(2018-11-19) Still Complicated
Two star crossed lovers meet in a gym and talk politely(?) at each other.

Late at night is the best time to work out, people are asleep and not bothering you. That's what brought Katherine here, and she's standing in front of a large punching bag, punching it with some impressive force. She clearly isn't skilled at it, her stance is all wrong. Despite that, she's landing some pretty impressive punches on the bag, grunting (and probably wincing) each time she lands a hit.

Time has to be made whenever time can be made. This seems to be the time for Angela, judging by the fact she strolls through the door already wearing her gym clothes and fully ready to go. She does not actually see Katherine over there punching the bag, but her destination is right near her, so she might be visible soon.

Katherine punches the bag again, and wrenches her wrist when she does it. She lets out a sharp cry and gingerly begins to pull the glove off, sucking in a pained breath. "Shit." She mutters, twisting her wrist this way and that. When she tries to rotate it, she whimpers, sitting down on the mat and staring at the bag. That fucking bag beat her.

Now this is perhaps the most awkward thing. Angela comes to a stop when she spots Kate, tilting her head as she debates on slipping away or saying hello. Eventually she comes to the choice to approach Katherine, "Hello again, Ms. Stone."

Katherine gazes up at Angela, a hostile look on her face for a moment, but it passes quickly. "I think I asked you at least twice now to call me Katherine." She replies, her version of a greeting right now. She pushes to her feet, moving to pull off her other glove. She grimaces in pain again and sighs. "How are you doing, Angela?"

"You have, but under the circumstances I felt it was best to err on the side of caution." Which is probably laughable. "I'm fine, thank you." She glances down at Kate's hands, but doesn't say much about that, instead going for the tough topics, "Mr. Westin had a lovely event the other night."

"If I don't want you to call me by my given name, I'll be sure to let you know." Kate responds, cutting a look at Angela, taking in her gym attire. "I heard it was rather lovely, yes. However, I can safely say that my time wasn't as lovely." She manages a smile, fraying around the edges, as she gazes at Angela. "I hope your evening was better."

"That's a pretty complicated answer, the rest of the party was…." Angela shakes her head, "It was embarassing, and most of it I brought on myself, but thankfully Mr. Westin was a gracious host. After I left the rest of my evening was better."

Katherine gazes at Angela, turning to walk toward a bench with her gloves in one hand. "Well, I'm still in the dark about most of it, I'm glad that your evening got better." She takes a seat, stuffing the gloves in her bag one handed. "Embarrassing is an apt description though."

Angela's brow lifts upwards, "In the dark on what?" She crosses her arms over her chest, following Kate when she heads towards a bench with her things, "Just to be clear, you're not meaning the part itself, right?"

Katherine looks up at Angela, frowning. "In the dark on what exactly happened at that party. I got invited to attend, I show up and my date drinks himself stupid within fifteen minutes and everyone around me is whispering and upset." She tilts her head, her mouth slightly open as she eyes Angela. "Do you .." She looks exasperated, but takes a deep breath, and calm prevails. "..do you realize how that feels? To see everything unravel around you and have no clue why?"

"I imagine the only person that would be able to answer that first part is Ethan." Which probably won't help Kate at all in the end. "No, I've never watched things unravel and not know why, not that I remember at least." She shakes her head just a fraction, glancing down at her feet, "I can't speak to anyone else, but my conversation with Luke boiled down to the shut up, butt out, mind your business, and act like an adult. Essentially."

"Ethan owes me an apology, I doubt I'll ever get one, so I won't ever know why." Katherine doesn't look horribly bothered by this, shrugging as she leans down to zip up her bag. "Be thankful, Angela because it's a really shitty feeling, especially when it's your friends doing it." She lets out a slow breath, turning her head to watch Angela. "I still really have no idea what that means, I'm going to imagine it has something to do with me, but .." She goes quiet for a moment, shaking her head as her shoulders twitch. "..what is going on?"

