(2018-11-15) Go Take a Hike
Acting on plans made a couple of days ago, Ginny and Rory go for a hike and chat.

Silver Lake Park, San Juan Mtns.
Thu Nov 15, 2018

Nestled in the hills north of Route 10 east of Calaveras, at the base of the San Juan mountains, is Silver Lake. Clear and blue, it stretches for miles in either direction and is lined by a mix of rocky peaks and pine forests. The main recreational area includes a boat ramp, a swimming area, as well as rentals for canoes and paddle boats. There are cabin rentals that requires a small hike down the cabin trail and, for the more adventurous, primitive camping on around the lake for hikers, horse camping and even boating across to a secluded spot. The lake is very clear, one can see the brown rock near the edges and it transitions to a light blue as the water deepens, concluding at dark blue in the deep portions. It would be ideal for cold water snorkeling with the clarity of the water.

Near the main area there are pavilions for shaded use and several grill sites with picnic tables for general public use. During summer months it is an ideal location to get out of Calaveras, the cabin rentals tend to go fast. One can also get fishing permits for the year or day here in the main office which includes trail guides and information on the natural wildlife of the area.


It was honestly a ton of text correspondence that set up this meeting. Starting perhaps not long after Ginny's shy visit to Eternity, the rough skeletal plans of this 'hike' came to pass by way of nailing down a time with Rory and before long, about a day later… the stars aligned! The LPN found herself with an afternoon and night off; ideally the cute bartender will hae scored some free time too. Though Ginny, to her credit, is a…. considerate soul. There were things that came to her attention at the strip club and while not a dealbreaker, it was worth being considerate of. Long story short she's still way too excited — more than she expected — to see Rory and walk with him. Get to know him better.

Good God—she never would have expected this of herself.

So they arranged to meet here, Thursday afternoon… Ginny's cranky red Toyota Supra noses it's way into a parking spot; one of quite a few in the main overflow which flanks the campgrounds. She eases out of her ugly-ass car, checks herself for maybe the sixth time to make sure she hasn't make a muck-up of herself, and thrusts her hands into her pocket, searching the area for Rory. Is she early? Surely not late? Did he show? A soft gray woolen toque is propped atop her head, complimenting the colors of her fitted waterproof winter coat and soft blue denims, dipping into sturdy calf-high hiking boots. She's ready to walk, even if her mind is kinda freaking out.

Rory is here. Most likely out of sight though. Staying hidden, despite being a bit dressed up, but still able to go on a walk. A buttoned down shirt, hidden under a thicker black jacket and dark grey denim jeans. Worrying a bit with his hands and checking the time ever so often. Looking over to finally spot Genevieve. She wasn't late, but he was still worried she might have decided not to show up. A bright smile as he shows up and into sight.

Trying to look normal as he approaches. Most likely having worked extra and told that he could work more later to make sure that he got today off. Then standing in front of the mirror trying on all that he has, which unfortunately isn't too many clothing options. This outfit all looks pretty new, so perhaps he went and bought some. On his feet are all-terrain running shoes that has some wear but seem to be quite good for this, unless the weather stop him.

As they are getting closer to each other his mind is raising. Opening his mouth before closing them again. Taking in the view before averting his gaze downwards. He's just making sure that he's not tripping. Yup, that's it. Looking up only once he's right next to her. "Hi, how are you?" He offers with red cheeks. Weather related surely.

Hey, it is chilly out! Rory practically materializes out of the surroundings and just when Ginny is beginning to worry.. there he is! She pivots on a heel to face him; had the young man not spoken to her she, perhaps, will have not clued in. Ginny would be the first to die in a hokey horror film.. but she sure as shi wouldn't be the dumbshit wandering into a dangerous building. Alone.

"Oh!" She exclaims, watching him.. observing him. Rory's choice of attire is in the ballpark because Ginny's eyes widen just a tad, taking in the lines of the dark coat and denims. Damnit. She grins behind the collar of the coat that came with her from the Maritimes, eyes alight with appreciation and mirth. "Rory," She calls out, locking her car and moving to meet him. She needn't go far. "I'm alright.. glad you're here. I was worried that it was, ah.. a bit forward of me. I hope it wasn't a problem for y'to come out this way?" Asked shyly as she lifts a thumbnail to her mouth, gnaws for all of two seconds before shoving that hand into her pocket.

