(2018-11-18) That one day when the coffee shop got all the RP.
The tone of this log is all over the place. tl;dr - coffee shop RP.

Java Junction

With copper light hangings, it leaves a rustic feel to the entire room. A long bar with a cash register below a sign that says Order Here boasts a display of pastries, bagels, croissants and other foods for breakfast. Sandwiches and soups and salads for lunch and dinner. On a chalk bard in colorful writing is a list of the different beverages offered as well as the prices. Numbers are given on the receipts so when called, patrons can get their order at the opposite end of the bar from the register.

Tables dot the room, wooden with simple center pieces and wooden chairs around them. Also built into one leg of each table is an electrical outlet for laptops or phone chargers. In one corner is a bean bag area with several magazines and a small book swap shelf.

While music plays softly from surround sound speakers, it is usually tuned into one of the two radio stations in the town. The country or rock, depending on what the barista selects at the time.

It was still the morning in Calaveras, but somewhere in that vague space of time that exists after morning rush and before the afternoon rush. Which meant that the coffee shop was quiet and only the true coffee addicts claimed tables. Luke is where he always is whenever he is at Java Junction: sitting at a table by the window and enjoying a cup of (black) coffee and a sausage biscuit. He's got his tablet out, and is apparently looking at hotels in Hawaii, if the tropical-esque images that keep flashing by on the screen are any indication.

With the cafeteria closed for every meal except dinner during holiday break, Everett has to forage for food. He could always go home, but … Willow Heights isn't the safest place for him to hang around. The Java Junction, on the other hand, provides both food and drink for a nominal fee. Plus, it's not too hard to get to. So he makes his way in, getting in the ordering line to wait his turn for breakfast foodstuffs.

It just makes good tactical sense to wait till the crowd disperses before showing up to get coffee. It definitely doesn't have anything to do with getting wasted the night before and staying up too late. All that to say: Ethan and Angela arrive as a duo about now, on foot, diving into the warm cafe from the cold street. "Told you," he says, lowering his forehead to indicate Luke over there with his tablet. He accepts the responsibility of waiting in line, though he has to pass Luke's table and tickle the back of his neck with quick fingers along the way; it's very romantic. "Morning," he adds, nodding acknowledgement of Everett ahead of him in line, much less romantically.

"Shit." Angela mutters, potentially because she was on the losing side of the conversation about if Luke would or would not already be here. In the same spot. As always. Responsibility of waiting in line not hers for the moment she invites herself to Luke's table, leaning over to look at what he's doing on his tablet, "You running away now?"

Hailey has just gotten back into town from a quick business trip for the boss, and needs a fuel up before heading home to faceplant for a few hours. Hair is up in a business appropriate twist, and her clothes peeking from underneath her peacoat are strictly business variety. She'll move to get in line, gloves stripped off and tucked into a pocket. She will let her gaze linger on each patron and visible worker for the space of a second, before she's studying the chalkboard.

Luke was very, very engrossed in his hotel searching. There was a lot of furious swiping and poking at the tablet. So much so that he didn't notice anybody at all, until he feels those fingers on the back of his neck that makes him squirm! "Hey!" he starts, casting a look over his shoulder, but whatever annoyance he's feeling in the moment immediately blossoms into ~true love~ when he spies on Ethan. "… baby," he adds at the end, it's a greeting, of course, very smooth. But then there's a side glance to she who has accompanied him: Angela. Are those judgment eyes? Yes, yes they are. JUDGE JUDGE JUDGE. "Yes, yes I am," he declares to Angela proudly. "The day after Christmas and straight through New Years. Abby and I are gonna to watch the ball drop on the beach."

When it's his turn at the front of the line, Everett orders a very un-coffee type of beverage and a bagel. He pays with a debit card and then moves to the side to wait. Leaning back against the counter, he folds his arms across his chest and watches people, noticing Luke's and Ethan's interaction. Recognizing Luke, Everett clicks his tongue and shakes his head before turning his attention elsewhere. Like, Angela, who got the look from Luke. Or Hailey, who's just come in. Or anybody else in the area. … then he looks down at his attire of a UCC Football hoodie and sweats and shakes his head. Someday, he'll have to change up his style a little.

Ethan blossoms under that loving gaze, lashes a-flutter, swaying dreamily in place - only to shrug at Luke and his judgey-eyes, turning his attention to the girl behind the counter for two coffees and two bagels, please and thank you. He drifts back over toward the Luke-Angela table while he waits for that order to arrive, flashing a socially correct smile at Hailey as another patron. So hurt, he frowns at the tablet and asks, "I thought we were going to Puerto Vallarta?"

"Sounds terribly romantic." Angela observes, just because she's ignoring that judgy look like it's just not happening at all. She leans back in her seat after being nosey, letting her attention slip over towards the line for a status check on that coffee. She notes both Everett and Hailey, watching each for a moment or so before she looks back at Luke, "You should go to Bali instead. I've a friend that works for someone out there, we went to law school together. I bet that they would let you two borrow their house while they were back home for the holidays." She frowns a moment before adding, just to make it clear, "My way of apologizing to you both for last night."

There's a quick dart of a glance towards the talk of Hawaii and watching the ball drop, about the holidays. Her eyes go right back to the chalkboard, before she's stepping up to order an cappucino boosted with espresso and sweetened with some chocolate, along with a loaded bagel. She will step aside, a smile to Everett as she finds a spot near him to stand and wait.

"That's the plan!" Luke says to Angela about the vacation being romantic, following up with: "We're going to pretend we're hobbits and visit a volcano." As though that was somehow proof of this whole thing being the dream romance vacation. The judgey looks have at least subsided with the conversation, and there's a glance towards the counter when he notices Everett, a little up-nod given before he returns his attention to his friends. "Oh, baby, don't worry. We'll go to Puerto Vallarta, too," he reaches out to pat-pat Ethan's hand encouragingly, before he looks to Angela and chuckles a little. "Uh, well, I'd totally take you up on that offer if my wallet hadn't already committed to Hawaii this morning. But I scored a great deal on airplane tickets!" he says enthusastically, before shrugging his shoulders at Angela. "And you don't really need to gift me with tropical vacations to apologize. Especially since there's nothing really to apologize about."

Grabbing his order as it arrives, Everett turns back and looks around at the mostly empty tables in the area. While he's scanning, he catches Luke's upnod and returns it with one of his own. And then he also catches Hailey's smile and offers her a smirk and an upnod, as well, before moving off to a table by his lonesome. After pulling out his seat, he plops down unceremoniously and immediately slouches back, letting his legs stretch out. He takes a big bite of his bagel and then starts chewing and people watching quietly.

Squeezing hands tightly, Ethan releases a long, sad sigh. "I grow more jealous of Abby by the minute," after learning of the Hobbit-plan. "I may have to shoot her." He ahahahahs over to the counter to collect his order, up a few seconds after Everett gets his (this place is quick), throwing on some sugar packets and little pods of creamer onto his tray.

"Hobbits and volcano?" Angela clearly missed the Tolkien train growing up by the blank look on her face. But then she shakes her head, dismissing the confusion quickly, "Well, I'm sure that you two will have fun doing whatever you're going to do…and any time you want, I can put in a call to my friend. Owing you an apology or not." She glances at Ethan when he goes to coffee-fetch, then back to Luke, "You should buy him flowers to remind him of your deep love for each other."

"Note to self, keep Ethan away from the guns.." Luke narrows a look in Ethan's direction, but he snickers under his breath, completely missing the blank stare from Angela and going about like she knows exactly what he's talking about. "Yeah! You should see the slippers I got her, they are huge hobbit feet. There's so much hair," he laughs, setting aside his tablet and reaching for his sausage biscuit instead. "And I was going to remind him on my /deep/," emphasis on deep, "Love for him last night but /somebody/ beat me to it," he rolls his eyes in Angela's direction, but tacks on a dimpled grin there at the end. "Maybe I'll come by tonight instead."

Hailey will snag her drink and bagel a few moments after Ethan clears out with his tray. She will let her eyes go over the available seating again, before she will select a spot that lets her sit with her back to a wall. She lays her phone on the table. It's totally a normal late breakfast right?

