(2018-11-20) A Chance To Be A Dick
Vic wanders home after her night at Calvin's to find Willow, Everett, and more redecorations.

Vic has been away all night! The scandal. Willow's boss disappearing off in the middle of the night, so the teenager has been taking care of business - as the hep cats say. She is not concerned, Vic called to say she was alright. With business a little slack, Willow is taking the time to do some art. Not painting. Her true love - sculpture. This means she is welding bits of metal together…in the office. Huge safety glasses covering most of her face as she hums to herself.

Which might explain why she hadn't answered his call or replied to his texts yet! Either way, Everett is a duly concerned boyfriend and has come looking for Willow, since he couldn't get a hold of her. Especially since it's a Monday and he has no classes or practice to keep him occupied. So it is that E opens the door to the detective agency, looking around for a second and not seeing his girlfriend anywhere. However … there /is/ somebody welding … something … which is curious. But he's not sure about safety protocols and whether it's okay to shout at someone with a welding torch in their hands, so he just moves past the door and folds his arms in front of him, waiting patiently.

"Oh…c'mon! You knew I meant to put that bit there" Willow yells at the sculpture…or is she yelling at the welding torch. "Now it looks like a goat instead of a ram!" To anyone else it looks like a whole bunch of random metal shoved together into a random shape. She turns off the torch, pouting under the huge glasses, before shrugging it off. "Oh well, the best art is created by accident." Willow looks up to see Everett and her smile becomes a huge grin. "E! Oh…do you need a dick?"

An eyebrow quirks up when the welder addresses him- it's not /impossible/ to guess that it's Willow, but the safety goggles don't make it obvious. Then again, hadn't she already told him that she welded? Yeah, he's sure she'd mentioned it. "Hey ba-," he starts, but then stops at her question. He laughs and shakes his head, holding his arms out a little. "I thought mine was plenty?" he teases, smirking.

It takes a moment for Willow to process Everett's comment as she walks over to him, putting the welder down but leaving on her huge gloves…and glasses. "Not that kind of dick, silly!" she gasps, thumping him on the chest - he will barely feel it. "A private dick…though I guess your dick is private too." A blushing smile before she leans in to whisper. "Yours is definitely plenty." A smile as she steps back and pulls up the glasses to the top of her head. "Did you come just to see me then? Awwww. So sweet. Like a drink?"

Everett would blush, if his cheeks could change color, instead of just smirking when she whispers to him. "And of course I came to see you. School's on break for the week and I don't have any football or anything. Those are the only two things keepin' me from you, so …." He was just reaching to wrap his arms around her when she steps back, so he stops and instead just clasps his hands in front of him again. "Um, a drink? Sure. Whatcha got?" he asks. Then, looking over her head at her art project, he adds, "Whatcha working on?"

Willow missed a hug? That won't do! She steps back in to squeeze him as hard as she can (which is not very) before pulling off the gloves. She is also wearing overalls - the painting ones. "Soda. Lots of soda. We're underage, E, no drinking alcohol. Oh…some juice too. That helped Vic get sober. So, you're not doing anything for a week? Cool. We should go do something…cheap."

Everett hugs her back and kisses the top of her head- or forehead, depending on where the glasses wound up. "Juice'd be aight?" he says, letting his arms linger around Willow's waist. "And not /all/ week. Thanksgiving is Thursday. I'ma volunteer with a friend at a homeless shelter, then I've got dinner with my folks. … do /you/ have plans for Thanksgiving? I guess I don't really know about your family."

"Juice it is. Oh! You have plans for Thanksgiving?" Willow looks a bit annoyed at this…for a couple of seconds. "Do you know when? We've been invited to Thanksgiving with Calvin Shay. He's Vic's boyfriend. And he was also a big singer once upon a time. Though he may also be again. Not sure, I think he does country music or something. So I was hoping you would come along because that would be totally cool. Oh…you said it was Thursday. Not sure when Calvin's one is. I'll get juice. My family have a convention to go to. Just my parents. Twentieth anniversary of Buffy or something."