"Y'look well put together, sir," Which is Newf-speak for hot-damn. "Warm enough, though?" Asked of those red cheeks. Oh Ginny.

Rory smiles as does notice her sizing him up. Almost thinking he's a target, if it wasn't for it being Ginny doing it. "Happy to be here. And thank you. So do you. You look.." Then pondering before he goes for something he probably saw in a cheesy chick-flick or similar. "If I were a stop light, I'd turn red every time you walked by, just so I could stare at you a bit longer." Even as he says it he feel how cringy and cheesy it is, as he looks away. Far far away. Mountains are pretty. Then he tries to just listen to her earlier words and turning back to look. "No, no. Not at all. and yeah, it went quite fine getting here." He almost gives her a brief hug at the intros as well, but stops himself and nods. Perhaps remembering some piece of advice.

Cringy? Cheesey? Yeah that's a good call, but Ginny eats it up anyway. She breaks out into laughter then, breath puffing whitely on front of her face due to the coolness in the air. "That's a big order, yeah? Let's not even think of the traffic problems—" Oh shit on toast that was corny too. It sounded far more amusing in Ginny's head but once spoken.. ugh. Well, two corny sayings make a right and if that's not the case? Well it is now.

Hazel eyes flit upwards to look at Rory as she observes his movements; sees the slight easing in for what could have been a friendly hug but catching himself. at least she doesn't read too far into it. She smiles at him.

"So, ah.. yeah.. there's trails. Some pass the cabins.. unless there's some diehards fixin' to camp in the near-winter, it's rather peaceful. Or there's the.. the lake trails. Little tougher on the legs. Fancy that?" Asked as she tilts her head thoughtfully.

"Thanks for coming out. I really like your company." Offered next with a flush.. likely not weather-related.

Rory smiles and laughs at her own corny light, relaxing just a bit. The smile wide. Listening curiously to her words before nodding again. "We could walk the trails. Lake trails sound fine." He offers with a confident nod. Watching her and noticing the flush, weather or not. It makes him flush as well. "Happy to be here." He says before taking a few steps in random direction before looking back at her. "Lead the way?" He offers, trying to do as advised and also to keep them warm. They are totally flushing after all.

"Lake trails it is. S'better.. never know what could be lurking in those empty cabins." Said in a mysterious tone as she waggles slender fingers. She then pats down her zippered pockets (purse kept hidden in the trunk of her car): keys? Check. Small wallet? Yup. Blistex lip balm because that's the most racey thing ever? Uh, yeah. Ginny is ready for the trails…!!

She indeed traipses forth to mark a direction though not so insistently as to remain well in front. Once they pick one of the trails circling Silver Lake Ginny's gait slows some and she turns to face Rory. "How'd th' day treat you? Anything new or exciting? Got a tale to tell?" Asked companionably.

Rory raises a brow, as if he was suspicious of something. Did she want to go into the cabins? The thought seems to have him looking away at that. "We could always walk the other trail later, or next time." Seems he's already ahead, maybe too far.

Rory follows Ginny easily enough. Making sure not to walk too far behind her. He is trying to act proper after all. "Chaos for a bit." He says a bit vague, as she asks. "And Rissa being weird." He says and shrugs. "You?" He asks as he gazes up at her eyes, genuine curiosity sparking.

"Absolutely we can.. next time. Did you know I haven't really.. ever… walked 'round here at-length? Actually 'round the campground but th' actual lake trails…" Ginny admits, watching him. Meanwhile it's hard to tell which way Ginny's humor is going… knowing her she'd implode if she even so much as accidentally suggested they crash a cabin. Gah! So once they're actually off, Ginny takes on a companionable pace, both in speed and conversation. She listens to Rory's words with equal interest, "Weird? Is she alright?" Ginny feels a little thrum in her stomach; there, that previous worry. The worry of stepping into.. some sort of territory. May as well take the chance to know more without having to awkwardly stumble into it another way…

Before she answers the question that is directed back at her, Ginny meets Rory's gaze with her own thoughtful hazel one. "I.. kinda wanted t'ask. You both seem tight.. I'm not making it weird, am I? I really don't want to cause any grief."

