(2018-11-19) A Misfit for the Team?
Natalya summons a new arrival with a pedigree to discuss teamwork.

Natalya has quite the network of informants throughout the town. They keep their ear to the ground and let her know of all the comings and goings of people of interest. Sometimes they lose their ears, but Natalya is not too concerned about that. There are always more ears. One such coming she has heard about is that of 'Misfit'. A codename for a dangerous hitperson that has made quite the name for herself over the last few years. Natalya needs to meet her! And maybe put her on retainer for her supervillain team?

The mansion is huge and luxurious. The goons that came to pick up Misfit were incredibly polite. She will be led through the front door into the vast atrium and then directed to the even bigger living room. There she will find Natalya. Dressed to the nines and playing a grand piano. A bottle to tequila atop the instrument. "Miss Misfit, please, come in."

Bubble gum popped and snapped as the woman chewed it. Humming and two-stepping her way up the stairs to the manor with her escorts. Mendoza Cartel. She was familiar with them. From her CIA days as well as through the criminal element, though hadn't had too many direct dealings with them. A job was a job though, and she had come to Calaveras for a reason. Though the reason was still making itself known to her. Perhaps this was part of it. If Natalya was dressed to the nines, Misfit was dressed at about a two. She wore a simple pair of jeans with some old stains on them. Maybe oil, maybe blood, maybe dirt. It all looked the same after enough time had passed. She also wore an oversized sweater with a glittery snow man plastered on the front. It was Ugly Sweater season after all.

She gave the woman a quick look over as she did a little spin to enter the room, and then a two-finger salute. "Lookin' good Miss." She grabbed the tequila bottle up in a swift motion, popping the top if it wasn't already open, taking a sip. "Nice set up ya got here."

"This little place? I like to call it home" Natalya smiles in reply, retrieving the bottle to enjoy a mouthful herself before handing it back. "You are not what I expected. I like that." She offers her hand. "Natalya Mendoza, waste of oxygen socialite." Her tone makes it sound like she is winking, though she refrains from doing so physically. "So pleased to meet you at last. I have heard much about you. All of it good. Thank you for coming to meet me at such short notice. I was wondering if we could talk some business." There is a huge painting of The Joker and Harley Quinn over the roaring fireplace.

In a matter of seconds, Missy had assessed the entrances and exits of the room, the decor, and anything else of note going on in the area. They linger a beat longer than necessary on the Joker and Harley painting. Then her eyes land back on the Latina and she flashes a grin.

"You aren't what I expected either." She shrugged, shaking her hand briefly. The left shoulder of her sweater slid down some, but either Missy didn't notice or didn't care. "All of it good? Some people probably were lyin' to you then." The grin remaining as she unceremoniously plopped down into the nearest seat and took another sip from the tequila bottle. "If you were just wondering if we could talk business, you could've called." A wink from the woman. "What do you need done?" It was easy to notice now and then in the firelight that her face and hands were shimmering a bit as well. Some kind of glittery lotion no doubt.

"Good to me" Natalya smirks. "And people only lie to me once" she adds in a light tone, swinging around on the piano stool to face her guest better. "I like to meet people in person. You learn far more from that than you could from talking to an answering machine." Natalya doesn't mind bare shoulders, so she won't mention anything. "There is nothing /specific/ I need done at the moment, more of a general discussion about partnerships, team-building, helping one another out. That kind of thing. Would you like something to nibble on?"

That got a laugh from Missy. "Fair enough. A person's voice, tone can say a lot, but body language? Body language says everything." She nodded, thinking over what Natalya was proposing. "Might be something I'm into." She said finally, pushing a hand through her hair. "I'm not gonna be in this town forever obviously. This is just a train stop on the way to wherever my next stop is." Another beat of silence. "I'll talk with ya over it at least." Then a shake of her head. "No thanks. This is good enough for the moment." Lifting the tequila bottle.

"You are here for a job? I don't want to interrupt that of course. Unless the job is me, then I would very much like to stop it" Natalya grins. "But while you are here, would you be interested in 'joining' my team. This is a quaint little town. Innocent in a way. The kind of town that the right group of people could control from the shadows. I like the shadows. You…" She tilts her head to study Misfit. "Could have a very colorful costume. I see sparkles in your future…and present."

"It just felt right to come here. Still figuring out why. Though, I imagine this little offer of yours might be part of it." She considered that thought and then laughed. "A costume? I don't deal in costumes honey. Glitter and sparkles sure. MAYBE a bandit mask. But you'd have to kill me before I sported a cape and some spandex." Chuckling still before leaning forward some. "But I might be game for helping you increase your reach on this place. Just gotta know - what's in it for me?"

"Capes only get in the way" Natalya sniffs with a wave of her hand. "Spandex…some people can pull it off. I go with leather myself. Black. Kevlar boosted. My associate goes with red leather. Sure we can't convince you?" A wiggle of her eyebrows before shrugging. "A mask is a start. When I wander the night I am known as Muertos. Death. Because that is the terror that I bring." A pause before her eyes light up. "Ooh…naked with glitter and a bandit mask?"

Missy looked amused, to say the least. Though the idea of running around naked, covered in glitter seems to intrigue her, but then she clicks her tongue. "Too cold to run around naked. Maybe if we were in South." She smirked. "Leather…maybe. Could be a fun way to spend my down time at least. Purple leather and I'll at least try the whole outfit out." She relented, eyeing Natalya curiously. "So have you actually killed people? Or are you just really good at making people think you're gonna kill them if they act up?"

"Purple? I like it. We now have black, red, and purple. Like a bruise" Natalya laughs. "I have a person who will fit you if you are interested. We need to make sure you can move and do all that you need to do while wearing it." At those last questions and steeples her fingers on her lap. "Are you wearing a wire?" she teases before a slow lick of her lips. "Come out with me one night, and we shall see. And if it works out between us, maybe a trip to the Caribbean to try out the alternative costume?"

"Wanna frisk me and find out?" A hint of a smirk playing at her lips before she took another swig of the tequila and handed it back off to Natalya. " But fine. I could use a girl's night out, I guess. You know how to get in touch. Obviously." Another shrug of her shoulders, casting a glance around. "That person here now? Or date for another time?"

"I would love to frisk you" Natalya smirks in reply before taking the bottle and enjoying another mouthful…or two. "Alas, no, she is not here tonight. Do you know any of the other criminals in town? Do you know /anyone/ else in town?" A click of her fingers brings a goon running to hand her a burner phone, which she then offers to Misfit. "For us. And us alone."

"Maybe one night." Missy winked and grabbed the phone she was handed. "Not a one. You're the first person aside the landlord I've talked to since gettin' here." She stood up, glancing over the phone and then slipped it into a pocket. "I've got a thing I've got to do, but I'll see you soon. I'm sure."

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