(2018-11-19) Going out for Dinner
Dinner at Java Junction? Coffee for supper? Say it ain't so.

Java Junction Calaveras
Mon Nov 19, 2018 — Mon Nov 19 23:34:06 2018

With copper light hangings, it leaves a rustic feel to the entire room. A long bar with a cash register below a sign that says Order Here boasts a display of pastries, bagels, croissants and other foods for breakfast. Sandwiches and soups and salads for lunch and dinner. On a chalk bard in colorful writing is a list of the different beverages offered as well as the prices. Numbers are given on the receipts so when called, patrons can get their order at the opposite end of the bar from the register.

Tables dot the room, wooden with simple center pieces and wooden chairs around them. Also built into one leg of each table is an electrical outlet for laptops or phone chargers. In one corner is a bean bag area with several magazines and a small book swap shelf.

While music plays softly from surround sound speakers, it is usually tuned into one of the two radio stations in the town. The country or rock, depending on what the barista selects at the time.

Edgar - Dark-haired, blue-eyed, thin, and a little ragged.
Eve - Sassy, spunky, pink-and-blonde girl.
Owen - 5'10", blonde, blue-eyed, bearded, tattooed, and well built.
Uma - 5'7", blonde, blue eyes, trim, early 30s
Exits: [MU] N Main and University Way

Edgar sits with Owen at a table near the fire. They've got pastries and coffee. "Can you imagine someone stopping in for coffee on their wedding day? Actually, that sounds just like something I would do. I'm like 'I dig you and all, but daddy needs his joe.'" He takes a drink from his coffee cup to punctuate the sentiment.

Owen can't help but laugh just a little bit and shrugs his shoulders to Edgar, "To each their own, I suppose. If I just got married, I would be newlywed glued to my guy. I'd make him come with me for coffee. But, that's just me." He doesn't seem to judge, however. He takes a bite from his pastry and grins over at Edgar in amusement.

Uma has diverted her sister away from a night in bar - she's only eighteen! - and instead has taken Eve to Java Junction. Nice and safe. Where the only drugs are coffee…and weed. So much weed in this town. Not that Uma has ever been here before, she's only new to town, but it looked peaceful. "They do light meals here by the look of it" she says to the other woman, glancing up at the board. "No ribs though. Can you handle that?" She pulls off her beanie, immediately messing up her hair.

Hey, she didn't change! But who has time for that when food is involved? Eve follows Uma into the coffee house, still clad in her bright neon pink snow coat, tight white pants with the alphabet print, and snow boots, and immediately looks excited at the cozy interior of the place. So excited, in fact, she /almost/ missed Uma's words. Almost. "Pffffft." She purses her lips for that last bit. "This is a coffee joint, and coffee goes with everything. You have it for breakfast, you have it for dinner. You even have it while you're just sitting around pretending you're busy. I'm sure they have something that tastes and looks like ribs." While Eve goes on and on, she does notice Uma's messed up hair, and helpfuly reaches up to comb it back.

Edgar smiles slyly at Owen. "I could be convinced to bring the coffee with me," he says, "on account of it being my wedding day. Or maybe there'd be a barista at the reception. Instead of a cocktail hour, there'll be a coffee hour." He glances at the newcomers, and he gives them a small smile. "Man, speaking if ribs, you guys have so many steakhouses out here," he says. "I don't think I've ever eaten as much steak in my life as I have since I moved here."

Owen smiles a little curiously at Edgar and says, "Oh, really?" But then he's a little distracted by the talk of ribs and says, "Oh man, ribs. We should go for ribs soon." He sighs as he glances at his watch. "I have to work soon, though. So, no ribs for me tonight." He chuckles, "It is sort of cattle country, after all."

"You don't really drink /that/ much coffee do you?" Uma sighs at her sister. "It's a drug, Eve. Not good for you in large amounts." What can you do, everybody in the world seems to drink it like it's water. Which it is…with added bits. A smile and a wave to the two men - she has learned that everyone in this town is friendly - before turning her eyes back to the board. "I don't see ri…ah…there they are." Beef town indeed. "Ribs it is then. And I guess you want a coffee. Espresso? Triple? Find us a table?"

