(2018-11-20) Late Night Gun Shopping
Misfit checks out Double Action and gets Isaac to laugh

Aren't there regulations about smoking indoors? Isaac must not have gotten the memo, because he's currently located behind the counter with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. The hour is late, encroaching on closing time. He's there alone, scrolling through something on his phone as he waits for the clock to strike six or seven. Whatever the hours of operation are! Late fall in Calaveras has brought with it snowy weather and there's a fine dusting of the stuff coating the streets outside. The entrance to the shop is booby-trapped, meaning that there's a bell hanging overhead. It dings cheerfully whenever someone enters the gloomy room.

Missy had a nice gun collection. Not that anyone ever got to see it, but that didn't make it less true! She had a habit of picking up a new gun when she was in a new town and Calaveras was no different. She slipped into the shop, from the cold and shivered just a bit at the temperature. One day she would learn to properly dress for the weather. Not today though. Today was a bright green sweater that was glittering and practically falling off one shoulder-revealing that there was a tank top underneath. The woman herself seemed to shimmer- thank you glitter lotion. Humming as she made a fruitless attempt to pile her mass of hair into a ponytail. No purchases tonight, most likely - unless something spoke to her, but she wanted to scope out the selection. "Hello there!" All too cheerful, just like the bell on the door! She made her way up to the counter, leaning against it as she started eyeing the ones on display. "You the owner?"

The bell rings overhead and Isaac looks up out of habit, his gaze sliding over the woman across from him with a kind of unimpressed expression. He's in the process of breathing in another lungful of smoke when she begins speaking, he takes advantage of the moment and drags it out. Slowly a ring of smoke is blown up towards the ceiling. The bright shirt, the glitter lotion, the everything. It's the antithesis of what Isaac is, which is blandly dressed and bored looking. He taps the end of his cigarette into the ashtray, "That's me. How can I help you?" When she begins to lean against his counters, he languidly pulls himself out of the seat and gets to his full height, stretching.
Missy eyes Isaac briefly as he rises to his full height. She looked a little amused, "First - can I bum a cigarette off ya? Second, this all you got for sale?" She gave a little motion to the display. "Looking to add to my collection buttttttt…." She takes a few paces to the right and then to the left, looking before falling back to her original position. "…I got most a these already. I'm thinking something that can give me a big bang without breaking my shoulder on the recoil."

Isaac looks Missy over more intently, frowning when he notices just how much glitter is on her. Unconsciously, he glances down at the counter and seems to be searching for signs of the stuff. When he looks up again, "Sure." He digs around in his front pocket for a pack and drops it down onto the counter, offering her his lighter. "Don't take this the wrong way, but do you /actually/ know how to use a gun? I'm not interested in being part of some weirdo's scavenger hunt. Is this 'bug a shop owner' night or something?"

Poor Isaac. No doubt he was going to have glitter on his case before this visit was over. She plucked up the cigarette and dug in her pocket for a lighter, lighting up. She took a long hit and exhaled in a laugh, mostly towards the ceiling. "Honey, I'm pretty sure I could disassemble, reassemble and reload like 3 or 4 of these pistols before you even got the first one taken apart. No offense." Another grin flashed to him. "If I didn't know how to use one, I wouldn't be wasting time in here."

He's waiting for it. She needs what, a selfy with an assault rifle? Some sort of gag? But no, instead she claims that she can break down and reassemble one of the pistols before he got one taken apart. Isaac looks at her for a long moment before the not often witnessed smile slowly starts to cross his face and then he's laughing, loud and deep. "That's a good one. I wasn't expecting that." He takes another drag from his cigarette and he waves her around the counter. "I'm not sure I have something different from what you claim to already have, but if you're really into all of this… I have some antiques. Come take a look." He makes a 'come' gesture and starts walking to the back, expecting her to follow.

She grins as he started laughing, and raps her knuckles lightly on the case. "S'what I'm here for." Still looking amused as she straightened to follow him to the back. "I am sorely lacking on the antiques. Let's see whatcha got." She started humming again, her fingers tapping against her thigh as she followed him, to the beat of whatever the tune in her head might be. "How long've you had this place?" Mildly curious, reaching to tap some ash in the tray before completely going into the back with him.

"I have some nice pieces that date to a little after the Civil War. I'd have kept them but I have something comparable in my own stash," Isaac explains as he brings her to a case in the back. It's well lit, she'll be able to get a good look at what's in there. Dipping into his pocket, he pulls out a key and unlocks the case so that he can withdraw one of the old revolvers. "About a year. You're not one of my regulars. Here on vacation or just moved in?"

"Sweet. I don't think I have any from near that time." She said, moving closer to the case to inspect the contents as he opened it up. She let her cigarette hang in her lips as she dug into her other pocket and pulled out a pair of thin, leather gloves to put them on. Hey, at least the was conscious about the glitter! Or maybe she just didn't want her prints on a gun that wasn't hers. Anything was possible. Extracting the cigarette and exhaling, Missy took a look at the revolver he was getting. "New in town. For now at least. Not sure how long I'm staying yet. Depends on how long it is until the wind decides to take me elsewhere."

After she's suited up her hands, Isaac will hand it over so that she can get a good look at what's in front of her. He leans his shoulder against the wall, continuing to smoke all along. "Calaveras has a way of sucking people in. Don't stay too long or you won't be able to get out," he warns her, flicking his ash off somewhere. He watches her handle the weapon, something considering and assessing in his gaze. "What got you into this?"

Missy handles the gun easily, like she's held it a hundred, thousand times. She gets a feel for the weight of the gun and aims it towards the floor, checking a few other things as she takes another hit off the cigarette. "Pretty nice." She actually flips the gun which is probably the last thing you should do with an antique gun. It leaves her hand for a second, but she easily catches it by the barrel, handing it back to him. It seemed as if she had just done the move on autopilot. "Work." Is all she offered when he asked how her interest was sparked, vague but true! "How 'bout you?"

Most people would be impressed by fancy gun handling tricks, not Isaac. He takes in a deep breath, one that signals he's counting to some unspecified number in his head, "Please don't play with my guns." They're still his until someone buys them, after all. He replaces this one in the case and points out another, "That ones from 1842, so a few decades before the Civil War. Not bad, there's some hairline fractures in the wood though on the handle." Which wouldn't be too surprising, given the age. In reply to her own question he answers, "Work."

"Hm? Ah, right. Yeah. Sorry. Bad habits, hard to break all that." She offers up a mostly sincere smile as he points out the other gun. She peered at it a moment. "Can I hold it? No playing, promise. Still looks pretty good, despite the fractures. Which, not even that noticeable anyway unless you're lookin' for them." One more hit off the cigarette, glaze flitting about briefly before focusing on him again, assessing. "Military?" Idle curiosity.

"Mhm…" Isaac begins, thinking on it before he takes the super old and expensive gun out of the case and handing it off to her. He finally finishes his cigarette and stubs it out in an available ashtray. Of which there seem to be several stationed around the store. "It's not in bad shape, could be a lot worse. Should hold up well on display if it's looked after good." When she mentions 'military', he rolls his shoulders languidly. "For awhile. Now I'm this." Gun shop owner? Cigarette smoker?

She handles this gun a little more carefully, examining it as he speaks. "It is a beauty. Unfortunately, I don't have any kind of proper display set up going. Not yet at least, hard to say if I ever will. Guess it depends on if I let this town suck me in." She gave a wry smile. "S'that what happened to you? Or did you come here with the intention to stay?" Quirking a brow. Another nod at his answer about the Military. "Fair enough. Seems like you got some kind of good set up goin', yeah?"


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