(2018-11-17) NOT Vanilla..
Ginny and Rory have that second date, and share some facts.. and then some.

MacKail Residence, Calaveras
Sat Nov 17, 2018

There's a few good reasons as to why Ginny decided to stay in Calaveras, and this house is one of them. It is a smaller single family house that was built long ago but it has modernized in the past decade by the previous owner. Situated on a standard lot, a perennial-lined walkway wends away from the street to reach the stairwell that gives rise to the main entryway and tiny foyer beyond.

Ginny MacKail takes pride in her little house and keeps it well, with comfortable accents and many affectations which point toward her heritage. The layout is compact and clean: boasting two small bedrooms and a full bathroom, kitchen and sitting room with a beautiful triple-paned bay window. A narrow staircase leads upstairs to a loft of sorts.

Other features of the property include: shade trees, a shed and a moderately-sized back patio.

OOC: This scene gets smoochy and touchy in spots, but nothing explicit. Lots of innuendo. It ends with FTB. Just a heads up if that's not your thing! TL;DR version: Ginny and Rory learn more about one another and then… hook up!


A new phone and a first sent picture later, Rory is finally arriving to the MacKail household. Rather, Ginny MacKail. Being dressed up with his black buttoned up shirt and dark blue khakis. His jacket thrown on as well. A knock on the door. Pause. Another two knocks then. Did he miss her? A bit nervous as he stands outside. Or did she not want to meet him now? Damn, perhaps he shouldn't have sent that picture. Starting to pace a bit.


Ginny received The Picture about an hour and a bit ago. She was in the middle of drying her hair and clipping her toenails. Yeah, she's sexy like that. But when you were your favorite pair of socks with your favorite swishy skirt you gotta cut your toenails. Plus it's Ginny, she's a Newfoundlander. It's just what she does. So yeah, Rory sent a picture and it resulted in poor deprived Ginny becoming utterly bamboozled. In a good way. In a nervous shitting bricks way. ALSO in a way that caused a certain sort of.. giddiness. Hey, Ginny's been alone for a while.

So if she decided to take extra special care with her appearance tonight, turning a Q&A over cake into Something More.. who would judge? She's just adjusting her top — a complementary spaghetti string camisole of a champagne coloration paired with a soft gray, flowy skirt — when the knock sounds. Ginny panics for three seconds. Pads toward the door and peers out, almost shyly. Her hair is loose and soft around her fine features and she… unabashedly.. looks Rory over. "Oh.. heh… hi." Said with a slow, supremely blushy grin. "N-nice picture." Now she's glowing.

Rory does have an undone button to not look uptight. But he does try to act normal. His own hair a bit messy, just stylish. Smiling, "Hi." Seeming glad that the door is finally opened. Not that it actually took that long. But seconds can feel like an eternity. Her last words has him blushing. "Y-yeah. I thought I'd do something to try and be more. Confident?" He says and chuckles. "I'm not used to all of this, but I'm trying." He tells her. Studying her, but her reaction has his smile growing wider.

Were Ginny to take on this vein of 'stylish' she would resemble an escapee from a mental asylum, On Rory, the 'barely care' hairstyle is well-met. Hazel eyes regard him, head to toe, before Ginny gets the memo to show him in. "You look great, Rory," Offered in earnest. With the door being open behind her for all of two minutes the scent of something baking exhales around the little blonde. It bears the scent of…. peaches? Interesting. "You are doing.. just fine." Ginny steps aside to let him in. The house, from outside, looks quaint and pretty.. the interior promises much of the same.

"Come in," Ginny bids, still red… though once Rory joins her and she closes the door, she offers at her own risk of imploding: "… n-nice picture…"

Rory smiles as he steps in with her. "So do you." He says and tries to kiss her cheek, if she allows it, in passing. "Peaches?" He asks and smiles. Blinking as he looks at Ginny. "Th-Thanks." He says as he worries at his lower lip. Taking her in, studying her from head to toe. Then finding her gaze. "Thought I was being too forward."

The nurse cleans up nice, though she's not overdoing it. Not in her own house. There's a thin strip of fabric, matching that flowy skirt, knitted into the silver-blonde mass of her hair. Though if one is especially astute, her roots are coming in: a sort of reddish-gold color. So Ginny's current haircolor comes from a bottle! Used to such greetings — though Rory's emulation of the gesture now gives her butterflies — she leans up and into the kiss to her cheek. "No.. no… not at all. It's grounds for that sort of thing, y'know… we agreed to another 'date' so.." She indicates a spot for him to place his shoes. She emanates heat, despite herself; despite her trying to be calm. His picture affected her more than she lets on.