Eve blinks and stares at Uma as the older sister lapses into doctor mode, and each comment made about the Evil of Coffee makes Eve's face fall a bit more. By the end of it, she's clawing at her own face with her mouth hanging like a zombie. "Oh gaawwwd, no more. No more. I cannae take much of this!" All that disappears like the flick of a switch, when Uma heads off to order food. "Yes! Espresso, yum." Rubbing her hands, Eve goes off to carry out the other part of her mission: to find a table. She looks back and forth, and noticing the two friendly men at the table, she skips over unabashedly. "Hey handsome! Mind if me and my sister join you for some grub?"

Edgar tells Owen, "We'll go have ribs the next night you're off. We'll make a big deal out of it and get messy. It'll be fun." He blinks a bit at Eve in surprise, then looks to Owen. It's just a bit of culture shock, but he's still smiling as he says, "Sure. Feel free. I'm Ed, and this is Owen." He nods to Eve and Uma both. "We're just kind of hanging around taking up real estate anyway."

"Sure, sounds like a good time," Owen says to Edgar with a grin, and then glances over at Eve and shrugs his shoulders when Edgar seems willing. "Sure, have a seat." Then there are introductions being made. "And you are?" He glances at Eve and then over toward Uma as well. He finishes off the remainder of his pastry and then takes up a napkin, wiping off his fingers.

Uma is making her way back to the table with a coffee for Eve and a thickshake for herself. She wasn't expecting to be sitting next to the men she waved at. Eve can be pretty friendly too. "Hey" she smiles to them both, placing the cup in front of her sister. "I hope we're not bothering you. "I'm Doctor Uma Campbell and this is my sister Eve. But, please, call me Uma. Or 'Soup'." She blushes a little. "That was a Campbell joke…probably not a good one." Uma sits herself down, not hearing their introductions.

Granted, this is probably more of an Eve-shock than a culture shock, but that's how things roll. For her part, Eve bobs her head at the strangers and smiles all sunshine-like as she unzips her pink coat, and makes to take one of the empty seats. Obviously that takes too long, because Uma has already arrived with not just their meals, but introductions as well! The joke brings a bit of a wince to Eve's face though. "She's a real doctor too, so you don't have to tip her." She adds to the two guys, eagerly picking up the cup while also pointing a pinky at them. "This is Ed, and this is Owen, who starred in last year's hit comedy movie, Father Figures." Beat. "Are you guys both local?"

Edgar tells Owen, "I'll come watch you tonight, if you want. I promise I won't wolf-whistle too loudly." Eve's comment gets a laugh fro him, and he says, "I'm from New York. I'm still getting used to being out here in Colorado, but hey, the weather sucks about the same." He looks to Owen. "You're local, aren't you? No, wait." His brow furrows. "Are you? I feel like we've had this conversation before."

Owen grins at the soup joke a bit and says, "I think I like Uma better than soup." He then nods to them both and says, "Nice to meet you." He then grins over at Edgar and says, "You can come watch me any night you like. And whistle all you want. If it gets me more tips, I'm not going to complain." He then nudges Edgar and says, "Yeah, I'm local. Been here my whole life."

Drinks are here, ribs may take a while. Oh, gosh, did they smile at her joke? Uma has a million of them, each one better than the next. "Nice to meet you, Ed. Owen." Her brow furrows at her sister before some realisation. "Oh, yeah, they were in that movie. Did /anyone/ go and see it?" She looks apologetically to the two men. "Sorry, not you two. A different Ed and Owen." Time to change subjects. "I just opened a practice up in Cedar." Time to get the business cards out…and fix the phone number. She really needs to get more printed. "New York is nice" she nods as she hands over the cards.

Eve shrugs both shoulders at Uma, as the expresso is lifted towards her lips for a blissful sip. Perfect timing for Uma to hand out the business cards and drum up business! Eve is totally not getting in the way of that. Although she does chime in at the end there, to help draw in business. "She's also great with the doctor's notes, if you guys wanna skip class or whatever."

Edgar tilts his head, his brow furrowing. "Who was I talking about who was from Cedar Rapids? Oh! That Lucky guy. I'm sorry, babe, I don't usually mistake you for other people, but Maude had me up all night, chasing a mouse or something. She was running like a herd of elephants." He takes one of the business cards and checks it out. "Oh, gosh. I'm not in school," he says. "I'm a writer, I only work when I want."

