(2018-11-20) Wake Up, Katherine II
Katherine makes the mistake of asking Heather for advice. The latter is not shy in saying what needs to be done.

Katherine is seated on a stool in the kitchen, a steaming cup of tea in front of her. Several bouquets of flowers are sitting on window sills, counters, in the middle of the table. It looks like someone went all out on roses and orchids. She eyes the bouquet on the table as she sips from her tea, ignoring the almost constant buzzing of her phone.

"Good show" Heather announces as she strides in from the lounge. "Everyone's gone. Your life is yours again" she smirks before noticing all the flowers. So many flowers. "Turning the kitchen into a greenhouse? I think the flowers need to be alive for that." She sits herself down at the kitchen table, grabbing a few minutes peace before the horror of the rest of the day.

"I woke up and found them here." Katherine murmurs, gesturing to the coffee maker as she takes another sip of her tea. "I'm hoping to get in contact with Edgar in the next day or two, see when he can come by for an interview." She tilts her head and hugs her cup of tea closer to her. "What trouble will you be getting up to in the next few hours, if there isn't anything pressing, you can stay for lunch or something. I'm going to start cooking soon."

Heather eyes the coffee with barely restrained desire…but that would require her to push herself up and go get it. It can wait a minute. The offer of lunch has her squinting her eyes with interest. "Nothing I can't do over the phone" she replies, sitting up straight. "Something you want to talk about, Katherine? I get the feeling you don't want me here just to feed me. Unless you want to poison me…" She purses her lips in thought. "Nah, I think we've moved on from that. How about you hold off cooking for a bit and we can chat."

Katherine glances between the coffee pot and Heather, getting to her feet and pouring a cup. "I do enjoy your company, Heather. If you drove me up a wall, or we hated each other, I wouldn't be working for you still." She carries the cup over to Heather and sets it down. "So stay, keep me company, the last few days have been rough, weird and don't seem to be about to change anytime soon. I apologize for…flaking out on you and the show for a day or two. I really wasn't expecting anything that happened to…happen?"

Heather smiles a thanks at the arrival of the coffee before nodding to a chair at the table. "Sit down." A sip of the coffee…just what she needed. "No problem with you having to take some time off. Do you think Mitch is bothered?" Heather smirks at that. "Ratings go down when you're not there, sure, but I can deal with that while you get yourself sorted out. Have to think in the long term. Now, tell me all about." She glances around at the flowers and her eyes grow wide with alarm. "Did someone else die?"

Katherine goes to retrieve her tea, moving to take a seat at the table with Heather. "I'll be fine now.." She leans back against the chair, chuckling softly. "Mitch probably wishes I'd quit, but I'm not ready to do that. I enjoy the morning show, a lot." She glances around the kitchen, brows furrowed slightly. "No, I've had a rough couple of days, and uhm.." She chuckles quietly, her cheeks getting pink. "Xavier decided to do something nice for me. He got me these pretty flowers and invited me away for the weekend."

"Mitch would get fired long before you" Heather assures with a smirk, though her concern is soon back. "/Will/ you be fine?" She reaches out to squeeze Katherine's hand before a quirk of her brow. "Oh. Away for the weekend. Hmm…do you think this one will wait forever? Is this a 'make you feel better' or a /'make you feel better'/ weekend away…if you know what I mean. Look, this may not mean much or even be the right thing to say, but Ethan is a jerk. You can do better."

"Poor Mitch, I think he really enjoys his work, or seeing himself on a television screen. One or the other." Katherine laughs softly, turning her hand up and taking hold of Heather's. "I am fine, I promise. I wasn't completely happy with Ethan, and this needed to happen. Really." She meets Heather's gaze and laughs, shaking her head. "I don't think this one will wait forever, and I'm not exactly sure what it is. I haven't asked. I probably should, but I'll take the weekend away, honestly and while this sounds absolutely horrible and I will deny ever saying it? I kinda just wanna get laid." She shrugs, making a face as her cheeks get red again. "Ethan is a jerk. A huge jerk. After he dumped me, Heather, he invited me to that fucking charity ball. I was confused as to why, figured it had to do with us being friends, and he took me there, got completely shitfaced and made a scene!"

"It's the latter" Heather confirms about Mitch. At Katherine's desire to be laid, Heather lets out a loud bark of a laugh. "Finally!! Yes, Katherine, you /need/ to get laid. Best stress relief known to man…or woman. Unless he's useless at it, of course. Yes…you go on this weekend and you better not spend more than two minutes vertical. Unless you do it vertically of course." Heather blushes a little herself, clearing her throat, before frowning about the Charity Ball farrago. "Yeah…I've seen that happen. It's when you have something that was so solid in your life and you want it to continue but can't handle the change. Ethan was stupid to do it and he probably realised he was just before he started drinking. But he doesn't want to 'fail'. Not inviting you would be an admission of his failure."