Shortly after the others, another university student comes in with a small bag at her side. Inside is a small laptop, a book and a spiral notebook. Stopping to wait in line, Lila fishes in her pocket for some money and tugs out a 10 only to toss it on the counter none too ceremoniously. "Strawberry smoothie." That would do for both drink and meal. She waves away the change and it's dropped into the tip jar as Delilah collects her order and turns to look around for familiar and inviting faces. Oh there's one! Everett's table is aimed for and she gives him a smile as she approaches. "Hi, E. Mind some company?"

"Did you get yourself some hairy feet, too? Please tell me you guys wear them to bed." Ethan needs this fantasy, Luke. He drops into the third chair at that table, not so much concerned with his back against the wall or whatever as getting some caffeine and sustenance into his system. "Before you two come to blows over my affections," while he hands Angela a coffee and trusts she can figure out the rest on her own, "I gotta close the bar tonight. But come by around two, we'll hook it up." Now just figure out who he was talking to~

"Oh, hey! What's good, D-lyle?" Everett asks, smiling and straightening up as she approaches. And, when she asks to join him, he stands up, pulling out the chair next to him for her. "By all means, shorty. … how are you?" he asks, rubbing at the back of his neck and looking a little sheepish in front of the girl.

Angela's skilled at figuring out coffee, because it doesn't take much to drink it without doctoring it. She wins the get coffee in your system race, right? She then sets the coffee back down when Ethan mentions coming by around at two, tilts her head, does a bit of mental math, rearranges her day, then slowly looks at Luke. She narrows her eyes at him, leans to the side to look him over from head to toe, then straightens back up, "So what's with the hairy foot fetish? I just got to say, not my bag. I might be willing to get into some other shit, but I'm going to draw the line at hairy feet."

"Uh, duh I bought a pair for myself. But I haven't given them to her /yet/. It's part of her Christmas present," Luke seems exceptionally pleased with his skills at romance, grinning as he takes a drink from his coffee cup. He, too, will cant his head to do some mental math about the bar closing at two, only to make a face. "Ugh, you /know/ 1:30 am is my bedtime, baby, why you gotta do this to me?" he whines, looking positively heartbroken as he feigns a glare in Angela's direction. "This is war," he declares, but laughter immediately follows as he shakes his head and sips from his coffee. "It's not a hairy foot fetish, persay. Haven't you ever seen Lord of the Rings? Because if you haven't, you're going to have to clear your calender for like a solid two days so we can have a marathon."

"Everything so far today, but I've gotten by with so little all weekend long I'm waiting on the 'tada' moment that reminds me life sucks sometimes." Belying the words, Delilah laughs as she slides into a seat beside him and even leans in for a brief hug, a bright smile in the process. "As it is, I have to do a little homework, but I'm ignoring it as long as possible." The bag is hung on her chair and her phone slid out of her pocket to the table to reside beside the smoothie. "How are you, Everett?"

Ethan oohhhhs during the process of cream cheesing his breakfast. "So you're saying I should immediately ask Abby about her Hobbit slippers next time I see her. Got it." He taps his temple before reaching over toward Luke, his hand falling just short of touching him. Apologetically, "I gotta pay bills, butterbear. Least till I get a sugar-momma." He does not look at Angela, just eats bagel and lets Luke explain the hairy feet. Without context, it does sound pretty damn weird.

"You can have a Bali vacation, too, even with your side-piece." Angela offers to Ethan before she shakes her head, answering Luke with a little more seriousness, "Nope, never seen it. I remember when it came out, but never saw it." Which does make the whole hairy feet thing a lot stranger, out of context. She over to snag one of the two bagels that Ethan got, tearing off a quarter of one side, that she keeps, then returns the rest to Ethan, "I've a few days without plans this week. You gonna bring over a movie for girl time, Luke? I got the wine and popcorn."

Everett returns the hug, sitting back down after Delilah, though not slouching nearly as bad. He frowns a little at Delilah's pronouncement, pursing his lips and shaking his head. He pauses for a moment, but doesn't press the issue, instead taking a drink from his cup. "Well, I can't complain. I got my last grades before break on Friday and the worst I'm doing is a B in my intro to college math class. I've even got two As right now, so … I'm pretty happy 'bout that. Even took my transcripts in to the precinct yesterday to show 'em I ain't sloughing off and wasting my shot."

"Oh yes, just make sure you also bring up the charm bracelet. You know, to completely ruin Christmas, you fucking Grinch," Luke grins over to Ethan, fluttering his lashes at him, before he blinks back to Angela at her admission of having never seen LoTR. He manages to not let his jaw drop, but he does, in fact, gasp in a horrified sort of way. "/Really/? Wow, Angela. You clearly have lived a terrible, horrible, boring life. That ends today," he says, nodding sagely to himself. "We'll just watch it as a group. I can't think of a better double date than binge watching the entire trilogy. But I totally call snuggling with Ethan the whole time."

Sugar Momma? People still did that? The ever so wealthy Delilah glances over at the speaker with an amused look then transfers that look to Everett. "Old people." The observation whispered with a grin. Her attention is caught fully back on Everett though, quite easily. "That's really good! I can imagine your parents are proud too. So, when you finish college are you aiming for a position or something down at the precinct yourself?"

Ethan gestures an open-hand to the second bagel on the tray, help yourself-style, nodding around a bite. "I was just taking that as read," about the charm bracelet. "You should put the bracelet around the ankle of the slipper. Then it's dorky but also sweet." Beat. "Like you. Awww." He beams, eats more, drinks some. "I mean, I can think of better ways to kill eleven hours, but sure, as long as you agree to hold me when the, you know, stuff happens to the one guy." He works hard not to spoil a sixteen-year-old movie for Angela's benefit, lowering his voice, "In the place."

He's totally oblivious to being old, happily so. :)

"Yeah, my pops is pretty proud. Moms is, too, but she always talkin' bout how smart 'her baby' is, even though e'rybody know she lying," Everett says, smirking. At the old people comment, Everett peeeeeeeers over at them, then leans in to whisper to Delilah. "You know, I thought that dude was flirtin' with the chick from the B&B the other night. /No/ idea he was gay," he admits, leaning back. "And nah, shorty. I ain't tryin' to be a cop! NFL, all the way." He grins and lifts his cup again, taking another drink.

Happily oblivious to being called old, Angela doesn't react to it, which is good. Her ego probably couldn't take being called old while she's stuffing her face with a bagel and being told she's had a deprived life without Lord of the Rings. There is a very slight upwards twitch of her brow to Luke's suggestion of a double date, and that protest is right there on the tip of her tongue. So. Close. But then she shrugs, "Fine, we can double-date, but my place, not Ethan's. All the wine and popcorn is at my place, you know…and I've got a great fuzzy warm blanket you two can cuddle under. I'll just snuggle with Abby."

"Aww! Baby, you're so sweet," Luke drawls dramatically to Ethan, tipping his head as he flashes an adorably smitten smile in Ethan's direction. He, too, remains totally oblivious to being called old. And gay. But he'd probably just roll with both. "And don't worry. I got you, boo. You'll be safe in these arms," he says to Ethan about holding him on the scary parts, even flexing to make a point, but he only manages a straight (HA!) face for half a second before he's bursting into laughter and reaching for his coffee again. It takes him a moment to calm himself, before he nods over to Angela. "Okay. I'll talk to Abby about it, I'm sure she'll be down."

"That would almost be a scandal in this small town except most people are accepting of others way of life now. I mean, my parents would be cool with it. As long as I'm straight." There's a slight snicker she tries to hide behind her hand as she watches the older crew now and then from beneath her lashes. "So I get to go to all your football games. I can handle that." Reaching for her smoothie, she takes a sip before offering him a drink too. "After all, that's what besties do, right?"

She'll just snuggle with Abby: "I would watch that for twelve hours straight." Ethan mostly tells this to his coffee cup, mumbling the words into the lid with a brief, thousand-yard-stare. He's checked out (and it's a coffee shop, so he's not intentionally eavesdropping) when the gay-label gets stamped on him, but also… yeah… he's worked hard for that. "Yes, we should definitely do it at Angie's place because she has all the booze," drily, "and not because my apartment is a shit-show. And definitely not Luke's and Abby's, there are gangsters or something over there."

Everett shrugs a little, being much less sneaky about watching the old people. "You can't really control who you fall in love with, right?" he asks, before looking back over at Delilah. "Also can't control when you meet them, huh?" he adds, leaning forward and taking a sip from Delilah's straw. He then leans back again and stretches, sliding into a slouch, which causes his shin to make contact with Delilah's leg. "I guess? I ain't really had a best friend since I snitched on my old one," he admits.