Owen chuckles at Eve and says, "Good to know. I'm pretty sure Daya and Sloane would be tickled if I brought a doctor's note to work. I might get one just for the laughs." He then smirks at Edgar and says, "You don't /usually/ mistake me for other people? There also better not be any mice in our building.." That seems to concern him more than the fact that Edgar can't remember where he's from.

"Cedar Pines" Uma corrects with a soft smile. "I think my sister was trying some flattery. A writer? Nice. What kind of books? And did you find the mouse? Or the elephant?" She sucks on her thickshake, and since she asked for extra thick, it is taking quite a few sucks and red cheeks before she gets to the goodness. Just the way she likes it. "I will, of course, only hand out doctor notes if justified" she states clearly and with a little frown at her sister.

Eve turns a hand palm-up at Uma's frown, a silent WTF? written on her face, but her expression quickly turns into a charming smile to her tablemates. She doesn't add anything though, only looking at Edgar expectantly. Clearly, she's curious about what he writes as well!

Uma's phone buzzes, to her amazement, and she looks to find that she has a patient calling her. Even more surprise. "I have to go, sorry. Nice to meet you both. Eve…please come home before it gets too late. Please?" As she rises she pulls her beanie back on, stuffing her hair up once more.

"I write science fiction," Edgar says. "Under a pen name, Knox Stevens." He slips an arm around Owen's arm and hugs it closely. "Just with background stuff. I don't mistake anyone else for you where it counts," he says. "But okay, I'm locking it in my brain now: I'm dating a local. There, that'll stick. And I don't know if it was a mouse or if she was just being crazy. She was just going nuts. Kept me up all night."

"Better not," Owen says with an amused sidelong glance, clearly not feeling too badly about it despite his teasing. He leans in to Edgar a bit and tips his head to press a kiss against the author's jaw, "Well, come and stay at my place tonight. Let her run around and be crazy and I can keep you up all night instead." He then turns his attention back to Eve and says, "So, tell us about you. What's your story?"

Uhm, what? Eve's brows quirk up when Uma hurries to leave after the phone call. "Hey, how are you going to get home when I have the car keys…." Unfortunately Uma is not listening as the doctor rushes out the door, but for each step Uma takes, Eve leans forward another inch. "….okay I'll just bring the ribs baCK HOME SO SEE YOU THERE KTHXBAI!" Yes, she actually said "kthxbai"… before sitting back down on the chair. Just in time to see Edgar and Owen get cozy with each other. Maybe she is surprised for a split second, but the next moment the blonde girl is all smiles again. "Hey! You kids are a couple! That's so sweet. Like… Batman and Robin?" Beat. "Me? I don't have no story. I'm just a lightweight. But I'm all set to take on UCC and rock the world of the local kids." There is another beat as Eve eyes Edgar. "Waitaminute, I think I've read your books. Wasn't there one about this old lady who got left behind on some weirdo planet with owl people?"

Edgar smiles crookedly at Owen. "It's a deal," he says. He then tells Eve, "Only if I get to be Batman." He takes a drink of his coffee, then shakes his head slowly. "That wasn't me, but holy crap, that was a real book, wasn't it? I swear I've read it." He tilts his head and asks, "Are you going to be a student or teacher? Or are you just going to hang out there? I did that for awhile back in New York. Just hung around campus."

"Please tell me that was a while ago because then you're not just old but old and creepy," Owen says to Edgar with a little bit of a grin. Then he chuckles and says to Eve, "Yeah, we're together." Though when she mentions the university he asks, "What are you studying?" He looks thoughtful for a moment and says, "Silent Wings by Loretta Norman, I think."

"It totes was a real book!" Eve exclaims at Edgar, though her attention is drawn to Owen when he utters a possible name. "Hmmm. Maybe? It's been a while so I don't remember…" She looks thoughtful, but dismisses it quickly. "Oh I'm majoring in the most popular major in all universities: Undecided. But I'm starting to think I like what YOU do." Both hands come up, and both index fingers point at Edgar. "I like the sound of working when you want to work." She nods sagely, but then turns back to Owen. "What about you, Robin? What do you do?"

