(2018-11-16) Fish Person Shooter
Everett introduces Willow to video games.

It's Friday, Everett's early-finish day, when he would normally be going over last minute information with the coaches about tomorrow's game. But, when there is no game tomorrow, there are no extra meetings. So Everett has plenty of free time on his hands, now. He'd sent a text to Willow, inviting her over if she wasn't busy, and is presently engrossed in a game of Madden 15 on is PS3- the last Madden available. He's wearing his typical t-shirt and sweats combo and his room is still relatively clean.

Willow replied she would be right over. What follows was an hour or so of wandering around the campus trying to find the dorms and then the right room. It wasn't easy! Finally, she knocks on the door. "Hello? Is this Everett's room? My name is Willow. Willow Banks. I'm his girlfriend. He invited me over." She is having this loud conversation in the hall, so who knows who is listening.

Stupid video games! Everett totally lost track of time and so didn't even notice how long it took Willow to get there. He pauses his game and heads to the door, opening it and smirking at her. "You just making sure the other females know, or what?" he asks, standing in the doorway with a smirk. There's enough room for Willow to come in, but he hasn't moved entirely out of the way as he leans against the door, watching Willow.

"Other females to know what?" Willow replies, looking a little confused. She shrugs it off and slips inside, brushing against him as she does so. "Wait…do girls live in here too? Umm…don't you share bathrooms? Gosh, college is so racy." She stands on tippy-toes to give Everett a quick kiss on the lips before checking out the room. "Ooh…video game. Are you winning?"

"To know I'm off the market," Everett replies, shaking his head, the smirk remaining. As she moves to kiss him, he puts his arm around her and gives her a small hug as well, not letting the kiss end /too/ quickly. "And my neighbors are boys. It's always blocked off that way. The girls are across the hall," he explains. When she's moved past him, he lets the door close and follows her. "Oh yeah, Madden's easy. But, it's football. I don't have many games, anyway, so it's football, basketball, or Cod. And I'm pretty bad at Cod, so."

"Cod? Like the fish?" Video games are so weird. Willow's brow furrows as she puts two and two together. "Off the market? Cod? Oh, you mean you don't go to the fish market anymore. Why would people care?" She peels off her huge jacket to reveal t-shirt, short shorts, tights, and boots. "Vic made me paint over the rainbow" she pouts, "Said it didn't suit the office. Not adult enough or something." She plonks down on the couch and picks up the controller, fiddling with it a little.

"No, Call of Duty," Everett explains. When she picks up the controller, he looks a little bemused, but doesn't stop her. Instead, he points at the 'start' button. "Hit that to unpause it." And then he'll settle down at the end of the couch next to her to watch how she does. "And no, not the fish market. It sounded like you were announcing you were my girlfriend so that all the other girls would know that I'm not available anymore," he explains, smiling.

Willow presses the start button as instructed, staring as the screen comes to life. She tries to press a few of the other buttons and move the sticks around, giggling as players run into each other on the field. "They're not very good, are they" she smirks. "Available for what? Oh!" Another giggle. "I don't own you, E. You hang with who you want to hang with. I'll be sad…"

Everett just shakes his head and facepalms as Willow fails mightily and blames it on the game. He laughs and smiles, letting her play how she wants and not offering any suggestions. The second comment causes him to raise an eyebrow, though. "… who said anything about owning?" Then, his brow furrows and he shakes his head a little. "So what do you think it means to be my girlfriend?" he asks.

"I dunno. Never really been anyone's girlfriend before" Willow replies with a shrug before discovering the button that makes the players throw. "Oh…look…he threw the ball. To the wrong team. Sheesh! I guess it means we kiss and cuddle and stuff. Just with each other, right?"

"Well, yeah, but there's typically more to it then that," Everett says, frowning a little. When she discovers how to throw the ball, he snickers a little. "So, when you get the ball back, anytime you want to throw, the little icons show up above the player's heads. Press the button that matches, and he'll throw the ball that way." He then cants his head to the side, studying Willow a little. "Why you ain't had a boyfriend before, 'low? You're pretty cute. … and you've obviously learned some stuff /somewhere/."

"Sexy times is different than a boyfriend…but related…but different…but related" Willow muses before a blush at being called cute. "Stop you. Oh! Look! He threw it to his own teammate. Didn't get ten yards though. More minus ten. I don't know why I didn't have a boyfriend before. You'd have to ask all the boys." She offers the controller over. "Why don't you show me how to play? You could put that fish game on instead. 'Call of Duty' is an odd name for a fish game."

"Oh geez," Everett says, laughing and shaking his head as Willow wants him to play the 'fish game.' "It's not a fish game, it's a first-person shooter. Like, a war game. You play a soldier fighting in battles and stuff," he says as he takes the controller from her. He pauses the game again and gets up, moving over to the shelf so he can grab the case for Madden and the case containing Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. This, he hands to Willow for her to look at. "Like I said, I'm no good at that game. But, if you'd like to play, all of these games have two players. We could play together?" he offers, indicating the second controller sitting on the table.

"I'm no good at any of the games either" Willow smiles as she looks the case over. "So…if we have two players…does that mean only the first person is allowed to shoot? That doesn't sound very fair." A bright smile for her boyfriend. "We should definitely play together." She looks over at the second controller. "Oh…yeah…the shooting game is what I meant." Probably best that Everett hook it all up.

