(2018-11-16) The Fire Gets Hotter
Elizabeth is summoned by the cult and meets another member. And a plan to liberate one of the wounded attackers of the ranger station is formed.

Elizabeth is a prize asset to the cult these days. She sold out the rest of the police department for a start - though there hasn't been any action against anyone that she is aware of. So, to show their thanks, she has been invited back to the cabin where she first met Mary. A single light on inside the quiet building when she arrives…on foot; no car access up here.

The door will be opened by sweet old Mary, her knitting draped over the chair near the fireplace. A warm smile for Elizabeth. "Please, come in, dear. You must be freezing after that walk. Omri! Can we please have a cup of tea for our guest?" It seems Mary is not alone tonight.

Elizabeth walks into the cabin, nodding at Mary. "It's pretty fucking cold outside, not gonna lie." She shrugs out of her coat, glancing around when Mary calls out toward the kitchen. "Got a friend here?" She asks, shaking snow out of her blonde hair.

After a moment, a very young man with a lot of hair emerges from the kitchen area. He's carrying a simple metal tray with a teapot and two cups and saucers. He's wearing a pair of gray cotton pants and an equally plain beige long sleeved sweater, both of which are large enough that he could be swimming in them if he weren't walking. "Yes, ma'am," he offers softly as he brings the tea into the room. He clearly avoids making contact with her eyes, affording her a berth of reverence. He simply stands there, waiting for them to decide where they'll be settling in. He glances at Elizabeth, but doesn't hold eye contact long there, either. He does offer the briefest glimpse of an upturn of one corner of his mouth her direction, revealing a giant dimple, before looking back at the teapot. "Where would you like it?" he asks of Mary.

"Just on the table will be fine, my dear" Mary smiles to Omri, gesturing to the coffee table in front of the couch, and her own chair. A smile for Elizabeth. "We have a roaring fire, you'll be warm in no time. As snug as a bug in a rug enjoying a hug. This is Omri, one of the children we have helped. Just like we will help you, Deputy. Just as you have helped us. Omri, dear, do we still have any cookies? I think we can splurge on some cookies. And then come and join us."

Elizabeth moves to take a seat, watching Omri with a carefully blank expression on her face. She sweeps a brief look at Mary and then focuses on settling in. "How are things going, did my information prove useful?" She crosses her legs, her ankle on her knee, some slush from outside drips down on her jeans, but she either doesn't realize it or care.

Omri sets the items for the tea on the table, and then nods, before quietly slipping back to the kitchen. His steps are soft and graceful. In the kitchen area, he pulls a plate from a cabinet and then begins placing homemade cookies on it. Once they are made to look nice, he returns to the living area and, before sitting the plate down, extends it to Elizabeth. "Oatmeal raisin. Judith makes them from scratch. You won't find a better cookie anywhere…" and he waits expectantly for her to take one.

"All information is useful, my dear" Mary smiles to Elizabeth, reaching out to squeeze her hand. "The Devil's thoughts defy understanding, if we do not know His goal. And you have helped to clarify them. Do you have anything more you can tell us?" A smile for Omri. "Oooh…Judith's oatmeal raisin cookies, we are being spoiled. Omri, why don't you tell Sister Elizabeth about your time with us?"

Elizabeth takes the cookie, turns it over, bites into it and then eyes Omri. Her gaze is slightly aggressive, and she puts the cookie on her thigh and settles back in her chair. "Unfortunately, people have been very busy and they're not sharing information. I was going to speak to my partner tonight, but he got called out on a case." She turns to watch Omri again, sighing as she picks up the cookie to bite into it.

Omri glances at Mary, eyes quickly dropping to her feet, and he smiles, nodding. "Of course." He returns his gaze to Elizabeth then, and he smiles, "The movement did nothing short of save my life." He shakes his head just a little, "Before I joined the Guardians of the Light, I was lost. Spiritually, of course, but…" He smiles again, and there's some wonder in his voice. "My dad was abusive. Mom was a drunk. They didn't understand how to raise a kid, and I was drowning in sin. I ran away. Was on the street for… I dunno, a year? Got into some bad things. You know? The kind of bad things kids who run away do to eat." He swallows, a loud sound in the small cabin. "I met another kid, Isaiah. He was with the movement, and he brought me here." He smiles a little and looks rather directly into Elizabeth's eyes with firm conviction. "I've seen darkness. It was not hard to realize, I was finally here." He glances at Mary, smiling, then back at Elizabeth. "In the light."