"I said wine." Angela points out, "I have all the wine.." She said wine, right? She squints, thinking about that just in case she didn't actually say wine. But then with a shake of her head she leans towards Ethan, a hand reaching out to stroke his cheek as she lowers her voice a bit, still plenty loud enough for Luke to hear of course, "We still love you even though your apartment looks like a nightmare from the eighties."

Luke reaches out to stroke the other side of Ethan's face. "Yes, yes we do."

Delilah doesn't mind sharing her smoothie with Everett, it was kinda nice and after he sips, she takes another one before replacing it on the table and turning more towards Everett, her knee folded onto the chair, her other leg brushing his from his slouching. Leaning in, she rests her chin on his shoulder lightly and smiles. "Doesn't really need labels, you know," she says softly, knowing the story from before and just offering quiet understanding. The odd trio across the way are temporarily forgotten for now. Or deliberately overlooked.

Ethan was right about to launch into something about how all his apartment has going for it - and then he's taking it from both sides, and his expression turns all melty and big-eyed and tender~ "I - I - " He lip quibbles regretfully at Angela, then leeeeeeans into Luke, looking soulfully into those baby-blues. "I've waited for so long." There are no tears standing in his own eyes, but just pretend.

"You bastard!" Angela mock-exclaims, pushing back away from the table just a little when Ethan leans towards Luke, "You can't!" Most of her life might be spent doing boring legal things, but evidently there is both a sense of the dramatic and the artistic lurking below it all because she actually throws (badly) the last bite of her bagel at the pair. She then carefully moves her coffee out of the way, utterly aware that hot coffee is bad, and then promptly "throws" her head and arms down onto the cleared spot before sobbing into her arms. She'd never win an Oscar, ever.

Everett smirks just a little, sliding his arm around Delilah in a soft hug … and letting it linger around her side. "That sounds kinda dangerous, don'tcha think?" he asks her quietly, very mindful of Delilah's closeness. … and then there's a merciful outburst from the old people which distracts him! "… you think she couldn't tell they was gay or something?" he asks Delilah, eyebrow crooked up all the way.

"He was always mine! It's time you learned the truth!" Luke declares dramatically at Angela as she fake explodes in mock outrage, narrowly dodging the badly thrown bit of bagel, though he'll undoubtedly find a smear of cream cheese somewhere on his flannel at some point. And as Angela sobs into her arms, Luke grasps Ethan's face into both of his hands, staring dreamily into the other man's eyes. "Oh, Ethan! Should we? Should we finally show the world?!" he was practically swooning, leaning in all too close as though he were actually going to kiss the man. But then, at the very last second? He pulls back. "Oh no, we can't possibly, there are children in the room! They'll never understand our love, Ethan!"

That had been her intention, getting his arm around her and Delilah just leans into the moment, blissful and content. Despite the drama of the moment, it takes Everett referencing it to bring Lila's attention that way and she widens her eyes. "So you're saying she likes that one that wants the sugar momma while he wants the man and the other man wants him and she's left without anyone?" Falling silent as the show goes on about truths being declared and kisses between men. She watches as long as possible, up until it seems like it's really going to happen before averting it and burying her face against Everett. "If it's a PDA coffee shop…" she hints, nuzzling a little at his neck and cheek. Hey, the adults are doing it!

Ethan wets his lips and everything, letting Luke explain the depth of their love to Angela because he only has eyes for - "What? Oh. I CURSE YOU, SOCIETY!" Fists lift in rage. Ripped from the moment, he looks daggers at Delilah and Everett over there, withdrawing back into his chair with his arms folded and a big (dare I say it?) flaming huff exhaled. "Fucking kids," he mutters dejectedly, scowling while they get to make out and he just gets to eat more bagel. Around a mouthful, he adds quietly, just for the ears of those at his table, "At least we didn't actually cock-block that poor kid," with a chin-toss to the nuzzling and stuff.

Angela sobs once more, then when Ethan mentions them not cock-blocking the kid she lifts her head a bit, turning to look towards the college kids in question. "Well that's good." She then straightens back up, scooting her chair back in to the table to reach for her coffee, looking back at the pair at her table, "You know, I remember those good old days. Stolen moments and touches, and…wait.." She pauses, head tilting, reflecting on that.

Okay, so … the adults were distracting. But having your cheek and neck nuzzled by a hottie like Delilah is even /more/ distracting. Everett takes in a deep breath and closes his eyes, biting his bottom lip. The hand at Delilah's side gets a little tighter as he tenses up, before he gets ahold of himself and lets the breath out. "… except they ain't kiss," he says, very quietly, leaning into her nuzzling.

"We'll always have Puerto Vallarta, Ethan," Luke gives one last stroke of Ethan's cheeks, and then, with a dramatic sniff, lays a noisy kiss on Ethan's forehead. Then he's hopping to his feet, grabbing his tablet. "Ah, to be young again," he touches his heart, casting a glance to the kids at their table, before he flashes a grin at Angela and Ethan. "Gotta go, I'm gonna surprise Abby for lunch. Be good, you two crazy kids," that comment is absolutely directed to Delilah and Everett, because he knows Angela and Ethan are never going to be good. And then, he's out!

Ah, the things Austin walks in on. Or almost walks in on. As he walks toward the counter, he idly glances around the interior to see what, if anything, has changed in his time away. And then he pauses at the unexpected find. After a moment, he detours and heads over to a specific someone. "Hey sis. I'm home." he says to Angela. For certain definitions of home.

Ethan watches Luke's departure with his dreamy eyes on, just ignore that he scrubs his forehead with the heel of his palm and then wipes that on his jeans. "Ahh, l'amour," he sighs longingly, sipping his coffee afterward like he needs a moment to recover. It's into that moment that Austin enters the picture, and he looks up at the dude with absolutely zero recognition on his face, looking Angela's way for some sort of guidance on how to play this…?

Oblivious to the glares and stares of the grown ups, Delilah is more focused on the present company a little more in her vicinity. "Yeah but does that really matter?" She does relent though and sits back a little to sip at her smoothie, an amused look tossed towards the trio. "Then it's only a matter of time until they do, right?" At least that's how it looked to Lila! Her lips press together to prevent herself from laughing from the comment, but she shoots over a wink in acknowledgement that she'd heard.

"Me and him, we gonna have to fight." Angela whispers to Ethan, flashing him a quick smile before Austin catches her attention. She lifts a brow a moment before she gets to her feet, "Elliot told me you'd made it home." She moves to both give her brother a hug, and push him towards the chair that Luke just vacated before she retakes her own seat. She then glances at Ethan, leaning towards him to whisper something before she states a little more audibly for the pair, "Austin, not sure you remember Ethan from back in high school."

When Luke calls after them, Everett makes an exageratted show of being upset. "Aw, man, now you gone and done it. Old person says we gotta behave, now we gots ta act out in defiance, right?" Everett says to the old people. "Why old people always gotta ruin e'rything?" he asks Delilah, shaking his head. But, he smirks again, quickly enough, throwing up a peace sign as Luke leaves. "See ya later, Luke," he calls after the man as he leaves. Then, he looks back to Delilah and purses his lips, thinking.

Austin seemed to wait for Angela initiate the hug but once she does, he returns it. "Yeah, was going to give you a call later today and say hi. Guess I don't have to now." Sitting in the chair he gets pushed to, he looks over at Ethan, brow furrowed a bit as he thinks about it. "Nope." he decides. "Probably wasn't in my class or never tried to beat me up."

A slow-tugging smile gets one half of Ethan's mouth, and he answers Angela's low words with a not-quite-as-quiet, "I mean, the shoe fits pretty damn good." Then it turns out that this is her brother, and he ohhhhs lengthily, leaning forward across the table to offer a hand-shake. "Whoa, man. I think you were, like, eleven years old the last time I saw you?" Now he officially feels old. :( "So I hope to god I didn't try to beat you up. How you been?"

Aww now Everette goes and does it, talking about rebelling and acting out in defense and alla that. Delilah gets a look of pure impishness and swoops in as soon as Everett purses his lips. SMACK! That's a kiss, not a slap y'all. She frames his face with her palms and shoots to her feet just before delivery, then stands smiling down at him. "Something like that?" With a playful giggle, she smacks one on the tip of his nose too, for good measure.