"Peaches. Upside down peach cake." Ginny admits, and seeing the young man to be as nervous (she suspects) as she feels, she reaches out to offer a hug. "Thanks for coming out. I hope m'not causing a ruckus with your schedule."

Rory does notice her leaning into the kiss some. A bit of a smile as he does notice that color in her hair. Taking off his shoes and nodding to her words. "Sounds good then." He says and stretches some. Hugging her in return, cheeks red though. "No, not at all. I made sure to make room." He tells her and smiles. Tilting his head. "So. Erhm. Wanted to sit and talk? play music?" He asks. Though he isn't wanting to break the hug. And she does indeed clean up nice. He is nervous though, as it has been a lot more intimate contact that he was counting on. As for them agreeing on another date. "Yeah. We did." Then blushing brightly, perhaps something he was told earlier. "Ah, cool. Cool. Sounds and smells tasty." He says, changing the subject.

"So now we're somewhere intimat—I mean, more private. We can talk. No fear of being jumped from the bushes." Ginny says as she eases back, gives one of Rory's elbows the gentlest of squeezes. Nevermind that arm, a couple of days ago, nearly choked an asshole. OMG. Then he went and texted The Photo and can you just imagine the conundrum in her head. Hazel eyes look from the young man's face, to his chest.. to a shoulder and desperately back to his face. What is wrong with her!? At least he's nervous too and despite herself Ginny takes one of his hands, tugs it gently. "Follow me." She bids, hoping to have Rory accompany her to the kitchen. To see more of the house's interior is to see an immaculately-kept space. Photos, colorful Tiffany lamp shades casting coins of warm color across the walls, an ancient mason jar full of sea glass and sand.

"Would you like something to drink? I can't say that I can work th'same magic you can with th' brew but I can pour a pint of beer or a glass of wine."

Rory smiles and then blinks chuckling softly. "Yeah." He says and watches her in return. How her hair falls over her shoulders. The way she slowly moves and then meeting her eyes again. Following her as she lead him along. "It's beautiful in here." He offers to her. Then he chuckles and shakes his head. "I don't drink. Never have. Bad for me and so on, got to keep sharp." Perhaps something he's been told a lot. About a lot of things. "So. Straight edge? Is that right?" He offers and chuckles. "And vegan." He adds, just in case. Smiling as he studies her some.

The nurse doesn't seem intent on pushing anything. Instead her lips curl up at their corners, "Takes some special mettle t'abstain from th' drink and serve it for a living. Well met." Said in her lyrical way, and once they're in the kitchen with it's full range of like-new appliances and soft lighting, she's instead reaching upwards into a cupboard. "Y'fancy tea, then? I'm going to make a pot," Because any Newf worth their salt can stir a teabag with finesse to make the best mug-up. Her eyes, a sort of gray-green in the lighting — like the sea glass in the jars — turn to observe Rory. Perhaps even for too long before she's back to the selection of 'tea' in the cupboard.

Belatedly, "Thank you.. it's my.. haven. My winnings for putting up with some… things. I do the best I can." Speaking of sharp..

She turns to face Rory again, pulling out a seat at the cozy breakfast bar at the edge of the kitchen, her gaze soft and appreciative. GAH.. that picture has enlightened her to things. "Thank you, again, for the other day… truly. I owe it to you. I wish to make it up to you."

Rory thinks about it, "Maybe one cup?" He says. "I try and not get too much caffeine or similar either." He admits. Seems he's raised strict. As she studies him he is looking around at all the things, studying the jar as well. Looking up to catch her staring. Not saying anything about it though, only smiling. "So, what's this jar?" He asks and then moves to sit at the bar. "Thanks." As she thanks him though, he shakes his head. "I want to keep you safe. So no need to thank me." He assures her. Even if he tries to push back a suggestion as she want to make it up to him. "Nat said something though." He says. Averting his gaze. Biting his lip.

The slight blonde smiles over a shoulder, "Pah, got goodies other than orange pekoe that ol' Granny Grunt favors. Mint is nice, or something herbal along those lines. But—" Blink, blush. She turns slowly to observe Rory, "Vegan.. y'mentioned. You're vegan?" She checks, glancing toward the oven as it works studiously to finish that delightful cake within. Ginny's large green-gold eyes flit back to the bartender. "That cake is full of eggs… vegan is utterly no animal product, yeah?" Oh crap is she about to offer cake, FULL OF CHICKEN EGGS, to a vegan!?

Rory's query blessedly calms her, and Ginny smiles over at the jar. She sets down a fragrant canister of mint loose leaf tea and moves to pick up the mason jar, her footsteps near-silent. She brings it over to Rory, and if he takes it from her when offered he may very well see the chips of bottle green, scuffed white and even some amber-colored pieces of sea-worn glass. Beneath it all: sand. "This all came from m'home. I took it with me when I moved in with… the other fella." Ahem.