Rory smiles, "Glad that I could join you on your first then." He says with a bright smile. A smile and a nod, "She's fine. I think everything that has been going on just has her emotional." He says and shrugs. Blinking though at her words. Stopping as he meet her gaze. "I don't think so?" He seems one step behind both Ginny and Rissa about this. Shrugging. "She didn't seem interested, but now after her break-up she was being weird about it. But for me, no." He assures Ginny. "She's almost like a sister. But yeah, that was what she was being weird about." He admits and sighs. "Not wanting to date though, I assure you. It was just something about if she was in a better mindstate and so on, she might be jealous of you." Rory seems serious confused about that. However he then focuses on her. "But no, not weird. I like you." He says before realizing what that might implicate. "Erh. I mea-. I mean as a friend, of course." Saved it!

The blonde listens as they stroll along, hands in her pockets, hair hanging down loose from beneath her toque and flickering in the cool breeze. Her hazel eyes appear to be almost bluish in the remaining light of the day; it's a rather.. mutable eyecolor. "I'm glad.. it's a different code amidst women, y'see. Those of us who prefer to follow it… it's important. It's about respect. She's been your friend long before I came along and sometimes it chafes a girl some, when there's another poking into what was originally a cozy duo. Long as she knows that… that, y'know.. I don't want to disrupt your friendship… that's all I ask. Because I like you too, Rory; I.. u-uhm.." Blush.

"What I mean i-wait, what" Her eyes fill her face and she gazes outright at him. "Jealous? Of me!? A girl who can dance like that? She has no reason t… wait.. y'mean jealous of me.. for asking you out?" Ginny rephrases that, outright saying what her intention had been all along. She slows her gait some, scuffs a dusty rock with the sole of her boot.

She lets that one slide, "I like you, Rory, and I want t'know more about you. M'not going to lie. I surprised myself because I never thought I'd be asking a fellow out anytime soon, but there's something about you that draws me in. I want to know more." Said simply. So red.

Rory does listen as she talks. "She said similar. Not wanting to share me. But I tried to assure her as well." Seeming glad for her words. Though her admittance has him blinking, smiling stupidly, but listening nonetheless. "I am glad. And I want to know you as well." He says and studies her. Only meeting her gaze for a few seconds before having to look away. Thinking about something. "I-" He starts but closes his mouth, not wanting to scare her away. "Hopefully we can both learn more about one another in time." He says instead. He looks up at her with a big grin, "So this is a date?" He says almost teasingly.

"She won't have to share." Ginny says gently… here's where she has to work really hard to dig deep and feel out her resolve. How ironic that, for months, she brooded and snarled and loathed the woman — wait no, the floozie — that swooped in to steal her then-partner. One would think Ginny to not trust women.. but that's not the case. She has to tell herself that it's not all the same. So it is with an earnest heart which comes through in her expression and eyes when she remarks further: "I mean it.. y'tell her that, if it ever gets to a point where she's scared. I saw th'look in her face when we chatted for a bit; she's been hurt too. I could be a friend for her as well if she needs." A little shrug and a blush. Hopefully that's reassurance enough.

"Well, we've got a couple of hours then, to figure out the nitty gritty on both our parts.. because this is a date, yeah? Or at least I hope we can call it that." Said with her own goofy little grin, her gaze sliding toward the path ahead. There's a few others walking the trails, one man can be seen loping off ahead and veering onto a narrower path. "I get first question because that's just the way it goes," Said playfully. "Tell me more about your life growing up. Gotta start somewhere, right?"

Rory smiles as he listens, "I will tell her." He assures her and hold his own hands, trying to keep them under control. Seeing her blushing though causes him to smile at her with a bright look, and a lot of appreciation in his eyes. Nodding as they continue walking, "A date. Yes." He agrees as he look from the path and to her before looking back to the path. Watching the man that walks towards a narrower path. "Dad stockbroker or something. Mom stayed home with me. Had a lot of friends and it was fun." He says before adding. "Dad passed away when I was very young though, and my mom passed away a few years later. Then foster family." Shrugging, a bit sad at that but wanting to tell her as much as possible.

"Okay, my turn." He says and smiles, walking a little closer. "How was your life growing up?"

Poor Ginny is trying not to channel her nervousness (it's not the 'bad' kind though) into the biting of her nails. The ones on her left hand are savaged; there's one or two on her right that could serve a good purpose. But no. Her fingers slide — again — into her pockets and she continues to walk along, listening to her present company and the world around them. She cuts a slight, trim figure as they stroll, hazel eyes roving to Rory, back to nature.. to the sky. But she listens, she does. Unlike Rory she's not really paying much mind to whose coming or going… she's too busy watching him!

