turkey on this Thanksgiving Day, and probably another giant fat turkey for the rest of our family back in Denver. We hope the two Turkeys get why they had to sacrifice themselves today, and maybe if you feel they deserve it, let them go to heaven where I'm sure the angels will appreciate how juicy and tender they are. Other than that, we have been good here so far in Calamarias, but we can sure use your help soon. School for me, and dates for Uma. Lord, thanks for listening, and also, if you see grandma, tell her we said hi."

"Amen" Uma says softly at the end. The part about grandma bringing a twitch of a smile…and a wetting of the eyes. "That was nice, Eve" she smiles. "I remember when you used to pray for ponies and beanie babies. I guess we all change. Not sure I need /that/ much help to get a date but thanks for putting a word in." She stands to carve the turkey. "Any particular bit you want? Which classes are you doing first up?" The blade pierces the golden skin and sinks into the juicy flesh.

"Amen." Eve echoes Uma, then looks up and folds her arms on the table top. "After 14 years of praying for a pony and never getting one, I think I finally get the message." She deadpans, then pays more attention to the carving. "Gimme a drumstick first! Just looking at it makes me drool all over. Oh, and lotsa stuffing to go with that, thanks." Scooping up a fork then, she gets READY to eat. "Actually, I meant to ask you. Cuz like, I haven't decided on a major, right? So I signed up for stuff like Sociology, Psychology, Media Writing, Statistics, but I'm not sure if I should take anything in Life Sciences. I'm worried I end up going into medicine and steal your business, y'know?"

Uma delicately tears off a drumstick, with lots of loud breaking bones, and puts it on a plate with plenty of stuffing. "Would you have even kept the pony?" she asks, handing the plate over. Uma carves off some breast for herself as she listens to her sister. "Pretty broad base there" she nods before arching an eyebrow at confusion towards Eve. "Seriously? Why would I care if you went into medicine? There are not enough doctors in the world, Eve, one more would be a good thing. But the most important thing is that you do what /you/ want to do. Find something that will fill your life with joy and worth. Doesn't matter if anyone else thinks it is." A pause as she plates her own food. "That doesn't mean you get to sit on my couch and play video games the rest of your life."

"Hey now, on behalf of the entire video game industry, I must strongly protest your unenlightened view of the medium!" Eve deadpans, waving her fork in a faux menacing way, although it is lowered as the drumstick and stuffing are delivered to her plate. "I'm just kidding. Can you really see me as a doctor? First time I put a patient under, I'm totes shaving his eyebrow and dying his hair. What about a cop, huh? Maybe a superhero. Hey, I think I'm on to something there." Now she starts cutting the turkey and feeds herself a mouthful of juicy turkey thigh. Chew. Chew. "Dith iff gud…" She comments, but only ends up spitting out bits of chewed turkey.

"If you like the food so much, try and keep it in your mouth" Uma smirks. "But thanks for the nice words…I think they were nice. Not mom's quality…" A shrug. "Trust me, after ten years learning to be a doctor, you won't shave any eyebrows. The malpractice costs will kill you if nothing else. A cop? Sure…why not. I think they have a /little/ less discipline than the army. Hey…you could always go in the army." She should probably shield herself from a hail of sputtered turkey. "You have time, Eve. I mean, if I'm honest, we spend our whole lives trying to figure out who we are. Figuring out what we do is much easier. You want cranberry sauce?"

Yes, the shielding is probably a good idea, since Eve definitely sputters out some more bits and pieces before she figures out she should swallow first. "I think I'd hate the army. Get up at five in the morning and let some big bully order me around all the time? No thanks." Even as she answers, Eve picks up the plate with both hands and holds it up for cranberry sauce. "And hey, you may think I like shooting at people, but I'm totes pro-life. Make love, not war, man."

"I could help you practice Army life if you like? We can certainly do the waking up at five and ordering around. Good for your discipline. Make a real woman out of you." By the time she finishes it is obvious she finds the whole idea amusing and impossible, giggling softly as she dishes out the sauce. At least until talk comes to shooting people. "Yeah, I'm not a fan of that either" she agrees softly before going back to her meal. "Just try not to make love too much. And use protection. So, how many people have you met so far? I guess…hmm…fifty?" Uma may be a little jealous of Eve's ability to make friends so easily.

Eve brings up the plate up to her nose for an appreciative sniff, then puts it back down for more turkey-cutting and slicing. "Naw, not that many. I don't think there ARE fifty people in this town!" She deadpans. Pausing to have another mouthful of turkey, only this time with cranberry sauce, she makes sure she mostly swallows before continuing. "I think maybe twenty. Thirty. Oh! Did I say? You know Kee Morgan of the Gee… Gilded Lilies? She lives here! How cool is that? And she's super cool!"

"Twenty or thirty? Wow…impressive" Uma smiles. "I don't suppose you gave them all my card?" A little look of hope there before she shrugs it away. "Gilded Lillies? I'm guessing that is a band. No, sorry, I don't know them." Cue being called uncool and old, so she will make it better by adding, "I'm glad she's nice." That totally puts Uma back in the cool column. "You should have invited her over for Thanksgiving. Invite any of your friends over. We still have a lot of unpacking to do."

"Are you seriously saying I should invite new people over just to help unpack?" Eve makes a funny face at Uma's suggestion. "Dude, I'm way cooler than that! And also way too cool to be handing out your cards to strangers. But I tell you what, I'll do that if I can sneak it in… casually." She grins briefly, and resumes eating. "So… the Gilded Lilies only put out two albums a few years ago. You don't remember me playing their songs when I was in Middle School? Mom was always giving me a hard time and telling me to turn it down. But I do have both of their albums! Want me to play them?"