"No, both players get to shoot. It goes split-screen. Which …," Everett pauses as he considers. "Here, lemme just put it in so you can see." It only takes a few seconds for the discs to be switched. Everett powers up the second controller and hands it to Willow while the game loads. Good old Call of Duty. "Aight. So," Everett begins to explain, holding his controller out in front of Willow so she can see as he explains the buttons. "This one is used to move, this one is used to aim. You use this one to look down your scope and this one to shoot. I'll put it on easy mode to start off with." Which he does. And then loads one of the first missions that's basically a walk-through of the controls.

"Shouldn't it be called a two person shooter then?" Willow points out. Logic! She's taking all the instructions in…barely. "Is there something easier than 'Easy Mode'? 'Useless Mode'?" she giggles before a deep breath and concentration. She tries to move the people in the cut scenes, but it doesn't seem to work very well.

Everett chuckles and rolls his eyes at Willow's suggestion. "First-person, not single person. It's called first-person cuz you play from your dude's perspective." Once the mission loads, Everett waits for Willow to come along and go through the tutorial steps instead of rushing ahead and leaving her alone. "And really, easy mode is … pretty easy. This mission should teach you how to do most of the stuff you gotta do."

"But I'm not a dude" Willow points out, in case Everett hasn't figured this out already. ""What if I need to go to the bathroom? I'd have no idea how to as a dude. Hmm…I suppose there is more shooting than bathroom. It's not called 'first person bathroom'. Which of them do I get to be?"

There's more laughing and more head-shaking as Willow continues not to get it. "You're on the right, 'low. All you do is shoot stuff and blow stuff up, and occasionally drive stuff or set bombs. It's pretty straight forward. And this ain't no RPG, so you ain't gotta worry about eatin', sleepin' or going to the bathroom," he explains, using one arm to try and pull Willow's head over for a kiss to her noggin for being adorable.

Willow smiles at the kiss - she's happy to be adorable. And she intends to concentrate as hard as she can on this game. "I'm good at driving" the ex-car thief points out before peering at the controller. "No steering wheel though. Let's get it on!" Of course, the first thing she will do is shoot Everett in the back. Accidentally? Probably.

"No, that's /me/, Shorty," Everett tries to explain when Willow is let loose on the virtual world and immediately proceeds to waste ammunition on her boyfriend. "You can't kill your partner, hon. The bad guys are gonna be in the gray outfits up ahead," he says, gesturing towards his side of the screen which has the aiming reticle pointed at their next objective. "… are you actually liking this? I mean, if you ain't like video games, it ain't a big deal. We can do something else."

"Of course I want to play" Willow pouts. "I don't want to give up things before I've given them a proper try. And you said there was driving." She leans over to kiss him on the cheek. "Sorry about shooting you. I'll only shoot the bad guys from now on." She concentrates back on the game, swaying from side to side to help her avatar dodge. "We could have sex instead if you want."

Everett nods and focuses on the game for a little bit while Willow gets the hang of things. "It's okay, no harm, no foul," he responds about getting shot. And then she's offering to have sex and Everett actually fumbles his controller, causing him to accidentally throw a grenade at his own feet, which just happens to kill him. Retrieving his controller and looking very sheepish as he waits for the respawn, Everett shoots a glance at Willow. "… I thought we talked about that?" he mentions, before his guy is alive again and he runs to catch up with Willow.

"Did you just blow yourself up?" Willow giggles. "Oh, man, you are soooo uncoordinated" she teases, before, with a tricky combination of buttons - open a door to toss a grenade in, close the door, toss the grenade. It bounces off the door and blows her up too, cue pout. "Sure we talked about it, but I'm talking about doing it. Which I guess is talking about it again. Never mind, we can wait for you to be ready. Kill!!!" That last is associated with the game.

"… yeah … yeah, I did," Everett admits, shaking his head. He then snickers when Willow meets a similar fate /without/ dropping her controller. He then sighs a little and shakes his head. "Willow …," he starts, but pauses. "Aw, never mind," he decides and goes back to focusing on the game, a soft smile at her sudden enthusiasm for death and destruction.

"What did you want to say?" Willow asks before replicating the sound of her machinegun. "Ack! Ack! Ack!" It doesn't sound a thing like her machinegun but it's an effort. She even moves her controller from side to side as she strafes in game. "You can always talk to me" she smiles sweetly. "That's what boyfriends and girlfriends are for…and other things."

"… it's nothing," Everett says, shaking his head. "Just me being dumb," he adds. Then, he smirks as she strafes the bad guys. "Hey, seems like maybe you gettin' the hang of this!" He leans over and nudges into her, returning her smile with one of his own.

"Oh, we can definitely talk dumb" Willow grins, "I am totally used to those conversations." A nod about the game. "It's fun! How long does it go for? I haven't seen any cars yet."

Everett laughs and shakes his head. "Yeah, well. Like I said, I'm good. And right now, we just doing the beginning stuff. The whole game lasts hours. We'll get to a driving part soon as we get past this hill right here. And don't drive us into a ditch or nothin', either. It's hard enough to shoot when you ride ain't goin' all crazy and stuff," he teases. And sure enough, the next part of the game involves jumping in a jeep and racing away from bad guys and tanks.

Driving she can do. Once she figures out the right buttons to push. "You take the gun, leave the driving to me" she grins, almost wickedly. The jeep roars off, jumping hills, taking corners in dangerous ways. Occasionally, Willow will look annoyed because the game physics can't keep up with what she used to do all the time when being pursued by cops. When they reach the stage there is a triumphant, "Suck on that, bad guys!!! Who are the bad guys?"

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