(2018-11-20) The Fellowship of the Ring
Three nerds and Angela try to marathon the LotR trilogy.

It is indeed Angela's house. Where there are not things like dogs playing poker on the walls. For those expecting something super posh and ostentatious they are probably only half disappointed. It's pretty plain, nice furniture, pretty artsy pictures on the wall of lines of color or nudes, probably reprints of originals, right?

In preperation for the night she has, in fact, made enough popcorn to kill a third world country, and drug out several bottles of wine to set on the kitchen island to breathe while waiting on everyone to arrive.

Ethan's already here because of course he is. He's eating popcorn, drinking beer, watching cartoons, and waiting for the rest of the party to get here. "There's absolutely no way we're getting through all three of these movies," is his wise opinion. "They're gonna be in costumes, and a sword-fight is going to break out, and someone's gonna wind up in the hospital. Mark my words."

KNOCK. KNOCK. KNOCK. There's a distinct knocking on Angela's front door. Abby and Luke have managed to find the place! And are currently standing outside. Luke is most definitely wearing elf ears, but they are Christmas elf ears, attached to a felt green cap with candy cane striping. Don't judge, this was kind of short notice.

"I think we probably could have made better looking ears out of modeling clay ourselves," Abby can be heard saying to Luke through the door. Which is not indicative of a future of them turning up in cosplay forever, definitely not. But yes, she's there too. Just hanging out and waiting for someone to open the door to the house that's not full of dog photos.

"They wouldn't…" Angela looks momentarily terrified, and horrified, by the possibility. "I'm not sure that I'm quite up for that kind of liability. Maybe we should just hide, and hope they go away." But no, she gets herself up from where she'd been sitting to head towards the door, pulling it open with a smile for the pair outside, "Come in, please. There's wine and popcorn if Ethan hasn't already eaten it all."

Tilting his head awkwardly back rather than going to all the trouble of turning his body, Ethan peers at the duo on the other side of the door, landing a look on the eyes; "Called it." He goes back to looking at cartoons and stuffing popcorn in his mouth, shoving a very big handful into his face and making sure to spill it all over Angela's furniture in the process. And the floor some.

"Are you ear shaming me, Abby Thatcher?" Luke feigns offense, reaching up to pet his ears in a tender and loving sort of way. "I'm a beautiful elf! Beautiful and serene," he can be heard reassuring himself as Angela opens the door. "Oh hey," he flashes a dimpled grin, letting Abby go first before he follows her inside, glancing about the place. "Huh," he says aloud, though he doesn't share his thoughts with the rest of the class - he just shrugs his shoulders and goes flopping on the couch beside Ethan to snag a handful of popcorn for himself.

"I would never! I'm just saying that we could improve on the model, that's all. How hard could it possibly be?" Abby has to wonder, smiling when Angela opens the door. "Hello, thanks for having us over." She sends a look after Luke's back and then glances around, "Nice place!" That Ethan is spilling popcorn all over. She's careful not to crush any bits of it as she finds a spot on the couch to slump down into.

Once the pair are inside the door is closed, and Angela is following behind them, "So the DVD player is there, but you're going to have to try and wrestle the TV from Ethan." She moves back into the living room, pausing to pick up the spilled popcorn, "If either of you want any beer, or wine, help yourself." Taking the abandoned popcorn to the kitchen, she tossees it into the trash before heading back into the living room to find a seat as well.

Naturally, Ethan yanks his bowl of popcorn away (spilling a few kernels since Angela done cleaned up the first batch) and growls at Luke. "No! Mine! My popcorn! My precious!" Start a counter, that can't possibly be the only time during this marathon someone does it. Leaning forward over the bowl, he looks around Luke and smiles his bestest smile. "Hi Abby, your ears look really pretty tonight. You want some popcorn?" He'll pass her the bowl, then dig around in the cushions for wherever the controller to the TV went; if you guys leave it up to him to make the movie start, it's never going to happen, he'll just wind up looking for the DVD button all night.

Luke promptly bears his teeth at Ethan. "You will shares the preciouses!" he declares in a growl all his own, making grabby hands and then promptly deflating when the popcorn is offered to Abby instead. He goes back to idly petting at his beautiful elf ears. At least something occurs to him in the process: "Oh, yeah. Thanks for letting us do this at your place, Angela! I would've invited you guys over, but Hamlet loves popcorn and she wouldn't leave you guys alone," he considers this, passing a glance to Ethan as he starts to look for the controller - there's a sigh, but he eases back off the sofa to go press buttons on the DVD player itself. It takes a minute, but he gets the movie to start playing, and then he retreats back to the sofa, promptly folding himself beside Abby and putting his chin upon her shoulder. "Can I have some popcorn, most beautiful elf?"

