(2018-11-20) A Day at the Youth Center
Stan spends the day at the Youth Center, and runs into Esme and Eve (unrelated).

The youth center in Willow Heights. A safe haven in the middle of an area of poverty. It is kept neat and up to code as one steps inside. Several people running around inside. From staff to people enjoying some time here before having to head home. Along with others that has this as a temporary home.

Among the people that are helping out is Stan. The psychologist has been meeting and counseling some of the kids. Finally just stepping out and stretching some. Moving to grab an apple and watching some of the kids as they play video games. "To your right!" He offers, but it is to no avail. "Damn, almost."

Raise your hand if you appreciate color coordination! Because the young lady who just came through the front door is super-color-coordinated, with a bright orange snow jacket, tight black pants and black snow boots. Someone please tell her Halloween was three weeks ago! She has some kind of a brochure in her hands, or maybe it's a street map from the local bus station; either way she looks around the youth center upon entering, peering this way and that while she wanders until she ends up standing near Stan, where she observes to herself: "Well, wow. This is like… the anti-matter Universe Disneyland." Frowning, she unpockets a phone and starts thumbing furiously, at the same time reciting what she's typing. "….no… roller…coaster… no…water…slide… no… space… mountain… but yes to… free…parking… overall… score… C."

Esme made a trip to the Youth Center a couple times a month at the very minimum. She would bring books that the library was retiring for whatever reason and add to the collection at the center, or replace books that were damaged. She held the box of books carefully, eyeing the door and deciding how much of a stubborn mule she wanted to be. She sighed finally and moved closer to the door, shifting the box to one arm and grabbing the door with the other. She flung it open and then resituated the box as she quickly stepped inside. A bit of a victory grin crossing her features as she made her way towards a free table to set the box on. "Hello everyone." Greeting any who were near by, glad to be free of the book box for now. She shed her black wool coat to reveal the black dress slacks and cream colored turtleneck underneath, hanging it over the back of a chair for the moment as she took stock of everything that was going on.

Stan chuckles as he listens to Eve. "Don't forget free food and bathroom with showers." These might be in the areas where some are stayinhg and using as housing areas. Stan is there quite regurlarly. Having been among those that started the place. Anyone digging deeper would know he more or less funded it himself, about a year ago. So it isn't weird that he is around a lot. Seeing Esme trying to make her way in with the box has Stan moving over to help out. "Great, more books." He offers with genuine excitement. "Hope all is well?" Offered to all of them perhaps.

Eve looks up at her phone when she hears Stan chiming in. If she looks at all surprised, it's very fleeting before a big grin spreads across her lips. "Good save. I did NOT know about the free food. What about drinks? Juice? Soda? Margarita?" Even as she asks, the pink-and-blonde young lady continues to thumb at her phone, pausing only so that her gaze can follow Stan heading towards Esme. "And apparently, free books." She adds to her online /review/. In fact, she now lifts the phone and starts snapping pictures, evidently to prove that she is in fact on site.

"Eesh, ah, thank you Stan!" She said when he came to help her out. "Yes, more books! I noticed the sci-fiction and some of the non fiction things were lacking last time I was here. So I made sure to stock up on those. And I've got some new copies of Catcher in the Rye, Robert Frost, some of those James Patterson novels. The ones here currently are looking rough. Though, that's a good thing I suppose. It means that people are reading them at least." She smiled, brushing back a few strands of hair and looking to Eve as she starts taking pictures. "Just make sure to get my good side, Miss." She chuckled, starting to unpack the books and sort them. "There's usually some soda or juice I think, right Stan?" She asked, then added, "I'm doing as well as I can be. You? Any plans for the holidays?"

Stan grins at Eve, "Probably no alcohol. Too many younger teens." He says and chuckles. "Yeah, as Esme said. Other drinks are available." Said even as he is helping out Esme. "No worries. It's why I'm here." He says and grins. "Indeed. Thanks for bringing more." He offers and smiles. Nodding agreeingly to the words. As there are questions about the holidays, he shrugs, "A movie most likely." He offers and laughs softly.

Eve continues with her picture-taking, but she does call back in response to Esme's request. "No sweat! Push comes to shove, censor bars will always save the day."
Spending the next couple of minutes with the photoing, Eve then finishes up and strolls lazily towards the two obvious volunteers as they move the delivered books. "You guys ever noticed how little is actually 'free' in our 'free' country?" She muses, lips quirking lopsidedly. She even lifts her phone as demonstration. "They try to tell you this is 'free'? But it's actually a scam cuz they get to hold you hostage for two years, kinda like Hansel and Gretel."

