(2018-11-19) Administrative Leave
After the incident at the hospital, Elizabeth has been put on leave…and she's not happy. No change there then.

Elizabeth was just released from an interrogation room, and she looks a little worse for the wear. She answered all sorts of questions and then answered them again, and again. Her story remained the same, so administrative leave until everything was buttoned up and settled. She looks about as disgruntled as she usually is, moving to unclip her pistol and taser, setting them down on her desk. Her badge follows, and she blinks a few times as she gazes down at the trio. She looks around for Jameson, but he mentioned he'd be a while before he returned, so she finds a chair, settling down to wait.

Olivia is out of the sling but still has some bandaging on her shoulder, which is obvious since she insists on wearing tank tops inside. She makes her way over to Elizabeth, a frown on her face as she looks over the detritus of a career. Her jaw set hard. Her expression now one of distaste for the blonde. "You're lucky to be walking out of this station. You should be locked up" she hisses. It's all part of the undercover act, of course. Olivia is convinced that there is a cultist among the police…other than Elizabeth. "I wish they had given me a chance to interrogate you." The cult may be out for Elizabeth's blood now, so Olivia is doing her best to make sure that they think the blonde is still on their side.

Elizabeth gazes up at Olivia, her face blank. "I'll walk out of here time and again, especially if you feds keep up this sloppy shit." There isn't any heat to her words, just plan folks here. She gets to her feet, planting her hands on her hips. "I am without my pistol and taser, but don't you think for a fucking second that I can't put you on your ass, Olivia. If you were going to interrogate me, you'd have to follow the rules like anyone else. You ever threaten me, or put hands on me, and you're getting the same right back." She sets her jaw, the muscles jumping as she swallows. "Go find someone else to fucking harass."

"You think you can beat me?" Olivia snorts at such an idea. "You might be all anger and bluster, Blondie, but it's all talk. Everyone here might be afraid of you, but I'm not from around here. And you don't scare me…you make me feel pity." She leans forward, getting her face in Elizabeth's. "I have yet to start harassing you." A gesture to one of the interrogation rooms. "You want to take it in there, you just say the word."

Elizabeth stands still and tall as Olivia gets in her face. "You have all of two seconds to take two big steps back or I will put your other shoulder in a sling too." She says quietly, her eyes flashing with anger. "We can take it into an interrogation room, but you will regret every damn second that we're in there. You want me to tell you more, well that is just too fucking bad, isn't it?"

A wry smile curls Olivia's lips before she takes one small step back. Just enough to turn and make her way over to the interrogation room door, opening it wide and gesturing to the interior. "Let's see how much I have to regret, shall we? And let's see how much I can make you talk."

Elizabeth walks over to the interrogation room, shoulder checking Olivia on her way in, knocking her slightly off balance. She doesn't speak, turning to wait for the door to close. She slowly folds her arms over her chest, the blank look back on her face.

Another snort of amusement as she is knocked by the blonde, shaking her head for the office to see, before stepping inside and slamming the door behind her. She holds up a finger for a moment, listening to what is going on outside, before moving quickly over to Elizabeth so she can whisper. "Well? What did you find out?"

"Olivia, I think they're going to keep it up with the vests. They're making plans to cleanse things in the city." Elizabeth looks pained, raking fingers through her blonde hair. "That kid, Israel? He wasn't supposed to be wearing that fucking vest. I couldn't let him take out the hospital, so I blew my cover pretty badly. Any of those boys who got away, they probably went back to Mary." She folds her arms over her chest, staring straight ahead. "They were specifically interested in you, and me getting you out somewhere in public. I doubt they still trust me, but…" She glances at Olivia, frowning. "You probably have a target on your back, we all do. I wouldn't be shocked if someone in a vest walked the fuck in here sometime soon. Now I'm on leave?!"

"Don't worry about the leave shit. I'll clear it up with your bosses once this is over. How much have you told your partner?" Olivia asks, voice quiet, tone urgent. "We now have two vests, that will help trace the explosive. It's a lead…not a good one…but a lead." She nods about the cleansing. "I was hoping that now He was here, they would forget that, but it seems they still want to clear it all. They really intend to make this whole town theirs?" She does not look happy, biting on her lower lip at this. "They're pretty serious…and deluded. Don't worry about your cover, we can fix that. The other kid there. He wasn't excited about the bomb either. You could use that. If you're still willing to do this." A little laugh at being a target. "I'm used to that, and they should have enough security here. Can't really stop them walking to the front desk though." She studies the blonde. "Are you okay? Seriously, if you need to walk away, I will understand."

"I haven't told him everything, and he's angry. He wants to help, but he doesn't realize how honest his fucking face is." Elizabeth narrows her eyes and she listens to Olivia, shrugging. "They seem pretty sure that they can cleanse everything." She fixes Olivia with a look, lips pressed tight together. "Jameson will kill me if I die, and he'll need to at least know what circle I'm moving in because he's paranoid that something is going to happen to me. He can keep his mouth shut, so if you need back up, or need someone to get to me, he's the best route." She glances away, sighing. "I'm not okay, that kid's face when he was splattered on the sidewalk killed me. I did that, and I'm not gonna forget it for a while."

"You didn't do it. You wouldn't have needed to if he hadn't walked in with a bomb on his chest. And if you hadn't acted? How many people would be dead now? Including you and Jameson" Olivia replies before nodding slowly. "But, yeah, death is hard to take." She steps forward to give Elizabeth an understanding and consoling hug. "I will make sure to get in touch via Jameson. But what are you going to do now. The minute you step outside, you will be followed. Watched. They might even invite you back to their 'Church'. I went up to that cabin, no sign of Mary now, but I don't need to tell you that if we arrest too early then we'll miss the top dogs. Arrest too late…and you could be dead, Elizabeth. Are you gonna stick it through? Or do I go out and tell the Chief everything now?"

"I'm good to stick it through, I rented a hotel room, I plan on visiting a liquor store and getting well and truly drunk. Then loud and disorderly, then I'm gonna have a fight with my partner." Elizabeth rolls her eyes, groaning softly. "If they watch me, they'll see me unravel, and only half of it will be a show." She shrugs and chuckles. "Just keep Jameson in the loop so he doesn't lose his fucking mind. He yelled at me earlier, and I think he's scared."

"Okay, I'll do that" Olivia nods about Jameson, managing the faintest of smiles. "Let me know which hotel. And don't get /too/ drunk. I doubt alcohol is very big with them. And now comes the part you'll love. Punch me." She taps her jaw. "Hard enough to leave a bruise. Don't worry, no one will arrest you."

Elizabeth stares at Olivia for a moment, and then shrugs, pulling back to slung Olivia in the jaw. She pulls the punch enough not to snap her head back too much, her lips thinning to a line. "I won't get too drunk, just enough to be morose and yell at Jameson when he shows up." She reaches out, fingering where she took the shot. "Yeah, that'll purple up pretty good." She takes a step back, upnods the door and smirks. "You go out first, make it good."

Olivia opens and closes her mouth a couple of times to make sure it all still works, rubbing at the bruising skin after that. "I guess you're not all talk" she smiles…which hurts! "Good luck." A deep breath before she is flinging the door open and storming out, rubbing at her bruising jaw. "Get this fucking bitch out of here before I have her thrown in a cell and throw away the key! Just get her out of my sight!" She glares back into the interrogation room. "Lucky shot. And this ain't over…not by a long way."

Elizabeth strolls out after, casting a gaze around at the other police officers. "Lucky shot she says, I imagine it's what they all say when they get knocked on their ass." She offers a casual salute to all and turns to walk out of the station, whistling softly to herself.

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