"True, it does." Angela agrees with Ethan's comment, her own smile widening just a bit before she nods, "Sounds about right, yeah." She is not going to go down the road of feeling old. Although it has been that sort of day! She leans back in her seat, getting comfortable with her cup of coffee, "I'm pretty sure that you never tried to beat any of my brothers up, although if you did I forgive you." Now it is her turn to flutter her lashes at Ethan, someone has to pick up the slack for Luke.

When Delilah moves in and kisses him, it honestly does almost cause Everett to fall off his chair. He flails a little, and catches himself, which is probably what warrants the second kiss. He blinks up at Delilah, mouth hanging open in a dumbfounded way, before he tries to shake himself out of it and recover. Nobody saw that, right? "Heh … hehehe … yeah, that's what I meant. … yeah," he says, looking away, sheepishly, at he rubs at the back of his neck.

Austin clasps the offered hand firmly and grins over at Ethan. "Well, if I was eleven the last time, that explains why I don't remember you. And pretty good. Amazing what getting away from bad influences can do for you. How about you?" Catching the eye of a waitress, he raises a finger, points to himself and then to Angela's coffee. Message delivered and received.

It's the looking away or maybe the lack of a more defined response that cues Delilah to step back and then collect her drink and her bag. A smile is given over though as she tucks her phone in the pocket of her white parka. The matching scarf is wrapped back around and she finally speaks again. "I'll talk to you later. I have somewhere to be." With a finger wiggle towards him she waves before heading towards the door, reaching for her pocket and the phone inside as she steps out.

"You sure?" About the immediate forgiveness, Ethan means. "Could be good for leverage," with a just-sayin' shrug at Angela and her batted lashes, brows a-lifting. But back to Austin, he agrees with a hearty, "I feel you, it's good to shake the dust off sometimes. Are you just getting back in town or…?" He looks between Angela and Austin then, adding, "'Cause if this is a family reunion, I can always go wait for the beer-guy and let you two - " He legit has no idea what siblings do when they meet up with each other, so just stops cluelessly.

When Delilah starts to leave, Everett looks very surprised. He doesn't move, right away, just watching her pack up her things. However, when she heads for the door, he rises and hurries after her. "Hey, hold up!" he calls. "… at least let me walk you?" he offers, moving to open the door for her.

"I'm sure, I'll give up this piece of leverage." Angela seems to be most willing to allow Ethan to escape unleveraged, or something. When he starts talking about leaving she shakes her head, leaning forward, "No, it's fine. I think Elliot was planning some get together this week, any and all private time catching up can be done then. That said…" She glances at Austin, her brows furrowing, "Where did you run off to? I know someone told me once, but I actually forget."

"Just." Austin agrees. Or close enough to count since it's only been a few days. "No, no. Stay. No need to take off. We've stayed in touch over the years so it's not like we haven't talked at all." Just not frequently. And he nods at what Angela says. "Right. We can get caught up then. Thailand." he informs them then asks Ethan "Who is this beer guy and can I get some?"

Ethan's brow-lift goes unexplained, but he makes no more noises about leaving, settling back in his chair. And, yes, he does drop a hand on the back of Angela's chair, just to be sure to totally telegraph the vibe here. "No shit, Thailand? What part? I spent a week there one night." Cue the thousand-yard-stare, followed by a short laugh. "Beer delivery guy. The bar across the street is my family's, but I can send him your way with a couple cases if you're super parched."

Hesitating at the door, Delilah looks back and there's a smile fixed in place. "It's fine, it's not that far from here to the dorms. I'll catch up with you later? You go ahead and finish your food and all, I don't mind. (Don't want to take you out of rp!) She hitches her bag up and glances down at her phone then back at him. "I will text you, alright?"

Everett frowns, looking at Delilah. "Yeah, it ain't far, so it's no problem if I walk you …," he offers again. He looks back at the table, where he left his bagel and drink, then back at Delilah. He gets quieter, sounding rather unsure of himself. "I mean … I can walk and eat at the same time, Lilah. … you ain't want me to walk wit' you?"

"Right, Thailand…" Angela nods at that, having somehow managed to forget which part of Asia her brother ran off to. Then what Ethan says clicks and she glances over, laughing, "Spent a week there one night? Sounds like an eventful time you had there. I never got to go there, you'll both have to tell me sometime what it's like…all I know from it is what there is in movies."

"Pretty much all over." Austin answers. "I started out in Bangkok. There are some good gyms and training courses there but I wanted the real experience. A lot of the camps don't take Westerners but a couple let me join since I'd been there for years. Most recently, I was in Pai with a brief vacation in Bangkok again before I flew back."

"Gyms and training courses," Ethan repeats, his o-mouth turning into a slow-spreading smirk while Austin recounts his travels. "Suffice it to say, I think we had very different experiences in Thailand. You should go some time, it's different than anywhere else." That to Angela, with a keen nod. "You're into - what's that stuff called? Not krav maga, the Thai fighting thing?" It's on the tip of his tongue, but it's never gonna get there, so he just shrugs and lets it go, assuming Austin can fill in the blanks.

Angela glances at Ethan, laughing, "I bet we all can guess what your experience was like in Thailand." Then she picks up her coffee, taking a sip from it before wondering, "So now that you're home, Austin, what are your plans? I know it's probably the last thing you'd want to do, but I bet I could get you a job with me doing something."

"Sure, you can walk me if you want." Delilah waits there for him to gather his things, "I'd like it if you do," she tells him with stark honesty. Closing the door, she doesn't let the cold in while she waits, but she does look out at the weather and pulls her scarf a little tighter around her ears. It was cold!

"Bars, massage parlors, and whores?" Austin asks, nodding once since it's more a statement than a question. "Yeah, Bangkok gets a lot of that from the West. Sex is like their number one tourist industry. Popular with Thai men too. It's a cultural thing." he explains, mostly to Angela before adding to Ethan "Muay Thai, yeah."

Everett hustles back to his table to grab his drink and bagle, stuffing the bagel in the pocket of his hoodie. He jogs back over to the door, pulling his hood up over his head and gesturing towards the outside as he opens the door for Delilah again. "Aight, c'mon," he says, offering her a smile.

Ethan's eyes are bright when he counters, "I'm sure you can," and then laughs into what's left of his coffee at Austin's guess. "Something like that. In my defense, I was twenty-six. And there were Russians involved. And I don't speak Thai or Russian." He stops. "And yes, that's the one. Muay Thai, that stuff looks badass." He leans back in his chair a second, watching the college kids leave, and repeating, "Ahhh, l'amour," once more. He's quiet, then, waiting for Austin's answer to Angela's question about his future plans.

Oh, boy, can she. "Russians too? Damn, you lived an exciting life. I'm so very jealous." She sighs, swaying towards Ethan, "And impressed." It's spoken as a joke before her attention turns towards the two that are leaving, smiling at them even more, "Indeed, l'amour." She then turns back to pin her brother with her gaze, "Plans?"

Austin got interrupted by the waitress bringing his coffee so once she's leaves, he takes a sip then answers Angela. "Thanks but no. I'm allergic to both law and corporate. I've got interviews lined up at some dojos and martial arts studios. Last couple years in Thailand, I was teaching as well as learning so it shouldn't be hard to get a job doing that here." He takes another sip then asks dryly "Only twenty six? That's older than I am now."

Between breakfast and lunch, the coffee shop isn't too horribly busy. A couple college kids just piled out, all over each other, and there are a few other patrons scattered here and there. Including Austin, Angela, and Ethan, sharing a table.

"Oh, we haven't even scratched the surface yet," Ethan promises at Angela, doing the brow-wag thing. And then shifting right into a daunted-sounding mumble along the lines of, "I say in front of your brother, the ass-kicker." Stay classy, Ethan. He adds some sad-eyes at Austin's last comment, peeling at the paper on his coffee cup with the hand not still on the back of Angela's chair; "I could have lived without that information."

Xavier enters, stopping just outside the door to shake out his heavy wool coat. Today's suit is deep blue, with a black waistcoat, and despite being sharply put together, Xavier does look a little tired. Age catching up with him, perhaps. He makes his way to the counter on autopilot, ordering the largest black coffee they can legally give him. Ater the order's put in, he glances around and notes two familiar faces. He offers a gloved wave in that direction.