"Sounds about like my plans. Aside Kate inviting me to Thanksgiving at the B&B. You could come along if you wanted. I'm sure she wouldn't mind. The more the merrier and all that." Esme offered as she organized the books in neat stacks and recruited a couple of the kids she knew by name to assist with getting them to the shelves. She continues watching Eve curiously, and chuckled. "Nothing is ever free. It's true. There's always someone footing the bill." She agreed. "I don't think I've seen you around before. I'm Esme." She offered a hand to the young woman, exposing her charm bracelet that held a variety of occult-looking charms on it.

Stan shrug, "Depends on how self sufficient you can be. A forgerer can get by. Luxury items cost though. So you do have the oppurtunity for freedom. Sort of." He says and shrugs. It's more complicated than that, but he offers that to the youngster for now. "You could learn to create your own phone. Again, luxury item." Nodding a bit about heading to Kate for Thanksgiving, "Ah, thank you. I'll consider it. As long as none of my patients need me. Thanksgiving can be stressful for some of them." Letting them talk and introduce one another. "And I'm Stan." For either of them. If they follow football his face might be recognizable. As he did play on a high level a long time ago. Or well, a few yours ago. Though back then people only used his fullname of Stanford Everest.

Alas! From looks alone, it's a safe bet that Eve doesn't really follow football. :( But since introductions are being offered, the pink-blonde bobs her head and follows suit. "Yeah, I'm kinda new in town; haven't even unpacked, actually! But I figure I'll scope out this town and check out all the happenin' places. Which is not a long list, if you are wondering." Beat. "You can call me Eve, by the way." In fact, she'll take Esme's hand in a quick shake, but not quick enough that she doesn't peer at the bracelet for a second or two. "Hey, nice Wiccan goods there, sistah." Eve singsongs, but also looks back at Stan. "You have patients? Dude, are you a doctor too?"

"Fair point." She nodded towards Stan and his assessment. "But even then, I imagine a rare occassion or two might pop up where a forager would need something that they couldn't get for free." An thoughtful little sound as the idea rolled through her mind, then shook her head and chuckled. She had never been big on sports herself, so Eve wasn't alone in that department. "Nice to meet you Eve, and thank you. Welcome to Calaveras." Esme smiled again, moving to bring some books to the shelves and take down the worn out onces before returning to the table to put the worn out books in the now empty box.

Stan is happy that people don't follow football. Makes it easier to fly under the radar and taking care of his patients. Turning his gaze to Eve as she address him, "Yeah, but a psychologist." He says and nods slowly. Nods a bit to Esme. "Oh, indeed. Though hopefully the chooice is still yours." He suggests before shrugging. Continuing to help sort things out.

"Right! A shrink at a youth center, of course." Eve nods sagely to Stan's answer, because that makes total sense. But as both Stan and Esme continue with the unpacking…. Eve makes no effort to join in the heavy lifting. "Well, looks like you kids need to focus on your 'fun' activities for a bit." Again she lifts her phone, and waves it around a bit. "I should continue with my sightseeing tour around town. Maybe do a little… "foraging" while I'm at it. If I can create a 4K TV with rando junk I find, I'm totes gonna donate it to this place."

Esme laughed at Eve's proclamation. "Hey, I'll be impressed if you make just one of those tiny ones with the TV antennas." She mused. "It was nice to meet you Eve." She briefly inspected the books in the box and then nodded. Apparently satisfied with whatever she was thinking about. "Be sure to check out Java Junction, they're really good. And if you ever want to swing by the library I'd be happy to give you the 'grand tour' of it some time."

Stan chuckles and nods, "Well, you could always play some table tennis. There are some other equipment stacked in the back as well. Come by if you ever feel like it, doors are open." He assures her. "Take care." Not wanting to stop her. He does study her some though. Trying to pin down her personality and so forth. A bit of amusement as well about her making a 4k TV. "Indeed, nice to meet you." Grinning as Esme mention the library. "Indeed. Always a nice spot to hide."

"Already checked out Java Junction, but I'll add the library to the list." Eve upnods at Esme's suggestion, and adds for Stan's benefit. "Hey, if the poor underpriveleged kids here need any kind of fashion counselling who's also hip and cool…." She points both index fingers at herself. "…look no further, 'kay?" She nods once more, making her point before lifting one hand in a Vulcan gesture. "Live long and prosper, y'all. Peace."

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