Everett blinks as he lets his girlfriend loose and she fills him in on … a bunch. "Um … yeah … Thursday evening. Dinner. And the volunteer thing will be over the lunch hour, I think …. You're not going with your family?" he asks, surprised. As Willow goes to get the juice, Everett moves to sit on the edge of a desk, looking at the sculpture in the room. He … has no idea what it is. But, he's also not into art whatsoever.

"I don't see my family much. It's fine. Mutual thing. Still love them heaps but don't need to see them" Willow shrugs before pouring some juice for them both. "Conventions is there thing. They like it much more than Thanksgiving. Why would I stop them having fun?" She hands over a glass. "Here you go. Bottoms up." A sip from her own glass. "Your family's still in the Heights?"

Everett nods as he listens, accepting the glass from Willow. He's already taking a drink when she tells him too, smiling at her when he finishes. He nods to her question, "Yup. Still there. Pops dead set on movin' out, sayin' they put down roots there and stuff like that. But, when I make it big? /First/ thing I'ma do is get them a house somewhere nice. If he ain't wanna leave Calaveras, then I'ma just move 'em up to Birchwood or som'in. Anywhere but Willow Heights."

"The Heights has its appeal" Willow shrugs. "You could get them the biggest house in the Heights instead? Or extend their's until it is massive? I dunno, not sure how houses work. Never really had one." And she doesn't sound bothered by this at all. "Friends are more important than how many rooms you have. You don't want to take them away from people they love. I can understand why they don't want to go."

Everett frowns and shakes his head. "It ain't about that. It's about the crime. And it's about my dad spending fourteen or fifteen hours a day, fixing /other/ people's stuff, then coming home to a house where barely anything works. And my moms, she's working like ten or twelve hour days. They both bringing home checks and they can't even get they mortgage paid off, let alone tryin'a help me through college." It's obvious this is something Everett's pretty passionate about. "My family been good to me. I wanna do good by them."

"Then why don't they leave? It sounds like those roots are pretty important to them. More important than all the bad things you see" Willow replies, not wanting to make him more passionate. "Or are they just stubborn? Pride is the downfall of many." She takes his empty glass. "More? Do you like my sculpture? It's called 'Life Is Worth It'."

"Because they can't /afford/ to. That's why I'ma make that money, shorty," Everett says. He lets her take his glass but shakes his head at her offer. "Nah, I'm good for right now. Thanks, though." And then he's looking at her sculpture again. "It's pretty interesting. Why's it called that?" he asks, folding one arm across his chest while his other hand starts rubbing at his chin while he considers it.

Willow looks confused at Everett as she gestures to the sculpture. "Umm…it's called that because that is what it is. Can't you see that?" It seems obvious to her. Lower lip pushed out in a pout. "You can't see that? Hmm…what would you call it?"

Catching Willow's pout, Everett smirks and reaches out for his girlfriend, intent on pulling her, back to him, so she can look at it, with him. and, if she allows him to pull her in, he'll set his chin on top of her head, arms gently wrapped around her, and rock. "I would call it, 'My Boyfriend Has No Artistic Vision,' or, 'My Girlfriend Can Do Amazing Things,' depending on how you look at it."

Willow certainly allows such intimacy. Snuggling back into her boyfriend as they consider her work of art. It /is/ art! "Both good titles" she giggles, "But it's for here. Make people remember that, when they come in here for help, it is worth it. That things will get better. It cheers you up, right?"

Everett smirks and kisses the back of her head. "Of course it cheers me up. But, I'm biased. I'm dating the creator," he says, giving her a little squeeze. "I /am/ impressed, though. And not just by the sculpture. You really mean all that when you build something like this?" he asks.

"Of course" Willow nods, lightly so as not to hit him in the chin too much. "Art is inspired by life, not directed by it. Though maybe art can direct life in return? It's a tricky thing. But you just go with the flow when the ideas are…umm…flowing. You do art too. You just call it football. Football means more than just tossing a pigskin around, doesn't it?"

