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Misfit finds Xavier and they have a lovely little chat.

It's a clear, cold day in November. There isn't snow falling right at this moment, but there's plenty to be found on the ground, and most people are bundled up against the weather, shedding layers of clothes as they step inside the heated Plaza foyer. Xavier has been in a meeting for an hour or two, and is now walking out with two men and a woman - all four are dressed in sharp business suits, and Xavier has his heavy wool overcoat slung casually over one arm. The four exchange partings, with the require Firm Handshakes and slightly over enthusiastic laughs of corporate America, then split up. Xavier himself wanders out of the pedestrian traffic for a moment, turning his attention to his phone, to catch up on any e-mails he missed.

She had heard whispers of Tech Ease being in Calaveras nearly as soon as she'd stepped foot in it. Missy didn't jump to conclusions, jumping to conclusions got you killed. Instead, she had done a little bit of leg work. Inquiring about what the company was doing here and who else might be in town because of their arrival. Xavier Westin himself was one of the names that popped up. Missy knew now why she had come to Calaveras. Missy didn't necessarily spy on her targets all the time. In Xavier's case, she had spied on him plenty the first time. Now she knew that he was here, it was only a matter of time before their paths crossed.

Missy stoodout in the business plaza. Jeans that had seen better days, sturdy black boots, and a bright green sweater that shimmered just like she was. Glitter. So much glitter. She was also humming, dancing as she went - no earbuds evident. She had spotted Xavier leaving the building and approached from behind once he was alone. Missy reached up on her tip toes to whisper in his ear, "Boo!"

Xavier does not scream and drop his very expensive iPhone, but from the way his whole body tenses up, it's a near thing. He whirls around, his first reaction anger, mouth compressed to a thin line. Then he sees who 'pranked' him, and, hey, it turns out that even if you meet as many people as Xavier regularly does, you do remember the ones who almost murder you. He goes white as a sheet. "You. What are /you/ doing here?"

An innocent look as Xavier whirled around to face her. Then a grin. "Why do you /think/ I'm here?" Answer a question with a question. "I'm disappointed Westin, you've already forgotten what I told you last time I saw you." She reaches over to attempt to snatch his phone out of his hand, in order to casually browse through it if possible. "It hasn't been /that/ long."

Xavier is startled, but he's also tall, and the action to snatch his phone back and up, away from her grasp, is more instinct than deliberate thought. "I remember. But as my head hasn't exploded in a sniper round, and we are in a very /public/ place, I can only imagine you have something else on your mind. Or have decided to commit suicide for the holidays." His voice is biting, but it's not quite enough to hide the wariness as he gives her a quick, once over for weapons. Or bomb vests. Whatever the kids are into, these days. "I don't believe I got your name in our last introduction?" It's offered without much hope that she'll answer. But talking? Talking is good. It's better than stabbing.

She doesn't seem too disappointed in not getting his phone. She giggles, grabbing onto one of the nearby light poles and swinging around to the other side of it. "It hasn't been your time yet. But the wind brought me here, which means your time is coming very soon." Stated as a fact as she swung back to the original side of the light pole, keeping her eyes on him. Obviously she had some kind of tune playing in her head. "Killing you in public or private doesn't matter much to me. When the time comes, it comes. I just wanted you to know. So you can start getting your affairs in order. Isn't that nice of me?" Finally coming to just lean against the light pole, crossing her arms and ankles. If she had any weapons on her- they were hidden well. "You can call me whatever you want, honey. Names don't matter too much in the big picture of things."

"I suspect it was a train," Xavier mutters. "Possibly a charter flight. That brought you here." He reaches up with his free hand to rub at his neck, as if remembering the bite of steel in a kiss against his skin. Then he realizes he's doing it, and firmly puts his hand back down. "You're very cheerful for a murderer." He tries out a smile; it's not one of his best. "Perhaps we can make a deal, instead? Surely you have better things to do with your time than wait for the voices in your head to tell you my clock's run out?"