She's laughing but also a little concerned when the boys start both pretending to be Golum. She didn't sign up for that. Abby transitions to watching dubiously as Ethan starts looking around for the remote, but she'll accept that popcorn gratefully. "Thanks." She takes a handful of it before passing it along to Luke, "Here you go most handsome elf." Everyone can commence barfing now. She's content to lean into him once he settles in. "So are we really going to try to watch all of these movies tonight? Isn't it like fifteen hours long?"

"I think that there was something said about this taking two days?" Angela shakes her head, having honestly both not believed, and not listened that closely to Luke's horrified reaction. She reaches for a much smaller remote on the coffee table, picking it up to hit one of the buttons, causing the lights to turn off in the room, "I've got coffee, too, though. If we are planning to watch this stuff non-stop." She glances at Ethan, "And Ethan can pick up all the popcorn he drops."

"Oh, absolutely. All of it." Ethan agrees with Angela's edict sunnily while toe-nudging a stray kernel under her coffee table, making an oooooh noise when the lights magically dim. Like he had no clue that was going to happen. "Okay, yes, I'll share the preciouses, but only because you're my Sam, baby." He has already expressed his doubt about watching all 29679698 hours of this trilogy in one sitting, so just drinks beer and plays with Luke's fake ear.

"You should make him pick it up with his mouth," Luke offers helpfully over to Angela, echoing Ethan's ooooh noise when the lights dim. "And we have to make it through all three movies, or else Angela won't get the full ~experience~. At least we're not watching the director commentary on top of everything," he shrugs as he snuggles up into Abby while simultaneoulsy tipping his felt ears into Ethan. "I'd follow you to Mount Doom any day of the week, Ethan," he flutters.

"Two days? I didn't bring my sleeping bag." Abby mutters to Luke, "You didn't say this was going to take two days." When she notices the Ethan is starting to finger Luke's ear, she reaches around and smacks at his hand. "Stop it, my precioussss," she hisses at him. Because saying that repeatedly throughout all three films is definitely going to be a thing. "None of us got the full experience though, we saw the movies a year apart!" She looks over to Angela tells her brightly, "We'll back here in a year after this movie ends."

"One movie a year? I think that we can do that." Angela replies with a laugh, starting to get to her feet, then she crouches down to pick up more of the popcorn that Ethan has so kindly dropped on her floor. She then gets to her feet to wander to the kitchen, throw more popcorn away before returning with a bottle of wine and three glasses, everything deposited on the coffee table. Thankfully there are always a million minutes of lead up to a movie, and she uses it to get the wine, "So what are these movies about?" She wonders, kicking at Ethan's feet before she claims part of the couch to sit on as well.

Ethan hisses croakily at Abby when he's smacked, snatching his hand away and muttering to himself a la Gollum. He's still muttering, "…she can deal with them, yeeeesss…" while Angela goes to get something from the kitchen and the DVD warns them all not to distribute this or screen it or make any money off it ever or else FBI. "Bilbo gives an evil magical ring to Elijah Wood so he and all his buddies have to go on a quest to throw it away. And a dwarf and an elf fall in love, and Gandalf is sort of like their drunk uncle that finds Jesus and becomes a born-again." Cue the music. "Also, swords and stuff and Liv Tyler is in it." He puts an arm around Angela's shoulders and shuts up.

Luke's got his attention fully on Abby as she smacks away Ethan and hisses at him. "Man, you're kinda hot when you talk like that," he murmurs to Abby, wagging his brows playfully as he snuggles up into her. "My preciousesessssss," he mumble-growls as he gets himself comfortable. He was about to give Angela a run down on the plot when Ethan gives the best synopsis ever, and he just shrugs. "Yep. Pretty much that," he points a thumb over to Ethan, before he reaches for his glass of wine. "The best part is when Gandalf is all YOU SHALL NOT PAAASSS! That's the best part."

"Um, no. The totally uncanon thing with the elf and dwarf happens in the Hobbit movie. Which I can kind of understand because Aiden Turner is pretty hot so they were probably like 'sure, lets roll with this'. Ethan is fired from summarizing any more plots though," Abby just pets Luke on the head when he starts yelling the Gandalf quote loudly in her hears. "But yeah, otherwise that's accurate. Thank you for the wine! I'll help you make Ethan clean up his popcorn droppings after this is over. He's not house trained yet, we're sorry."

"And who is Bilbo? Or Gandalf?" Angela wonders, reaching over to try and grab a few pieces of popcorn, that do not actually get dropped because she knows how to eat without making a mess. She leans in against Ethan's side, "You won't pass what? Wait…" She lifts a hand, "Nevermind, I'll figure this out." She decides before glancing at Abby, shaking her head, "No, but it's kind of one of those things that are adorable about him. You should see him try to eat cereal…milk everywhere."

Ethan looked totally impressed by Luke's impression, of course, and so shakes a finger at Abby afterward. "Woman, please. Just 'cause you refuse to recognize the love between Legolas and Gimli doesn't mean it's not real." Quieter, "And also between Sam and Frodo. And Pip and Merry. And Saruman and Wormtongue. And…" He trails off. Eventually. "Just wait till we get to the part where they're all in bed together while Gandalf watches, it'll all make sense," in Angela's not elfy-ear. "Would you people," who are talking about his sloppiness, "shut up so we can watch this movie!"

