(2018-11-17) Advice for Casanova
Natalya offers Rory some dating advice.

Cold weather makes most people stay indoors today. Despite that, and having the day off, Rory isn't indoors yet. Having been outside and running around. Pushing himself quite a bit, as he is dressed scarcely. Only shorts as he goes through his usual training. Before sitting and meditating for a bit. Nat or someone else in the house might have seen him working out and so on. But after a long time having passed Rory finally opens the door into the bungalow. Grabbing a towel to toss over himself and leaving the door open as he tries to find items to warm himself briefly before showering. He has most likely asked to see Natalya, but not knowing when she would have time.

Natalya is more than happy to watch her guests exercise; usually while enjoying a vodka. Rory is no exception, especially since he had the gall to beat her in a spar. That makes him doubly interesting. How did he do that? Once he heads inside the bungalow, she decides it is time to honor him with her presence. Did he want a rematch? Natalya will ensure she is dressed for the possibility this time - sneakers, leggings, crop top, hair tied back. A light knock on the door before she enters. "Weren't you cold out there?" she asks with a wry smile. "I could see steam coming off you."

Depending on how far off she is, she might be able to tell that there are a lot of scars on his body, covering most of him. The knock on the door has him turning. Making the towel cover most of him as it hangs over his shoulders like a robe. "It toughens you." He suggests with a grin. Blinking though, "You were ogling? Or perhaps staring, or stalking is more appropriate?" He asks, at least trying out the words more. He still seems a little awkward about it but getting better. Taking in her apparel. "Were you also training? Or wanted to train?" He asks as he tries to randomly find a shirt to put on.

"I like to call it…admiring" Natalya replies with a devious smile. "You wanted to see me, so I thought I should dress for the occasion. You do want to 'beat me up' again, don't you?" She takes in all those scars with interest - though he did say he was a bodyguard once up on a time. Even if he couldn't remember who for. "Don't worry about a shirt, you look fine as you are."

Rory chuckles, blushing a bit. "Ah, sounds you like being beat then. But no." He says and laughs softly. "I was wondering. If you might have advice." He says, studying her for a moment. Blushing at her words but seeming to agree as he doesn't grab a shirt then. Despite looking thin he does have some abs and muscles all over, all the more apparent when only dressed in a towel.

"Advice?" Natalya is definitely surprised at this. "Oh, of course, I am a very wise woman" she smiles warmly, shutting the bungalow door before finding a couch to sit on. "Wiser than my years" she adds, lest Rory think wisdom means age. She pets the couch seat next to her. "Come sit with me and tell me how I can help."

Rory nods as he let his gaze follow her. Moving to join her. Still a bit cautious around her. "Went on a hike date." He admits. Glancing over at Natalya. "Another date coming. W-wanted to see if you had any tips and tricks?" He says and let out a chuckle at how corny he is being.

"A date?" Natalya laughs happily, leaning over to give Rory a kiss on the cheek. "You are sooo sweet. Who is she? Or is it he? Do you have a picture?" Her brow furrows. "A hike date? Oh…I see…" A teasing elbow of his side. "Doing /natural/ things, si?"

Rory does blink at the kiss to his cheek. "Ginny." He offers in form of her name. Shaking his head about a picture, and since he has a flip phone, he might not have apps and things in his phone. Blushing at her words, and the elbow. "Just walking and talking." He assures her. Studying Natalya for a moment. "So, yes. Natural." He says, perhaps not quite following her words. His face is a bit red though. Could be the cold, maybe.

"Walking and talking…" Kids do the strangest things these days. Natalya pushes away this revelation of disturbing behavior and purses her lips in thought. "Hmm. Is she sweet or saucy? You have at least kissed, haven't you? Please, tell me that you've kissed. All that exercise and fresh air must have got the blood flowing."

Rory is still a bit red but he shrugs, "Barely." He offers vaguely. "And. I don't know- A bit of both I think? Sweet mostly, I think, but." Another shrug. Studying Nat for a moment, clearing his throat. "Want something to drink?" He asks as he studies her for a moment.

"Sure, vodka martini. Gracias" Natalya replies, brushing non-existent lint off her leggings as she thinks on the best advice she can give. "It has been a while since I have been on a…date. But let us run through a few things. Be confident. Bashful and shy is okay, and kind of cute, as long as there is confidence behind it. No one likes people who do not think they are any good. You must project your worthiness to this girl. If you are terminally shy, then tell her that. It means you are self-aware and know that you will get over it with her in time. Just don't take too long."

Rory does move, as to not be completely defenseless next to her, in case she tries for another cheekpeck. Being quick with her drink and handing it over as soon as it is ready. Listening to the advice, a smile as it seems to be good advice. As far as he knows.

If she allows it he moves to offer a hug to her. "Thanks." He says and smiles. Clearly strong as he offers that hug. "So, confident." He ponders. "Anything else?" Shifting the towel as it almost falls off. Throwing it back over his shoulder.