Rory mentioning wanting to 'keep her safe' deepens her flush, and she observes his profile: "Nat? And what might that have been?"

Rory smiles to her words, pondering for a moment before shaking his head. "It's fine. I-I'll try it anyhow." He assures her. Seems she is more important than what he eats. He takes the jar as she brings it over to him. "It's interesting." He says before looking to Ginny again. "Oh, just that. She wanted to make sure that we had at least kissed." She probably was hinting at more as well, but he won't throw that at her yet.

"Oh God, you don't have to-" Ginny's lashes flutter. "Don't blow your eating habits on account of m'peach cake, Rory. I mean, what doesn't get eaten here will go to m'dears at the home. No pressure, no waste, eh?" Asked brightly, smiling at him.. to the jar.. back to him. Then his words throw her for a right loop. "oh? Oh! I mean…" Red, "I thought I.. I was gonna, after y'took down that guy. Before we parted ways. But" Redder, "I didn't want to overstep anything. I—" Reddest.

"I was gonna ask more about you tonight, just get to know you.. because I want to, right? I want to ki—know you. I wanted to make sure I wasn't pushing anything on you, in case you're.. waiting, or taking your time.. or not ready." Now she's blabbering.

".. so why don't you give me a kiss and let me know what y'think?" Ginny asks shyly.

Rory nods and smiles. Hearing her words causes him to chuckle a bit, Blushing as well. "I'd lic-. I'd like to know you too. " Nodding though as he gestures for them to sit. Though then he hear her words, blinking. Stepping over to her, almost too eager. An arm going around her waist as he lean in. "Sure?" He asks, lips inches from hers.

It's.. been awhile. Ginny doesn't sit; she stands to allow for—omg he's up for it. She feels so deliciously adolescent! Her fingers move, not knowing what to do in this second and cripes, Ginny once knew exactly what to do. But Rory is Rory and my, how he appeals to her. Even the unknowns, how and WHY he has marks on his arms and the ability to put a man in a chokehold in seconds …. they don't matter much. Her eyes follow him as he reaches for her and she eases in, easily coaxed. He's eager; she's shy but receptive. "Sure," Said as the corners of her lips twitch slightly in a smile that she is trying not to allow to veer off into giddiness. "Sure sure." Said as her hands move down to gently touch his elbows.

Rory does seem stronger than he looks as he has her in his arms. She might spot some scars on his chest, where the shirt is not covering. Rory himself is blushing but trying to be confident, as per advised. Leaning into the kiss then. Pulling her close to him. Letting his lips touch hers. Inexperienced, sure. Hoping Ginny won't mind though. His body trembling some due to the nervousness, but at the same time melting at the touch of her lips.

She can.. tell. No no not the inexperienced part; just the notion that Rory is working hard at the confidence bit. There's something so touching about the gesture; it's different when someone is overly confident and inexperienced.. that's just boisterous. But not here, not this. Ginny can tell in the seconds after her lips come into contact with his. A soft little sigh feathers through her nostrils.. that of relief. Relief that they are each doing what they apparently wanted to do respectively; relief at finally being touched in such a manner again. Her hands, having touched his arms to reassure, slide up to cup Rory's shoulders and finally Ginny will ease in closer to wrap her arms around his neck affectionately. Ginny does not tremble; she melts right into the contact, even moving for an encore~

Rory does smile as he feel her arms traveling up along him and to his neck. Kissing her again. A bit more confident as he holds on to her. A light nibble to her lip as he kiss her. A hand sliding up to her cheek, pushing any hair out of her face. "That." He says, not able to put it into words as he admires her.

Breathing is necessary eventually, and Ginny eases back — a look of 'woo hoo' painted across flushed features. Her lips curve into a silly smile, hair forming a silver-blonde frame around her face. She doesn't even care about her reddish roots coming back in. She watches Rory with a sappy, stupefied look.. breathing once through her nostrils. She smells her kitchen and him standing in it. She presses her cheek into his palm and over the back of his fingers, her warm hand. "That." Whispered, "You're a natural." She doesn't wink persay, instead it's just a twinkle in her watchful gaze. "So how about it.. wanna give it a go? This real exclusive dating thing? I think m'ready to try it again." Admitted then as she sniffs the air again. Nothing is burning in the oven.. she'll have to deal with that soon.

Ginny pauses, looks into his eyes again. She definitely feels ready now!

Rory smiles as he listens to her. Nodding. "If you are sure." He agrees. "I. I need to tell you some things if so." A bit of worry, but seeming to trust her. "You're amazing." The smell from the kitchen is amazing. Even if he won't be eating it. The red roots perhaps even making him smile a bit more, since it gives her something else that he didn't know about her.