She's expressive, Ginny is; talk of Rory's parents and friends and the eventual loss of said parents and movement into the foster system warrants a few thoughtful nuances to Ginny's expression. "I'm really sorry about.. your losses. It can't be easy. Were your foster parents..? Siblings…? Were they good to you, at least?" Asked next, but then she considers the query dealt to her. Ginny's features soften with fondness.

"I had a good life.. parents are still around, still married, driving one another right mad. I've two brothers.. one older, the other younger… oldest is working in Toronto, youngest is studying pediatrics." A puffing up of pride, "We had a lot of fun… and then there's Cheeseburger. I miss him most of all."

.. wut?

Rory does watch her as well. Though work habit most likely being the reason for him observing everything around them. Though he can't help but watch her as well. Enjoying the views, as he look between her and forward. It's hard to say if he was actually in proper foster system, but he seem to have said it often, perhaps rehearsed. Most of the story sound true. And foster family seem to maybe be correct, but it is hard to tell. Shrugging about his foster parents, "They taught me all I know." Which rings true.

He seem a lot more interested in her story though. Leading her past the narrow path and moving toward somewhere without people. "Sounds amazing. I am glad it all is good." He says before raising a brow. "Cheeseburger?"

And Ginny honestly doesn't — cannot — question a thing. What Rory tells her is 'hot off the press' in her cause to just know more about him. She sneaks sideward glances at him, enjoying his presence and voice as he gives to her snippets of who he is. She shoots him a smile at the 'taught him all he knows' bit and after having supplied her own blurb on where she came from, shes blushing again at this talk of the family dog. Ginny spouts laughter toward the forested path, eyes alight. "Yess.. Cheeseburger. Cheesey. He's my first love, that ridiculous old dog. He just turned eight this August past." A gentle sigh, she listens to the dirt crunch beneath her soles.

"Golden lab.. overweight. You'd love him… I mean.. y'like dogs at all?" Ginny turns back to Rory, her gait carrying her just a bit closer to him. "This one's a gem.. weird as hell though. I wish I could've taken him out here with me but it just.. wouldn't have worked. So—" Pause. "Next question."

A slow smile, "What did you do before coming here? Work-wise? Has being a bartender always been your calling?"

Rory smiles to her, chuckling a bit as she talks about cheeseburger. Happy to hear and learn more about her. "I dunno. I think so?" He says and smiles. Noticing her coming closer, making him stiffen up some. Talking with her. Act normal! Though at her last words he raises a brow and look at her, wide eyed. "A bit of this and that. Bodyguarding some, mixing things, helping fix problems." He offers before tilting his head, "Always liked mixing drinks." He assures her. Even as he was cryptic about his past. Wanting to tell her more, but restraining himself for now. "My turn."

Studying her for a long moment. "Do you have any hobbies? Since I know about your past dreams." He says a bit teasingly. "And well, I am a bit curious about what other things you did before coming here."

Worry not good chap, Ginny isn't getting all up in your bidness to brush elbows; she's just wanting to be that bit closer so she can hear you better! Perhaps she caught that tiniest bit of stiffening up which in-turn ensures that her proximity is still conversational. Hazel eyes study Rory's profile as he talks, "That must have been harrowing.. in New York, yes? I recall you mentioning that was where you're from originally? Bodyguarding in New York… your life sounds far more exciting then mine." Admitted gently as she slows some, looks down to notice something at her feet. Ginny plucks it up without missing a step and looks at the rock in her hand. At this stage she can't quite tell that the young man is holding back some; maybe if she were facing him, looking right at him.

Now she's being asked another question! Ginny blushes again, having trouble talking about herself.

"M'father," (Sounds like fadder with her accent) … "He taught we three kids how to play th' fiddle since we were all knee high to a grasshopper. Not to brag.. I swear I'm not," She rubs the back of her neck, "I could've gone professional if I wanted to.. but there just wasn't money in it. So I, a-ah.. I play the violin.. the fiddle.. I sing.. I bake.." Ginny smiles crookedly.

