(2018-11-15) First Class Physical
Solo drops in on Uma to get a physical for her flight license.

There's a new doctor in town. Up in Cedar Pines and operating out of a private home, not a huge one but with enough rooms for the job, Doctor Uma Campbell is looking through a packing box. The front door is open. The sign outside says she is open for business. But there is still a lot of unpacking to do.

The blonde wears sneakers, slacks and a sweater - not a big fan of intimidating patients with a fancy suit. Leaving her door open in this weather might not be the best idea but she needs the business. "C'mon…you were in this box. I am /sure/ of it." She lifts out some heavy medical books with boring covers before rummaging around in the packing materials.

Solo pokes her head in the door, checks the address on the phone. She steps over the threshold like someone walking up the stairs to the scaffold. Not much enthusiasm, just grim determination. She doesn't like doctors much, it would seem. "Um… Dr. Campbell?

"A-ha!!!" Uma screams, lifting a CD from the box in exultant triumph, before she hears that someone was watching her. "Oh, hey, how are you?" she greets, rising quickly to her feet, holding the CD (The Greatest Hits of ‘A Flock of Seagulls’) in front of her. "Was looking for this…not important…" She drops it back in the box before stepping forward to offer her hand. "Uma…not um…" she teases with a warm smile. "All the jokes I get about my name, I try to get in first." She screws up her nose. "That was a really long way to confirm that I am Doctor Campbell. But, please, call me Uma. Forgive the state of the house but the business rooms are all ready to go. You are…Annette Solveig? Physical? Gosh, where has the time gone. Please, come on through." She gestures down the hallway.

Solo stops short. "Lokken. Solveig is my first name. I go by Solo." She chuckles a little at the CD, trying to hide her discomfort. "You're an FAA doctor, too. Right?"

"Solveig Lokken. So sorry. It's been crazy" Uma replies, looking very apologetic before there is a nod to the last question. "Certainly am. I had to do some helicopter pilots in Iraq." Her eyes narrow, "That sounded worse than I meant." She heads down the corridor, opening up the last door which is to her consulting room. "This is for a Class Three Certificate renewal? Anything you think I need to look at in particular? Anything you're concerned with? Please, have a seat."

Solo laughs softly, her anxiety easing a little bit. "If you didn't do helicopter pilots in Iraq, you missed out. But I knew what you meant. Uhh… first class. I'm commercial rated." She walks into the consulting room. "Technically I could get by with second class, but… I'm paying for insurance.

"First class? Wow. I'm impressed" Uma smiles, grabbing a thermometer, stethoscope, and blood pressure machine. "You could get by with second class…so that means you do freight work mostly? If you asked those helicopter pilots, they did everyone. Maybe I just don't remember it?" she smirks. "Roll up your sleeve and put your arm out please. And how is your health in general? Still don't need spectacles?"

Solo says, "Mix of freight and passengers. Probably 75/25 at the moment, but I also do flight training irregularly scheduled." She shrugs out of her leather jacket (no gun today, apparently). She's wearing a tank top underneath to make this easy. Her heart rate is truckin' along, in the high 80s, and she's sweating a little. White coat syndrome much? Blood pressure is a bit above normal, about what you'd expect with that heartrate. "I've got no real complaints. I have a hard time sleeping after a hard flight…that's been happening more often… new company I'm with… new girlfriend… new airport… new town… old demons… I dunno."

Solo adds, "Well, it's my company, but I'm contracting with new companies."

"Sounds like a lot of changes in your life" Uma notes, with a trace of concern, as she tests Solo's blood pressure. "For some that would be quite stressful…" A nod to the tattoo on her shoulder. "But I guess that's nothing new for you. Still, finding it difficult to sleep is not a good thing. Especially if it is getting worse." Uma looks at the reading and seems content, typing the result into her laptop…and then a few more notes. "Here's a really tough question for you, Ms Lokken. Are you happy?" Sounds like she's one of those 'whole of life' doctors, rather than just dealing with the physical.

Solo ponders that. "Am I happy?" Solo looks at her hands. "When I fly, yes. Even when I was flying A10s and the bad guys were shooting back, yes. When I'm with my girlfriend, yes… although I worry about her. She's a reporter. These days that's kind of a high risk job. I worry that I'm too close to her, I worry that she'll give up on me, or I'll do something dumb… I'm not used to having that kind of attachment. I worry about drinking… usually when I'm hung over…"

Uma listens while also listening to Solo's heart, front and back. "It sounds like you're just like most people. Flying is exciting, and everyone is worried about their significant other. If you want a word of advice there, don't ever be afraid of getting close to someone. The benefits outweigh the bad. Can you read that eye chart please?" She indicates one on the wall. "Second last line if you can." Uma wanders over to chart, standing alongside it, back to Solo as she reads out the letters. "And how much do you drink?" That last question also being used to check Solo's hearing.