"Of course you can.. tell me anything, ok?" Ginny asks, and that look in her earnest gaze… one can hone their truth and wellbeing upon it, surely. She has that type of expression and bearing where she just couldn't lie, even if she tried. He calls her 'amazing' and Ginny reaches up with warm fingers that smell of flour and her own body lotion (it's sweetpea-ish) and playfully pokes his chin. "Let me get the oven before it cakes the burn—-" Blink, flush. "The cake, it'll oven and… h-hold on." She grins silly-like, glances at Rory's eyes again, and eases back to rescue the peach cake that will — indeed — be sacrificed to Rosewood. It takes all of three minutes before the thing is on a cooling rack — looking divine — and Ginny is washing her hands, gesturing to Rory to follow her. "Come into th' den with me, and we can have a seat.. chat. I want t'know everything you think I should know."

Rory nods and smiles, about to tell her more, and then she runs off. Waiting where he is, a bit amused when she tried to talk. Following her then at the gesture. Following her into the kitchen and try and find a seat, waiting for her to join him.

She shows Rory to a loveseat into the cozy sitting room, the windows catching the dying light of the evening. She moves with an almost fey-like deftness to turn on a couple of Tiffany lamps and once satisfied — and clearly a woman of timing — an electric kettle can be heard hissing loudly and Ginny smiles to Rory, fleeing once more to go make the mugs of mint tea. In moments' time she's back by his side, folding her slight self in beside the lean man and setting twin mugs of aromatic minty tea down upon coasters. All of the furniture here is a blend of antique and new; the loveseat is new. The coffee table? Older. Rustic. Ginny eases back, a shaft of golden-red light from the bay window yawning across her knees as she tucks then beneath her body.

Then, facing Rory, she smiles gently, her accent a song, "So.. tell me about yourself. All about yourself now." Said as her eyes move from Rory's own gaze, to his lips briefly, then back up for that curious eye contact.

Rory does make himself comfortable. Waiting on Ginny to return. Making room for her as she comes over. Admiring her some as she claims her seat. Meeting her gaze, noticing it falling briefly, causing him to wet his lips. Then looking into her eyes once more. Swallowing hard. "Done a lot of bad." He offers as he studies her. "Bodyguard for criminal. Once." He says, trying to work up to the worst parts. "Parents murdered. Foster father did it. And he's a hitman. Was." He says and look away. "Trained me." Leaving it at that. Worried she'll move away now.

To Ginny, family is everything. To hear that Rory's parents were killed… by the foster father?! Rory is looking away and it is not a horrified expression that Ginny places upon his nervous self but.. she looks stricken. "Oh, Rory.." A whisper, she's not reaching for her tea.. her hands rest in her lap but then reach out, a hand seeing one of his own. "Hearing what happened to your family… th'way I hear it, y'had to do what y'had to do to survive. If y'didn't adapt, surely they would have hurt you too."

A soft look, tone tremulous but she's not moving away. Not at all. "It was all about survival, wasn't it?" Ginny leans forward to seek his eyes again, "Why.. why did he murder your parents? The foster father?" Notice how she didn't say your foster father. She's already disassociating Rory from that filth.

"He had to. My father did something to trick criminals. Stole money and so on. So they sent him to handle things. My mother was a street fighter." He explains. Looking to Ginny. "He taught me a lot though." He offers about the foster father. "He took me in instead of killing me. Though. I've killed a lot." He admits. If she allows he will squeeze her hand before looking in her eyes. "I don't want anyone coming after you."

What kind of family did Rory grow up in? Genevieve, again, has known nothing but love; kind brothers, devoted parents, uncles and aunts and a pile of jubilant cousins. An island steeped in culture and song and merriment. So to hear all of this, which must be hard for Rory to dredge up, is… it's intense. Luckily Ginny has her 'nurse' face on which betrays none of her shock and concern. He squeezes her hand and she takes his one hand into both of her own, cradling it. "I am sorry that.. you've been through so much. Your training prevented something bad happening to me so I can't.. I mustn't… look down on it. But I really am sorry for all y've been through." That last bit a whisper, Ginny's gaze continuing to hold Rory's.

"Is there anything I can do to help you? You've a safe place to stay, right? With this Natalya lady?"

Rory listen to her. "I'm worried you'll get hurt if someone come looking for me." He admits. Kissing her hand before looking up at her. "And I wanted to be honest with you." He tells her. As for Nat, he sighs. "Maybe? She is a bit shady." Then blushing. "And I think she gave me a standing invitation to join her, and whoever else she has with her." He says with wide eyes and shakes his head. "Bedroom." He adds, in case that wasn't obvious. Then he chuckles and looks at Ginny. "But." Not knowing what to say then. Just admiring her. Leaning into her. "Are you scared?"