Mary smiles beatifically as Omri tells his story. "And now that He has finally come, we shall spread this joy throughout the whole world…once we have cleared his path. It will not be long now - Paradise on Earth." She delicately picks up a cookie and bights into it. "According to the news, one of our brethren was shot by a Child of Satan. No doubt he has been tortured since, but with faith, he will have resisted. We wish to bring him back into the arms of love. Can you help us with that, Elizabeth?"

Elizabeth's eyes narrow on Omri when he speaks of his circumstances, but she no longer looks angry at him, sad maybe. It doesn't really show much, an irritated twitch of her shoulders as she gazes over at Mary. "If you give me a name, Mary, I can try to get him out of lockup. It might take some doing, and I could be fired. Which will lose you that source of information."

Omri tilts his head, looking at Elizabeth. "We really are blessed that you've found your way to us, Elizabeth." He smiles, hopefully. "It's important to bring him home. He's probably very scared. Alone." He shrugs a bit, "I can't imagine what he's going through. Please," he looks her in the eyes once more, "Help him come home."

"Josiah is at the hospital" Mary explains, before a look of horror. "They took a wounded boy to the a jail cell? I do not believe even /they/ could be so savage. No, he is still in hospital. Under guard. We merely need to have those misled officers to be somewhere else for a few minutes. It should not take any longer. Omri, would you like to go and get your brother?"

"You're going to send a kid in to do this?" Elizabeth quirks a brow at Mary, folding her arms over her chest. "I can get them to walk away for a few minutes, coffee, whatever…but you're putting those kids in danger if you send them in to do this, if they get caught, they'll get in trouble too."

Omri nods at Mary, "It that is what is meant for me, then I welcome the path." He looks back at Elizabeth then, and he furrows his brow just a little. "You believe I'm just a kid?" He looks immediately back at Mary, "She's not ready. Her faith waivers and we've not even begun."

Mary holds up a hand to Omri's concern. "Fear not, Omri. Surrendering to Love and Truth is hard for those who have been lost for so long. Sister Elizabeth has concerns. Concerns that are valid in her mind. We must expand it, show her that there is nothing to fear." Another bit of her cookie. "There are no children, only beings of light under His guidance. A few minutes is all that Omri will need."

"Concerns because I'm a cop and I know how cops operate. I know how quickly a bolo will go out, and if you're on foot or you make a wrong step…you're all caught." Elizabeth narrows her eyes at Omri, her head tilting slightly as she stares at him for a few beats. She glances back at Mary, the unhappy look still on her face. "I'll give him the few minutes, what they do with them is crucial, it can't come back to me."

Omri nods at Mary, "Of course. I'm sorry." He looks back at Elizabeth. "Josiah must come home. He no longer answers to your laws." He smiles, and then lifts the plate her direction once more. "Another cookie?"

"Do not worry yourself so, Sister Elizabeth. He has foreseen it all. And soon, your police will no longer matter. All will love all. You must give yourself to love and His wisdom. Be content to know that all will be well" Mary assures the blonde. "Will we be able to do this tomorrow night? The sooner the better."

"Yes, tomorrow night, probably best to get it done quickly before he's moved to a facility where he could be better watched." Elizabeth waves away the cookie offer, keeping her eyes on Mary. "We'll meet at the hospital, when?"

Omri shrugs, "Your loss," and he shoves one of the cookies into his own mouth. He finishes chewing, and he nods at the words spoken by the other two. "Thank you, Mary. It's a blessing to be chosen for this task." He smiles widely, his dimples giant, and he looks like a little puppy just wanting nothing more than to please his master. "I won't fail you."

"Of course you won't fail, Omri, it has all been foreseen." Mary looks at clock on the wall. "Near the end of visiting hours. That way we can simply walk out without causing any concern. I will not be there, Sister Elizabeth, not at my age. Omri will be there with some help. I am so glad that we are all united in a common goal."

"I'll be on the look out for you tomorrow." Elizabeth says to Omri, getting to her feet. "Don't wear anything that can be described, black is best. Don't bring weapons, if you get caught it will make things worse for you." She gazes at Mary and nods. "Happy to help, ma'am."

Omri reacts to Mary telling him he won't fail with his entire body, melting to her words as if everything he has ever done was for her approval just then. He smiles widely, and then he moves to open the door for Elizabeth. "It was lovely to meet you, Elizabeth," he offers as she prepares to go.

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