Solo reads the second to last line, then the last line, then "Copyright 2004, Acme Eye Chart Company, Oshewego Michigan…" Solo's vision is first class. "How much do I drink? That depends a lot on what day you ask me. Today, nothing. Yesterday, nothing, Couple weeks ago one of my clients and I polished off two bottles of Champagne between us. That's pretty much how it goes for me. I can't drink the night before I fly, and obviously not until I'm done flying for the day. So I don't.

"Smart ass" Uma replies with a smile at Solo's reading of the tiny print. "At least we don't have to worry about eyes and ears. Your liver though…" She turns to look at Solo, lips pursed with some concern. "You don't drink those times but it sounds like you drink every other time. Is there a reason for that?" Uma is really trying not to look judgmental…she is actually more concerned. "What about drugs? And there will be a blood test."

Solo shakes her head. "No, no drugs. Alcohol's nearly always sufficient." She shrugs. "I like partying. I like the taste. Everything is simpler when I'm buzzed. I can relax more. Sex is usually better too, although lately I wonder if I'd missed the important parts by being drunk most of the time for it.

"Yeah…alcohol does have a habit of making you forget" Uma replies, forcing a little smile. "Does your girlfriend mind that you're drunk when you sleep with her? She might worry about something like that. You know, you can only face her if you're drunk." A shrug before she makes her way over to grab a syringe. "Hold out your arm in front of you." She wants to check the hand shaking it seems.

Solo holds her hand out. It's very still. "That's what I mean. We've fucked sober and it's like… I feel a lot of things I never got."

Uma seems satisfied with the stillness of the hand. Though there is a little blush at the sex talk. "Lucky you" she laughs softly. "I hope it encourages you to stay sober more. Just a little prick." She dabs at Solo's arm with an antiseptic pad before drawing some blood. "Hold this down." Pulling the needle away, she keeps the pad there until Solo takes over. "Non license associated, you check for breast cancer? Pap smears up to date?"

Solo doesn't flinch, doesn't look away from the needle. She considers it as long as it's in her skin, then takes the pad when it's offered. "Yeah, I self-check. No, you're the first doctor I've seen since the last time my certificate needed re-upping. I've been busy as hell with the move and everything. I suppose I should take better care of myself now that I'm over 30 and not on the military's dime…" Solo sighs a little. "If you've got time to do all that now, we might as well." She notes the blush. "Really? I mention having sex and you blush?" Solo chuckles. "My medical history's gonna give you a stroke then."

"I blushed?" Uma screws up her face in horror. "I am so sorry about that. I am totally fine with sex, honest. I can even remember what it is like. Barely." She pours blood into a couple of separate vials, putting on the caps and noting some details on the labels. "And you probably didn't need to hear that…" A nod as she moves the conversation back to business. "We can do that as well. I try not to rush people out of here. And, yes, you should take better care of yourself. Once you hit thirty, everything starts falling off…and I am kidding about that." Uma will swap gloves for the next part. "Okay, lay back and think of something nice."

Solo lies back and looks at the ceiling, trying to relax. "Men or women," she asks. "Or both?"

"You can think of anything you like" Uma replies as she starts. "I would have thought it would be your girlfriend… Oh! You mean me!" An embarrassed laugh. "Beggars can't be choosers. And I have a house to unpack, and a surgery to sort out, and patients to look after, you probably know what it's like to work hard." Though Solo has noted an ability to party hard too. How does she find the time?

Solo grunts softly. That bit there is never really comfortable, even with someone who's careful, gentle, and has small hands. "Yeah, I meant you. There are a lot of single people in this town. You're way too…" another soft grunt, same as the last one. "nice to be single."

"That's very kind of you to say" Uma replies, though she does also laugh a little. "I bet you say that to everyone doing this test" she teases. "I guess I'll have a look around when I'm ready. Maybe" she shrugs, "No rush. I still don't know where all the bars are. Where did you meet your girlfriend?"