"I will be just fine." Ginny encourages, regardless of how worrisome the prospect is. And real. What if she's tracked, what if someone tries to accost her at Rosewood? Surely that wouldn't happen, would it? There's a flutter of dark lashes as Ginny comprehends this, "I—" The kiss to her hand warrants another light blush. "I appreciate honestly.. y'know? It's the most amazing thing, when…" She looks down at her hands 'round Rory's own. "Thank you. That couldn't have been easy for you, Rory." Said softly and meaningfully. Then the guy goes and admits to something that causes Ginny's guts to flipflop.

Don't be jealous, don't be jealous! They're still at the 'Q&A' stage and something tells her that this situation is.. unique. But Ginny, having been wronged by a woman and doubly so by her ex… it's an instinctive response.

Her smile twitches but her eyes are still soft, "I am.. nervous.. but not scared. M'still processing it but I'm made of tough stuff, Rory. I want to help you… but.." Flush. "Speaking of Nat.. have y'ever.. y'know, been with anyone? Recently? She sounds like an interesting woman." Blush!

Rory does smile as he hear her. Though then she is quiet for a while. When she speaks he blushes and looks away. "No. Never. No distractions. No alcohol, no sexual encounters. " He admits. "I did get a lapdance by Rissa, when she tried to help me not be so shy around women all the time." Perhaps he wouldn't had spoken as much as he did with Ginny if things had happened in a different order, so he is happy for it. He does look up and watch Ginny though. Blushing brightly. "You? Other than ex. And never mind." She is way more experienced than him either way.

The little naggling thing in her guts will have done a jig had Rory not been just so damned innocent! And it was a learnable lapdance. What right does Ginny have to feel pangs of jealousy, anyway?! Nonetheless, she is a smart woman who listens and she 'ahhs' softly in understanding. "You are doing really well with that shyness if you're here." Offered playfully, that stark edge of a previously jealous emotion — hidden masterfully — softening and fading away. "No alcohol, distractions, sex.. you are like sort sort of… ass kicking monk.." Ginny whispers, studying him. Humor is a helpful thing to break the ice or make situations easier. Then, a gentle look" "Y'got no reason to be shy from hereon, Rory.. you are pretty astounding. Remember that, okay?"

And Ginny, well; ask a difficult question, be prepared to reciprocate. "Just th' ex." Said meaningfully, honestly. Her hands splay some, as if in offering and yet allowing Rory's palm to rest between them. "I never had much stock in dating while I attended school.. had brothers who were ready to draw and quarter any fellow who made eyes at me back then."

Rory chuckles and turns to face her properly. "I'm happy to be here." He assures her and tilts his head. "Tell me more about yourself." He offers, still holding her hand. Rubbing it gently. "And. You're not scared of me, are you?" Knowing he is basically an assassin, even if he didn't use that word outright. Though then he will let her go on. Laughing softly about him being a monk. "I. Have a split personality." The dark eyes. "I don't want him to accidently hurt you. I mean, it's still me. I just protect myself, it finishes the job when I would hesitate. I remember the name of every person I've killed." He explains. Wanting her to understand, but also not wanting her to jump into something without knowing all. Nodding at her words though. Listening to her ex and her brothers, "Want to talk about it?"

Dear sweet merciful Lord above, Ginny sure can pick them. She has gone from one end of the spectrum — the greasy cheater — to… well, Rory is definitely someone unto himself. Her lips part to ask the question; she has to: "So you're not… like a hitman… you protect a charge and kill as needed.. y-yes?" That felt weird to even say. But there's something in Rory's behavior, tone and just how he's been in her presence… how can she run off? Kick him out?

Split personality.

"Here's what will help me not feel so scared, if something … were to happen to make me feel that way. Because m'not going to be so stunned as to expect you to know when and where and how things could go that way." A pause, she leans forward a bit. "I'll answer your questions next but.. just.. I really need to know.." She lifts his hand to hug it gently to her chest, not in a lewd way but hoping to really punctuate her question.

"If you ever go there again.. like what happened with that guy on the trail… if there anything I can say? O-or do to.. y'know… bring you back? Is there a safe word? A safe action?"

Rory shakes, "I was an assassin." He admits. Looking down. "My foster father gave me an out though. Thus I came here." He explains. He keeps his gaze down. Hearing her words. Swallowing hard. About to pull away from her when she lift his hand. Shaking his head about a safe word. "I. I don't know. I am usually sent in alone. Kill anyone in the way and take out the target. It's easier without the mask though. To control it." He explains. "No one knows who Rory Michaels is. Should be fine." Then he studies her though. "Your voice calmed me." He admits. "I don't want to hurt you. Ever."