A twitch of a smirk as he rubs at his neck, ignoring his comment about what exact form of transportation brought her to Calaveras. "Thanks! I try. No one wants the last person they see to be an angry, or boring person. I'm really all about catering to the targets, you know?" So straightforward, and honest. She had to be crazy. She dug into her pocket to produce a pack of Juicy Fruit, taking out a stick and then offering him one before the pack went back into the pocket and she popped her stick of gum, "What is it with people in this town wantin' to make deals?" Rhetorical. Probably. She shifted, a two-step move before stretching. "I got all the time in the world honey. I'm not sittin' around waitin' for anything. Everything's got a time and a place. Have you tried the cinnamon rolls at that Java Junction? They're really good."

Xavier takes the offered stick of gum gingerly, that part of his body apparently operating on default politeness protocols while the rest of him tries to figure out how to deal with this. "I think you might find that no one wants the last person they see to be the person /killing them/, if you took a poll on it. Generally, people don't want to die." He doesn't unwrap the gum, or even hold onto it very long; it gets dropped into the breast pocket of his waistcoat, his eyes never leaving her as she moves around. "They are very good, yes. I prefer the danishes," he says, then frowns. "Which isn't the point, here. How much are you being paid? I'll double it, if you tell me who funded it, and cease."

"Danishes huh? I'll try them next time!" An emphatic nod. "And obviously no one /wants/ to die. Unless they're suicidal. But the fact of the matter is that everyone is going to die at some point. Some sooner than others and by unnatural deaths." She moved in closer with a manic little giggle. "it's cute that you think it's about the money Westin. The money's just the icing on the cake and I've already been paid for that a long time ago. You know, even if I don't kill you - someone or something else will take my place at the appointed time. Wouldn't you rather a familiar face do you in?" Quirking a brow before taking a step back. "And please, I'm a professional. Professionals don't out their sources."

"The fact that you seem to think you're being reassuring is both strangely compelling and completely terrifying," Xavier remarks, leaning away as she leans in. Maybe she can kill him with her teeth! He doesn't know! "But I rather vigorously disagree with your conception of destiny. There is no appointed time. There's only actions and consequence." His eyes narrow as she refuses. "And there's nothing I can do to change your mind on that point, Miss Murder?"

Her eyes light up at the nickname. "Miss Murder! That's fantastic! I love it. You're good at this." She totally reaches up to tap his nose if he doesn't get out of her way. Then she steps back again. "You can choose not to believe it if you want Westin. Just cause you don't believe in something doesn't mean it ain't real." She grinned. "Anyway. Not right now. I don't think at least. Maybe that will change but my intution's never let me down before. I don't think it's going to start now."

Xavier is booped on the nose. It's so clearly /not/ what he was expecting that he doesn't even move aside, just blinks his blue eyes at her in confusion. Then he recovers as she steps back. "I'm so glad you approve," he deadpans. "It truly makes my holiday." His frown deepens. "Very well. If you're set on this mad course, then I suppose I have no other choice but to oppose you. I'm not keen on dying." His eyes narrow. "I don't suppose you have a policy on bystanders?"

Missy turns very serious for the moment. "Of course I do. The only person that gets hurt is the person I'm after. And please do! I love a challenge. I don't get enough challenging marks these days." Pondering on that a moment. "But every challenge has to have rules. Right now, the only one is that no innocent people get hurt. And by innocent, I mean uninvolved in our game." She clapped her hands together. "This will be great fun."

Xavier has lived a fairly exciting life, with a number of unusual situations therein. And yet, from the expression of utter disbelief on his face, this is probably the first time anyone has ever openly referred to trying to kill him as a challenge and a game. And 'great fun'. That's probably the part that bothers him the most. But, after a moment, he extends a hand. "I am holding you to that, Miss Murder. Any uninvolved casualties, and you'd better /hope/ you kill me in that moment, because I will do everything within my power to ruin any drop of entertainment you might receive from this. Preferably by killing you and dumping your body in a foundation. But I'm flexible."

She shakes his hand firmly, confidently. "And I am holding you to it too!" His hand (or glove if he is wearing gloves) will likely end up with a few specks of glitter on it from her body lotion. Trying was the keyword of course. The chase was always the fun part. The killing was just part of the job. "And if you are able to kill me, Mr. Westin, you'll make a lot of people very happy I'm sure." She lowered her voice in a conspiritorial whisper. "And I hear the bounty on my head is pretty damn high." Back to a normal tone. "Not that you need more money, but still! Motivation. Beyond just wanting to keep your life."

[Missing, because TPO Misfit is bad! Ultimately, they "shake on it" and the game is afoot!]

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