Katherine laughs with Heather, gazing down at her tea with a grimace. "I just feel like there was all this build up to it, and then…nothing. I'm embarrassed now, if someone walked by and heard that, it absolutely sounds like I'm just using this poor man." She wrinkles her nose, and then bursts out laughing. "I…will spend more than two minutes vertical because we'll be in a hot tub for some of the time. He's going to take me up to the resort. I just dearly hope he doesn't try to get me to ski. Breaking a leg is not romantic, not in the least." She gazes at Heather and shrugs, sighing. "Everyone was whispering and flipping out, I had no clue what was what."

"Unless you're going to have sex skiing, ignore that. Do you really think he will say 'let's go skiing' if you're standing there naked?" Heather rolls her eyes as she sips on her coffee. "Don't worry about whispers. If you start thinking everyone is talking about you then you'll end up in a psych ward. If it's not worth saying out loud, then it's not worth saying. And you have plenty of friends, you can afford to lose any that prove they never were." She peers at Katherine. "You do know that you don't stand up in a hot tub." A playful sigh. "Am I going to have to teach you the birds and the bees?"

Katherine watches Heather warily, trying hard not to laugh out loud. "So basically what I'm hearing is that I shouldn't pack anything except underwear?" She looks thoughtful, gazing between Heather and her tea cup, taking a deep drink from the mug before she speaks again. "That is great advice, that I wish I could take. I'm not great at it, and I need to get better." She pulls her feet up on the chair, shifting to get comfortable. "Why aren't you telling me not to do it, we're about to all get involved in the Hotel. Business and pleasure never mix, right? He's living at the B&B, double strike. I shouldn't sleep with my guests.."

"Take lingerie, not underwear" Heather deadpans in reply, "There's a difference. "Not great at what? Taking advice or sex? We can work on both." A sip of her coffee before pursing her lips. "Yeah, sex and business don't really mix…says the woman trying to get the woman she's sleeping with to do a reality show about flying. Do as I say, not what I do. Normally, I would definitely say don't do it. But, Katherine, you need this. Even if it is just a dirty weekend and nothing more, you need it so bad. You can be mature about this." A shrug. "And if it works out okay, then you've freed up a room. Seriously though, don't go into this thinking your future is now sorted out. Go with the flow, don't try and tell the river where it needs to end up." Heather screws up her nose. "Did that make sense?"

"Lingerie. I ..don't have any lingerie." Katherine winces, gazing to the side at Heather. She pulls a notepad closer and makes some notes. "Both, I guess? It has been three years, and while people say that it's easy to get back into it, but it's the getting started that scares me." She rests her head against the back of the chair. "I hope it's not just a dirty weekend, I'm lonely, I've been lonely for a long time. I just want someone who looks at me like I matter." She takes a deep breath, nodding as she repeats. "I can be mature about this, I'm mature about everything. Just don't freeze up, let things happen as they happen. Right? Flow." She blows out air, blinking a few times. "It made sense."

Heather looks surprised as Katherine starts to take actual notes. "Okay, we're going lingerie shopping before the weekend. Nothing is easy to get back into…except maybe slippers. We're also going toy shopping. I want you to…practice…before the weekend. Rediscover what makes you happy and gives you pleasure. If it happens, it's about both of you and what you want…even need." A soft sigh. "I know you're lonely, and you deserve someone, but please, please…I cannot say 'please' enough…do not go into this /expecting/ something more than a dirty weekend. Nothing drives guys away faster."

Katherine stares at Heather, glancing down at the piece of paper as if daring herself to write 'buy sex toys'. She does write it down, and then crosses it off, making a frustrated noise. "I don't really want a relationship right now Heather, because after everything that just happened, I'm scared." She leans against the table, brows furrowed. "I think I'm too nice. That's what does it." She leans forward, resting her forehead on her knees. "This is too hard."

"There is no such thing as too nice" Heather replies sternly. "You don't think Gandhi got all the loving he needed? What you need to do, is remember that being nice does not mean you ignore yourself." She points at the notes. "Write that down again. I'm serious." She drains her coffee and pushes the mug away. "What do you have to be scared of? Being hurt? That's what most relationships will bring…after a lot of good that makes it all worthwhile. If you stop because you're scared that /something/ bad /may/ happen, then we may as well put you in a nunnery. You can be nice and celibate all you want." A little laugh. "Maybe not in the nunnery movies I've seen. Point is, fear is something you make to avoid doing something. Breaking up will not kill you. Living in fear may do. Don't decide you don't want a relationship either, go with the flow." Heather has a horrible feeling she should give Katherine a hug around now. With great effort she rises, moves over to the other chair, and drapes her arms around Katherine from behind - it's a sort of hug. "You are a wonderful person, Katherine" she whispers, "And it is time you took care of yourself."