Willow can feel Everett shrug a little in response to her question. "As a game?" Everett is quiet for several seconds while he thinks about it, moving his head to rest beside his girlfriend's. "I dunno. Like, stuff /about/ the game can mean more. The money. Or the platform. But … I mean … otherwise, it's just a game, ain't it?"

"Is it? Is anything 'just' what it is?" Willow muses. "Something is whatever you want to put into it. Some think it is /less/ than a game. Some think it is life. Who is to say who is right? Do you only play for the money? Don't you love it. Doesn't it lift your spirits? Make you feel glad to be alive?"

Everett is quiet again as he ponders. And then he chuckles and kisses Willow's cheek. "I love playing it. But, it's not /life/ or anything. There's a lot more out there. My family. School. … you," he adds, emphasizing the last one with another squeeze and a nuzzle against her neck.

"There is too much in life to just find joy in one thing" Willow agrees, giggling a little as she is nuzzled. There is a car pulling up outside. "Ooh…Vic's back! She spins around to give Everett a quick kiss on the lips. "Ready to meet the best dick in town?" Willow is in overalls, with huge safety goggles perched on top of her head. The reason for this, like she needs one, is that she has been welding a sculpture for the office since the rainbow is now gone. She rushes to the door and opens it. "Welcome back!" she beams, a wicked look in her eyes. "How was your…night out?"

Smirking again, as Willow continues to use the worn-out moniker, Everett gives Willow's behind a playful grope. "And here I thought you were a bigger fan of mine," he quips quietly. But then he lets her go and stands up from the desk he'd been leaning/sitting on, looking down at himself to make sure his hoodie and sweatpants are at least presentable. Nothing screams 'college athlete' like matching UCC Football sweats.

A fancy car pulls up in front of the office and discharges the form of one Vic Grey. In the same clothes she left in yesterday. WALK OF SHAME? Well, considering it's her and Calvin, probably not. It'll likely take an act of God to get one of them to make an actual move on the other. Stupid skittish adults. But she looks well-rested, and her usual scowl isn't quite so deep today. She pushes open the door and blinks at the greeting from her assistant, and at the welding happening in the middle of her office. She blinks again. Once more for good measure. "Do I want to know what's being done to my office this time?" she asks.

Willow is smiling broadly and happily as Vic arrives. Same clothes…that is noted…and earns a wink from the teenager. "Okay." She takes a deep breath, obviously excited to explain. "I got rid of the rainbow, because, like, as you said, way too kiddie. Did I tell you that Everett helped me paint it? Oh, this is Everett. He's my boyfriend. He doesn't have school today…or this week. Thanksgiving thing, I think. And who wouldn't give thanks for missing school? Am I right." A pause before she realises she was talking about something else. "Oh…yes…so I made a sculpture." She indicates the mass of metal seemingly randomly welded together. "It's called 'Life Is Worth It'. A much more mature and adult thing to have. Do you love it?"

When he's introduced, Everett holds up a peace sign and nods. "Wassup," he says, quietly. And then Willow is explaining the sculpture and Everett just grins and watches for Vic's response, arms folded across his chest. "This one was all her," he adds, helpfully. For better or worse.

"Everett. Nice to meet you. Thank you, by the way. Willow gave me some football tickets from you and I was able to treat a friend and some of his family members who needed a bit of fun after a scary moment," Vic says to the young man. She then circles around the sculpture, giving it a short study. "Actually. I do like it. I didn't know you were a sculptor too, Wil," she says to her assistant. She sets a grocery bag on her desk, from it wafts the dulled scents of cold takeout. "I have plenty of leftovers from dinner at Calvin's. I think he ordered from every takeout place in the county."

Willow does a little fist-pump at the sculpture being appreciated before a demure smile for the pair. "Cool. I will put it on the front desk…when we have a front desk. I need a front desk to greet people properly. Not that we have any money. Ooh…food!" A grin for Everett. "Are you on a diet thing again?" To Vic she explains, "He's an athlete so has to watch what he eats. I mean, I watch what I eat too. How else can I make sure it gets in my mouth? But he has to eat stuff to stay all muscled. Sooooo many muscles. Anyway, how was 'dinner'?" Yes, there are fingerquotes. "I bet you didn't get to eat much."