"I think he means Legolas and Gim.." Luke starts as he bends into the head-pat from Abby, only for Ethan to chime in with his finger shaking. ".. li," he finishes, brows slightly furrowed as he thinks through the pairings, "Huh. I never realized the Wormtongue and Saruman thing. But you're totally right. Weird," he chews on his bottom lip, before he just shrugs his shoulders, giving a skeptical look up to Angela. "I mean if you really like something slobbering all over and making a mess of things, you really should get a dog. Or a pig," he remarks, flashing her a dimpled grin. "Although, I think Hamlet's actually cleaner than Ethan."

Is that Abby squinting at Angela dubiously in the dark, maybe! "They're not in a romantic entanglement, Ethan. They're /just/ friends. Why are you trying to make this movie a gay romantic comedy?" She sighs and sinks back into the couch again, taking a sip from her wine. "Dogs at least clean things up from the floor without being asked to." Apparently there will no quiet during this part of the movie.

"No dog. I'd forget to feed it…Ethan remembers to feed himself, so he'll probably live through this relationship." Angela murmurs quietly to Luke, at least semi-polite about not talking super loud over the movie, since Ethan seems to be very, very involved in it. "You know, though, that he is trying to make it a gay romantic comedy because he's not-secretly projecting his feelings for Luke onto the fantasy movie about elves, and gimlets?" She glances at Ethan, "Which reminds me, you have a cat?"

"Oh my god, do you really think those two didn't hook it up after the - " Ethan glances over, then quickly covers Angela's ears with his fingers to hiss, " - battle at Helm's Deep?" He uncovers the ears. "Don't be so suburban, Abby, sheesh. This isn't the Second Age anymore." Talk about his hygiene continues, so he finishes his beer sulkily and explains the cat away with a distracted, "Yes, her name is ScarJo, and she doesn't like strangers. Can we watch this movie already, you're all ruining this for me."

"Gim/lie/, Angela," Luke gently corrects. "He's like the best character. AND MY AXE!" he declares in a deep, rumbly sort of voice, making sure to lean away from Abby's ear this time as he puffs out his chest and everything. And then he's snickering as he leans back down into Abby, taking a big gulp of his wine before he sets it somewhere. "ScarJo is the third best cat I know. Outside of Abby's kittens, of course," he says of Ethan's cat, clearly ignoring his friend's whining. "And she's absolutely the sweetest. I'll give you some treats that she'll like if you want, Angela."

"Wow could you not project your hots for my boyfriend on this movie, please? Stop trying to make everything about you, Ethan." Abby happily picks up up ribbing on Ethan from that little in there, thanks Angela. When it looks like Luke is going to yell again, she leans away from him to protect her ears. But thankfully he's being courteous with his impressions. "The cat doesn't like strangers? The last time I checked, you and the cat weren't getting along with each other." Is there a movie playing?

"ScarJo?" Angela laughs slightly, "Right…But thank you for the offer of treats so that I can bribe Ethan's cat, Luke. I wouldn't know what to do with her if and/or when she decided she liked me, so I'll just let her be." She reaches up, giving Ethan's cheek a pat, "Sorry for ruining your gay fantasy elf comedy." She then pauses, "Wait, your own cat doesn't like you?"

When Ethan disagrees with Luke, it doesn't start with 'oh my god,' so maybe Abby has a point: "I kinda think Boromir is the best character, 'cause who even is Gimli? Not the guy that took like fifteen arrows to the torso, that's who." He leans forward, looking beyond Luke to Abby again. "Our relationship evolved, thank you." Angela gets a similar look when he sits back. "Don't blame me when you don't even know what's going on in these movies 'cause you weren't paying attention." (So this is the next fifteen hours of their lives?)

Luke casts doe-eyes to Abby as she ribs at Ethan, tipping his head to murmur something to her with an impish grin. "Gimli didn't take fifteen arrows to the torso because he's awesome, /unlike/ Boromir," he retorts aloud to Ethan, "And uh, spoiler, dude. Now she knows what to expect," he waves a hand in Angela's direction to emphasize. He reaches to grab a fistful of popcorn, offering kernals to Abby before he shoves whatever she doesn't take into his mouth, managing to not get any on Angela's sofa or floor somehow. "She can always watch it again if she misses something."

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Abby murmurs something quietly to Luke before she finally, finally stops talking and settles in next to him. The movie is three hours long… no, it's longer. Remember how someone said this wasn't the director's cut? SURPRISE IT IS.

No sword-fights and trips to the hospital? Ethan sads for wrong. :(

Angela drools on Ethan's shoulder when she passes out after one hour.

Luke stays awake for the rest of the movie!

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