"I doubt your friends were doing it to try and upset you." Angela's brows lift upwards, a brief smirk flicking across her face before she answers, "What it means is I was angry about things, and at risk of making the situation worse. Whiskey was a bad idea." As for what is going on she glances around, the back to Kate, "I decided to come work out while I had some spare time."

Katherine shakes her head, getting to her feet and picking up her bag. "That.. that right there is why you in particular frustrate me." She mirrors the smirk Angela just had on her face, rolling her eyes. "One of these days, someone will just level with me, and then life goes on. Until then, we all continue to tra la la in fairy land." She slings the bag over her shoulder. "Whiskey is usually a bad idea." She adds , nodding as she starts to make her way to the exit.

There is a genuine look of bafflement at that, "I did level with you." Angela doesn't try and stop Kate though, just watches her as she starts to make her exit with a frown, irritation and confusion seeming to war with each other on her face.

Kate pauses, turning with a baffled look on her face as if she doesn't think she heard Angela right. Yeah, she caught that look of irritation. "No, you came to my house and told me to date someone else. That's not leveling with me, Angela. That's you pushing your own agenda." She walks back to the other woman, stopping a foot away. "What were you angry about at the party?"

Aha. Angela's confusion clears up pretty quickly at that, lips pressing briefly together before she just shakes her head, "I doubt that anything I say is going to make you feel any better about what has happened. But I was angry about the fact you and Ethan came together, I was angry about the fact that despite all your own misgivings, everything that was well in place before I ever opened my mouth, I'm the one and only bad guy. I'll own my part, I should never have answered you, and I never should have said anything. But, you know what…I did. I wasn't fucking kidding you, Katherine, when I said if you are simply waiting for someone to be tired of you and you don't know what your relationship is that maybe you should figure it out. That's a miserable, and idiotic, way to live. For both of you. Was I interested in Ethan? Yes. But while part of me was selfishly gleeful when you two broke up, I'd have said what I said if you'd been dating someone I couldn't have cared less about."

Katherine folds her arms over her chest, considering Angela's words for a few moments before she calmly responds. "Angela, there is one thing I've always known in my life. It takes two to tango. It took both of us to have that conversation. I wasn't happy - at all - how you pushed me toward Xavier. I don't need your help." She takes a slight step closer, frowning. "Also, my relationship, which you did not know the whole scope of, is not yours to offer advice on." She blinks a few times, trying to figure out how to phrase the next part, and then she simply sighs. "I think if someone would have done to you, what you did to me, you'd be pretty pissed off about it. You might make noise, telling me that you'd be grateful for someone being so honest with you, but who wants someone to do something like that? Nobody." She spreads her hands apart, shrugging. "As for you being angry that Ethan and I came to the party together, I don't even know how to respond to that, or why it would have mattered to you."

"If you don't want advice, maybe try not talking about things? Or telling people to butt out of your business? Because you're the one that opened right up regarding a lot of things about your relationship with Ethan. You concern about if he'd want to continue spending time with you, for instance. Usually when someone tells you something like that you offer advice. Friends do." Angela shrugs her shoulders, "Take responsibility for your own part, fully. You say it took both of us, but then it's still just all my fault for saying things. Which were said in response to you, and your confusion and distress about your relationship."

"Friends offer advice, Angela." Katherine tilts her head, narrowing her eyes. "How long have I actually known you?" Her mouth closes with a snap before she takes a deep breath, gazing down at her feet. "You continued on when I got upset, and I think you realized that I was." She shakes her head, holding her hands up. "I opened up to a lot of people, but don't worry, I've learned my lesson there. I have you to thank for that."

"You're right, friends do." Angela agrees with a nod, fingers drumming lightly on her arm, "I really do hope that you move on from this to find something that makes you happy. Everyone deserves that."

Katherine shrugs, smiling at Angela. "Everyone does deserve that, I don't worry too much about those types of things. It will happen or it won't." She turns to walk back toward the door, holding her wrist as she shoulders the door open. "Enjoy your workout, Ms. Bell."

"Enjoy the rest of your night, Ms. Stone." Angela replies, watching Kate's exit before she turns back to work off her carbs for the day, and some of the bottled up tension.

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