Solo laughs. "Well, usually when I'm in this position it's more… mutual… I met her at Coffee Junction on poetry night, but we talked at length at the Boardroom. I had only a couple drinks in me, which isn't a lot for me. Next time we saw each other I was stone cold sober and we hooked up anyway. She's um. Kind of famous locally."

"Famous? No offence, but I'm only new to town so have no idea of anyone who is famous. There is a poetry night?" That has Uma looking worried for a moment. "I'm glad that you hooked up sober. Makes it mean more that way." While doing what she needs to do, she comes across an IUD…not something often needed in lesbian relationships. "It was only recently you got together?"

Solo says, "Before Halloween, yeah. Why? Did she tattoo the date on me while I wasn't watching or something?" Solo seems to be fairly relaxed, but she closes her eyes just the same. "And yeah… means more when you're sober. That's one of the things I worry about, I guess. My life on the ground has mostly been meaningless, short term flings."

"The IUD" Uma points out delicately. "If it had been a long term thing, you may have had it removed. Or you keep it there just in case…not my business. I'm here for your health." More samples to be tested. "Though please do make sure you still use a condom. For your health…and hers."

Solo looks down along her body at the good doctor. "I like boys too," she says simply. She tries to keep to the simple tone of voice with the next phrase too, and mostly succeeds. "Besides. Not all sex is voluntary."

That last statement brings a bit of a pause to Uma's work. "No. No it's not." She looks over to the other woman, stopping the labeling for a moment. "Anything you want to talk about?"

Solo shrugs again. "Nothing really to tell. Mostly of the 'didn't plan to do it, but we were drunk" kind of moments. The ones that have messed me up, I remember, and I consented to at the time."

Uma nods slowly to Solo's words, searching her eyes for anything hidden that should be a concern to a doctor. "Another reason to not drink so much" she offers with a slight smile. The labeling finished, she leans back against her desk to talk with Solo. "Anything else I can help you with? Any aches or pains? Pending the blood tests, I don't see any reason you can't be flying."

Solo nods. "Tell me about it. If you'd told me about it a few years ago, I might still be in the military." She nods and sits up, dutifully opening her gown for the last part. "That's good news. But yeah, that's the other reason I have to keep the drinking under control. I get caught just once at the airport with a BAC above zero, and my business could die.

"Sounds like there is a story there" Uma replies about Solo's ejection from the military. "You ever need to talk about anything, I can do that as well. I don't believe medical care is just about the physical. You know how to check for lumps? Get your girlfriend to do it for you, and vice versa, adds a bit of spice to it. Though please finish the checks before things go…further. Do you think you are keeping the drinking under control? You know who the last person to realise it is no longer under control is? The drinker."

Solo nods. "Right now control means no drinking 24 hours before flying. I haven't had 24 hours off in weeks, so… been sober the whole time. I want to get to the point where one drink means one drink, instead of many drinks, and a massive hangover later." She looks at Uma, narrows her eyes slightly, thinking. They crinkle a tiny bit in the corners. "I got an administrative discharge. Which is basically 'You fucked up, and we don't want you around, but we're not mad enough to put you in prison.' Solo shakes her head. "Otherwise I'd either still be in, or I'd be flying 787s or something like that for the big airlines. Instead, I'm flying little planes with expensive customers or cargo, and teaching 14 year olds how to fly. Don't get me wrong, I love flying, and teaching people to do it is awesome. But… prestige? I'm a bus driver and a driving instructor."

"The world needs bus drivers" Uma shrugs with a smile. "And if you love driving buses, does it matter who you are driving them for? You don't fly to be adored, you adore to fly. Sorry to hear about the discharge. I got out a couple of years back. Army Medical Corps. That was lucky, being a doctor and all" she teases. "Get yourself dressed, Solo, we're done with they physical stuff. Besides, your life isn't over yet. Not by a long shot. Those 787s could still happen."

Solo peels out of the examination gown, as though she isn't especially modest. She gets dressed without ceremony. "Doubtful. They'd have to get a lot more desperate for pilots if they haven't already hired me. And that's going to go downhill, really. We, you and I, will probably live to see robot pilots who do it better than we do."

"I'm pretty sure that no pilot would do better than I can do" Uma laughs, before turning a little more serious. "Don't give up, Solo. No one has any idea where life will take us. And, c'mon, you don't think an airline would kill to have a Captain Solo flying their plane? Imagine the business that would create."

Solo laughs. "They haven't yet. And I've applied. But… thanks." She hands over her insurance card and a credit card to settle up.

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