Katherine picks up the pen, writes down 'buy sex toys' on the paper and then stares at it, grimacing. "I'm afraid because I think that I am the reason why shit keeps going south." She leans down, resting her chin on her forearms while she watches Heather lecture her. "I'm going, I'm flowing. I like Xavier. He knows who he is, what he wants, and he doesn't dither and waste time." Her voice quiets and she squeaks. "I hope you're right." She closes her eyes when hugged, squeezing one of the arms around her. "I am going to try very hard. I'm ..going to make some changes. Good changes, it's time."

"You're the center of the universe now? Everything resolves around you now?" Heather shakes her head. "No, shit goes south because of many, many reasons that have nothing to do with you. Don't try to take on the world's problems, you don't have the shoulders for it. No one does." She stands up to give those shoulders a little massage. "There is no try, only do. Why do I have a feeling that Sky Dorker should have said that? It will work out, Katherine. I promise." A gentle kiss to the crown of Katherine's head before Heather returns to her seat.

"Julian is pissing me off." Katherine remarks after mention of Julian, her gaze moving to Heather. "He thinks I need to just raise Lynn's kid or something." She picks up her tea, finishes it, and sighs softly. "I'll try to keep it together. I'll try to let things flow, but I'm not good at that." She rolls her shoulders as Heather gently massages her, sighing again. "It will work out." She repeats, smiling at the kiss to her head. "People are going to think we're downright friendly."

"Nah, I'll insult you in public, it'll be fine. And I'll probably have to go home and scrub my lips now" Heather deadpans, though there is a wink to show she is only teasing. "You can still prepare for a trip down the river, but you can't tell it where it will go or how fast it will travel. You know, all these flow metaphors is making me need to use the bathroom. And if Julian is going to be all holier than thou, then let him take care of the kid. It's Lynn's job anyway, no one else's. Don't you dare get stuck with that kid while she goes out partying and trying to get another."

Katherine winces as she stares at Heather, rolling her eyes and chuckling. "Bleach them, it's better." She nods, her brow furrowed as she tries to doodle a circle on her paper. "I hope I don't, and I doubt that Julian will babysit or take care of anything, though I might wish otherwise." She props her cheek on her palm. "I'm not raising a child, we've had this conversation. I just wish Sarah would answer my fucking calls. I need to talk to her."

"If Justin isn't going to put his heart where his mouth is, then he can shut the fuck up. No matter how hunky he grew. That's not a friend, that's a morality basher" Heather sniffs before a curious expression. "Why do you need to talk to Sarah? Don't tell me she is pregnant too. And…sorry I couldn't get through to Lynn. She really wasn't interested in all the alternatives."

"Morality basher." Katherine repeats, staring at Heather before she bursts out laughing. "She's not pregnant too, but I need to tell her about Lynn. I want her to come home for the holidays. I just miss my sister. I want her to pick up the phone." She shrugs at Heather, reaching out to briefly squeeze her hand.

Heather squeeze Katherine's hand in return; she's going to need to scrub her hands too. "Hey…you don't /need/ anyone but yourself. But it's nice to be surrounded by family and friends who can /support/ you, but not do everything for you. Unless it's my family. Then it's not nice to be surrounded by them at all." A shrug. "I went with 'morality basher' because I couldn't remember if he was a 'Bible basher'. Is he okay after that attack?" A teasing smile about Sarah. "I don't think anyone picks up the phone these days, Katherine" she winks. "Why don't you drive up there? She's in Denver?"

"I want other people than myself." Katherine mutters, chuckling as she gazes at Heather. "I want my family, and my friends, and right now half of them…are ..not really on the same page as me right now." She makes a grunting noise, nodding at Heather. "He's not a bible basher, just uppity about the whole kid thing. Show Lynn you're gonna support her no matter what. She's treating me like shit, she has to give a little too. Then he says he's gonna marry me if we're thirty and single, just what a girl wants to fucking hear." She shakes her head again, frowning. "Pennsylvania."

"Pennsylvania? Oh…okay…maybe no driving up there" Heather concedes. "I need you back for the shows. Speaking of, I'm going to run a compilation show on Thanksgiving. No need to keep anyone away from their families. Solo has the distinct 'pleasure' of meeting my parents and I need time to prepare…and cry…and dread…and cry again. If those friends don't come around, lose them. Life's too short. Katherine, do you remember when we were teenagers? How we always knew best? How we were indestructible and could do whatever we wanted, though at the same time, deep down, we knew there was someone going to get our asses out of the fire. We didn't figure that last thing was wrong until it was almost too late. Lynn needs to learn this before it is too late. Don't lecture. Talk to her." A pause. "Or was it only me who was like that. Though, I guess, when I got pregnant I realised I was in over my head."