"Promises?" Angela lifts a hand, pressing it flat over her heart, "I look forward to scratching well below that surface." As for her brother and his ass kicking is greeted with a smile, a look slanted back towards Austin, "Austin wouldn't ever get up in arms about what people do in the privacy of their own rooms. But fine, I won't make you come to work with me, Austin. But if you need anything, you know I've got access to the family accounts…Mom and Dad won't notice."

"Oh, don't worry about it. I'm very sex positive." Austin informs Ethan, nodding in agreement with what his sister says. "If Angela wants to sleep with you, it's her choice. And not a bad one too." he adds, looking Ethan over. "I dated a guy your age for a few months. God, was he hot. Then he went back to his wife, the asshole." A shoulder lifts in a 'what can you do' kind of shrug. And then he blinks and glances sidelong at Angela and her offer, clearly surprised. "Umm, thanks."

Ethan pretends not to listen to them talking about mom-and-dad's money, instead catching Xavier's wave and returning it, adding a point to the empty chair at their table in a silent suggestion/offer. "I don't know how I feel about being 'your aged,' you're on a roll here." he adds with a short chuckle. "But thanks for the blessing, I guess? 'Cause apparently we have some surfaces to scratch."

Xavier grabs his coffee and smiles at the silent offer. He heads in that direction, moving to claim the chair as his own. "Good day, Ms. Bell, Ethan. I hope you're both doing well?" Perhaps a little more than perfunctory emphasis to that question, as he studies each of them as he sits down. then his attention turns to Austin, and he smiles. "You, I don't believe I'd had the pleasure of being introduced to, yet." He extends a hand. "Xavier. Xavier Westin."

Angela's brows lift at Austin's tale of his lover and how he was 'your age'. She just shakes her head with a bit of amusement at that, lifting a single shoulder to Ethan in a 'what are you gonna do' manner. When Xavier arrives she offers him a smile as well, "Mr. Westin. Yes, doing fabulously. Wonderful party you hosted last night, again, thank you for it." She lets Austin introduce himself, instead she glances momentarily at Ethan, murmuring softly, "So many surfaces. I've got a list I'll share."

"Don't be self conscious about it." Austin tells Ethan. "You're good looking, that's the important part. And not married, right?" Rhetorical. Glancing around at Ethan's gesturing, he spots Xavier and watches him come over. "Hey." he greets, clasping the hand. "Austin Bell. Nice to meet you. What kind of party was it?"

"Things are definitely improved." Ethan has the grace to add sheepishness to his answering smile to Xavier, and also to not rehash the whole debacle further. Just leaves it at, "Sorry I had to leave early." His only answer to Angela's murmur is a fish-hook pulling one side of his mouth, which stays in place while he chuckles again at Austin. "Not in the States, anyway." He's joking. Surely.

Xavier's handshake is brief, firm, and as practiced as a politician's. "Bell?" A quick, curious glance to Angela and back. "Nice to meet you. It was a charity event for those who have recently lost homes and other goods in the fire. And the floods. We had an excellent turnout, I think, and your family's support was greatly appreciated." He settles back in his chair and takes a long drink of his coffee. There's a satisfied sigh; blessed caffeine, then smiles warmly at Angela. "Thank you for coming, and indulging my request. I'm glad that things seem to have settled." There's a beat. "And, could someone please tell me that I'm not crazy - but were Luke and his date on roller skates, or did I imagine that?"

"Youngest." Angela offers to Xavier, clarifying just what flavor of Bell Austin might be. "It was a tripical themed sort of ball, had jaguars. Although we never got around to seeing them. Which I am sorry about, as well, I'll second Ethan's sorry for having to leave early." The question of the roller skates though, well, there is a small nod to it, "Pretty sure they were, but I can't prove it."

Austin starts to look curious about all this talk about the ball. Sounds eventful. Jaguars? "Wild animals shouldn't be used as entertainment." is all he really has to say about it all.

Ethan, confidently, "They were on roller skates. Just - count your blessings they didn't show up in costumes. With pool noodles." So much long-suffering fondness. "You'd like Luke," he adds abruptly to Austin. "You don't happen to have room for a cat, do you? Or sixty cats?" That's his way of not touching the ethical issues of animal-shows with a ten-foot-pole.

"It was a traveling exhibit from the Denver Zoo, to promote conservation and help raise funds for the charity," Xavier says, to Austin. "People sometimes have a difficult time recognizing something as important until you make it entertaining to them. The animals were well taken care of, and the Zoo itself received a substantial donation to its conservation efforts for their use." Then he chuckles, and shakes his head. "I will have to track them down and figure out how that works, at some point. They /looked/ fine, but occasionally…"

"Luke rescued a dog the other day, if you're more of a dog person than a cat person. I've no idea if it was a healthy dog though, but it was a stray." Angela suggests, then glances at Ethan, brows lifting, "Would they really have shown up in costumes with pool noodles?" She laughs, shaking her head at the image before turning back to Xavier, "How much were you able to raise, roughly, if you don't mind my asking. I realize that might be a rather rude thing, but I am curious."

"I love cats." Austin says. "But I don't have a place yet. I'm still in a motel though Elliott offered his fold out and I'll probably take him up on that. Once I get a job, I'll find a place and maybe get a cat." Pause. "Or two. Why?" He seems happier at Xavier's explanation and nods. "Oh, okay. That's cool then. Zoo personnel will know the animals and wouldn't bring ones who'll get all stressed out." Angela gets a shake of his head. "I like dogs fine but I'm not likely to be home enough to havea dog. So were these skates like the sneakers with the wheels built into the heels? Except in shoes?"

When Angela says that bit about Luke rescuing a dog, Ethan chimes, "Take a drink." But his coffee cup is empty, so he just pantomimes knocking back a shot, nodding gravely in response to the probability of costumes and pool-noodles. He gestures to Austin's guess about the shoes as an answer for Xavier. "Roller shoes? Skate shoes? They have a name. Those college kids probably know it." But they're gone now, ho hum.

Xavier smiles at Austin. "Precisely. I put too much work into a good media opportunity to ruin it with accusations of animal abuse, I assure you." He takes a sip and nods to Angela. "Not rude at all. About fifteen thousand from tickets, and another fifteen from personal donations. The Westin Institute will be matching that at a hundred and fifty percent, and Calvin Shay will be matching it, as well. So a little over a hundred thousand dollars. That's not bad for something that was rather last minute, and it only cost about thirty thousand to put together." Then a curious look at Ethan. "College kids?"

"Drink why?" Angela is not aware of this game, it seems. But she drinks, because there's still some coffee left in her cup, and offers it to Ethan since he drank all of his. "That's a good bit of money for the cause, even if things hadn't been last minute. Unfortunately I've seen some fundraisers months in the planning not even do that well. So congratulations." She smiles at Xavier, sounding honestly pleased that his event went over so well. "You need money to get a place, Austin? It can be arranged. No need to sleep on Elliot's couch."

"Why did you ask about cats?" Austin prompts Ethan before saying to Xavier "The same kind of people who don't recognize something as important could also not see that having an animal caged in the middle of a crowd of people is abuse. After all, they're not being hurt or anything." He consider's Angela's offer a moment before saying "Thanks. I'll think about it."

Ethan waves off the offered cup, amused by Angela's lack of comprehension. "I'll explain it later," and leaves it at that. "You probably passed them on the way in," the college kids. "They were inspired to leave." His eyes go back-and-forth while everyone else talks about money, when Austin brings up the caged animal issues again, then clears his throat and smiles and goes back to the safe waters of, "My buddy foists shelter-pets onto people. It's an addiction. You'll probably have a cat before you have an apartment."

"Yes, but I do live under a certain level of scrutiny when it comes to business, Austin. If I had sad animals in cages, I guarantee you that certain sections of social media would be aflame in minutes." There's a kind of dry humor to that statement, tinged with irritation. "As it is, Mr. Shay apparently got assaulted with flour while leaving. Next time, I will have to ensure that the security people have more…detailed instructions on how to handle protestors. And apologize to Mr. Shay." He frowns at his coffee, as if the entire situation is its fault.

"It'd just be easier than waiting, don't you think?" Angela's brows lift upwards as she watches Austin, clearly not wanting her little brother to remain homeless. Then she tilts her head towards the door, "Two college kids, busy pawing at each other and making out. I'm betting that inspiration to leave was to go somewhere that they could be alone for more petting and kissing." When Xavier announces that Calvin was assaulted when leaving she stares for a moment, "That sounds terrible. It wasn't so bad when I left, was it for you, Ethan?"