"Unpacking is a bonding exercise" Uma pouts…though it doesn't look like it's going to fly. Again. She is really failing at this cool thing. "Whatever you can do would be great" she smiles about the cards. "How long ago were you in Middle School? Four or five years? When I was in Iraq or doing residency. You'll have to forgive me, Eve, I don't remember much of what was on the radio." A wink across the table. "Though I can believe mom telling you to turn it down. She did the same with me and N Sync." Even more in the cool books now. "Sure, put them on. Not too loud, okay. I want us to be able to talk."

"Oh yeah, N Sync. That's that old band with all the old guys, right?" Eve bobs her head, then lifts a hand and spreads all her fingers wide to reinforce the number. "Five years ago; I guess you were tap-dancing in Saddie Hussein's backyard then. You mean they don't play Glam Rock on K-Iraq? Bunch of stiffs." Another deadpan, but Eve doesn't dwell on it as she gets to her feet and runs to her room. It only takes her a couple of minutes before she returns with a couple of CDs. "Alright, get ready to learn to be cool, sis!" She announces happily but stops to look around the kitchen. "Where's your box?"

"I really wasn't listening to a lot of music then. Probably should have" Uma sighs. "Glam Rock? Seriously, she played glam rock? Like 'The Sweet'? Old 'David Bowie'? That kind of thing? Awesome. Mom probably would love 'em." She manages to get a few mouthfuls of food and sips of wine down before Eve is back, doing her best not to think of all the dead bodies in Iraq when her sister innocently used the word 'stiff'. "My box? Hey, I didn't even think you were going to bring CDs out. I thought I was the only one who still used those. Hang on." She gets up from the table, wiping her lips, before dashing off into the bedroom and retrieving her CD Beatbox. It's cool! She sets it up on a kitchen counter before gesturing to it. "Let's rock."

"Well I bought these things back in the Stone Age." Eve wags the CDs a bit. "Old tech and stuff, y'know?" When the Beatbox is set up, she joins Uma and inserts one of the CD's, and sets it to play. "Technically they're Glam Punk, but mom didn't like the word Punk. Don't ask me why. So I just call them Glam Rock." Eve shrugs as the music starts. Clearly this is music Eve grew up with, as she immediately starts to sing along… and even dance a little, before she retakes her seat and picks up her fork. As if in afterthought, she stops and makes a face at Uma. "David Bowie was Glam Rock? I thought he was this old-school Rock and Roll dude."

"Glam Rock is the one where they all dress up with glitter and stuff like that. Back in the early 1970s. He was one of the progenitors of the genre. We're talking Ziggy Stardust, not Heroes." Uma sighs. "I must seem soooo old about now. I wasn't even born when that music was being made." The sight of a singing and dancing Eve does make her smile though. So nice to see her happy. "This girl lives in this town? Does she still do music? Have you ever thought of doing music? Or acting? Outgoing person like you, who isn't afraid to take chances in public, you could probably do it easy."

Eve feeds herself another mouthful of turkey, which prevents her from answering Uma's question right away. "Me? Singing? For money?" She snickers a bit at the thought. "Maybe if I pay someone, they'd sit and listen. Besides, what do I know about music? I don't even know how to read those squiggly music notes! You should see Kee Morgan, she's like a natural musician. And yeah, she lives here, but I think she retired from the music industry. Isn't it great that you can retire at the age of 20?" She sighs dramatically, poking her turkey with the fork a few times. "Hmm, acting…"

"I think most of the people who sing these days don't know their triple clef from their arpeggio. There is always Autotune to help you out. Besides, people don't do music to show their ability to read and write squiggly lines, they do it to express something. You should be allowed to express yourself no matter your knowledge of squiggly lines." Uma has spoken. "Did she want to retire? If she is like you say, she probably still needs to express herself. She just doesn't release it on CD anymore." A shrug, Eve is the one who knows the girl, so she shouldn't assume too much. "Acting interests you?"

Eve shrugs both shoulders. "Yeah. No. Maybe? How hard can acting be, right? It's gotta be way easier than music." This is followed by another snicker. "I can already hear mom and dad; they're going to be thrilled to pieces when I tell them I wanna win an Oscar." She trails off here thoughtfully. "Speaking of mom and dad, you think we're going home for Christmas at all?"

"I think they would be thrilled if you made a decision and, more importantly, stuck to it. Why don't you give it a go? See if you enjoy it. The College must have a drama department." Uma is finding her food surprisingly palatable. "Do you want to go home for Christmas? Denver's not that far away." She looks around. "I might even be unpacked by then. Up to you. If you want to go, then I won't stop you. Or we can go together." A tilt of her head as she studies her sister. "I guess you've never had a Christmas away from home before."

Eve shakes her head and makes a face. "Banzai for independence! Guess we can wait and see? Cuz who knows, you might have met a real boy by Christmas and won't wanna leave. Just let me know if you need help with that!" She now goes back to the turkey dinner. "And you know? Maybe I'll look into this acting diva thingie. It kinda beats not knowing what the hell I wanna do."

"Yeah, I might" Uma replies without any trace of confidence in such a thing happening. "Could say the same for you. Or girl. Whatever you like. Though try to avoid small animals. You're going to be my wingperson, are you? Eve, you can't even get into clubs, how are you going to help?" A warm smile at her sister's life finding a little direction…just a little. "Cheesecake for dessert?"

"Never underestimate the ingenuity of an enterprising girl, ye Doctor of little faith." Eve sagenods to Uma and adds a playful wink at the older sibling. She eats another mouthful of turkey before summarily dropping her fork. "Yes please! Cheesecake for dessert! Hurray for Cheesecake!"

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