Though Ginny sounded a bit anxious, her body language doesn't point toward wanting to flee. She notices the hard swallowing of emotion, squeezes his hand tightly. Hard to imagine thta hand having dealt such terminal harm but it all makes sense too. "We can't control what we're pulled into, sometimes.. I don't think any ill of you, Rory," Ginny says gently, leaning closer still to really make sure he knows she's there. "You had t'do what y'had t'do.." Said in that lyrical mutt-Irish way. "I don't think you could hurt me.. I think y'have the strong mind to know.. to just know… and I will take that. That is fine enough for me." Ginny offers next, silent for a few seconds after… there's the ticking of a clock somewhere closeby. The house seems to sigh, so very restfully.

"Is Rory Michaels .. not your birth name?" Asked shyly.. hoping she doesn't cross a line.

Rory smiles as he lean into her some. "I am Rory Michaels. I trained as Rory. But only a few knew him. All of them are dead. Not by my hand." He explains. "Everyone else only knows of the angel of death. Thanatos." He explains. Brushing her hair back. "How can you still be here?" He asks pulling her to him to hug her. "Ginny. Thank you."

"Perfect. Because I rather like th'name Rory." Ginny smiles softly, grabbing for something humorous to say.. to add.. but can't. Somehow it just doesn't feel right. Her lashes flutter lightly as her hair is touched.. her hair… oh man, she was going to offer up some of her own tidbits of backstory, wasn't she? Ginny feels so utterly vanilla compared to this. But as Rory collects her and hugs her, she eases in and returns the embrace, holding him. "O-of course.. I mean it." A sideward glance at their most-likely tepid mugs of tea.. she really doesn't care much about tea right now. It's nice to be close, breathing him in. "I'm from a place called Trinity.. we make people kiss cod and we drink rum straight.. we have endless kitchen parties and everybody knows everybody.. we still go mummering at Christmastime.. we.." She sighs gently, enjoying being held. ".. and m'hair isn't really this color. I hope y'weren't set on it."

Oh Ginny. "So—" She starts to ask a question, suddenly feeling a bit shy again.

Rory does listen as she talk about her home, chuckling. "Kissing cod?" He asks a bit amused. "You have to bring me there some time." He offers and smiles. "I noticed. I think you'd fit red as well." Pulling back enough to look at her. "So?"

"S'not quite red though.. still blonde. Easy to make this pale.. I did it to please the other fool but… can't do much else than to let it grow out." Ginny admits. "Strawberry blonde. I'll let it grow out, then." Said with a silly smile before she sobers. Realizes she was about to ask something a bit.. forward. A gentle clearing of her throat; she can and can't believe she's asking such a thing. "Is Natalya expecting you.. ah, back tonight?" Wait, is she implying…?"

Rory ahs and nods. "He's a fool if you had to do this." He says and run his fingers through her hair. Blinking at her question, biting his lip. "She." Clearing his throat. "No. She thought I'd be stuck here. But if not, I was free to join her." Is he trying to coax her into making him stay? Studying her with a neutral face. Not trying to give anything away. Watching her with a racing a heart.

"Stay with me," Yes, all of that innuendo is right there in those few words. Ginny offers simply.. not because she feels that she needs to; not even to one-up another woman. None of that. She's interested (mentally and bodily) and curious and has been lonesome. "Because I want you to. But only if you are.. if you feel up for it, too. Y'have to let me know now.." She's so earnest in her request that she doesn't even give that green pang (re: Nat's offer) a backward glance. There's that tiny insecure part, planted by Shay, that whispers snidely: 'what if he says no and goes to this mysterious, shady 'Nat' ..? What would she do then?

Ginny watches Rory, and one can just see her trying not to lift her hand to chew on a nail.

Rory does study her for a long time. Not saying anything at all. Instead just pulling her to him to kiss her lips. Keeping her there for a long moment. "Yes."

Well, that must be a yes! Ginny's heart and stomach each give a respective lurch — not in a bad way — and let's not get into what else is going on in her body. The nuances are there and obvious in how tightly her fingers will grasp to hold, moving in time with the next kiss that the two share this evening. But for all of her shyness and insecurity and tripping over words, Ginny is interested. There is much more promise in her embrace now, and she will say to his mouth gently before continuing. "Just don't be surprised if I'm up at like, 4am.. trying to sneak a recipe out of Google on how to make a good vegan breakfast." Whispered, as her heart jackhammers away.

Those mugs of tea are now true orphans.