Rory nods as she remember where he is from, trying to focus on the conversation. "It was interesting." He agrees. "Where were you from? I know that you mentioned Canada, but don't remember you saying where." He offers in turn, smiling as he glances over at her. His gaze follows down to the rock. following her gaze and listening to her words instead. "Amazing. You have to play or sing for me at some time. And bake!" The last part emphasized. Grinning some.

Blush. Play music for him? Sing? Bake? Easily done, all three, but Ginny hasn't done two out of three of those things in a very long time. Not to sound melodramatic but.. not since he left. She just hasn't had the time or drive.. but now someone wants to hear her again? Her lips twitch at their corners; it's clear that she isn't even against the prospect. "That means I shall have to invite you over, then." Said shyly, hoping he doesn't think her to be too forward. Was that too forward?! Oh Gods it was. "I mean, it's.. really the only place that I'm comfortable doing both of those things, for now anyway.." She turns the rock 'round in her palm, looks at the ruddy colors in it's surface. Bright eyes look up, back to the watchful young man. "Newfoundland.. far, far East. Craggy old rock in the sea. It's like a different place in time, some parts…" Said whimsically. "So.. question for you… what kinds of m—-"

Leaves rustle, and not from the wind—

<FS3> Rory rolls Alertness: Success. (5 5 5 3 3 5 8 4 3 6)

Rory smiles as he listens. "Oh! Yes." Wait, yeah. A bit forward and he is way too excited. "Sounds like a date." He says and smiles. Listening about where she is from. The rustling has him trying to grab Ginny to move her away. Not quite fast enough though. The hand that most likely manages to grab at Ginny get chopped by Rory's arm before he grabs it to try and twist and force the man on the ground. His gaze dark and his entire demeanor and behaviour shifting. The shoulder of the man most likely dislocated. A knee on his back. Question is how far he'll go.

A yelp; fighting is not in Ginny's repertoire of skills. She can play music and make cakes and keep people comfortable and fed. She cannot, however, throw a punch or kick or perform some of the intricate motions needed to wrench herself away from the derelict who tries to grab at her arm. There's nothing lewd in the dirty man's motions; he's not grabbing her for that reason. He just thought that this little dame with this skinny dude were easy pickings. He's used to ruling the roost, where he's from; he thinks himself the bigshot. But then as the blonde girl hollers in surprise and indeed tries to pull away… that dark-eyed man who she's with chops his hand fiercely and before the vagrant can even register the stark pain, he is grabbed and his arm twisted as his body goes down.

The vagrant bellows in pain as Ginny scrambles back, eyes huge and filling her face, watching the events which only took seconds to unfold. "I can call someone—" She says hastily, pawing at her jacket for her phone, but she's shakey. The wouldbe-thief doesn't even have the gall to try bucking, because his shoulder is indeed dislocated. "Fuck, man! I give, I give!" He grates out.

Rory doesn't seem to register the man's words. With the arm dislocated he then shift around to wrap an arm around his neck. His look completely off. Nothing of his usual appearance present, almost like a different person. However hearing Ginny's voice has him stopping and blinking as he throws the man down and steps back, looking up at Ginny with those dark blank eyes. No warmth there, but slowly it fades as he looks between her and the man, and finally settling on her as his eyes go wide as he seem to be regaining himself.

She's not so unsure of things that she doesn't understand what is going on here. When Rory takes position to put the man into a chokehold, either to knock him out or worse.. Ginny speaks up again. "Rory!" Exclaimed, even as the bartender throws the thug down and tries to come back into himself, back out of that place where he was heading. If she's startled by the bleakness in his dark eyes, Ginny is a real champ in not letting it show… he did say he was a bodyguard, right? What KIND of bodyguard did he have to be, to get by in New York? Ginny's heart flutters like a bird but her sensibility — the knowledge that if Rory hadn't have reacted so terrifyingly thoroughly — .. tells her that without him, she will have been mugged.. or worse. She lifts a hand, a sort of calming / supplicating gesture. The man on the ground writhes, half-mad with pain and fear.. he's not going anywhere, yet. Ginny takes a step forward, "It's ok, Rory. Stay with me. I'm alright." Said in a whisper, trying to encourage calm despite her own nerves thrumming.

Rory does look at him, making sure the man doesn't do anything. Though having heard his name from Ginny has him snap back more. "Sorry." Seeming nervous now. Seeming conflicted. The man could spread things about him, though he looks back to Ginny as she whispers lowering his head, letting her decide what to do with the man. "Ambulance?" He suggests though. Moving to wrap his arms around Ginny though, just glad that she is safe.