Everett just smirks as Willow celebrates. And then she's talking about him again, explaining things like he's not right there. His smile only grows, and he waits until she's all done before he responds. "Nah, I'm not back on restricted foods until April. I just need to make sure I don't get /too/ out of control until then." And, noticing Willow's coyness about Vic's evening last night, with no previous information, Everett just raises his eyebrows, curiously.

"I ordered you a desk from IKEA, it'll be here after the Thanksgiving Holiday, which reminds me, you and I are invited to Calvin's for that. His band is coming in for it, it's a tradition, so we'll be eating with them more so than his family. It's something his brother used to arrange every year." She opens the bag and takes out containers, setting them on the desk. "There's pizza, fried chicken, Chinese, Thai, and cupcakes. Dig in. And dinner was late. We went for a joy ride in his brother's Jag and ended up in a ditch after the tire blew out. After that his cousin came to bring us home and we ate and watched movies. It was late, so I crashed in a guest room with loaned PJs."

Willow stands silently as she listens to Vic's evening. Her body trembling with excitement at hearing such a tale, though her expression attempts to remain deadpan throughout. Lips twitching as they want to break out into a euphoric grin. 'Loaned PJs' gets a wink of understanding. "I guess I need to wash your clothes then" she notes lightly. "Ooh…I can bring E to Thanksgiving, right?" She looks over at him. "Unless it is on Thursday which is when he is eating with his parents. Right? And you won't get out of control. Not with the food at least." A wiggle of her eyebrows before an excited look back at Vic. "Ikea! Oh my gosh, I can't wait to put it together!"

Everett goes back to leaning/sitting on the edge of the desk behind him, listening to Vic's story. And then his girlfriend's excitement. He smiles, again, and chuckles. "If it's a party kind of thing, I could make it after I eat with my folks. But I definitely don't wanna intrude or nothin'," he expresses. But, more importantly, "Wait, y'all was in a Jag and wound up in a ditch? … is everybody okay? Did you total the car?"

"I think it's on the day. His family doesn't do a family thing for it, just a blow out at Christmas he said. And if Everett can get away from his family to come along, I can ask Calvin is one more guest is all right," Vic says with a small smile. Oh my God, a SMILE. "We're ok, it was just a bit of a bump into a ditch. He'll get the car back up and good I'm sure. When you see what he considers a 'modest' home, I think you'll cease worrying about it. We watched movies in the home theater."

"You should have had a real driver driving" Willow grins. "I never crashed. Not accidentally at least. I don't think I ever did a Jag. Not really common around here." She bounces on over to Everett, sitting on the desk alongside him. "You won't be intruding, silly. We're invited. Or we will be." If Willow wasn't sitting on the desk, she would have fallen over at the sight of a Vic smile. "How much does he charge for the theater? Does it seat many? What movie did you watch?" A girl needs to know!

Everett lets out a low whistle when Vic explains that the guy has a theater in his house. But he doesn't seem that impressed with Vic's smile, since this is the first time he's seen her and she's already doing it. "Well, I'm glad y'all okay, then," he says, nodding. And, as Willow bounces over to sit next to him, he lifts one of his hands and moves it to her other side, not /exactly/ holding her, but also not exactly not. He chuckles at her questions and leans in to whisper, "I don't think you gotta charge when the theater's in your house, shorty."

"All questions you can ask Calvin himself on Thanksgiving when he gives you the tour. Because I need to go put on some clean clothes and do some work upstairs today. By the way, I'm handing Katherine Stone's case over to you, Willow. It's a good one to cut your teeth on, especially since you have sources that are pertinent to it. I'll advise you when you need it and sign off on all the paperwork to make things all legally copacetic, but you're the primary on it."