"Yeah, long ways off." Katherine agrees, a finger moving to curl some hair around it. "Speaking of shows, are you really hiring that old trucker to do a reality show? He came her looking for a kiss and some food last night." She quirks a brow at Heather and grins. "I think that most of them were Ethan's friends first, and now they feel awkward trying to bridge the divide. It's fine, they don't realize that I'm not the typical cry, bleat and create drama woman that most can be. They'll learn, and I'll still be here." She wrinkles her nose about her time as a teenager. "I remember thinking that life couldn't get worse, and I was wrong and right. Lynn…well…I'm trying with her. She just…doesn't seem to want to give any." She turns her gaze to Heather, eyebrow quirked. "What did /you/ do about it?"

"When we first talked about Lynn, I mentioned I knew a good clinic if she needed it. That's what I did about it. Termination. You remember that summer I went to Paris?" A faint smile from Heather. "I didn't go to Paris." She taps her fingernails on the tabletop. "Sorry for making your teenage years so crap but look at us now. Things got better. And if you think that this is worse than then, I wasn't doing my job properly" she teases before another shrug. "Lynn thinks she knows everything, just like we did. Go with the flow. Don't try anymore. See how she likes it. Though, I must warn, that I do tend to come at problems from a bitch angle."

"I'm fairly certain that I need to get in contact with my inner bitch." Katherine murmurs, watching Heather carefully. "Paris probably would have been a lot more fun, do you regret it now?" She asks, folding her hands in her lap, a pained look on her face. "I keep saying I don't want kids, and I don't think that I do. I want freedom so bad that it kills me inside. I'd run from everything if I thought I could get far enough away for it to matter." She tilts her head to the side and sighs. "I'll leave her be."

"If you really want freedom that bad, why are you tying yourself down by needing to help everyone all the time? It is time you took a me-break, Katherine. Make those changes" Heather smiles warmly before a shake of her head. "No, I don't regret it" she admits softly, though perhaps not convincingly. "I needed to be free too. I was going places. Going to win the Pulitzer Prize. I couldn't be sidetracked by a child. And I couldn't stand the father either. At least who I think the father was."

"I've had to do it for two years, it just became kind of…rote?" Katherine nods slowly at Heather, letting out a sigh. "Yeah, I need to stop letting people take advantage of my kindness and do more things for myself. It's something I'm trying out, I'm bad at it already." She taps her fingers on the table, scowling. "Well it's too late now, for Lynn to turn back. I wish that she would have at least listened to her options, but she stubbornly clung to the, I'm keeping it and nothing you do is gonna change my mind. I've helped her look for apartments, jobs, and gave her the paperwork for the healthcare, trying to get her to realize how much work it is. She just ..doesn't care."

"She will care" Heather shrugs. "If we're lucky, maybe she will transform once she sets eyes on the baby. I guess she's been doing badly at school. Self-esteem taken a battering? Personally, I would never have gone back to school with a baby. That would have crushed my standing. It sounds cruel now, I know, but it is what I thought at the time. And don't forsake kindness. Just know when you need you-time…and take it."

"I need me time, I'm going to see if I can bribe Charlotte to keep an eye on the place for two days. I can't close down this close to tourist season." Katherine gazes at Heather, her eyebrow quirked. "Or I could see if you want to hang out here for the weekend, just in case I get a boarder." She tries not to grin, glancing around the kitchen. "I can premake food and everything, I just need someone to actually be here."

"You want /me/ to look after this place for the weekend?" Heather is incredulous…and worried about Katherine's business acumen to even suggest it. "Ummm…I don't think that would be a wise move" she smiles sweetly. "And you don't need to bribe Charlotte, I'll persuade her…probably with overtime. I'm glad she's working out for you. Shame Lynn can't get off her ass and do it."

"Charlotte is a godsend, she and I are pretty in sync when it comes to things." Katherine glances toward the second floor, rolling her eyes. "Lynn wants to sneak out and be an adult, she doesn't have time to look after this place, never mind that it's the thing that keeps her in fancy sneakers, iPhones and all that other stuff that she needs to survive." She uncrosses her legs and shrugs. "So when are we going shopping for lingerie?" She asks, getting to her feet and moving to start working in the kitchen.

Heather pulls out her phone to check the time and her appointments for the week. "Hmm…tomorrow? Can you spare me an hour or two? And sex toys as well…though you can use your hands tonight." A wry smile and a wink at that before she too is getting to her feet. "But I need to go now. Are you going to be okay? If there is anything you need to talk about, call me. Okay?" She makes her way over to Katherine for another of those hug things; she'll need to burn her clothes to. "You can't look after anyone, if you don't look after yourself."

"Use my…" Katherine turns bright red and almost for a second looks relieved when Heather gets up to leave. "I'm okay. Everything is okay." She hugs Heather back, laughing faintly. "I'm looking after myself, I promise. I'll behave, and if something comes up, I'll call you."

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