"Is he hot? I have a hard time saying no to hot guy who love animals." Austin admits. "But no more than two." Pause. "Or maybe three." He looks blank at the name that Xavier mentions. "Who's Shay? And what's he do to incite protest? Could have been worse than flour." He glances down at this cup of coffee and drains it. "We can talk about it later, Angela."

"Sure," to the hotness of Luke. Ethan shrugs and glances Angela's way, for the female perspective. "But," he looks sympathetically at Austin, "he's also arrow-straight, man. So don't get your hopes up," and he trails off into a mumble with the words 'and shoot his girlfriend' in them. "What? No, I just cut straight through them, no foul. But they were awfully high-strung, probably about having fucked with Calvin Shay, now that you mention it. That sucks." For Xavier, he adds, "I'm sure he knows that wasn't your fault, protestors gonna protest, everybody's fired up about something."

"Luke is hot," Xavier puts in, blandly. "His girlfriend might object, though. Or maybe she won't. I don't judge." He shakes his head. "And Mr. Shay did nothing except happen to be around. The protestors were protesting…well, me." He shrugs. "Or my business, at least." He smiles at Angela. "I don't believe he was harmed. They threw flour on him. Stupid, but ultimately harmless." He offers Ethan a smile. "Perhaps. I can hope. But an apology must be extended. I was very excited to learn he lived here. I used to listen to his music a lot."

"Luke is very hot. Sexy vet thing happening, which is almost as good as a sext doctor." Angela agrees, adding in her own two cents to the matter of Luke's hotness, "I'm not sure if his girlfriend would care or not, actually. Probably best to not try, though. Bad business, getting involved in other peoples relationships." That is said with an utterly straight face as she takes another sip off her coffee, her eyes wandering away from the table for a moment before she latches onto another topic. "I wonder if they picked him because he's famous, or it was just a matter of timing, and he walked out when they'd worked themselves to a fever pitch."

"That you know of." Austin tells Ethan. "You can never tell. Not that it matters if he's giving away cats. Hot is just a bonus. And as Angela said, it's always better to avoid getting into the middle of relationships." Hot married guy, yeah. Anyway. "Was he the first to leave? If not, probably because he's famous. Who is he?"

Ethan, to Xavier's point, "Did you meet Abby? Would you wanna find out the hard way that she'd object?" There's a short chuckle at Austin's argument, and he concedes a shrug-and-a-nod routine. But, "I'm almost positive. If he was actually gay," he hits the adverb a little hard, "I'd know." A side-eye goes to Angela, and then he puts his hands flat on the table, preparing to use those to push himself to his feet. "And now, kids, I gotta go meet the beer-guy. Austin, it was nice to meet you." Another hand-shake is on offer once he stands, kicking his feet a little to straighten out his jeans.

Xavier gives Angela an amused look at her straight-faced comment, but says nothing. Then a pained grimace at Austin's question. "Your younger brother makes me feel /old/, Ms. Bell." To Austin, he says, "He's an excellent and very popular musician. Or once was a very popular musician. I admit, I believed that he had died. I was relieved to see it wasn't the case." He grins at Ethan's comment, and shakes his head. "I haven't yet had the pleasure, but I'm looking forward to meeting her. Not to any objections she might have on Luke's behalf. It was good to see you, Ethan."

"I'll walk you out, I've got a few phone calls that I should make myself." Angela decides, swallowing down the rest of her coffee before she starts to get to her feet as well, "Call me later, Austin. We'll sort out things." She then nods to Xavier once more, offering him a smile, noting that amused look, "Right, Mr. Westin, pleasure to see you again. We'll have to catch up how the rest of the evening went." There is just the faintest emphasis on it, hinting at something there before she starts to push her chair back in.

Austin stands to shake Ethan's hand. "Take it easy, Ethan. Tell your friend you know someone who could be persuaded to adopt some cats in few weeks." Sitting back down, he motions the waitress for a refill once he catches her eye. "I've been in Thailand for the last several years." he explains to Xavier. "Didn't listen to American music much." Angela gets a nod. "Okay, I'll call you in the next day or two. Still need to make sure I've got a job first."

"Will do," Ethan assures Austin. "And likewise, Xavier. Enjoy your day." Then he'll help Angela on with her coat, pull on his own, and trot off to meet the oft-mentioned beer-guy.

Xavier raises his eyebrows at Angela, but inclines his head. "Of course, Ms. Bell. We'll catch a cup of coffee, soon." He raises his half-empty cup in salute. He chuckles at Austin. "This was the nineties and two thousands, so it might have just been a bit before your time. But Thailand sounds fascinating. I've not gone there. Were you studying, or…?"

Editor's note: This is where I took a break from RP for a little bit. Then came right back to the coffee shop to RP again a little later. Don't judge me.

"Thanks, Angie," Luke says to Angela, and he seems actually sincere about it, even if there's a bit of a startled look when she touches his elbow. At least he doesn't jerk himself away! "The pool noodles are reserved for Mario Kart racing only. It would have been totally silly to show up at a fancy party with pool noodles!" But skate shoes? Those weren't silly at all! He grabs his coffee to go wandering over to where Xavier and Austin were sitting, but there's an abrupt frown in Xavier's direction. "Uh, 'hot' vet? You mean /hottest/ vet. God, Xavier, we've known each other for like two whole weeks now! Get it right," he scoffs, before he flashes a big grin at Austin, and extends a hand. "Luke Wright. Nice to meet you."

"Welcome." Angela replies, collecting her coffee before she follows after Luke, right back towards the table with Austin and Xavier. "With free kittens." She adds to Luke's description of himself. She pulls out a chair at the table, dropping herself into it unceremoniously, legs crossing, coffee deposited on the table, "Alright, Mario Kart…pool noodles. Parties, roller skates. I'll remember this for the future."

"Austin Bell." he says, clasping Luke's hand. "Hot, yes. But you'll need to get all the other vets in Calaveras lined up without their shirts on so I can compare you to them before I can bestow 'hottest' on you. I'll be free for that any day ending in a 'y' between the hours of noon and 11:59 am."

Ethan just left. But whatever. He comes back, materializing in the doorway while Luke and Austin are shaking hands. So he continues to stand there for a few seconds, beaming upon this exchange. The way a benevolent deity might smile upon His Creation.

Xavier snorts at Luke. Mock-mournfully, he shakes his head. "No, Luke, I'm sorry. You're an attractive man, I'll grant you that, but I don't give out a title like that unless you work for it. And like Austin, I'd have to meet every vet in town for comparison. One must be fair about these things, you know." He gives an amused, sidelong look to Angela. "Your youngest brother is an idealist, Ms. Bell. It's quite interesting." His attention shifts back to Luke. "So, tell me - how many animals do you rescue? From what others say, I rather picture your house and office overflowing, like the Ark in reverse."

Luke gives Austin's hand a firm shake before he bursts into a laugh. "Aw, damn. It just so happens that every other vet in the city is only available at exactly 11:59am, for about thirty seconds of time. I'm sorry. You're just going to have to take my word for it," he winks at Austin, and then claps his hand on Xavier's shoulder in a vigorous pat. He was about to comment on his office looking like the Ark when - "ETHAN!" he pitches his voice up in a squeal.

"That's very fair of you, Mr. Westin, Austin. But I wonder if it's worth the bother, I mean…I have to second his vote of hottest vet." Angela points out, amused by the tone of the conversation. When Luke starts to squeal for Ethan she twists around towards the door, sighing faintly, "That reminds me, Luke. Me and you, pistols at dawn for Ethan's affections."

"Well, just you then. We can set up a time for the viewing." Austin says. "You'll win by default." Though when Luke squeals, a brow rises and he glances over at Angela and then Xavier. "Now I"m less certain of that."

"Sorry. Sorry, was just - " Ethan gestures between Luke and Austin, still wearing a stupid smile, then leans into his steps away from the door. "Thank you, butterbear, it's always nice to feel wanted." He tells Luke in passing, heading to get more coffee, waving at Austin and Xavier like he wasn't just sitting with them fourteen minutes ago (or however long that was). "God, I don't even know who to root for." With an eek-face at Angela's plan.