"How does he pay for the ushers?" Willows asks Everett about the home theater, but it sounds like she can ask Calvin herself soon. He will look forward to that. And then some major news!!! Her own case! "I…I get to be lead dick? Oh my gosh!" There is squealing and bouncing against Everett's arm. And clapping. "I will do a /totally/ awesome job. You will be so proud of me. And I will find the driver. And I will kick them in the nuts. And I will make Katherine feel good again. Because that's what dicks do! Gosh, I better get started on that!"

Everett just hangs his head and chuckles at Willow's question about the ushers, smiling. And then Vic's giving her something completely different to focus on, so he doesn't bother to answer. Though he does quirk an eyebrow and look at Vic. And then at Willow. "I …," he starts, but then changes his mind and waits until she's done bouncing so he can lean over and kiss the top of her head. "You'll do great, 'low."

"Yes to the finding, no to the nut-kicking, and dear God someday you will run out of dick phrases," Vic bemoans. "Nice to meet you Everett, hopefully see you again on Thanksgiving." With that, the woman heads through a door to the back stairs to go to her apartment above.

"Bye, boss" Willow grins, waving to Vic as she leaves before looking excitedly at Everett. "I am going to soooo kick…not nuts…not allowed to kick nuts. But I am going to solve this like Sherlock Holmes. Probably with more phone use." She moves over to her sculpture, moving it up onto a desk before pulling out her phone. "I should let Katherine know the good news."

Everett nods a little, smirking as Willow starts in right away. "Well, /I'm/ happy for you. … do you want me to go, so you can get to work?" he asks, standing up from the desk. "I don't wanna be a distraction or anything."

"You're not a distraction, silly" Willow grins, putting her phone away again before making the call. "You came here to spend some time with me, so we shall spend some time. We probably shouldn't make out though…not with Vic home."

Everett chuckles and holds up his finger. "But see, I just distracted you, since you were gonna call Katherine," he points out, smirking. "Plus, this is your job, I shouldn't be just hanging out, waiting for ya." He walks towards Willow, holding his hands out. "I mean, I don't wanna be a dick if you tryin'a be a dick," he teases, grinning. "I can wait. You can call me when you get off."

There is lip wobbling from Willow as she takes his hands. "You're leaving? Well…okay…if that's what you want to do. You've probably got lots of friends to go and see…and stuff. I will give you a call the second I am done." She nods to the office. "You do know I live here too, right? I sleep on the couch."

Everett clicks his tongue, sliding her arms up and over his shoulders before he reaches down to hold her too. "Now don't make it sound like I ain't wanna hang out wit' you," he says, leaning down to put his forehead against hers. "I came over here just fa that. But you just got handed yo' very first case, and I can see that it's important to you, and it involves other people, too. So I ain't about to try and hog all yo' time to myself, when I got aaaall night I could spend with you." He smiles and kisses her nose.

"Oooh…you want to spend all night with me?" Willow coos, up on tippy-toes to try and kiss him back. "I won't solve it today, but I'll try and get in touch with some people who could help. Bad people. I don't want you mixed up with bad people. You have an awesome future, with me for a start, so I won't jeopardize that. Shall I come round to your room later?"

Everett smirks, even as he kisses her back, letting his hands slide a little lower to her behind. Once the kiss finishes, he gives her behind a little squeeze. "I always /want/ to, 'low. Doesn't mean it can always happen." Then, he cants his head to the side, still letting his face linger close to hers. "You know, I think that's the first time I've ever heard you talk about 'us' having a future. You're normally so much in the minute. That's kinda sexy," he quips, leaning forward to nuzzle into her neck gently.

"Who knows what will happen in life? Willow giggles, wriggling as she is nuzzled. "Though if you're gonna be a super rich footballer, you'll be surrounded by booby blondes soon enough" she teases. "And you'll need to spend soooo much time being muscly and footbally. I guess we need to take the time we can." A playful spank of his butt. "Get out of her before I forget what I was doing."

Everett laughs, giving her one last kiss and a firm butt-squeeze before letting her go. "See! A distraction!" he announces as he walks backwards towards the door. "Call when you done, we can decide what we doin' then! Peace, babe," he says, holding two fingers to his lips, kissing them, and then showing the peace sign to Willow as he hits the door.

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