Rory chuckles. "You truly are amazing." He says with amusement. "I can help as well." He says in between breaths. Indeed, the tea forgotten about. Riding a different high as he kisses her. Feeling his entire body reacting. His hand on her cheek as he breaks the kiss to breathe and study her. "I can't resist." He admits as he watches her, his body almost against hers. Heart pounding in his chest.

Amazing..? Amazing. Yeah, Ginny can finally agree that she's getting there. Again. Finally. But she's relieved too, "Unless y'want to have something th'color of army fatigues and maybe of the same texture, you'll want to guide me in how best to please a vegan." That can be taken so many ways. Fired up as she is, Ginny's attentions only intensify; she gives as good as she gets in the pressure of her kisses; where her hands rove. Then, bless her heart, she does something that she has wanted to do for quite some time. Palms slide down to straight-up grab whatever measure of Rory!arse that she can manage while the two are seated still… and gives a good squeeze.

Sometimes she can be so damned forward, too. The nurse utters against Rory's mouth. "Bed." So eloquent.

Rory laughs softly. "I'll try to make sure we both are satisfied." Still breakfast, right? He does seem surprised at the squeeze. Stiffening and pressing against her. His rear quite firm as she grip it as well. Smirking as he listens. Kissing her hard before shifting to pick her up to move them as she instructs.

Oh dear sweet Lord—-wait no. She needs a stronger Newfie-ism for this glorious thing. Jumping jambottle J'sus. That'll do. That's a fantastic ass and Ginny is aware of this and she squeezes again for good measure in the abandon of one enjoying something she's finally allowing herself to have. A giggle then at Rory's surprise, but that is squashed as this in-turn fired him up and brings him in for the kill. No, not the killing he's used to. Ginny's aiming to help him forget that for a time. Then just about when she's about to stand with him, Ginny is scooped up — being short and light helps — and.. well..

She could very well swoon. "That other.. he.. neverever picked up.. me.. picked.. up he never" There goes the sense of logical talk. It's all physicality now. Ginny throws her arms around Rory's neck to dive in and has the sense to use her foot to point in the direction of where to go.

Rory grins as he lift her up. The second squeeze causing him to get more eager, giving a mischievous smile. Shifting his hands, tossing her up some to catch her again. Hands landing on her rear in return, squeezing. Kissing her before looking toward her foot as she use it to point. Sliding his hand along the leg to grip her thigh. Moving for the bedroom. "I'll carry you anytime." He assures her.


Last night was. Something. A lot of pent up emotions and need for one another. After a long good time the place has quieted down.

Still thinking back to all that happened is Rory. Laying down and breathing, thinking and processing everything. Glancing to the side to find Ginny. Not sure if she is up or not. They did go at it for a long while after all. Letting an arm laying around her.

Needless to say it was a party on both fronts. Ginny, having gone without for so long and being so straight-up interested in the man who went to bed with her…? Yeah. Not even with the aide of alcohol to bolster the courage, either! The young Newfoundlander will have been a very avid, busy partner in bedsport and certainly, when all was said and done, she and Rory slept like the dead. If anything Rory will have learned pretty damned fast that Genevieve MacKail was neither afraid of what he was, or the prospect of what is to come.

The contemplative young fellow will definitely find Ginny there, curled up on one side facing him, burrowed into pillows. The loft into which she had taken Rory is reflective of all aspects of Ginny's life, full of sentimental baubles and pictures and everything that makes her… well, her. And it's a damned comfortable, zen-like space. At these wee hours though, Ginny is stirring; the weight of Rory's arm guides her toward wakefulness and her eyes peer open, watching him.

"I'm so glad you're here." Said in a husky, sleepy way. She used her voice a lot.

Rory does smile at her as he kisses her lips softly. "So am I." He most likely learned a lot about Ginny, as did she learn of him. One thing is the amount of scars upon his body as well. Covered in them. He also couldn't have asked for a better night. The killer might have started off a bit nervously, but with her help and all that he had in her it seems they really managed to cut loose. Just as interested in her. "Last night was." He says and kisses her lips again. "Amazing" Then a bit of a smirk. "Quite limber." He teases her with a wink and study her.

Cripes, how would her parents react? Imagine that call: "So, yeah ma… I hooked up with someone who has killed countless offenders. He's really nice though. Knows a great recipe for vegan lasagna. No no he's not killing currently. Did you know he about broke a guy's neck to protect me?" …. yeah. Ginny can't even think that far ahead yet. For now she's happy to just float in this gauzy comfortable post-fucked aura. It shows too; she's still glowing. No no not in a sparkly purple prose way but she got quite the workout. Ginny watches Rory there, poised as he is, remembering avidly his initial nervousness and how he warmed up. And—-okay no. Don't think too much on that. She'll want to go for another round.