Xavier clucks his tongue. "Now, now. Ethan is not a prize or an object to be fought over. He is a man, with a man's need for autonomy and respect. If you're going to duel, at least make it entertaining for the poor fellow. Speedos in jelly, or something." He takes a sip of his coffee, amusement brightening his expression. "So, am I to take it that it is official between you two?" A glance from Angela to Ethan, and back again, one eyebrow raised.

Luke gives Ethan a questioning glance, one brow up while the other falls in a furrow. He's adorably confused. "I'll bring my water pistol," he says to Angela, "And my bikini. And obviously you're rooting for me, Ethan," he sighs dramatically, plopping himself into a chair. He takes a drink from his coffee, about to say something else, when Xavier makes noise about things being official between Ethan and Angela and he promptly chokes.

"I'm not sure that speedos is an option for me, just saying…I'm not an overly routund Italian man." Angela shakes her head at Xavier, "And jelly? Unsanitary." She then nods to Luke about the water pistols before he starts to choke, and then she reaches out to pat him on the back, totally just not answering Xavier's question. Nope, concerned friend on duty here.

"Actually, Australian lifeguards wear Speedos." Austin points out. "And there's nothing rotund about them. You can wear a one piece though, Sis. The Speedo's for Luke." Angela beats him to the patting so he just sits back and waits for the man to stop coughing. "So, you have kittens?"

Ethan throws two thumbs up at Xavier; "I fully endorse this plan." And yet he totally didn't hear the follow-up question, that's so weird. Probably it's because he's ordering coffee and not because he has selective hearing.

Xavier gives the entire table a baffled sort of look. The same sort of look a cat might make when a bubble has just popped on its nose, and it has not yet decided whether to flee or be offended. "I seem to have misunderstood the situation," he says, at last. "I do apologize." And then he shuts up and drinks his coffee. He doesn't blush in embarassment, of course. No, the coffee's just a bit warm, and the steam from it is warming his cheeks.

It takes a minute for Luke to stop hacking, and he pounds his fist into his chest a few times. "Man, that coffee went straight down the wrong pipe," he wheezes to nobody in particular. He sets the coffee down after - it's just not safe. "What were we talking about? Oh, right. Kittens! Yes, I have kittens."

"Apologize for what?" Angela wonders, leaving Luke to discuss kittens now that he's not risking making Ethan a widow by dropping dead in the middle of Java Junction. She reaches for her own coffee, picking it up before leaning back in her chair, brows raising at Xavier, then she slowly looks towards Ethan at the counter, then back, "I suppose that it was a perfectly reasonable question without a clear answer, and a small amount of ambiguity as to what sense of the official we're talking. Were you able to console Ms. Stone last night?"

".. With your penis?" Luke chimes in, helpfully.

Wow, the service is really slow right now. Ethan is gonna have to stay over here waiting for his coffee for a long time, standing in such a way that no one can see the cup on the counter waiting for him to pick it up. At least the baristas don't seem to mind (it pays to be pretty).

"They were only going to have sex, not get married." Austin reminds Xavier. Wait, was he here for that part? Maybe not. Doesn't matter. "How old are the kittens? I don't have a place yet but probably within a month I will and I wouldn't mind a couple of cats to keep me company."

"Thank you, Angela. I do not get regular updates on the interpersonal drama of locals, so you will have to excuse me if I am occasionally a step behind," Xavier grumbles. And then the question, and Luke's interjection, has him sighing. He reaches up and rubs at the bridge of his nose. "No. I had an event to run. A large, complicated event for the purposes of public relation and good media coverage. I can't just disappear in the middle of it for personal matters." He takes another drink, then waves over towards Austin. "I wasn't talking /that/ official, Austin."

"You can come down the shelter and look, there's lots of kittens," Luke says as an aside to Austin, but he's really fully committed to this drama right now. He pulls out his phone when it buzzes and promptly breaks into laughter at whatever it is he reads. "Oh, this is spectacular," he snickers, typing something into his phone before he looks back up to the matter at hand. "Oh, hey, that reminds me. Did you end up finding your trophy, Angela? You know, you left it on the bar. At Ethan's bar. When you went into the back room and never came back." See, Xavier, he's laying little breadcrumbs to be helpful.

Angela slants a look at Luke at his assist, looking marginally impressed by it, then she glances back at Xavier, "But there was an after the event. Just saying." She offers so very helpfully. She then lifts her cup in a sort of salute to Xavier, "You're as up to date as everyone else is on this subject, actually. But to answer your question with as direct a manner as I can I'll say th…" Well, she was going to say something, then Luke with the talking again. She glances at him, a brow raising, "I did find it this morning, thank you. You cared for it so very well, I can't thank you enough." Look! More breadcrumbs! She leans towards Luke, whispering something to him, amusement dancing in her eyes over what ever it is she's got on her mind.

Yup, obviously missing something. Though not the innuendo. Austin just sits back and drinks his coffee, looking somewhat amused by it all.

"Did you know this place sells chocolate cake?" Ethan is so fucking happy about this chocolate cake right now, he orders a slice for everyone at the table. And also passes his eyes across Xavier's for a second, shrugging in a mute sorry-man.

"At this point," Xavier claims, deadpan, "I suspect that you, Ethan, Luke, and his girlfriend all just had an orgy after the party and are terribly proud of yourselves." More seriously, he says to Angela, "By the time I made it back to the B&B, her door was closed. I didn't feel she would want a tenant trespassing on her personal space, and I don't really have any grounds on which to do so - I rent a room from her, that's all." He looks down into his coffee cup, and grimaces. "Anyway. Perhaps we should talk about kittens? They are less complex and Ethan is running out of things to purchase over there."

Luke reels back from something Angela's whispered to him. "TMI, dude! TMI!" he crosses his two forefingers in a big X at her, as though that would somehow ward her off. He shifts back into his chair and smirks over to Xavier. "I mean Abby and I went down to the bar, sure, but we just drank beer. I don't share very well," he winks at Xavier. "The kittens are pretty cute!"

"You're fine." Angela assures Luke, and since she's not like some sort of vampire to be repulsed by crossed fingers she doesn't burst into flame or run away. But she does glance over towards where Ethan is trying to hide at the counter, "Probably right." She agrees with Xavier, then turns back to the table, jumping into the kitten conversation to save everyone. "I've never owned a cat…Mom never let us have pets of any kind, she found then unsanitary."

"Chocolate cake?" Trust Austin to hear the important part. HIs sister's sex life definitely does not qualify. "I was just thinking I wanted something to eat that was sweet. I was thinking pie though. Or tiramisu." Ah yes. Mom. "Yes, warm and affectionate had no place in our household." Not home, no. Household.

Oh good, then Ethan can come back over with a tray of little plates of seven-dollar slices of chocolate cake. Cake for Austin, "I didn't see tiramisu, and pie just seemed like asking for trouble somehow." He puts cake in front of Xavier, there you go, he smiles at the very nice man, and stabs a fork into the cake he puts in front of Angela, and puts once nicely in front of Luke. "Eat the cake." Mother-fucker.

"Thank you, Ethan," Xavier says, with perhaps more gravity than is warranted, at the gift of cake. He eyes Angela's impaled cake a bit warily, and slowly takes his fork in his own hand. Just in case. "I've never had a pet. I mostly live out of hotels, and even then, most days are at least 12 hours, often at sites or in meetings. It wouldn't be fair to an animal." Not that he really looks like a man who would be comfortable with cat or dog hairs on his ridiculously expensive suit. He slices a piece of the cake off and eats it, tentatively.

"You're so amazing," Luke sighs dreamily to Ethan as he puts a piece of cake down in front of him, glancing back to his phone. "Oh, Abby wants you to know that you owe her chocolate cake too. For making sure you didn't become an alcoholic last night," he beams up to Ethan, and then starts digging into his cake. "I'm getting cupcakes!" he adds happily around a mouhtful. "And all of you sound like you need at least one kitten. And maybe a puppy. Shit, you are actually depressing me a little, Xavier."

Ethan stabs her cake, and Angela reaches over to pull a chair close to her, patting it for Ethan. Then she reaches for the fork, pulling it out of the cake to start idly scraping off the barest of bites before tucking the fork into her mouth. There's a faint sound that might be agreement as she nods, tilting her head in Austin's direction. Evidently even she has to agree that warmth and affection weren't really part of the Bell family. "I'd probably forget to feed a kitten or a puppy, Luke. Unless they can survive off bitterness and whiskey, I'm a terrible choice."