Here, despite it all — and with a bit more of a clue of Rory's life pre-Calaveras — Ginny will allow herself to be folded into a hug. Her own arms lift to hug Rory right around the middle, as much to draw comfort from and to lend the same to him. Or at least show him that whatever headspace he went into..? Ginny isn't afraid of it. Because he was.. is.. a bodyguard, right..? Right…?

"He isn't going anywhere," The nurse says in as soothing a tone as she can muster. She is used to chaos (though a different kind) and soothing it; hazel eyes peer past Rory even as she yet holds him, observing the thug rolling lazily on the dirt path, groaning.

"Thank you.. he just about had his hands in my pockets. If y'were not here, it could've been worse." She coaxes her phone out of her pocket and thanking goodness for even two bars of reception, dials an ambulance. Surely a cop will come with that package deal to collect the guy.

"It's alright. You're alright." Ginny coaxes after phoning in the problem.

Rory listens and nods, holding her for a moment longer. Letting people handle the man most likely. Instead he focuses on her. "We probably should skip next date? It's dangerous." Not wanting to accidently hurt her. Looking in her eyes though.

"We all have history." Ginny admits then, brow furrowed as she watches his face. "I reckon you have quite a bit more than y'let on. And that's ok. We all need places t'start over, yes?" She asks gently, clearly underestimating the gravity of things.. but can you blame her? Knowing as little as she knows; can know, at this point? Sure, it was scary seeing how.. viciously.. the guy was taken down but Ginny at least has the mindspace to know that there. is. a. story.

She'll lean up, not wanting to push things too hard or uncomfortably for Rory who just delivered a crushing takedown… and instead press a fond kiss to his cheekbone. "That's a thank you, also. I still expect you to come by for baked goods." Said softly. "We've another date to have, afterall." And Ginny will damned well take her chances!

Rory listens and has a hard time saying no to her, especially at the kiss. "I don't want to hurt you." He says and sighs before a hand touches her cheek. "I went easy on him." He tries to clue her in without saying too much. Just clueing her in on how dangerous it could be. Trying to see her reaction. "I want another date though."

The lug on the ground stills, exhausted from the pain of his injury… and perhaps too damned scared to even stand up to try booking it. Ginny ignores him, mostly, and instead smiles up at Rory's face. It's not a gleeful smile; more of a sad, knowing expression that is more earnest than any gleeful grin can hope to be. "I don't reckon y'will, if I learn the precautions." She offers, and if there's trepidation there —- and there IS; how can there not be — she plays her nurse card and masterfully hides it. The intrigue and care which encircles Rory wins out over the need to flee. Especially when he mentions having 'gone easy on the guy'. A deep breath and Ginny searches Rory's gaze. "Tell me what I can do to help. When I have you over for the next date we'll have some other questions to cover.. but only because I want to know. And help." A beat.

"And because I like you all th'same."

Rory smiles and studies her a bit. Perhaps assuming that she tries to hide her nervousness, even if he can't tell. She is convincing him though, making him calm down some. Studying her and kissing her cheek. "I'll tell you more, next time." He assures her. Though her last words has him smiling. "Good. Though even if you shouldn't?" He asks but shaking his head. "Not scared?"

"That's what it'll take for good cake, or cookies." Ginny whispers conspiratorially; to just be open, to talk. But for now it's calming Rory; Ginny's mind is going a mile a minute even as he presses a kiss to her cheek in-turn. Her lashes flutter closed thoughtfully as she leans into the kind gesture.. such a contrast to him having crouched there, ready to break a guy's neck. Was that it? Was he going to choke him? She exhales gently as the ambulance can be heard pulling into the lot that they only just meandered away from not even that long ago. She'll give Rory's form one more reassuring squeeze with the circle of her arms just to punctuate her answer. "Not scared. A bit edgey, because that was intense.. but not scared." Said firmly, and she leans back to look at him. "Promise."

She glances over a shoulder, "I think I hear 'em arriving. I'll fill them in, and once they cart off that lummox why don't we get going."

Rory nods as he watches her, worried that she'll get injured next time something like this happen. Squeezing her in return. Then nodding to let her handle the responders. Studying them all. As soon as they are done he will walk her back to the car. He will go with her and so forth.

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