A hug? Natalya will take it…and the drink. "Make sure that she knows she is the center of attention. Your focus for the evening. Don't be creepy about it, but make sure you listen. And be interested. If you are not interested in what she has to say, and who she is as a person, then you are only interested in sex. And you do not need more than one date for that." A sip of her drink. "Mmm…nice. Did you not date people in New York?"

Rory nods, not seeming to find that hard as he just smiles and nods. "I am interested." He says and tilt his head. Though at her question, he shakes his head. "My foster father was quite strict." He admits. "Then working took up most of my time." Shrugging a bit of that. "How about you?" Not sure why he asked, but he figured if she get info he get info.

"Have I dated? Of course I have" Natalya replies with a giggle. "Though I would have had sex by now" she adds with a wry grin. "You also need to remember that she is interested in you too. So, yes, listen…but don't be a wall. Give things back." Her brow furrows. "Or would a wall bounce things back? Hmm…but you don't want to bounce, you want to give her new things. English is a hard language."

Rory blinks about her having sex by now. Is he being to slow? That seems to be his takeaway. Though as she goes on, he nods again. "Of course. I try to." He says and smiles. Taking a glass of water for himself. "You'll get it sooner or later." He offers about English.

"I get it whenever I want to" Natalya smirks - who wants to talk about English! "Where have you decided for this second date? She has already said 'yes'? The next time you go on one of these hiking trips, why don't you make it a camping night and stay overnight? That is romantic. Though maybe not in so cold weather. Ah! I know. I shall treat you to an overnight stay at the resort…with skiing and whatever people do outside of their rooms. Just let me know when you are ready for that."

Rory grins and nods. "Well. She did invite me over to her place, She was going to play some music and bake." He says and shrugs. "Sounded like fun." As for Nat's offer he blinks and nods. "Are you sure?" Seeming to be uncertain at that offer. "Did you want something for it?" He asks and look at her. "It is really kind of you." He adds though.

"I am a kind and generous person" Natalya replies, surprised he would think otherwise. "I want nothing but your gratitude" she smiles warmly. "Ooh…the second date is at her place." A squeeze of Rory's knee. "I think she is /very/ interested. Should I expect you home on that night?" A wiggle of her eyebrows.

Rory smiles and nods, "Thank you. Then perhaps, some time." He says. Smiling at the squeeze. "You think?" Listening and then eyes go wide. "No, I doubt that is why she." Or is it. Scratching at his neck. "I should be home. I think." Seeming uncertain now though.

"You look so cute when you blush" Natalya purrs. "Well…if you do come home, you know where my bedroom is. I would hate for you to go to bed all aroused and frustrated. We help each other, si?" Another squeeze of his knee, complete with a wink, before she moves her hand away.

Rory does blush a bit more as he watches her. Opening his mouth before closing it and then nods. "I-I. I. I'll remember that." He says and blinks a few times. A smile and a squeeze in return, if she allows. Well, she broke him.

A wicked smile as Natalya's knee is squeezed in return. "And don't worry if there is someone in the bedroom with me, you can still join the party. Now, are you ready to have this second date with the woman you do not have a picture of?" She gently traces a scar with the tip of her finger. "Has she seen these? How do you explain them?"

Rory does watch her curiously, nodding a bit. "Still need to shower before that though." He says about meeting with Ginny. Her tracing one of his scars has him stiffening though. Only relaxing after hearing her words. "Truth. Several of them is from my foster father." He says and shrugs. "I've made my peace." He does study Nat some though. Perhaps allowing her to leave, unless she was planning on staying on the couch. Her home after all. A smile though as he adds, "And thank you, a lot." He says and offers another hug. At least the hugging mean he isn't as introverted as when she met him.

Ginny must be working wonders. Two hugs in one night! "Go have your shower…" Natalya holds up her glass. "I'll finish my drink. Don't worry, I won't peek. Take your time." Curling up her legs under her, it looks like she is making herself comfortable. "You need some magazines to read. Made your peace? Oh, you killed him? Good."

Rory nods slowly at her words. "Ah, okay." Rising to go shower. Looking back towards her. "Nope, he killed himself. He wasn't all bad though. He taught me most of what I know." He says and shrugs again, a bit indifferent, a bit sad that he is dead though, and perhaps a hint of relief. Preparing to go to the shower then, grabbing what he needs before he will make his way over to find the shower, unless stopped.

Natalya will do nothing to hinder Rory having a shower. What kind of creep does he think she is! Sure, she may find a reason to go in the bathroom when he is /in/ the shower, but that's a totally different thing. Though does she really want to confuse the poor boy when he's so smitten with this Ginny person? She finishes her drink and sighs. "I am too good for this world" she decides before standing and, rather than catching him in the shower, heads on back to the main house. "Good luck, Rory!" she calls back as she leaves.

Rory does head into the shower. So he barely hear the first part "Said something?" He asks. The curtain is covering mostly, so she probably wouldn't see much even if she went to peek. "Thanks!" He offers in return. At least he's warming up to her. And he did seem to trust her enough not to peek.

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