Ethan very graciously answers, "You're welcome, Xavier," and sits down in the chair that Angela has arranged for him. "Thank you, that's very nice of you." And he eats some goddamn chocolate cake. "Lemme see that," with a beckoning finger-crook at Luke's phone.

"We can wean you off bitterness, Sis." Austin assures her. The whiskey though, well, why interfere with a good thing? "The nice thing about cats is they can be alone and don't freak out like a dog would. Especially if you have a couple; they keep each other company. Why I would want to get two or maybe three."

Xavier frowns at Luke. "I don't see what's depressing about it. It's simply the way the business is. I'd find it /more/ depressing if I was trying to haul around some poor creature through airports, leaving it abandoned in hotel rooms all the time, or boarding it constantly in new places." He eats another few bites of cake. "And I'm reasonably certain, Angela, that kittens and puppies do, in fact, eat bitterness. It's very hard to be bitter around them for long, or so adorable videos on the internet tell me."

"So, first off, no - dogs and cats don't live off bitterness," says the vet, who holds his phone away from Ethan. "No no, I don't want you seeing all the pictures of my dick that I send to her," he remarks offhandedly, before he says to Xavier. "And secondly, why don't you think about settling down?" Somehow he manages not to tack on something about Kate with that sentence. He's almost adult-like.

"You are most welcome." Angela replies, very politely and properly as she takes another small bite of the cake before she sets her fork down on the other side of her from where Ethan is sitting. She then glances at Xavier, looking mildly surprised that he's not only aware there are cute baby fluffy animal videos on the internet, but well versed enough in them to know what their content is. Shock! Awe! She then nods, "Right. Kitten. Maybe I could instead start with something simple, like a plant…if that dies then I won't have to bury it, just toss it into the trash."

"Because the pictures are really shitty and you'd be embarrassed by my professional opinion of them? Or 'cause they're pictures of your dick? 'Cause, I promise, I would only offer constructive criticism, baby." Ethan continues eating his cake; he spent seven dollars on it, so every last crumb is going to make it into his face. Also, he's really not up on these trends, "Why do you send - ya know what, never mind, not my business." To Austin, "My cat seems to prefer her alone time."

"Never have kids." Austin tells his sister with a faint smirk. "At least, not till you've progressed up to level 15: infant mammals that require constant care and attention." Pause. "Much like boyfriends, in that respect." He considers Ethan's addition then shrugs. "They're all different."

Xavier fidgets under Angela's surprised look, reaching up to adjust his tie even as he continues to eat his way through the cake. "One of my junior partners is obsessed with them. I come back from every trip, and find my Chicago office plastered with pictures of tiny, fuzzy animals accompanied by badly misspelled text. I tried locking the door, but it's an entire floor of architects and engineers - they took the door down, put up twice as many photos, then altered the door so that they could reinstall it upside down." His smile is brief, but fond. "They always rise to a challenge." Luke's question just gets a blank look, as if it happened to be asked in Swahili. He finishes off his cake, and his coffee, and rises. "At any rate, it's been good to speak with you all. And nice to meet you, Austin. I hope that you all have nice evenings."

"I go from below so it looks even bigger than it already is," Luke shoves the phone between his legs to indicate as he snickers over to Ethan. "And I don't want you to see them so you don't go and get jealous again. I don't know if Abby can take another night of you showing up on our street, crying out like a cat in heat at my door. Even though it's a total turn on /for me/," he flutters his lashes at Ethan, before his expression turns horrified at Angela as she talks about throwing dead things in the trash. "Yeeaaah. I'm buying you a cactus for Christmas." The fact that Xavier doesn't answer his question is noted, but he doesn't say anything. It's probably getting saved for NEXT TIME.

Angela stares very blankly at her brother at his words, and takes another bite of the cake before she sets the fork down. It's a very, very clear aaaaaaaaaanyway move as she nods to Xavier, "Always a pleasure, Mr. Westin. I hope your evening goes well as well." She offers a smile there, then starts to methodically pick apart the cake, "So, how about the weather? Lovely weather that we're having, isn't it?"

Ethan aims his fork at Austin's opening comment, mutely agreeing with 'never have kids.' He leans over, looking at what Luke is doing with his phone. No, seriously, he looks at Luke's crotch and the phone down there, shaking his head and mumbling about fucking hacks, but he keeps it to himself so as not to talk over Xavier's story about the animal pics. At the appropriate point, he slips a farewell in to the dude, watching till he's gone, and then looking grimly between Angela and Luke. "You two are the worst."

"Later, Xav." Austin gives the man a small wave with his fork in between bites. "I should probably get going too." he tells the others. "Well, after I finish the cake." In about two bites or so.

"What? I'm positively adorable," Luke replies to Ethan, lifting his phone up to take a selfie as he shoves a bite of cake into his mouth. /That/ is the picture he obviously texts to Abby as he chews.

Angela glances after Xavier, then looks back at Ethan, then look, then back at Ethan before she leans over and plants a kiss right on his cheek, "And this is one of the many reasons that you find me amazing and have to root for me at the water-pistol duel at dawn." She points out, then glances at Austin, pushing her cake over towards him in case he wants more than just two bites more.

"You're a cock, and I'd dick-punch you if I thought I could get out of the country before Abby beat me up. Austin, can you teach me to dick-punch someone and then run really fast away?" Ethan pokes his fork in Luke's direction this time, then tosses it onto his plate. Having eaten all his cake. Getting kissed on the cheek is cool, and he'll tilt his cheek to receive it, but still; he's making a point here. "I decided I'mma root for the water-pistols." So there.

Austin eyes the new piece of cake as he finishes his slice and slides it back toward Angela. "Mmm, thanks but one's my limit. Each slice is a good ten minutes of a vigorous workout and I don't like going to the gym that much. Just the results of it." he says, patting his stomach. "Yes, I could. Dick punch, dick kick, dick knee. Dick elbow is trickier and requires some contortion but it's possible. How fast you are though is up to you."

Luke gapes at Ethan. "What in the world did I do?" He pouts as Ethan takes his cake. "You're mean, Ethan. I mean, I still love you with all my heart and soul. But you. Are. MEAN!" Huffing with faux hurt, he gets to his feet.. and marches straight for the counter, to buy himself some $7 cake. And one for Abby, too. And when he gets back? He totally kisses Ethan on the cheek, MWAH!

There is an actual moment where Angela lifts her hand up and bites her knuckle at all the dick-punch talk from Ethan. It's a good ten heartbeats or more before she drops her hand, reaching to tug her cake back over, picking up her fork again, "Right, I'm going to shift this conversation away from dick punching, and instead say this is some really great cake. Thank you for it, Ethan. I adore it, it makes me happy and warm." Something something something.

Careful, Luke. Ethan is over here, honing his karate moves, choppy-hands whisking through the air a couple times. "I'm pretty fast." Granted, his stats say otherwise, but he doesn't know that. "Like Daniel-san." He soft-chops Luke in the torso a couple times while receiving that kiss, making (totally culturally appropriate) wa-chow noises. A side-eye hits Angela going on about the greatness of the cake, and he stops his kung fu to shake his head at her. "I'm so glad to bring joy into your life, Angela. You are very welcome for the cake."

"And on that note, I'm out of here." Austin tells the table at large. "Call you soon, Angela. Nice meeting you two. Thanks for the cake, Ethan. I'll stop by for cats once I've signed a lease, Luke."

"Ooof!" Luke's abs may be made of stone, but that karate chopping hurts! He sniffs at Ethan, before he gathers up his cake in his hand. "I, too, am making like a tree and getting the fuck out of here. I'm going to my lady's house," he waggles his eyebrows exaggeratedly. "Have a good night, you two crazy kids."

"You bring so much joy to my life." Angela agrees, fluttering her lashes at Ethan before she takes a final bite of the cake, setting the fork down on the plate before pushing it away from her. She reaches for her coffee to wash down the taste of the cake, then it also goes back onto the table before she glances at her brother, offering him a smile, "Welcome home, Austin. Have a good rest of the evening." Luke also gets a goodbye in the form of a small wave, "Night, Luke."

Ethan's, "Bye, baby," is at odds with the fact that he was just talking about punching his buddy in the dong, true. He puts it out there anyway, waving his fingers at Luke, then sending Austin off with a significantly less dreamy-eyed farewell. "Later, man. Good luck." He skips answering Angela's lash-bat and just says something quietly to her on the heels of those paired departures.

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