Edgar laughs and tells Owen, "I was a teenager. I didn't even start college until I was twenty-two. I had to get my GED first, but I tested out of a bunch of stuff. I guess my IQ is really high." He shrugs. Then he whips out his phone to look up the book Owen's named. "Did we all three read it? What are the odds?" He flashes Eve a grin. "It's pretty nice. I can show up to my office in my PJs, and no one cares. Not even my supervisor. She's a grey tabby."

"And she is a stern taskmistress, at that," Owen points out about Ms. Maude. He shrugs his shoulders and says, "I think I remember the book. I could be thinking of the wrong one, though." He then looks over toward Eve and says, "Nothing wrong with undecided. Gotta start somewhere." Then when she asks what he does, he says, 'I'm a stripper at The Bone Yard."

Eve stops to stare at Owen. And yes, she can't help but let her gaze wander up and down the fellow. "Bull and shit." She says in disbelief, but almost immediately she cocks her head to the side. "You're serious? Wow. I don't think I've ever met a guy stripper before." Beat. "Big sis is going to tell me I'm too young to go to a strip club, but if I ever go, can I get in? Or do you just dance for the boys? Is it inappropriate to wolf-whistle?" She glances over at Edgar, and flashes him a crooked grin. "Maybe if I wear my PJs like Ed here. If that helps…."
Eve's attention is drawn over to the ring of a bell at the counter, followed by one of the cooks/baristas calling out. "Ribs are ready!" She practically leaps up from her chair, and heads for the order. "Gimme gimme! My first taste of Calamityas ribs!"

Edgar grins and gives Owen's arm a playful squeeze. "I am totally dating a stripper. Man, I gotta remember to call home and tell them that I'm still gay, and now I'm dating a stripper." The mere concept seems to delight him. He then tells her, "The Bone Yark is gay-friendly, but there's women there all the time." He then asides to Owen, "I scoped it out before we met, just because." Then the ribs bell rings, and he starts a little as Eve jumps up. "Remind me not to stand between that woman and barbecued meats."

Owen chuckles as Eve looks him up and down. He's well built, and a good looking guy, though he's hidden by several layers of clothes at the moment. "Yeah, the Bone Yard is actually pretty much for women, though it is LGBTQ friendly and there are some guys who come to watch me dance, too. You can come if you're old enough to get in." He then looks over toward Edgar and murmurs, "You're adorable," as Eve gets up and takes off to collect her food. When she returns, he says, "And no, it's not inappropriate to wolf-whistle."

Eve wanders back to the table, holding a large take-out box in one hand, but also gnawing on a juicy rib in her other. Hey, she looks entirely blissful with the gnawing! "This stuff is heaven's shits! Man, why would anyone take drugs when the beef is so good?" Eve muses, as she drops the half-finished rib back into the box, while she cleans her fingers with her mouth and tongue. "It's not, huh? Well, I'll be sure to do that when you let me see what's underneath that shirt of yours." She deadpans to Owen, but also waggles her brows at Edgar. "As long as you promise not to be jealous. And when Uma isn't around to tsk-tsk at me." Quickly clearing her throat, Eve secures the lid of the box before carefully reaching for her expresso. "Anywho, I should be taking the goodies back home before it all ends up in my belly. I don't want my big sis to starve and be sad, y'know? But it was cool meeting you kids."

Edgar grins at Owen and gives him a kiss on the cheek. He then says, "I should have dabbled with barbecue when I was younger. It would've saved me a lot of trouble." He then spreads his hands and tells Eve, "I'm not jealous when my baby shakes it. Everyone deserves a show. It was nice to meet you. Er, enjoy your meat."

Owen chuckles, "He knows he's the only one I'm going home with." He then says, "Speaking of. You ready to head home?" His coffee is long finished and the pastries have been consumed. "Was nice to meet you, Eve, and your sister. Tell her we said as much. Have a good evening."

Eve makes a totally faux serious face at Edgar, and points at him with the pinky because that's all she can spare with her hands full. "I always enjoy my meat. Oh yes, baby." The pinky is then pointed at Owen for good measure. "Good luck with the crimefighting. Catch you two around!" With that farewell, Eve turns and heads out.

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