Ginny cranes her neck to receive that kiss, and she is comfortable enough to make it linger. Her lips can be felt smiling then, fingers reaching from a pile of blankets to rest upon Rory's forearm. "Have t'be limber in my line of work, all th' lifting and stretching. Came in handy, eh?" Said as she eases back to just look at him, fingers tracing scars gently. "So, y'wanna keep me, or what? I'm a good catch." A mischievous smile.

Rory does blush a bit, despite what they just did. "It did come in handy." Ah, yes. Don't think about it too much. His own hand on her cheek. "I'd be stupid to say no. Especially after last night." He might not be experienced but he doubt it would be better than that. "Only mine?" He offers and pull her closer, studying her though.

Lashes flutter closed.. she can feel the ghosts in this room, this house, departing. It's like an exorcism, banishing memories of how she came to the town and what she initially lost. "Th' son of a bitch only made way for you, I think. Now I'm happy t'see him gone, with you here." It's not Ginny's way to be too sentimental but that's.. it makes sense. Her eyes open and she colors brightly at the comment, "Christ, I don't mean to bring in thoughts of my ex.. not here… but everything makes sense. M'not one of those crazy tarts who goes on about 'FATE' either. But…" The touch to her cheek, an arm pulling her in closer. Ginny is still just as God made her.

She nestles in closer, closer; tries not to focus on the heat. "'course, only yours. I'm talking exclusivity, buddy; I want to be your girlfriend." Ginny looks up at him then, pokes the tip of his nose with a finger.

Rory nods a bit, chuckling softly at her words. "It is fine. I am glad that I am here. Whatever has happened to either of us." He says and stays close to her. Clearing his throat some. "Yes. I am only yours." He assures her. "Girlfriend." He tries it out. Smiling brightly. "And don't worry too much, okay?" He tells her. "I'm only yours." He assures her. Watching her curiously. Taking a deep breath. Hands do slide along her body some, smooth and just nice to be close to her.

That.. helps. Ginny is trying not to assume things of this 'Natalya' lady; she doesn't know her but clearly Rory is in close quarters. She'll just have to trust him… and something tells Ginny that with what he just TOLD her? The things admitted? He's trustworthy. To lay bare some dicey stuff… he can be trusted. He trusted her, right? Ginny's eyes close gently for a few seconds as she simply breathes in and out, savors the notion of trusting someone who shares her bed. 'Only hers'. That is… it's nice. She feels a pleasant stirring of something and Ginny, nurse that she is, looks at it with practicality.

She probably mentioned this in passing as the two fell into one another last night, but she does so again" "I'm safe, too.. we won't get caught." Said as she slides her body into his hold, unable to help herself, liking his hands there. "Protected. Y'won't get any surprises." Lord knows that's helpful to know with how they just unleashed. c.c

Rory does study her and smile still. Of course there is one way for her to assure nothing happens. Not that he is thinking of offering it now. Nodding to her words. Holding her. "Good to know." Indeed, they were not holding back after all. Trying not to be too handsy. Failing. "Sorry though. Think I got a bit carried away last night." He suggests, a soft chuckle at that.

"Not carried away," Ginny reassures… and honestly, the more he's touching her and talking, her body can be felt responding. Her heartbeat can be felt beginning to trip but still, Ginny is of a mind to talk and make her reassurances. "In need, more like. It's been a long time coming—" She catches herself, and her small frame shakes with laughter. ".. no pun intended." Such animated laughter, one can hear all of those kitchen parties and fun times growing up in every nuance of Ginny's laughter. A sigh, her body again melts into his. "But I mean it.. since we're in a light of getting things into th'light, I want kids someday.. but no rush, really. No rush." A whisper, his chest looks inviting. She's stroking it.

"I think I need t'meet Natalya and thank her proper.. for getting you to come out here. Though y'could've shown up however you see fit and I still would've let you in."

Rory nods to her words. Feeling her tight, his own body reacting in turn. "I suppose that you are right." Chuckling and grinning. "Not against it." Nodding and holding her. "Someday." Not seeming opposed. Though all of this is still very new to him. Shivering at her touch. "Ginny." He offers in a husky, almost sultry, voice. A warning perhaps.

As she mention Natalya, he chuckles and nods. "You should. Careful though around her. Think she might have odd ties." He tell her. Though then she adds more and he bites his lip before kissing her neck. "You would?" He asks as he is having a harder time holding back now.

"O-of course, eh?" Oh, Ginny is a Canadian afterall. The sound comes out as the barest squeak though and unable to help herself, the blonde presses a palm to Rory's chest and coaxes him to ease back lie still for her. She has something more to say, without words…


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